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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 25, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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build the wall wednesday. president trump expected to fund a border wall between the u.s. and mexico. the white house doubles down on the claim that is 3 to 5 million people voted illegal in the election. stomach viruses tearing through u.s. schools as it reaches its peak season. and what went wrong at this railroad crossing. "early today" starts right now. good morning everyone. it's shaping up to be a very busy day. president donald trump lays the ground work and sets the mek nirk of government in motion to make good on his moets
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overwhelming campaign promise. big day planned on national security. among many other things, we will build the wall. nbc can report the president is expected to sign a directive order to begin the starting of that process to build that border wall, is very same one that served as a rallying cry for the trump campaign. they say president trump will enforce mexico to ultimately pay for that wall. the president will head to the department of homeland security today to sign the order and it comes weeks before he meets with his mexican counter part. whether it is following through with a campaign promise remains to be seen. >> trump would invoke through a bush era law, the secure fence act of 2006. it was mapped in congress by then senators barack obama and hillary clinton.
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for 2006 fact sheet the law was signed by bush to towards comprehensive immigration reform, something trump has been against. sit one in a series of actions this week to quote crack down on immigrants including slashing the number of immigrants to settle in the u.s. and blocking syrians and others from entering temporarily. mr. trump plans on taking action against locations that adopted policies to immigrants. he tweeted if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going up i will send in the feds. >> that wasn't the president's only evening post as he praised one cable news channel and backed the competitor for inauguration coverage tweeting congratulations to fox news in being number one in inauguration
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ratings. they were many times higher than fake news cnn. the white house doubled down on the president's false statement when he told congressional lawmakers many lawmakers cost mim the popular vote. the associated post reads dogged by popular vote media coverage. we have all of the details. >> reporter: this time it's not candidate trump repeating voter fraud but president trump with the white house now officially endorsing a debunct conspiracy theory. >> it was a comment he made on a lon-standing belief. >> reporter: the press secretary backing up his boss who told congressional leaders monday night that quote illegals, people voting illegally, cost him the popular vote.
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if proven it would be fraud on an unprecedented scale, something that could undermine an entire election yet the white house confident in the president's victory. >> he will investigate if he believes that there was voter fraud. >> he said 3 to 5 million people could have vote illegally based on the studies we have seen. we are here on day two. let's not prejunior colledge wh or may not do in the future. >> reporter: standing by the confidence in the systemic integrity process. open to learning more about the administration's concerns. >> free and fair elections are the bedrock of our policy and seems like president trump is trying to take a jack ham tore it. >> lindsay gram tweeting a fair
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election. >> our president has to learn is you don't get to think out loud. >> reporter: nbc news, the white house. >> despite the apparent focus on election conspiracies the president continued to plow forward with bold actions. casting it as the campaign promise capped to create more jobs. sean spicer insists construction on the pipeline will happen fast despite opposition. haley has been over well wi well ming confirmed despite her lack of foreign policy experience. haley tweeted this image last night wrying thank you south carolina. i will miss you. senators voted 96-4 on her nomination. white the senate is expect today
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hold a vote on rex tillerson some time next week. another trump nominee where a senate confirmation hearing takes a turn. the falsehoods told by the administration regarding the crowd side made its way into congress's walls. take a look with pictures in tow pressed trump's nominee to weigh in. >> i wanted to start with what he referred to you as a bold truth teller. i have behind me two pictures taken at about the same time of day in 2009 and 2017. which crowd is larger, the 2009 crowd or 2017 crowd? sq >> from that picture it appears
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the crowd on the left is bigger than the crowd on the right. >> do you resign at that point? >> i don't imagine the president would tell me to lie. >> i beg your pardon? he told sean spicer to go out there and say things that were dem dem demonsterativley untrue. >> i'm not sure if that conversation took place or not. noro virus spreading across the nation. officials shutting it down to scramble to contain the outbreak. it hit some 20 million americans per year. no vaccine and it's extremely contagious. >> it can also contaminate the envie v environme environment. >> here are some tip to prevent it. wash hands and hot water for at least 30 seconds. hand sanitizers are not
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sufficient. it can live in bedding too. wash in very hot water. disinfect with a clear bleach-based cleaner. >> we have antics plin nation for dayton's sudden collapse at the state of the state address. he revealed he intends to serve the final two years of his term. >> people deserve a governor that's qualified to perform a job int lecture rally. i expect to be judged for how well i perform. >> there is no evidence that the cancer has spraend he will be treated at the may yo clinic. this is pretty scary. a swedish man successfully lands the first double back flip pulling off two full rotations. the man who did it, daniel
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bowden. believe it or not this is not his first world record. in 2008 he performed the longest snow mobile back flip launching it nearly 150 feet. i know your family spent some time out on the slopes. >> nothing like that. >> what if your son wants to become an x games competitor? >> we'll skip right through that. a snowstorm stretching from wisconsin to nebraska nebrask. >> i'm sure areas of nebraska will get snow mobiles out. overall 8 million people under warnings or advisories. throughout the day to storm begins to end. heavier is south of minneapolis and heading towards madison.
