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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 18, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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two days to go. final preparations are happening now in washington for the presidential inauguration on friday. also coming up, the new comments from donald trump about tweeting. plus, new information on the health of former president bush in a houston hospital and drink up for your health. the new stud that inip cysts drinking coffee could help you live longer. we'll explain, next. >> right now, in just two days, donald trump will be sworn in as the nation's 45th president and the final preparations for the main event are under way in our nation's capitol. the inauguration festivities officially kick off tomorrow
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with several events including a wreath laying ceremony and a public concert at the lincoln memorial. this is a look now at the u.s. capitol, where president-elect trump will take the oath of office at noon on friday. it will happen on a huge platform on the western end of building. security will be very tight. nearly 100 demonstrations are planned this week. the national parks service received five times as many applications for demonstrations than normal. officials are planning for between 800 and 900,000 people less than the 1.8 million who turned out for president obama's first inauguration. trump's team is working to boost turnout by posting ads on facebook and twitter. meanwhile, the senate continue to hold hearings on president-elect trump's cabinet choices. het, education, labor and pension is considering tom price for health and human services secretary. democrats are expected to grill
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price about his plan to replace obama care. >> also happening now, the senate environment committee is hearing testimony on president-elect trump's nominee to head the epa. this is a live look at the hearing for scott pruitt, who's oklahoma's attorney general. at the same time, a live look at the senate commerce holding a hearing on the confirmation of wilbur roth. critics contend he ran businesses that shipped jobs overseas. nikki hailey to be u.s. ambassad ambassador. he was in washington last night to host the dinner. guests included mike pence and more than 100 foreign diplomats. mr. trump expects an unprecedented turnout at the
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inauguration. >> they announced they think we're going to have record crowds. i saw the bikers for trump. i don't know if i'd want to ride one of those, but they like me. >> the president-elect is back in new york today where he will sit down with new york governor andrew cuomo. governor cuomo says he hopes to use the meeting to focus ong the needs of new york state. mr. trump will return to washington tomorrow. for preinaugural events, you can count on us to bring you complete coverage of the. look for our live reports from washington starting this afternoon at 4:00. today, president obama will meet with the press for the last time as president. his final briefing happening this afternoon at the white house. this is video from a briefing he gave in november. now, your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. a dreary wednesday. first alert meteorologist is tracking the clouds for us! kind of a gray forecast. not rainy like yesterday, but areas like cape may, you see very gray outlook. it was foggy earlier this morning, the fog has thinned some. now, it's just patchy, but p the clouds are really going nowhere today. what we see here, the clouds are over our area, then you see the light green. right now, even into near wilmington. what's happening here, some of it isn't making it to the ground, light sprinkles at best. that's all we'll see today. now, temperatures started out pretty warm this morning because of the clouds that we had overnight, so through the rest of today, we're going to see temperatures a little warmer than they have been. making it to about 50 degrees in
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philadelphia. that's at 4:00 in the afternoon. we stay on the cloudy side. cloudy at 48 degrees by 6:00 and we'll see the clouds overnight into your thursday. suburbs, upper 40s, 47 degrees. around 4:00, maybe a peak of sunshine, but doesn't look likely we'll see anything more than that today. in the lehigh valley, 43 degrees in the afternoon. up to 44 by 4:00. wouldn't be surprised if a few spots make it to about the upper 40s. in delaware, 50 degrees at 2:00. we'll stay around 51, 52 for highs across delaware at h:04:0 till around the same value. in new jersey, that's the same along the jersey shore. temperatures upper 40s to around 50 degrees as well. that's for today. tomorrow, more warming and more sunshine. we'll talk about the conditions for your thursday stretching right into the weekend. coming up. we'll see you shortly.
