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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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everywhere else, patchy fog, reading lancaster, wilmington. that may spread across the board as this rain continues to drop visibility. we'll talk more about the dryout into tomorrow coming up in a few minutes. krystal, thank you. also tonight the inauguration countdown. donald trump will take the oath of office in less than 72 hours. and now we've learned new details about friday's ceremony. >> donald trump will be sworn in as president using two bibles. his own bible and the same unabraham lincoln used at his first inauguration in 1861. the number of democrats planning to boycott the inauguration has grown to more than 40. all of those democrats are members of the house. no members of the senate are taking part in the boycott. despite this division in washington, sloat voters are red eager to see donald trump become the next president. >> many planning trips to see the inauguration in person. randy gyllenhaal has their story new at 5:00.
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for hayden phillips, the next two dars full of planning. it will be a very early friday morning. >> actually we're going to be on the bus at 4:00. >> he and the others driving four hours south to washington, their bus tickets are printed ready to see donald trump swear to uphold the constitution and become president. >> this is my opportunity to show my support for president-elect trump. >> phillips says this will be his first inauguration. he'll be watching from the national mall. for some on his tea party bus, it will be the first trip to d.c. >> i never even had an interest in going down to see an inauguration. i was never that vested into it. but i did get vested into the success of donald trump. >> and trump's success is thanks in large part to voters like phillips and others in rural largely white working class counties in pennsylvania who turned out to vote in large numbers. >> exactly a perfect example of northampton county. >> cynthia anderson volunteered countless hours for the
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campaign, helping them turn northampton county red. >> he just resonated with them because he told it like it was. >> as a thank you, she just got two official tickets to see it all up close. she's already prepping her outfit. >> it says proud member of the basket of deplorables, trump 2016. >> ready to storm washington, d.c., even as many democrats are vowing to boycott the event. in bath, northampton county, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. as more lawmakers announce they are boycotting friday's inauguration, we asked pennsylvania congressman bob brady what was behind his decision. >> john lewis is a personal friend. he's the classiest person that i know, most integrity, with the highest integrity person that i know. and i'm going to support him. >> senator cory booker of new jersey says he will be at the inauguration and both delaware senators chris coons and harper plan to be there as well.
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senator coons says it's important to witness a peaceful transfer of power. be sure to watch for complete coverage leading up to friday's inauguration. we have an entire team headed to d.c. to bring you all the action from morning until night. our live coverage begins tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4:00. washington isn't the only place seeing big changes at the top. delaware has a new governor, john carney, and now bethany hall long took their oaths of office this morning. coming up at 5:30, tim furlong gives us insight into what carnie faces into his first year in office. and the race for governor in new jersey is already heating up. kim guadagno took shots at chris christie today as she kicked off her race for governor. outsaying his name she criticized his statehouse renovation. >> simply do not have the money to turn the statehouse into the
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palace of versailles. >> christie's second in command stood by his side for seven years. that ended last year when christie supported donald trump and increased the state's gas tax. later we learned that president obama commuted the sentence of chelsea manning, the former intelligence analyst convicted of leaking classified information to wikileaks. manning, known as bradley at the tichl the conviction, has served seven years of his 35-year sentence. manning will be released from prison on may 17th. president obama has announced commutations throughout his presidency. today's list included 209 people. most were facing long prison sentences on drug charges. five of them were from our region. a woman from wilmington and a woman from philadelphia were also on the president's list of pardons. also tonight, a grave risk to the community. that's how prosecutors describe the man accused of killing his
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estranged wife in cumberland county. cydney long was inside the courtroom and has new details on what led up to the murder. >> he has a history of restraining orders with this same woman. >> reporter: 32-year-old jeremiah monell prosecutors say is defiant start to finish. >> he went over to ms. o'shea's house without permission. because it was a burglary. >> reporter: from ignoring restraining orders filed by his estranged wife in may and november of 2016. >> there were pictures of broken glass, broken mirrors. she had marks on her neck. >> reporter: to eluding state police in their hunt for him for two weeks following the deadly stabbing. then in court today monell locked eyes with the judge when he was asked whether he understood the hearing. refusing to answer. the defense wanted today's detention hearing to be demissed before it began. >> the defense's hands are tied. >> reporter: the judge shot it down. >> just came down to my house saying his mother was dead.
