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tv   Today  NBC  January 20, 2017 7:00am-10:00am EST

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>> today show starts right now. ♪ good morning. the inauguration of donald trump. the brash billionaire who turned the political world upside-down, with his unconventional campaign. takes the oath of office in just a matter of hours. the incoming president firing up his supporters at a late night welcome concert. >> there's never been a movement like this. and it's something very, very special. >> more than a million people expected to descend on the nation's capital today. among those looking on, four of the five living u.s. presidents. hillary clinton, the woman he defeated in one of the most unusual and divisive elections in history.
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more than 60 of her fellow democrats refusing to show up. trump, undeterred. >> we're going to do things that haven't been done for our country for many, many decades. >> reporter: th >> this morning, a country divided comes together to witness a tradition, the peaceful transition of power. we're here to bring it to you live. the pomp, the pageantry and the politics. as donald trump becomes our nation's 45th president. today, friday, january 20th, 2017. >> the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. >> ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> in this blessed land, there is always a better tomorrow. >> from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today", the inauguration of donald trump.
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with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from washington, d.c. >> good morning, everyone. happy to welcome you to this special "today." that's the west front of the u.s. capitol where much of the action will take place today. about five hours from now, donald trump will be sworn in as president of these united states. and we're a stone's throw from that building. and with us all morning to guide us through the twists and turns of the inauguration, chuck todd and nicolle wallace. seems like two years ago we started this. a lot of words with inauguration day. you hear historic, hope. what are you hearing with today's inauguration? >> i would add, unusual, anxious, uncertain. >> they're emotional. i was here for an incoming president and when he left.
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if you're the president on the way out or on the way in, there's emotion to this day. >> we will cover emotional moments. let's set the stage for the day the tell you what you can expect to see. at 8:30 a.m., the president-elect and his family will attend a worship service at st. john's church. it's an inauguration tradition, dating back to fdr in 1933. from there, mr. trump and his wife will head to the white house for morning tea or coffee with the president and first lady, before the procession to capitol hill. and then, they ride to that event together. it's interesting to try to think what the conversations would be like in that car. the swearing-in ceremony kicks off around 11:30 a.m. on the west front of the u.s. capitol. john roberts will administer the oath of office. and president trump will give
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his inaugural address. that's supposed to last 20 minutes. that's going to be a personal and sincere statement for his vision for this country. the president-elect attended a pre-election dinner. and a welcome celebration concert at the lincoln memorial. we're going to talk to the incoming press secretary, sean spicer. first, our team is across the capital. let's begin with hallie jackson, at the capitol. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt. good morning to you. this morning, donald trump is waking up at the blair house, before coming here to deliver that inaugural address. it will be nonideological. and will challenge people to think about politics differently, on a day that
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donald trump gets to work trying to unite a divided nation. inaugural celebrations starting already hours before donald trump takes the oath of office. a final formal dinner by candlelight as president-elect. >> that was some big victory. >> reporter: trump, delivering personal messages to his top aides and laying out a daunting challenge for his son-in-law, jared kushner, a soon-to-be adviser. >> if you can't produce peace in the middle east, nobody can. >> reporter: the biggest part of their political lives. taking place at the lincoln memorial. trump, looking loose. later, joking around about the weather today. >> if it really pours, that's okay, because people will realize it's my real hair. and that's okay. it's okay. >> reporter: trump's inaugural address, now finished. described by his advisers as personal and elegant.
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expect trump to talk about topics such as infrastructure, education and jobs. but it won't be a policy speech. more a philosophical one. about 20 minutes long. roughly the same length as president obama's remarks. protesters, setting off explosions, lighting fires and clashing with police. police are focused on the threat of truck attacks, which is why big, heavy vehicles have been placed in strategic spots. up above, a no-fly zone, now twice its typical size, with helicopters that can transmit any trouble spots to police on the ground. all of it to protect spectators and the many v.i.p.s here. the entire supreme court and most members of congress, except about 60 democrats, skipping it in protest, like congressman steve cohen.
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>> if 65 democrats boycott his inauguration, he will get the idea he's not bigley, he's not loved and he's not making america great again. >> reporter: who will be attending? all four living presidents, save for george h.w. bush. he and his wife hospitalized in texas. his son plans to be here. so does president carter, and president clinton, along with hillary clinton. face-to-face with her former rival since the campaign. despite the clintons hoping to call the white house home again, it will be the trumps' turn to move in today. after the president-elect, then president, finishes his inaugural speech here, the senate will get to work ready to confirm the new cabinet. it's expected that general james mattis, as well as john kelly, will sail through. but it's possible that incoming cia chief, mike pompeo could be
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delayed. if he is confirmed, donald trump aims to visit the cia tomorrow, to extend an olive branch after weeks of bad blood between him and the intelligence community. >> hallie, thank you very much. let's go to the white house. peter alexander has that part of today's story. good morning to you, peter. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. along the parade route. you can see the presidential seal behind me. that's the reviewing stand where donald trump will watch the parade as it passes him. and right behind it is the white house. and take this video inside the white house. an almost eerie quality we saw late last evening. the photos posted by "the washington post." they give you a sense of the staff moving out. iconic photographs by the obamas coming off of the walls. notes left by aides for their successors. it's tradition that the 44th president would leave a handwritten note for the 45th.
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and president obama will do that, as well. he has posted a letter he has written to americans. he wrote, in part, because all that i have learned in my time in office, i learned from you. you made me a better president and you made me a better man. a short distance from where where we're standing is the blair house, the president's guest house. that's reserved for the president-elect and his family. he leaves there and heads to the events. the first one being the church of the presidents. when he leaves the blair house, he will sign his name in the guest book. the last time he will sign it without president before his name. matt, back to wyou. >> peter, thanks very much. we're joined by sean spicer, the incoming press secretary. >> thank you, matt. >> i want to talk about tone of
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today. the speech he will give, is one of the rare speeches that goes from the podium into the history books. tell me about the tone of it. will it be optimistic? will it be healing? >> i think it will be optimistic. it will be philosophical. this is not to be not necessarily an agenda. but discussion of the proper role of government. the role of the citizenry. how we can move together as a country together to solve the problems that our country faces. >> reporter: president-elect trump says he didn't create the division in this country. it created long before he came on the scene. when he becomes president, one of his jobs is to try to heal that division. will he have kind words for president obama? does he have kind words for hillary clinton? >> he has kind words.
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he has really enjoyed his conversations with president obama, getting to know him. and expressed appreciation for the way that he and the first lady has helped him. >> what about hillary clinton. >> i think he has said the same about her. we need to bring everybody together. >> let me point out as recent as last week when the james comey investigation came up, he tweeted saying that, based on what the fbi knows -- i'm paraphrasing here, she shouldn't have been able to run in the first place, and he said, guilty as hell. that was last week. >> that has to do with the issue and not the person. it's one thing to look at the facts that came out, with the respect of the fbi, her mishandling of declassifications. >> speaking of the fbi, "the new york times" is reporting there's some intercepted communications between the fbi and other intelligence agencies are looking at, that may have something to bo with associates of the president-elect.
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potentially financial transactions that may or may not have to do with the russian hack. is the president-elect aware of this aspect of the investigation? and number two, is he going to pledge to have to be totally hands-off, and let this investigation play out, no matter where it leads? >> of course. i think he's made that clear. >> he's not going to shut it down? >> he's not going to shut anything down. >> you see an intelligence community to launch an investigation. it's their prerogative to do that. the president is going to make sure he gets the best information from the intelligence communities and the department of justice entities. we're not looking to shut anything down. we're looking for the facts. >> as recently as last night -- congrats on your job. i did combat with these guys. >> you look a little more relaxed on that side of the table. >> it's easier over here. good luck. you're a great person for the job. as recently as last night, president-elect trump was
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talking about his poll numbers. he's acutely aware of the broadcast and cable coverage of himself. do you expect his schedule more crowded in policy briefings? >> you can walk and chew gum. >> will he have the tv on? >> he has an appetite for information, news, policy. it's not one or the other. he's up to all hours of the night, first thing in the morning. dedicated on moving this country forward. he spends a lot of time making sure he understands what's going on. he gets updates of all kinds from his staff. he brings in experts to make sure it's guiding his decisionmaking process. >> can i mention something? chuck brought this up while we were waiting in a commercial break. you have your cell phone over there. >> one of them. >> you have to give that one up. you know what happens at 12:01 today. >> senior members of the staff. they have equipment to turn it over.
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the twitter handle goes over. goes from josh earnest to my -- >> the peaceful transition of twitter. >> the peaceful transition of twitter handles. it is an amazing thing and makes us the envy of the world to watch this process. to see one administration turn over to the next. i can't thank the obama administration enough. i think they followed in the footsteps that george w. bush handed over to the white house to president obama. but that's what really makes this nation so very special. >> sean, again. i know it's a busy morning. >> thank you, guys. >> enjoy the moment. >> thank you. >> enjoy the day. >> i'm going to speak as if he's just disappeared. and he's not actually -- >> tell you about this spicer guy. >> he has places to go. you heard him talk about the tone of the speech, what he expects from the president. is that what you think is necessary? >> it is. it is hard when you're sent here to shake things up. to knock heads in washington, and strike a unifying tone.
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and i say this not as any criticism. it's just hard to do both messages at the same time. authentically. and that's the challenge for him today. >> i spent last week on the road with his supporters, only people that voted for donald trump. they want to see more of this side of him. they know he's a straight-talking street fighter. they want to see more of this. >> i don't want to put ideas in anyone's mind. hypothetically speaking, you have his core supporters. and they're going to look at the podium, and see his opponent. they're going to remember some of the things they said about each other during the campaign. and what are the fears they may react in a vocal way toward her, mimicking some of the things that have been said during the campaign. and i think you know what i'm talking about. >> i hear you. i cannot imagine that happening. >> it's an opportunity for the president. >> it is. >> it's an opportunity for the
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president-elect, in that moment, to react in a way that even his supporters are eager to see him do. you can't control the crowd. and you have to give that benefit of the doubt to the new president. but it's an opportunity for him to set a tone and say, that is over. i am president now. and let's get to work. >> i just have higher expectations of the crowd. i think when you come to the capitol, you feel this moment. i don't care who you are as an american citizen. >> i hope you're right. nicolle, chuck, stay comfortable. we want to get to a new other of the morning's headlines. eight people have been found alive under the avalanche that hit a remote mountain hotel. rescuers are working to free them from snow and debris. up to 30 people were buried by the avalanche that was triggered by recent irt earthquakes. four people are confirmed dead. and 18 others are missing. an update on the health of
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former president george h.w. bush and his wife, barbara. a bush family spokesperson says they are on the upswing. president bush is being treated for pneumonia. he remains in stable condition. and barbara bush is recovering from bronchitis. but she says she feels a thousand percent better. also making headlines, infamous drug kingpin, el chapo guzman, was extradited to the united states. he twice escaped from maximum security prisons in his country, is the convicted leader of a notorious drug cartel. several u.s. jurisdictions want to try him on trafficking charges. including new york, miami, and chicago. al roker has made his way to washington, as well. he has our first check of the weather on inauguration day. al, good morning to you. >> you're up there. we're down on the street.