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another 2 to 4 inches throughout this region throughout the day. that's a big look at the big weather story of the day. here is a look at the day ahead. there is cold air to be found behind the storm system. 20s and 30s today. colorado, wyoming and up through the dakotas. d.c. near 60 degrees. >> pretty mild day today, little recovery time. >> all right. thank you very much. just ahead, candidates to fill the vacant supreme court seats. and a train hitting an 18 wheeler, what's missing from the picture? we are back in two. per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll
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fed ex truck and sending packages in all directions. there is no lights or bells. the crossing gate didn't activate. it pointed to severe ice and snow as one of the reasons it failed to activate. a more thorough investigation is underway. it is amazing there were no injuries. >> did the fed ex driver not look both ways? >> interesting. president trump said he expects to reveal his pick for the supreme vacancy. neil gorsuch saying that the federal government on too much power. ha hardeman considered less likely william pryor is an outspoken
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opponent of the roe versus wade ruling. trump's press secretary issued this statement on islands in the south china sea. >> if they are in international water then, yeah, we will make sure we defend international territories from being taken over by one country. >> china has been constructed islands to use as bases. in an interview a senior official insisted that the u.s. shouldn't be involved in these disputes. >> that's not for the united states. that's between china and some other countries in this region. >> you're saying it's none of the united states's business? >> it's not the united states territory or international territory. >> despite chinese opposition trump administration made it clear they have no intentd
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fast forwarding into wednesday georgia governor nathan deal will visitor nay doe ravaged areas of the state.
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estimates damage of at least $100 million. republican house and senate members begin a two-day retreat that set the gop agenda da. president trump expected to address them on wednesday. erin andrews revealed she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and is back in the spotlight. it's the special give away that has many salivating this morning. you're thinking what is that all about? nancy has all of the details for us. good morning, nancy. >> reporter: good morning to you. first let's start with the news expected from president trump. she expected to get ready to sign executive orders to limit the country's intake of refugees banning it for a few months until authorities improve their vetting process. he could be looking at ways to restrict visas from six other
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countries. look for an update later this afternoon. elsewhere very different story catering out there. there is a new big mac out there. in fact, two new big maces. mcdonald's is giving away 10,000 bottles of its secret sauce. a june jior mac has one patty aa grand mac that has an extra patty and extra cheese. look on twitter to find out which locations you can get that special sauce. >> any idea how many calories are in that -- >> we don't want to know actually. >> we are better off not knowing. >> okay. thank you very much for that. just ahead, which classic novel is seeing a spike in sales after kellyanne conway's
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president trump declared his inauguration day a national day of patriotic devotion. that's what he wants to call inauguration day. it turns out trump is trying to give other holidays unique days as well. president's day is now me month. >> wow. >> the whole month. mass over is now comb over.
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[ laughter ] and finally tax day is cancelled. >> oh, man, it will take on a whole different set the next couple of years. one couple's gender reveal had a couple of surprises. watch what happens. >> it's a boy. >> so that huge blue powder explosion was felt by residents more than 3 miles away. police even got involved. they could face a one thousand dollars fine. the couple said they had no idea their actions were illegal. >> what ever happen to the -- >> yeah, a balloon in the box and open the box. >> that's different from a pop of the balloon and pop of explosion there. >> yeah. kellyanne conway's comment
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alternative facts, books jufrpd over 4,000%. some comparing alternative facts with the facts news speak and double think. double think means the power of holding two contradictory believes in one mind and believing both of them. >> makes sense and now there's no doubt that book will be referenced a lot in the next couple of years. just ahead, how one government twitter account went rogue at least fau for a few ho. you're watching "early today". ...supple and hydrated...
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if you walked outside you'll notice how mild it is compared to the last few days. get to bill henley. mild and dry and less windy. that's certainly helping this morning. take a look at what's going on right now.
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42 degrees. still a little bit of a breeze. 12 miles an hour out of the northwest. clouds linger overnight. that actually helped to keep temperatures warmer. 39 now in the suburbs. 39 in new jersey and lehigh valley is at 40. temperatures coming down. clouds starting to break. going to get a little colder in the short-term. 7:00, 38 degrees. sunshine today. up to 42 degrees at 10:00 and climbing. into the 50s for just about everyone this afternoon. lehigh valley 48 degrees. 55 in new jersey. shore, 50 degrees with sun any skies. look at delaware. close to 60 degrees this afternoon. break each of these down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes to show you how quickly the temperatures will warm in your neighborhood. first fran which he is ka has your first alert traffic. obviously the big story in traffic is the pa turnpike and new jersey turnpike connector
4:30 am
bridge being closed due to repairs. all morning long be giving you updates in terms of alternates. for the most part expect slow going and stopped traffic out of the area. live shot of schuylkill expressway. problem free this morning. very light traffic. not a whole lot of cars out and about right now. still pretty early. again, just to show you a map, bridge closure. all morning long b talking about alternates for you. did get a report of hazardous conditions. now to nbc 10 exclusive. saint joseph's university student says two men tried to abduct her at gunpoint overnight and happened right on the edge of campus. >> nbc 10 matt delucia live. >> reporter: well, this all happened right here at 58th and overbrook. the victim herself was too upset to go on


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