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former president george h.w. bush is expected to be released from a houston hospital in a few days. the 92-year-old is resting comfortably and responding well to treatment. president bush and his wife said they did not plan to attend friday's nag ration because of mr. bush's health issues. philadelphia's top prosecutor said williams will have to pay $62,000 in fines for failing to report sources of income and gifts on city finnell statements. they included sports tickets, gift guards and points toward hotel stays in atlantic city. some of the gifts came from defense attorneys in philadelphia. williams is apologize iing and promising to win back the trust of residents. critics are calling for him to resign. a bouncer faces a murder charge for allegedly shooting and killing his bar manager in the german town neighborhood. edward morgan was arraigned at midnight. investigators say the bouncer
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got into a fight with the manager at sharon's little spot bar monday night and shot him three times. a south jersey man accused of murdering his estranged wife will stay in jail until his trial. nbc 10 was the only news station in court as he refused to answer the judge's questions yesterday. >> he's not answering? >> police say he stabbed taro shay watson to death inside her home last month. it allegedly happened in front of the couple's 12-year-old son. prosecutors called him a grave risk to the community and the judge ruled he should be held without bail. this morning, the search is on for the man who robbed and beat an 18-year-old woman at an atlantic city casino. it happened this month at the brgata. the man followed the woman to her hotel room where he beat her
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and stole her money. police have released these surveillance images of the man they're trying to track down and identify. anybody who recognizes him is asked to call police. now to the lehigh valley where authorities plan to file charges against a man whom they say ran into a school yesterday wearing pa ja ma pants and socks. he was also high on cocaine. it happened at a charter school before classes began. the suspect was armed with a screwdriver. right now, he is in the hospital. 43 degrees outside and jessica is watching the traffic. >> through center city, we're really quiet, actually. our camera on 8th street show that traffic moving along both directions with no problems or delays. a truck though has been there for a little bit. maybe an hour on the eastbound side. that's traffic moving east boubd towards 95, but you can see no
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problems there because of it. there's crash that just came into the system about five minutes or so on broad street around white's road, so watch for that. construction on the boulevard that will cause delays until about 3:00 this afternoon. northbound and southbound, watch for restrictions. that will be until later this afsh. we'll see those delays. checking with 95, and the bloomer, pret it much clear everywhere. watch for small, slippery spots. other than that, your drive will be dpood. >> it is okay again to sit on the wall in written house square in philadelphia. the city overturned the ban after backlash from the community and even from the mayor. crews took down four no sitting signs from written house square house. philadelphia's parks and recreation department put up the signs last week in an effort to cut town on vandalism. the city working on a different plan the deal with concerns about care and maintenance of the wall. lbgtq leaders are lawn fing
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the creating change conference in philadelphia today. the fwoel of the conference is to help freedom, justice and equality for that community. today, delaware's new governor will sign his first executive order on the future of the state's economic development office. john carney was sworn into office in dover just yesterday. he'll focus on helping small businesses, lowering crime in wilmington and fighting drug addiction. a dead humpback whale will likely stay there until it washes out to sea. the whale had been there since last week and coast guard believes that it's too dangerous to move it. staffer frs the marine mammals stranding center are trying to figure out how the 25 ton mammal died. they say it does not appear the whale was hit by a ship. pennsylvania will start accepting applications for growing, processing and selling
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medical marijuana next month. applications are on the website and can be submitted starting february 20th. the state's program is expected to be up and running be by next year. simple university u is renaming its school of media and communication in honor of former local tv executive, lou cline, who taught at temple for more than six decades. the new name also recognizes a multi-million dollar gift he and his wife janet made to the school. 11 minutes past 11:00 on this wednesday. presidential pardons, reaction to president obama commuting the sentence of trans jepder army intelligence officer, chelsea manning, this as more people are expected to be granted clemency before mr. obama leaves office. we'll have the story. zblmplgts and a look at radar and satellite. still tracking cloudy conditions and sprinkles out there. we'll talk about when the sun returns to the forecast coming up.
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we were screaming 4:34
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president obama holds his final news conference later today and is expecteded to face questions about his b controversial decision to commute the sentence of chelsea manning. the former army analyst who has served seven years in prison for leaking classified information. andrea mich el roel reports. >> this morning, president obama's decision is drawing fire from republicans. in statements, paul ryan calling
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the move outrageous. senator john mccain calling it a grave mistake and senator tom cotton, an afghan war veteran saying we ought not to treat a traitor like a martyr. he was known as pradly as the time of her arrest, but announced her identity a day after she was con vigted. manning's attorney spoke about it on "today." >> i think the ultimate goal is to be comfort bable in her skin. >> manning has twice tried to commit suicide since becoming incarcerated in an all male prison. >> she wanted to give information to the american public that she believed they deserved to know. >> in 2010, robert gates described the leaked damage this way. >> is this embarrassing? yes. awkward? yes. consequences for u.s. foreign policy, i think fairly honest. >> at her trial, manning
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apologized for her actions, the audio obtained be by cynthia mcfadden. >> also tuesday, president obama pardoned james cartwright, once one of his top military advis s advisers. he pleaded guilty last a fall the to making false statements to the fbi about leaks to david sanger, involving a joint u.s. israeli cyber attack. appealing for leniency, he wrote the judge that the general was not the original source. an appeals senior official helped persuade the president. >> then he started to cry. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting. happening right now, defense secretary ash carter is holding his final pentagon briefing. he's expect ed to respond to president obama's decision to come meet manning's sentence. carter opposed the move.
