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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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restore its promise for all of our people. >> president trump's inaugural address continued the message of his campaign. >> america will start winning again. winning like never before. >> he talked about the problems created by the government. >> their victories have not been your victories. their triumphs have not been your triumphs. and while they celebrated in our nation's capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land. >> as the rain fell, he tried to offer hope. >> we will follow two simple rules. buy american and hire american. >> and made a promise to the country. >> together, we will make america strong gets. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again.
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and, yes, together we will make america great again. >> travelled from our area here down to washington to get the front row seat to history. >> nbc 10's lauren mayk caught up with people from delaware, new jersey and pennsylvania. she is also here in the nation's capital with us and joins us live. lauren? >> reporter: jacqueline and jim, we watched the ceremony and the speech from here on the mall, which back then had a lot of people on it. and you can see the capitol is quite far away. there are big screens along the edges where they could see things up close. and we met local families who have made or are making this a tradition. as the new president was sworn in, they weren't up near the stage or even close. but chris mcandrews and his daughter, colleen can say they were here. >> i can say i was there at that event. >> reporter: the father and
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daughter got a spot on the mall and matching it trump hats. >> he had that jersey attitude. if you're not new jersey you just know. >> reporter: dad hopes some things are toned down. what do you need to see from him? >> i need to see him put the phone down. >> reporter: a new administration starts today. this mother and daughter from newark can claim their spot in history. >> every time it happens i feel compelled to come. >> it was cool because this is my first year voting, it was cool to be able to vote for the first time and seeing him win and everything. >> for history buffs like this family who come every year, the sights make a new family memory. how you going to top this? >> four more years, come back again. >> reporter: and some supporters i talked to here after the speech told me they know that he may have challenges in doing what he wants to do and what he
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promised to do. but they wanted to be here as everything kicks off. live in washington, d.c., i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. all right. as you know, we've seen protesters here in the nation's capital causing problems since before donald trump actually took the oath of office. >> many demonstrators have been peaceful, others have not. protesters registered their rage against the new president in chaotic confrontations with police. some threw rocks, shattered windows and burned trash cans. you can see a limo was vandalized and set on fire. officers used flash bombs and pepper spray to subdue the crowds. >> i got pepper sprayed really bad. >> how you feeling? >> horrible. i feel like i could break down and stop breathing any minute now to be honest. i wouldn't be surprised if i
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died here. >> 100 people have been arrested during today's demonstration. a calmer gathering back at independence mall in philadelphia. hundreds to voice their opposition to the new president. they demonstrated against a variety of issues including mr. trump's stance on issues including can immigration and women's rights. students witnessed history. >> nbc 10 watched the inauguration with kids in montgomery county. it was silent as children at st. genevieve catholic school watched president trump take the oath of office. the students all watched the inauguration today from start to finish. teachers say the kids may not understand everything, but they know it's an historic moment. >> i think that we should trust him because he might become a good president, but some people don't think that. >> the older students learned about the election and the inauguration in social studies
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classes. the school principal says it was important for all kids to watch the event. nbc 10 is your home for inauguration day 2017. we bring you a live special of the inauguration of donald trump at 7:30 this evening. that's right after a special hour-long edition of nightly news. >> we'll be back with more coverage coming up in a few minutes. for now let's send it back to philadelphia and keith and erin. >> thank you so much. back here in philadelphia, the same drizzly conditions we saw for the inauguration festivities in washington, d.c., nbc 10 on the campus of temple university where people had umbrellas out and hoods up in the rain. >> let's take a live look at conditions in center city from our kimmel city campus camera. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is timing out the rain with the most accurate forecast in philadelphia. what do you see, glenn? >> well, i see that the steady rain we saw during the afternoon has moved up to the northeast, toward new york. we have some more lighter showers back to the west.