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it is a beautiful morning. and look at the capitol. and all of its grandeur. i never got tired of seeing that sight. that is gorgeous. let's look at our inauguration day weather. here comes the rain. whatever comes is going to be pretty quick. we are looking at those showers getting ready to push us to the rest of washington. the activity will move in some time. it's a moving system. light showers. temperatures cooler than we thought earlier in the week. it clears and moves up in the northeast. here's our forecast for today. noontime, swearing in. 44, cloudy, scattered showers. by the time the parade kicks off at 3:00, mostly cloudy, school, at 3:00, mostly cloudy, school, a te well this here's a load-bearing wall. we'll go ahead and rip that out. that'll cause a lot of problems. hmm. totally unnecessary and it triples the budget. we'll be totally behind schedule, right? (laughschedules. schedules. great, okay. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi® double cash card does.
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it lets you earn double cash back: 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. good morning. meteorologist bill henley. starting off and the clouds are moving in. temperatures will be climbing. rain this afternoon, light rain from philadelphia at 46 degrees. 44 in the suburbs. sunshine this morning will fade quickly. new jersey clouds are rolling in. temperatures around 47 degrees this afternoon. 48 degrees at the shore. you'll need an umbrella through the lehigh valley and delaware. 43 degrees in lehigh valley. 45 for delaware. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. coming up, senate minority
7:20 am
leader, chuck schumer, weighs in on today's transfer of power. how he plans to deal with the new administration. and an inside look at one of the most hectic events today. moving one first family out of the white house and another one in, with j
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♪ looking live at blair house, just down the block and across the street from the white house, where donald trump spent the night. he will be leaving from there in about an hour. we'll cover that live. ♪ what if an insurance company wasn't only there when things went wrong? because for every tornado... there's a twister. for every crash... an even bigger collision. and for every tailspin... well, tailspins. state farm understands that getting the most out of life doesn't just mean being there when things go wrong.
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talk you to your doctor or pharmacist about me, single shot zostavax. you've got a shot against shingles. good morning. 7:30 this friday. meteorologist bill henley. this sthien unshine is fied illuminating clouds coming in. right now dry through cape may and atlantic city. dry for the rest of the area. showers to the west is what's going to be arriving here in the afternoon. that's not the only rain around for the weekend. storm develops with rain and wind will carry into monday. >> jessica boyington is watching traffic and starts us off on the schuylkill. >> watching the schuylkill, this accident scene looks like it's getting worse. we have more crew and police activity that's arrived to the
7:27 am
scene right now on the eastbound side. at least it's over into the right-hand shoulder. cameras around montgomery drive. eastbound all the way to moving. definitely downs there. not big of a deal. 20 minutes eastbound from the blue route to vine street expressway. speeds in the 30s. watch out for this accident on coatesville around route 340. it is inauguration day. president elect donald trump will take the oath of office at noon. here in philadelphia, police are bracing for rallies and protests. police say you can avoid gridlocks by staying away from city hall, independence mall and by using public transportation. you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage of the inauguration. our team will bring you every angle on air and on the nbc 10 app. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. i'm rose mary conors. now back to today show.
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♪ back, now, 7:30 on this friday morning, inauguration day. there's going to be a lot of amazing images throughout this day. perhaps none more beautiful than that one right there. the sun coming up alongside the u.s. capitol. casting its light over at the white house, where it is moving day. one first family moving out. another moving in. just a couple minutes ago, marine one landing just a couple of blocks from where we are. welcome, everyone. as we cover this inauguration. pretty images, right? >> and today is a celebration of american democracy. i think that everybody, schoolchildren, all that stuff, we have to remember that. >> i'm matt lauer, along with
7:31 am
chuck todd and nicolle wallace. we'll get to senator chuck schumer. once he becomes president, mr. trump is expected to get right to order, signing as many as 200 executive orders in his first two days in white house. kristen welker has that part of the story. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. donald trump won the presidency on the rallying cry, make america great again, promising big changes. the 45th president expected to start issuing executive orders as early as today. as donald trump enters the oval office, he is ready to put his presidential pen to good use, to sign a series of executive actions in his first few days in office, b without needing approval from congress. >> the first week, there will be executive actions. repealing some executive orders. >> reporter: trump's advisers have teed up 200 possible
7:32 am
executive orders for the new president's consideration, designed to roll back president obama's policies and implement trumps. from job creation to trade, energy, and ethics reform. and mr. trump's signature issue, immigration. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> reporter: mexican leaders insist they won't pay for a wall, mr. trump is expected to order its construction on the southern border. >> going to start building. mexico in some form, and there's many different forms, will reimburse us. and they will reimburse us for the cost of the wall. >> reporter: aides say he will reverse president obama's order, that 700,000 people brought into the u.s. illegally, to work here legally, without being deported. trump expected to let the authorizizations expire. >> i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. >> reporter: another priority, trade.
7:33 am
as mr. trump vows to renegotiate nafta and pull out of the transpacific partnership. >> we will negotiate fair, bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back on to american shores. >> reporter: mr. trump expected to reverse environmental protections and regulations on energy. >> i will cancel job restrictions on production of energy, including shale energy and clean coal, creating millions of good jobs. >> reporter: and hoping to make good on this promise. >> we are going to washington, d.c. and we are going to do what? drain the swamp. >> reporter: announcing a series of ethics reforms, targeting the washington establishment. >> we will ill pose a five-year ban on executive officials becoming lobbyists after they leave the administration. and a lifetime ban on executive officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. >> reporter: transition
7:34 am
officials say the first new executive actions over the next few days will likely focus on national security, trade and immigration. matt? >> kristen welker, thank you very much. senator chuck schumer is joining us now. good morning. >> great to be back. >> let's start with the easy questions. what are your emotions as you prepare to put donald trump putting his hand on the bible? >> i wish there was a different outcome. for a few days after the election, my daughters came to me and i taught them the song, momma said there would be days like this. we are the democrats in the senate, the boullwerk. >> what power do you have against the things he wants to
7:35 am
do? >> let's look his classic one. the nominee of secretary of health and human services, price wants to change health care as we know it. they need 60 votes for that. they won't get it. issue after issue, they have to get democratic cooperation. we'll see if they go for that. >> this is president obama's last day in office. he seemed to signal he's not going to be quiet for a few weeks. but he is willing to speak out. what role -- you're the operational leader of the democratic party. what role do you want soon-to-be former president to play? >> president obama said he wants to stay involved when core values are at stake. he will speak out on them. as you know, he is leaving office with high numbers. much more than president-elect trump is in this country. he will be a valuable voice. he won't overdo it. he will do it when it's needed.
7:36 am
>> donald trump likes you a lot. maybe more than he likes any republican senator. >> so he says. lately, he hasn't liked me as much. >> you have a personal relationship with him. and 60 members of your party are boycotting the party today. how will you bring them along when you see a strategic benefit to collaborating with in man? >> stick to our values. when he campaigned, he campaigned against democratic and republican establishments. but once he was elected, he seems to be moving to the hard right. so many of his cabinet nominees are way out of touch. but if he sticks to good values we believe in, we'll work with him. we're not going to oppose things just because his name is on it. three i can think of. infrastructure. but it can't just go tax cuts for rich people. but if there's real spending for infrastructure, bernie sanders,
7:37 am
elizabeth warren, bill manchin, will agree with the trade. my views on trade are closer to donald trump's than to barack obama or george bush's. we'll see what he does on them. on most areas, we have to fight him and we'll fight him tooth and nail. and one place he is having trouble, repeal aca. they have nothing to replace it with. republicans are beginning to whisper to him, don't do that. if he starts to repeal it, they have to figure out how to replace it. if they don't repeal it, we'll work with him to make it better. stick to your values. always in my life, as i've moved up the ladder, i have an internal gyji ra scope. >> after eight years of railing against republicans and calling them the party of no, your political strategy will not be
7:38 am
to assume the mantle of the party of no. even if it's effective? >> our strategy will be, as i said, when he works on things we agree with, we won't oppose him because the name trump is on it. if you look at the last month or two, he has moved way to the right. his cabinet nominees, unheard of, what they want to do to health care. to health care, to education, to housing, to the environment. that's why we demand that they answer a lot of questions. and one other place we're going to have to oppose, draining the swamp. the last thing he said there, he wants to drain the swamp. he can get rid of all of his holdings. when you have a large amount of holdings, there's going to be conflicts of interest or appearance of conflict of interest. one example, he gets rid of the overtime rules where middle-class people are paid overtime, everyone is going to say he did it because that affects his hotels. get rid of your holdings.
7:39 am
and make you're cabinet do it, too. so far, they've resisted. this swamp is getting more filled with alligators. >> i hit a nerve when i said he likes you. >> is that the question? >> thanks. >> it's not personal. it's values. >> senate minority leader, chuck schumer. thanks for spending time with us. let's swing back downstairs and get another check of the weather from al. >> pete our vendors here. what's the big seller today? >> a nice trump scarf here. >> how much? >> $10. >> the beanies are $10 also. it's a little cool out. >> all right. pete, thank you so much. hope you sell out. let's see. we've got severe weather to talk about. down to the south. for tonight, we've got damaging wind for 7 million people. large hail, isolated tornadoes. and the threat continues into tomorrow. in fact, we have an enhanced
7:40 am
risk for 23 million people. supercells, large hail, tornadoes are possible. we'll look at severe weather into sunday, as well. we have the severe threat, lasting for 24 million people. squall lines and hail and tornadoes possible. making its way into florida. we have to really watch this over this weekend. good morning. meteorologist bill henley. starting off dry. clouds are moving in. temperatures will be climbing. rain this afternoon. light rains for philadelphia at 46 degrees. 44 in the suburbs. sunshine this morning will fade quickly. new jersey clouds are rolling in. temperatures will roll up to 47 degrees this afternoon. 48 degrees at the shore. need an umbrella for the lehigh valley and delaware. 43 degrees in the lehigh valley. 45 for delaware. have a great day. that's your latest weather.
7:41 am
matt, if you look down "d" street, there's folks milling about. some doing protesting and proselytizing. >> careful. that's illegal what you just mentioned. >> in certain states it is. we won't worry about that. lots of folks all taking pictures, having a great time. it will be a very, very historic day. >> al, thank you very much. coming up, two veterans of presidential inaugurations, the bush twins. they've been doing it since they were 7. we'll get their take on the day's excitement. and what it's like to move into the white house and move out. this is the food system. but what if it didn't have to be? at blue apron, we're building a better food system. where we value quality and flavor over quantity and shelf-life. where chefs and farmers work together
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where we're given a choice not just to get up. but to rise. ♪ ♪ 7:45, now, on a friday morning. we welcome you back to this special inauguration edition of "today." coming to you live from the nation's capitol. the transfer of power, is filled with tradition and pageantry. but behind the scenes at the white house it's a different day and a different story. as one administration heads out and the new one takes over. peter alexander is back with an inside look at moving day at the white house. peter? >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. think of this as extreme home makeover white house edition. you heard of the peaceful transfer of power. how about the peaceful transfer
7:46 am
of property. it begins in earnest, from one family to another. and not a minute to spare. it's the world's most exclusive residence. this morning, home to the obamas. this afternoon, the trumps. >> they literally move all your stuff out in one day. you are living there. and then, suddenly, this -- it's not all out on the south lawn. they pack it up. >> reporter: a 132-room mansion. 95 staff. just five hours to get it done before the new residents officially arrive after the parade. choreographed chaos, with furniture whisked in and out. artworkpla artworkplaced. >> this is about as stressful as moves get. >> i don't think anyone else within the world moves within
7:47 am
five hours from the previous tenets. >> reporter: steven rashan was the first usher in charge of moving out president george w. bush and moving in barack obama, who had one special request. >> he wanted a nice shower head. a rain shower. and so, we had to make sure that was in place. >> reporter: the oval office gets a little redecorating, too. each president ushering in their own look. >> it will be well-maintained. i'm going to be working. i won't be decorating. >> reporter: but moving day mixups can happen. nancy mitchell, the first female usher, remember when the clintons arrived and the inaugural shoes vanished. >> we started tearing out items in the closet. finally, we found them in chelsea's room, covered up, you know, with some other items. >> reporter: disaster averted. >> oh. i'll tell you, i never felt so happy in my life. >> reporter: but harder than the move, the good-byes to families they faithfully served. >> when the reagans left, i'm
7:48 am
going to give you a hug. and she said, why in the world did it take so long for you to do that? >> it's a real family among these people. they all keep in touch. they go to each other's weddings and funerals. have lunch and dinner together. >> reporter: the obamas got a head start, with crews prepping their new home. for the staff staying behind, all hands on deck, down to the last detail. >> the last thing that's left before they walk in the door is their toothbrushes are on their counters. >> reporter: as if they're home. >> welcome home, mr. president. >> reporter: just a short time from now, 8:30 this morning, the white house staff will gather for the final time with the obama family in the state dining room, whereby tradition, they present him with a gift. i'm told it will be a hand-carved box, with two flags inside. one that flew over the white house on inauguration day.