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>> reporter: the court recording evidence about her fatal injuries. >> with multiple, some very deep stab wounds and lacerations to the face, the head, the neck, the chest and the abdomen. >> reporter: because the couple's son will be considered a key witness in this case, monell was warned he cannot contact his boy. >> he is not only a massive, horrendous danger to the community, he's a danger to those children. he is an sut danger to those children. >> reporter: monell is being held behind bars without bail until trial. it is a decision that he can appeal. o'shea-watson's sister and some loved ones left the courthouse today, some in tears, without talking. from bridgeton, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. new at 5:00 home grown extremists. that finding comes from the counterterrorism report released by the office of homeland security. the group insists they're radicalized in their own country. the director of homeland
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security says tips from the public are crucial to stopping them. meanwhile a bar manager is dead after a shooting inside a germantown tavern. nbc 10 was outside sharon's little spot bar around 11:00 last night. police tell us the manager was shot three times after getting into a fight with one of hoiz security guards. the 28-year-old security guard has not been charged. a record amount of money is rolling into pennsylvania casinos. last year they brought in $3.2 billion. slot machine revenue was down, money from table games reached a record high. the state gaming board says this is the sixth straight year that total casino revenue has topped $3 billion. well, three pennsylvania universities are getting more than $3 million in federal funding. lasalle, shippingsburg and temple university are part of the eligible partnership grant program. the money will be used to groom students interested in becoming school principals.
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the universities will collaborate with teach toers improve education in schools. happening right now, a confirmation hearing is under way for one of donald trump's cabinet nominees. this one's for betsy devos, mr. trump's pick for education secretary. devos said she'll push for school choice and advocate for great public schools if confirmed as education secret y secretary, but teachers unions counter she plans to dismantle public education. >> about 90% of america's children attend public schools in their communities. betsy devos is not interested in maintaining a public school system. >> a school board vote in berks county will adopt a resolution to formally oppose the nomination of betsy deev oes. the exeter town school board is concerned with her statements backing charter schools and
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vouchers. here are some statistics. when it comes to reading -- rather, reading, easy to make that mistake, 56% of charter schools showed no significant difference than students at traditional schools. in math, 40% showed no significant difference and 31% of students performed significantly worse. chris coons met with president-elect trump's pick for ambassador to the united nations. nikki haley's confirmation hearings begin tomorrow. the two met to talk about the future of international relations under the new administration. they're in small towns maybe even your own neighborhood. >> for those who think it couldn't be my child, couldn't be my loved one, we're finding that victims come from all walks of life. >> so what does it take to stop someone you know from becoming
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the next victim? we get an exclusive look at the frontlines of this fight next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. plus repeal and replace. that's been the message from republicans trying to get rid of obamacare. now experts are taking a look at their plan and how it would affect patients. and the local company that's providing gifts to the new president on inauguration day. that's next.
