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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nbc10 news starts now. >> president trump. ♪ >> sending a message in the first dance with the new first lady. >> we want to see great things happen for our country. we want to make america great again. and we will. >> inaugural ball spreading into the night. >> and now the work begins. >> good evening.
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>> i'm jim rosenfield live in washington, dc where trump is now the nation's 45th president and the parties still going on in the nation's capital at this hour. a live look at one of the three inaugural balls that president trump and first lady melania trump attend tonight. this one, just waiting for them to officially greet the crowd. >> about 90 minutes ago, we saw the trumps carry on an american tradition. first dance as president and first lady. ♪ i did it my way >> the president and first lady danced to frank sinatra's "my way." he spoke about it on the campaign trail and inaugural ball capped off an historic day in washington. here's what the commander in chief had to say on stage. >> today, we had a great day. you're going to see things happening over the next few weeks, oh, you're going to be so
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happy. i want to thank all of our supporters. my number one supporter, me llaa melania, what she puts up with. thank you, honey. >> the first family went from the liberty ball to the freedom ball to the salute to the armed forces ball, a whirlwind day for the new president. >> donald john trump. >> validation for the businessman and former reality tv star. secretary hillary clinton holding her own, michelle obama unsmiling. >> i, donald john trump. >> donald trump takes the oath of office. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> the commander in chief wasting no time condemning the politicians around him. >> washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. politicians prospered but the jobs left and the factories closed. >> the president vowing to stop what he called american carnage,
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poverty, troubled school, drugs, crime, and economic decline. >> january 20th, 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. >> then an olive branch. >> i was very honored, very, very honored when i heard that president bill clinton and secretary hillary clinton was coming today and i think it's appropriate and i'd like you to stand up. >> the president walked part of the parade route. first lady melania at his side on their way to the white house. watching the remainder of the parade from the reviewing stand. the 45th president watching proudly with his family. >> kelly was just approved by the senate.
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>> back now live to the armed forces ball where president trump is speaking to those attending. let's listen in. >> maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. maybe that's the way. now, we have some folks right now in afghanistan, and i think they hear me. there's about a 6 second delay, but i think they hear me. do you guys hear me? i think, maybe. let's see how good we're doing. they hear me. they hear me. they hear me. how is it over there? >> president trump speaking to the armed services, those in uniform serving overseas in afghanistan at the armed forces ball tonight. one of three inaugural balls that he attended along with the first lady along with mrs. pence. >> the process of repealing obamacare. >> he did so with the stroke of a pen hours after he was sworn
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in and signed the first executive order to, quote, ease the regulatory burden of the affordable care act. what does this mean exactly? it gives tral agencies broad powers to unwind regulations created under the affordable care act including the penalty for those who carry. intends for the prompt repeal of the the law. >> president trump made more than a dozen promises on the campaign trail, but he said he would do on day one of his presidency. here are five of them. introduce a constitutional amendment for congressional term limits. freeze hiring for the federal government to reduce payrolls. ban white house and congressional officials from becoming lobbyists for five years after they leave government. stop all federal funding to sanctuary cities like philadelphia, and suspend immigration from regions tied to terrorism where vetting is difficult.
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>> nbc10 has philadelphia's largest team of the nation's capital coverage. front row history. >> here on the mall, we met people from pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware a. in the nation's capital mixing with tradition, change. every moment of a new president and every step of an old one. >> anyone been to an inauguration before? >> these students made the trip from wilmington where history hinged with uncertainty. what do you think is going to change? >> i mean, really, it's a new administration for us. and we really only have known obama administration. we haven't been around anything else. >> the obamas are the first family they've grown up with. now they'll spend at least four of their teenage years with the
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trump family. potentially settudy a new set o policies. their social studies teacher. >> this is the place to be. the whole world has its eyes where we are right now. >> he said, some day, they'll run things. right now, they'll watch and learn. >> i want to be able to tell my kids, i went to the inauguration for president trump. >> the man from philadelphia said he came as a protester for richard nixon but today the supporter of a new president. i'm lauren bake. nbc news. >> in washington, calm on the streets but earlier today, police arrested about 200 protesters. >> some of them are still in the streets but it has been relatively peaceful. >> let's look at some of the video from earlier today because this afternoon, protesters set a limo on fire and television news car also went up in flames just
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blocks away from the presidential motorcade. police dressed in riot gear, trying to get protesters to back away peacefully. >> peace on the streets did not happen even with stepped up security. people threw rocks, bricks, shattered windows and burned trashed cans and also vandalized and smashed the front windows of several stores in washington. >> closer to home, a calmer gathering at independence mall in philadelphia. hundreds gathered at that historic site to voice their opposition to the new president. they demonstrated against a variety of issues including mr. trump's stance on immigration and women's rights. now, women's rights will take center stage here in the nation's capital and across the country and philadelphia. >> 50,000 people could descend on the parkway. let's go to andrea thomas.