7:49 am
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good morning. i'm katy zachry. just before 8:00 a.m. let's get to bill henley. most accurate forecast in the area. going to be a rainy one. you need your up brambrella thi afternoon. expect light rainfall this afternoon. by then the temperatures been warmer. 35 in philadelphia. rain moves in, but the temperatures move up into the 40s this afternoon. >> bill, thanks for that. let's get a check of the roads with jessica boyington. you're watching a crash. tell us about that. >> live over the top of the scene. this is route 55 in glassboro on the northbound side just before
7:57 am
route 641. watching delays here. earlier we had more lane restrictions here. now you see with sky force 10 over the scene pretty much split the accident in half. now traffic is getting by the scene. we are seeing some pretty big delays. this is northbound side of 55. traffic that will be moving and approaching philadelphia area. see some of those delays. kat katie, back to you. hang now, trump supporters in new castle county are rolling to the inauguration. nbc 10 with a bus load of them earlier this morning when they boarded their ride for d.c. today in philadelphia, marijuana activists will stage a smoke in. they say it's linked to trump inauguration. now police warned organizers yesterday that officers will hand out citations to anyone caught smoking marijuana. the activists are concerned that the new administration will roll back legalization laws. >> i'm katy zachry. another update in about 25 minutes. now back to today show.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, inauguration day. after two years of campaigning, a heated election, and an odds-defying win, donald trump, the businessman, turned reality star, turned politician, is about to become the 45th president of these united states. >> we are going to make america great again greater than ever before. >> the first family stepping out at two events last night. now, just minutes away from beginning a whirlwind day in washington, as the nation marks the peaceful transfer of power, from one president to the next. and we're bringing it all to you live, today, friday, january
8:01 am
20th, 2017. welcome back to washington, d.c. on a friday morning. this special edition of "today" for the inauguration of donald trump. savannah is on maternity leave. couldn't be happier than to have chuck todd and nicolle wallace with me. >> this is something else, huh? >> for the unconventional nature of his candidacy, the inaugural so far, pretty conventional. >> he chose conventional. for the most part. and so, this will look familiar to a lot of people today. the unconventional might be the speech, though. >> expecting to get our first glimpse of the president-elect in this half hour, as he starts his day with a prayer service, at st. john's church. our political team is across d.c., including at the church. let's begin with hallie jackson on capitol hill, where the
8:02 am
swearing-in ceremony will be had. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. it has started to sprinkle on the west front of the capitol. not unexpected. and the highlight of the inaugural program will be the oath of office. a senior transition source tells me that speech will be nonideological, adding it is intended to try to challenge the way people think about politics right now. expect it to last roughly 20 minutes. about as long as president ob a obama's inaugural addresses. it's not just outside of the capitol, where the platform will be packed with family members and v.i.p.s. but also, inside the building. the senate is set to start work confirming the new cabinet. starting with the pentagon picks and the pick for homeland security. as you might imagine, security is extremely tight. we went through 100 checkpoints to get to this spot. places are closed by police,
8:03 am
with heavy alert for truck attacks. that's why you see heavy vehicles all around the city. up above, you have a no-fly zone that is twice the typical size. d.c. and the nation, ready for this historic day. and, matt, so is donald trump. in typical donald trump fashion, starting his day with a tweet. saying it all begins today. adding, the movement will continue. matt? >> hallie, thank you very much. a lot of the talk leading up to this inauguration, centered on who would and would not attend. with more than 60 democratic leaders announcing plans to boycott the ceremony. kristen welker, also at the capitol with that side of the story. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt. i'm in the v.i.p. section of the capitol, where the anticipation is really starting to build. soon, all of these seats will be filled up with the biggest names in washington and beyond. who will we be watching for? the clintons. they will be here. donald trump's former rival.
8:04 am
and former president bill clinton. this is the first time the two are in the same place since that bitter 2016 battle, of course. former president, george and laura bush. former president george h.w. bush announced he will not be attending. an he was recently hospitalized. now, the trump transition team hasn't released a list of names of their special guests. but here, a few we think are going to be here. ivana will be here. that's his first wife. her son, eric, signaling that. and we expect a number of cabinet picks to be here. congressional leaders, who won't be here. those more than 60 democratic house members who say they're going to boycott this event. they will not be here. in terms of the performances. jackie ivanco is the 16-year-old who got second on "america's got talent."
8:05 am
and the mormon tabernacle choir. this is the first time they will have the presidency. and they will hold both chambers of commerce. president-elect trump is going to travel down the parade route to the white house. the big question, he's going to be passing his rhotel, which opened several months ago. is he going to get out and wave and start walking? that's one moment we will be watching to see. >> we'll keep posted on that. kristen, thank you very much. the trump family's day gets under way in about 25 minutes or so with the church service. peter alexander has made his way over there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you will appreciate the timing of television. this bus pulled up just moments ago, blocking our view of the church of presidents. many of the dignitaries and the v.i.p.s will be attending. we saw ben carson, one of the cabinet picks.
8:06 am
tom price for the health and human services. and nikki haley is here, as well. this is the man delivering the sermon. it's the reverend robert jeffress. he is from the first baptist megachurch in dallas. in the past, he has been criticized for describing mormonism as a cult, islam as an evil religion. i asked him about the criticisms. he said, it's entirely wrong. his views are lined with tens of millions of evangelicals that support donald trump. i don't hate anyone. i love everybody. that is one of the items we'll be watching on this day here. i asked about the sermon, specifically. he said when god chooses a leader. he will be talking about the old testament. a trump-like figure that built a
8:07 am
wall around jerusalem to help fortify it against enemies. matt, back to you. >> peter, we'll be back to you in a little while. let's talk about the politics of the day. mr. trump is set to face a dangerous world the minute he takes that oath of office. we want to bring in jeremy bash, chief of staff at the cia and the defense department. >> good morning, matt. >> we have come to assume that a new president will be tested early in his administration. this is what donald trump said last week. in an interview with "the new york post," i don't think we're going to be tested. i'm not a game player. they understand me. what do you make of that statement? >> i think it is a time of worry in national security circles. it's a time of worry because of what our adversaries might try. it's a time of worry of whether the new commander in chief will listen to the facts and advice that his intelligence officers will give him. >> there's reports that the team
8:08 am
might not be up to speed, might not be read in. they are missing and some of the engagement they have with the outgoing national security team of the obama administration, has not occurred. does it worry you? >> they got a little of a late start. i think they will have a chance to get the team back together. and they will be ready, i think, in the next days and weeks. but tomorrow, when he goes out to the cia, if he does that, first of all, he has to leave his cell phone in the car. you actually can't bring a phone into a classified space. and i'm not just saying that figuratively. i mean it literally. and second, he's going to have to get some operational briefings. if it's one thing to say, i like you guys. i'm going to rely on you. but he needs to understand the threats we face. >> we had a report about intercepted communications. the investigation into the role that russia played, if there's some role with americans. what is the protocol at the cia, if you're in the midst, you get damaging information about the commander in chief?
8:09 am
>> there's no precedent because it happens so infrequently. and so, they have to basically decide how much to talk to him about. but you know, i think this is very significant, chuck. he comes into office now not with one but potentially two federal investigations looming overhead. one from the republican-led senate committee. and one from the professional career catcher at the fbi. this is not a democratic issue. these are serious issues that will be looked at. >> we strip it down. the cia professionals, and you were the chief of staff. you probably have more interaction with anyone that could come out and talk to us. what is their sense? and what are their gravest concerns about donald trump's potential links and his circled links to russia and putin specifically? >> they worried he doesn't get the threat. they have assessed, based on their information and what their assets and what the spies are telling them, that putin is playing a game here. he is trying to keep america off-balance.
8:10 am
and trying to manipulate our election process. they're not sure that the new commander in chief accepts that as a basic fact. if they're operating from two distinct places, it will be hard to fashion a solution. >> jeremy, thank you. >> good to see you. we'll take a little turn. and go downstairs. and get a check of the weather from al. >> hey, matt. we're looking down louisiana. and people are streaming up. getting ready to take part in the peaceful transfer of power. we got folks. where are you from? >> south carolina. >> dallas, texas, baby. woo. >> somehow, i knew you were from dallas. there you go. there you have it. that's official. hot diggity, baby. let's show you the inaugural weather. the warmest ever, inaugural, was
8:11 am
ronald reagan, 1981. 55 degrees. four years later, he gets the coldest. 7 degrees. they canceled the parade. they moved the ceremony inside the capitol dome. for us, we're looking at radar. you can see the moisture starting to push in. and we're seeing a little drizzle right now. the forecast for the swearing-in ceremony, coming up at 12:00 noon. we're looking for showers. some rain. 44 degrees by the time we get to the parade. 3:00, 46 degrees, and mostly cloudy skies. and some folks even running up to see all of this. yeah. are you guys -- do you have tickets? >> we got tickets. we got all. we went to the texas ball. and we're so ready to make america great again. >> hot diggity. that's what's going on arod the coununtr good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. we arer starting off dry, but the clouds are moving in. the temperatures will be climbing. rain is due in this afternoon.
8:12 am
light rain for philadelphia at 46. and up to 44 in the suburbs. the sunshine is going to fade quickly. in new jersey the clouds areal ro rolling in and the temperatures will roll up to 47 this afternoon. and 48 at the shore. you'll need an umbrella for the lehigh valley and delaware, 43 in the lehigh valley and up to 45 in delaware. have a great day. >> that is your latest weather. mr. mr. lauer? >> mr. roker. hot diggity trending on twitter. thank you. up next, the bush twins on what it's like to experience an inauguration as members of the first family. and we have tom brokaw here on the lessons that donald trump can learn from other presidents in their [instrumental music plays] [microwave beeps] [heart monitor beeps] hasta luego, profesor!