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we are back live now with a look over i-76 in philadelphia. that's where the schuylkill meets the vine. you can see the rain and clearly the fog or i should say unclearly. you really can't see this picture. the fog's affecting that evening commute. first alert meteorologist krystal klei will have a look at when this comes to an end. the underground world of sex trafficking. it's one of the country's fastest growing crimes. >> philadelphia police are joining forces with other local agencies to take on this fight. denise nakano joins us now. you got an exclusive look at the front lines of this battle. >> many people think this is a crime that just happens somewhere else. by people and to women and children we don't know. but it's happening right in our community. i bring you inside the work of the bensalem police department
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and federal and state law enforcement. the work of finding victims of sexual slavery often begins in front of a computer screen. >> it's becoming so prevalent. >> reporter: women and children in our community forced into sexual servitude through online ads. >> they have nowhere else to go, and these guys take advantage of it. >> reporter: victims of sex trafficking could be your daughter, sister, a neighbor or, in the case of this woman we'll call beth, a graduate student from chester county with a promising future. >> today clearly i can see, you know, that i was a victim. but at the time with the lifestyle i was living then i initially didn't look at myself as a victim. >> reporter: beth's story is like so many others that fall prey to traffickers. >> for those that think it couldn't be my child, couldn't be my loved one, we're finding that victims come from all walks of life. it's indiscriminate. the young women or young children that fall prey to
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traffickers. >> reporter: i got an exclusive look several months ago into operation cross country where the fbi and local and state law enforcement targeted hot spots in philadelphia ben salem and tinny kin township. nationwide the operation netted 239 sex traffickers. locally the fbi field office arrested 15 people as part of the takedown. one 17-year-old child was rescued in atlantic city. anna, a survivor of sex trafficking from bethlehem, spoke about her struggle. >> more than just me being a drug addict and i have nightmares of these men in my room. >> reporter: anna was in recovery and on the path to a new life but her past haunted her. she died of a drug overdose after this interview. and right now on we've
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put a hot line number and a link to the polaris project. they run the national human trafficking resource center. that group helps survivors like anna escape sex trafficking and provides some of the resources to go on from there. that partnership we mentioned between philadelphia ploes and local agencies, that's going to be announced tomorrow. we'll have more details tomorrow at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 as well. >> you never think about something like that happens right here in our neighborhoods. >> the long-term impacts even after. >> after you get out. >> they have to live with that forever. >> and that poor woman passing away. been all over this story. all over another story, another huge issue, opioid drug abuse. now a public health crisis in new jersey. governor chris christie signed an executive order today creating a task force to help deal with the problem. the order also limits opioid
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prescriptions. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. after taking a break for the martin luther king jr. holidays, students returned to class today. cloudy and cool near east philadelphia university. we saw the showers move in and out today. and they're still moving in and out as we speak. here's a look. cape may, new jersey, you can kind of tell where we're at here but the fog has started to build in as well. no shock with this kind of moisture and still rain passing through. so what we'll be looking at throughout the rest of your evening, still showers moving by and some patchy fog. the conditions not the best but the fog is not dense at this point aside from the poconos area. the next batch of more steady rain has been passing through. you can sew the the pockets of y rain have moved into the lower portions of bucks county and montgomery county as well. and start to move into mercer county as we speak. the steady rain that's passing
