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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 19, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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. one day to go. this morning, we -- one day to go. this morning, we are live in washington, d.c. ahead of tomorrow's historic swearing in for the nation's 45th president, donald trump. plus, philadelphia police are trying to figure out what caused the death of a man they say attacked one of their officers. new details on a story still unfolding this morning. and buried under an avalanche. the frantic efforts under way right now to rescue people trapped inside an italian hotel. and right now, at 11:00, tomorrow our nation right now at 11:00, tomorrow our nation will have a new president and this morning, the final preparations are being made for donald trump's ininauguration.
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good morning. >> we're coming to you live from washington, d.c. where in just a little more than 24 hours, president-elect trump will take the oath of office. 800,000 people are expected to witness history here. now, president-elect trump just left trump tower within the last 30 minutes. to begin his journey to washington. and tonight, he'll stay at blair house, the presidential guest host just down the street from the white house. >> and sheer a live look right now at the u.s. capital just behind us where the peaceful transfer of power will take place. the pomp and ceremony of the inauguration will take place on the building's western front. meanwhile, the homeland security secretary says things will be extraordinarily fortified for the inauguration, but that no specific credibility threat exists. they say mr. trump's naeg speech is done ask that he wrote most of it himself.
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he can start signing executive orders as early as tomorrow afternoon. washington, d.c. is abuzz with activity right now. >> pamela is part of our team here. and she has the vibe of what's happening in this city right now. pamela. >> we're down here at the capitol building where everything is going to take place. as you can see, this area is closed. we've been talking about those restrictions that are going into place right now. some of the chairs are set up. you can see up there on the risers, it looks like a media staging area and some other work that'sing going on there right now. again, take a look around. you can see people really just taking this moment in. they're walking, they're taking their pictures, they're soaking this up and they should right now because eventually you're going to need a ticket to get into this area. i'm going to walk and show you a little bit of what's going on. you can see they've fenced some of this off here. there's some maintenance crews
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doing some work examine, again, the barricades are up all throughout the city. this is going to "10!" throughout the day. as they get this area ready for the inauguration. you can see some tents down that way. again, people really just enjoying it out here right now. taking in what's about to happen here. tomorrow we will, of course, be there for the inauguration. and we'll see you again next half hour with another update and that's coming up soon. for now, reporting live in washington, d.c., pamela osbourn, nbc 10 news. tracy, vai. >> thank you. meanwhile, 250 troops from pennsylvania are among the more than 7,000 national guard members from around the country who are here in washington to help provide security for tomorrow's inauguration. and vice president elect mike pence spoke to the media in new york yesterday. >> the incoming vice president told the media the transition team has come up with a plan for day 1, day 100 and day 200. he also praised the work of the
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transition team. >> progress that we have made in the course of this transition and the extraordinarily brisk pace with which it's been conducted is a tribute to the integrity and the work ethic of these men and women. >> vice president elect pence expressed good wishes to former president george w.h. bush and his wife, barbara bush who are in the hospital. >> trump tweeted out this message last night, thank you to our amazing wounded warriors for their service. it was an honor to be with them tonight in d.c. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the inauguration. tonight join nbc 10 for an inaugural special live from washington at 7:00.
