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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  January 14, 2017 8:30am-9:31am EST

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it's 8:30 on this saturday. let's with our weather and take a live look over center city. a light breeze there right now. looks pretty good. dry at the moment. you can see some clouds starting to form. we're expecting snow later on today. meteorologist krystal klei has the details for us. >> here's a few things you need to do, come out as early as you can. we're tracking that snow getting closer to our area. you're seeing a nice wide view. the bulk of the activity is to our south. that's good news. no worry about freezing rain and like i mentioned second half of the day that things get more messi out there. closer look at our area right now we got clouds hanging over us. some you see starting to move into berks county not making it to the ground yet. this will start moving in our direction. as it does so that's when we'll see that potential pick up. north areas better chance of snow. south of philadelphia better chance of rain/snow mix. right now temperatures are cold
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enough for snow over much of the board. 29 in atlantic city. philadelphia 32 degrees. mount pocono down to 19 degrees. much colder than we've seen the last couple of days. coming up we'll track out these temperatures and compare them to when the system passes, we see who gets snow and who may see rain. out in springfield, missouri it was rain, icy end to the week. you see the frozen trees and power lines. roads have been slick. an suv slipped off the highway and slipped over. the chiefs divisional game has been moved from tomorrow afternoon to tomorrow night in kansas city. again not what we're expecting here. much different picture. this morning philadelphia police are looking for the gunmen who shot two men inside this tow truck. last night the shooters walked up to the truck, opened the passenger door, fired the shots and then took off. the victims are listed in very critical condition.
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new this morning an accident in cumberland county shut down the access to a shopping center in bridgeton. it happened about 9:00 last night on broad street. police are not releasing any details of what happened. as soon as we get information we'll pass it along. also new this morning investigators will be looking for the cause of this house fire in burlington county. the flames broke out just before midnight on west 2nd street. fire crews snuffed them out within an hour and the family living inside of able to get out safely. let's head down the shore where the coast guard has suspended its search for a missing boater. family members said chris hugg called family members when his boat ran aground. he said he didn't need help. search crews looked for him from taxpayer and water. they found his boat in little egg harbor but no sign of him. >> we've been boating all our
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lives. we're locals. hard to believe. veteran boaters fear the missing man got in trouble trying to get his back in the chilly water. we'll keep you posted of any new developments. now to the transition to trump. the president-elect says he will probably keep intact some of the recent sanctions that president obama slapped on russia for its alleged meddling in the u.s. elections. but mr. trump also said he may get rid of the sanctions if moscow works with the u.s. on battling terrorists and other global goals. president-elect added he's open to meeting with russian president vladimir putin after the inauguration. georgia congressman john lewis is leveling a blistering charge against the president-elect. lewis made it yesterday during an exclusive interview with nbc's "meet the press" moderator chuck todd. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> you're sending a big message
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to a lot of people in this country that you don't believe he's a legitimate president. >> i think there was a conspiracy. >> you can hear chuck todd's entire interview with lewis on "meet the press" tomorrow morning. just within the last half hour mr. responded to congressman lewis on twitter. congressman john lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart not to mention crime infested rather than falsely complaining about the election results. all talk, talk, talk, no action or results. sad. that's again the latest tweets from president-elect donald trump. speaking about congressman john lewis. chuck todd will also be talking about the trump transition with incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus and california senator dianne feinstein. again that's all happening on "meet the press" tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. that's also where you can hear the rest of that john lewis interview. it looks as if obamacare is
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on its way out. yesterday republicans in the house joined their senate colleagues in blocking democrats from stopping a repeal and replace. with no plan in sight some people are worried including folks in our region. in wilmington, delaware senator lamented to concerned citizens about adams to the health care law. this woman showed us the medication she takes to treat a chronic sleep disorder. without the aca she would still be suffering she says. >> it's given my life back because i can get access to immediate caution i have now. it's giving me a real second chance. >> she and other patients covered by the aca tell us the lack of a replacement plan is creating uncertainty about their future access to health care. we are now just six days away from the inauguration of donald trump. tickets are supposed to be free but people are selling them at