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through delaware into the bay and now into south jersey. that will progressing along to the east. but we pull this out wider. you can see there's an end in sight over pennsylvania, then the break that will leave us with cloudy conditions. we'll track new rain for too much longer overnight and into your morning. by tomorrow morning things clear up. here's the look. hour by hour forecast shows the rain that's currently passing through with the pockets of steady rain moving by. 10:00 still spotty showers but won't be quite as consistent. still have some strength. you can see the yellow passing right through philadelphia. and then later on these start to weaken as we go through the rest of the night. this is 4:00 a.m. on your wednesday. fogginess still certainly a possibility but only light rain near the shore and into south jersey. that entirely moves off by 8:30 in the morning. not likely to see much more rain by wednesday. then just clouds for the rest of
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your wednesday. not the most beautiful of days, but we will see temperatures climb a tad more than they did today because we won't be dealing with the rain. here's the neighborhoods right now. this is the good news. through parts of berks county, the lehigh valley, we do not have temperatures below freezing for most of today. that meant as the precip goes by, rain instead of ice or snow. we're at 41 right now in reading, 35 degree ds and we are looking at about 35 for bath, 36 for nazareth and whitehall at 36 degrees, too. these temperatures really aren't going to fall much overnight into tomorrow. some will stay right where they are because we've got the clouds a tornado moisture holding on as i explained yesterday helps keep the temperatures constant. now at the philadelphia neighborhoods, mid40s, society hill and graduate hospital, the airport still at 44 degrees. this is important because it does mean that we don't have any concerns overnight of wet spots
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on the road turning to ice. that won't happen. the temperatures are too warm and the ground is too warm. tomorrow temperatures are even warmer. 51 for the high tomorrow, tacony the same. schwenksville at 51. notice the icons, cloudy, maybe a peek of sun. vorhees county and egg harbor the same. 50 for longport and into delaware, newark at 52 for the forecast high temperature tomorrow. we stay pretty constant on the extended forecast, too. 50s are the theme. the average is 40 degrees. so we're a little above it. 54 the temperature by your thursday. we bring back in chances of rain by friday evening. we'll take a break on your saturday. still at 54 degrees. then we pull right back in that chance of rain by sunday evening. the heaviest rain looks to be monday when we should be windy
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at 48 degrees. a bucks county company will provide the official inaugural gift. the lenox corporation made these engraved crystal bowls that will be presented to donald trump and mike pence on friday. the company's headquarters is in bristol. this is t we're all attached to our smartphones these days. doctors say that can really hurt your workout. we'll explain next at 5:00. plus looking for a breakthrough. how local doctors are taking steps in the latest fight against cancer and alzheimer's.
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bors rates in the u.s. are at the lowest levels in more than four decades. according to a new report, 926,200 abortions were counted in 2014. that's the lowest rate since 1974. that's the year after the supreme court's roe v. wade decision. philadelphia is at the center of two major health battles. the first is breast cancer. k komen said it is seeking to put stage four cancer on the same level in the movement. to better serve and support people living with the disease.
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metastatic breast cancer means it has pred to other organs in the body. only 15% of patients are expected to live more than five years. and 30% of women who survive early stage breast cancer will end up with the metastatic form of the disease. now, to the battle against alzheimer's disease. temple hospital says its researchers have found evidence for a new experimental treatment. temple says it works by helping the body destroy toxins that can lead to the disease and shows promise for people even if they're already showing symptoms. how many times have you been at the gym and seen someone on their cell phone? research suggests you should not mix the two. researchers found that if you're talking or texting, you're not paying attention to your workout. and that could put you at greater risk of injury. seeing a presidential inauguration could be a once in a lifetime experience. >> but not everybody can make the trip to washington, d.c. how local groups are making it
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easier for you to experience this historic event. he's been gone for too long. you can welcome joe biden back to his home state. we'll have the details coming up. take a live look right now along broad street in philadelphia. a wet night out there across the region as people head home from work. we'll have a closer look at your neighborhood forecast. looks like we're still a man short. not anymore. gus! the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. let's hit the ice.