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meanwhile, it is warming up nicely here this morning in washington. certainly back in philadelphia, here in the nation's capital, it was really cold this morning. we've got helicopters flying above us and all kinds of activity, of course, going on. let's check in with erica martin back in the studio to find out how things are looking. the most accurate forecast in the market. erika. >> hi, guys. i hope you're doing well out there. your inauguration day forecast looks like this. we're tracking the potential for some showers in the d.c. area, but temperatures not looking that bad and that's certainly some good news there. temperatures in and around 9:00 a.m., i'd say we're seeing low 40s with developing clouds, possibly some light showers by noon. we're seeing low to mid 40s. we could see one or twos passing showers. temperatures will be pretty mild and by 3:00 p.m., seeing upper 40s. keep in mind, it's mainly going to be cloudy skies. so not going to be a totally dry
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day, it's just not going to be a washout. locally, however, we're seeing a mix of sun and clouds, current temperature 49 degrees. winds are calm or light right now. 10 miles per hour. philadelphia seeing main 40s. westbound area, 48 degrees. chestnut hill along with andora, 46. port richmond, 47. center city seeing mainly mid to upper 40s. society hill, 48. and graduate hospital, 50 degrees. conditions right now are dry. we are tracking showers moving in by tomorrow. however, again, it's not going to be a washout. another big weather story i'll have for you in full forecast is tracking a system that will get here by sunday into monday. i will see you in just a bit. rosemary, back to you. >> all right, erika, thank you very much. we will check in with rosemary connors right now following the other headlines of the day. >> a man is dead this morning after a struggle with police officers in north philadelphia. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live at the scene with more on
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what unfolded there this morning. >> rosemary, police got here just before 5:00 this morning and they found a man jumping up and down wildly on top of this red truck you see behind me. he was screaming loudly. somebody in this neighborhood called 911. and when that officer approached that man, police say he confronted her, reaching into the window of that officer's patrol car, grabbing that female officer by the neck. now, one officer used a baton to strike the suspect. police say another officer deployed a taser. they finally got him hahn cuffed and officers admitted a dose of narcan thinking the suspect was overdosing on drugs. and by the time they got that suspect to the hospital, he was pronounced dead. now, the cause of his death does remain under investigation. police say right now it appears that the prongs from that taser didn't actually penetrate his skin. meantime, the female officer involved did sustain minor injuries. internal affairs is now
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investigating. >> thanks for that, randy. this morning, philadelphia police are looking for robbers who hit a second hand store terrorizing an employee and a customer. a man with a gun walked into the remix consignment shop on main street just before 6:00 last night. he zip tied a clerk and a customer and put them in a dressing room. then he allegedly let in two accomplices and they stole $200 in merchandise and $2,000 in cash. the attack happened sunday morning on brooklyn street in west philadelphia. the cabby was found on the sidewalk. his cab still running. police rushed him to the hospital. >> he lost his left eye, got shot in the arm three times. and hands, leg, we don't know how many. . he's got seven kids to take care of. seven kids and a wife. work, home, work, home. he don't bother nobody.
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good man. >> police continue to look for the shooter. in the meantime, the philadelphia taxi cab association is offering a $5,000 reward to anybody with information leading to an arrest. the philadelphia fraternal order of police is making it very clear they are not endorsing da seth williams for re-election. this after he received a record ethics fine this week. yesterday, the police union put up a billboard along i-95 in ta coney. it reads, help wanted, new philadelphia district attorney. nbc 10 tried to track down williams yesterday to get comment on camera. we did spot him ducking out of a side door at city hall and right into his city vehicle. on tuesday, philadelphia's ethics board fined him $62,000 for not disclosing sources of income and gifts, including sports tickets, trips and cash. you may still find delays on the paco high speed line today as crews continue to make rep r repairs on a number of cars.
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the motor short circuited after a snowstorm earlier this month. the problems led to crowded trains and long commutes. jessica is keeping an eye on the traffic for us. >> we're watching some delays out there. there's pothole reairs on 95. this is the southbound side approaching the delaware area. so right here, right near 452 and just after the comb door berry bridge. we have lanes clogged up ahead. that'sing moving away from the philadelphia international airport moving towards delaware. there's a crash out on cotman avenue right around grove ave e avenue. here is our camera zoomed in on the ben franklin bridge. obviously here is a toll plaza right in here. with westbound into philadelphia from jersey, but you can see traffic is still moving back up past the bridge right now. in nmg new jersey watching more pothole repairs, this is on 295 in both directions just around exit 43. you'll see some lane
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restrictions there, maybe a little bit of slowdown through that zone. drive times are looking great. we're back to normal, 16 minutes if you're headed towards center city. rosemary, back to you. >> thanks for that. this morning, the pennsylvania sbca is trying to find the person who threw this dog out with the trash. the group says a good samaritan found the dog inside of a trash bag. this all happened yesterday morning. the dog is expected to be okay. if you have any nchgsz about this incident, call the pennsylvania spca. let's send it back now to tracy and via live in washington. >> thank you. while crews are preparing for the inauguration, there's a lot happening inside the capitol building today. two more of trump's cabinet picks are being grilled. a look at that coming up. also, an update on the health of former president george h.w. bush as well as his wife, former first lady barbara bush who are being both treated
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in the same houston hospital. and i'm tracking a warm-up and some scattered showers headed our direction. how warm will it get and will it be a wash off? detailses coming up in the full forecast. and all morning long, we'll be giving you some interesting facts about inauguration history like this one there on your screen.