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right now, he's talking about his time serving as defense secretary. he grew up in montgomery county. new this morning, russia will allow nsa leaker, edward snowden, to remain in the country for at least a few more years. they said they have extended his residence permit. he fled there in 2013 after leaking thousands of secret documents to reporters. the wife of the gunman who killed 49 people in orlando will be back in court today in california. she appeared in court yesterday to face charges. today, she'll have a lawyer appointed and plans to be made to transfer her back to florida. her family claims she had no quidea her husband planned the attack. prosecutors say she also lieded to the fbi after the shooting. we're learning that today, three earthquakes rocked central italy in an hour. if quakes shook the same region that suffered a series of deadly
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earthquakes last year. the first was 5.3 and hit the region north of -- they were felt as far as rome. there were no immediate reports of injury. offices, banks and shops were e rack b b b vak waited. elsewhere in rome, official asked parents to pick up their children, but they were seen going back into the classrooms after crews conducted safety checks. back here in the u.s. bad crash. take a look at this. all caught on camera. this is in oregon. freezing rain caused a truck to end up in the middle of the highway yesterday. one semi managed to narrowly avoid it, but you saw a second couldn't. slammed right into it. fortunately, no one was hurt, but the crash did shut down the highway for quite some time. now, your nbc ten first alert weather. >> yikes.
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our temperatures have been above freezing, so, we've had no concerns of icing and right now, we're looking at numbers in our philadelphia neighborhood, we're starting to climb towards the 50s. 42 andorra. graduate hospital at ha degrees and 43 in buckleton. over to parts of pennsylvania suburbs and we're seeing about same. low 40s currently. so, 43 degrees. in west township, sitting at 42. west bradford township, those low 40s. we see just a few spots that are still in those upper 30s. 39 degrees, the ground is above 32 degree, we're good because we have moisture out there. not really tracking rain today. so much as a few sprinkles and left over damp conditions from yesterday because of some rain in and out throughout the day. here are the cloudy conditions. it's kind of the gray, then the
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spots of green, mostly just going to be very light sprinkles at best. starting to move over to the bay here into south jersey, but again, this is very light rain that's barely going to make it to the ground. not causing any issues for you. you may run into a little spot area of light rain. here's a look at your neighborhood's today. mostly, just gray and cloudy. 50 degrees. upper 40s for summerton. lehigh valley, mid to o in some spots, possibly upper 40s. 45 degrees for allentown. new jersey, 51 degrees. trenton, 49. oes ocean city, 49, atlantic city, 49 and 50 degree, cloudy today, not seeing a lot of sunshine for our wednesday. all the moisture we saw yesterday here's a look at the hour by hour. tl the clouds, they don't really go anywhere. there's some spotty chances of
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showers. about 5:00 p.m. this evening, but that's not really going to be the highlight of the day. then overnight into hurz morning. now, we've cleareded out the clouds, so we're starting to see sunshine after several gray days in row. this looks to be one of the few sunny days in our extended forecast, so we keep it clear through thursday. through 7:00 p.m. no rain for thursday. dry and temperatures will climb more as a result. forecast wind, 10, 15 miles an hour. you'll see sustained with those winds starting to shift from the east and coming in more from the northwest. could see some gusts around 20, 25 miles an hour, but that's about it for today. this is a nice day, kind of a calm and gray day. your forecast high, thursday. constant, mild forecast moving forward friday at 52. saturday at 54. some showers friday night then
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the better chance of a good system passing through r that's sunday as we move in through the evening through your monday and into tuesday. monday, we'll be windy and the heaviest rain is likely. temperatures as well into the upper 40s, but look at the overnight ls in the mid-40s. another batch of rain thursday of next week. philadelphia ranks high on a list that might leave you just a little p by squeamish. still ahead, what the new report says about some unwanted visitors lurking in our homes. plus, news that will have you reaching for another cup of joe. why researchers say people who drink coffee tend to live longer.
