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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  January 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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but a tremendous tril first of all to put a race on like this. a tremendous excitement for us to build up to the rematch with california chrome. i know he's probably finished after today. but he's been a tremendous asset to our sport. and we're just so proud to have a horse of the caliber of arrogate and, you know -- he just goes from strength to strength. just superlative. >> just spectacular. let's go to laffit. >> mike smith, and hall of fame trainer bob baffert. you told me before the race you were on pins and needles. so nervous. >> the one hole. mike and i talked about it. had to break cleanly and could be shuffled back with a lot of horses in front of them. he got him out of the gate and got him run asking hi knew where he was. after that i naught he might be in the lead when i saw noble bird an easy lead. i thought wow i told my wife that noble bird is tough in the lead like that.
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i was just watching california chrome and he was in a good spot right outside of us so i thought this is goings a -- you know who's going to give in first. lot of things going through your mind but, you know, all of this time if he could have been talk to me telling me county worry, bob, everything is cool. i would have been a lot cool cooler. but when he made that move about the 3/8 pole, i knew right there, this horse is, he's throwing into the gears and we've seen what he's doing. he's getting better and he is just, you know, such a superior, great horse. >> and now you can relax having won this $12 million pegasus world cup. gentlemen. thank you very much for the time. congratulations on the victor rismt consecutive wins in the traverse, breeder's cup classic and the inaugural pegasus cup.
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>> the news is next except on the west coast which you are at your regularly scheduled team. with randy moss, jerry bailey, our entire racing team, mike tirico. so long from
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breaking news, families turned away and detained at philadelphia international airport. we're live with reaction from the mayor and what happens now. >> draining the swamp, president trump signs another executive order this afternoon targeting administration officials. and saving her grandchild, her family says it's the last thing this grandmother did
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throwing him from the path of a van that hit and killed her. >> right now at 6:00, families turned away at philadelphia international airport. less than 24 hours after president trump signed his executive order limiting travel from seven predominantly muslim countries, the impact being felt here at home. good evening, let's get right over to andrea live tonight at philadelphia international. andrea? >> reporter: representatives from pennsylvania tell me government officials contacted them about three adults from qatar being detained here at philadelphia international airport but they haven't been able to make contact with them to know what the specific issues are here. they do say what they do know is that president trump's executive orders have immediate and far reaching effects.
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>> working out very nicely. >> reporter: donald trump is touting the most recent executive orders, a 90-day ban the all refugees from muslim countries including syria. >> you see it at the airports and all over it's working out very nicely and we're going to have a very, very swift ban and extreme vetting, which we should have had in this country for many years. >> today two syrian families were detained upon arriving at philadelphia's international airport because of the executive order. they were forced to board the next 18-hour qatar airlines flight back home, despite having the necessary documentation to enter the country. in a statement mayor kenney said they were sent back to a war torn nation that used chemical warfare against his own people. the trump administration may have just given these families a death sentence. according to the mayor's office, the city of philadelphia has welcomed 260 refugees in recent
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years from the countries that are now banned. we met many at resettlement agency's thanksgiving dinner. civil rights attorneys are on the case. aclu filed a lawsuit challenging the order. as refugees fear what will happen next. now, groups are coming together and planning a protest here at the airport tomorrow at 2:00. meanwhile, congressional representatives are weighing in and it includes republican representative charlie dent asking administration to stop enforcement until different policies can be considered. reporting live from the airport, nbc 10 news. >> here's a live look outside jfk in new york where you see protesters voicing their disapproval of the order to temporarily close u.s. borders to refugees. within the past hour, the new york taxi workers authority
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tweeted that from 6:00 to 7:00 tonight there will be a work stoppage at jfk. lawyers for two iraqis detained when they arrived in new york friday have filed a lawsuit against president trump and the u.s. government. this is video of hameed darweesh when he was released. they met to assist with providing legal access to the two detainees. >> the executive order is a gross violation of our standards and norms and i think the spirit of our constitution. >> it's not only rational, it goes against our values and traditions. >> lawyers for both men say they have valid entry documents and unlawfully blocked from entering the country. today is the first full day of travel restrictions implemented late yesterday when president trump signed that
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executive order. it bans all refugees from entering the u.s. for three months and halted everyone indefinitely from syria. a federal law enforcement official says any nonu.s. citizen from syria e. iraq, iran, sudan, libya, somalia and yemen is now banned from entering the u.s. visa and green card holders already in the u.s. will be allowed to stay. president trump put the pen to paper in another round of executive orders today. the president is imposing a lifetime ban on administration officials lobbying for foreign governments. he also signed an order to place a five-year ban and other lobbying and took action too restructure the national security council. the latest on president trump's phone call with russian vladimir putin coming up. back here at home philadelphia police need your help finding this boy. 10-year-old ra shan highly went
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missing. he was riding his red bike on the 200 block and wearing a gray puffy jacket and gray shirt and jeans at the time. anyone who may have seen rashawn is asked to contact police. >> now to your first alert weather. snow flurries were flying around outside today. this is our view from atop the presidential city apartments in win field heights. a live look at broad street in center city where you still might see a few flakes outside and nbc 10 has your most accurate forecast in philadelphia. first alert meteorologist erika martinez tracking the flurries. >> we have the westerly and northwesterly influence of the winds so some of those stray flurries making it from lake-effect snow but just light flurries at best for today, satellite and radar image, currently a half hour loop, hour by hour forecast picking up on