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♪ it is thursday, january 19th. . the preinaugural events actually begin todayed. >> right. the finishing touches are being put on all the events happening here in washington. last night, we found the crews getting ready setting up the stage for the make america great again. president-elect trump about speak there this afternoon. before that, he and vice president elect mike pence will place a wreath at the washington national cemetery. >> some chose to protest the incoming vice president by dancing. take a look. >> lgbtq protesters danced outside of mike pence's rental home in d.c. last night. members of the community have criticized pens for his stance on anti-gay policies. pence was not home during the protest. meantime, a group of women
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is protesting the president-elect by helping america knit again. the movement is catching on. one d.c. area yarn store owner says she keeps selling out of pink yarn. happening now, a live look the at a senate confirm aegzary for president-elect's fomny for treasury secretary. steven manuchin is testifying before the senate finance committee. he's a former partner of goldman sachs and was the finance chairman for the trump campaign. the senate energy and natural resources committee is considering former texas governor rick perry's nomination to be the next secretary of energy. the governor told senators he believes some climb change is manmade and that the government must dress a problem in a way that doesn't hurt economic growth. and president-elect trump filled his last open cabinet slot by choosing sonny purdue as
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his agriculture secretary. purdue served on the president-elect's agriculture advisory committee during the campaign. the senate needs to confirm purdue's nomination. we will continue our live inauguration coverage here from washington, but right now let's get your forecast. meteorologist erika martin has your most accurate forecast. >> thanks. conditions right now locally are dry, but we are seeing developing clouds. a live look outside. it's a little xwra. a couple of breaks in those clouds. otherwise, we can expect lots of clouds for today. current temperatures mainly in the 40s. now the normal high for today is 40 degrees. our forecasted high in the 50s and recorded high, the record high, rather, 65 degrees set back in 1951. coatsville, 43 degrees. mt. holly 46 degrees and atlantic city, 49 for you. allentown, 46 for you.
11:18 am
currently, 43 degrees. bath at 41, nazareth 42 and eastland currently at 43 degrees. bethlehem seeing low 40s. p.a. suburb webs seeing lots of 40s. ekston, 44. bradford township at 44 and unionville currently at 45 degrees. so notice we are trending warmer. however, we are tracking some showers. i'll get to that in just one moment in our hour by hour forecast. new hope 4 4 and newtown currently at 44 degrees. and as far as jersey goes, we are seeing mainly mid to upper 40s. oswego lake currently at 47 degrees. violin 49. robinville 45 degrees and lum r lumberton currently at 46. current winds, northerly, stronger for philadelphia at 15 miles per hour. 12 for atlantic city and dover,
11:19 am
8 miles per hour wind speeds. so winds are not a terrible issue for today, but we have that northerly flow. so keep that in mind. it's certainly not going to make a huge difference as far as the feels like temperature, but we have that northerly flow stronger in philadelphia. hour by hour forecast starting this at 11:00 a.m., you can see the clouds developing from south to northeast. and by about noon tomorrow, we start to see the introduction of those leading showers. now, this is not going to be a very organized system. so keep in mind, you will see some breaks as the day progresses by about 4:00 p.m., this could be an issue for the afternoon and evening commute tomorrow. keep that in mind. notice a band of showers continue to go work there way eastward. we're not completely dry at 8:00 p.m. lehigh valley may see he a couple of showers working through. everything pushes offshore by about 10:00, 11:00 p.m. tomorrow, seeing lots of 40s and some 50s. lehigh valley manager seeing mid 40s for you. p.a. suburbs, mid to upper 40s.
