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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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and wet roads now. burkes county, chester county will be the first to see the rain showers and everybody else will see them wide spread. time it out hour-by-hour at 6:00 p.m. you can see by 7:00 we're starting to see the green on the screen. all that moving from the southwest to the northeast. notice we're seeing a couple of pockets of yellow here telling us we have heavier downpours moving across the region. 9:30 p.m. philadelphia. you'll see heavier pockets of downpours. keep in mind it will not be a huge issue, of course. you have some snow melting. so it might -- you might see localize ponding. you may encounter areas of patchy fog. otherwise weather stories include tracking wide spread rain and some patchy fog. of course, hour hour for you. and we're also tracking clearing by early tomorrow morning. above-average high temperatures. it looks like 60s and by the weekend a big drop for temperatures. it looks like some snow possibly saturday into sunday. more details coming up in full
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forecast. back to you. >> see you soon. now at 6:00. illegal gun owner shoots a suspected carjacker who police say tried to steal his car and the septa truck. the good samaritan struggled with the thief before opening fire. rosemary connors is live with us. you got talked with the teen involved in the struggle? >> reporter: i did. i've been keeping close tabs on police and the investigation. i just got an update. they tell me the good samaritan has been cleared from their investigation. as for the teen and his brother, they were coming along here on woodbyne avenue after taking their midterms. they had no idea the day would unfold with an accident and shooting. >> heard a loud pop i started running with my brother. that's how it ended. it began with the suspect t-boned the silver sedan in
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overbrook. >> he crashed into the women in front of us and they backed into us because their air bags went off. >> philadelphia police say the suspect then took off down the block and tried to steal two cars. the driver of this white sedan fought him off. the driver of this septa service truck couldn't. the suspect got behind the wheel. he didn't get anywhere and then tried to walk away from the scene. that's when the owner of the white sedan police say has a permit to carry a gun went after him. >> the man with the gun was yelling to stop and tackle him. i think he tried to break into his car. so i ended up just tackling him and bringing him to the ground. >> joe kelley telling me his older brother helped and the man with the gun took over holding the suspect down until officers arrived. there was a struggle and the man shot the suspect leg. >> he clearly didn't want to shoot him. he was trying to be protectful citizens and protect people around him. >> reporter: the suspect right now is in stable condition.
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investigators tell me they're trying to come up with a motive in the case. the suspect who is 32 doesn't a criminal record in philadelphia. has a license and the car he was originally driving was not stolen. reporting live in overbrook, marry conners nbc 10 news. new at 6:00. new developments in the grace packer homicide case. lehigh district attorney confirming that grace packer wasly abused by her adopted father. david packer served more than three years for sexually abusing a 9-year-old adopted daughter and 15-year-old foster child. that 9-year-old child is grace packer. he's identifying her because he's deceased. the d.a. said the victim told police that sara packer did nothing to stop the abuse. sara packer was not criminally charged in david packer's case. just nine days left until the transition to
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president-elect donald trump is completed. today mr. trump held his first news conference since his election. and he gave us a glimpse of what the week of his presidency will look like. nbc 10 joins us live in the studio with the details. >> they're promises we heard on the campaign trail. now president-elect trump is laying out what he plans to get things done. almost immediately after taking office, president-elect donald trump vows to make good on a campaign promise and get rid of the affordable care act. more commonly known as obamacare. >> the plan will be repeal and replace obamacare. we're going to have a health care that is far less expensive and far better. >> trump did not provide the details of the plan. but said his administration has created an alternative to present to congress. >> i'll be making the decision on who we will put up for justice of the united states supreme court. >> next up is a supreme court.