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the possibility of some snow flurries making it into parts of lehigh valley by tomorrow morning 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. then next weather story is that we could get flurries overnight sunday into monday and early tuesday morning. coming up in the full forecast, we'll talk about this. we'll time this out for you in more detail and we'll talk about what to expect on your ten day on ten. back to you. >> new details about a grandmother who was killed in a hit-and-run in west philadelphia last night. her family says she died a hero after throwing her own grandson out of the path of the van that came barreling toward them. but she could not escape that van that hit and killed her. nbc 10s drew smith is following the police search for the driver and spoke with the devastated family. he's where the crash happened on west philadelphia's 57th street. >> reporter: i want to show you how big the crash scene was. it began on girard avenue. that mini van crashed into the
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grandmother and you can see how far it brought her. here are the skid marks on the road. when that mini van turned here on to poplar street it dragged the woman another 40 feet before just taking off. >> this is katherine brown, pictured with one of her dozen grandchildren. >> if she was working, she was with her grand kids, that was her life right there. >> reporter: family says brown was walking across 57th street last night taking the grand kids back home after a birthday party for one of the youngest, a 3-year-old she carried in her arms. >> it's horrible because they saw what happened to their grandmother. >> reporter: she put out a candle and teddy bear today and said she saw it happen as brown threw the child out of the path of a driver. >> she's a hero also. that's a grandmother's love. >> police are looking for the white mini van captured in new surveillance pictures. nbc 10 obtained today which should have front end damage from hitting and dragging brown.
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>> you have to know, you can see the skid marks. you have to either feel it or you had to have heard it underneath your car. >> reporter: on this block there's a demand for justice. >> i'm pleading to the person just turn yourself in. >> reporter: the family shared this drawing of how one 8-year-old grand kid is coping with the actions of a driver he should never have had to watch. >> he took a life and she saved a life. don't seem fair. >> reporter: in the past hour we saw police knocking on doors right on this block asking if anybody has any more information on white anyone mini van. as for the 3-year-old boy, he's doing better and does have a broken leg. we're live in west philadelphia, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> that drawing just heartbreaking, thank you, drew. president trump makes his first weekly address. what he said about keeping jobs in america and the mexican border wall. and start your engines, philadelphia, the auto show is open for business.
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we'll take you inside and show you what's new this year. where things come from?
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another first for president donald trump today in his first weekly address as president, he talked about keeping jobs in america and the executive orders he signed. >> this administration has hit the ground running at a record pace, everybody is talking about it. we're doing it with speed and we're doing it with intelligence and we will never ever stop fighting on behalf of the american people. >> the president spent the day speaking to world leaders, including russian president vladimir putin. his conversation with putin comes amid growing concern about european allies and fellow republicans about the future of sanctions imposed by moscow by the obama administration. this is president trump's first official conversation with the leader since taking office.
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>> not just new car models and latest technology on display at this year's auto show, cars made famous in monthhollywood spotlis well. >> today's high temperature topped out at 41 degrees at philadelphia international airport. right in our we seeing low to mid-30s, but i'm tracking much colder temperatures by next week. i have the ten day on ten coming up. see you then.
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first alert meteorologist erika martin. it's dry right now but we did have flurries across the delaware valley earlier today. 41 degrees but we are getting colder. i'm show you in the ten day on ten. the average for today is 41 degrees. sunrise 7:11 a.m. and sunset 5:17 p.m. i always like to show that
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especially whether we have more daylight hours. current temperatures, we're seeing philadelphia at 37, allentown, 34. coatesville, 36 degrees. wilmington at 37 and dover and mount holly, pair of threes for you. your neighborhood forecast, lehigh valley, lots of mid to low 30s. allentown, 33 along with walnut port 35. we're getting a little colder right now. temperatures right or at below average for this time of year society hill, 39, and fox chase currently at 37 degrees. current winds right now not a huge issue. we're seeing westerlies for the most part and southerlies for wilmington and dover. tom's river seeing southwesterly and allentown, current wind speed 6 miles per hour. pretty mild. your three-day outlook, increasing clouds for tomorrow, temperatures in the low 40s, right around average. 36 by monday. increasing clouds and we could
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get some flurries moving in overnight monday into tuesday. we start to climb a bit into the low 40s so that trend pretty much will stick for the next three days across the pa suburbs, 34 is your expected high on monday and tuesday high of 40 for you and lehigh valley also seeing the threat of some flurries monday into tuesday. of course we'll have to time this out for you. if you fom us on social media, you'll get more updates. this is the activity that will be headed in our direction. we zoom on right into our area and we'll start to see the developments of snow showers moving in, especially likely overnight monday into tuesday. we wait for it hour by hour picking up on some early morning snow for the lehigh valley. starting around 5:00 a.m., a head's up now, you'll want to give yourself extra time for that commute. your neighborhood forecast for tomorrow, lots of 40s and expected high temperature, 40 degrees, allentown, low 40s and
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overnight lows mainly in the 30s, milder wind conditions and ten day on ten picks up on that change. we start to drop in the 30s by next thursday into friday. overnight lows getting much chillier wednesday into thursday. seeing pretty much 20s for your overnight starting wednesday into thursday and we do have the threat of some snow for the following monday and tuesday. >> the philadelphia auto show has shifted into drive. as nbc 10s randy guillen hall reports, it's not just about the newest cars and latest technology but also is about some famous cars. >> reporter: doors are finally open at the philadelphia auto show, big lines waiting for the camp jeep experience. look at these jeeps going over this opbstacle course. >> they took us on a ramp and bumpy trail. >> reporter: how was it? >> fun. >> they love the idea, it's perfect day to get out.