8:13 am
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you can be a pizza taco? you bet your flat bottom. there's even futuristic stand 'n stuff tacos that stand on thier own! sup kids? nooo way! anything goes in old el paso. welcome back. once again, the exterior of blair house. a couple of minutes ago, we saw who will be president trump's senior adviser, kellyanne conway, arriving at blair house to confer with mr. trump and the first fally, soon-to-be first family. and they will be leaving in about 13 minutes, we're told, from blair house, to make their way to st. john's church for the prayer ceremony. we will bring that to you live, no matter what we're doing. right now, we want to say good morning to jenna bush hager.
8:18 am
she knows what it's like to participate in an inauguration day. >> i do. it's abincredible experience my family has had an hobber to be a part of. it's hard not to feel the awe on inauguration day. with time-honored traditions and a house that becomes a home to a new family. >> hi, george herbert walker bush -- >> we had gotten to attend our fw grandfather's inauguration when we were 7. >> the best part when we were little was the parade. what little 7-year-old doesn't love a parade? >> i george w. bush solemnly swear. >> the experience as 18-year-olds, was different. we realized the gravity of the situation. and you're sitting watching the history of the united states unfold and getting to be a part of it. the first time we talked into
8:19 am
the white house was unbelievable. just because you can't imagine being in such a huge magical place. when we were older and got to go back, there was a familiarity with it, which was comforting. and awe-inducing, to realize the magnitude of the white house. and how many incredible people have lived there. >> i think there's a real sadness leaving the white house that we didn't expect. we were saying good-bye to people that we had come to love. even the secret service. you know, secret service people always said, that must have been so hard. but it wasn't hard. it became life. and they became friends. >> the butlers and the grounds keepers, they became part of our family, too. they became part of our world because we would see them waking
8:20 am
up or going to bed. you say good-bye to them and they immediately go to work to get the house ready for the next family. we cried like babies saying good-bye to them. we were worried we wouldn't see them again. luckily, we have. we have gotten to stay in touch and go back to visit them. but they are the people that make the house a home. ♪ watching your parents end a chapter of their lives that so defined them and took so much out of them, was hard. and bittersweet in different ways. when my dad flew off back to texas, barbara was with him. and henry and i got in the car and drove back to our house in baltimore. and it was sad for us. mainly, because we weren't going to be close to each other. when we watch malia at her dad's farewell address tear up, it was in so many ways us. we cried at a lot of our dad's
8:21 am
speeches. not because of what he said but who he is. he always put us first. and i see that so much in the obamas. >> i think what's funny about being part of a club of former first children is our dad is one of them also. so, for us, we have gotten to interact with chelsea and with sasha and malia and other first children. we all have a shared experience, which is extremely unusual, and at the same time totally normal. you're just kids following your parents around. >> and i think it's going to be so fun for us to watch and see what malia and sasha will do. i know they're going to do incredible things. >> for those of you that don't have the opportunity to know jenna bush hager personally, she is a giant mush ball. >> am i really giant? giant? >> watching the images. you were tearing up again. >> yes. i think, you know, we, of
8:22 am
course, think about the new family coming in. but i can't stop this morning thinking about the obamas packing up. that morning for us, you saw some of the ugly crying pictures of barbara and me. but saying good-bye is really hard. >> you said something almost in passing during the piece. you talked about a chapter of your parents' life coming to an end. and a chapter that took so much out of them. i'm assuming you are talking to the sacrifice part of that job. >> there were times we would be sitting around the dinner table. and my dad would be in a grumpy mood. we would poke at him as teenage girls do. and we were particularly good at. my mom would pull us aside and say, dad found out about something really hard that he's weighing on his shoulders. and that's what's hard. you carry the weight of the world. and it is a job that he took very seriously. and that was hard. >> curious, what's it like a week later? a week later for your dad?
8:23 am
that feeling, you carry the weight. but does he -- do you miss the weight? >> i think he did. and i think that's why we were a little worried when he started communicating through his art. we're like -- >> we all were. >> is dad going to be okay? this is very strange, when he writes through text messages. he did take up a hobby. life continues. at a slower pace. >> you were part of quite a few inaugural days. this is not tom brokaw's first, either. he joins us here. what are your thoughts, tom? >> i was thinking about your parents. thursday night and friday night, before 9/11, your mother had a book festival. he had authors from across america. we were honored to read at the library of congress. i went back to new york monday was kind of a hard, rainy day. got up on tuesday morning, got a call, some little plane has hit the world trade center. and we went from there.
8:24 am
and i said to your mother later, i reminded her. yes, i thought that's what the white house is going to be about. book festivals and the state dinner for the president of mexico. it had consequences beyond the great tragedy it was. >> mrs. obama continued that book festival. and now, it's ten-times the size. that's the boutty. making this country, continuing things that work. >> i can't leave without how beloved the bush family is, that the people are going to welcome the trump family into the white house. they run that house. and they're the most important. and they should be the most revered people on that whole 18-acre plot. they adore this family. >> we're looking at the pictures right now. vice president-elect mike pence is arriving at the church -- st. john's church where the prayer service will be taking place. i do not want to let you go without asking how are things
8:25 am
going down in houston with your grandfather and grandmother? >> your thoughts and prayers have been heard because he is much better. and we are so thankful for everybody caring about our family. >> glad to hear that. good news. what a day for mike pence, chuck. and think about the journey he has been on over this past year or so. >> i was just talking to him earlier this week. and i asked him, has it hit you yet? he admitted, it was just in that. his family came in. and said, that's starting to hit him. he was trying to get one more personal moment with his family before the chaos. >> and he might not be here except for a plane malfunction. donald trump's plane went down in minneapolis. he had to spend overnight in the governor's mansion. and they bonded together. at the end of that time, he got chosen. >> we're going to see the president-elect join this prayer session in just a little while. we're minutes away from our first view of him this morning.
8:26 am
going to have much more ahead from washington, on friday morning. inauguration day, 2017. but first, your local news and weather. good morning. i'm katy zach u ri a few minutes before 8:30. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate forecast. dreary outside? is >> yes, we saw some sunshine moving in, but it is fading. fortunately the temperatures are coming off of the morning lows. 35 in philadelphia and below freezing in the suburbs and lehigh valley, but all of the numbers will be climbing into the 40s this afternoon. that is going to happen before the rain moves in. the first showers are skirting washington, d.c., and they will arrive here this afternoon. >> bill, thank you. if you are headed out of the door, jessica boyington has information about 95. what are you watchinging there? >> well, katy, there is a crash
8:27 am
around bridge street there on 95. you can see nit distance and flashing lights there, and traffic is moving by but the drive time is creeping up there at 37. and headed to the vineway expressway, speeds in the 20s, and look at the accident at glassboro just before route 681. katy? the trump inauguration in washington, d.c., today for a real life history lesson. more than two dozen students left for the nation's capital, a and the kids are in a government class this and they are serving as student reporterers today. >> you can count on us for complete coverage as our team on the ground in d.c. is going to bring you every angle of the historic event. i'm katy zachry and we will be back in 25 minutes witht another update. now, back to the "today" show.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
this is an nbc news special report. here's matt lauer. >> good morning, everyone. this is an nbc news special report. 8:30 here in the nation's capital. we're about to see, momentarily, president-elect trump for the first time on this inauguration day. he is in blair house, across the street from the white house. that's where he spent the night with his family. he will move from there, a short drive to st. 's church, really across lafayette park, where there will be a morning prayer service on this inauguration day. i'm joined by tom brokaw, chuck todd, nicolle wallace. this is about as good as it gets. tom, you watched this happen
8:31 am
before. i know you have experience with blair house. >> one of the great stories about ronald reagan was the morning he was staying at blair house and was scheduled to leave, just as president-elect trump is. he was uncharacteristically late. he was not coming out of the bedroom. finally, they sent in mike deaver. and the room was dark. and the president was in bed with the covers over his head. and mike deaver said, mr. president-elect, it's time to go. reagan pulled back the covers and as only he could, he said, mike, do i have to? >> a resounding yes. >> knowing donald trump. he doesn't sleep much as it is. i can't imagine you sleep at all. as a night like this. >> what's the over/under on sleep last night? >> i would say three. and i take the under. >> he is so interesting. he is not a student of presidential history. and i think his supporters will
8:32 am
be comforted that on the day he's being sworn in, he didn't change. last night, he was in his rare form, which -- >> still a candidate. >> he hasn't made the turn. he's talking about the republican primary when he met reince prebus. >> that's what they do. as you know, donald trump raised the possibility he might want to stay in his hotel in washington, d.c. and cooler heads talked to the trump people and said, usually a president-elect and his family stays in blair house for a good reason. and the other thing is, that you know, we begin to see, now, him really as president, doing the things that other presidents have done on their inaugural day. the last two months has been unusual because, as during the campaign, he shattered a lot of precedence. now, we're going to see him come out of this building and think of other presidents. >> there he is.
8:33 am
>> that's our first look right there. president-elect donald trump. about to become the 45th president of the united states. his wife, melania, just behind him. walking down the steps of blair house. >> very elegant. >> and what must be going through his mind at this moment? is this the moment where you think it is all real? >> i don't know if it will become real to donald trump until he stands up there and looks out at those crowds. we know that's something that affects him deeply. when he sees crowds, a switch flips in him. >> can you imagine an ad-libbed inaugural. they say he's practiced a little bit. but he doesn't like reading off of the teleprompters. he's ad-libbed all week. i've been thinking about that. he may ad-lib parts of the inaugural. >> we talked in the past with presidents, about obama time and clinton time. we're two minutes ahead of schedule. he's leaving blair house two
8:34 am
minutes ahead of the time he was supposed to leave. if that gives us any indication of what we're about to see. >> i'm not putting a knock on party. republicans run a tighter schedule than democrats do. >> let us have credit for something. we're prompt. >> you may remember, when the clintons left blair house, they were streaming out of there. mrs. clinton was saying something to bill clinton over her shoulder. it wasn't a kindly, oh, dear, we may be late expression. they were running quite late at that point. and that became the m.o. at the white house. he was always late. >> still at noon, though, right? got to transfer that power on time. >> well, it's -- these are the rituals that are fun for us to see. but the fact is, in the long course of history, probably don't have that much application, except it is rituali ritualistic. and for me, it is inspiring, however you feel about who is about to occupy the office because it is peaceful.
8:35 am
it is being done in a way that it has a majesty about it. but it's still rooted in who we are. and out there are the trump supporters who are thrilled to be in this town and to see the man that they chose as president, take office and not have troops in the street and tanks around the white house. this happens in other western democracies. but this is a big one. we've been through a difficult time. and to have this happen, i think is an encouraging sign to me. >> it's comforting to see the vanquished. there's a comfort that comes with that. when you think of 2008, there's voters that thought, i'm heard for the first time. and on 2016, you have a different set of voters. i'm being heard for the first time. collectively, the country can't say they're not -- they don't have an opportunity to be heard. we have seen that in the last decade. >> as you talk, all of you, about the peaceful transition of power, over the last eight years
8:36 am
we've seen something crop up we haven't seen in a while. questions of legitimacy. we saw it at the beginning of the obama administration. and we saw it in the last couple of weeks, with john lewis questioning the legitimacy of donald trump's presidency. >> and don't forget about al gore and bush 43. al gore, more popular votes than george bush 43 did when he took office. and people thought he was not a legitimate president. and in this case, hillary clinton is now closing on 3 million votes in terms of a plurality. but we elect by the electoral system. >> and that's why it was important for al gore to be on that stand, standing next to george w. bush. even his strong supporters who were saying, we any he's an illegitimate president, al gore who would have been president, saying no, he's everyone's president. >> there's been a moment that was missing during this
8:37 am
transition. and one of the mistakes that the trump transition has made. george w. bush and al gore met before. the inauguration. it was an important moment because that was it. we didn't have had that moment between trump and hillary clinton. i think it's a gigantic mistake. >> the inaugural address, george w. bush did offer a tip of the hat to al gore saying, i thank vice president gore for a contest conducted with spirit. and ended with grace. >> that was the point i was going to make. it was a different transition. there is more steam building this moment because that hasn't taken place. >> ron allen is down there close to blair house. ron, can you hear me? >> reporter: i do, matt. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: we don't know what's happening now.
