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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 26, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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the road closures all morning long. yesterday, the sinkhole reported at argyle road at brooke road. i marked it with this graphic at cheltenham. and station road and church road. let's take a look at the majors right now, we're watching the schuylkill expressway early this morning. our camera focusing on the camera at spring garden, eastbound, westbound. when i come back, we'll take a look at 95 and the majors. today, president trump will be in philadelphia for the republican retreat. it may impact center city. there are road closures that francesca mentioned, septa changes and road changes due to the presidential visit. matt is live. we begin with matt, and what we can expect with the retreat. >> reporter: right, rosemary and
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tracy, the barriers are set up in front of the loews hotel. as for the president expected to speak later today. he's expected to talk at a lunch at noon. there's gop retreats. this is an annual policy retreat. the goal will be to lay out what they want to achieve and how they will go about doing it. topics on the agenda, health care, particularly the affordable care act. the gop has said they want to repeal and replace it. they'll also be talking about national security. there will be a full day of talks starting at 8:30 this morning. here's a look at folks in attendance. of course, as i mentioned, donald trump will be scheduled to arrive in philadelphia late this morning, 11:30 to get here at the loews hotel for that noon lunch where he'll be speaking to the crowd. the v.p. will be speaking and
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the british prime minister theresa may will be speaking and 7:00, where peyton manning will be in attendance. of course, we will be talking about some of the lawmakers in attendance for the gop retreat. we'll have some of their thoughts and what they expect coming up at 5:00. live in center city, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> now to katy zachry live in front of city hall. katy, talk about the protests. we've seen some in philadelphia and more today. >> reporter: the first protests are scheduled for 9:00 this morning. later scheduled throughout the morning, as well as this afternoon. thousands of people are expected to come out to center city, this area, throughout the day, thousands of them for these rallies. we saw some of what's to come today last night. it came, we saw, there was a rally in the middle of market street. supporters and members of the lgbtq community had a dance party in front of the loews hotel. that's where congressional republicans are meeting for the
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three-day republican retreat and where president trump will speak today. >> i think it's going to be really busy. there are all kinds of events planned, on facebook, there's one protest after another. there's a group, individuals, people like organizing. >> reporter: and again, early this morning, market street from city hall east to 11th street, that is closed, as well as parts of 12th street and 13th street. right around the loews hotel. also, if you're trying to access septa's jefferson station that is completely closed from market street. coming up in the next 25 minutes, we will have more on the specific protests planned for throughout the day. and then later this morning, as well as all afternoon. reporting live in city hall, katy zachry, nbc10 news. >> for everything you need to know about the republican retreat or presidential visit, go to the nbc10 app where you'll find information on road closures and septa changes
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throughout the city. a close advocate of fattah, convicted of taking part in a accomplice scheme to help f fattah. he spent 20 years in congress before racketeering charges last summer. the jury found him guilty of taking an illegal $1 million campaign loan and then using government or nonprofit money to repay it. fattah reported to a federal correctional facility in mckeon county. prison officials shared this picture of his cell. 44 degrees outside.
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we're following up on the driver whose suv was hit by a 50 pound dumbbell on the new jersey turnpike. we have learned that he died from his injuries tuesday night. investigators are still trying to figure out whether the dumbbell was thrown from an overpass or thrown from another vehicle. a sinkhole opened up and swallowed two front yards. this happened in glenside yesterday morning. right now, the neighborhood is under a boil water advisory after a six-inch water main broke. you can see neighbors coming back home with cases of bottled water. we talked to a few people who say they're sorry for the impact to homeowners. >> we're still fingers crossed that nothing else is going to happen. >> i got a lot of water because i'm not trusting the water out here. no way. >> no one was hurt, expect the boil water advisories to last until saturday. president trump signed an
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executive order to slash funding for sanctuary cities. >> but mayors to those cities including philadelphia say they will not reverse course. we'll hear how mayor mckinney is responding. and the winterstorms. nor'easter storms. how some people are responding at the jersey shore. we've got clouds overhead and tracking light rain showers. your neighborhood forecast, just ahead. >> announcer: this portion of nbc10 news sponsored by morgan and morgan, for the people.