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>> if you get tired of all of those high tech and luxury cars, stop by the hollywood cars exhibit, we have the bat mobile here and shaging wagon from the dumb and dumber and back to the future. >> the flux compass tore, everything -- >> the clock there too. >> the clock, the colors, everything, it's the real -- this is awesome. >> reporter: we're catching up with patrick. why did you want to bring the kids out today? >> that would be a good day for them. they like to try to drive all of the cars and jump around in them and see the different cars, they like them. >> car buffs. >> big time car buffs. >> reporter: before you head home, don't forget to check out the three simulators on site here including one virtual reality simulator, doors are now open at the convention center. the philly auto show is up and running, $14 for adults, come check it out. nbc 10 news.
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>> we'll have the latest on when you can see next with the sixers and wayne train, the all-star game. we'll hear from simmons and the honor from being in the all stars next. ♪ new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.
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>> good evening, happy saturday, sixers enter another set of back to back games, joel embiid not traveling with the team. he likely will play monday when cousins and the sacramento kings come to town. friday in a 28 minute run, embiid grabbed seven boards in the loss to houston. the flyers are in the midst of an all-star break. they return to play tuesday. the wayne train, wayne simmons
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stopped in los angeles where he began his career. the lone flyers rep in the all-star game. it's his first career all-star appearance. >> i'm excited, very excited. i think some of these guys as i look around right now, it's definitely an honor. >> philadelphia flyers had an up and down first half and great ten-game winning streak and getting back on track now. what do you have to do better in the second half? >> i think we have to be consistent. we've been a little bit up and down, like riding a roller coaster a little bit. staying consistent, making sure we're doing things the right way. >> let's hit the gridiron, eagles brass in mobile alabama at the senior bowl. where the love affair with carson wentz began. >> i think the first thing was the physical ability and seeing the ball come out of his hand and size and athleticism and
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leadership inside and outside the huddle and talking to them and getting their insight about him. when we met with him in the hotel, he had a photographic memory, able to talk about his offense in a way that was unique. and then he had a presence about him. >> coming up in just over a half hour, it's your exclusive look into the debut season of doug peterson and carson wentz in all access show that no eagles fan will want to miss coming up at 7:00 on nbc 10. let's go down under. the sisters williams, venus and se serena, down the middle, serena takes the first set and match point for serena. she wins her record breaking 23rd grand slam title beating sister venus in straight sets. >> the flyers are away for all-star break so college hockey takes over tonight. the penn state nittany lions on
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the ice tonight. here they are at the morning skate today. they'll take on princeton at 7:00. college hoops, drex el, rough one for the drag ones, charleston up 8. beating drex el, 9 90-76. that's it for sport. back to you. >> thanks so much. erika has a final check on the forecast. we're talking about flurries. >> you were talking about those bigger flurries for today. >> thought they were kind of -- >> they were lint like. >> kind of see more active weather moving through and a lot coming down from canada. we're seeing what we call alberta clippers bringing us light snow, early sunday morning right around 2:00, 3:00 a.m. and it's not in the icon, if you're getting up nice and early monday into tuesday, it will be a little more of a headache as far as the commute goes because we
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could see a little coating already by 7:00, 8:00 for the lehigh valley and dip into the 30s, more seasonable, even though the average is 41. it's february soon so that's to be expected. but no worries spring is a couple of weeks away. >> oh, right. that's nbc 10 news for now. from all of us here, i'm denise nakano and we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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on this saturday night, immigration crackdown. refugees and other travelers haulgted, detained. interest in limbo. president trump's executive order takes effect causing chaos, confusion and protest while others are in favor of the move. and a tax on imrts from mexico. americans worrying about higher prices on all kinds of products. and when people get divorced pets feel it, too. one state is considering their well-being in divorce court. and for the aging. senior citizens of the game. they didn't stop one sister today from becoming the greatest of all-time. and the fishermen. they helped so many refugees make it to safety. tonight, their


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