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Trump Administration
  Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  January 22, 2017 8:11am-8:38am EST

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be more petty. we're setting up the press as the person that president trump can constantly run against. he needs a foil. having a foil is good, and you know what, riling up the press has never been bad for donald trump when it comes to his connection with his supporters. but here's the downside of this, i think, for governing the country. the first 100 days, willie, you need an opportunity -- you need to build political capital. you need the support beyond the amount that you got on election day. and i think he's going to find out on day 101 when he is struggling to enact an agenda that maybe he started out too divisive to begin with. >> you have a lot to talk about this morning, chuck. chuck, thanks so much. we'll have much more on the new president these first days later this morning on "meet the press." president trump signed his first executive order just hours after taking office on friday beginning the effort to repeal and replace eventually, he says, obamacare.
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what would a repeal of the affordable care act mean to those protected by it now? i put that question to kellyanne conway, advi helper of the pres. can you give some sense of what that replacement will be? >> president trump has promised to repeal and replace in quick succession. he said it could happen the same hour, same week, same day, perhaps. i think it's great that some americans that had no health insurance now have it. that's a wonderful accomplishment. at the same time, what about all the people who had it and were happy with it who lost it? what about the single moms who now have two jobs where they work 26 to 28 hours per job so these employees who waited can provide health care under the law? >> the line that jumped out, kelly, was that everyone would get coverage. some people read that as single,
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pair. >> what he means is no one will go without coverage, first of all, what we just discussed. and also there will be ways for people to access affordable, quality health insurance if thad like to get it. but we're doing away with the obamacare penalty. this tax has been such a burden on many americans, and it's also been a burden on many small business owners, many who complained to us that that obamacare penalty, along with so many other draconian embassies and then to be able to go after their dream. we need to put in place the proper environment and the incentives that allow small businesses and mom and pops and mothers and dads all across the country to be able to flourish if they would like to. by the same token we need to be sure we're not throwing more
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obstacles in their way. this is something donald trump can do in pretty short order, and people, instead of being reflectively negative and critical, should really stop and think about the difference he can make for many people. >> donald trump has said a replacement is imminent, though we've heard no details about it yet. we'll have much more in the next hour with kellyanne conway, his battle with intel agencies and her rise to become one of the most powerful women in the country. meanwhile, andrew peters is helping us out while dillon is out on maternity leave. she's got deadly weather in the south. >> at least four people have been killed in southern georgia overnight, residents picking up the pieces in mississippi. louisiana, texas and oklahoma also destroyed in the weather. we had a high risk issue here in the southeast. this is the first time we will
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have seen this in over two years, possibly the first time on record, in through florida. here's the very deadly setup. temperatures well above normal in the southeast. you have the low, you also have the moisture. all of this bringing typical conditions you would see in the springtime. here is that deadly high risk. this means we have the potential for not only strong tornadoes, but also long-lived tornadoes. unfortunately, it's in t good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. cloudy conditions philadelphia and north. some haze will hang around the day. overall, iranian doesn't return until we move into this evening. we're under a first alert for the entire viewing area starting tonight and lasting all the way into early tuesday morning, particularly because the winds pick up tonight and get strong to damaging tomorrow with heavy rain and some coastal flooding likely for your monday. >> i cannot stress how dangerous the situation is. it's actuallyctually lasting eve
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go through the overnight hours this evening. straight ahead, the highs and lows of this week, including president george w. bush and the poncho. stealing the show on a grizzly inauguration day. and the ninja mom who went into stealth mode to sneak out of her sleeping baby's room. plus, marathon cheeats. women finding ways to reach the i was out here smoking instead of being there for my son's winning shot.
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inauguration. president obama was there, of course, along with presidents carter, clinton, and george w. bush. george h.w. bush's health prevented him from attending. he watched from a houston hospital. we send him and barbara bush our best this morning. as the raindrops began to fall, president bush reached for a poncho. just couldn't get that sucker to go on right. after a brief battle, he settled for just resting it on his head. that supporting role goes to his vice president, dick cheney, watching over bush's shoulder with complete bemusement. some people on line said poncho, 1, george bush, 0. energy secretary al franken and rick perry during perry's confirmation hearing this week. >> governor, thank you so much for coming into my office. did you enjoy meeting me? >> i hope you're as much fun on
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that dias as you were on your couch. may i rephrase that, sir? >> please. please. please. oh, my lord. ove oh, my lord. >> well, i think we found our "saturday night live" sound bite. >> you know, perry always rolls well with his gaffes. >> it's hilarious. it starts out with, did you enjoy meeting me? >> karen morris became an international web sensation this week after her husband posted the baby cam video to facebook. karen got her 15-month-old son to sleep, and as every parent can appreciate, she did everything it took not to wake him up and get caught leaving the room. lying on the floor on her back, karen executed a flawless scoot out of the room.