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top dollar and congressional officials say that shouldn't be happening. each member of congress gets a number of tickets, caitlin sumner of mercer county tried to score tickets through her congresswoman but her representative in congress did not have any left. then sumner tells us she turned to sellers on facebook. one person mess sagd her about a ticket for $125. she thought it was too much. in any case she said she plans to be in on friday. >> it was a dream ticket. i got a night train out of trenton for $75 and i'll stay up all night if i have to. >> tickets are supposed to be free. while it's not against the law the joint congressional committee on inauguration ceremonies does not approve of selling those tickets. >> nbc 10 has you covered around the clock for the inauguration of donald trump. we'll send a team of anchors and reporters to our nation's capital. our live coverage from washington begins on wednesday afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. republican leaders are planning a retreat in
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philadelphia after president-elect trump's inauguration on friday. we learned house speaker paul ryan will lead the trip here for policy and strategy session. we're still working to find out exactly where the gop will gather but we do it will be from january 25th through the 27th. hi, joe. yes. we love you joe. >> this is viewer video of vice president joe biden getting a warm welcome at the university of pennsylvania yesterday. biden will be working out of penn and the university of delaware after leaving office on friday. >> the hit show, nbc's "america's got talent" is in philadelphia this morning looking for potential stars. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live at the pennsylvania convention center where the doors are now open for the auditions. randy, a lot of people have gathered there since we saw you earlier this morning. >> reporter: yeah.
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they were outside. now inside the holding room. there are hundreds of people and each of them have this golden ticket that gets them in front of the judges to have their moment in the sunshine trying typical press those judges. all practicing right now. we have the royal excel lent step. hit it guys, show me what you got. >> you know. all right. that's the royal step team. they are getting ready. we have big crowds of people mostly musicians. a lot of children trying to compete. grace vanderwall won last year, the 12-year-old who had an incredible voice. inspiring a number of these kids. we caught up with a guitarist who just moved to this country from paris, france. he'll try to make his way into that area typical press those judges in just a few moments.
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take a look. ♪ if my body was on fire ♪ oh, you watch me burn down in flames ♪ >> that's my dream. >> reporter: he is very talented. back here live let me show you the people registering. we're seeing hundreds of people here right now. this is an all day event and they will be open here throughout the day. a lot of people to get through and hopefully some of these people make it through to the real show later this year. we're live in the philadelphia convention center as a lot of folks are trying to prove their talent for "america's got talent". we'll send it back to you. >> 8:39 right now on this saturday. there were some power problems last night in delaware county. we'll show you what left traffic tied up. plenty of people in the dark. ahead. a new restaurant in our area
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is helping do more than serve up great food. why the owners hope their new spot forms the community. and for some of us we're tracking snow. others it will be a rain/snow mix. i'll talk about where that line hits and how long it will last coming up.
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welcome back. let's go over the timeline of the changes we'll today. this morning you step out the door, still dry out there. cloudy conditions throughout the morning. for most of us we'll stay dry during the morning hours. it's early afternoon that we'll start to see very light flurries start to creep in from noon to 2:00 and from 2:00 to 3:00 light snow falling across the west half of our area. delaware, chester county up to berks county from 2:00 to 3:00 when things will spread farther to the east.
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covering philadelphia and new jersey as well. light snow, mind you but not a big concern really until we get into the evening hours. 6:00 to 10:00 we may see icy spots and by 10:00 things move offshore. we'll track what the your future model coming up. also coming up personal medical recordsly exposed. we have details of a data breach in our area. and it's a park but you can't sit just anywhere. new regulations in rittenhouse square. we'll explain coming up.
