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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 25, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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let's get to bill henley. mild temperature we have in store. >> not the brutal cold we would normally see this time of year. temperatures typically in the 20s. 38 degrees in new jersey. 41 for the suburbs. and 43 in philadelphia. those temperatures will be climbing with some sunshine. haven't seen a lot of that lately. here's the forecast for philadelphia. 43 degrees right now. 8:00. 43 degrees this morning. winds out of the west. 13-mile-an-hour wind at 11:00. 46 degrees. and temperatures will climb into the 50s this afternoon. that's atypical as well. 55 in new jersey. shore held back a little bit. 50 degrees high temperature with mostly cloudy skies. into the 50s nor delaware while the lehigh valley stays in the 40s. break this down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes.
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we're watching the boulevard once again. a lot of action on the boulevard this morning. schuylkill expressway very light traffic. starting to see added volume. most of this from the residual delays from the earlier accident on the northbound side. take a look at traffic flow. travel speeds in the 50s 60s. take a look at route 202. in the green. travel speeds in the 60s. problem free on 202. traveling northbound from route 30 to schuylkill is going to take you ten minutes southbound. won't run into any problems or delays. mass transit. have notification. i'll send it back to you, katie. >> thanks. happening today. president trump is expected to lay out plans for building a wall along the u.s. mexican border. trump signaled the move.
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sources tell nbc news he's expected to sign an executive order to begin paying for the wall. he'll do that during a visit to the department of homeland security today. so far signed ten executive orders as president. took action to advance construction of the keystone and dakota access pipeline. the move sparked protest across the country. >> protesters like these in seattle last night said the pipeline will hurt the environment. president trump says the move will create tens of thousands of jobs. meanwhile republican right knee treat that will bring trump to philadelphia begins in center city today. >> we learned how the meeting will impact traffic in the area. nbc pamela osborne live with the big names that will be in town and how it will impact you. >> reporter: i want to show you a little bit of what's happened already. see the metal barricades already up on 12th and 13th street right
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now. there's actually an unmarked police vehicle here with uniformed officers inside. we've seen another office walking around with a k9. what's happening inside, an opportunity for republican lawmakers to come together and work out the details on policy issues such as health care. starts with a noon lunch. 1:30 a work session between the house and senate will happen here at the loews hotel. that will be followed by a joint session on tax reform. speaker of the house paul ryan will be addressing the crowd as well. on thursday, president trump will be here with vice president mike pence. pence serving as keynote speaker which means security will be tight. if you live or work in the city, it's likely going to impact how you get around. the secret service a establishing a perimeter. the north and south sides of market will be closed. 12th street from chestnut and
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13th street from chestnut to market will be closed on the east and west sides as well. that's not the only thing that you may have to work your way around tomorrow. we know that city officials have received an application for demonstration. they're expecting 3,000 people to appear for that one. it takes place from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. the city is also expecting other unpermitted protests to pop up throughout the day. reporting live in center city, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. 6:04. 43 degrees. argument ends with a man getting shot in philadelphia. man was hit at 46 and girard. ran to a gas station about a block away. police found him there. took him to the hospital where he's recovering. shooter still on the loose. >> arrest three men following a home invasion in lawncrest. forced their way into a home on holland street at gunpoint. stole an i pad and other
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electronic devices. police say they spotted the men a couple of miles away and arrested them. >> we expect another day of closing arguments today in the civil trial involving the deadly market street collapse. billing being demolished fell on to salvation army store. relatives and survivors filed the lawsuit once the jury decides if any of the defendants can be held liable, they still have to determine damages. new this morning, bridge project is being fed up. so it can now up by september. pen dot announced will close february 13. the new bridge should be ready by september 1. the current bridge has been found to be structurally deficient. the new will be built higher and less likely to flood. now to closed bridge connecting bucks county and burlington county. should know in a couple of days how long the delaware river bridge will be shutdown. pennsylvania turnpike commission tells us it hopes to release a
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timeline in the next few days detailing how long it will take to make the repairs. a crack was found in one of the bridge's steel supports. >> 6:06. live look at center city philadelphia. camera along broad street. not too much traffic there yet. this is the hour things start to pick up. maybe people are slow to get out the door. >> you won't need the umbrella today. >> you will need sunglasses. we have had to use much lately. there's still clouds around. view from nbc 10 studio. mostly cloudy skies overnight. helped to hold the temperatures a bit warmer overnight. clouds are thinning out. nowhere near as strong as the last couple of days. wind will die down some of the day. breaks in the clouds. temperatures will warm up. it is mild this morning. in fact, these numbers are what you would typically see for high temperatures in the afternoon. not the morning temperatures. 41 degrees in lehigh valley and
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suburbs. now 45. up a degree in the last hour for delaware. south jersey and the jersey shore in the low 40s and philadelphia, only cold neighborhood this morning. somerton. 43 in center city. the temperatures are pretty uniform. not just in philadelphia across the board because of those clouds that stayed with us overnight. clouds breaking in for a beautiful day today. dry day. doppler radar. no sign of any showers for us. the chance of showers diminishing as that nor'easter pulls away. we go far enough. you can see it's starting to move out of new england as well. pulling away from us. still feeling the effects of the wind. get a dry day today. the next chance of showers comes tonight and tomorrow morning. and it's from that storm system that is producing snow in the upper midwest, but we won't get snow on it. of get a few rain showers. that's it. stay mild overnight tonight.