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the president-elect has a short list of 20 possibilities to replace justice scalia within two weeks of the inauguration. trump vows to present his nominee. >> as far as hacking i think it was russian. i think we get hacked by other countries. >> trump's response to russians hacking the dnc during the election includes generating a report about better defenses within the first 90 days in office. a much different approach than the more stern sanctions and expulsion of russian diplomats president obama's administration has imposed. another pivot from the current administration that includes a future relationship with russian president vladmir putin. >> if putin likes donald trump, i can consider that an asset not a liability. we have a horrible relationship with russia. russia can help us fight isis. >> reporter: building the wall on the mexican border is also a priority. but trump said it will start this year. he said mexico will reimburse
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the united states through payments or taxes. from russia to fake news, president-elect trump covered a number of topics today. >> we asked people what they thought about his news conference. >> i think it's nice he addressed it. it's on everybody's mind. >> some say the time between election day and inauguration now nine days away has been just as controversial and tumultuous as months leading up to the election. it was day two of the confirmation hearing for attorney general nominee jeff sessions. and a new jersey senator took an unusual step at today's proceedings. >> the next attorney general must bring hope and healing to this country. this demands a more courageous empathy than senator sessions'
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record demonstrates. new jersey senator score cory booker testified against sessions today. he's the first sitting senator to testify against a fellow sitting senator for a cabinet position. sessions has come under fire for his controversial positions on civil rights and criminal justice reform. hillary clinton's campaign still owes money to philadelphia, according to a new report. the analysis by center for public integrity finds clinton's campaign owes the city about $2600 for security for an april rally. the clinton campaign owes $25,000 across the country. the trump campaign needs to pay a total of $200,000. a warning for people in montgomery county. thieves are breaking into homes while families are sleeping. police say in the overnight hours of january 10th, someone broke into homes. the thieves made off with valuables and snatched car keys in plain view. police say the thieves then
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stole the cars out of the garages. police say make sure to lock cars even if they're parked in a garage and don't leaves or keys in plain view. new jersey police officers will soon have more body cameras recording what they do. today the state attorney general announced more than a half million dollars in grants and the money will pay for about 1,000 cameras in various departments, including some in atlantic, burlington, salem, and glauser counties. nj transit is spending $32 million to expedite a new safety issue for the railline. the agency tells nbc 10 the extra money is needed to make sure that positive train control is installed by a democracy sad next year. a nj transit train crashed in hoboken last year. positive train control will automatically stop a train if an operator is speeding. from the nbc 10 jersey shore bureau. another potential delay in the fight to reopen the former revel
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casino. >> the new jersey casino control commission was set to hold a hearing whether the owner glenn straub needs a gaming license. the hearing was put on hold after a last-minute lease agreement issue. straub says he hopes the property known as 10 will reopen next month. >> shooting for 100%, but that's everything including all kinds of other stuff. >> reporter: straub believes he does not need a gaming license because he's the building's landlord. philadelphia's sugar house c casino will pay $100,000 for underage gambling. the general manager told the state's gambling board today that the fishtown casino has become popular with college athletes. the casino is using new technology to better identify fake ids. a deli worker in southwest philadelphia is hit in the face and it's all over the price of a sandwich. this new surveillance video shows two suspects inside daylight deli on elmwood avenue.
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they argued with a woman who works there about the cost. when she asked him to leave, one of the men punched her in the face. no one has been arrested so far. a fake 9-1-1 call to get out of a traffic stop. that's what police in burlington to township did after they were pulled over for a flat tire. the drivered to report a robbery nearby. but didn't exactly work. both men are facing criminal charges. new jersey is fighting opioid addiction by limiting how many painkillers doctors can prescribe. the state attorney general is drafting new rules it would limit doctors to a five-day supply for a painkiller prescription instead of the current 30-day supply. the doctor would have to see the patient again before prescribing more. i'm tracking rain moving into the region. right now rainfall rates are not that bad. but they will get worse as the bulk of the system starts to approach from the southwest toward the northeast. i'll time it all out for you
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hour-by-hour in the full forecast. see you then. . coming up new at 6:00. the movie biz comes to dover, delaware. the town's new push to attract more of hollywood. after a film starring vivica a. fox comes to town.
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new hotel and university city is now taking reservations. the study is a ten-story boutique hotel with more than 200 rooms. it's at the corner of 33rd and chestnut streets. it includes a restaurant called cooop. new center will invite residents and visitors how the bible impacted the city of philadelphia and our country. the american bible society will announce a $16 million faith and liberty discovery center. it's going to be at 4th and market. construction should begin in the spring. new at 6:00. dover's mayor wants hollywood to know his town is open for the movie business. >> city gave the go ahead for the latest movie production star vivica a. fox with less than a week's notice. >> tim explains what it means for future films in the first state. >> i don't aspire to be a movie
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star. >> reporter: dover's mayor doesn't care if he's in another movie, he liked having one shot in his town. >> we're in business to do business and we have southern hospitality here. >> reporter: it's a last-minute call from a small-budget film. a crew of about 45 are spending money in dover. they spent all weekend here. they shot a scene at city hall. >> in august, delaware's governor created the delaware film commission. robin williams shot "dead poet society" in middletown in the late '80s. it generated millions of dollars for the local economy. >> that's the great part about little delaware. we can get stuff done. >> reporter: except for mountains, delaware has whatever you need to make your film or tv show. lifetime and usa might buy the
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movie shot here over the weekend. they want to spend money here, the first state is happy to put out the welcome mat. >> i'm not putting down the arts, but we're not in the business of arts. we're in the business of economic development. >> reporter: in dover, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. and on this same topic, kevin hart is getting ready to film his new movie in his hometown of philadelphia under a different name. the city's film office said production is set to start next month. movie is "untouchable." a live look at the radar showing the rain moving into the area now. the rain could be heavy at times? >> that's right. we're tracking a for heavy downpours. never mind we already have snow that is melting. so you have to take into consideration the liquid we're getting and the snow melting. be mindful of localized ponding. a live look in philadelphia. it's dry now. keep in mind but we're tracking all of that rain headed our way.