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this week's wednesday's child is a bright and active boy hoping to find a forever family to love and support him through every step of life. >> if you're a college basketball fan and he is, this is a dream come true. getting a tour of the pa silties and hanging out with the basketball team. >> they got in a little one-on-one pick up game. believe me, this kid is can shoot the lights out. >> guy can shoot it. >> basketball or football.
11:26 am
which would you rather play? >> basketball. >> why basketball and not football? >> b i don't know. i would like to play football, too. but i don't know which one to pick. >> no worries, plenty of time to choose. he just needs some guidance and direction from parents or a parent. >> he is a smart, great young man. he has a wonderful sense of humor. he does dpraet in school. he loves math. he is very ath letically inclined. i love to play video games with him. he's very competitive. he loves to tell jokes. and he's just a great person to be around. >> he's a lot of fun to be arn and is looking for his fore ever family. >> we need a family that's going to be really committed to him. love him unconditionally, stick in there with him.
11:27 am
there are no perfect children in this world. whether you have them bonlgically or you adopt them. a parent needs to parent a child through all the way through whatever is going on with them. zpl he might not be perfect, but he's pretty close. this week's wednesday's child. >> if you'd like to make his dream come true, go to and search wednesday's child. you could also call the national adoption center. it's just a few minutes before 11:30. we are just two days away from the presidential inauguration. security crews are preparing for the crowds while some lawmakers are boycotting the swearing in ceremony. we'll have the full story straight ahead and the calls to the hall. a look at the baseball greats who could find out today if the b baseball in cooperstown.
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the inauguration of donald trump is just two days away and the ceremony itself is becoming a source of growing controversy, as dozens of lawmakers say they won't show up. peter alexander has an update. >> president-elect trump joined by mike pence greeted supporters in d.c. touting the main celebration ahead. sfwl they've just announced they think we're going to have record crowds coming. >> law enforcement officials are expegting less than a million compared the president obama, who had 1.8 million eight years ago as his first. the president-elect again lashing out at civil rights icon, john lewis, who's boycotting the inauguration, joined by 50 fellow democrats. trump's now accusing him of lying after lewis said his
11:32 am
swearing in would be the first he'd miss. >> i think for him to have grand standed, because i he just grand standed john lewis then get caught in a very bad lie. >> earlier, he acknowledged he skipped bush's in 2001 because of the florida recount controversy. >> we didn't attend it like so many other members of congress did then. but president bush is a friend of mine. >> trump's brushing off the boycotters. >> as far as others, we need so badly. give me their tickets. >> protests already ramping up in the nation's capitol and the thousands of demonstrators expected this weekend with a significant uptick in requests for permits. law enforcement doubling their resources. >> how do you avoid these clashes? >> it's not all about law enforcement. we encourage every first amendment group and individual
11:33 am
to respect each other's rights. >> meanwhile, the fallout from piano president obama's to commute chelsea manning. her sentence reduced from 35 years to seven, now ending this may. z. >> she didn't really intend to harm anybody. the sentence she received was much too severe given all the facts of the case. >> still, republicans are blasting the president's decision. how's speaker paul ryan calling it just outrageous. john mccain insisting manning's prison sentence may epd in a few month's time, but her dishonor will last forever. >> that was peter alexander reporting. all three of the congressmen who represent philadelphia are join ing the inauguration boycott. they say they are skipping friday's ceremony. all three are democrats. don't expect president-elect
11:34 am
to tweet less once he takes off. he told fox news he will keep letting his opinions be known on the site, especially early in the morning. he said he tweets in order to counteract quote, the dishonest media. >> i had to light myself on fire. >> that's the reason demonstrator gave for starting a fire outside the trump international hotel in washington last night. you can see some of his belongings burning in the street. the man is now being treated for burn wounds. you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage of all of the inauguration events. a team of o nbc 10 journalists are traveling to washington. our live coverage begins this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 11:34.
