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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 17, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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a rainy tuesday throughout our area. we'll let you know how long you need to hang on that that umbrella. inauguration preparation. the new international war of words is erupting. a local brewery is honoring the villanova wildcats but you'll need more than a college degree to pronounce the name of this beer. right now at 11:00, we're dealing with wet weather throughout our area today. our meteorologist said it would be this way. here is a live look outside at boat house row in philadelphia. >> we're dealing with several rounds op rain throughout the day. crystal is here with the forecast. >> we have a good batch that's
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rolling through right now. this is what we're going to see throughout the day. here is a look at your temperatures. good news is overnight most of our temperatures stayed above freezing. we didn't have any icing issues. it's all been rain. 41 is the temperature we're at in philadelphia. 49 for parts of the suburbs and right around 40 for new jersey, delaware. you can see the winds aren't major issue around 5, 10, miles an hour. this is kind of a mild rain that we're dealing with. it's going to be light to steady at times and no pockets of thunderstorms expected. just rolling on by from west to east. this is what we're looking at right now on our radar and satellite. the western edge viewing area and parts of wilmington. through parts of south jersey and into central jersey we're looking at the showers. when you look at the light to deep greens that indicates more of a slight to steady shower.
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nothing heavy moving through. as we go into the afternoon that's how it's going to be. 43 at 1:00 and staying right in the mid-40s for 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. with the showers passing along in and out. it's not going to be a constant rain but we'll see it throughout the hours. we stay right in the low 40s through the suburbs. a little warmer in de. that will be the same for new jersey. we'll track this out with your future model coming up in a few minutes. see you then. happening right now, delaware's governor is being sworn in. >> inauguration ceremony started about half an hour ago. here is a live look where the governor and lieutenant governor will take the oath of office. the invocation happening now.
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the delaware national guard led the way this morning. the president of delaware state university is offering the greeting today. carney will be the governor. also this morning we're getting a glimpse into president-elect's inauguration speech. >> to more cabinet nominees head to capitol hill. we have more on that plus pressure to resolve the stand off with congressman john lewis. >> reporter: with stage prep well under way for friday's inauguration the trump team is hinting at a speech full of style and substance. >> anybody who is confusing the address with one of those never ending senseless state of the
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unions where they have the christmas tree of goodies will be disappointed. >> reporter: more than 40 democrats say they will boycott. >> please pick up the phone and call john louewis. >> there's got to be willingness. >> never give up. never give in. stand up, speak up. >> reporter: mr. trump will need democrats help to negotiate obamacare. so far with few details. >> trump seems to want to do everything. a cover people with obamacare, but do it in market way. >> reporter: interior secretary and education nominee betsy devoss face confirmation hearings. there's six more hearings scheduled between now and
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friday. as vice president joe biden and jill bid farewell on friday. they will be welcomed back to delaware in a big way. the public is invited to a welcome home rally friday afternoon. biden's will take amtrak from d.c. to home right after donald trump is sworn in as president. look for our live reports starting tomorrow afternoon. pennsylvania's new attorney general will be sworn in just under an hour for now. >> josh will be taking over the office which has been dogged by controversy. >> she resigned after being convicted of nine criminal counts including perjury and obstruction for leaking secret grand jury documents.
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shapiro has promised to be the people's attorney general. he has years in public service. first as state representative and then as the chair of the montgomery county commission. he said he's committed to tackling labor, environmental and consumer issues while in office. during his campaign the democratic candidate promised to be different from kathleen cane who resigned in august after her conviction. he recently appointed the first woman as deputy attorney general in state history. he chose former buck's county d.a. to work alongside him. he is swearing in about an hour from now at noon. governor tom wolf is scheduled to be there as well. an accused wife killer is back in court right now. jeremiah is charged with murder. his estranged wife was found stabbed to death last month. today in court he's expected to ask the judge if he can act as his own lawyer. a bar manager is dead after
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a shooting inside his tavern in philadelphia. nbc 10 on the scene in germmantown. police tell us the manager was shot after he and one of his security guards got into a struggle in the back room. customers were still in the bar. police are investigating another bar shooting. this one at 52nd and webster in west philadelphia last night. the victim was shot four times. paramedics took him to the hospital and working to find out his condition. federal safety investigators are looking into an accident that killed a welder in bucks county. this is steal and state road in ben salem. police say the worker was crushed by a large beam. time now to check the roads as the rain moves through. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter has that. >> jessica, what are you looking
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at, route 1? >> we're watching the boulevard right now. we're only watching major construction in the area. other than that the roads are still not too bad this morning. we had a little bit of a rush. a little more than we had yesterday morning. in between this point around 17th street near broad street as well we're down to one lane. both directions you can see down to one lane with that bit of delay as the traffic has to merge together. that's about the biggest delay we have right now with the rain moving through. there's a crash that should be almost cleared right now. g galloway, new jersey there's some construction. the right lane will be closed in both directions until 2:00 p.m. on and around newark and new york city we're seeing delays for flights departing through the area. >> thanks. the new mayor is launching a
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crack down on gun violence. yesterday the mayor announced a new initiative. there were three murders during the mayor's first four days in office. he will be looking to build better relationships with county and state police. the wife of the pulse nightclub shooter is scheduled to face a judge in a few hours. the new surveillance video we're seeing of her arrest plus the charges she's now facing in connection with the attack. imagine something like this landing in your home. frozen danger one woman never expected to see. we've got a busy look at your radar and satellite map. showers moving through much of our area now.