8:38 am
why there seems to be a bit of a delay there. i can see a couple more people coming out of blair house. more members of the first family, i believe. also, i can tell you, everything is in position. the police cars are here now. they're about to pull up jackson street here. and i think they're about to take off. i can also tell you that it's a gentle rain that's started falling here. and that's -- hopefully, won't be too much of a factor during the course of the day. the security here is heavy. there are some well-wishers garthering on the parade route. and the journey from blair house to the church, as you've been saying, just across lafayette park. you can see the church from here. sitting in the bleachers. there they go. the motorcade is starting to move out. the first car is pulling out. from my vantage point, i can't see the president-elect. but he is in one of these cars
8:39 am
now that we believe has been out towards the church. >> ron, thank you very much. >> the shortest motorcade in washington. >> this is a drive and a 9 iron. >> there you go. >> two drives. >> it's very quick. >> and you mock the people in the cart. i'm sorry. come on. i wish they would walk. i understand security. it's a security reason why they don't, for folks that are wondering, what a waste and all this stuff. and the security, that's a real concern. but there is something that would be nice to see. >> they're going to pull up to st. john's church. and the prayer ceremony will start in a little while. and michael beschloss, i watched this in inaugurations before the past, as the spiritual calm before the storm. >> i think that's right. that goes all the way back to 1789, with george washington. and congress was a little heavy-handed. they passed a resolution, saying
8:40 am
after the president is sworn in, everyone has to go to st. paul's chapel for religion service. later on, that did not happen. every president since james madison has gone to st. john's. not necessarily on inaugural day. that began with franklin roosevelt 1933. >> there's a special pew. i think it's 54. do we have an idea of who might be in that prayer service other than his immediate family and immediate advisers? chuck? >> i know some of the cabinet is in there. i think we're going to find out. this is -- you sort of -- what's interesting about this, you find out who the kitchen cabinet is, right? the people he wants in there. >> for george bush, condi rice went with him. it's your closest friends that you share this with. i want to say something about the first family. when i was interviewing trump voters, they're enchanted by
8:41 am
melania trump. they are hopeful that ivanka trump will play a big role in her father's presidency. they're impressed with what they've seen so far. >> i thought it was interesting when ivanka trump was asked, she's going to be the defact coe first lady. and she said, that's insulting to the first lady. that's insulting to the first lady. that was an interesting almost marker that ivanka wanted to put out there. the speculation has continued to build steam. >> donald trump says he's presbyterian. he does not go to church that often. special occasions. easter. what else do we know about his spirituality? >> infrequent. but that's not uncommon. barack obama was as president an infrequent churchgoer, as well. part of it is, you a lot of them have spiritual advisers inside the white house. right, michael? >> yeah. sure is right.
8:42 am
and we find out, we don't know if this is true, sometimes the president doesn't seem observant at the time he serves, turns out to have a deeper religious feeling than we knew at the time. harry truman, that was true of. and ronald reagan. >> the other problem, is security is such a big consideration. to go across from the white house to st. john's. >> the fact they're not walking. >> requires everything we have just seen. and a lot of presidents made the decision, i don't want to do that. they would have services in the white house. >> or camp david. >> you talk about security here. an article in the paper, talked about this effort. you have the secret service. you have the fbi. you have state and local law enforcement. you have the national guard involved in this. the security effort alone in this inaugural is expected to reach a price tag of $100 million. that's for the several days of the inaugural events. >> i'm not surprised. and in fact, if it all goes well, it will be worth every nickel that has been spent on it.
8:43 am
we live in a dangerous world. it doesn't make take much. >> it's a symbolic target. you say local law enforcement. i was talking with affiliates this morning. every affiliate i talked to, they have contributed. charlotte, st. louis, minneapolis. there's law enforcement all over the country that comes with us today. >> we know in retrospect, many of those involved in barack obama's inauguration in 2009, told us there were serious threats they thought were possibly very grave, that caused them to take measures that probably persist to this day. >> this ceremony is expected to last 30 minutes or so. after that, we will see the reverse procession. they will leave the church and get back in the cars and the suvs for a shorter trip, over to the white house, where they will have that morning coffee or tea, with the current first family.
8:44 am
that moment when the incoming president arrives at the white house, to meet the outgoing president, is one of the highlights of this day. >> it is. and there's mixed experiences with all that. dwight eisenhower was civil to john f. kennedy. but he wasn't thrilled about the young man coming in. by the way, that was the last inauguration where the president-elect wore a top hat. john kennedy didn't wear hats, period. but in those days, think about that. >> he's crossing into your lane a little bit. >> are you kidding? we're going to throwdown here. >> he's about to one-up you with truman/eisenhower. >> i gave up my top hat last week. >> if i'm doing requests, i'll do the request from mr. todd. yeah. eisenhower maybe was cool to kennedy. but it was nothing like 1953, when the trumans were inside, waiting to give the eisenhowers coffee.
8:45 am
and the eisenhowers rolled up in their car and did not get out of the car and they did not wish to this because there was a feud between president truman and eisenhower. >> there's a great story. if i may, it was one of the most touching stories in the time of the assassination of john f. kennedy. the chief usher told the story that truman got there first. and they took him off to a holding room, staring out the window. and then, eisenhower arrived. and the usher thought, how is this going to work? he brought president eisenhower in where truman was. and they had a very cold relationship. and eisenhower went over and threw his arm around him and said, harry, what are two old birds like us doing here, when that young man was in the catapult just down the hall. and they bonded at that moment. two combat veterans, truman in world war i. general eisenhower, in world war ii. but that was a moment of great national mourning and tragedy that brought them together
8:46 am
because they had a common experience. >> that's why i'm proud to have this panel here this morning. stay with nbc news. and nbc all day for complete coverage of these inauguration events. most of you are going to have more of a special edition of "today" just ahead. i'm matt lauer. this has been an nbc news special report. we're going to be back with much more from washington on this special day. donald trump's fiercest rival, in the republican primary. senator ted cruise will join us live. first on a friday morning this,
8:47 am
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8:48 am
welcome back to washington. during the campaign, donald trump clashed often with republican rival senator ted cruise. how is he feeling this morning? ted cruise joins us now from the capitol.
8:49 am
senator, good morning to you. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> good to have you here. you were in this race for a very long time. you wanted the nomination. you wanted to be the guy taking the oath of office today. let's start with your emotions. what are you feeling? >> well, to be honest, the biggest thing i'm feeling is excitement for what's coming next. this election in november, what was a mandate for change. it was the american people saying we want to change the path we're on. and i think we have the opportunity right now to do an extraordinary amount of good. and i am excited to roll up my sleeves and get to work actually delivering on the promises we made bringing back jobs, helping raise wages, protecting people's freedom and peopling this country safe. >> let me stay on the personal side for a moment, senator. i mentioned that you clashed often, with donald trump during the campaign. how would you describe your personal relationship now?
8:50 am
>> it was a vigorous campaign. he campaigned hard. i campaigned hard. and he won. the democratic process worked. he prevailed in the primary. he prevailed in the general. at this point, i would say we have a good relationship. i traveled to new york. went to trump tower. sat down with the president-elect. and i said, i want to help any way i can. i want to help lead the fight in the senate to accomplish what we promised for the american people. the stakes are too high. and since that meeting, my office and his office, we have been talking every day. sometimes as frequently as every hour. and i am very, very encouraged. i think we are poised to have the most productive congress in decades. i think we're going to start off confirming every one of president trump's cabinet nominations. i think it's a fantastic cabinet. and then, we're going to turn to repealing obamacare. we're finally going to repeal
8:51 am
that law that's hurt so many millions of americans. that have taken away so much health care and driven up premiums and cost people jobs. and i think we're going to be productive early on, lifting the burdens on job producers, small businesses and creating an environment where there's more jobs and opportunities. >> senator, there is this russia cloud that hangs over the election. and hangs over today. "new york times" says more news today. what is your level of concern about what russia has done? and how important do you think it is for there to be an investigation that gets to the final verdict bottom of what russia did? >> there's no doubt that russia tried to undermine this election and tried to undermine past elections. and cyber attacks, mischief by foreign countries is not new. we've been under attack from
8:52 am
countries like china, north korea. and one of the reasons for that, after eight years of the obama foreign policy. the foreign policy of this country, has been to show weakness in the face of aggression. >> senator, this was a -- you're conflating it was other cyber attacks. it was more than just cyber. what russia is doing is trying to undermine a lot of western democracies. what is your level of concern on russia in particular? >> my level of concern with the enemies across the globe is significant. i think there's a reason why folks in the press like to focus on the media issue, because they like to focus on russia, because there's an effort to delegitimize the election. russia did not decide this election. what decided this election is the american people rejected a failed economic agenda from the last eight years of president obama. this election was decided by the working men and women of this country. it was decided by steelworkers
8:53 am
and truck drivers and electrician and schoolteachers. those are the people that have been hammered in the last eight years. i get that all of hillary clinton's defenders want to try to blame russia, rather than admitting it was the american people who said enough is enough. we want to return the jobs and productivity. >> the election is over. let's talk about what happens after the election. you said we need to stand up to vladimir putin. donald trump has said we need a better relationship with vladimir putin. do you worry that donald trump has a blind spot when it comes to russia and vladimir putin? >> i think putin is an individual who respects strength. and one of the reasons that we have seen such an aggression with russia, is i don't think he respects president obama. i hope and believe that's going to change at noon today.
8:54 am
that if you want to keep this country safe, you know, when i travel abroad, when i talk with foreign heads of state, with foreign ministers, with ambassadors, they say over and over again, our frenliends and allies tell me, we can't trust america. your word isn't any good. you don't keep your word. you don't stand by your friends. and our enemies are not afraid of us. that needs to change. our friends and allies need to be able to trust us. and our enemies should fear us. and i'll tell you, if you look at the national security team that president trump has put together, if you look at general mattis, as secretary of defense, if you look at general flynn as the national security adviser. mike pompeo at cia, i'm encouraged that we're going to see a return and across the world, friends and enemies will say, america is back. >> senator cruise, you talked about him joining him in his fight.
