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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 20, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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suburbs. showers in new jersey and at the shore. the shore 48 degrees this afternoon. and chilly rain falling this afternoon for the lehigh valley, but it will be light for the lehigh valley and for delaware. break this down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes show you exactly when the rain will be moving into your area for good. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. starting off this morning on route 309. camera around the p aturnpike. looks like a good drive now. roads are dry still. won't have problems there. traveling out in new castle delaware watch out for construction on 95. closing the northbound side. 5:00 this morning. also watching construction on 295 southbound the belmar jj. the ramp is closed until 5:00 this morning. end on the 42 freeway drive time. if you have to get there northbound from 55 to the walt
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whitman bridge, that's a five minute trip. speeds into the high 60s. sit 4:30. inauguration day is packed with events starting early in washington including president obama and president elect trump. >> yes, plt and the president elect and the obamas will meat after a church service that mr. trump will attend and then at noon mr. trump will take the oath of office and the inaugural parade is scheduled to begin at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon and tonight three inaugural balls, stick with nbc 10. live coverage on the event starting at 10:00 this morning. now, president elect trump will take office while much of the country remains divided. >> nbc 10 pamela osborne part of the team of reporters here in washington. she talked with a trump supporter who was on the apprentice who talked about the divisive nts on capitol hill. i'm going to get to that in
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a moment. first i want to give you a lay of the land a bit down here. we're just outside of the perimeter. mi military vehicles here. this is a checkpoint. no vehicle past this point unless it is the an authorized vehicle. that's what's going on down here. you can see guardsmen brought in yesterday. just down there is the capitol building tochlt the right of that building is the mall where everything is going to take place. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend today. including brian mcdownload. he's from north wildwood. he was on season three of the apprentice. fired by mr. trump in 2005. didn't stop him from volunteering for the trump campaign. in just a matter of hours, trump will be sworn in as president, but not with the support of everyone here on capitol hill. there are some representatives from philadelphia, democrats who is are skipping the
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inauguration. i asked mcdowell about the line that has been drawn here. do you think there's a division on capitol hill and how does he address that if there is one in your opinion. >> in my opinion, i don't think there's a division. a few weeks ago congress was growing to vote on something, and, i believe, trump contacted the people that needed to be contacted and said this is not in the best interest of our policy for the american people. congress backed down. and this is somebody who is not even sworn in yet. they didn't back down because they like donald trump. so in the end, i think that you don't have to like donald trump, but you have to support your president. and that is what matters. >> we saw plenty of support for the president elect in the mall yesterday. when i come back, put politics aside. introduce the philadelphia troops walking in the inaugural parade.
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have that story when i see you back here at 5:00. >> all right. pamela, thanks. >> this is my first inauguration. you've covered these before. security always an issue. >> donald trump's enology ration is no exception. the planning for the security began months ago. most streets in the area are blocked off and everyone close to the festivities will have to pass through a security checkpoi checkpoint. security teams were tested last night. set off smoke detectives at the national press club. police used protective gear after the crowd through trash at trump supporters. there were no injuries or arrests. meantime protests are expected on the streets of philadelphia today. >> nbc 10 katy zachry live this morning. police telling people to stay clear of the city?
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>> reporter: especially from noon on, vai and tracey. where i'm standing, city hall. the streets are congested on a normal day. thousands of protests taking to the street and in is one area you'll want to avoid. philadelphia police tell us they've been in couch with many of the groups planning to protest donald trump's inauguration today and three areas in center city philadelphia where you will see the most activity. city hall, independence mall, and written house scare. police expect the first protest to start around noon when students from various universes hold a walkout and make their way toward city hall. then closer to 4:00 today. over 20 groups are expected to you night on thomas pain plaza right across from city hall and march towards independence mall. also rahamis planned for tomorrow. coming up in the next half hour, we'll share with you information that police told us. some advice they have for the working and commuting public
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about how to make -- how to get around the city with all the protest expected taking for the streets later today: we'll have that at 5:00. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. meantime count on nbts 10 for complete enology ration coverage. stay with us on air and on the nbc 10 app as our team brings you every angle of this historic event. >> we'll have more live team court and jury from washington coming up. overnight fire at a pizza place is forcing families out of their homes this morning. tell you how they escaped the flames. plus, make the physician. explain how a bogus doctor was allowed to give physicals at public schools in philadelphia. clouds are moving our way. you'll need your rain gear. weave got rain that will be moving in a little later on. right now 4:36.