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right now at 5:00, the rain keeps coming. it's been a wet and dreary day. look at the first alert raid a -- radar. you know what? it's not giving up yet. as drivers head home from work. >> let's see how long the rain is going to stick around in your neighborhood. here's meteorologist krystal klei. >> you are right. it will pick up in a few spots. here's a look at the cameras. you can see they're all gray and see the little droplets on the lens because the rain has been coming down for at least an hour in some spots. 44 degrees in philadelphia and 42 in the pennsylvania suburbs. that's about the same in new jersey, delaware and lehigh valley at 37. a tad cooler there, but the good news is we're above freezing and looking at some of the steadier rain there. don't have to worry about icing, it's just rain coming down because the temperatures are high enough. here's the wider view, what i was talking about, the spots, the yellows, the oranges tracking into chester county,
5:30 pm
mercer county. the heavy rain briefly because it's tracking from west to east and moving through pretty quickly. mercer county and bucks county waurington and trenton, it passes over to burlington as well. then you drop south and it's that steady rain through parts of delaware, the bay and into south jersey and the vineland area. we'll talk more about when this rain comes to a close coming up. here are some of the other top stories we're following. a cumberland county man accused of killing his estranged wife in front of their 12-year-old son will remain in jail for now. a judge made that ruling at a hearing for jeremiah monell today. police say monell stabbed tara o'shea-watson to death inside her home in commercial township last month. a confirmation hearing is under way for another one of donald trump's nominees on capitol hill. this one for betsy devos. mr. trump's pick for education
5:31 pm
secretary, devoes a longtime champion for voucher programs and charter schools. guadagno has been christie's second in command for years. they disagree when supporting donald trump and the state's recent gas tax hike. delaware has a new governor when john carney takes office as the state faces big budget problems. >> tim furlong shows us how jobs and the economy were big topics at today's inauguration. >> so help me god. >> reporter: and with that delaware had itself a new governor. day one john carney finds himself leading a state that spending too much and brings in too little. he's leading an economy in transition. >> it's way different. you know, it's not the state where the pond is the big and foundation company. it's really more of ab innovation economy with smaller
5:32 pm
businesses and start-ups. >> reporter: delaware is a state that could face major problems that might soon have to ask state workers to pay more for their health care and roll back many incentives that have lured retirees. >> the idea of helping somebody with their taxes is to help make ends meet. i want to keep that for the people who actually need that. but when you're making hundreds of thousands of dollars, we shouldn't be paying your taxes. >> reporter: he said a stronger economy will fix other problems. he said he'll soon work to create an atmosphere ready to help the little guys with the next big ideas. >> small business owners and entrepreneurs who have good ideas and need a government that supports their vision and then gets out of the way. >> that was tim furlong reporting. to another swearing in today, this time to pennsylvania. josh shapiro took the oath of
5:33 pm
office as the new attorney general. he chaired the montgomery board of commissioners. kathleen kane resigned after she was convicted of leaking grand jury material and lying about it. a member of allentown's school board wants to be the town's next mayor. charlie thooeliel announced he' running for the position. allentown mayor ed palowski is running for a fourth term. the fbi raided the city hall looking into the contracts between city government and developers. palowski has not been charged. the convention center has two big events highlights president-elect trump and inauguration day. tonight at 6:30, a special meeting of the minds. >> tonight at 6:30, we're having a panel of four of leading media commentators and authors from across the political and
5:34 pm
ideological spectrum to talk about what might happen during donald trump's first 100 days. >> all day friday at the national constitution center there's a hail to the chief quiz. visitors can test their knowledge about past presidents and past elections. there's also an interactive show to learn about presidential power. that's from 9:30 to 5:00 on friday. vice president joe biden and wife jill bid farewell to washington on friday. they'll be welcomed back to delaware in a big way. the public invited to a welcome home rally at the chase center in wilmington friday afternoon. the bidens will take amtrak from d.c. to wilmington right after donald trump is sworn in as president. and count on nbc 10 to bring you complete coverage leading up to friday's inauguration. we have an entire team headed to d.c. to bring you all the action from morning until night. our live coverage begins tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4:00. republicans want to replace obamacare, but what does their plan mean for patients?
5:35 pm
experts are taking a closer look. we'll have their findings coming up at 5:00.
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general motors is investing a billion dollars in the united states after being blasted by donald trump. gm said today it will create or keep around 7,000 jobs in the u.s. president-elect donald trump has attacked the company for building vehicles in mexico and shipping them to the u.s. earlier this month he threatened to tax gm for importing some of its cars. today pennsylvania legislators toured the site of the state's largest servement in an lgbt project. the state is giving $1.5 million to the mazzoni center. it provides health services to those in the lgbt community. it includes an expansion of the existing building on bainbridge street. commuters traveling between new jersey and philadelphia have a
5:38 pm
new way to get to work. today the newly created 555 bus began running between avondale station. it is good news for those who need to get to university city. a $121 million mystery has been involved. what we've learned about the winners of a big jackpot in delaware. plus the new year is bringing new life to the 76ers. how fans are showing love for their local teams. and we're tracking rain all across the region, even some talk of heavier rain, but as we move forward we're tracking more mild days. 50s and even possibly 60s in the forecast. a look at that coming up. coming up, nbc 10 is digging for answers in the case of a murdered 14-year-old girl. what we were trying to find out today before we were kicked out of a government office.