11:20 am
by barry, 48 for you. fair amount at 50. 50 for hadden field. and scattered showers moving through. and it looks like avalon will see 46 degrees. and nice and warm temperatures again above normal for delaware. we're tracking pretty much in the 50s for the next couple of days. we're going to see 40s by sunday. a big weather system would be sunday into monday tracking a storm that could bring us lots of rain and strong winds and wind gusts. tuesday, everything starts to improve. lots of sunshine by wednesday and tracking developing clouds by next thursday. into friday, you can follow us on social media for more updates. >> erika, thank you. up next, inaugural institution. we'll introduce you to a south jersey man who has attended over inaugural celebration since fdr's.
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there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. well, a delaware county bakery is whipping up a unique treat to honor the inauguration. >> this is the bakery in
11:24 am
prospect park. they're making these cakes modelled after the make america great again hat that trump wore at campaign stops. the cake's designer tells us a heated political debate flared up after she posted a picture on her facebook page. >> i thought it would be a cute idea for the inauguration. but not everyone is agreeing with that. they're saying we're making a political statement and we're not. >> here is this cakemaker trying to be creative with her cakes. >> the owner of the shops said she would have make a hillary clinton theme cake if she had won the election. >> the president-elect won't be sworn in until tomorrow, but his wax figure is already in the oval office at madame tussaud's office in washington, d.c. the statue was unveiled yesterday. mr. trump is the first president to have already had a wax figure. an jerl version was made for trump tower in new york in 1997. >> and we want to show you the
11:25 am
official inaugural ma dillon. the front of it features a portrait of donald trump while the reverse side has a presidential seal and the date for the naeinauguration. and a great-grandfather plans to witness history again on friday. he has not missed a presidential inauguration since franklin d. roosevelt back in 1941. you'll travel to washington on friday with his daughter to attend his 18th inauguration and, of course -- >> he's one who says this is history in the making. >> we are just a day away now from the inauguration of the 45th president of the united states. president-elect donald trump. and here is a look at some final preparations under way as president-elect trump makes his way here to be sworn in. >> and we're following a developing story overseas this morning. crews are franticly trying to rescue people trapped in an avalanche that buried a hotel in
11:26 am
central italy. why so much criticism is pouring in right now about how rescue efforts are being handled.
11:27 am
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the details the security harness in place for the swearing in of our nation's 45th president. good morning, we are live in washington, d.c. this morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> and by this time tomorrow, the inauguration will have been under way right behind us at the capitol building at the western states of what building. let's give you a look right now of the president-elect donald
11:30 am
trump tleefg tower, trump tower just a short time ago to begin his last trip as a private citizen for a while. tonight, he will follow tradition and stay at the blair house, the presidential blair house just down the street from the white house. here is a live look right now at the u.s. capital building where the peaceful of power will take place. the pomp and ceremony of the inauguration will take place, as i said, on the building's western front. and aides said say mr. trump's inaugural speech is done and that he wrote most of it himself. it's going to last about 20 minutes. they also say the new president could start signing executive orders as early as tomorrow afternoon. now, the homeland security secretary says things will be extraordinarily fortified at the inauguration, but that no specific credible threats exist. he talked more about security plans on msnbc's morning joe. >> security will be enormous. there will be approximately
11:31 am
10,000 dhs personnel, secret service, tsa, coast guard, and a number of other components. >> the homeland security secretary says more than 100 groups have applied for protest permits and he says one of his big concerns is pro trump groups clash, anti-trump groups. meanwhile, a lot were out and about this morning. a lot of streets have been closed by security personnel as they wrap up and get ready for the inauguration. >> yeah. the people who live here have a front row seat to all of these preparations with, including a young man from camden county. pamela spoke with him this morning. >> good morning, tracy, vai. you guys, where you're at right now, the capitol building is right over your shoulder, but we're right here on the grouped. first, we want to show you some of the preps that are under way right now. you can see the chairs have been set up. the risers are there. you can see people congregating in this area, trying to take all of this in. but as you mentioned, there are