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colder this morning. many neighborhoods below freezing. neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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jessica boyington checking on the roads. starting off through center city. camera right around 24th street. open not dealing with construction this morning. again, pretty much all week long we haven't dealt with it moving through center city. open on the vine. westbound and eastbound. so no problems heading to the schuylkill. or to 95. speaking of the schuylkill, here it is. drive times look great so far. eastbound to blue route
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expressway just a 13 minute trip. average speeds into the high 50s. we're seeing pretty much the same thing on the opposite side. we're watching construction over in new castle delaware. 95 northbound just around 295. closed on the northbound side. at least another 20 minutes or so before crews start to clean that up. watch for closure there. in jersey, ramp closure 295 southbound. that is closed also this morning. typically opens within the next 20 minutes or so also. watch for crew and construction crew in the area. other than that good to go out the door. not seeing any major delays. keep you updated and have you back in ten. it's 20 minutes before 5:00. 34 degrees. colder start this morning. live dry view from easton. the cold air is here when it's
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dry. temperatures climbing before rain moves in today. no super of rain yet for our area. there is it light showers moving into virginia and steadier heavier yrain is going to stay o west. we will see showers later this afternoon. cold is going to be easing. cloudy skies temperatures climb into the 40s. light showers develop in philadelphia. they'll still be rolling through the area 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. only expecting very light rainfall for the suburbs. 44 degrees to start with. showers coming in late this morning and early this afternoon for the suburbs. lehigh valley 31 degrees right now. noontime showers developing there. not a lot of rain for the lehigh valley or really for any location. enough to keep the temperatures in the low 40s today. new jersey, 28 degrees. much colder this morning. 34 degrees at 8:00. warming in spite of all the
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clouds. umbrellas i don't expect to go up until later morning and more likely during the afternoon for new jersey. temperatures holding in the 40s for new jersey. shore, 33 degrees right now. dry. this afternoon rain showers start moving in. by then temperatures in the middle 40s. delaware, you'll see the rain, but the temperatures warm up before moves in so no icing threat with this rain. it will be cloudy and above freezing at 8:00 and first showers late morning and into the afternoon with temperatures peeking into the 40s. dry weather ahead for part of the weekend. also tracking a storm that's going to pack a lot of punch with winds and heavy rain. take a closer look at that when i come back in ten minutes. you're looking at we're told that may not look real, but i assure you it is at the nation's capitol.
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nbc matt delucia getting ready to come to d.c. plus the good book. donald trump will use two bibles during his swearing in. explain the personal and historical significance of both. also joint protest. tell you how marijuana activists are expected to spread message at today's inauguration.
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and happening today. marijuana activists will stage a motorcycle in. demonstration is part of a nationwide protest during the trump inauguration. police met with the protesters yesterday put them on notice that citations will be handed out to anyone who is smoking marijuana. here until washington, protesters plan to hand out
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marijuana gets. the number 420 associated with the recreational use of marijuana. activists concerned the new administration will roll back legislation laws, legalization laws rather passed around the country. more news from washington coming up. first check with headlines. philadelphia police investigating all hit and run crash. here's what we know. earlier this morning a driver struck a pedestrian and kept going. no word on the victim's condition. a fireplace at a pizza shop forced fife adults and two children out of their home in the apartment above. blaze broke out 2:30 this morning. everybody made it out okay. no one was hurt. american red cross is now helping those displaced. bucks county where a mother and girlfriend tried to rob a pizza shop there will be in
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court for arrairainment. how a woman posing as a doctor was able to give sports physicals to public students. these happened last spring. investigators recently discovered the woman wrote a fake medical number on the license form. the school has notified parents. jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the traffic cameras for us. jess, what are you seeing. >> watching 295 in new jersey. right around route 30. roads look great so far. 23 minute drive time. headed over to delaware memorial bridge if you're headed to delaware. you'll have no problem. get to that in a second. also watching ramp closure. 295 also. little further north. on the southbound side. headed to 42 freeway ramp is
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closed this morning until 5:00. talking about delaware. if you're headed to delaware. you might have no problem getting there. once you're for in new castle, watch for construction. all lanes closed this morning until 5:00. we have about another 15 minutes or so before we see that cleanup. lastly end with 422. drive times here looking great so far. 7 minutes eastbound from 29 to schuylkill. speeds still into the high 60s. moreup dat more more updates when i come back. inauguration friday and here's a look at the capitol building all lit up this morning. relatively warm. changed policy. security policy for umbrellas allowing people to take small umbrellas because of the rain expected here today. let's find out what's expected where you are in philadelphia in your neighborhood. bill henley has the most accurate forecast. thank you for noticing.