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a new poll shows the affordable care act is as popular as ever even as donald trump and republicans work to repeal and replace the law. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows 45% of americans believe the health care law is a good idea. that is the highest percentage since nbc began asking the question in april of 2009. and 50% of americans say they have little to no confidence that republican ideas to replace the law will actually make things better. the congressional budget office is also weighing in. according to their analysis, the republican plan to replace the affordable care act would lead to higher premiums and millions more without coverage. it's a nonpartisan group.
5:42 pm
one of the toughest challenges of replacing obamacare making sure that those with pre-existing conditions can still get coverage. >> tom costello is looking into this tonight for "nbc nightly news with lester holt" at 6:30 right here on nbc 10. mayor jim kenney is in washington for the annual u.s. conference of mayors winter meetings. he was among a small group that took part in a panel discussion this morning. among other topics, the mayors discussed the potential impact of the upcoming administration on cities across the u.s. mayor kenney says only time will tell what could happen. >> we want to try to figure out how we can best circle the wagons and protect our people and protect our progressive policies in our cities, take care of our immigrant population and our lgbt folks, make sure that civil rights doesn't erode and figure out what fronts we can fight on. >> vice president-elect mike pence also addressed the group. now your nbc 10 first alert
5:43 pm
weather. >> checking a live look from camelback mountain, our camera here. you can see it's pretty quiet out there. now that it's dark and we do have fog hanging over the poconos. in fact, freezing fog which means temperatures are right around freezing. some of that moisture might be causing a little icing in spots. but that's the only area with that concern. you can see from a radar and satellite view. we don't have pinks, purples and whites on the board, a steady to heavy rain that's falling. this is across most of the viewing area now. a consistent rain from south jersey moving out of delaware but still hanging over wilmington. philadelphia a little break but going to be getting more rain coming up here in the next half hour. we zoom on in to chester county. that's where we have some of the steadier rain passing right now kind of through delaware county and philadelphia county, montgomery. we're looking at rain that's moving from west to east. this is going to continue with this next good wave.
5:44 pm
then as that moves out more spotty and lighter rain will continue in and out overnight. but it really starts to break apart. you can see from 6:00, to 10:00 p.m. temperatures won't change much even as we go into tomorrow morning. by tomorrow morning we've dried out. roadways are still a little damp out there. you might see an isolated shower but we're dry dg out and we'll see the clouds holding on for your wednesday forecast. in the suburbs right around the low 40s. same deal with the showers really start to break no later than 10:00 p.m. we start to see the moisture out. fog will hang into tomorrow morning especially in parts of lehigh valley. we'll stay rain through 6:00 to 10:00. this is in and out and not constant. new jersey at 43 degrees here coming up on 6:00 and 34 by 6:00 a.m. spots along the jersey shore also just those clouds into tomorrow morning. temperatures tomorrow afternoon,
5:45 pm
they'll make their way to the 50s. it's a very mild forecast over the next several days. philadelphia, 51 to 54 thursday. thursday a bit more sunshine. clouds return and friday night we may see showers. into saturday still cloudy and right around 54 degrees. dover about the same. low to mid-50s. allentown in the upper 40s, constant across the map here. then we see in wildwood, same deal. some chance of showers friday evening but otherwise it's a dry somewhat gray forecast with temperatures near 50 degrees. pretty consistently for the next four days. now if you're heading to washington, d.c., for the inauguration starting tomorrow, 54 degrees will be the temperature. that's when our crews will be heading out there and we have a big group that is heading to bring you the inauguration. thursday, 55 degrees and dry, but by friday we do see those showers looking like it will start about the afternoon for friday. that temperature 49 degrees for an actual inauguration day. then we look at your ten-day on 10.