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look at the day. sunglasses definitely. 42 degrees. up to 50 at 5:00 this afternoon. wind will die down this afternoon for philadelphia. suburbs the clouds are already starting to break. chilly to start with. 40 degrees. up to 48 degrees this afternoon at 1:00. of should hit 50 between 1 and 5:00. cool down a little bit by 5:00 hour. lehigh valley. the showers out of the picture. clouds are breaking. you'll see sunny skies. few clouds. 1:00 this afternoon. 56 degrees in the lehigh valley. delaware will warm to 50 degrees at 1:00. nothing, but sunshine this afternoon for delaware and new jersey starting off with just a few scattered clouds. they'll be thinning out this morning. sunshine will warm temperatures to near 50 degrees. still feel a breeze blowing at the shore. little bit stronger this morning. as far as the rain is concerned,
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come back and show you the future cast. go through it hour by hour. you'll know exactly when you need your umbrella once again. >> ten after six on your wednesday. >> nbc 10 traffic reporter watching traffic for us. the pa new jersey turnpike connector bridge remains closed until further notice. what are we looking at right now. everywhere you see in the green. very light travel speeds in terms of travel time. not seeing a whole lot of traffic at this hour. good eastbound detour for you. pa turnpike. hop on exit 359 towards route 13 southbound and take you to route 413 southbound for burlington bristol bridge. how about from i-95. scudder falls bridge. take that to new jersey. wherever you see the breen right now, meaning light traffic and travel speeds are in full force in the 60s. so let's take a look at new
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jersey. 295 is doing pretty good. very light traffic. problem free on the majors in new jersey. 42 freeway as well as 295 and the new jersey turnpike. when i come back, take a look at 95 and schuylkill expressway. cameras could soon be watching for speeding drivers on pennsylvania highways. >> next the highways where you would face a fine for going too fast. moment of impact. camera catches a train smashing into tractor trailer. why police say the driver didn't get any warning the train was coming.
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take a look at this video just released. watch the truck on the left side of screen. just missed the truck's cab.
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this was saturday in salt lake city. investigators believe heavy snow and ice stopped the train crossing arms from lowering. two people suffered minor injuries. 6:14. speed camera could start rolling on drivers in road construction zones across pennsylvania. >> part of lawmakers new proper to get driving to slow down. this state senate transportation committee approved a bill for a five year pilot program yesterday. the cameras would be posted in active work zones on roads like the pennsylvania turnpike and 76. at least two warning signs would be posted to warn drivers about the cameras. people going more than 11 miles over the speed limit could get a $100 fine. new change is a literal sign of the times. one of the country's busiest train stations. workers at penn station turned off 10 foot electronic listing board. and replaced it with 40 eye level screens around the station. crews will remove the big board
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all together in the coming week. mu commuters say the board was one of the recognizable landmarks in the station. philadelphia, similar change is coming to 30th street station. amtrak says the electronic board there will be replaced with a digital version. >> new this morning, frontier airlines will replace fleet of planes that fry out of mercer airport with larger more fuel efficient jet thats can carry more passengers and meet increased demands. change begins in march. low cost carrier expects to have all the new a 320 planes flying by april 21. u.s. air force wants neighbors in burlington county to send them water samples. the neighborhoods surround joint base mcgwire. the air force wants to test the water for dangerous compound found in firefighter foam and packaging.