11:32 am
closures, there are things shutting down as secret service and other agents secure this area. we want to show you some video and the video that you're looking at is right outside of this area where we're standing right now. you'll notice there aren't too many people walking around. we shot this just a little while ago. that's because, as i said, just right now, the secret service is shutting down streets ahead of the inauguration. we saw officers with the bomb squad on the streets as well. there's quite a bit of activity as people are still going to and from work, some just arriving in town. one of the people here navigating all of this is justin gick. he's originally from cherry hill university. now he's at american university. he writes for the eagle newspaper which is a student insurance. he's at a front row seat to all of this. here's his observations and thoughts going into tomorrow's inauguration. >> the mood is, i would say, bittersweet. there are some trump supporters, some hillary supporters that
11:33 am
wish hillary had won. all in all, people around town are very excited and it humbles me to be here, as well, especially being a freshman in college and being able to take part in a historic event and seeing history made right in front of me. >> and d.c.'s tourism group is estimating there will be about a million people in town for those festivities and some of those scheduled protests that are taking place, as well. we, of course, have you covered for all of that the entire way through. we actually have some more interviews to pick up right now. but, of course, we'll make sure you get you that information and we'll see you back tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30. reporting live outside capitol hill, nbc 10 news. >> pamela, thank you. meanwhile, here this washington, efforts are already under way to repeal and replace obamacare. >> right. president-elect trump ran on that and republicans are working to make it a reality. the question that remains, though, what will replace it and what does that mean for the nearly 20 million people
11:34 am
currently covered by the affordable care act? earlier this week, the president promised health care for everyone. but beyond that, we have no information. i spoke with a person part of a team working with health care. >> it's okay. people aren't going to lose out everything right away. we really have to look at things. we've already been challenged. people as we speak, right now, are writing a report pulling things together. then we meet with the secretary of health and human services so that on january 21st, he'll be able to come down, smile, and start working. >> renee and her team continue to work with the health and human services staff. as for a time frame for the new health care team and things, it will be a few months before it's ready to go before congress. now to the political issue, the climate here in washington is having an impact on the gay rights community as they push for greater acceptance. >> and that is a topic of conversation this week in philadelphia where over 4,000
11:35 am
lgbtq advocates are meeting to work out something towards positive change in the community. nbc 10's katie zachary talked to some of those advocates and she has more on that situation. katie. >> this is the first year that creating change conference has been held in philadelphia. normally, this annual conference has an air of hope and excitement for its participants. but this year, there's another tone, too. while there's an naurgz under way in washington, d.c., there's a gathering in philadelphia. 4,000 people from the lgbtq community will be in the city through sunday for the creating change conference. while it's a coincidence the annual conference falls the same week that president-elect trump assumes power, many here see it as a sign, a sign they need to organize that much faster and stronger. to protect the rights they've earned so far. >> i think it's going to be on everyone's mind this week what's happening, the transfer of power from an administrative that has
11:36 am
been the most friendly administrative to lgbtq people, going to a president-elect and a vice president elect who are anti-lgbt. >> by the change in the administration, a change in the tone of receihetoric, a change the legislation that's coming up across the country. >> white donald trump has gone on record saying gay marriage is protected and he won't change it, there's a strong feeling of uncertainty as he takes power. especially with nominees like jeff sessions for attorney general who has publicly opposed the lgbtq rights movement. but pat toomey says sessions has been unfairly criticized. >> the jeff sessions that i know is a good and decent and fair minded man. he wants to enforce the law as the attorney general is supposed to and he's going to respect the rights of all americans, regardless of their background, regardless of their sexual orientation and anything else. >> this afternoon, mayor jim kenny will meet with representatives and those from the medical field to talk about a bill that would ban conversion therapy for minors.