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they're coming straight our way. so you'll need the rain gear with you this evening, even though it's not going to be heavy rain. there will by more of an issue with fog. it's dry back to the west once we get past what we see this evening the streets are wet and it's chilly outside. the east wind is keeping the temperatures down. temperatures are not going to go down during the night tonight. you don't have to worry about changeover to snow or ice. the temperature holding fairly steady. that's the symbol for fog and that's what we'll be seeing across much of the area tomorrow morning. that's the start of the weekend. by the end of the weekend we have big problems with a nor'easter, more on that coming up. >> to something else that's going to affect a lot of people. breaking traffic news. parts of the new jersey and pennsylvania turn pikes are closed because of a crack on the
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delaware river bridge. the turn pike committee says crews saw the crack today. they'll have to repair it before traffic can be allowed back. backups on the jersey side are two miles long right now. two people are dead after a house fire in delaware county. >> it started before noon today. it's not far from i-95. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is learning about the victims tonight. >> reporter: two row homes in chester city went up in flames before noon. one of the house is abandoned, neighbors say the other was home to a moefrther and her huhidabiy sons. >> i ran to my back window. >> a neighbor heard a heard small explosion and ran outside, called 911 and started evacuating the block. >> you know, i hollered is anybody in there? couldn't get in because the
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flames coming out. >> the city's mayor says two people died in the firefighter, both of them adults. >> i live here in the city of chester. and i'm hear to be supportive of surviving members, to show our support as the mayor. >> smoke damage, i'm on the phone now with insurance companies. >> reporter: marsha benton lives right next door. her row house was damaged and she said the two victims usually kept to themselves, now the neighborhood is mourning. >> anytime lives are lost, you know. it's just so sad. it's just so sad. >> reporter: the exact cause of this fire still remains under investigation. but the mayor's office tells me they do hope to provide an update that could include the identity and ages of those victims. nbc 10 news. a south jersey police officer is charged in the death of his 8-year-old daughter. prosecutors charged 46-year-old kenneth ryder with endangering the health of a child.
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they say he left a loaded gun unsecuritied in his home. his 8-year-old daughter, sailor died of a gunshot wound in new year's eve. he was suspended from the police department without pay. to philadelphia where police are looking for a would be kidnapper. this is video of the suspect, detectives say the 5-year-old was walking with her mom last thursday. the suspect tried to pull the girl away but couldn't. police say he then ran away. new details tonight into a fake doctor giving physicals to philadelphia students. today the school district said more than 100 students received sports physicals from the alleged doctor. the physicals happened in the spring, but school district leaders recently learned the woman provided a fake license number. the school district says new protocols are being created to keep this from happening again. up next, we're back live in
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washington, d.c. with continuing coverage of the inauguration of donald trump. >> former vice president joe biden was here at the swearing in ceremony. and nbc 10's tim furlong took the train with him from the capital to the party in wilmington. we'll take you along for the ride. a live look at the white house at the first day of donald trump's presidency, he's promising to put the needs of the country before anything else. >> from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. america first.
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the time for empty talk is over. now arrives the hour of action. >> a new day in america, president donald trump delivered his first message as the nation's new leader, suggesting his election will lead to a new national pride that will heal our division. >> welcome back to our live coverage from washington, d.c. as the inauguration of donald trump as our 45th president of the united states. president trump asked those
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who attended a luncheon this afternoon to stand up and applaud his campaign rival, hillary clinton. president trump said he was very honored to have president clinton and the former secretary of state at that luncheon. he said he had a lot of respect for those two people. >> this morning, now former president obama spent his last moments in the oval office before becoming a private citizen. he walked past his desk and spoke with a staffer before walking down the colonnade. >> after one final thank you to the american people, barrack and michelle obama waved good bye to the crowd gathered at andrews air force base. the family jetted off to palm springs to enjoy time away from the spotlight. >> as for joe biden and his wife, they took the train back home to delaware after his official duties were over. >> nbc 10's tim furlong rode along with them to wilmington, delaware and he has that part of
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our story. >> reporter: and with that, now former vice president biden was back on the train to delaware and he said he looks forward to a break. sgl go to our house. >> reporter: he told us he appreciated the peaceful transition of power. while he hears the concerns of americans who didn't vote for donald trump, he doesn't think all their fears are justified. at least not on day one of a new administration. >> the idea he can turn back rights for lbgt compamunity and african-american community, i just don't think -- the country is beyond it. >> reporter: back in wilmington at the train station named in his honor. joe biden and his family said hello to the mayor. down in the main terminal, a huge gathering of friends and family, some here say they don't always agree with joe biden politically but they appreciate his dedication to service. on the way to the chase center
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firefighters saluted the motorcade. the bidens are happy to be at home in delaware and doing delaware things. >> just enjoy it, just, you know. >> reporter: joe biden stayed here until he shook every hand in the place. he'll have a little bit of a break and then he'll work with university of delaware and u penn. nbc 10 news. as for events looking ahead to tomorrow, there's a women's march here in washington and other u.s. cities as well, including philadelphia. we want to show you some street closures that are going to be taking place in center city tomorrow. the march starts at 10:00 a.m. at 20th and the ben franklin parkway. it will head west. >> streets ipthat area will be closed until noon. the demonstration is set to wrap up around 3:00 in the afternoon. you can see all of those road closures on the free nbc 10 app. it should not be raining
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here in washington, d.c. for the women's march. >> let's find out about the weather in philadelphia and head back to our studios and glenn "hurricane" schwartz. rain sunday? >> that's right. sunday is the day when the wet weather is coming. saturday is a day for the out door activity, even though it may have dense fog in the morning. the first alert we have for heavy rain and strong winds that covers the entire area, it's not for tomorrow. it's for sunday afternoon through monday night. and the worst of it is going to be during the day monday. the way it looks. rain heavy at times, with strong wind gusts and also some coastal flooding. we have cloudy skies now, it's kind of dreary. we have some fog developing. a few sprinkles coming back from the west. but the steadier rain that we saw this afternoon, that is long gone. that's up past new york city. it's cloudy everywhere, the temperature near 4067.