8:55 am
he fights for things that you're not a fan of. he has a position on trade that's is opposed. and he talks about doing deals with senator schumer on infrastructure. are you going to fight for those things? >> i think the next few years, we'll see what policies will emerge. >> would you fight to reverse trade deals that you once thought were a good idea and good for the american economy? >> well, i've advocated vocally we need to be more vigorous protecting american interests on trade. i think the obama administration didn't look out for the american worker. i vocally opposed tpp. i'm glad to see a president who is focused on american jobs. i think we need to be opening up foreign markets at the same time. that's good. but i'm encouraged -- i sat down with our new commerce secretary's, likely to be confirmed. his view, what he articulated for the president, is in line
8:56 am
with what i believe. we should open up foreign markets. but on deals that are good for america, we shouldn't get taken advantage of by other countries. >> senator cruise, i have to run to a break. i appreciate you joining us this morning from the rotunda. >> always good to be with you. >> that will be interesting to see the dynamic that develops -- >> inside the republican party, yeah. >> absolutely. much more of our inauguration morning coverage coming, including the current president and first lady, good morning. i'm katy zachry a few minutes before 9:00 a.m. let's get to our first alert meteorologist bill henley. what is the forecast, bill? >> well, it is good news, because wet weather is on the way, and just about freezing in the suburbs and lehigh valley and already 37 in philadelphia. rain is movinging in late this morning and afternoon, but the
8:57 am
temperatures are going be warmer by then and into the 40s across the board. >> thank you, and rain may be affecting things on the roads. jessica boyington, what is happening on 95? >> yes, 95 and route 202 and a few spots, but otherwise the roads are quiet, but in buckingham they are not. there is a accident closing down near route 14 h. and again on 95 at bridge street. and we are having shaky cam there, but there is an accident over to the shoulder, and 21 minutes to the vine. katy, back to you. >> jessica, thanks. it is inauguration day, and president-elect donald trump takes the oath at noon. in philadelphia, police are bracing for the rallies and protests tied to the inauguration. police say to stay away from the city hall and independence hall and riddance square. and using public transportation.
8:58 am
today, former vice president and his wife jill will take a train to his home. and there will be a rally for them at the chase center. and now more of the "today" show from washington, d.c. have a great day, and we will see you here in 25. ♪
8:59 am
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♪ it's 9:00 on a friday morning. look down at the nation's capit capitol. and a special edition of "today" on this inauguration, january 20th, 2017. donald trump, about set to take the oath of office two hours from now. he is inside st. john's church with his family members and others, at the traditional preinauguration worship service. i'm matt lauer here in washington. alongside chuck todd and nicolle wallace. and we've seen some of the traditional moments we've seen at any inauguration. >> i think watching the mall is neat. near the capitol it's almost all full.
9:01 am
it's need to watch that flow in every 30 minutes. all of the gates are open. >> we can see people behind us going through the security checkpoints making their way on to the mall. they have something up in front of me. they would like me to say that it is now official that melania trump is wearing ralph lauren immediately. >> i didn't care about that. she looks beautiful. i'm glad to know. >> i'm glad to deliver the news. >> someone made you like you were a hostage. >> i knew immediately. of course. >> peter alexander, also knew. he is outside st. john's church. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, suffice to say, i got the same e-mail you did. that's the only way i had a clue what she was wearing. they are inside the church of the presidents, part of the service that's been a tradition. >> we seem to have lost the signal for peter momentarily. we hopefully can get that back. we're about 15 minutes into that prayer service.
9:02 am
it's expected to go between half an hour and 40 minutes. and then, comes that moment when they head over to the white house. >> it's interesting to watch the president-elect, especially last night at the concert. he's a jumpy guy. >> i was thinking all politicians, that i've worked for have ants in their pants. and george w. bush was early because he was ready. john mccain was ready. and i don't know that there's anyone more ready than donald trump. >> he's at another level. if you're charged with doing a church service, you said 30 to 40, take the under. >> we have peter back at st. john's church. can you hear me? >> reporter: i hear you fine. dating back to 1980, the only president that hasn't come here to st. john's on inauguration day is bill clinton. all the other presidents at that time have. it's been a spiritual tradition there's been an inaugural day service. dating back to fdr. we've seen the trump family. we saw the vice president-election, mike pence and his family exchange words.
9:03 am
i asked how he was feeling. he said humbled on this day. we've seen all sorts other individuals that are close. adviser, confidant of donald trump, is here. including members of his cabinet, likely to be confirmed. ben carson, nikki haley, the u.n. ambassador pick. and tom price, the georgia republican congressman who has been selected as donald trump's choice for the health and human services secretary. you talked about the security over the course of this morning, it's notable to give you a sense of where we are. just about a half-block down, there's two layers of giant trucks, the sand trucks and buses to block off the potential of any truck that wants to ram down, to do anything about it on this day, as well. people in the distance, craning their necks to get a chance to see donald trump as he arrived. he's now behind closed doors. the sermon being delivered by a name of reverence robert jeffress. he is large within the faith
9:04 am
community. an evangelical from the first baptist church in dallas, texas. he's a controversial figure for the comments he made in the past, about islam, describing it as an evil religion. and about gays, saying it's a filthy lifestyle. and mormonism, saying it was a cult. i talked to the reverend before the service began. he said the criticism is unwarranted. it's wrong. his views are the same as tens of millions of evangelicals in this country, who voted for donald trump. he said he loves everybody. he doesn't hate anyone. nonetheless, that's one controversial element on this day for donald trump on a day that's intended to be the theme of unity, that there is a figure speaking out in one of his first official acts on this day. it is viewed divisive by so many people. matt? >> when the prayer service is over, peter, we will come back to you for more on this. as you can see, i think we had a picture up a second ago, the crowd. and chuck mentioned this, slowly growing outside of the capitol,
9:05 am
where the swearing-in ceremony will be held. hallie jackson is there. hallie, good morning again. >> reporter: good morning to you. we might have the best view in all of washington for the president-elect, soon-to-be president, oath of office here. it will happen at this podium. no surprise that it's covered in plastic, given the rain that's started to fall. from our vantage point, being here the last several hours, you've seen this area for the v.i.p.s start to fill up. around back where we are. lines of people are waiting to get in. security is tight. went through a few checkpoints, of course. the president-elect's inaugural speech is expected to take roughly 20 minutes. i listened to your conversation with chuck. he is somebody that is often off the cuff. who all week long, has delivered the off-the-cuff remarks. on the campaign trail, has done that, as well. he would have prompters for the speeches at rallies. would veer off. and come back to the prompter. he might stick closely to what has been skrimted. remember, he put up a picture of
9:06 am
himself a few weeks ago, at mar-a-lago writing the speech. he has had help. from steven miller, somebody that will be joining him at the west wing and somebody that has written every speech that donald trump has delivered for 18 months. miller, having a hand in the one here today. and i'm told by a transition source, it will be nonideological. you should look for him to touch on topics like immigration and education and jobs. wage stagnation. but it's not going to be a policy speech. getting in the nitty-gritty. it's more broad-based more vision-oriented. it will challenge people to think about politics differently. the podium, you can see, it's starting to fill up. the platform surrounding it, people making their way in. we don't expect it to get full until closer to 10:00, 10:30 when the program kicks off. the band is below. and there is excitement building here at the capitol. we have a solid view down the national mall where you are
9:07 am
seeing the people start to come out. matt? >> you may have the best seat in the house, hallie. thank you very much. nicolle, we talked about him being scripted or unscripted. when he does a scripted speech, the moment he goes offscript is when he gets a big round of applause. >> yeah. he is so fueled, i would say 9 % of what animates him is a reaction. and so, when he looks out and there may -- sometimes there's a delay. a lot of the further away you are, the more you rely on the monitors. we've shown the screens on the side. there may be a delay. he's an experienced performer. he will be reading the crowd. if you go back to his memorable teleprompter speeches. he's never deviated going off-script. >> that will let us know how big the crowd is. >> he will be telling us. he will make a point on that in
9:08 am
a second. four of five living presidents are attending the inaugurations. but 60 democratic lawmakers are refusing to show up. kristen welker has made her way to the v.i.p. stand. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. the excitement. the anticipation is building here in the v.i.p. section. it's bustling, as they await the v.i.p.s set to arrive any minute now. 1,600 seats will be filled up here. you imagine the impact and the optics of that. who are we watching for today? of course, the clintons. former secretary of state hillary clinton, former president bill clinton. this is going to be the first time that the two former rivals will be in the same place at the same time, since that bitter 2016 battle. also, former president george w. bush and laura bush. now, his father, former president george h.w. bush is not going to be here. he announced that weeks ago and recently hospitalized.
9:09 am
there's other big names. the supreme court justices. also, the congressional leaders. and more 60 democratic members of the house said they're going to boycott this event. there's big names performing, as well. 16-year-old jackie evancho. there's a lot of excitement and anticipation. once all of this wraps up, president trump is going to leave with his family. he's going to hit the parade route to the white house. all eyes will be watching that closely. will he get out and walk when he passes his hotel. that's something they will be watching for. it's a tradition that dates back to the first president, george washington. there's a first this year. this is the first time that charlie brotman will not voice the parade. an early trump supporter is going to broadcast the parade. matt, back to you. >> thank you very much. will either president trump or the first lady go over and see
9:10 am
al roker along the parade route. >> joe biden did. >> that's a bit of tradition. >> al will make it happen. come on, now. >> it will happen. the morning just getting started. much more of our live inauguration coverage right after this. what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. are how clear windexith makes your windows?
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watch out, piggies! (child giggles) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. thank you for watching democracy's big day. for democracy belongs to us all. >> there is nothing wrong with america that cannot be cured by what is right with america. >> presidents george h.w. bush and bill clinton on their big days. we count down to the inauguration of donald trump. when it comes to the presidency, there's one inescapable truth. any promise or goal can be quickly derailed. tom brokaw is here to explain that side of things.
9:14 am
>> as i go around the country, people who didn't vote for donald trump say, this is going to be terrible. are we going to be okay? and his supporters say, it's the greatest thing. it's going to be a triumph. history is recomplete with the examples that don't work out the way the president intended. >> i john f. kennedy solemnly swear -- >> john f. kennedy brought to the white house what david halberson called the best and brightest. he signed off on the decision to attack the bay of pigs. jfk's defense secretary, robert mcnamara, led the way into vietnam, a colossal mistake for what he much later apologized. and after 50,000 americans died. >> i think we were wrong. >> i, lyndon baines johnson --
9:15 am
>> johnson succeeded jfk after the assassination. winning the election in a landslide. and managing the historic passage of the civil rights and voting rights bills. but his commitment to vietnam brought him down. >> i will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as your president. >> as president of the united states -- >> reporter: richard nixon inherited vietnam and a deeply divided nation. he opened the door to china, a triumph. but then, became deeply involved in watergate, a hapless break-in, that led to his resignation, the first-ever for a president. >> preserve, protect and defend -- >> reporter: jimmy carter came to office, promising a new day. and turned out that new day brought a deep economic lamaze to america, the ayatollah to iran, and the imprisonment of 52 hostages to the embassy there.
9:16 am
>> i ronald reagan, do swear -- >> reporter: ronald reagan signed off on deployment of servicemen to beirut. and they were killed in a terrorist attack. the deadliest day for the marines since the battle of iwo jima. and his national security team secretly ran the iran-contra scandal, trying to trade arms for hostages. >> i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. >> reporter: bill clinton took the country and his family through the sordid monica lewinsky affair, which led to an impeachment trail. george bush 43, encouraged by his vice president and defense secretary, went to war against saddam hussein and iraq for weapons that didn't exist. a disastrous decision, still playing out. >> i barak hussein obama do solemnly swear -- >> barack obama signed off on libya, that led to benghazi and
9:17 am
the continuing chaos in that north african country. the essential caution for any president is, if something can go wrong, it will. matt, it's hard to have 20/20 foresight when you sit in the oval office. the unforeseen will occur. and we've had nothose examples. >> i want to remind people what we're watching and waiting for. you're looking at st. john's church. not far from the white house. where that morning prayer service is under way. they went in about 8:45 this morning. it is expected to last maybe another five to ten minutes. we will cover it live. as they come out. just cracked open a bit, maybe. we'll see if that happens. if not, we're going to go right now for a check of the weather. we have mr. roker on the street. looking ahead, al. >> just right now -- hold on.