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. just about quarter to 9:00. tracking a mix of rain and light snow. you see it here on the flirt radar. it depends where you live. this is not going to be like the storm we saw last weekend. just talking about a coating in terms of the. meteorologist krystal klei will be back in just a few minutes with what you can see and what you can expect to see in your neighborhood. in delaware county folks there had their electricity back after a fallen tree smashed into this van and took down some power lines. nobody was hurt but route 1 in drexel hill was closed for about an hour as first responders and electrical crews cleaned up the hour. hundreds of people lost power before peco restored it. this weekend friends and family are remember a law enforcement veteran. richard zarelli was laid to rest in south philly. he passed away last saturday after a battle of cancer. he served as the first deputy
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commissioner of the philadelphia police department in the 1990s. he was also deputy mayor of philadelphia and chief of the philadelphia housing authority police. he's the father of nbc 10 assignment editor marleena zarelli. our hearts are with marlena during this time. ♪ an all faith choir got the mlk holiday weekend off to a rousing start in cherry hill. last night the singers delivered a message of peace and love during the friday night sabbath service. the new plan for the area around 30th street station is getting some honors. the american institute of architects has selected it for an honor awards for regional and urban design. the plan was selected from more than 500 designs around the world. the plan was revealed last summer. these renderings give you a glimpse of what it will look like in about 30 years. it will take some time.
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it will include 40 acres of new space plus development. center city philadelphia could be getting a movie theater. it would be thoirnd floor of the former gallery. a spokesperson for the department of licenses and inspections tells nbc 10 it's a preliminary plan, no specific applications or permits have been applied for at this time. elsewhere in philadelphia a new ruling keeping people off the walls in rittenhouse square doesn't seem to be working out. parks and rec put up four no sitting signs in response to an increase in vandalism and to protect the historic wall. some in the community say the signs along with several new no smoking signs will help to curb drug use. nbc 10 still found plenty of people sitting on the walls yesterday afternoon. a new restaurant opens just minutes from now at 9:00 in trenton. it was created thanks to crowd funding from the community. $6,000 in donations helped to
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open studio b bakery and bistro on broad street. the owners hope to help the neighborhood come back to life. the owners plan to launch a set super club and offer culinary internships fierjs. >> when they become old enough to get a full time job, they have some transferrable skills they can use. >> bringing the immunity together. we need more things like this to keep kids off the street. >> that grand opening celebration gets under way at 9:00 this morning. brrr. that's all i have to say. today down at the shore it's time to grin and bear it for the annual polar bear plunge in wildwood. you're looking at last year's plunge. it benefits special olympics. it's a great cause if you want to participate you have to raise $100 in pledges. spectators are invited to watch today for free. the plunge which happens behind the wildwood convention center is set for 1:00 this afternoon.
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just in time for that light rain and snow that should be falling. will those folks be dodging the snowflakes and the rain? nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei has the details. >> it's going to be chilly but important event. we're looking at radar and satellite bringing in some of the rain and snow about that time. maybe they will dodge it by an hour or so. what we're looking at right now the activity to our south and our southwest. but it's heading in our direction. radar is picking up on what looks like snow in berks and chester county. not making it to the ground yet. we do see we have got that precipitation moving in our direction right now. temperatures are going to be key today in what you see. rain or snow or a mix in between. look at parts of berks county right at 29. fleetwood 27. cliff town the same. parts of the lehigh valley also in the upper 20s, right at 29. and easton at 27 degrees.
8:50 am
these will see very light snow less than an inch for accumulation. that falls as snow temperatures will stay around freezing even in the afternoon. here at the shore different story. we're at 31. cape may courthouse and sumners point. temperatures will don't climb and actually will get above freezing in the afternoon, meaning that we'll see some snow but also rain more likely along our coastal points. that includes delaware beaches as well as we go into later today. the timing of this system passing in the afternoon really means the temperatures are warmer. we have a better shot rain. here's the hour by hour look. notice the temperatures. it slows off in the morning hours. we're warmer at the shore. getting closer to 40 by 1:00 in the afternoon. that's when we see snow creeping into lancaster and lehigh valley and cutting through delaware. already we saw on radar starting to try get a few flakes to the ground. that will press farther to the
8:51 am
east by 6:00 in the afternoon. now we're looking at the entire area with the potential for snow, except farther south. coastal points into delaware. that's where we're looking at the rain/snow mix leaning towards rain you drop to the most southern points. philly and south jersey will have a chance to see sleeting. then you see it really starts to move off 8:00 120k p.m. and left with lingering light snowflakes although temperatures are falling again so this is snow for much of our area except for those beach and shore points. everything moves off and we'll be clearing out as we go into your sunday. here's a look at just one. >> model projection. this is the max. about an inch accumulation. we don't get there in parts of southern delaware and jersey shore points. not going to see much snow. this is a light snow potential. we could see slick spots as we go into this evening along
8:52 am
roadways in new jersey and delaware. here's a look at the ten day. today we're up to 37 degrees. that's your afternoon temperature. where we could see sleeting conditions for parts of philadelphia. then tomorrow we clear out. sunny at 44 degrees and as we go into your next work week, martin luther king looking at 46 degrees. 50s and 60s with sleet on the board. do your kids have a skateboard. a popular brand sold over the holidays has a problem with overheating. new development in the death investigation of a prominent new jersey couple. we'll have more just after the break.