11:35 am
we are checking out what's happening in the poconos. this is a live look at what's happening. something tells me it's not going to get much better. >> that's right. we were calling for those cloudy conditions. and that is what we're going to continue with the rest of today. right into this afternoon. so, here's a look at philadelphia, poconos and cape may. they're all gray shots here. no different in philly. you can see just barely, some patchy fog out there, which is leading to some limitations of visibility, not horribly, it's okay to drive, but what we're looking at are temperatures that have kind of cap ped out over te last couple of hours. 43 in philadelphia. 44 in pennsylvania suburbs. 41 for the lehigh valley. delaware is starting to see more warming an just a spot shower that's passing near parts of new castle county, which you see on the icon, but all these live
11:36 am
cameras showing us gray conditions that will continue today. here's the radar and satellite. it shows the gray on the map and then the light green, that's our radar. just a few sprinkles then in new castle, which is now starting to spread into parts of south jersey and cumberland county. it's brief lived at best. just few sprinkles making it to the ground. but we see a little to the kes west of us, so that may make it through delaware and the bay. again, light and short lived rain. we'll keep those damp begins because of cloudiness and terms aren't going warm a ton the rest of today. in fact, we're going to struggle to make it to about 50 degrees in philadelphia. around 47 by :001:00. some spots closer to the mid hf 40s, then near 50 by 4:00 p.m. some of our philadelphia neighborhoods may make it to 47, 48 for the high. also notice the winds. they pick up a tad. around 10 to o 15 miles an hour
11:37 am
today with those gray sky conditions, but things change thursday. and into your weekend. we'll take a look at that coming up. >> armed and ready to resist. that's how police in orlando say they found the man wanted for murdering one of their own. he is now in custody this morning. nbc national reporter has the latest from orlando. >> reporter: orlando police led a bloodied and bandaged lloyd into their car last nigh. he got hurt in a fight with police while they were trying to arrest him. he was found wearing body armor and two guns. one they said had the capacity to fire 100 rounds. they say he dropped those, but then resisteded arrest. police got him into custody use ing the same handcuffs lieutenant deborah owned before she was shot and kill ed last monday outside an orlando walmart. >> many f o the afrss that i spoke to tonight actually broke
11:38 am
down in tears. >> the man hunt finally over after nine tense day, but u the criminal investigation could be just beginning. >> anyone who harbored, aided or abetted him in any way is going to be arrested and we know from our investigation that people did. >> overnight, we saw tactical offices leave iing the hospital but no sign of the suspected kill r and so far, no one is confirming the extent of his injuries. >> reporter: from here, he'll be transported to the orange county jail, hopefully putting an end to the nine-day nightmare for so many in the area. today during a speech to the world economic forum in switzerland, joe biden issued a warning. mr. biden said the international order is in danger of collapse. the vice president criticized the rise of forces who are opposed to openness and strong ties between countries.
11:39 am
>> popular movements both on the left and right have demonstrated that a dangerous willingness to revert to o political small mindedness. throu through agendas that led the war the consume itself in war during the past century. >> vice president biden said now is a moment to quote, lead boldly and recommit ourselves to common principles. it is back to the bench today for the man who hoped to become a supreme court justice. he was nominated year for the high court by president obama to fill the seat of justice antonin scalia, but republicans brought that confirmation. today, he is returning to work in the d.c. circuit. down to shore now. north wildwood is fighting a push to close one of its beaches. the family of a man who died at the inlet beach in 2012 has filed a lawsuit to permanently close that section of the beach.
11:40 am
a montgomery county resident brad smith was killed when the sand gave way under his feet. officials say unstable sand is part of nature an closing the beach would be unfair foth people who want to wruz it. in just a few week, crews will be dumping more sand on the beaches in avalon and stone harbor. the borough says it's one of the largest sand fill projects in history. it will correct damages caused in part by last january's blizzard. a five-day dog show begins today. dogs of all kinds will compete at the convention center through sunday. philadelphia is the top city in the country. when it comes to rats and mice inside homes. a report by american housing survey shows that people living in one in five homes report seeing rodents within the past year. that's a highest rate in the country. philadelphia was followed by boston, new york and washington, d.c. former yankee slugger, alex
11:41 am
rodriguez, has a new gig. he's set to host a reality show on krbz called back in the game. pro ath alitos struggling with money woes. they'll be paired with financial advisers to help them manage their cash. he earn just about $500 million during his career. the baseball hall of fame will announce its latest round of inductees today. this was last year's ceremony when the hall inducted two members. among the notables who could be named hall this year are tim raines, trevor hoffman, jeff bagwell and ivan rodriguez. curt schilling is also eligible. the new jersey hall of fame is welcome south jersey's soccer star, carli lloyd. it all start in lloyd's hometown. that's where she fell in love with the sport also include --
11:42 am
1142, profiting off the presidential inauguration, pr from bears that look like donald trump to putin toys, there is something for everyone. and the it's kind of a gray, dreary ta today, but more sun by tomorrow and how about for your weekend forecast. help you plan out your saturday, sunday. coming up u.