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officials. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the night mateen carried out his deadly attack killing 49 people and wounding dozens more, she texted her husband. where are you? he replies, do you see what's happening? no she says. he answers, i love you, baby. the next day i asked mateen's father what she told him. >> everybody is shocked especially his wife. she cannot talk even. she's very sad. >> reporter: law enforcement officials told nbc news she became a person of interest after telling officials she had been with her husband when he bought ammunition at walmart and drove with him past the club once before the attack. she later told the new york times, i was unaware of everything. this morning the family is saying they are shocked and surprised at her arrest because they've been cooperating with law enforcement. her attorney calling her innocent writing in a statement noor salman had no foreknowledge
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nor could she predict what omar mateen intended to do that tragic night. we believe it's misguided and wrong to prosecute her. she's expected to be executed back to florida to stand trial. the suspect accused of killing five people in a shooting rampage at the ft. lauderdale airport is expected in court today. this will be bail hearing. prosecutors will fight to keep a step on him in jail until trial. he's yet to enter a plea. look at this video of a tornado touching down in southeast texas. the tornado hit yesterday morning with winds up to 85 miles an hour. about 30 homes had minor damage but no one was hurt. look at this video. clean up continues in western kansas after yesterday's damaging ice storm. these pictures are from the city of kensley which is about 140
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miles west of wichita. freezing rain left a coating on trees, power lines. power lines snapped in some areas because of the weight of the ice. take a look at what fell through a woman's closet in montana. it's a giant icicle. she had her roof repaired and a furnace pipe came loose. she wasn't hurt but she said she's going to check her attic a little more often from now. it's probably a good idea. we don't have any concerns like that. everything moving through for us today is rain. hopefully you grabbed the umbrella as you went out the door. it will last into your afternoon and evening and lingering in very isolated spots tomorrow morning. here is a look at radar and satellite now. we're seeing the light to dark greens. this is light, steady rain down south. we see some of those deeper
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greens. this will be moving along to the east. it's going to past through atlantic and ocean county coming up. you can see, we have some breaks of rain but we pull this out and we still have rain to our west. this will continue rolling on by as we go through the afternoon and your evening hours as well, on off showers. this isn't going to be a constant by we'll see rain come in waves throughout the day. here is a look at current temperatures. 37 where we're sitting in redding. fleetwood at 35. the good news is most of these temperatures also did not drop a ton overnight. they stayed right barely above freezing. meaning we didn't have any nay jor concern for freezing rain. we weren't expecting it and we did not see it. now we're looking to the lehigh valley. all allentown at 36. we're seeing rain instead of icing concerns. even better off in our
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philadelphia neighborhoods where we have 40s. center city you're at 41. temperatures are not bad. they're going to only rise a few more degrees through the afternoon. we'll take it to mid-40s in philadelphia. we're starting out here at 11:00 a.m. it's missing some of the scattered showers moving through but showing off nicely the in, out waves of rain we're expecting. we go through your lunchtime and you see the showers breaking apart. we don't see any yellows or oranges. the continued showers last through 7:00, which means roadways will be wet. you might need to use the wind shield wipers as you're driving home from work. the showers start to break apart and weaken as we go overnight into wednesday morning. some model runs are trying to show us spots through your early morning wednesday. isolated at best. we're not going to see much left. it's just clouds as we go
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through your wednesday. it's great today. great tomorrow too. we'll finally see the sun return but that's on thursday. philadelphia getting up to the low 50s tomorrow. that's the temperature pick up. we really kind of plateau here in the low 50s through friday. that will be our next chance of rain on friday. same for dover. we get to about the low mid-50s there. we stay in the mid upper 40s for allentown getting to 47 by thursday with some of that sunshine and in wildwood around the low 50s as well throughout the next several days. pretty constant conditions and a mild forecast. the inauguration forecast, if you're heading to washington, d.c., of course, we have a huge crew that will be going. we are tracking temperatures and mostly dry conditions. a little dip to the upper 40s. close to 50 friday. that's when we could see showers especially as we get into the afternoon. thank you. we're looking closely at that forecast for the weekend. brand new study starting a prikly debate.