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this morning we're learning that the department of justice is praising reform efforts by the philadelphia police department. a new report from the doj says that the has done a good job making adjustments that federal
8:55 am
officials recommended the past year. some of those changes include retraining officers and create agnew unit to investigate police shootings. however, the report also says more work needs to be done to increase community policing activity. we got some details now on the personal medical records of thousands of people that could be compromised after a data breach in delaware. it involves two submark blue shield blue cross of delaware. the breach involved a server containing certain personal information including names, social security numbers, health insurance information and claim related medical records. if your child received an electronic power skateboard for christmas over the holidays you definitely want to hear about this recall. the company boost its recall second generation skateboards because of a fire hazard. the battery packs can overheat. anybody who has this skateboard
8:56 am
should contact the company for a replacement battery pack. an unexpected visitor at trump tower. why comedian and talk show host steve harvey wanted a face to mace meeting with the president-elect. that's just ahead. we're tracking rain and snow heading our direction. we'll take a look at the exact timing when it will pass through your neighborhood and details on a bit sunnier sunday all coming up.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today" tracking light snow and some rain. we got the timing onto wet weather in your neighborhood coming up in this first alert forecast. a new probe by the senate, a congressional committee plans to look into possible contact between russia and people involved with the presidential campaign. and seeking stardom. we'll show you how folks in our area are lining up this morning for a shot fame. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today". i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 9:00 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. let's take a live look over center city right now. you can see a light breeze out there. the sun is coming up. it looks great. we're expecting a little bit of wet weather in the afternoon. meteorologist krystal klei has the details for us.
9:00 am
>> you have something to do today try to knock it out first half. the second half is when things get more slushy. radar and satellite showing us currently that the snow/rain mixture is mostly to our south. the back side of this still heading in our direction and gain some steam as it moves in. something we get in early afternoon to early evening hours then start to move offshore. what you see right here moving over berks county thanks not snow making to the ground but right now air conditions are cold enough to support snow and that's what we have in the forecasts at least some light snow, more likely rain as you drop further south. here's a look at your current temperatures. still cold enough for snow. 33 in philadelphia and 32 vineland. 30 in coatesville. atlantic city at 33 trees. these numbers are way colder than they've been the last couple of days. we'll start to see a pick up in the extended. we'll get to those details and hour by hour on your snow coming
9:01 am
up. new this morning an accident in cumberland county shut down access to a shopping center in bridgeton. the accident happened last night around 9:00 on broad street. the area was blocked when we checked it overnight. police haven't released any details on what happened here. we'll keep you posted. let's head to south jersey. investigators will be looking for the cause of the house fire in burlington county. nbc 10 was on the scene on west 2nd street where the flames broke out just before midnight. the family living inside did make it out safely. in other news this morning a trenton mother is facing child endangerment charges after police say her 4-year-old daughter earned up in the hospital with alcohol in her system. police arrested felicia hamilton. according to investigators she took the infant to hospital after noticing that the baby was drowsy and unresponsive. officials say the's blood alcohol level was so high that doctors cents her to children's hospital philadelphia for treatment. we checked this morning, the
9:02 am