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that is an a-plus mom work right there. we've all done that tiptoe move out, they wake up and we have to start all over again. >> you don't have a signature move, willie? >> i don't have those skills, sadly. the next goes to a man that tried to prove his bag was not too big to go on the plane. the gate person said he would have to check the bag because it was too big. so he put it in the measuring frame and jumped on it until it fit. see t fits. he slammed it down in there all right but naturally couldn't get it back out. after some prolonged tugging, the agents took pity on the traveler and let him carry it on the plane. >> i would have done the same thing. >> our next high goes to a third grader from kazigstan. she is nine years old and she will kick your rear end.
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here she is punching a tree. she started boxing with her dad when she was just three years old. videos like this made a web sensation and her dad is now selling the evnik simulator on line if you're interested in turning your child into a killing machine. at the packers-cowboys game in texas last weekend, fans waited like thoroughbreds at the starting line. the good news, no one was hurt or gored in this running of the fans. bad news for the ones in the dallas jerseys, the cowboys lost in a classic. who you got this sunday? you're a huge football fan. >> got to go with the packers. got t
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. i'm katy zachry.
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a few minutes before 8:30 on your sunday. let's get right to meteorologist crystkrystal klei with the fore >> a lot to talk about. currently still foggy. this is a look at center city. you can barely tell because of the low hanging clouds and foggy conditions. in fact, philadelphia and areas north looking at very low visibility. quarter mile at allentown, redding, lancaster and into wilmington. you look farther south where it's weakening and moving out, visibility is much better. after we stop dealing with the fog as we go later today, we have rain chances that start late day and into tonight, the first alert is in effect for your entire area, starting tonight all the way through tuesday morning. why? as we go overnight, the rain will be more light to moderate. by tomorrow, heavy. at times extended and damaging winds with coastal flooding possible. krystal, thanks for that. right now drivers are game planning for tomorrow morning's commute after officials close the pennsylvania-new jersey
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turnpike bridge for major repairs. on friday a, woulder discovered a crack on a steel support. repair crews are installing towers that will support the weight of the bridge. for a list of alternate routes, tap the nbc 10 app. arena bowl champion philadelphia soul will hold a tryout at the novacare complex. registration is under way now. the soul kicks off their new season in april. i'm katy zach i can. krystal and i will be back with news and first alert weather at 9:00 a.m.
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♪ the name on everybody's lips is going to be conway ♪ the lady raking in the chips is going to be conway ♪ i'm gonna be a celebrity ♪ that means somebody everyone loves ♪ they're gonna rise my eyes, my hair, my boobs, my nose. ♪ i'm going to join sag. >> on the first "saturday night live" of the trump administration, a spoof of "chicago" starring the woman who helped propel trump to the white house, kellyanne conway. when conway joined donald trump's campaign last summer, she was a poster known in political circles but she was far from a household name.
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as she rose to become one of trump's most trusted as vdviser and then his campaign manager, she was a target on television and with critics herself. so who is kellyanne conway? i spoke to the aide to the president on the morning of the inauguration. on her 50th birthday, kellyanne conway also began a new job. now arguably one of the most powerful women in donald trump's washington. on a personal level, what are you feeling right now? >> first of all, i feel incredibly humble to be here at this moment. it's a time of change, opportunity, fresh blood. it's more than a fresh coat of paint for america, it's a gut-wrenching nomination, if you will. >> a career as a poster and political adviser that began in the mid-'90s. >> history looks at our presidents very differently. we're not nominating a chief
8:32 am
happiness officer here. >> sticks and stones may break my bones. what bothers people is that there is a germ of truth in this. >> conway started the 2016 presidential race backing donald trump's biggest rival, helping to run a super pac that helped support ted cruz, conway was critical of trump. >> he says he's for the little guy but he's built his business on the backs of little guy. >> when cruz lost the campaign, she got a call that made history. what did you think when he asked you to join him? >> when he asked me to join him, the only thing i asked in return is that i would have a seat at the president's table where my elbows would bump against him. >> she's credited with helping the unpredictable candidate with staying on his message.
