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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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healthcare, jobs, and trade. saying they would bring back the term made in the usa. he started with something local and personal here in pennsylvania. back in the state that helped give him an election night victory, president trump couldn't resist looking back. >> pennsylvania can not be won, right congressman? there is no path to victory for trump. in pennsylvania. >> he turned the state red for the first time in decades. using a stop here to lay out plans for what he can do with a republican house and senate. >> the congress is going to be the busiest congress we've had in decades. maybe ever. >> reporter: he put repealing and replacing obamacare at the top of the agenda and also took on future trade deals. >> they won't be a whole big mash pot. they'll be one-on-one deals. >> reporter: amid controversy over who would pay for a wall
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along the u.s. southern border, told lawmakers this. >> the president of mexico, and myself, have agreed to cancel our planned meeting scheduled for next week. unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly, with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. we have no choice. >> the president of mexico tweeted of informing the white house mexico was canceling after president trump tweeted it might be best to cancel if mexico wouldn't pay. we got reaction from local lawmakers. >> all the take aways, the continued focus on renegotiating nafta was my big take away. and i think there's a lot of workers in southeastern pennsylvania across pennsylvania and the midwest that hear that. and really want to know what the details are. >> reporter: when it comes to relationships with other
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nations, congressman charlie dent is looking for more than he's heard. >> i believe it's heard that we talk about protecting american interests wherever and whenever we can. this is an important time that we double down on our alliances and reassure our friends and allies. so i think that's something that i think the president needs to say a little bit more of. >> reporter: and there is new information coming in on the idea of that tax on goods coming into the u.s. from mexico. the president's press secretary sean spicer saying that's not necessarily how the wall would be paid for. it is just one option on how to do it. live in center city i'm lauren mayk nbc 10 news. thousands filled the streets in center city today, using their voices and signs to express their feelings about president trump. most of the people there wanted to send a message to the president to save the affordable care act. others are supporting local immigrants after the president signed the executive order
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defunding sanctuary cities like philadelphia. we've been watching the crowds grow over the past hour or so. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal has been with protesters all day long, he's joining us now live outside the loews hotel with police behind you there, randy. >> reporter: we have moved. you can see these police are on broad street. protecting the union lead here. the dr the demonstrators have shut down the street. they've been walking down market street, walnut and in some cases blocking traffic. largely peaceful. this was unpermitted so they were not aware where these people were going. but right now, they are on broad street, heading towards city hall. let me show you video real quick we shot 20 minutes ago. this is the most tense moment we saw. the demonstrators trying to put up close to the loews hotel. pushing against the police line. police were able to hold the
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line, keep the demonstrators out. the demonstrators then turned around and went a different direction. we did not see any arrests so far just a little bit of pushing and shoving. i can tell you right now, center city, parts of it are pretty much closed if you're near city hall. we'll come back live and if you look up here with our live picture there are people in the skyscrapers and buildings watching the demonstrations in the street. right now, i can tell you they're heading towards the city hall, maybe back towards the loews area. earlier the demonstrations had a specific focus about the affordable care act. this seems a bit more diverse. a number of different issues. we're going to keep following them as they head towards city hall. right now center city, randy gyllenhaal. president trump called out philadelphia's crime during his speech today as he talked about fighting violence around the nation. >> here in philadelphia, the
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murder rate has been steady, i mean, just terribly increasing. >> but philadelphia's homicide count has actually declined in the past decade. you can see in these statistics from philadelphia police, 391 homicide happened in 2007. there was a big drop off in 2013. that number bounced back slightly in 2015. and the past hour we spoke to the mayor jim kenney fired back. >> they're out there standing out on the street taking care and protecting him and he denigrates our police, it's disgraceful. >> philadelphia police are still in center city tonight, trying to control those demonstrators. as crowds continue to swell in the streets. the mayor is vowing to keep giving safe haven to undocumented immigrants as a sanctuary city as president donald trump doubled down on his promise to take federal funding
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away from such cities. >> at long last, cracking down on sanctuary cities. >> so now the philadelphia city council is responding and preparing for a worst case scenario. nbc 10's cydney long asked the city council president. >> i'm interested in seeing donald trump allow refugees into our country. >> reporter: this is among dozens who demonstrated peacefully thursday. her hope that local government will stand strong against president trump. her fear, that sanctuary cities will lose federal funding as punishment by trump to discipline cities that protect illegal immigrants. >> i want our president to value them as human beings. >> reporter: how much money is at risk? >> that's what we want to find out. that's what we're asking the executive branch to come in, talk to us about the potential loss of revenue, best case, worst case scenario. >> reporter: the council
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president continued in his obligation to explore if the president's trump is constitutionally legal. >> i'm thankful -- >> reporter: while a majority in council stood in favor of sanctuary cities. >> quote, sneaking into a country does not make you an immigrant. >> reporter: those who didn't were booed. if the cuts were imminent would you consider changing sanctuary cities? >> i don't know if we have the jurisdiction. it's an executive order the mayor has the jurisdiction over the employees, the police and other aspects of the sanctuary city operation. >> reporter: wexler wants to continue to mentor and tutor elementary school refugees who are finding peace in our city. >> i love kids and they're just kids. >> reporter: and council president clark told me a back up plan is premature.