child remains in critical condition. the investigation into the deaths of a prominent new jersey couple has taken a new twist. the medical examiner has changed the death certificate of john sheridan to list his manner of death as undetermined. it had been listed as suicide. prosecutors originally said that the ceo killed his wife and himself with a knife but no weapon was ever found at the scene. the bodies discovered after a fire inside their somerset county home in 2014. the they are family petitioned for months if years to have that suicide ruling changed. monsignor william lynn will find out in march whether he has to face another trial or if he's a free man. a philadelphia judge will decide if there's enough evidence to bring him to trial in may. he's the highest ranking church official convicted of sex abuse scandal in 2012. he served three years in a
9:03 am
pennsylvania prison but his conviction was overturned and he was released last august. now to the transition to trump. the senate intelligence committee will look into possible contact between russia and the presidential campaign. u.s. intelligence says moscow meddled in the election to help donald trump win. this week the president-elect acknowledged russia hacked democrats and did not affect the outcome of the election. president-elect donald trump is opening a dialogue with comedian and tv host steve harvey. they met yesterday. harvey didn't support trump for president but harvey said he had to get away from social media and talk with mr. trump in person. >> it's just me following orders from my friend president obama who said, steve, you got to as he told everybody, get out from behind your computers, stop tweeting and texting and get out there and sit down and talk. >> harvey said he hopes network with mr. trump's hud secretary
9:04 am
nominee ben carson on programs for young people in cities across the country. nbc 10 has you covered around the clock for the inauguration of donald trump. we're sending a team of anchors and report towers our nation's capital. our live coverage from washington starts on wednesday afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. do you have the talent that everybody talks about? well today you got a chance to make it on nbc's hit show "america's got talent". nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live this morning at the pennsylvania convention center where the auditions are happening right now. randy, tell us who is out there and what have you seen so far? >> reporter: very busy. as you might remember last season one of the big stars was eagles long snapper. he turned out tube pretty good magician. we found another magician. your an eagles fan >> yes. >> reporter: you do magic as well. we have a trick up our sleeves.
9:05 am
>> right your name. >> reporter: i'll write nbc 10. >> that's the nbc 10. randy can you put it face up. >> reporter: in the middle of the deck. >> so obviously it's not there. it's not there. it's not there. it's not there eithered to go on this card watch. it would just be a little bit of a wave like that. there it is. >> reporter: from the middle of the deck. jake will try to get some afrom the judges. real quick introduce to one more person from norristown. not a musician like a lot of people. she does indian dancing which she learned from her mother. take a look. ♪ down in new orleans >> i've been doing it since i was 4. ♪ it's part of our indian culture.
9:06 am
i just like being different bring my culture into it and my brother, he the likes rhythm. >> reporter: really cool story here and back here live we got everybody. we guitar players. we got some people with banjos. we have the nbc studios over here so you can come by, say hello to us. a lot of people to get through. it will take all day. everybody here trying typical press those judges for "america's got talent". i'm randy gyllenhaal. we'll send it back to you. phillies definitely represented. if you are interested in going here's what you need to know. these are the auditions for season 12. you have to bring your best talent to the pennsylvania convention center today until 7:00 this evening. that's how long they will thereabout. for more information go to our website or click the 10 app. 9:06 on this saturday. we have dramatic video this morning. a thief steals a car with kids
9:07 am
inside. parents watch it all happen. try to stop from take off. it's all caught on camera. and we are tracking snow for some, a rain/snow mix. we'll take a look what's falling where and how things change as we get into your sunday. >> tomorrow morning here on nbc 10 join me for nbc 10 issue as we discuss a transition to trump presidency and how it may affect our area. >> having a republican president that has ain't in urban areas can really help us dig ourselves out of the mess we've been in. >> donald trump obviously doesn't know what he's talking about when he talks about city of philadelphia. he should come and spend some time with people here. >> coming up sunday morning at 11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc 10.