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can you calm your colicly baby with accupuncture. a big announcement from the country's top automaker.
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i further swear to always place the public interest above any special or personal interest. >> above any special or personal
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interest. >> and to respect. >> and to respect. >> the right of future generations. >> the right of future generations. >> to share the rich historic. >> to share the rich historic. >> and natural heritage of delaware. >> and natural heritage of delaware. >> in doing so i will always uphold and defend. the constitutions of my country and my state. >> the institution -- constitutions of my country and my state. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> he served in congress as lieutenant governor and now john carney is the 74th governor of delaware. it's a new link between your blood pressure and dementia. >> new data suggest the onset of high blood pressure late in life could lower the risk of
11:23 am
dementia. those diagnosed with hypertension in their 80s were almost half as likely to develop dementia than those with no history of high [ bleep ]. dem dementia risk was lower after the age of 90. after two weeks, infantass the accupuncture cried less. they say there's still not enough evidence to deem it a safe approach to reduce a colicly baby's cries. a new machine could help wipe out drug resistant bacteria in hospital rooms. it emits uv light disrupting the dna of bacteria in hard to reach areas like open drawers, between
11:24 am
cabinets. the machine reduced the transmission of four major super bugs by 30%. the machines are expensive and take about 30 minutes to work in an empty room. you may not actually have asthma. a new study followed 600 adults being treated. research found that one-third of them did not have the disease and were able to stop their medications. they appeared to have allergies, heartburn or nothing wrong at all. in half the cases doctors failed to order the standard tests to confirm an accurate diagnosis. new jersey's lieutenant governor is throwing her hat in the ring for the top spot launching her campaign for governor. supporters are gathered at the restaurant. she's running for the republican nomination. we're dealing with wet weather on and off throughout the day today. here is a live look.
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cloudy there. our meteorologist is tracking the rain that's falling right now. we'll let you how long the showers will last. the blame game. is accusing of trying to undermine president-elect donald trump.
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well it's a soggy day at the shower and much through of our area. a live look from our cape may camera. definitely a day you'll want to keep your umbrella handy. we'll have rain on and off throughout the day. a live look at radar showing where you are. let's get you updated. >> all of us are seeing the wet roadways and soggy patches because activity is moving from west to east. it's passing through all of our neighborhoods sooner or later.
11:29 am
still hanging over delaware. it's arched now passing through philly and right along the shore. we saw the live camera look and see the drops of water on the camera lens. let's look closer in this area the deeper greens passing through part of the atlantic county. right through into burlington county. that does track right on down as well through to cape may county. not a heavy rain. this is a steady to light rain moving but. at some point it's drizzly. that's what we're seeing through parts of the pennsylvania suburbs. philadelphia just tail end of some spot showers. that's not the end of it. we're going to continue seeing this rain showers as we go through the your afternoon and into your evening. just a wet day all together. here is the temperatures right now. 32 degrees mount pocono. not getting any icing concerns. 38 for pottstown.
