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tv   NBC 10 Inauguration Day  NBC  January 20, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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a new president begins a new era in washington. >> from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. >> as supporters celebrate, protesters take action. as america awaits a new future after the inauguration of donald trump. a live look at the white house where donald trump will spend his first night as president of the united states. but the night is still young. the president and first lady have three inaugural balls to attend later tonight. here's the live look inside the first event where guests have
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started to arrive and are waiting the arrival of their new president. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jack rosenfield with special coverage of the inauguration of donald trump. >> that inauguration took place behind us. it was the inauguration of a new president and the start of change. ♪ for spacious skies ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ for purple mountain majesty ♪ above the fruited plains ♪ america america ♪ >> i donald john trump do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. this is your day. this is your celebration.
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and this, the united states of america, is your country. ♪ together we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and yes, together, we will make america great again. thank you. god bless you. and god bless america. ♪ >> hundreds of thousands descended on washington to watch this historic moment. >> nbc 10's lauren mayk is joining us from the national mall where she's been speaking to people from our area who traveled here to d.c. to watch today's events unfold. lauren, what did people have to say to you about all this? >> well, jim and jacqueline, we
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watched that ceremony and the speech from here on the mall. and we heard all of the emotions of the day. there was cheering for the new president, cheering for the outgoing president, even boos when hillary clinton showed up on the big screen. and there was a group from the lehigh valley here who came with hope for a new administration. up against railings, along streets, they waited to see it in person. and back in this corner of the mall, a group of lehigh valley voters took their spot. >> this is the best thing that happened since ronald reagan. >> members of the lehigh valley tea party took a bus in together. >> what are you feeling right now? >> this is really exciting. this is great. you look up at the capitol and all these people around. we're finally going to have hopefully a conservative in the office and it's going to limit government. >> they're looking to donald trump to usher in a new era. have you been to an inauguration before? >> i have not. this is exciting. >> have you wanted to come to
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one before? >> i have not had a president that i could look up to. maybe reagan, but i was younger. >> while some are here for what now president trump represents, others we talked to came for the moment rather than the man. sue lauren has been to four inaugurations. >> reagan, bush, obama, this one. >> how does this compare? >> well, it's a lot less people and it's a lot more interesting because you have the divide in the country. so the people who are for trump are really excited. >> how do you feel? >> we'll see. >> as the new administration starts, the new president will have some skepticism and some support just like he did today. i talked to people after his inaugural address and his supporters here gave him good reviews. one woman from delaware telling me she liked the christian basis
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of it. another man from philadelphia telling me that the president made it clear this would be a strong nation and setting the tone for four years. live in washington, d.c., i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. and lauren, yes, he definitely stayed on script during that inaugural address. thanks, lauren. >> from washington to our region, some of new jersey's youngest voters watched tv for today's historic swearing in of donald trump. students at stockton university in galloway township focused their attention on the inauguration during lunch. they allowed us to listen in on their conversation. >> greatest of all time. i've waited a long time for this. this is like a landmark day in united states history. >> just the thought that, you know, this man is so hateful is going the be our president. >> i literally can't stand him. >> several students expressed hope that trump will be able to unite a nation so deeply divided. >> and students who aren't yet
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even old enough to vote understood the importance of today's events. >> deanna durante shows us the historic event through their eyes. >> we're getting a new president. >> i think it's exciting because wee have a new president. >> the president-elect of the united states. >> they don't know why it's time for a new president. >> donald john trump. >> it wouldn't be fair for the other people that want to be president because it would be one person. >> but they know it's a big day. >> when a president gets elected, he has to say an oath. >> you may not know it by everything they're saying that these kids have only lived long enough to know one president. president for your whole life. >> well, i'm 8 1/2. >> i stand corrected. >> he's going to protect the united states and that he's going to try as hard to make us happy. >> i think genevieve and all classes had eyes on the big screen though some were not too sure if applause was welcome.
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more than 270 students in the school and all of them watched the oath of office. the principal says it's not about republicans or democrats. it's about watching history. >> i think it's a good day. >> we did mention they're 8, right? and opinions are older kids are pretty surprising too. >> it could go either way. hopefully it's good because his success is our success. >> and in these classrooms, they'll be watching. >> i think we should trust him and hope that he'll do the best for us. >> deanna durante, nbc 10 news. all eyes were on president trump today. >> yes, but people were also curious to see how hillary clinton would react to all of this today. she was here in washington washington. she was on stage for that oath of office along with former president bill clinton. they also attended the inaugural luncheon where president trump thanked them personally and the crowd gave her a standing ovation. so after the oath, the lunch, the parade, now they can party. they can relax a little bit, right? >> absolutely they can.
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indeed. >> all right. here's another look live inside one of three inaugural balls where they're doing just that. the theme of this event is liberty. the others are freedom and the armed forces. >> the big question surrounding these events for some people is what will everyone be wearing. many people focus on melania trump, the first lady. earlier today we can tell you that the new first lady wore a powder blue ralph lauren dress. she also wore matching shoes and gloves. her style drew praise on social media with many people saying he was channelling jackie o. you can take a look and see if you can agree. kennedy wore powder blue to her husband's inauguration in 1961. that's not the only blue people have their eyes on today. everyone is wondering what's in that blue tiffany box that melania trump gave to michelle obama this morning. so far no one is saying. we'll have to see if that remains a mystery or not. >> as donald trump's presidency begins, barack obama's, of course, came to an end.