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it's not going to drop tonight. the clouds stays in, the temperatures stayed down, the east wind keeping temperatures 41 at ocean city and summers point, 43 cape may point and stone harbor, for example. the wind at the shore is really going to be picking up on sunday. so watch this as we go through the day tomorrow. and we have the clouds and the fog. but with a southwest wind, some of the air in virginia that's in the 50s now will be coming this way. here comes the rain. this is overnight saturday night into sunday morning. and especially delaware and at the jersey shore, you get pounded. that's the first batch. there's the second main part of the storm that's going to be coming that sunday night and into monday. much of the rest of the day on sunday after the morning could just be like today, with the drizzle and fog and the east wind increasing. but here's the main area,
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starting to come up. look at that. by noontime on monday, they're getting clobbered in delaware and the jersey shore and even heavier activity, perhaps thunderstorms from washington down to salisbury, maryland, headed up in our direction. here's the european model showing the winds. sunday evening as it's starting to pick up right at the coast. look at what happens during the day monday. wind gusts over 30 miles per hour. even back well inland by later in the morning, the computer is showing wind gusts of over 50 miles per hour. straight out of the east. that's the kind of wind that can cause flooding. and that's why i expect some coastal flooding, high tides monday. and rehobeth beach 4:13 in the morning. that's going to be a rough one. cape may, 5:00 and 5:20.
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12 hours apart. both of these high tides i think we'll be seeing some significant coastal flooding. and the weather tomorrow, not too bad. it's kind of cloudy, but temperatures getting into the 50s in most of the area. witnessing history and looking forward to the future. >> i'm very proud. >> this is disgusting. >> i'm ted greenburg. what the inauguration of donald trump means to the young minds being shaped at a new jersey university. where should you start when you're
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the senate has voted to confirm james mattis donald
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trump's defense secretary. he retired from the marine corp in 2013. he replaces ash carter, who grew up in montgomery county. and we're also just getting word of a second cabinet post confirmed, john kelly as secretary of homeland security. all right, back to today's historic events. some of our youngest voters from our area, got to watch history being made today, including students at stockton university in galloway township. >> ted greenberg listened in. >> reporter: lunchtime at stockton university's campus center. varying tastes and very different takes on today's presidential inauguration of donald trump. >> i literally can't stand him. >> this is like, a landmark day in the united states history. >> it's unbelievable, surreal.
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i believed in him since day one and i feel like he's going to be a president for everybody. >> reporter: some tables packed with mixed feelings. >> it won't be that bad. >> it's just the thought that this man is so hateful. >> i have split opinions. just one because i'm muslim and his views on islam and whatnot i don't agree with him. the way he views the military, i'm all for that. >> i'm afraid. i've been afraid since the result of the election. >> reporter: not everyone here was focused on the tv. some students told me, they had no interest in watching. >> i don't really care for it. it's just going to happen. >> we share one heart. >> reporter: a new president. now at the helm of a deeply divided nation. >> all we can do is see where time takes us. >> nbc 10 news. more coverage on the inauguration of donald j. trump when we come back.
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welcome back to the nation's capital where it has been a busy day and there's more to come this evening. president donald trump is getting ready to attend three inaugural balls tonight. >> we have much more coverage coming your way. join us at 7:30 for a special edition of nbc 10, the inauguration of donald trump. that's after a special one hour edition of nbc nightly news. >> let's send it back to the nbc 10 studios in philadelphia for a final check of our forecast. >> thanks, guys, we'll see you at 7:30. we've got weather to talk about. >> yeah, things are going to be going downhill. >> yeah. >> get outside, do your stuff tomorrow. because it's going to be much warmer than today. it's also going to be dry, then sunday it's cooler and wetter. monday is just awful with strong gusty winds, along with the heavy rain. then things quiet down. look at wednesday up near 60
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degrees. >> oh, my goodness. thanks glenn, thanks for watching. i'm erin coleman. >> i'm keith jones, up next nbc nightly news next with lester holt. . tonight, pomp, pageantry and protests, as donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states. >> congratulations, mr. president. an historic transfer of power. a farewell to the obamas. and celebrations as crowds pack the parade route. dramatic split screen as police in riot gear clash with violent demonstrators nearby. teargas, flash-bangs, smashed windows and fires. tonight the new president's message to a deeply divided nation. an inaugural address like we've never heard before. his surprise salute to hillary clinton. >> i'd like you to stand up. >> and now, the


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