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good morning, everyone, "first alert" traffic reporter francesca ruscio. we're watching the cameras focusing on traffic at 8th street. you do see we very light traffic this morning. situation will be changing as we get towards the heart of rush
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hour. also just expect traffic in and out of philadelphia because of presidential road closures. all morning long i'll be bringing you that information. we're watching the 42 freeway. this is northbound traffic for the philadelphia area. the camera focusing on the new jersey turnpike. problem-free on the 42 freeway, as well as 295 and the rest of the majors. right now, accident chester county, potts town pike and lenape crossing. when i come back, i'll have more on those roads and majors. 4:39, and 44 degrees. we're waiting for some rain in cape may. dry now on beach avenue. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. that rain in chester county, montgomery county. westchester getting very light rain drops moving into kennett square right now. however, you might want to grab an umbrella. there will be rain showers moving through philadelphia.
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the clouds will be thinning out. afternoon sunshine in the 50s. suburbs, we'll see rain showers first thing this morning, drying out in the afternoon. 45 right now. really didn't get cold overnight. we'll be back in the 50s this afternoon. lehigh valley, clouds are in place. a few showers possible. by 10:00, middle 40s, then upper 40s this afternoon. may not see quite as much sunshine at least to start with. in new jersey. showers have moved through. at 10:00, light rain showers. by noon time, they've done, offshore. 52 degrees in new jersey. at the shore, 50 right now. low 50s this afternoon. we will see some morning showers. in fact, at the shore, it will likely come down a little heavier. i think the most we'll wind up with a quarter inch rain. it's only rain with mild temperatures. delaware, you'll see showers
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swing through this morning and sunshine this afternoon. now a big change for the weekend, weekend forecast when i'm back in ten. 4:41 right now. at the jersey shore there are growing concerns over the long-term future of coastal areas, especially those hit hard during this past week's nor'easter. the waves ravaged protective dunes. we could see damaging storms like this more frequently in the future due to rising sea levels. >> i was really impressed to see that one storm could do this. where we're standing now was all sand on sunday. it's impressive to find out how to plan for the future. >> the report says that the trend continues flooding that we normally see once every five years. could happen up to five times every year. come up, a local area code is running out of numbers. we'll tell you what officials are considering.
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also backing out. we'll hear why new jersey governor chris christie is declining to endorse the lieutenant governor to succeed him. and future of jewelers road. two historic businesses.
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4:44 right now on this thursday. let's take awe state by state, county by county for a look at stories across the area. in new castle county the anti-defamation league is named an award after beau biden. award will be given to soldiers across the area. the first awards ceremony will be held march 29th. lehigh valley, allentown mayor will give his state of the city address. he's facing this fourth term as mayor. he's expected to talk about the crime rate going down in allentown and how to fund pethss
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for ci pensions for county weaks. ken lawrence was sworn in making him the first african-american commissioner in the county's history. lawrence is favoring josh shapiro. there could soon be another area code in the area as the new jersey board of public utilities has honored a new request for area codes. in gloucester county, rowan university will celebrate the grand opening of a college of engineering. state bonds helped cover the more than $70 million cost. let's check out in burlington county where chickie & pete's is now replacing champps. before renovating before the 2017 nfl season.
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the passenger train service comes to the lehigh valley. >> he wrote a letter to president trump on tuesday. he's the mayor of warren county on the border of easton and bethlehem. he said in part of the inaugural address in which the president said he wanted to build new rails across the country. he wrote, it is my belief that a rail extension from new york city to the greater lehigh valley area would be a major boom for workers commuting from those areas. no response from the white house. 4:46, very busy day for philadelphia. >> we'll get you around for what you need to know. francesca ruscio has that. >> tracy and rosemary, very slow going throughout center city because of the presidential visit. 13th street will be closed at chestnut street and market street starting at 8:00 this morning. market street will be closed at 11th street and juniper.