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he accepted a resolution to hold hearings to closely examine the city's funding. his goal is to protect threats that will dismantle a safety net that will make people sicker, and more susceptible to poverty. live in center city tonight, outside city hall. i'm cydney long nbc 10 news. you can read everything else the president spoke about in philadelphia today, plus more from the demonstrators calling for his attention. it's all on nbc and the free nbc 10 app. the president's visit to philadelphia comes as there's an exodus at the state department. that story is coming up after this newscast on nbc nightly news with lester holt. back here the engineer in the train detrailment that killed eight people is suing amtrak. >> he's seeking more than $50,000. he says that investigators concluded his train was never hill by a projectile. they found he was distracted by reports that a nearby train had
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been hit. drug and missing safety equipment could be to blame for a deadly amtrak accident in chester. amtrak train 89 derailed last april, slammed into a back hoe and killed two workers. investigators first revealed missing safety equipment on the track. the ntsb found the engineer had marijuana in his system. amtrak says it is working to strengthen its drug policy. we have new video of a barber shop that took a direct hit from a car in delaware. the car plowed into the shop in wilmington. you saw the damage there. thankfully no one was seriously hurt. the crews are checking to see if that shop can stay open. south jersey lay offs are beginning at the progresso soup plant. 338 employees will lose their job ws when the facility closes. the mayor is talking with
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several companies who could move into the site. lincoln drive reopened minutes ago after a large tree came tumbling down across that road. the tree blocked both directions of lincoln drive in the area of ritten house street for nearly three hours. up next, all new at 6:00. race rescue. a local nurse saves a fellow runner who collapsed near the finish line. how a reunion is happening even though they never got each other's names. why some of pennsylvania's state schools may be forced to shut down. well, get ready for the cold moving back in. i'll tell you when you will note thets retu the return of winter temperatures in my first alert neighborhood forecast. a live look at center city where demonstrators have been out all day. during the visit of president trump. we'll check back in live with randy gyllenhaal next.
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welcome back. a day of demonstrations and politics as president trump visits philadelphia. you're looking live at center city where the demonstrators have been moving through the streets, particularly along market street in and around city hall area. >> let's go to nbc 10's randy
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gyllenhaal who is in the middle of the large crowd of demonstrators. randy? >> reporter: and we have ended up back where we started. 13th and market outside the loews hotel. this is where the demonstration will end. these people actually walked through much of center city at times blocking traffic, other times walking through straights that police officers had closed. some are hanging out here. this is near the loews hotel where the president trump and gop leaders had been meeting. the protest has been largely peaceful. we saw some people doing a little pushing and shoving on the police line as they attempt today get close to the loews hotel. the police officers held the line. we did thought see any arrests happening. right now it appears at this moment at least that this demonstration is starting to calm down slowly. earlier we had a demonstration about 11:00 this morning, mostly people concerned with healthcare. asking those republicans and president trump to save the affordable care act. this one has been a bit more diverse on a range of issues.
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we're back where we started outside the loews hotel. live in center city, i'm randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. thanks for the update. the end may be near for some of pennsylvania state colleges. officials say pa state university system is undergoing a review that could result in the merger of or closure of some of its 14 campuses. the review comes in light of falling enrollment and financial challenges. it's unclear how long the review will take. new at 6:00. from the nbc 10 delaware bureau. finding a life saver. >> a colorado man goes to social media to find the fellow half marathon runner who saved him when he collapsed near the finish line. >> turns out, a nurse is the hospital here. she talks to nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong about jumping right into action. >> i'd be grateful if you could share the video with your friends. >> reporter: bill turned to facebook to try to find the people that performed cpr and
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had 44-year-old's heart failed at the key west marathon. >> they were there, they did their thing and disappeared. >> reporter: he collapsed during a race you would hope that people around you know what to do. it turns out one of the first people at his side was a cardiovascular nurse. >> he looked like he was in trouble. >> reporter: amy and her friends ran the maurrathomarathon. she saw bill collapse and kept bill alive. she never found out what happened to him after he was taken away. >> i was just saying that morning, i said, you know, i think i am better off not knowing what happened to him. because it just kept eating at me. >> reporter: then amy's friend sent her bill's video. >> i burst into tears, just to see how well he looked. >> reporter: bill is flying back to his home in colorado. he spoke with me from the airport. he and his wife is happy to know amy and the other medical pros who helped save him.