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same foam biehind the toxic watr squaer in bucks county. unsafe levels of chemicals were found. believe it came from the firefighting foam used in navy stations. 16 minutes past six right now. delaware man is pleading for help from the public. >> it's all in hopes of getting his wife a new kidney. se right knee that crawford has been experiencing kidney failure for the last six years. >> sometimes you have to do what you have to do. >> hopefully it will stir interest and perhaps i'll get that right kidneykidney. >> doctors say her kidneys are functioning at just 5%. >> getting ready to head out the door, check the roads for you.
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starting with schuylkill. >> first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio standing by. seeing more added volume. wanted to focus on the camera on montgomery drive. eastbound traffic for center city. westbound towards western suburbs. travel speeds still in the 50s for the most part. problem free. compared to what we've been seeing about an hour ago, it didn't look this congested. watch for hazardous road conditions. this is reported at 3:55. still hasn't cleared yet. just be cautious driving in and out of that area. now, that's what we have for this schuylkill. let's check back on 95 southbound. starting to see added congestion. wood haven to vine going to take you 18 minutes. travel speeds still in the 60s. talking about the new jersey and pa connector bridge. i'll have alternates in the next update.
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get you the most accurate forecast for the philadelphia area. first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> not cold this morning, but the wind is blowing. a little bit of a chilly breeze first thing this morning. wind is leftover from the nor'easter that we've had to deal with for the last couple of days. feel the chilly breeze to start with. get something that we haven't seen much of lately. sunshine today. pretty good warmup too. wind diminishing. clouds exit this morning. mostly sun any skies this afternoon. grab your sunglasses. you could see a few showers this evening as clouds return during the evening hours. nothing more than a light shower. be able to get away without any umbrellas even if you do encounter a shower this evening. this morning, encounter the wind leftover from nor'easter. not bad in philadelphia. 13 miles an hour. bit stronger in coatesville now. wind is going to push the clouds out of here. north wefrl wind. dry wind for us. just enough to make it feel a bit colder this morning. temperatures are in the 40s.
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it feels like it's in the 30s for philadelphia. wilmington, northeast philadelphia. allentown, millville. dover. windchills in the p30s right no. nothing to show you today. it's tomorrow we'll see the effects of the storm producing snow in the upper midwest. our chance of getting any showers will be rain. see this little shower activity. part of the same system. what we're going to see after the picture this evening. chance of light showers this evening as 8:00 this evening see a little bit of rain moving into berks county. upper montgomery county. just a couple hundredths of an inch as that one moves through. very light showers. again a couple hundredths of an inch. tomorrow morning, about this time tomorrow, we'll be tracking showers in delaware and south jersey. get a little bit more. possibly up to quarter of an inch for avalon. then we're done with showers for
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tomorrow. see another warm day tomorrow. the trend is for temperatures in the 50s today and tomorrow. then, winter is set to come back. starting on friday the winds will deliver the colder air. really takes hold normal january cold comes into play as we go through the weekend and into next week. today, nice and mild. and sunny too. 54 this afternoon. increasing winds. get morning showers coming in overnight and first thing in the morning and drying out for thursday. still brie si on friday. cold air rushing into the area and back to normal for this time of year for saturday, sunday, and into next week. 38 on monday. into the low 40s tuesday and wednesday. another shot of cold weather for thursday and friday. >> thank you. 20 minutes past six. now the nor'easter has moved on, we're getting a better idea of the damage done. next problem, the waves and flooding created at the jersey shore and how much it will cost to fix them for the summer season.
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and later, under fire. local lawmaker social media post about women has him embroil instead controversy this morning.
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people in california have a big cleanup jab on their hands. jerry brown declared a state of emergency in 50 counties including los angeles. new this morning, georgia state official says deadly storms caused $100 million worth of damages. the weekend storms killed 15 people and injured more than 40 others. a tornado touched down in the town of albany. damaged coasts are likely to go up because many people lack insurance there. >> jersey shore towns expect to spend millions to repair damage to beaches from this week's nor'easter.