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so right now you can see the leading edge of those rain showers moving into chester, cape may county. now making it to the ground there. chester county already seeing reports. new castle and kent county no reports there. not yet, however, a local zoom here you can see everything is starting to move in quickly enough. the clouds are thick right now. and current wind profile really important southerly and they're light about 5 to 7 miles per hour. that's important because we do have some moisture in the atmosphere. we also have that warmer air in place. and we have light winds. those are ingredients for patchy fog to develop later tonight. patchy p.m. fog. so something to beful of. thursday the rain clears early in the morning. i'll show you in a moment hour-by-hour. above average high temperatures. tracking a big drop in temperatures for the weekend and possibly some snow. saturday into sunday. your hour-by-hour forecast starting at 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. we're seeing the
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potential for heavier bands to move into parts of lehigh valley. philadelphia seeing pockets at 9:00 p.m. new castle and kent county. 9:30 p.m. we're seeing pockets of heavy downpours moving from the southwest toward the northeast. really important there, of course, you want to take your time driving there. by 11:30 p.m. we see a clearing from south to north as the system moves out and clears out just in time for tomorrow. right now seeing temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s. philadelphia at 50. the normal high for today 40. and today's high temperature 54. your neighborhood forecast looks like this. in philadelphia seeing lots of 50s and upper 40s. it looks like we're seeing nice temperatures in the suburbs, as well. new hope 44. and newtown currently at 45 degrees. tomorrow, however, temperatures
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for today topped out at 54 in philadelphia. warmer temperatures tomorrow well above average. lehigh valley mainly mid 50s for you. pa suburbs some out of and upper 50s for westchester. look at this seeing nice temperatures tomorrow new jersey seeing lots of 60s for you. jersey shore low 60s for the most part. few mid 60s. delaware 65 for wilmington and dover 63 degrees. so your ten-day on 10 brings us the nice warm up for tomorrow. changing a little bit by friday. so we're seeing 40s on friday. tracking some snow showers late saturday into sunday. the potential there. and temperatures drop dramatically into the 30s. however, we start to climb back into the 50s tuesday, wednesday, and thursday and possibly some showers wednesday and thursday. i'm jan clark. eagle brandon graham stops by to tell us how the d line can be better next year. that's next.
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hey i'm john clark from csn. the sixers host the knicks tonight. the sixers have won three of four. they're taking playoffs. tonight at the wells fargo center the sixers are selling shirley temples. and the story was told how he met shirley temple, the drink. he said he didn't drink alcohol because he said it's nasty. a woman offered him an alternative. >> she went in and got a shirley temple. and then i fell in love with it.
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>> cheers. within the last hour here is ben simmons working out with a team he's getting closer. he said that hopefully ben will be playing soon. the eagles four highest paid players on defense on the defensive line. but next season the d. line has to have a more consistent pass rush on the quarterback. brandon graham stopped by today and he believes the d line will be better next year after adjusting from billy davis' defense to jim schwartz's. >> i really think coach schwartz had a stronghold on this defense as far as what, i mean, just getting a response out of us each and every week of us playing hard. i think that was never the each and every week. i think coach schwartz is only going to get better in year two because a lot of guys was getting familiar with the scheme and now we're familiar with it now it's more stuff they can teach us that can help us along the way for next year. the flyers have three more
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games before on a bye week. they're off next week. and the bye week is, quo -- fly are win less in the last seven. giroux believes the team is headed in the right direction. >> i strongly believe that we're not far away from the team that we want to be in. we have to keep working at it. >> reality is we haven't gotten enough points. but, you know, we've, you know, we've had some games where we've been pretty complete and played well and gotten one point. so, you know, my biggest concern again is controlling what our performance is over 60 minutes. >> flyers are barely holding on to the final playoff spot. they have to pick it up in the new year. back to you. all right, john. we're following breaking news out of wilmington, delaware. you're looking a the scene here. three people shot. we're told two of them hit along
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jackson street. another shot nearby on van buren street. no word how the shooting victims are doing. police are working to figure out if the two different scenes are, in fact, connected. now for a look at what is coming up tonight at nbc news at 11:00. donald trump selected a local doctor with no prior military experience to lead the veteran's affairs department. tonight nbc 10 sits down with the doctor's parents who still live in the philadelphia area.
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tonight, meet the press, the fiery donald trump comes out swinging. his first news conference in six months. combative exchanges over his business conflicts, russian hacking, u.s. intelligence and slamming the circulation of unverified allegations against him. tonight, what nbc has learned that the president-elect was and was not told. secretary of state rex tillerson facing incoming fire over his ties to vladimir putin and russia. a key republican senator relentless. pure chaos. a record-breaking storm and tonight a new threat is moving in. and to the rescue, a heart transplant for batman. a band-aid for fido and an


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