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>> we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. and they certainly don't want the recognition, they're just doing what they normally do. >> reporter: bill doesn't know cpr. he says he's going to learn. the story shows why we should all learn cpr. you may not be lucky enough to have a cardiovascular nurse running next to you when you need one. tim furlong. bill has told amy and the others who helped save him, he'd love to meet in key west next january. >> yeah. really counting his blessings. they would want to walk that half marathon together. might happen. >> great story. let's turn to our weather now. not too cold for ice skaters out there tonight as we look live at the blue cross river rink. winter making its return? >> it's january and it's going to start feeling like late january. didn't do so much of that over the last couple of days. although we're now dropping in through the 40s across the area after a high today of 55. you can see how much it's dropped.
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west cal township down to 42. exton at 45. chester heights at 45. north wales and elroy at 43. bedminister 43. newtown at 44. the wind continues out of the west northwest. we had gusts up close to 50 miles per hour in parts of the area this afternoon. now it's gusting to 30. so it's down a little bit. 37 miles per hour gusts in wilmington. 31 in atlantic city. so the wind's not nearly as strong as it was. tomorrow's going to be a windy day but not as windy as today. today we have 45. plus tomorrow, maybe gusts of 30 miles per hour. the normal winter temperatures, returning. nothing too brutal. but a whole lot colder than it has been. the dry pattern except for flurries or maybe a little bit of light snow in the ten day forecast, you'll see the
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seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen for your neighborhood. last couple of days, compared to the average of 40, way above average. even with the drop, through the weekend we don't go to below normal temperatures. the last of the rain at noontime, told you it was going to be morning showers. and they're out of here. and so we are left with clear skies. the showers, the lake effect snowshowerses. feeling like the 20s later tonight and in the 20s across the entire area by tomorrow morning. of course, that's nothing unusual for january. the low temperature average is like 25. this is as warm as it's going to feel tomorrow. like, 35 in philly, 36 in voorhees. 55 today. it's going to feel 20 degrees colder tomorrow afternoon than it did this afternoon.
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and then back tomorrow night, and into saturday we're talking about temperatures into the 40's. this is the way it's going to be over the next 24 hours. temperatures much closer to average. no precipitation anywhere. and kind of a breezy day. hi, the sixers continue their surprising season with back to back wins without joel. the coach explains what's different if anything, that's next in sports.
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hi, the sixers won for the tenth time in their last 13 games. a surprising second straight win without the services of joel imbib. they both had 17 points. henderson chipped in 20 points off the bench. it's the fourth win without imbib in the line up. here is the head coach on the changes on his team. >> you naturally ask what's the difference. you don't have any new players or new plays. the difference is their improvement. they're improving and getting better. and there is a level of confidence that is now, i think, equaling their improved skill. joel imbib unavailable for the last two games due to a knew issue but is expected back in
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the lineup on friday. the rookie will find out if he's made the reserve list for the all-star game. that's his last shot of making the team. flyers who got their second straight win last night shutting out the rangers on the road 2-0. it's the team's second straight road victory. the flyers hadn't even won away from home since december 14th. the win at the garden which catapulted the orange and black into the wildcard. they're hosting the maple leaves. puck drops after 7:00 p.m. you don't want to miss this, our nbc 10 exclusive a journey, story of the 2016 eagles. access to inside the locker room and throughout the complex, you're not going to want miss. saturday, 7:00 only here on nbc 10. and that is your look at sports. j we'll send it back to you. let's get a live look at the
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demonstrations still happening in center city after president trump's visit to philadelphia today. sky force 10 is over the crowd along market street. this is just east of city hall. there have been demonstrations all day long over issues like the affordable care act and immigration. you can see just how large those crowds continue to be since president trump arrived here. we'll be talking to demonstrators again tonight at 11:00. also at 11:00, hollywood comes to philadelphia. >> tonight, the movie filming happening tomorrow and the road closures you'll need to know.
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the spring feel, the spring clothing, i guess it will go back in the closet after today. >> bring the winter coats back out. back toward average over the weekend. a little bit of wind tomorrow. next week is pretty cold. seasonably cold with a chance of flurries by the middle of the week. no big storms. okay. >> back to winter, thanks for
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watching everybody i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london, up next nbc nightly news with lester holt. test. test. war. the fight over the wall boils over between president trump and mexico and who will pay for it? could it be american consumers. a come caught police choking her son. why did she end up tasered and charged? major airlines under fire accused of discriminating against families with nut allergies. the price you pay, a super shopper reveals how to cut your grocery bill in half without clipping coupons. still got game. a tri of champions proveri i proving action is just a number.


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