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for 12 hours. guess i won't be seeing you for a while. why take medicines that only last 4 hours, when just one mucinex lasts 12 hours? let's end this. welcome back. cloudy dry this morning as we go into your earl afternoon hours that's when we'll see light snow move in. radar showing its making its way in but not hitting the ground. it's brewing in the sky. here's your afternoon planner. we got snowflakes onto board. i think actually with these temperatures it might be some sleet as well, notice the temperatures, though, start to slip as we goer into your afternoon and as we go into evening they may fall enough to see a light consistent snow. very light snow. not high accumulations. about an inch max.
9:11 am
through the suburbs as well temperatures near freezing same as lehigh valley. different story for parts of to the shore where temperatures are warm enough especially as we start your afternoon where it may be a rain/snow mix as you see from the icons. rain and snow mixing for the jersey shore especially as it starts to move off and the warm air lingers into the evening. for parts of new jersey looking at light snow and sleet mixing in. we'll talk more about the changes for the rest of your weekend, your sunday looking more sunny. we got an important lesson why you should never pass a snow plow truck. we'll show you what happened the break.
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talk about a parent's worse nightmare. out in utah a car thief stole their car with their two young kids inside. the thief was running from police when he stole the car. the child's father tried to fight the man off. couldn't stop him. the suspect dropped the kids short time later. they are okay. suspect is still on the run. okay. so you hear us said all the time during a snowstorm, give those snow plow operators those drivers room. this is why. a tractor-trailer tried to pass a snow plow in. the snow plow ran off the road. the driver said he got blinded by the snow and drifted out of his lane. the plow driver is expected to
9:15 am
make a full recovery. other driver got a ticket. obviously they've had quite a bit of wet weather, snow, ice out in the west, midwest. not what we're having. we'll have a light snowfall today. >> thank goodness we don't have to worry about any major icing event like they are seeing in some parts of the country nuclear program stead what we're seeing is light snow moving through, a little mix. right now things look pretty good. if you just got to do a few things today, do them this morning instead of later in the afternoon. we're at 33 degrees in philadelphia. temperatures will continue to rise which is why philadelphia and farther south is really more of a rain/snow mix we're calling for than straight snow which means accumulations not high. low 30s new jersey through the suburbs, upper 30s for the lehigh valley. cloud-sun mix out there. we'll see more clouds continue to spill in as we start to see some of that snow move in by late this afternoon.
9:16 am
here's a look at your radar and satellite. the bulk of the activity is down to the south of us, just missing us. we're seeing this area of light purple in chester county. not making it to the ground. we're not seeing it yet make it to the surface. that means high up in the sky we have the elements for snow but too dry at the surface. we have that potential as we go later into today. here's what it's looking like. 9 lone 30 a.m. and zoom on into a little closer to our region and what we're seeing is that by 3:00 in the afternoon now we spread some of that participation across philadelphia into parts of delaware and new jersey. light snow again. not a major concern. and i think that although we're showing on our future radar snow all through south jersey this is more likely to be sleet and some snowflakes mixed in. why? temperatures will be above freezing in parts of south jersey, especially down to the
9:17 am
shore. you can see that with all the green that's shown off near our shore points right through 9:00 in the evening. by 8:00 it should move out of philadelphia and by 9:00 or 10:00 it slows down. all the precipitation has moved off and allow us to clear on sunday. here's our saturday expectations. light snow north and west of philadelphia. with some of that snow mixing in here the philadelphia area. more of a mix and some sleet south of philadelphia. amounts are not going to be high. up to one inch is about as high as we go. the problems as we go into the evening and early nighttime hours some slick spots on roadways. temperatures will start to fall in the overnight. here's a look at your weekend, though. comparing saturday and sunday this is the day to get out sunday. we go from snow and rain to 30s to 40 for your sunday and more sun on your surprised as well.
9:18 am
we'll get to the extended ten day coming up. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity, x 1 from xfinity will thaeng way you experience tv. i'm john clark. the sixers are a fun team to watch. the building is jumping again like the a.i. days. joel embid is becoming a star. check out last night how he enters the floor. he got a tweet. use triple h's entrance. triple h tweeted him saying good first attempt. phil's manager also there to ring the bell. then time to play the game. joel shows off his pedigree. big dunk here. joel on the defensive end, my god! he tells cody zeller process this. wells fargo center is pumping. joel 20 or more points in eight straight games playing under 30 minutes in each. nobody has ever done that in nba history.