11:43 am
this is todd hardy. a fitness buff, youth baseball coach-and lung cancer patient. the day i got the diagnosis, i was just shocked. the surgeon in dallas said i needed to have the top left lobe of my lung removed. i wanted to know what my other options were. and i found that at cancer treatment centers of america. at ctca, our experts examine a variety of therapies, treatments and technologies to identify a plan specifically for each patient. my doctor understood that who i am was just as important as what cancer i had. we talked about options.
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my doctor told me about a robotic surgery that was less invasive. we have excellent technology that allow us to perform very specialized procedures for patients who have lung disease. at ctca, it's all about what you can do. i feel fantastic now. exploring treatment options is at the heart of how we fight cancer. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now.
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many studies if recent cent yores found coffee drinkers live longer. stanford scientists found that drinking caffeine could prevent a kind of inflammation that may lead to a cardiovascular dilator in life. one study found that people who drank one to five coffees per day had a lower cause of death than people who did not. today, delaware will hold a free flu shot clinic. you can get vaccinated at legislative hall in dover until 3:00. flu activity can increase in january, so it's important to protect yourself. the inauguration is helping some businesses turn a profit. how everything from teddy bears to dog toys are getting a political edge. >> even put uen.
11:46 am
>> the name on so many lips in washington will soon be on so many tongues x like calvin. vladimir putin, now lampooned in pet toy. the designers following up on their 2016 line inspired by u.s. candidates with this new likeness of the russian president. topless, tough looking, tattooed. >> and they promised he won't hack your e-mail. >> just one example of politics and retail sales. vermont teddy bears seeing he newed interest in its donald trump bear. >> gag people who aren't fond of trump and there are people buying him because they love trump and want to mark his presidency. >> in opposition, appears to be helping make america knit again. at this yarn store, pink varieties keep selling out. >> the fashion accessory of
11:47 am
2017. >> an online project is calling on women to make pink hats with cat ears and wear them to protest marches in washington and elsewhere. >> maybe your voice can be seen as well as heard. i think. just the image of all all of those light pink hats is kind of a captivating country. >> a local musician is hoping to race awareness and gain support for artists just like him suffering from health problems. jeff bradshaw who was recentlied with di ver tick lie tuss and is part of a benefit concert. obviously, one of the beneficiaries, you're the main guest. >> i'm t >> such great frepds and stepped in to help us. especially me, that i've dealt
11:48 am
with because this disease for about the last three months, going on four months, so it's been a a blessing. >> they help musicians just like you who may all of a sudden, face i facing a difficult medical diagnosis. >> not able to work, not able to do the things you to work and provide for your and your family. they step in and help in ways that the kind of help you along the way. you know, until you get back up on your feet. >> tell us about your music, experience history. been around for quite a few decades here and also, tell us more about what happened in the fall. >> for the last 15, 20 years, i've toured with jay-z, the roots, michael jackson, i've done, i've been blessed being from north philly. playing trombone. i was getting ready for a show with joe beasley, cal rick and
11:49 am
will downing and felt really bad abdominal pain, didn't know what was happening. went down and had to be rushed to the hospital. after a week in the hospital, diagnosed with a very severe case. >> which impacts the colon. >> it's when a section of the large intestines gets stuck, which causes blood pockets and really causes severe pain, so you have to change your whole diet. i have to have f in a little over a month, i have to have surgery. i didn't want to. but going to move ward, so i have to have surgery in about seven weeks to remove about 18 inches of my large intestines, so i have some shows coming up, where i can work for about a month, then i have to go back down so i can have my life back. >> we'll be keeping you in mind during your surgery. obviously, this concert is going
11:50 am
to help you while you are sidelined ed for a while. >> yes, i have great friends. jill scott, it was her idea. >> that's a philly native. >> somebody i've toured with. for 16, 17 years. my very first band and a friend of mine, part of f the music scene, glassberg. so many people part of this conce concert. i'm just blessed to have so many great friends, and to be in this city where i am loved and i can feel it and i'm excited about show. >> and other musicians are looking out for each other. >> we've got the information on the screen. friday, january 20th. at the tla. the show begins at 7:30. you can go to our website for more information. thank you so much for being with us. and of course, we will be thinking of you. >> thank you very much.