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mayor of north wildwood said it will cost between $500,000 and $1 million to fix the damage. expected to kous 1 million just to replace sand there. camden county family expects to find out today how much it's going to cost to repair their home after a massive tree smashed into it. says she heard debris raining down on her chimney monday when she went outside she saw a crack. the fire department told her to get out. she and her husband grabbed paraphernalias fr papers from the bedroom and left. seconds later the tree fell right on top of that same bedroom. >> all of a sudden we just heard loud crazy crashing sound. so we were both trying to run downstairs. >> fortunately, no one was injured. the family is expected to meet with insurance adjusters today. >> good morning, everyone. francesca here. over in center city watching the vine street expressway. camera at 24th street starting
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to see more added volume on the majors this morning. just looked at 95. pretty much problem free. center city right now. i will have more updates when i come back. first let's take a look at forecast with meteorologist bill henley. 30 degrees in the poconos. that's a live view from camel back this morning. not cold enough to make snow. colder weather in store for the weekend. in fact the snow making for the poconos. partly sunny skies this afternoon in the 40s nor the mountains. rest of the area get a little bit warmer. neighborhood forecast just ahead. plus was it a joke or insult. the controversy surrounding local lawmakers tweet about women and dinner time. that's coming up.
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right now, college student
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scare. police investigating a report she was nearly abducted overnight. executive order president trump is going to take today to build the wall between united states and mexico. >> no laughing matter. facebook post about the women's march that's not getting the response he intended. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm katy zachry. 6:30. >> i'm tracey davidson. let's get to bill henley. and most accurate forecast in flep. mild start this morning by january standards. in the 30s in new jersey, but most the neighborhoods in the 40s. clouds stay with us overnight. helped to hold in some warmer temperatures yesterday afternoon. 43 in philadelphia. 41 in the suburbs and lehigh valley now the skies are starting to lighten up, getting a view of clouds starting to break up with clouds breaking up. we're going to get something we haven't seen much of lately. that's sunshine.
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9:00. 39 degrees. little cooler than right now. then a warmup by lunchtime 45 degrees and climbing in the lehigh valley. everybody is going to see that nice warmup in new jersey. 55 degrees at the shore. right at 50 degrees with mostly sunny skies. lit bit warmer in delaware. break this down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. now to breaking news. sky force 10 live over a sinkhole. the sinkhole opened up a few hours ago. no one was hurt, but it has shutdown brook road at argyle road. first alert traffic reporter has been talking about the problem in the area. now we know what it is. let's talk about how to get around it. katie, i've been seeing this report and mentioning it since 3:55 this morning. hasn't cleared yet. we want the get around this. take station avenue.
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bypass this intersection. it has been in place since 3:55 this morning. obviously affecting traffic. you'll want to get around it. it's a secondary road. a lot of alternates to take. i would recommend hopping off on to station road towards church road. placed it right here in my map as a reminder. brook road and argyle road. following the story for the next several hours. now to nbc 10 exclusive. student at saintjoseph's jufrt tried to abduct her at gunpoint overnight. now philadelphia police on the case. matt delucia live in overbrook with more. what do we know? >> when this all happened at 58th and overbrook, where we are right now, just off of saint joe's campus, r we did speak with student. she was too distraught to talk on camera. we did talk with a friend of hers. woman did talk with detectives last night. with her at the special victim's
6:33 am
unit. the friend, sawyer, says her heard part of this struggle when she called him just before 9:00 last night. on that call he could hear her pleading with someone not to do this. saint joe's student coming back from the train last night. walking by a house here on overbrook avenue. when she says two guys in ski masks grabbed her and dragged her behind a church. >> i was horrified. i was utterly horrified. that's the scariest call in the world to hear, you know, your friend pleading lease don't do this, please don't do this, you don't have to do this and hearing her crying and not knowing where she's at and how to get to her immediately. >> that's the friend there. the woman was able to get away when the attackers were perhaps spooked by someone or a group of people coming up the street at that time. philadelphia police special victims unit tells us they are investigating this case. we're going to continue following this one. this is right next to saint joe's campus. reached out to university for
6:34 am
comment. nothing on social media yet. waiting to hear back from university officials. for now we're live in overbrook. >> we have new details about a man who was shot and killed in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood last night. police now say the victim was from hor shum. they hope an id that was left near the body will help them in their search. nbc news confirms the president will tine an order to begin paying for the wall on the u.s. mexico border. shift money from other federal programs to the wall project. later this week he's expected to crack down on so-called sanctuary cities like philadelphia and restrict the influx of refugees. president trump says he will