11:30 am
millville at 41. this is good news that most of the temperatures are above the freezing mark and stayed above the freezing mark even in the overnight because it meant we didn't have to worry about slick spots this morning and not have to worry about that this afternoon. here is a look at the philadelphia forecast for the next few hours. 43 at 1:00 p.m. we're not going to see much warming it's so cloudy today. winds aren't going to be a big factor but tomorrow we see winds pick up and temperatures pick up too. we'll track out the rain through the rest of today. thanks opinion donald trump is now just three days away from being sworn in as the nation's 45th president. with escalating tensions between the president-elect and cia director. >> the outgoing cia director isn't holding back blasting the
11:31 am
president-elect. here is kristen welker. >> reporter: this morning mounting tensions. brennan unleashing on trump for his comments last week after unverified and unflattering information was leaked about the president-elect. was i a leaker of this? no he told the wall street journal. he took aim over these comments. >> i think it's a disgrace. i say that and i say that, and that's something that nazi germany would have done and did do. >> reporter: telling the journal tell the families of those 100 cia officers that that their loved ones who gave their lives were akin to nazis. over the weekend he seemed to blame him. was this the leaker of fake news. it's when there's allegations made about leaking or about dishonesty or lack of integrity that's where i think the line is crossed. it's the latest clash in what has been an ongoing feud between mr. trump and the intelligence
11:32 am
community he's about to lead after officials determined that russia tried to meddle in the u.s. election. a point mr. trump only recently acknowledged. >> as far as hacking, i think it was russia. >> reporter: there's more fall out with john lewis. more than 30 democrats now saying they won't attend the inauguration on friday. the president-elect meeting with dr. martin luther king junior son at trump tower monday ignoring questions about the fight. >> do you regret attacking congressman john lewis? >> reporter: lewis sparked the controversy by telling chuck todd he doesn't see trump as a legitimate president leaving trump to lash out on twitter. honoring dr. king's legacy monday, he didn't mention trump but stressed. >> when you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to do something, to say something and not be quiet. >> reporter: even first lady michelle obama weighing in
11:33 am
tweeting thinking of dr. king and great leaders like john lewis who carry on his legacy. they their example be our call to action. the vice president-elect taking aim at lewis. >> i urge him to reconsider that statement. this is the week we ought to be coming together. >> reporter: he is reaching out to another zifrl rights leader. a source familiar says trump called andrew young monday and invited him to the white house. in a letter to mr. trump obtained by nbc news, young seemed to criticize those who are shutting out trump saying in the movement, we never turned away from the opportunity to have conversations even if they involved snarling dogs or swinging billy clubs. you can never find common ground without conversation. russian president vladimmir putin seems to be taking sides in u.s. politics. he accused the out going obama administration trying to undermine president-elect's
11:34 am
team. the obama administration is spreading quote, fake allegations about trump citing the dossier alleged to contain personal information damaging to the president-elect. he said it's an effort to delegitimatize. russia foreign minister tauking about thawing relations. he said they will talk about nuclear disarmament when taking office. >> there's no moral equivalent. vladmir putin is the guy that sent airplanes with precision weapons to strike hospitals in aleppo killing thousands of innocent men and women. he's a thug and a butcher. >> mccain said it's time to rebuild our military pointing out it's been cut 21% in the
11:35 am
last eight years. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you complete coverage leading up to friday's inauguration. traci and i will be traveling to washington, d.c. our live coverage will begin tomorrow. the suspected gunman in a turkish nightclub attack is in custody. >> he was caught after a two-week man hunt. >> reporter: turkish police have arrested the man suspect who massacred the club goers. it ended last night with the raid on an istanbul suburb. they finally caught their alleged attacker. in a press conference this morning istanbul's governor revealed some details of the alleged attacker and his arrest. he's believed to have received training in afghanistan.
11:36 am
he's reportedly seen overnight with man and three women hidden in an apartment in istanbul's western outskirts. he admitted his guilt and fingerprints matched those at the scene. he added they were strong indications he entered turkey through the eastern borders in january of 2013. turkish authority will be hugely relieved at his capture that targeted a popular club which attracts local celebrities and wealthy foreigners. the far greater challenge is for them to secure the country and step up intelligence, to halt terror attacks that engulf turkey and depends heavily on tourism. police are still looking for the gunman who opened fire in a crowded nightclub in a popular mexican tourist resort. one of the victims is an
11:37 am
american teenager from denver. she was killed in the attack at a music festival over the weekend. the 18-year-old is believed to be the only american killed during the shooting. her brother says her sister planned this trip to mexico with her friend. >> it's caused a lot of pain. police believe the victim was trampled to death in the stampede to get out of nightclub after the shooting began. one of the greatest mysteries in avenue ration history will remain that, a mystery. >> officials are ending the search for malaysia airline flight after three years. >> reporter: the most expensive and complicated search in aviation history is over. after nearly three years to hunt for malaysia airlines flight 370 has been called off. crews have been searching for the aircraft since it vanished during a flight to beijing on march 8, 2014. on board, 239 passengers and