11:51 am
let's talk temperatures. good news is temperatures are still nice and aboving, which means although we saw wet spots on the roadways and sprinkle, not going to be a problem. just rain. 41, the temperature now in leonardsville. brandon at 45. about the same. we're looking now, allentown at 41. and bethlehem, 41 degrees. clayton city at 43 and piney hall at 44. lumberton, 43 degrees and we're 41 right now in robinsville. these temperatures are going to climb a bit more. we're looking in the afternoon to upper 40s. delaware is seeing the quickest warming. mostly just cloudy, gray skies for us. but if we drop down to ber land, south jersey, we're seeing a little area of light rain moving through. not going to be long lasting, but rain, drizzle starting to
11:52 am
fall. cape may, you'll be next in line. the next three days here, our temperatures thatty much stagnate around the low 50s. 50 for today. the best in philly. some spots may stop in the 40s. 54 for thursday. warm, because look at that, finally see some sunshine, then friday, the clouds increase by friday evening, a chance of showers and 52 for the high temperature. in the suburb, we'll stay in the upper 40s to low 50s. same deal, late day friday that we see the chance of rain. most of the day, a cloudy. lehigh, 45. upper 40s for thursday, but those sunnier conditions, still come clouds, partly cloudy,ly sunny mix. through energinew jersey, 50 fo high on thursday. and back to 48 on friday. and in delaware, today, we're looking at some spots in the lower 50s. 51 degrees for the afternoon high.
11:53 am
already seeing a few places around wilmington, 47 degrees. 55 on your thursday and 40 degrees for friday. here's a look at your weekend forecast. we just went through friday. yet again, looking at some evening shower in the forecast, that will be on sunday. saturday, another great day. thursday, not a lot of sunshine right on into the weekend. so, philadelphia, 54. drop to 49 sunday. late day showers starting to move in through the overnight and that's the same across the board for sunday u, where temperatures flip a bit. l for delaware, temperature in the mid-50s down to about 50 for that temperature on sunday. we'll extend through your ten day on ten coming up.
11:54 am
11:55 am
game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good.
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two adorable twin baby pandas are getting quite a bit of attention at the atlanta zoo. they are till too young to be outside, so you can only see them through a glass indoor play room. zoo keepers say they favorite thing to do is pay with each other and sleep. >> so cute. >> the is pretty easy going. low 50s over the next few days. today stays cloudy. tomorrow is the sun and we stay
11:57 am
in the 50s into the weekend. >> don't forget our court and jury coverage of the inauguration begins this afternoon at 4:00.
11:58 am
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>> abigail: [gasps] oh! >> sonny: oh--abigail! >> abigail: oh! sonny! >> sonny: oh, my god! >> abigail: oh! it is so good to see you! >> sonny: you too! i heard you were back. i've been meaning to drop by. i just didn't know if you wanted visitors. >> abigail: oh, my gosh, you're not a visitor, you're family. >> sonny: that is so true. oh, here, let you with all that stuff--sorry. >> abigail: and it's all for thomas--i'm just making up for lost time. >> sonny: well, why don't you make up for lost time with your cousin? pick a date and a time, and i will make it work. >> abigail: well, what about right now? >> jennifer: [sighs] ohh... i am so glad that we are finally catching up. >> jj: i know. i was surprised you could take a break. >> jennifer: i know, i've been consumed with getting "the spectator" up to speed. i'm sorry that i missed your commendation ceremony. >> jj: no, don't sweat it, mom. >> jennifer: but i do. i want you to know how proud i am of you... detective devereaux. [botch


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