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announce his pick to fill the vacancy on the supreme court by next week. insider say he has narrowed the short list down to kneel gor ne. 6:35. former pennsylvania congressman fattah will begin serving ten year prison sentence. has to report to western pennsylvania prison this afternoon. he spent 20 years in congress before his conviction last june. the jury found him guilty of taking an illegal million dollar campaign loan then using government and nonprofit money to pay it back. women who marched on saturday to take a stand on women's rights have a new fight on their hands. >> angry over a social media post made by atlantic city official. said he meant it as a joke. it said, will the women's protest be over in time for them
6:36 am
to cook dinner. women infuriated by his message turned out at last night's freeholder meeting. >> a tax paying resident, i expect representation that would not be so misogynistic and focus on the rights of all constituents and he can make his own dinner. >> it was a joke. bad taste, absolutely, but that's all it was. nothing more. >> carmen insists the community has other important issues financial and otherwise he says deserve equal passion. 636 time. 43 degrees outside. county by county to show you local stories we're following for you. new castle county, wilmington mayor started new push to stop gun violence in that city. operation safe street. and it includes adding 19 more police officers next month. operation will target known crime areas and will call on people who live nearby to help by reporting criminal activity. local war veterans fighting
6:37 am
to save a veterans post in valley forge. group is working to raise money to attract new members. using social media to promote upcoming frund raisee ing fundr bethlehem wants to make it years for people to sit outside. set up a pilot program for park lets. parking spaces are turned into makeshift areas for outdoor dining and seating. pilot program will start when it gets warmer. jersey shore you could soon pay extra $2 a night to stay in a hotel at atlantic city. has his way, he introduced bill that would add a $2 surcharge to each hotel room bill in ac. money would be used to fund police and firefighter operations. delaware county now, two new hotels coming up upper car by. holiday inn will go up and a comfort suites.
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now get you updated on the day to come. >> mild outside. if you haven't taken your first step out the door, you're in for a treat. meteorologist bill henley with a look at most accurate forecast you'll get in town. great forecast for today. things are looking up. temperatures certainly is up. normal high temperature which usually occurs in the afternoon is 40 degrees. already warmer than that this morning. cape may, see the clouds that are still overhead. these are the clouds that stayed with us for the entire area overnight tonight. and that has kept temperatures warmer. not cold this morning, but it is chilly. especially with the i understood blowing at 9 miles an hour. 42 degrees to start with. temperatures likely come down a little bit after sunrise with the cloud breaking. sunshine takes over and temperatures take off. few scattered clouds right now. suburbs already starting to break. see sunshine 46 degreeings at noontime. into the 50s this afternoon. for the lehigh valley, the
6:39 am
clouds are thinning out. you can see it in that live view from easton this morning. 41 degrees right now. 41 at 10:00. then into the upper 40s by 2:00 this afternoon. the wintd will still be blowing. won't be as strong as the last couple of days. will be out of the west at noontime and will maintain that at 2:00. that's going to make it feel a little bit colder. sunshine it's going to have the opposite affect. it's going to feel a little bit warmer. especially to find an area not getting that breeze. 42 degrees right now in new jersey. warming into the upper 40s. happened later this morning and afternoon. on track for 50s this afternoon. and at the shore, wind, yeah, a little bit breezy at times. clouds will blow out and sunshine peeking at 59 degrees. delaware going to be dry today. this evening could see showers moving into parts of the area. during the day, the clouds thin out. look that the sunshine. 43 degrees at 8:00. near 50 at noontime and into the
6:40 am
50s this afternoon. may turn a bit warmer before cold weather arrives for the weekend. look at your weekend forecast when i come back in ten. >> look forward to a that, bill. sky force ten to give you a better look at the sinkhole. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter is keeping her eye on that. has information about alternate ways around it. i've been watching this. came in as a report as hazardous road conditions at 3:55. it's at brook road and argyle road. we want to find a way to get around this. affecting traffic. mount caramel avenue. all of these are great options within the area to avoid. sinkhole in to be specific one more time. right here in maps for you to see what we're looking at. now take a look at majors. 95 at girard avenue. southbound starting to see added volume. take a look at travel times
6:41 am
starting to diminish a little bit. take you 26 minutes from wood haven to the vine. musician is running to win one of hollywood's prestigious prizes. work on leading film that could win him an oscar. sent to collections for a bill she didn't know. against her local insurance company. how nbc 10 responds came to the rescue next.