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it is 12 minutes before 5:00. we have a cold morning as expected. wind is blowing the flag just a little bit. winds above building level. much lighter at the service. the wind will stay light today. it is cold. 31 degrees just below freezing in the lehigh valley. 34 in philadelphia. look at south jersey. 29 degrees. suburbing right at the freezing mark. some of the suburbs have dropped to below freezing. 32 in lincoln university. 20s along with collegeville, el roy, and bedminster this morning. cold by dry start this morning. dry, that's going the change. so will the temperatures. temperatures across the board for philadelphia, trenton, wilmington will be warming above freezing into the 40s before this moves in. now the rain is to our southwest. the steadiest rain is going to be well to the west, but going to get close enough to d.c., baltimore, wilmington, flech, trenton for rain during the day
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today. form d.c., the timing is right around the swear in time the inauguration at noon. cloudy skies and 40 at 9:00. lunchtime 45. light showers. nothing more than light showers in d.c. 3:00 cloudy and 47. the rain will be tapering off by then. >> here's how it looks on hour by hour forecast. low 30s by 5:00 and d.c. in the 30s as well. here come the clouds quickly moving in. may see a little limited sunshine to start with. note how the temperatures are climbing late in the morning when we could see the first few rain drops. very light showers around noontime in philadelphia. very light showers moving through during the noon and one and 2:00 hour. then tapering off during the hour. 4:00 look at rain for delaware, south jersey and trenton area and scattered showers in the lehigh valley. that's today. we're watching the radar and for a system that's way out west that is going to bring us a chance of some stronger winds
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and some heavy downpours with the coastal storm come sunday into monday. it's got a long way to go before it gets to us, but it is going to make a mess out of the second part of the weekend. for tomorrow, we'll see sunshine, breakthrough clouds at times. 50s in the afternoon, rain is due in on sunday. heavy at times sunday afternoon and sunday night with strong gusty winds. in fact, strong enough we've issued a first alert for rain and strong winds. for the entire area for sunday. especially sunday afternoon through monday night. that's what we're going to see periods of rain that will be heavy at times, strong gusty winds, possibly topping 50-mile-an-hour gusts at the shore which will lead to coastal flooding. more on that with the ten day on ten coming up in next half hour. >> see you then. thank you. up next, something you rarely think about. get an inside look at what it takes to hand over keys to the white house. while we are all watching
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the inauguration ceremony, behind the scenes the oval office makeover is under way. talk to a political analyst about the rush that happens behind the scenes. here's a cool inauguration fact courtesy of the constitution center. president obama will be there when president trump takes the oath of office. the transfer of peace has not always been cordial. john adams skipped inauguration and john quincy adams followed suit missing andrew jackson's swearing in.
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all right. something you need to american democracy. the presidential inauguration, the peaceful transfer of poier. pilar of that tradition is having former presidents there to witness the history. today will be no different. former president and wives attending today's inauguration include jimmy and ros lynn carter. george w. and barbara bush. hillary clinton and bill clinton. the only living president that will not be there is george h.w. bush. he and his wife are both improving after suffering health problems. treating for a blockage in lung. barbara bush is recovering from bronchitis. prior to hospitalization, hw did send a supportive note saying his doctor suggested he not travel. now when president elect donald trump takes the oath of office, he will be sworn in with
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two bibles today. >> the first is the same bible that abraham lincoln used. referred to as the lincoln bible. president obama used it as well in his inauguration and the second is one plt's mother gave him right before he turned nine years old. pastor paula white king will lead the prayer. she says she's been in trump's life for the past 15 years. >> did you bring donald trump to jesus. >> i've laid out the gospel very clearly and know that donald is saved. >> president elect trump says he's a presbyterian inspired by late norman vincent the power of positive thinking. meanwhile the teenager will be in national spot. >> we know her well.
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singing the national anthem today evan cchoevancho. she first came to attention when she appeared on nbc america's got talent when she was just ten years old. evancho posted a video on instagram showing her walking out of capitol building yesterday. also posted a picture with the capitol behind her. three minutes before five right now. let's switch to political side. pennsylvania senator pat toomey says he admits he had doubts about donald trump. there's been no backlash whatsoever. i've spoken with president elect trump. i spoke with him after the election. wished him well.
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had a very nice chat. i have since had multiple chats with mike pence the incoming vice president and had a chance to speak with many nominees for cabinet offices. i've really enjoyed these conversations. i think it's a terrific team that president elect trump is assembling and looking forward to, working with the whole team. supporters of hillary clinton, those who voted for clinton, they are saying it's going to be a tough day for them. going to be tough to watch. now, we want to talk about one young man. not stopping this clinton supporters from watching history happening up close. from montgomery county. while his candidate lost, he made it his mission to travel to d.c. for inauguration. even called congressman dwight evans and got a ticket. >> i just think it's important. just because of how important it
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is for the country. it's the president. no one more important in the whole country. so no matter what you believe. >> he's an editor to the newspaper. here what he says about mr. trump use of social media. >> it is good to see a young person endangered in the process and doing civic duty. now coverage of donald trump trump continues from washington. ef nothing ratiinauguration just seven hours left before trump is sworn in. live at the capital with full coverage. >> we're going to have four incredible years sg.
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sharing his message wharks the soon to be commander in chief is saying when the celebrations begin. preparing for protest, d.c. and philadelphia alike are getting ready for thousands to take to the street. message protesters are hoping to se send. nbc 10 news starts now. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 use. live from nation's capital. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. see behind us all lit up the capitol buildings. swearing in is going to start at noon. open the gate and let spectators in about an hour from now. >> here's a closer look at the capitol. putting the finishing touches in place for the ceremony. let's get you caught up with weather your neighborhood. bill henley with your most accurate forecast. going to be a chilly start. dry start. this is what i'm tracking for later today in philadelphia. this is mainly in the


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