9:19 am
gerald henderson chipping in and then dario sharp, 15 points off the bench. sixers beat the hornets 102-93. sixers have won five of six for the first time in five years. and joel is loving his triple h intro. >> i messed up. i'll think about it. i didn't even try to do that before. but first time i did get it. >> too much? >> yeah. >> good stuff. joel embid has taken over twitter in his campaign to go the all-star game. he's an all-star mvp. he's 16,000 votes away from an all-star spot in the fan voting and got an all-star endorsement from carson wentz. carson came to the game last night to see joel.
9:20 am
the other rising rookie star in town carson wearing the nba vote shirt for joel. when the sixers put carson on the big screen he got a standing o and joined the fans in an eagles chant. [ crowd yelling ] >> nice. now the steelers-chiefs game tomorrow has been moved from 1:00 to sunday at 8:20. it's been flexed because of an ice storming to kansas city. it will show flyers-capital at 1:00. also on csn. mark streit should be back. flyers goalie came in for steve mason in the third period thursday night. mason has had some ups and downs. he struggled thursday night and it looks like he may start in boston. he was asked if the same goalie could play both games this weekend. >> i wouldn't rule anything out. i think we've done that before. back-to-back are always tough so
9:21 am
i don't think i would lean in that direction. >> and the flyers coming off that win thursday night. good seeing mark streit back in practice. hasn't played over a month. flyers had to waive gordon to make room for his return. >> great to be back. i missed close to a month. so i just want to help the team and try my best. >> a lot of good sports this weekend. i'm john clark. and it's that time of the show when we have amy bringing in adoptable pets looking for a home. >> this is cinnamon. she's a 3-year-old. we think a pit bull mix her owner had to move. we're going the find her a great home. >> she looks very cute today.
9:22 am
>> she can rock a pink skirt. her owner reported that she is with children, other people and she would take her to off leash dog parks and play with other dogs and have a great time. >> this is a huge love bug. >> she has a little bit of energy. maybe not small children or at least children who are ready -- >> exactly. a lot is teaching your children how to properly interact with a dog. she has so much love in her i could see her accidentally knocking someone over, a small child. just wanting to be loved. >> are you sure you don't want to take another dog? >> if i could fit every dog from every show we've done i would would do that. >> she's how old? >> about 3. her only downfall is she doesn't like cats. she has a pretty strong drive. she was actually, when she was surrendered there was a poster of a cat in the shelter lobby and barking at the poster of the
9:23 am
cat. she's a goof ball. view that either as a sign of intelligence or a sign of -- >> got some specials coming up. $10, right? >> $10 all month long for all adult dogs and cass. anybody over 6 months old. that's at our shelter. >> if you can go to the shelter today that's where you can adopt cinnamon. give them a call. we can give you that information. the number is on your screen. 267-385-3800. or visit them on the internet. we'll talk about snow potential coming up.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
we got one last check of the weather from krystal klei. looking at the maps right now, looking cool out there. >> yeah. take a look at those temperatures as we roll through the board here. we're look at temperatures around freezing. throughout the board numbers will pick up just a bit. enough so that we'll see a rain/snow mix for areas south of philadelphia. potentially right in the philadelphia area. notice the numbers slip a little bit as we go later in the day. that's when the snow spread about 6:00 and then start to move out around 10:00 p.m. the chance for snow is this afternoon into this evening. as we go into the next few days we'll see temperatures pick back up. for us today 37 degrees, light snow we're talking an inch max north of philadelphia. tomorrow the sun returns up 44 degrees. that number continues to climb. great potential as well tuesday, wednesday, wednesday up to 60
9:27 am
degrees. >> this is like a preview of spring and we still have a lot of winter to go. >> yeah. a couple of days ago 67. can't complain too much. >> keep in mind you have that light snow. little bit of rain today. tomorrow looking sunny that will do it for us anthony saturday. i'm rosemary connors, for krystal klei and all of here at nbc 10, have a good one.
9:28 am
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