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nbc 10 responds. a bill that just wouldn't go away. >> reporter: sue eamon has a
6:45 am
love for animals for 17 years, she's taken care of george, her pet pig. she also takes care of her four dogs. couldn't take care of an insurance bill she says she didn't owe. >> your monthly bill was this. brought is insurance through the affordable care act in april 2015. united health care was the provider. eight months into the coverage, she cancelled the plan. >> it was a desperate time and something i just had to do until i got another job and was able to get smurns through them. >> she says her policy ended november 2015, but united health care billed her for the month of december. she tells us every month she disputed is $605 bill if i phone. and provided written proof she cancelled. each time the company told her to file an appeal. she did and thought the bill would be removed.
6:46 am
>> i thought as long as they have all the recordings and transcripts of that, my -- i was kind of covered. >> she says to her surprise on christmas eve, 2016, the insurance company sent the unpaid bill to collections. >> i just felt like i was getting bullied and i needed somebody else in my corner. >> she contacted nbc 10 responds. we reached out to united health care. company wontd say why the cancellation didn't go through, but did tell us after reviewing the case the $605 bill has been removed from collections. >> there's no way i would have been able to get this taken care of without your help. so can i have a hug. >> of course. >> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> experts on the affordable care act say when cancelling a policy, make sure you follow the guideline. if you have a consumer problem, let us know about it. the best ways to reach us are right there on your screen.
6:47 am
easy to do and we will respond to you. 6:46. just a couple of minutes before the start of the today show. matt lauer and natalie standing by in new york with a prove of some of the stories we'll see. good morning to you both. >> hello, ladies. nice to see you both. coming up on a wednesday here on the show, president trump expected to sign an executive order to fund the mexican border wall. as he reveals he's also almost ready to announce supreme court nominee. complete coverage of both of those stories. >> also ahead exclusive conversation with the mother of university of virginia lacrosse player convicted of killing former girlfriend. what she's revealing in her first ever interview on the case. >> we have those stories. how about this news. future of commuting. new technology that might get you to work faster and cheaper than ever before. when natalie and i see you on a wednesday morning in just a couple of minutes here on today. guys, back to you. >> we like that. thank you. >> take care.
6:48 am
let's talk about today's weather. live look, cloudy skies over philadelphia. bill henley has the look at most accurate forecast in philadelphia. you will need your sunglasses, right bill? >> definitely. hard to imagine looking at this picture. clouds extend into the distance. see a little break of sunlight in the very distance there. clouds thinning out. cloud helped us overnight to stay warmer. didn't get cold overnight. already starting to break in the motorcycle knows mountains. blowing past the mountains this morning. 40s right now. 45 in wilmington. that's a degree warmer than it was when we went on the air at 4:30 this morning. philadelphia, northeast philly is 43 degrees: pottstown is 41. colder air is in the poconos just below freezing with the wind blowing to make it feel a bit colder. no one is really cold this morning. look at the new jersey numbers. the neighborhoods in the low 40s.
6:49 am
lumberton. mount laurel. 30s for hope well township. with the clouds thinning out. we'll see sunshine. quick warmup today. 8:00 about as low as they're going to go in our area. 30s for allentown. quakertown and atlantic city at 41. trenton at 37 degrees. you'll have to bundle up for bus stop. you won't need rain gear today. no umbrellas, sunglasses you'll definite ly need nose. see the snow into minnesota, wisconsin. part of the system coming our way for tonight and tomorrow morning, but we're not going to get the snow. it's going to bring warmer air. see a few rain showers there. that's what we can expect this evening. hour by hour 10:30 the clouds on the move. by this afternoon, start to see some showers still well west of our area. for most of the day, sunshine and temperatures up to 50s
6:50 am
degrees in wilmington. 50 in south jersey. sunshine will be bright enough to warm us into the 50s this afternoon. see a hit 54 degrees in philadelphia. then the chance of showers will arrive during the evening hours just scattered light showers and chance of some early morning showers again tomorrow. the weekend, that will be dry. good thing because it's going to be colder. especially in the morning. temperatures in the 20s. afternoon temperatures in the 40s for most of the region. the lehigh valley looking at 30s for saturday and sunday. little bit chillier in the suburbs on sunday as well. enjoy today and tomorrow when the temperatures reach into the 50s. 54 trees this afternoon. windy tomorrow. morning showers out of the picture during the day. 56 degrees the high temperature then the colder air starts blowing in on friday. really feel it take hold this weekend. 20s in the morning. 40s in the afternoon. typical january weather. gets a bit colder on monday. then the january chill will turn into a february chill next week.
