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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  January 28, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EST

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right now on "nbc 10 news today" a grandmother crossing the street with five children is killed in a hit-and-run. this morning philadelphia police are on the hunt for the driver of this van that left the scene. a crash in bucks county involving an atv kills a 13-year-old and sends another teen to the hospital in critical condition. we'll hear from a witness about what she saw at the scene. extreme vetting. president trump fulfills a campaign promise and signs an order that suspends temporarily enter into the u.s. from predominantly muslim countries. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today". i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:00 on this saturday. plenty to get to. let's start with our weekend
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weather. meteorologist krystal klei has the most accurate forecast in the region and tracking a cool down for us. >> we're looking for chilly conditions for our weekend but a nice weekend as long as you layer up. here's a look at the temperatures. right now we're 32 in pottstown, 31 in allentown. right at freezing in reading and lancaster. in philadelphia 35 degrees, close to freezing as well atlantic city, 33. and millville at 34. now these are temperatures woe say it was a cold start. but really a cold start because the winds are up a bit which makes it feel cooler than it truly is. here your winds. close to 10 miles per hour an hour in philadelphia. dover air force base at 10 and atlantic city at six. wildwood up to 13 miles per hour. these aren't strong winds but enough to make it colder or feel colder than it truly is. we look at our radar and satellite. overall clear conditions. scattered clouds but not tracking any rain or snow. it looks like we're tracking
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snow. that's not making it to the ground. if we pull this out there's lake-effect action near the great lakes area. that won't make it to us this morning. yesterday we saw a few flakes. today same situation, mostly going to stay out of reach but we will notice some of those scattered clouds building throughout the day. we'll talk more about our changing conditions today and if those temperatures warm up very much at all, all the details on your saturday right into sunday coming up in a few minutes. now to a developing story in west philadelphia. police are looking for the driver of a minivan who hit and killed a grandmother and took off. it happened before 8:00 last night. investigators say the woman just got off the septa trolley. she had five children with her. police have released this pick taufr white minivan they say was involved. the van should have damage to the front hood and grill. it was last seen going eastbound on popular. police are now calling on the
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driver to come forward. >> driver knew he hit someone and he knew he was driving the person also. officers say the victim was holding a 3-year-old child at the time of the accident. that child went to the hospital in stable condition. the other kids were not hurt. let's head to bensalem bucks county where a 13-year-old is dead and another teen is in the hospital fighting for his life following a atv crash. our camera captured this upside down atv in the middle of been is a eliminate boulevard. they crashed into the passenger side of this car as the driver was turning. the teen who died was not wearing a helmet. we spoke to a witness at the scene who describes what she saw after the crash. >> it was a bad sight. it was a quad turned over. the body was on the road. first time i've seen something like that. >> we get a lot of calls of them
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riding onto roadway. this is two individuals, like i said, tragic accident but they were riding on the roadway and appeared only one of them was wearing a helmet. >> a recent national report from the consumer product safety, 258 riders who died were under 16. 32 who died were under the age of 12. police are investigating how fast the atv in bensalem was traveling and if the lights were on. new this morning in philadelphia a man is shot in the shoulder at his front door. police say two men wearing black masks opened fire when the victim answered a knock at the door just after 2:00 this morning. working to find out the victim's condition. so far police have no suspects or motive in this case. president donald trump's first 100 days are filling up with plenty of point announcements. he's now moving forward with his campaign promise of extreme vetting which he says will keep
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terrorists out of of the u.s. yesterday the president signed an executive order for new restrictions on immigrants from several predominantly muslim countries. the executive order does not specific which countries would be reported that they are libya, sudan, iraq, iran, syria. mr. trump's executive order is sparking outrage from civil rights activists. all entries from those muslim majority nations will be suspended for the next 90 days. also the entire u.s. refugee program is on hold for the next four months. president trump says the moves are necessary to protect america from terror. civil rights advocates are calling the orders unconstitutional. >> extreme vetting means discrimination against muslims. the president's message is very clear. christians are welcomed here but muslims are not. >> we want to ensure we're not admitting in to our country the very threat our soldiers are
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fighting overseas. >> at least one islamic american group said it will file a lawsuit come monday. today president trump is set to make phone calls to several world leaders, but the one that's getting the most attention is to vladimir putin. the president's relationship with putin remains and i temple of interest. the u.s. intelligence community concluded putin was personally involved in a campaign to hack the presidential election. mr. trump says he does not know putin personally. the president says he will try to work with putin to fight isis. >> if we have a great relationship with russia and other countries, and if we go after isis together, which has to be stopped, that's an evil that has to be stopped, i will consider that a good thing, not a bad thing. >> president trump also intends to speak today with leaders from japan, germany, france and the trail. six minutes past 5:00 right now on this saturday. the wheels are turning to try to save one of the most famous
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races held every year in philadelphia. coming up we'll hear what one area congressman is hoping to do. >> reporter: i'm live with these lamborghini at the philadelphia auto show. coming up next we'll give you and inside tour before doors open later today. .