11:37 am
well, we often talk about donald trump on twitter, but the first lady got sentimental on social media today, talking about her husband's last full day in office. >> yeah. she tweeted out this picture of her and her president husband, president obama looking at the washington monument saying this. being your first lady has been the honor of a lifetime. from the bottom of my heart, thank you. >> now, nbc 10 is your home for around the clock inauguration coverage. stay on the air and on our nbc app as our team brings you every angle of this historic event. join us tonight for a special. we'll is have a complete wrap up live from washington at 7:00. speaking of washington, it is warming up nicely here. chilly this morning with the wind. up here on the roof. but it's warming up nice olympic. i think it's spring like in
11:38 am
philadelphia. let's get your forecast from meteorologist erika martin with the most accurate forecast. erika. >> that's right. it's warm right now and temperatures are going to continue to climb, in fact, above normal for this time of year. inauguration day for you guys tomorrow. we're seeing temperatures starting off in the low 40s. we could see a couple of scattered showers early, certainly mostly cloudy to cloudy skies. by noon, i'll keep a couple of scattered showers moving this there, but notice we're seeing mid 40s. it's not going be a washout, but it's not going to be totally dry. 3:00 p.m., cloudy skies and upper 40s. keep that in mind and keep those bonnets and ponchos handy. a live look outside, we're seeing lots of clouds starting to develop ahead of a system that is headed in our direction. otherwise, conditions right now are dry. hour by hour forecast is showing some clouds moving in and some rain showers moving in from the southwest towards the northeast. notice we start to see some greens on the screens moving in and as you continue to work this through, we're seeing by about 2:00, 2:30 p.m., showers moving
11:39 am
through. again, not going to be a total wash out. you can see that distinct line of showers moving towards the northeast. by 4:00 p.m., i expect some issues for that afternoon and evening commute, so a heads up now and everything starts to clear offshore by about 10:00, 11:00 pl.. after 6:00 p.m., i don't see this as being a huge issue. everything will not completely clear until after 10:00 p.m. i'll have more coming up on your weather. now let's go to nbc 10's rosemary who is following the other headlines of the day. >> rescue efforts are continuing in italy right now after an avalanche plowed into a luxurious resort. the disaster is unfolding in central italy not far from the area that experienced a series of earthquakes just yesterday. right now, dozens of people are missing. one person is confirmed dead. nbc's lucy cavinaugh has more. >> disaster striking in the dead of night. the massive avalanche burying a
11:40 am
mountainside ski resort. this is the terrifying aftermath. the indoor pool inundated by debris. windows blocked. the hallways unpassable. rescue works scramble to search on skis. using shovels to dig through the mountain of snow, a race against the clock to get to survivors. dozens are still unaccounted for. heavy snowfall complicating the search. even plows had trouble clearing the roads. this region was devastated by a deadly quake just five months ago. 300 people died. historic towns obliterated. yesterday, a series of earthquakes jolted the area again. beneath the snow, a luxurious spa and ski resort. the four-star schellie was popular with families, now a scene of devastation. 22 guests were registered at the hotel. six or seven staff members. most are still missing. relatives are desperate for news of loved ones.
11:41 am
they're being brought to on hospitals, she says, but i don't know because it's impossible for us to go up. >> as daylight breaks, choppers arrive to assess the damage. the idyllic surroundings now a scene of tragedy. officials aren't sure what triggered the avalanche. it could have been the earthquakes, it could also have been the heavy snowstorms. search efforts are still under way this morning. everyone obviously hoping for the best, but bracing for the worst. nbc news london. in iran, at least 30 firefighters are dead following the collapse of a burning high rice in tehran. about 75 people were hurt. the fire burned for about 3 1/2 hours before it brought down the building. rescuers are continue to go search for the rubble here for possible survivors. the 17 story building was the tallest at the city by the time it was built in the 1960s. this morning, former
11:42 am
president george h.w. bush and his wife barb are are both at a hospital. bush remains in intensive care following a setback yesterday. the 92-year-old was admitted saturday after showing signs of pneumonia. the former first lady was admitted yesterday. barbara bush has bronchitis. president obama's final news conference as commander in chief is in the books. yesterday the president spoke about a wide range of topics including what advice he's given to president-elect trump. >> this is a job of such magnitude that you can't do it by yourself. you are enormously reliant on a team. >> president obama defended his decision to commute the sentence of chelsea manning. the president said she had a tough sentence and justice was served. manning spent seven years in prison for leaking classified documents to wikileaks. it is that time of year. to sink your teeth into those
11:43 am
takesty girl scout cookies. the girl scouts are celebrating 100 years of cookie sales with a brand new treat. and i'm tracking scattered showers moving in for tomorrow, but your all-important weekend, temperatures in the 50s developing clouds into saturday and sunday and into sunday we're tracking a storm that could bring us a lot of rain sunday and into monday. i'll see you in my full forecast.