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we want to show you moving pictures today. white house photographer pete souza captured the president flying over the white house one last time. now the obamas talking about their next step. >> plus welcome back, joe. we're there as delaware celebrates the return of it favorite son. that's coming up next on our special live coverage from washington. >> together we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and yes, together we will make america great again. thank you. god bless you. and god bless america. thank you. god bless america. >> tomorrow at 7:00, growing greater philadelphia in partnership with the select greater philadelphia council on
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with a smile and a wave, the obamas said good-bye. after the inauguration, the former president and former first lady thanked supporters at andrews air force base before boarding a plane for palm springs, california. i want to take you live to palm springs where the obamas are scheduled to arrive at any moment on what is an overcast day there. no california sun for them to greet them about the obamas have not said how long they're going to stay in california, but at some point they'll be back to washington where they have a new home not far from ivanka trump. >> before taking off today the president reminded his supporters that even though his presidency the over, their work is not. >> this is a little pit stop. this is not a period. this is a comma. in the continuing story of building america. >> while the obamas take a much
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needed break, they're also looking toward the future. today they posted this video announcing their next project. a presidential center based in chicago. the obamas say it will be a living, working center for citizenship. and they want the public's ideas. they've also set a website at >> joe biden also left washington this morning or this afternoon, i should say, but we know he has no plans to slow down. mr. biden will continue to work on issues with the university of delaware and also the university of pennsylvania, but today was really all about going back home. >> nbc 10's tim furlong was with joe biden as he returned to delaware to celebrate his legacy. >> joe biden, now a former vice president, leaving d.c. today the way he always got to and from there. he rode the rails back home to delaware. he chatted with me on the train about inauguration. >> a peaceful transition of power. >> then he and his wife arrived
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at the wilmington's train station. he was greeted by wilmington's mayor, an old friend of the bidens, then at the terminal, a huge crowd of friends then a firefighter salute and then a rally with very vocal fans. through some tear, biden thanked delawareans for supporting him personally and professionally. he told the crowd they should support the new president even if they don't necessarily agree with some of the things he's said and done to this point. >> i've disagreed with the incoming administration. but folks, we got to give him a chance. >> as usual he closed with hugs, hand shakes and a big thank you for the crowd that had come to thank him. >> when i die, delaware will be written on my heart. >> in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> you can see much more of furlong's story on vice president joe biden. >> we posted portions of it on
7:46 pm so you can check it out there. all right, let's talk about protests that took place today causing some chaos here on the streets of washington, d.c., and now thousands of women are planning a large march here tomorrow. we'll be right back. >> we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone but rather to let it shine as an example. we will shine for everyone to follow. we will reinforce old alliances and form new ones and unite the civilized world against radical islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth.
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chaos erupted in parts of washington, d.c., today as police and protesters clashed in the streets. police used pepper spray and flash bangs as protesters did damage to businesses and other property. at one point a limo went up in flames. the protesters included union members from philadelphia. we swau them confronting police and trying to block streets. they told us they have little confidence that president trump will bring back jobs. >> doesn't care about working people. he bankrupt casinos in atlantic city and vegas. we're fighting back as working people in this country. >> a calmer gathering at independence mall. hundreds gathered at the historic sites to voice their opposition to the new president. they demonstrated against a variety of issues including mr. trump's stance on issues including immigration and women's rights. >> speaking of women's rights, the biggest protest we expect
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tomorrow, the women's march on washington expected to draw up to 200,000 people and corresponding protests will be held around the country including in delaware, new jersey and philadelphia, too. meantime, a store in washingt washingtond.c. is helping women get dressed. it's called the outrage. lines going out the door. they hope to stay open after the women's march. the owners say they'll donate part of their profits to women's rights organizations. people making their voices heard on that. also on president trump's inaugural speech. >> former pennsylvania governor ed rendell said that president trump missed a real opportunity, and he has some advice for the new president. >> look, it was a lot of rhetoric, some that caused that division, if i did so, i apologize. time to put all that behind us. it's one country. let's get going, get moving. what he did was give a dark
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divisive speech. >> if you were to advise the president moving forward, what would you tell him? >> i would say take that iphone and throw it in the potomac river. no more tweeting, no more any of that stuff. concentrate on being president. as president, as mayor, as governor, people are going to say bad things about you. that's part of the job, just like, you know, dust is for a coal miner. let it roll off your back. >> given president trump's love of tweeting, we'll see if he takes ed rendell's advice. >> we'll show you some of the messages he's already put out. that's next as our coverage continues live from washington, d.c. >> we assembled here today are issuing a new decree to be heard in every city, in every foreign capital and in every hall of power. from this day forward, a new
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welcome back to our live coverage from the nation's capital. the inaugural balls well under way right now. this is a look the liberty ball under way here in washington. amidst all the celebration today, there was some business to attend to. president trump signed his first bill into law just moments after taking the oath of office. that one paves the way for retired general james mattis to serve as secretary of defense. just moments ago, in fact, he was sworn in by vice president pence along with john kelly as homeland security secretary. >> from signing to tweeting.
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as soon as president trump took the oath a new twitter page for potus was created just for him. we can tell you that that twitter page already has more than 13 million followers. so far only two tweets, but more to come. the most recent of those tweets said, on behalf of my entire family, thank you. >> and his official twitter handle potus, he inherits that now. president obama no longer has that twitter handle. he goes to potus44 and he also apparently went back to his personal instagram handle, barack obama and also i think on twitter, barack obama. so life changing on both sides for them as far as social media goes. >> and life changing as they are now on vacation in palm springs, california, enjoying their time off. and that much needed break.
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we hope you'll join us tonight at 11:00 for more coverage from the anyways's capital. have a good night. caribbean t in the and start wandering now. come seek the royal caribbean. ♪
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