11:38 am
crew members. the search run jointly by the governments which spent more than $115 million trying to locate the missing lane released a joint statement saying despite every effort using the best science available, cutting edge technology as well as modelling and advice from highly skilled professionals who are the best in their field. unfortunately the search has not been able to locate the aircraft. >> the mystery is one that is unlike any other. if they suspend the search before they find it, then it may go unanswered. >> reporter: in july 2015, the first proof that mh370 was somewhere in the indian ocean. a wing flap crashed ashore thousands of miles to the west off of madagascar. investigators have never been able to determine what caused the crash. small amount of debris recovered has done little to shed light on exactly what happened. >> i think when you look at
11:39 am
amelia earhardt, this could be along those lines. >> that was tom costello reporting. britain's prime minister is outlining plans to leave the european union also known as brexit. it will be a clean break with the european union but she says she still wants free trade with nations around the world. the parliament will vote on the final divorce deal. >> we're leaving the european union but we're not leaving europe. that is why we think a new and equal partnership between an independent self-governing global britain and our friends and allies in the eu. >> brexit is supposed to be complete by march. abortions are at its lowest levels since 1974. the report counted 926,000
11:40 am
abortions in 2014. that's a 12% drop from the last survey done in 2011. the research group that released the group supports abortion rights. general motors announced it's adding or keeping some 1500 jobs in the u.s. >> they are part of a billion dollar investment in the u.s. president-elect donald trump has criticized the automaker for selling vehicles made in mexico in the u.s. gm said the investment is part of the normal process of equipping factories to build new models and it's been planned for months. walmart plans to add jobs as well. the company expects to hire 10,000 retail workers as it opens new stores and expands existing locations. walmart says it will invest $6.8 billion to cover construction. remodelling and expanding new services. walmart says they will also have 24,000 construction job opportunities. clothing store american
11:41 am
apparel is going out of business. it's not clear when they will all close but nbc 10 checked with workers at the store in center city who say they were told their store will be closing some time in the next four months. happening today, you can buy beer at stores across pennsylvania in any quantity you want. a new law is in effect and it allows distributors to sell beer in six packs and individual 32 ounce bottles. the new law also means bars can start selling alcohol at 9:00 a.m. on sunday without having to sell food at the same time. pennsylvania once had some of the toughest alcohol allolaws ie nation. the stone harbor will vote on the price of summer beach tags. the money pays for services like clean ups and life guards. rutgers university is getting close to paying off
11:42 am
thousands of outstanding bills. significant progress is being made. the computer problems began last october and have created bag log of 12,000 unpaid bills. there will be a panel discussion where government agencies will get together to answer questions. the event starts at 5:00 at school district headquarters. toasting college basketball oos number one team in the country. a local breweries sudsy tribute. look at that. that's next. take a look at radar. rain passing through our area right,000 but there's still a lot more where that comes from. we'll track it out the rest of today, tonight and what you might see by your wednesday, coming up.
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you can raise a cold one if honor of villanova's annivers y anniversary. the cape may brewing company came up with this new brew. the hardest part is the name. it's quite a mouthful. if you've had a few you probably can't say it at all. it's an interesting name. cape may brewing company founders are both nova alums.
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the team is number one again. yesterday the wildcats reclaimed the top spot. then they took the court last night and they won a school record 47th straight game at home. a 30-point over seton hall. it's two big events highlighting president-elect trump and festivities surrounding inauguration day. you don't have to be in washington to experience history in the making. here to tell us more is the national constitution centers associate in-house counsel. thank you for being here. this is really busy week for the national constitution center. tell us what's happening tonight. >> tonight at 6:30 we're having a panel of four of the leading media commentators and authors to talk about what might happen
11:47 am
during donald trump's first 100 days. on the panel will be carol lee of the wall street journal who is their white house correspondent, the host of the federalist hour. >> on friday if you don't care to get in your car or on the train to head down there, tell me what you have going on at constitution center. >> we have all day hail to the chief quiz where visitors can come and test their knowledge about past presidents. we're going to be doing a constitution 101. you can learn more about presidential power and some of the things ta donald trump might do during his presidency.