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11:46 am
the world is preparing for the inauguration of donald j. trump. following his inauguration, he will speak to the world and the nation. >> he's not afraid to speak his mind as we've learned from him being on twitter so much. i talk with joe about his use of social media and what we can expect moving forward. >> donald trump likes to be independent. he likes to tweet. remember, it's his usage of social media that won his the presidency. so he's looking to afreud press interference. press spin. negative spin on what he's saying. and so he's using social media as a way to talk directly to the american public and i wouldn't be surprised if he looks for other social media platforms to be more unfiltered in the way that he talks to americans going forward. >> our inauguration coverage live from washington continues in just a couple of minutes.
11:47 am
right now, back to rosemary connors who has a special guest with her today. >> if you consider yourself a cookie monster, this next one is for you. the girl scouts are marking the 100th anniversary of their first cookie sale with a brand new treat. joining me now is kim and adelon santa maria. thank you both for being with us. >> thanks for having us. >> so, kim, tell us about the 100 year celebration and the new treat that i understand you've brought in for us. >> we're celebrating 100 years of girls selling cookies. and the cookie program teaches girls five key skills, goal setti setting, decision making, money management, business aspects and others. and so what with these girls do is use this 100 year program and
11:48 am
earn money to do awesome things. adelin has some stories about what she's done. >> tell us about your experience. >> so i've been selling cookies for 11 years. i've been a girl scout for 12 years. we went to see something rotten last year on broadway and this year i think we're using our cookie money to work on our gold award to give back to the community. >> wonderful. and there is a special treat rolling out just in time for the 100th anniversary. >> we are so excited to unveil the smores cookie. >> this one, right? >> yeah. smores is based on the 100 year tradition of smores around the campfire. that started at girl scouting, as well. so we have this awesome new anniversary cookie to sell with all these had other delicious cookies that are our favorites. why do you think this is one of the america's favorite sort of past times, engaging in cookie sales and getting involved with the girl scouts? >> every time you buy a book of cookies, you know you're supporting girl clip.
11:49 am
they learn how to connect with our people and value diversity and take action to make the community a better place. >> interpreter: love giving back. i do so many things for the community and it's a great way to connect with the community. i'm a volunteer firefighter, too. just getting to see all the impact we make with people, it's amazing. >> all right. i have to ask you both, your favorite cookie. >> i have to say the thanks a lots. >> i would say the thin mints. how about you? >> i am a caramel delight person myse myself. so today we have our cookie kickoff at 30th street station and saxby's, one of our partners, has a caramel delight latte. >> and i may be stopping there a little later on. if you would like more
11:50 am
information about girl scout cookie sales, they kick off today. there is a celebration going on through 6:00 this evening at 30th street station in philadelphia. you can find your nearest cookie booth online or order cookies through the girl scouts mobile app. we have all this information on our website and on our app, the nbc 10 app. thank you so much for being with us. thank you. >> thank you for having us. now your first alert weather. >> i'm erika martin. we are seeing some broken clouds as we're tracking rain showers moving in by tomorrow. a live look right now, however, mainly seeing some clouds. so not a big issue, doppler radar picking up on those clouds moving in. they're ahead of a system moving in today. unseasonably warm temperatures dry with those developing clouds. and by tomorrow, still seeing those unseasonably warm temperatures, but the scattered showers in the forecast and
11:51 am
certainly not going to be a washout. now, this weekend, saturday it will be dry and it will be in the 50s on sunday, tracking a storm that's due to get here sunday into monday. otherwise, current temperatures mainly in the 40s. wilmington, 49 degrees. coatsville, 43 for you. 44 for trenton. philadelphia, 49 degrees. the normal high in philadelphia is 40. the record high 65 degrees set back in 1951. so neighborhood temperatures for delaware, seeing mainly 40s. so pretty warm right now. upper 40s for new york at 48. 49 for glassgow. allendale currently at 50. georgetown, 49 and laurel also seeing upper 40s for you. and neighborhoods in and along the shore, seeing nice, warm temperatures. upper 40s to low 50s. upper township at 50 along with wo
11:52 am
woodbime. summers point 49 and atlantic city currently at 48 degrees. don't forget to look at the bottom of your screen for your local neighborhood forecast. current wind forecast, 8 for dover and 7 for millville. atlantic city, 12-mile-per-hour wind speeds for you. hour by hour forecast gives us a nice perspective of what to expect as those clouds start to develop from the southwest towards the northeast. 11:30 am. you can see the showers starting to move in by tomorrow. not going to be a washout. we have showers moving in, but notice we're seeing light rains here. certainly not going to be a washout moving in from the southwest to the northeast. i think we'll have some issues for tomorrow afternoon for that commute as you're headed home, of course, into the weekend. everything starts to clear offshore. we're going to see one or two spotty showers and possibly for the lehigh valley, but you can see here everything clearing after 11:00 p.m. so neighborhood forecast, lots of 40s and upper 50s.