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we're going to be watching the road closures all morning long, especially on social media. 95 at girard avenue, we're starting to see more volume again. this is going to be really congested later on today. especially as we approach 8:00 where the road closures will be put in place. northbound not all that bad in terms of car totals. let's take a look at traffic. schuylkill expressway, ten minutes southbound, you won't run into any problems or delays. again, it's still very early. i'll be posting those road closures all morning long. back to you, ladies. >> thank you, francesca. now, a look at our weather. bill henley is tracking the weather. >> we'll talk about the weekend but you'll get to that eventually. >> yeah, i've got the weekend forecast. but starting off, streets on philadelphia completely dry but
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that's going to change. as rosemary mentioned it's mild this morning. only light rain showers. camelback mountain, 38 degrees in the mountains 35 in lehigh valley. south jersey 40s. in 40s for robbinsville and hopewell township. princeton has dropped to 37 degrees. we will see sunshine, voorhees, jamon, lenderton. we'll have a dreary start 8:00 at the bus stop, showers moving on through. some neighborhoods colder than others. 39 degrees in allentown. wilmington, in the 40s to start with. showers are a problem this morning, not really a big problem, very light showers. you see the chester county, abington, probably get a few rain drops. but there's more wet west to the west. this is coming in during the morning hours and then it quickly exits for this
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afternoon. let's go by hour by hour. 5:00 this morning. 40 degrees. here come the showers, they move in this morning. 7:00, rain moving into reading, pottstown, allentown, millville. steadier at 9:00, temperatures in the 44s. a little steadier in cape may, that's where we'll see a little more rainfall west of the area. a tenth of an inch of rain. 10:00, those showers are in new jersey by noon time, breaks of sunshine. and the temperatures close to yesterday's level at 54 degrees. that's what we hit yesterday afternoon. a little warmer during the day today. but it will be breezy. and that wind is going to bring in colder air for the weekend. 20s saturday and sunday morning. and afternoon with sunshine in the upper 30s and low 40s. pretty typical for this time of year. then it gets colder next week. the ten day on ten, breezy and
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cooler. there's the weekend cold. we'll get sunshine for saturday and sunday. still a nice weekend. nice january weekend. and it's going to feel like january on monday. 38 degrees after a morning low of 27. not much of a warmup next week. the temperatures will stay into the 30s right into next weekend, when it will turn colder saturday afternoon. high of 33 degrees. >> bill, thank you. ten minutes before 5:00 right now. philadelphia will not change its status as a sanctuary city, despite president trump's order to strip federal funding from any city that does. the order could impact $500 million in grants. mayor jim mckinney is standing firm on his promise. >> he anti-specified what that money is and where it's coming from. and we can't react to it anyway, until we know exactly ma he's talking about. >> saenctuary cities have policies in place.
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mayor kenney is not planning on meeting with the president today but he's willing to. hundreds of volunteers are spanning out across the city taking a citywide census. to help officials allocate weak forces to assist the homeless. new jersey is touting figures from his homeless census. nbc10 is in camden, one of the spots where volunteers took part yesterday. one woman of joseph's house tells us she's thankful for the help she's received. >> a humbling experience. i -- there's a lot of generosity out there, but there's a lot of ignorance out there as well. >> homeless advocates say they'll go to washington in july for push congress for funding for services. new jersey governor chris christie has not endorsed
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lieutenant governor to succeed him. he said kim la donna has done a good job. but she recently broke with him on raising the gas tax. doctors have given a clean bill of health tom wolf, less than a year after he revealed he had prostate cancer. he said he plans to run for re-election in 2018. we're learning more details about the murder of a bucks county teen. >> the abuse that allegedly lasted years. that's next on "nbc 10 news today." also, a call to activism. why political organizations say more people are volunteering and how those groups are trying to harness the momentum. ññyñññçwçwñwñwñww?qoówvoó
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good morning, everyone. francesca ruscio here.