5:46 pm
those temperatures continue into the weekend. saturday 54 but we're dry into your sunday. by sunday night, though, some p.m. showers start to develop. monday is the heavy hitting day. windy and some steady to heavy rain expected that does linger into your tuesday. and there it is. i mentioned it a bit earlier. 60 degrees by next wednesday before the next round of rain moves in. >> krystal, thank you so much. we're just three days away from donald trump being sworn in as the next president of the united states. >> but tonight the talk in washington is about russia. steve handelsman explains. >> reporter: the president-elect got support from moscow as he tried to build enthusiasm for his inauguration. with just 40% of americans now polling positive about a donald trump presidency, enter vladimir putin again. alleging a political struggle in the u.s. to undermine the legitimacy of the president-elect. calling the leakers of unverified reports about trump worse than prostitutes.
5:47 pm
cia director john brennan insisted this is not intelligence community information. he called it repugnant for trump to have likened u.s. intel officials to nazis. trump reignited his feud with congressman john lewis, who alleging that trump got help from putin called trump's election illegitimate. lewis saying he will boycott friday. wrong or lie, tweeted trump. he boycotted bush 43. yes, lewis had to admit, he did protest the supreme court that election. >> we did not attend the first bush inauguration. that is factual. >> another fact, under pressure by trump, general motors plans to create or save 7,000 u.s. jobs. trump tower was the chief of boeing fresh yured by the president-elect on air force one prices. >> mr. trump's engagement with industry is going to help us grow manufacturing jobs in this
5:48 pm
country. >> trump bragged americans are seeing big stuff. but not on friday. the president-elect is paring back inauguration day celebrations to just a 90-minute parade and three inaugural balls. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, at the white house. >> hard to believe it is this friday, inauguration day. >> we've got a big team going here too. six members, jim rosenfield, jackie london, lauren mayk. you can count on us. could 2017 be the turning point for the 76ers? >> we all hope so, that's for sure. the team won five of their last seven. and that includes last night's win against the milwaukee bucks. fans are taking notice. the average home game attendance is already up about 2,000 people over last season. winning certainly helps with that, but so does a little entertaining too. did you see this joel embiid
5:49 pm
dancing for fans. fans made a big push to get him on the nba all-star ballot. voting ended last night. the winners will be announced on thursday. hopefully he makes the cut. that would be nice. a lucky couple starting off the new year millionaires. >> the man and woman who wish to remain anonymous came forward and declared december's $121 million powerball jackpot prize. they bought the ticket on dupont boulevard in sussex county. the man didn't know he'd won until he went back to the store, scanned the ticket and then he walked out crying. he asked his wife to check the numbers online and they've been the same. the couple says they've had their eyes on an rv and with that jackpot they'll get that. >> they'll do traveling for sure. >> next at 5:00, a protest turns to a victory celebration. >> why opponents to a new rule
5:50 pm
at rittenhouse square are sitting pretty tonight. coming up at 6:00, a whale-sized problem along the jersey shore. why this dead humpback is still stuck days after getting lodged into the sand.