11:53 am
chestnut hill, 45 degrees. langloren, 46 for you. keep in mind, temperatures will be 49 degrees. 54 is the expected high temperature for today. 50 on friday. saturday, seeing temperatures topping out in the mid 50s and dropping into the 40s on sunday as we track the system that can bring us heavy rain and some really strong wind speeds and wind gusts sunday into monday. so we'll keep that there. and looking ahead, we're seeing mostly cloudy skies on tuesday. mainly 50s and then 40s by the end of the following week. more news 10 after the break.the
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
. well, we are now just about 24 hours away from the beginning of the donald trump presidency. >> yeah. this time tomorrow, he'll be getting ready to raise his right hand and take the oath of office. final preparations are under way on the inaugural platform. the president-elect staff says his inaugural address is written and that he wrote most of it himself. nbc 10 is your home for around the clock inauguration coverage. stay with us on air and on his nbc 10 app as our team brings you every angle of this historic
11:57 am
event. >> jim and jeff from london will have a complete wrap up live from washington at 7:00. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00 live from washington. . so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder, get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. hurry offer ends january 21st. only from fios. it's called plexaderm and annette is here the to tell us why she says this one is for real. >> this one is for real and i am
11:58 am
so excited. we even have a video that the viewers can watch while you and i talk so they can actually see how this works. and you'll notice the model has bags underneeg his eyes and some sagging and all he uses is a small amount on a clean, dry face. that's how easy it is. >> what's the active ingredient? >> it's sill cats that are minerals found in shale rock. they take this out of the shale rock. it tightens and lift tess bags underneath your eyes in as little as five minutes. no prescriptions, no injections and very little effort. >> even watching the video, it's a model, but it's a real guy with real bags underneath his eyes. and i did the this to my father. we were at home. i had the timer on and we were screening, 4:34, completely gone. so you have high school reunions, you have events you want to go to. you want to look years younger, this is it. >> it is the real deal. >> it is the real deal. not only does it work on the bags, it works on crow's feet,
11:59 am
foreheads, lines and wrinkles. so it targets all those problem areas. >> this would be a daily thing or just when you want to get rid of the bags and the morning routine? >> it absolutely could be a daily thing. you want to have auto clean, dry face. use a small amount because it's so powerful. apply it jrnd neeth your eyes, fine lines, wrinkles, put your makeup on and you're good to go. it literally is quick and easy and you can see the bags disappearing on these videoes. it's really an amazing product.
12:00 pm
>> abigail: gabi, you cannot be here. >> gabi: what? my father and my brother own this club. i can be here anytime i want. >> abigail: yeah, but they don't even know you're here. >> gabi: they don't know you're here, okay? what is going on? >> abigail: it's chad. i'm--i'm worried about him. he's just really upset. it's something to do with a fight with the kiriakises and your family. i don't know, but whatever it is, it's not good. >> gabi: yeah, yeah, i know. it's kind of happened suddenly. it got tense. but at least that's what dario tells me, but you--look. you can't be here, okay? >> abigail: what are you--no. i'm not leaving. >> gabi: i cannot let you stay here. >> abigail: i'm not gonna leave. >> gabi: no, you can't-- >> abigail: [shushes] >> chad: there's no reason this can't be handled quietly. we've got a problem, the three families, so we got to make sure that we solve this problem before it turns into a war. >> sonny: a war means a lot of innocent people could get hurt. >> chad: so let's solve the problem. dario, you in?


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