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welcome back. so a minute ago we were looking at those temperatures, the current christmas eve outside. they are in the low to mid-30s. now we're looking at your feel like temperature. you can see definitely feeling colder than it actually is. 14 mount pocono, pottstown 25 degrees and philadelphia 27 for the feels like. 28 for atlantic city and 30 for millville. most everyone feels boulevard to kick off the morning even if we aren't truly below freezing. here's the wind forecast for today. we're looking at winds five to ten miles per hour.
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as we get through your afternoon right around 10 to 15 mile-per-hour winds are in the forecast across the map. pretty direct west wind we're tracking. gusts will still be up around 25 to 30 mile-per-hour gusts from time to time, possible through your afternoon. another breezy to low end windy day which makes it feel colder than it is. here's your feel like temperatures through the afternoon. right around low to mid-30s in philadelphia. we'll have scattered clouds throughout the day mixing with sun but should stay dry. suburbs mid-20s but low 30s through the afternoon. about the same in lehigh valley. in new jersey at 33, 3:00 in the afternoon and 34 at the jersey shore. we'll talk more about temperatures today compare them to tomorrow and look at that extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. perfect day to be inside. maybe go the philadelphia auto show. it starts today. last night the pennsylvania convention center was bustling
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for the black tie tailgate. it benefits the division of neurology at children's hospital of philadelphia. randy gyllenhaal is live at the auto show this morning to give us a preview. hey randy. >> reporter: good morning. we're sitting inside bentley's first-ever suv. this is a brand new thing. this guy retails $229,000. i want to give you a quick tour of the auto show floor. again it does open later today. tickets are $14 at the gate. kids are free if they are under. 6 years old. throughout the next hour or two on television i'll show you what's going on at the auto show. over here i'll show you the lamborghini section, always extremely popular. this is the lamborghini hurricane. top speed 319 kilometers per hour. goes from zero to 100 in 3.6 seconds. this one retails at the least, at the very minimum, $200,000. so if you're coming down to the
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auto show a few things you can see. there's the hollywood cars exhibit. very popular. includes things like the delo r delowerean. cars from dump ab and dumber an "jurassic park". and cars from the future no self-driving cars but a number of cars that have autonomous features like self-parking and self-lane switching capabilities. doors open later today at 9:00 a.m. they are expecting thousands of people and this show goes through super bowl sunday. throughout the next two hours here on nbc 10 this morning we'll show you the sights. do some interactive exhibits and get you up to date. so when you come to the auto show you'll know what to look for. i'm randy gyllenhaal. back to you. coming up next, a taste of hollywood in center city. we'll show you the film action that's happening right now in
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rise above joint discomfort with move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility and flexibility, and 20% better comfort from one tiny, mighty pill... get move free ultra, and enjoy living well. not go after governor chris christie in the bridgegate scandal. bergen county prosecutors say the state does not believe it can prove the governor is guilty of official misconduct. the case stems from a complaint from a former firefighter. the firefighter insisted chris chris christie violated the law when he failed to open lanes to the george washington bridge. the closures were alleged retribution for a local mayor who did not support the governor's re-election bid. two of the governor's colleagues were convicted in the case. two were convicted last month, a third pleaded guilty.
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pennsylvania congressman bob bready hopes he can save one of philadelphia's most famous races. yesterday officials announced that the iconic philadelphia international cycling classic will be cancelled this year because they couldn't find enough sponsors to pay the million dollar price tag for the race. but representative brady said he'll try to call in some favors before throwing in the towel. >> we'll go to some of our key pocket friends, some corporations that need to step up to the plate that benefit from the city of philadelphia and with the mayor's blessing, and the mayor said if you think you can do it we'll take a shot at it and maybe get it done. >> business owners in manayunk said they will take a hit with the loss of the race but also say crowds have dwindled in recent years. 16 minutes past 5:00 right now. school leaders in cherry hill are changing their minds about a musical production after a public outcry. the musical "ragtime" uses the
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n-word. it's scheduled to be performed this spring at cherry hill east. the school district pulled the word following a complaint from the naacp, but after several meetings an an online petition the superintendent decided the show can go on as scripted. in a statement he says in part we will make it abundantly clear we loathe the n-word, we despise the most vial of words in our language. show opens march 10th. a section of center city is closed down until 7:00 this morning because of scenes like this one. this is not a real police chase. it's actually the filming of the upcoming move "untouchable". philadelphia police closed jfk boulevard and market street between 15th and 20th street overnight for the first day of the shoot. movie stars, kevin hart, also bryan cranston and nichol kidman are in the film. the stars were not part of the shoot. but people passing by stopped to watch. >> interesting to see in a live
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environment. >> the actors are already in town for rehearsals. they will start shooting scenes around town next week. the chinese new year is officially under way. nbc 10 visited st. joe last night. a dozen students from china go to school here. this is the year of the rooster. lasts until february 15th of next year. now we're looking at your board. here are some of the temperatures we're tracking in your delaware neighborhoods. 35 degrees is the temperature for army hills. talliville you're at 33. right near freezing. remember because the winds are up a bit it feels colder than it truly is outside. we're at 34 in sellton. harrington at 35, allendale at