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we're over in maple shade, new jersey, watching the road, this is the rule 73 at route 38. the camera there, traveling before the betsy ross bridge, you won't run into any problems or delays. very light traffic. for the most part, travel speeds are in the 60s. when i come back, we'll talk more about the presidential road closures and what that mean for you, rosemary, back to you at the desk. will it be another record-breaking day on wall street? the dow closed at 155 points up to 20,000 for the first time yesterday. stockings are higher following strong earning reports and president trump's vow to toughen regulations for businesses. in the next half hour, we'll check in with cnbc for a look at how wall street is expected to react today. organizations in our area say they're noticing a spike in volunteers and donations after the election. >> the threats from the republican congress to repeal the affordable care act and
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planned parenthood, hundreds of people that filled a church in west philadelphia last night are ready to fight for planned parenthood. >> i'm going to go to the planned parenthood demonstration that's in town. >> anti-abortion agencies are also seeing a boost in support. they're preparing for the march for life in washington tomorrow. >> we've seen an increasingly palpable enthusiasm this year. >> both sides are trying to harness the energy that's been sparked by the intense political divide. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is investing nearly $82 million to clean up the state's water system. the money will go to 16 waste water projects. it will impact chester city and chester county. most of the funding will come from the state. it will go to help people in horsham whose water supply with
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chemicals from an old naval air station. at least one resident accusing the navy of hazardous waste. three minutes before five, a bill that would help drivers to pass school bus cameras. t would allow school buss to install cameras on the outside of buses. it goes to the assembly for approval. many buses have cameras on board but they're focused inside and not outside. let's go to the lehigh area. the easton schools will have full-day kindergarten starting in the fall. it will help children have greater success, and it will save the district money by not having to do midday buses. we're getting a glimpse of jewelers row. two proposals both with condos and retail space.
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the first is a huge brick tower to match the surrounding businesses. second is more modern, glass from street to sky. neighbors who favor preserving the street's history fought against the building. the developer will present its plans to the city next month. nbc10 was in west philadelphia yesterday for the apartmenting at 48th and haverford. it was built on what was a vacant lot. and in center city, a celebration of diverse city in the communications industry. >> nbc10 for the paragon awards honored. comcast senior executive vice president judy cullen also spoke at the events. comcast is the parent company of
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nbc10 and a proud sponsor of the event. presidential visit. in just hours, president trump will be arriving in philadelphia. how it could impact your morning commute. preparing for protests as thousands and republican leaders from across the city meet in center city. and hot bed of abuse. we're learning what allegedly led up to the murder of a teen grace packer. the years of abuse investigators say she was forced to endure. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. 5:00 a.m. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rosemary connors. let's get to bill henley with the most accurate forecast in the region. >> rosemary, we talked about the chance of showers yesterday. here we go, just very light showers. they're moving through chester county, we've seen a few sprinkles in montgomery county. and now delaware.
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middletown is getting light rainfall and sprinkles in the salem area. the chance of more rain actually increases after 7:00 this morning. that's when we'll get steadier rain. for now, it's pretty dry outside. in spite of a few showers, cloudy at suburbs, 44 degrees. new jersey, 45. it didn't get cold overnight. we will see some sunshine this afternoon. but the showers will move through the lehigh valley. the temperatures will be climbing so we're only dealing with rain for today. and this afternoon, showers will be gone, we'll see sunshine, look at these numbers, very unjanuary-like. feels more like late march, beginning of april. 55 degrees for new jersey. 56 for philadelphia. delaware gets closer to 60 degrees today. going through the latest futurecast, hour by hour, to show you when the showers move in and out of your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes but first francesca has your "first alert" traffic. a


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