6:51 am
by the end of the week, we're looking at temperatures even colder in the middle 30s. >> thanks a lot, bill. turning to traffic now. launched sky force 10 to get you a better shot of the big sinkhole that's opened up. >> let's focus on where it is and how to get around it. francesca has that information. report came in at 3:55 this morning. sinkhole at brook and argyle road. want to get around it. recommend taking station avenue to church road, willow grove avenue, caramel avenue, pretty good options to get and bypass and scene right now. do see pretty active. see some cones trying to just block it and keep everyone off of this area. we have barricades for you. now let's take a look at what we're seeing on the boulevard again at 276.
6:52 am
this is near the pa new jersey connector bridge. starting to see more added volume. the picture will be changing for the next several hours. again, i'll be providing alternates all morning long. when i come back in the next couple of minutes. also keep monitoring the sinkhole. a local musician can now add oscar nominated to his resume. >> once you see the movie and hear the strong, city of starlz one of the two songs from the film up for oscars and 31-year-old pasek wrote them both. won a golden globe award for one of the songs. next run down the morning's headlines and stories we'll be following throughout the day. includes big move on immigration. plus the plan that could cut down on atlantic city's fire department by almost half.
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empblts here are some stories with will be following today. >> walking back from the train when two men in ski masks grabbed her and dragged her blind a church. woman was able to get away. philadelphia police tell us they are investigating. police say a man shot and killed in philadelphia's huntsing park neighborhood last night was from horsham. witnesses told investigators after the shooting, two people robbed the man as he lay dying on the street. investigators are looking for the gunman and the thieves. >> today's president trump is expected to lay out his plans
6:57 am
for building a wall along the u.s. mexican border. sources tell nbc news that during a visit to the department of homeland security, he will sign an executive order to begin paying for the wall. >> capital police are in philadelphia stepping up security for the republican lawmakers retreat that begins today at the lowes hotel downtown. president trump will speak to the group tomorrow. you'll find a list of road closures and parking restrictions on the nbc 10 app. former congressman fattah will begin 10 year prison sentence today. has to report to prison this afternoon. last june jury found him guilty of taking illegal million dollar campaign loan and using government and nonprofit money to repay it. today in atlantic city, learn more about state plans to cut the city's fire department. the states fire safety commission will meet to talk about reducing fire personnel by about 100 positions or more than 40%. move is part of state's takeover
6:58 am
of atlantic city. happening today, philadelphia mayor jim kenny will kick off auto show. this is video of the mayor doing the honors last year. the show opens to the public on saturday. good morning, everyone. francesca here. we have a sinkhole reported. argyle road and brook road. really want to get around it. i'm pointing to it right now. the sun is starting to come up. we can see what is happening. people on the scene right now. cones. looks like they're taking pictures of it. it's going to affect local commuters. station at church road as alternate. we're going to be following the story all morning long for you for the next several hours. a mild start by january standards. we're in the 40s this morning.
6:59 am
42 degrees right now in the suburbs. still seeing clouds in the area. stayed with us overnight. see a cloudy view from king of prussia. get sunshine. 40 degrees. 46 degrees and climbing in the suburbs. lehigh valley seeing the clouds break in easton after a cloudy night. the temperatures still falling. the sun is not up until 715. usually the coldest time of day is just after sunrise. look at the warmup. 39 at 9:00. sunshine will breakthrough for philadelphia too. rather cloudy right now looking at the city. fr wind is still blowing. will die down as the morning goes on. still a little bit breezy. this afternoon is when the wind die down more. temperatures will be moving up. sunshine, see 50s this afternoon for philadelphia, suburbs and new jersey. lehigh valley up to 48 degrees and mostly sunny. turning mostly sunny in delaware. don't forget you can get my first alert forecast on today's
7:00 am
101.1 more fm. >> we will have local updates throughout the morning. always get realtime news and weather with nbc 10 app. good morning. building the wall. president trump set to sign an executive order to fund his signature campaign promise today. >> we will build the wall. >> this amid reports he'll also temporarily ban immigration from several muslim countries. the white house forging ahead after doubling down on those false claims of widespread voter fraud. supreme contenders. president trump narrowing his choices for supreme court nominee. >> we have outstanding candidates. >> this morning, the names at the top of his short list with an announcement expected in the coming days. secret battle. sports caster erin andrews reves


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