11:48 am
we'll be broadcasting the inauguration live. visitors can watch at 12:00 noon as donald trump takes the oath of office and becomes the 46th president. >> whether you lean lift or right seems like you got something for everybody. >> we're a nonpartisan institution. that's why we bring left, right, progressive, third party, all kind of different voices to come and share in this historic time and improve on this institutional literacy. >> we were involved with with headed to white house exhibit. tell me how successful that was. >> it was fantastic. some delegates came over in between events. the public was engaged. it went well. >> tonight the president trump's first 100 days of constitutional stakes. seating is filled for the live
11:49 am
program that begins at 6:30 p.m. in the kirby auditorium. there's a series of events happening on inauguration day. you can watch donald trump take the oath of office. that will happen live at noon from the national constitution center. don't even have to drive down there. for more information on both events head to our website or check out the nbc 10 app. we'll have a link for you. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> appreciate it. >> you can count on nbc 10 to bring you complete coverage of the inauguration of donald trump. look for our live reports from washington, d.c. starting tomorrow afternoon. if we take a live look outside in philadelphia right now, we have rain that we're tracking. that's through the entire region. this will be in and out showers for your afternoon and evening parts of your evening. you can see it's pretty gray.
11:50 am
those gray conditions going to hold on tight. we could see patchy fog if we go overnight and into tomorrow morning. looking at radar and satellite no now, the most recent line has been passing out. right along our shore points through still central delaware as well. this is going to keep moving out in the next hour. we might see a break still gray and wet out there but break before the next round starts to move in through your afternoon. let's take a closer look down near the shore points. that's where we're seeing most of the steady rain. that's going to be moving off and we're going to be left with still wet roadways but a little breather before the next area of rain showers start to pass on through. here is a look at the jersey shore neighborhood. we saw it's rainy here. temperatures in the low 40s. we have no concern of there being any icing. 42 right now at cape may courthouse. atlantic city right now 41 degrees. the current temperature will boost up a few more degrees into
11:51 am
the afternoon about mid-40s for highs. a little lower. we did see some spots try to get right near freezing but the precipitation wasn't passing through. we didn't have to worry about icing. westchester sitting at 40. new hope the same. right now fort washington, 40 for the current temperature. we're seeing the next round of rain starting to creep on in as we get later into your afternoon. we pass through the lunchtime and there's the scattered showers. it's spotty in nature. it isn't going to be a just this neighborhood situation. all of us get doses of rain throughout the afternoon. you see right around 3:00 in the afternoon one model showing off. maybe a better hit farther west. then this moves on and the rest of us as we go from 3:00 to 7:00
11:52 am
p.m. it's going to get lighter as we go into the overnight. we'll see more breaks between the spotty showers as we get into wednesday morning. the rest of the day it's cloudy conditions not expected to track rain but will still be a gray day for your wednesday. by thursday, we break out the sunshine. here is what we're looking at. we go from 46 this afternoon in philadelphia to the low 50s. in fact, as we go wednesday, thursday end of week we kind of plateau out those temperatures. that's really across the board. 43 tuesday in the bushes. 50 on thursday with some sun. for new jersey, the shore, delaware, we make it to those 50s. 51 on wednesday. 50 at the shore and 55 in delaware staying about the same as we get through your thursday which is one of the only days we go through as we go through the next several days that we see some sun.
11:53 am
that's your thursday and the low 50s. next chance of rain is friday. unfortunately for those who may be going to washington, d.c., showers will pass through there as well on friday. it will be evening showers for us. even into your next workweek we see more rain but 50s on the board.
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ellen hosts actress kerry washington and this afternoon nbc 10 responds. helping a local family whose washer is part of a massive recall. they were supposed to get a rebate for a new one but it never showed. now one last check for what's ahead today. >> we're still tracking the rain out there. next round will be moving in throughout the afternoon. that will continue into tonight. high temperature just 46 degrees. we dry out by wednesday. sun doesn't return until thursday. we stay many the 50s. >> we'll be okay in washington on friday. >> think you'll be okay. might run into some rain. looking like the afternoon now but otherwise you'll be all right. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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>> have a great day. stay dry out there. ♪ ♪
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>> kayla: you know, joey, i...i just don't think this is a good idea. >> joey: i know--you've been very clear about that. >> kayla: look, i know that you are trying to help jade, but really... >> joey: and i know you don't like her. >> kayla: that is not true. >> joey: i think after everything she's been through, she deserves a new start, don't you? >> kayla: i agree with you. i do. but you deserve a new start, too, and this is a new page in your life, and-- >> joey: hey. >> kayla: hi. >> jade: sorry i'm late. >> joey: you okay? >> jade: i had another fight with polly. >> kayla: who? >> jade: a girl i'm staying with. >> joey: really? >> jade: yeah. she wants me out of her apartment. and i get it--it's her place. but she could have at least given me some warning. >> joey: jade. >> jade: and i don't see what the big deal is about my keeping a couple boxes there till i find someplace else. >> joey: jade. we have a surprise for you.


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