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organizers say it's a direct response to trump's rhetoric. >> reporter: yes, the rhetoric we heard on the campaign trail. organizers say it could undo years of progress. so you see, right now, the fences are up. they are getting ready tomorrow, thousands of people will be here to take a stand. >> these are our pens which we accept donations for. >> reporter: emily cooper morris's living room is being taken over by paraphernalia for the women's march on philadelphia. >> i was just hoping i could find, you know, at least a couple hundred people willing to demonstrate with me and say, oh, we're standing with you in dc. >> reporter: but facebook post gauging interest went viral. estimates between 30,000 and 50,000 people expected to march from logan circle to uakin's ovl in washington, dc. >> we're not going to normalize the rhetoric used during the election cycle.
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>> they want a discussion about re reproduction rights and communities of color. preparation for this fight comes as many in the region spend the night celebrating the inauguration. >> i made the trip for people to see it. some people accept it, some don't. >> reporter: for the marchers, it's unacceptable. they make it known on the first day in office. they say it's only the the beginning. >> i also want them to maintain that passion, to make a change and to fight for what's right. >> reporter: organizers of this march have set up a non-profit to pair women with organizations that already are knee deep in this fight. even if this does not interest you, it's important to note that road closures will begin at about 7:00 tomorrow morning. some of them last until 5:00, so if you're not participating in this march, you may want to avoid this area. reporting live in akin's oval,
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andrea thomas, nbc10 news. >> andrea will have coverage tomorrow in washington as well as philadelphia for the marches. back here in washington, as the the trump era has begun, the obamas hit it off on vacation but bidens went home to delaware. >> the first state welcomed them home. let's go back to the studios in philadelphia with keith jones and erin coleman. major news for drivers of pennsylvania and new jersey. the delaware river bridge shut down for emergency repairs. >> the bridge connects the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpike between bucks and burlington counties. nbc10's brandon hudson live in bristol township and repair crews working well into the night. >> reporter: erin and keith, that's where we've seen them
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most of the night. regardless, this bridge will remain closed until they figure out where it's safe for you to drive on. our nbc10 camera saw turnpike crews working into the night on the delaware river turnpike bridge. hours earlier, officials decided to shut the down bridge indefinitely for emergency repairs. the bridge is just a few yards away from fred's house. he told us the bridge repairs are long overdue. >> some of the debris did come down into my yard. >> reporter: warned drivers during the evening rush hour. we met a driver from north carolina who was trying to get to new jersey for a funeral. >> how long have you been sitting in traffic? >> it's been on and off for about an hour and a half. >> it's a mad house. >> reporter: stopped at a nearby to directions. he was a truck driver trying to pick up the delivery from the new jersey side but couldn't find a convenient way across the river. >> people were blocking the freeway. >> reporter: the turnpike commission said the worker
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noticed a crack in the bridge during the routine bridge painting project. the commission aimed at new jersey turnpike authority chose to close it in both directions. suggest i-75 and the burlington bristol bridge as detours. we use the detour to get from bristol township to thei iejers side. 10 to 15 minutes without traffic. >> you see the workers right under the delaware turnpike bridge. 42,000 use this bridge every day. it will remain closed tomorrow and we want to bring you on the ground level where you can see palmer avenue where it's closed unless for homeowner traffic. now, we will continue to update you on the story and you can see those detours on our nbc10 app. reporting live in bristol township, i'm brandon hudson, nbc10 news. well, rain, gusty winds and coastal flooding. they're all in the forecast starting this weekend.
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i'm tracking a nor'easter and i'll tell you what to expect where you live. also ahead, new video of the men accused of tying up people inside a local consignment shop and getting away with thousands of dollars in merchandise. the key clues police want you to see. vice president biden's final train ride from dc to delaware, his emotional homecoming. coming up.