9:18 am
okay. folks are lining up. they have different color tickets. this is a blue ticket line. do you have a ticket? you better get in line. go, go. go. all right. and look at the line stretching all the way down. look all the way down there. that's a lot of people. all lined up. waiting for the inauguration of our 45th president. let's show you some of the presidential inauguration weather history. for example, most rain. that was franklin roosevelt. january 20th, 1937. that was the first year it moved to january 20th. before that, march 4th, almost two inches of rain. that's the record for that date. snowiest, william h. taft, 1909. ten inches of snow. that's a lot of snow. let's look at your inaugural weather for today. we have moisture pushing on in here. and as it gets closer, it's losing some. that's good news.
9:19 am
here's the forecast at noon today. a few showers. no big deal. 44 degrees. and then, the inaugural parade, good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. we are starting off dry, but the clouds are moving in and the temperatures will be climbing. rain is due in this afternoon. light rain in philadelphia at 46. up to 44 in the suburbs. any sunshine this morning will fade quickly n. new jersey the clouds are rolling in and the temperatures will roll up to 47 this afternoon and 48 at the shore. you will need an umbrella for the lehigh valley and delaware and 43 in the lehigh and 45 in delaware. have a great day. >> matt, the other interesting thing, these tour buses all in this cordoned off area are doing double-duty. not only do they transport people here, but they're using them as blaockades.
9:20 am
they're using buses as opposed to -- in addition to other vehicles, to help protect folks all around here. >> nice to see people moving so freely. tell everybody how long it took us to cross that street yesterday when we came in on the train. >> it took us about ten minutes, just to wait to cross the street. maybe even closer to 15. i went back out again, and i found another way around. it worked out. it only took about five minutes. >> thanks for sharing. appreciate it. much more of our live coverage in today's events, as we wait for mr. trump's exit from the ch i'm about to start the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge to help with lustrous hair, vibrant skin and healthy nails. so in 30 days, my future self will thank me. thank you. wait, i become a model?!? no. whose cellphone is that? sorry. sorry. sorry about that vent blowing your hair. start the hair, skin & nails challenge today and notice a difference or your money back.
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9:24 am
that's the exterior of st. john's church. i have a picture. kind of a wide shot. this was tweeted out from inside the prayer service. tweeted by dan scabino, mr. trump's senior director of social media. that's our first look inside st. john's church this morning. we're also about to see president obama for the first time today, leaving the oval office. and that moment, as we talked about, and we're going to talk about, as we get to it, is really one of the most emotional and moving and important moments. by the way, we're looking at tape right now. this is president obama leaving the oval office for the last
9:25 am
time. >> that's good-bye to them this morning. and that, as you were sharing earlier, excruciating emotional moment for everybody, the first family and the staff, right? >> working in the white house is like being in the trenches. politically speaking. and you're saying good-bye to your closest colleagues and friends. >> that's president obama, placing the letter he has written, to incoming president trump on the desk in the oval office. the contents of that letter, we don't know when peel fiwe'll fi. >> president obama has worked hard to forge a relationship with the new president. and i won't be surprised, if the relationship that trump is closest with, ends up being obama. >> we'll wait and see. more of this special edition of "today", including president-elect trump leaving st. john's church and heading over to the white house. it's all coming up, after these messages, your local news and weather.
9:26 am
good morning. i'm katy zachry a few minutes before 9:30 on your friday. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> katy, i am tracking the showers, and the clouds are moving in and the rain is not far away. we are dry in philadelphia and wilmington, but the showers have moved through d.c. and baltimore and more on the way. this next line is going to be coming through a little bit later this morning in the d.c. area, and they are moving towards the area, too, and the good news is that the temperatures are warming up and by the time that the rain arrives, we will be in the 40s. >> thank you, bill. and now a look at that first alert traffic with jessica boyington. >> there is an accident on 202 that is closing it between route 413 which is durham road, and you see the closure there
9:27 am
because of downed poles and wires and that is in buckingham township. and on the schuylkill, it is doing well. right around montgomery drive, the eastbound is better with 14 minutes from the blue route to the vine. katy, back to you. >> jessica, thank you for that. this is live shot from washington, d.c., as president-elect is set to leave st. john's church where he attended a morning service. next he goes to have coffee with president obama and mrs. obama. and cory booker said that he is not going the boycott the ceremony and he said that he will at the end to show respect for the tradition of a peaceful transfer of power. i'm katy szachry and you can ge the news and weather with the nbc 10 news app, and up next, more of the today show from washington, d.c.
9:28 am
have a great one.
9:29 am
9:30 am
this is an nbc news special report. here's matt lauer. >> good morning, everyone. 9:30 on the east coast. the preinauguration church service for president-elect trump about to wrap up at st. john's church. we're going to bring you the exit in just a moment, live. from there, president-elect trump will head to the white house for morning tea with the obamas. i want to show you a video, if i can, of the president, leaving the oval office, just a moment ago. out on the progrmenade. every step he takes, takes on added significance. he was followed shortly by the vice president, joe biden and his wife, dr. jill biden. >> good morning. >> again, an emotional moment for everyone at the white house
9:31 am
this morning. not only those elected officials, but those who have worked for them over the last eight years. >> it's fun there. the bidens are going home via amtrak today. the obamas are flying away. >> going to palm springs. >> he really loves palm springs. >> he will return to washington to live, where sasha will go to school. michael, talk to me about what these moments are like inside that church for an incoming president. >> well, a lot of presidents said that was the moment it began to hit me. this office was settling on my shoulders today. but you know, harry truman who was quite religious but didn't like to show it would say, when you hear a politician praying too loud, go home and lock your house.
9:32 am
despite that, he was a very good churchgoer. >> peter alexander is there, not far from the church. peter, can you hear me? >> reporter: i can hear you, matt. we asked the president-elect, soon-to-be president of the united states, how he was feeling. he smiled and nodded, and gave us the thumbs up. social media is giving a unique window of what happened inside the church, just a matter of moments ago. st. john's episcopal church. his team tweeting out the remarks of robert jeffress, saying, i told you would be the 45th president of the united states. adding, history in the making. you can see the vice president-elect right now, mike pence, walking out. we spoke to him as they were entering a little earlier. he and his wife greeted those people from a distance. he said he was humbled by this day. we will try to get his attention, as he walks in. mr. vice president-elect, are you excited on this day?
9:33 am
we get to say it to him. >> very humbled. >> reporter: very moving. you may not have been able to read lips. he said he was humbled and that the service -- the sermon was, quote, very moving. matt? >> peter, thanks very much. >> you were asking about donald trump's spirituality. mike pence, very much a very deep man of faith. his family is a deep man of faith, in ways that are much different than donald trump. but it's a very authentic mike pence. he lived in my neighborhood in arlington. he sent his kids to public schools. just a very, very gracious family. >> we heard from peter that social media is giving an idea of what was said inside that church. nicolle, if you can put your glasses on, we know through social media, know the thoughts of president obama. on this morning in office.
9:34 am
>> appropriately so. we're focused on the president-elect. and soon-to-be president. obama has had a tour de force the last week. and the four i've seen this morning. i'm still asking you to believe. not in my ability to bring about change, but in yours. i believe in change because i believe in you. that to me, is just vintage obama. and i think if you look back at his last two weeks, i don't remember a president -- you tell me because you know, that it was bill clinton. i don't know a president that crammed in so much in a transition. and just the added press conference to really send out a message about an american democracy, putin, staying involved and fighting for voting rights. his speech, his farewell address, going to chicago. all of the interviews and meetings with writers, to get advise on how to write his back. >> remember what it's about. he is worried about his legacy. and they had a different plan. okay? they had a different plan of
9:35 am
what this 2 1/2 months were going to be like. it's a much different plan. and i think that he has been in a little bit of a rerestoration, i guess, if you will. what's fascinating about the tweets and giving attention to his foundation, i asked chuck schumer earlier, what's his role going to be? this is barack obama saying, i'm the spiritual leader of the democratic party. >> by the way, you mentioned a couple of the tweets. it's been the honor of my life to serve you. you made me a better leader and a better man. as we look forward, i want our first steps to reflect what matters most to you. share your thoughts with me, and then, he links to, as chuck just mentioned, his foundation,, which is created to carry out projects on the south side of chicago. >> it is. it's going to be spresing. he's going to live here for a little bit. chicago is where the library is going to be. the question is, he's going to want an academic column. that may be his alma mater and end up in new york city.
9:36 am
>> i don't know if this is unusual. tom, you may have good insight on this. but it seems to me that when the secret service and the fbi, when security is moving a very important person, they do not like to stand still for any period of time. at blair house, the motorcade filled with the president-elect standing still. and again, at the church. they're no the cars and not going anywhere. >> on the other hand, that could not be a more secure area. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> by the way, this could be about scheduling at the white house. >> right. >> they're not ready for him. for that 45-second ride to the white house. >> the scones aren't ready yet. >> michael, is it required. is that something that's traditional? or is it actually deemed to be crucial? >> it's not required. but i think we would think if an incoming president refused to meet with the outgoing president, it would tell us a
9:37 am
lot. it's been a lovely moment for the most part. in this case, we have a picture of president obama and president-elect trump, and one of mrs. trump and mrs. obama. but there were not a lot of pictures taken when that visit to the white house was made. we should get more of a sense of what the interaction between those two couples really is. >> and people were surprised by how well the meetings went. the meeting between donald trump, the creator of the birther movement, and president obama, who campaigned until 20 minutes before the end of that election for hillary clinton, ended up doing, i think more than 30 minutes longer than expected. and they have an open line of communication. they had four or five phone conversations since. >> i've been struck, and michael, there isn't -- the ritual of the inauguration week and certainly the 24 hours. whether it feels like it's been designed almost to make sure the incoming president feels the
9:38 am
weight of office. i thought about this yesterday when he laid the wreath at arlington. i appreciate as a citizen to know that he's being taken -- almost like it's our way of reinforcing, this is what is weighing on your shoulders. you may end up making decisions that end up getting folks buried here at arlington. >> that is important. we have our first incoming president that had no military experience or experience in public office. it's not like you an incoming president in a was chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. like lyndon johnson had served 32 years in congress. very different experience. >> the motorcade is now leaving st. john's church. if you're driving, how long does that take? >> i think i could run there faster. all of the one ways. you have to go around. these guys have to go around pennsylvania avenue.