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5:53 pm
a live look right now at this rainy rush. it has backed up out there. the schuylkill at city avenue, a real busy spot as usual as you break away there for roosevelt boulevard. rain and fog krausie i causing for drivers out there. leave yourself extra time. >> people wanting to know how long this will stick around. krystal klei has the answer. >> we have a couple more hours of this steady rain. you see it move through parts of new jersey. then more scattered to isolated showers into tonight. but by tomorrow morning just damp conditions. the rain will have all moved off. we're looking right now, you see some of the yellows, oranges, the spots we're dealing with, heavier rain. this will clip through delaware county and even parts of philadelphia county as well as it continues to head from west to east. this is in the next half hour or so. we're talking the steady rain. definitely have to use the windshield wipers in that area. then we drop farther south and we see that rain in delaware
5:54 pm
about an hour ago. it skipped over the bay and is now in parts of south jersey and the jersey shore. we have pockets of rain near corbin city. if we continue up to central parts of new jersey you see a lighter rain that we'll track. overall this was much nicer than it could have been. temperatures have been in the 40s today which means we didn't have to worry about icing and we won't have to tonight either. temperatures are going to stay right where they are. mid-40s in philadelphia. so the showers will start to taper, sev7:00 to 10:00. temperatures will start to boost up. glenn "hurricane" schwartz will bring you that coming up in the next half hour. lester holt joins us from warren, michigan, where he's continuing his across america series. >> he has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> good to see both of you.
5:55 pm
on our program tonight, the president commutes hundreds of prison sentences including a notorious leaker of government secrets, former soldier chelsea manning. why his case stood out. they're taking on student debt like never before. americans over 60. what you should know before you sign. plus our inauguration week journey does take us to michigan and a critical county. we'll have more from here when we see you tonight. for now back to you in philly. >> see you at 6:30. one of my favorite topics now, two villanova alumni at the jersey shore are honoring their alma mater with a special brew. cape may brewing company has announced plans for a brew to commemorate villanova's anniversary. it is run by ryan krill and chris henke who met as freshman at 'nova in 2001. the pair plans to unveil their new 'nova beer next wednesday, which excites me as a fellow graduate. >> the colors there.
5:56 pm
>> you can once again sit on the wall in rittenhouse square. >> the ban was overturned today after backlash from the community. i was there for a planned protest today that really turned out to be more of a victory celebration of sorts. last week philadelphia's parks and rec department put four no-sitting signs up in the square. well today those signs were gone, removed. city officials say vandalism and structural concerns were the reasons for the signs. park goers gathered to send a message, don't put restrictions on public space. >> i mean, i came out to support the parks and people's ability to use parks as they see fit and not have that sort of legislated for us. >> now, a spokesperson for the parks and rec department says they're working on a plan to deal with any concerns about normal care and maintenance out there. we are working on several big stories for nbc 10 news at 6:00. >> coming up all new at 6:00.
5:57 pm
nbc 10's search for answers in the case of a murdered 14-year-old girl. >> what we were trying to learn today before our crew got removed from a government office. plus lehigh valley's swing. rural voters who helped win the election for president-elect donald trump are now heading to the inauguration. why they're so motivate to storm the capital. plus there's no moving this 25-ton humpback from the jersey shore. how it could be a sign of a much bigger problem. well, it's kind of dreary, damp conditions outside right now. i'm timing out how long those showers will stick around.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
failed by the foster system. a 14-year-old killed allegedly by her adopted mother. see what nbc 10 was trying to find out when our cameras were kicked out of a boulevard building. stubborn showers. how long you'll have to deal with the wet weather. plus witness to history. meet some of the donald trump supporters who are preparing for a trip to washington for the inauguration. nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 6:00, a rainy rush tonight as showers are falling across our region. you're looking live at conditions at center city. first alert radar is tracking the showers passing right over us. >> it's not drenching rain but enough to keep conditions wet
6:00 pm
out there. let's go to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. how long will these conditions stick around? >> there will be showers off and on for much of tonight. but the heaviest is occurring now and in the next hour in much of the area. i-95 in south philly and the roads are generally wet. we've got a little bit of fog out there but nothing too dense at the moment except for coatesville and up towards the poconos. but this is pretty heavy rain. here's philadelphia right here. it's moving into philadelphia. in delaware county, broomall getting some of this heavy rain right now. that's some of the heaviest rain of the day. edgmont, easton and the midline. more showers back to the west, but it's not nearly as much as what's coming through right now. we have those scattered showers for much of the rest of the night. a little bit of drizzle, fog, not exactly a pretty start to tomorrow, but some breaks in t


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