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34 degrees. lewis beach and rehoboth beach low to mid-30s. chilly start for our delaware neighborhoods. same deal for philadelphia neighborhoods. 35 center city and our official reporting location at the airport 34. 34 at chestnut hill and dora. checking 34 degrees currently. colder in somerton, 30 degrees sitting below freezing this morning. good news we don't have precipitation to track this morning so these boulevard temperatures won't lead to any worries as we go out this morning on the roadways. here's a look at your radar and satellite map. just some clouds passing through the area. i know you see the white on the radar. this isn't snow making it to the ground. yesterday a few of you may have seen spot flurries, a few flakes go by quickly. we have a lot of lake-effect snow that's occurring but not making it to the ground except for a few flakes here and there. today again we should stay on
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the dry side. parts of the poconos, lehigh valley may get a clipper effect. what we're seeing for us scattered clouds today. those clouds spilling out from the northwest, that flow of the lake-effect snow. here's a look at your temperatures today with those scattered clouds. temperatures really don't warm. we stay in the low to mid-40s. 43 degrees center city. somerton 42. and doylestown 41. lehigh valley burks county area at 40 degrees. over to new jersey trenton at 41. vorhees at 43. ocean city you're also 43 degrees. new jersey shore right around mid-40s, 44 atlantic city, cape may and rehoboth beach at 44 degrees as well by this afternoon. unfortunately it feels like temperatures a bit ago it won't feel like this in the afternoon because we got those winds picking up a bit. here's your hour by hour forecast. we don't see much in terms of
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moisture not likely we'll see flakes flying today. instead this is scattered clouds and the moisture stays off to our northwest. those scattered clouds will ling near to the night. not a lot. not showing up well on our future satellite. hour by hour sunday morning same deal. scattered clouds that will linger in and out throughout the day but stay dry for your sunday. we see some consistencies. breezy conditions. gusts around 20 miles per hour. pretty much where we linger into the afternoon. 3:00 p.m., 19 miles per hour. low 20s through a valon. 5 to 20 mile-per-hour gusts. today will feel colder than it is. chilly day throughout. sunday a repeat of your saturday. we'll look most closely at the ten day on 10 in a half hour. charles shackleford who played two seasons with the 76ers has died. he was found dead in his north carolina home yesterday. he was in the nba for six
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seasons including here in philadelphia from 1991 to 1993. the cause of his death is under investigation. he was 50 years old. hollywood loses another great. john hurt died yesterday at the age of 77 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. he standard in more than 200 film and television series over a career that spanned six decades. he was nominated for an oscar for his starring role in "the elephant man" and supporting role in "midnight express." he most recently appeared with natalie portman in the film "jackie." coming up, remember this parrot? you want to hear the update on the search for this pet bird on the loose in a wilmington neighborhood. i'm jim rosenfield for nbc 10. at issue join me sunday morning when we take a look at super bowl commercials, what surprises could be in store this year.
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i'll be interested to see if anybody is going to be dangerous enough to do something that feels political. >> that plus show me the money. tips on how to get colleges to cough up more cash. >> want to find out who read your application because there can be an advocate in the process for you. >> coming up sunday morning at 11:30, following "meet the press," only on nbc 10. i am totally blind.
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we have an update on an exotic bird that's been on the lam in wilmington for over a week. we've been telling you about the efforts to get freddy mercury the macau down from trees. a hawk tried to attack him yesterday and freddy flew away. the macau escaped from his owner's house last week. a delaware zoo is trying to help. today in burlington county you can enjoy the annual fire and ice festival in downtown mount holly from 10:00 to 4:00. the event includes a chili cooking contest, beer tent and ice carvers. there will be glassblowing and fire truck rides. admission is free but the tickets are available for a small price. also today hundreds ill take the plunge to help support special olympics.
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radio djs will lead the way in this year's eastern polar plunge. they will jump into the icy waters in bensalem. registration starts at 9:30 and then the brave will take the plunge at noon. there's another reason to smile if you live or vacation in cape may. it made coastal living blitz of the happiyest seaside town in america. cape may comes in at number six on this year's list. the magazine calls the shore city a true gem on new jersey's fabled shore. here's a look at the town. grand haven, orleans, massachusetts. the hunt for a driver in a hit-and-run that left a woman dead in west philadelphia is happening right now. police are looking for this van that they say left the scene. we'll have an update on the investigation. and today we're tracking a chilly day back to reality as we go through the next week.
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we'll take a closer look. here's a look at boat house row where conditions are at least dry.
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the longer they wait the more it looks like they are trying to hide something. >> police are calling on the driver to come forward in a hit-and-run that killed a grandmother in west philadelphia. this morning investigators are hoping someone will recognize this minivan. a live look outside over center city philadelphia where it's a cold start to our morning. the wind doesn't help. we'll let you know how long this chilly change will last coming up. and philadelphia gets its motor running this morning as the auto show gets rolling. we'll have a live preview from the pennsylvania convention center in just minutes. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today". i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. let's start with that weathe


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