9:39 am
>> i was going to say, the other thing about president obama, he is leaving with very good approval ratings and a good feeling in the country. even though he said this election was really a common tear on his record, as well. mrs. clinton did not win, obviously. but his numbers are solid at this point. unemployment rate is down, below 5%. there's a lot of holes in there and temporary workers and people not looking for jobs. but by and large, he's going out with an enormous amount of good feeling. and you see that reflected in his big polls. >> and yet, he expresses big disappointment of not bringing the big change in washington. >> george w. bush felt like he was short there, too. >> you cannot make change and unify the country at the same time. i mean that not as a negative. if you're going to run on
9:40 am
change, change is disruptive. >> getting our first views at the white house there. dr. jill biden. karen pence, vice president-elect, mike pence. i heard they might not use the diplomatic entrance to the white house. but that's exactly where they have pulled up. when president obama, chuck, walks out on that carpet and that suv carrying donald trump pulls up, it's and understatement to say, that is not the person he expected to see getting out of that car, somewhere through this election cycle. what is the moment going to be like for him personally and politically? >> you know, it's my understanding the moment that -- the moment for him, that moment he's already been through. he has actually -- i think it was a rough few days after the election. he has viewed his role here as being the guy to buck everybody else up.
9:41 am
i thought it was fascinating at the press conference this week. i thought he used the question about his daughters almost as a metaphor to other democrats to say, they're not moping. you know? the only thing that's the end of the world is the end of the world. and i loved when he said -- journalists, the private meetings. what do you think? this is what i really think. that is who obama is. >> no drama. >> yeah. >> always has the ability to simultaneously be in the moment and above the moment. >> and no drama obama. he showed it. and i think he's living it in this moment. >> mrs. obama is brushing off his shoulders. we like to see the attention that you deserve from your wives on those occasions. it goes back to the point that there is nothing to be gained for him at all to be short or churlish in any fashion whatsoever. moreover, whatever people feel
9:42 am
about his politics, they conducted themselves so well as a family at the white house. >> let's sit back for a second and watch this moment, as it unfolds.
9:43 am
>> mr. president-elect. how are you? good to see you. congratulations. so nice to see you. how are you? thank you. you look beautiful. we have the official procession. now, you will get used to the motos. you can go right here. >> president obama telling donald trump, president-elect trump, you will get used to the protocol. and for those of you who have done some shopping around the country at a store called tiffany's -- >> there's a lot of spouses that recognize that blue box. something about the marines. it didn't just any marines that get to do this. they are the best of the best that get that. >> a word on the box. we remember where tiffany's is in new york. close to trump tower. i think it was not a long walk to make that purchase.
9:44 am
in 2009, michelle obama gave a president to laura bush, who was the outgoing first lady, which was a journal. she was encouraged to write her memoirs. so, this may be a new tradition. >> michael, it's not always just the president-elect and future first lady and the president and current first lady at these gatherings. at times, it's been expanded to include a vice president, children of the presidents and president-elects have also been present. >> right. speaker of the house. the chairman of the inaugural committee. and sometimes a dog. when george h.w. bush was coming out of the white house to greet bill clinton who had defeated him, chelsea clinton walked up and padded the bush's dogs. and george h.w. bush with that enormous civility said, chelsea, welcome to your new house.
9:45 am
>> you brought up something. one of the things this staff does during the move. in day, they have to depet tify the place. and they want to make sure there isn't any allergies. the clintons, you had to get rid of the cat stuff. we don't know what the allergies are of the trumps. but it is funny. that's among the things they are doing today. >> that move, as they're given five hours to do it, basically, from the time the procession leaves the white house to the time at the end of the inaugural parade. peter alexander's piece was thorough a little while ago. they basically change -- some of it has been moved out of the white house. one moving van will leave on this day. that's tradition. but they change everything, michael, from the tooth bushes to the brand of shampoo that the incoming first family desires to have in those bathrooms. >> and they do it effortlessly. and the first family comes in and finds all of the foods they
9:46 am
like, from the places that they like. with one exception. and 1969, when the nixons came in, they asked for ice cream. and turns out all they could find was butter brickell ice cream, which was the favorite of the johnson girls. >> there's a mcdonald's about half a block from the white house. and as we all know, the incoming president loves him some fast food. and that mcdonald's, we've had a white house that hasn't been pro-fast food i think. outgoing president does enjoy it. but i have a feeling that mcdonald's will busy. >> when lyndon johnson left office, it left the shower, that it were not regulated could take out the west wall. and he told richard nixon, you're going to love this. and nixon got blown into the far wall. and he said, get rid of this thing. and he left a recording device,
9:47 am
that gave nixon an idea, i should be recording things. not the best idea in the next presidency. >> he brought up the thick thint nixon and johnson. johnson, obsessed with television. and maybe we haven't had a president that is wants to watch the media as much with trump, since johnson, right? >> johnson had triple television, bolted on to every surface, including bathrooms, which was unusual. >> and this is the '60s. >> the '60s. and two enormous wire service tickers for the younger viewers. the wire ticker was a device. >> the twitter of then. >> and a spigot with fresca, at the president's desk. >> johnson referred to as fresco. >> we glanced past it, as we saw president obama leaving the desk
9:48 am
on the desk in the oval office. talk about the isn'tment sentim is expressed. >> that's a new tradition, that goes back to donald reagan, who left a letter for his president, george h.w. bush. and a piece of stationary, that said, don't let the turkeys get you down. there's some days, george, you want to use this stationery. go for it. and every outgoing president has written a similar letter to the incoming president. >> there was a kerfuffle about the condition of the white house. there were reports that things had been lifted. and there had been trash in parts of the white house where there ought not to have been. and snarly messages left in different areas. >> missing "ws."
9:49 am
how real was that, nicolle? >> i we got to work. and george w. bush tried to pay it forward, with a smooth transition between himself and mr. obama. >> we talked shortly after noon, president trump will deliver his inaugural address. undoubtedly, the most important speech he will have given in his life. does he have any chance between this moment and that moment, to sit in some quiet room and go over those remarks before he delivers it to the world? >> not much. you look at presidents to see, did they just before they walked on to the capitol steps -- i won't describe what a telephone booth was. and make a few notations. and they don't have have the time. >> can i mention, george w. bush and laura bush arriving at the capitol. making the trip to washington, despite the fact his father, and mother are in ill health. but saying they are coming to represent the bush family.
9:50 am
and the good news is, that george h.w. bush and barbara bush are said to be doing better. >> not only that, we got to hear some stories we won't share how much better he's doing. it was good news to hear. >> that's a tease, chuck. you're not allowed to do that. what goes on in commercials stays in commercials. >> another great reagan story. after he left office and he came back, and he described to a public audience what it was like to return. and he said, we made the slow turn over the nation's capital, and saw the washington monument. the jefferson monument. and david gergen in the rose garden. >> david gergen. an old joke back from the day that served in four or five-straight presidencies. >> it is inevitable that in the hours that follow, somebody will post an aerial view of the mall in washington. and over lay this scene with what happened four years ago, and eight years ago, for barack obama.
9:51 am
and try to compare the size of the audience. and e kwaquate it to enthusiasm. >> that is inevidencible. he comes in divided. had hillary clinton won, she would have been the most unpopular incoming president at the time. this was a divisive election. it's a divided country. you're going to have a different level of enthusiasm. i go back. i think in the trump transition, they've missed some opportunities to little moments that could have brought the country together in a bigger way. >> i agree with that. that's especially important for a president elected without the popular vote, with a relatively narrow electoral vote majority. if he had done more of that, we would see numbers higher today. >> your boss, george w. bush, he spent a shorter transition, worried about the asterisk, as i
9:52 am
called it. he erased it. >> i'm watching the pictures. and i imagine them saying, did you pack my golf clubs? this is the last time they will stand there. and it's just remarkable. you know. >> this is tape. i want people to understand. it's a different angle. >> waiting for them to walk in. >> they were waiting for the car to pull up. and you want to hear the inside of these conversations. >> i think he's saying, what's for dinner tonight? >> or what do you want to do tomorrow? we're free. >> just thinking, i hope the marines didn't lock their knees. >> we saw the video that michelle obama posted a couple of nights ago with her taking her last walk through with the dogs. and she tweeted, it has been the honor of my life to be your first lady. behind the scenes, what is the feeling about her emotions as she prepares to leave? >> i think president obama
9:53 am
pulled back the curtain. and our daughter saw this election. she had been shaken to her core by donald trump's statements and the "access hollywood" tape. they took this campaign personally. and their graciousness is despite their feelings that were real during the campaign. >> when he was running for office, barack obama was running for office, there was a waiting time in chicago when she was described as not a sister. she had gone to ivy league schools and she had done well. and "the chicago sun times" had a revealing front page story about her. and she said, what do they expect from me? my father was a municipal worker. he was handicapped. and i went to princeton and harvard. isn't that what we're supposed to do. >> that's donald trump jr., along with his wife and children. arriving at the capitol. it occurs we will see a different first family in the white house.
9:54 am
although, baron trump is 10. he will stay in new york with melania and finish the school year. when it comes down to it, jared kushner and ivanka trump are not two children -- one is a son-in-law. these two are going to become the power couple in washington. >> this is -- not only that. this is trump has embraced the idea. he wants to be compared to the kennedys. and in some way, it is a compare comparison. the kennedys, politics was the family business. and for donald trump, business is family business. and the new business is politics. and he wants the -- that's who his trusted advisers are. and most trusted will always have the last name of kushner. >> donald trump jr. is the oldest of the trump children. ivanka is second. eric is third. and followed by tiffany, the daughter he has with marla maples trump.
9:55 am
and baron, i mentioned, 10 years old. you have to stop and think about how -- we've seen this with, obviously, jenna bush hager and her sister and sasha and malia. how life is going to change. and i don't think it will be the traditional change we're used to seeing. >> the family doesn't ask for this life. most don't want this life. we know that melania was sort of a reluctant participant in many ways that laura bush was reluctant. and sounds like michelle obama, as well. when you have a 10-year-old child in the middle of a school year, you're wise to keep his interest first as your first priority. >> you consider asking about michelle obama. she is looking forward to civilian life, i think, more than any of -- >> out of the bubble. >> out of the bubble. she has been on stage for eight years. and you know, she had a rough
9:56 am
time during early parts of that '08 campaign. and so, she really sort of, you know, decided, she wasn't going to speak her mind. it wasn't until this campaign that you saw her speak her mind more so politically than ever before. it will be interesting to see the role she carves out for herself. i heard others around obama, he is mindful. it's her turn. what she wants to do, he wants to support that. >> and there was talk saying that, michelle, it's your turn, in a different way. >> she shut that down. but she leaves incredibly popular. and most first ladies are always more popular than their husbands. but she has quite a platform. >> and usually, their books outsell the memoirs of their husbands. >> exactly. >> people are curious. that's the thing. we'll really know what they were talking about at that moment. probably more in michelle's memoir. not president obama's.
9:57 am
>> stands at the capitol are filling up. that's the v.i.p. section. you see, the west part of the capit capitol. the area in front of the mall, for a ceremony that begins at 11:30. with the swearing-in taking place at about noon. and inaugural address coming in after that. kellyanne conway, steven bannan arriving at the capitol. >> he shaved. we're all for the facial hair. nothing wrong like that. he seems to have three-day growth. >> it's a big day. >> the arrival of those two in the campaign, by the way, was important. >> beginning of the comeback that delivered a victory. >> i'm going to turn things over to my colleague, lester holt, in a minute. all sticking around. a long day for you guys. thanks so much for being part of our coverage this morning. nbc news continuing coverage of this inauguration, right after
9:58 am
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good morning from washington on this historic day, which is they will be departing shortly for the u.s. capitol. and we are following it all now. our coverage on nbc news begins right now. >> from nbc news, the inauguration of donald trump, live from washington.


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