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the long day in washington started this morning with a changing of the guard at the white house. president obama and michelle obama greeted the new tenants at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. president trump, first lady melania trump and the obamas had coffee together as per inauguration tradition. and tonight, barack and michelle
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obama are on vacation in california. >> with a snag, their plane had to be diverted because of weather to an air reserve base about an hour away and made it out to california. before they left town here in washington, they had one final opportunity to say thank you and shared a message with staff and the country before they took off on executive one. >> proved the power of hope. thank you everybody. yes, we did. yes, we can. god bless america. >> one of the biggest trending topics on twitter today. #thankyouobama and bidens also left town this afternoon. >> but we know they have no plans of slowing down at all. we know that former vice president joe biden and jill biden left washington today. the way he always does from the city on an amtrak train and
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plans to work with the university of delaware and pennsylvania and on his way back to delaware, biden reflected on today's inauguration. >> it's a peaceful transition of power. >> the bidens were greeted by the mayor along with hundreds of cheering fans. >> now, organizers predicted nearly 900,000 people would be here for this inauguration but how many people actually showed up? >> coming up, we're going to take a look at how president trump's swearing in compared to that of former president obama's. we'll take a close look at that. for now, back to the philadelphia studios with keith and erin. >> jim, jackie, thank you. a major nor'easter headed in our direction. heavy rain and strong winds that could affect your weekend plans. >> here's first alert chief meteorologist glenn schwartz.
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most accurate in the area. when to expect this as many. >> we'll feel this nor'easter mainly starting sunday night so good through the weekend to be on the calmer side but starting sunday night and monday and monday night, it's going to be rough around here. we've got the initial problem of fog developing across the area. the visibility near zero like redding and lancaster and when you get up in the morning, there may be some difficulty in traveling because of the fog. but the nor'easter? that's where the entire area to have the first alert. we had it way ahead. sunday night through monday might for heavy rain, strong gusty winds and coastal flooding. may not be minor flooding at the coast. we've got a lot of clouds around but not much in the way of moisture. and tomorrow morning, same story. just cloudy, foggy, we look at the south for rain and two
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pieces. this is the small piece coming later saturday night and into early sunday morning, mainly delaware in the shore. that moves by and then just cloudy and damp for much of the day on sunday and here comes the next round sunday night. and this is the leading edge of the nor'easter and it's a lot bigger area for precipitation and heavier. and that heavy stuff is coming in during the day on monday. very heavy rain and gusty winds and maybe some thunderstorms in parts of the area and some models have it change over to snow in the poconos by the end. this is going to be a pretty wild system coming through and a lot of computer models show not only strong gusty winds but they're right out of the east, so sunday, it's not all that windy at 6:00 but 11:00, picking up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. monday morning, strongest.
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these are gusts to 50 plus. straight out of the east. that means coastal flooding and starts to lift up as we go towards later on monday. now the other problem, the coastal flooding. we've got to look at high tide. multiple high tides. beach to cape may. monday morning, monday afternoon. and potentially into tuesday morning. keep an eye on all of that.
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world famous radio city rockettes entertaining the cr d
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crowd. celebrating the new president tonight. as for the turnout today for the swearing in, national park service does not give out official estimates to the crowd numbers. >> thousands turned out but smaller than in 2009 with former president obama's first inauguration. we have a picture side by side comparison so you can see for yourself. it shows a pair of photos of the national mall, one taken today and one from the exact same time eight years ago. both were taken shortly before noon. you can see today's photo on the right, a lot smaller crowd. still, experts predict hundreds of thousands of people showed up today. back on capitol hill, the senate made quick work of confirming president trump's two cabinet picks. >> i, james norman mattis. >> i james, norman mattis. >> do seolemnly swear. >> that was swearing in of james
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mattis earlier tonight and confirmed with a vote of 98-1. who voted no? kerstin gillibrand. sworn in as well, secretary of homeland security after confirmation by the senate. tonight, president trump released a statement thanking the senate and the president went on to say he hopes they will quickly confirm the rest of his cabinet nominees. >> you're watching nbc10's special live coverage of the inauguration of donald trump. and a picture right now of the trump family and their first dance. ♪
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a house fire claimed the lives of two people in chester
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county today. went up in flames before noon. one of the houses was abandoned. neighbors say the other was home to the a mother and son but not clear who died. investigators looking for the cause of the fire. new surveillance showed what happened when a worker opened the door for a robber at a consignment shop in antioch. tied up at gunpoint on main street. he then let in accomplices. the trio stole near ly 60,00$60n jewelry and clothes. we'll be right back.
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the sights and sounds of the inauguration. this was some of the entertainment during the balls. and in washington with the largest group covering this inauguration. >> we're not finished yet. we have crews in place to cover the women's march. our coverage begins tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. that's going to do it for us here in washington. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. thank you so much for watching our live coverage of the inauguration of donald trump. the tonight show starring jimmy fallon is up next. have a great thiegt. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- james spader -- big sean -- science expert, kevin delaney -- musica


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