8:33 am
>> stay on point, donald, stay on point. >> kellyanne, were you jumping at the tv saying, don't say what i say to you! don't say what i say to you! >> and often cleaning up his messes. >> hold on -- >> he was making it up? >> hold on, let me explain as somebody who works for him. >> what were the moments of the campaign that gave you pause, if there were any, for example, during the "access hollywood" tape. did you ever any moments of doubt in there where you said, i don't know if i can do this? >> i had zero moments of doubt. but i also know the difference in this country between what oe fen -- offends us and what affects us. >> on election night -- >> look at all these people. and kellyanne. >> kellyanne became the first woman to organize a presidential campaign. >> was there a little shock when you won? >> it wasn't a shock that we won, it was the intensity that
8:34 am
donald trump came really close to carrying areas that had been elusive to republicans for a long time. >> so you were a little bit surprised. >> i was a little surprised. i knew when starting on october 22nd that he would win and told him. >> have you picked out your west wing office? >> i am. i'm taking valerie's office and it was also conroe's office. >> valerie made me really see how friendly the white house can be. >> you are now a celebrity. whether you like it or not, you have people wanting to take pictures with you. >> i don't think of myself as a celebrity. it's nothing i ever sought. i don't have security, i don't have an entourage. but i look at it as somebody who is blessed to be in the right place at the right time. okay, jake, so this tweet is actually taken out of context. of course, mr. trump thinks that mexicans can read, and actually, what he wants them to read the
8:35 am
most is hillary clinton's 30,000 missing e-mails. >> so what does your family think when they see, say, s and l do a spoof of their mother? how is the family doing with all this change? >> we thought kellyanne conway's spoof on "snl" was charming. my children like to stop the tape, willie, and see how close to form each of them was portrayed. but i think more importantly, my 12-year-old daughter recently said to me, mom, i don't want to move to washington, d.c. and be known as kellyanne conway's daughter. so i said, honey, why don't you go out and cure cancer and i'll be known as claudia conway's mother? >> the girl of fowas raised fro baby with three sisters. >> it has really made me
8:36 am
appreciate politics. >> she started picking blueberries on a south jersey farm. but after going to college and law school in washington, she turned to politics. over the years, conway has worked for candidates like jack kemp, dan quayle and newt gingrich. but none of them could prepare her for donald trump, who begins his administration as a controversial president, to say the least. >> the polling this week historically low compared to other presidents at this point. are you not concerned by a number that low as you begin this administration? >> what concerns me about those poll numbers is very simple. it's part of how we got there with him. the question for everyone who covers him and who thinks about him is, what is the line between thoughtful criticism and skepticism and, you know, flat-out denial and dehumanization of what just happened? >> do you think it's purely media coverage? >> i said i'm concerned about how the poll numbers got there. >> people responding to the
8:37 am
polls did cite specific examples of things that trouble them about donald trump, for example, the fight with the intel community. a lot of people wondering why it appears, anyway, that his reflex is to defend vladimir putin and not the intelligence community. >> that's completely unfair. he has a great relationship with the intelligence community. >> but he snulinsults them all time. >> i disagree, willie, and here's why. president trump has received many intelligence briefings. he also has received other intelligence briefings and he has kept his mouth shut about them. why all these leaks from other people? >> much of trump's criticism of the intelligence community appeared where so many of his thoughts do: on twitter. >> are there mornings where you wake up, you look at your phone, it's 6:00 in the morning, you see a tweet from donald trump and you go, oh, my gosh. i can't believe he sent that out? >> sometimes what he said gets
8:38 am
distorted or jaundiced or outright twisted into unrecognizable fashion. i know it's great for some readings, but it doesn't help fulfill the duty we all have to inform america. >> do you think he deserves the criticism from "snl," wall street -- >> this man does not deserve criticism. he does not. >> whatever the next four years will bring, it's a good bet that kellyanne conway will be at his side. >> i see mikellly anne. oh, kellyanne. come here. she's been so great. wow. >> to watch more of our interview with kellyanne conway including questions