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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  January 29, 2017 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> immigrants, have no fear, everyone is welcome here. >> protesting the immigration crackdown. crowds expected back at philadelphia international today, making their voices heard about passengers being detained here and across the country. breaking right now, president trump tweeting about the controversial immigration crackdown. less than an hour ago the president wrote america needs strong borders and extreme vetting. family tragedy also breaking right now. two philadelphia sisters are killed after an overnight crash along the roosevelt boulevard. >> nbc 10 breaking news. >> good morning everyone. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm ted greenberg. it is 9:00 on this sunday morning. we'll continue our breaking news coverage in just a moment. we begin with a check on the
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most accurate first alert forecast from meteorologist krystal klei. tracking a little snow. >> that's right, ted. not for today, but for your monday morning commute. we are tracking snow across parts of our region. we'll take a look at that in a moment. let's talk temperatures first. mostly dry out there. at 37 degrees in philadelphia, 35 in pottstown and 34 in allentown. millville 36, that's the same for wilmington. we're seeing temperatures now mid to upper 30s, a chilly start. it feels colder than it actually is with the light breezes picking up outside. radar and satellite, currently clouds, spots of white trying to pick up on radar. this is very isolated flurries trying to develop across our region, still because of lake-effect snow. t the system will form later today and tonight. first alert issued for morning snow monday. south jersey to the jersey
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shore, delaware up to about philadelphia, although philly is at the cutoff line. from noon tonight through tomorrow, the snow should move out around 9:00 to 10:00. overnight we'll see accumulation because temperatures are low enough. that means slick roads for your morning commute. we'll talk more about the totals coming up. back to our breaking news. president donald trump is tweeting about his travel ban order. he posted this. our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting now. look at what is happening all over europe and indeed the world, a horrible mess. the trump administration says despite a federal judge's stay of the order last night, the travel ban stands. the judge's decision to put president trump's executive order on hold sparks cheers from protesters across the country.
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you're looking at demonstrators at jfk airport celebrating the ruling. large crowds packed philadelphia international, jfk and other airports. dozens of overseas passengers arrived yesterday only to learn they had to immediately fly back to their war-torn countries. others were detained. the aclu took the travel ban to court yesterday. a federal law enforcement official says the president's ban applies to non-u.s. citizens from syria, iraq, iran, sudan, libya, somalia and yemen. last night the judge in new york granted a national stay allowing airport detainees with visas to stay in the u.s. and not be deported. in our area, all eyes are on philadelphia international airport where several peopdetai since yesterday are expected to be released today. nbc 10's lauren mayk is live at the terminal and brings us up to speed on what's happening.
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>> reporter: good morning, ted. we're waiting to find out when that relief may happen. these are people detained here at the airport after coming to a flight on the united states. they were affected by the president's order. right now we are in the international arrivals terminal. we know just a little more than an hour ago a flight came in from qatar. we know there is also an effort under way to see if any passengers were detained from that flight. i talked to some passengers who tell me they didn't see anything unusual. they didn't have any issues getting through customs today. but this order is concerning some travellers. let me show you what has been happening in the departures area. there's another flight departing for qatar today, and we spoke with a man who says he is worried for his children. he is originally from pakistan. he says they both have green cards, but with the new restrictions he's concerned about what could happen.
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>> i mean, it's like when you have something coming you and you're just waiting and you don't know what's going on and what could happen, total uncertainty, chaos. i'm feeling like that. >> reporter: we are also seeing the emotions of frustration and anger as a result of the order. this is what it looked like at this terminal as protesters were here opposing the order and demanding the release of the passengers detained here. back out here live, we're still waiting on word on when those passengers will be released. i have been in touch with attorneys this morning, and they are still waiting as well. live at philadelphia enter national airport, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> we'll check in with you again at 9:30. in the lehigh valley, the stay of the president's travel ban could bring new hope to a family of immigrants.
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the assali family in allentown has waited 14 years to greet their relatives from qatar. the family says customs agents at philadelphia international airport detained their relatives yesterday before sending them back home to the middle east. >> they had been approved, and overnight for all that to be taken away while they were in flight, that's frustrating. >> he wants to protect those being persecuted but he's really sending them back to danger and war. >> before last night's court ruling, republican congressman charlie dent from allentown called on the trump administration to suspend enforcement on the travel ban. nbc 10 spoke with the family after the judge halted president trump's travel ban. they told us they're attempting to get in touch with the relatives, to try to have them come back to the u.s. meanwhile, philadelphia mayor jim kenney says he's sickened from familiars being
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turned away. he said, quote, the trump administration may have just given these families a death sentence. that's not the only local response. philadelphia congressman dwight evans tweeted, eight days in office and potus executive orders aren't just unfathomable, but unconstitutional. america's top allies in europe are weighing in. the spokesman for british prime minister theresa may says she does not agree with the order. a spokesman for german chancellor angela merkel calls the travel ban wrong. canada is reaching out to refugees being rejected. yesterday prime minister justin trudeau tweeted a picture of him greeting a syrian child at toronto's airport. he wrote, to those fleeing persecuti persecution, terror and war, canadians will welcome you regardless of your faith. diversity is our strength.
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#welcometocanada. stay with us as we follow updates on the immigration crackdown and protests and developments at philadelphia international airport as well as ir ports across the country. breaking news from overseas, the u.s. military says one u.s. service member died in a surprise raid in yemen at dawn. the attack killed three suspected leaders of al qaeda. officials say u.s. forces landed off an aircraft and got into a ground battle. hey said the americans killed weor wounded two dozen men. two sisters are dead in a hit and run on roosevelt boulevard. the 19-year-old and 10-year-old were struck just before midnight. police say the man driving the jeep that hit them left the scene. they say he later returned and was then arrested. kenneth rush is charged with homicide by vehicle and drunk driving among other charges. at the jersey shore, a judge
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has dismissed charges against the teenager involved in a deadly crash with a new jersey transit bus three years ago. melissa rodriguez was 18 when it happened. she was driving five friends when she crossed into on coming traffic and hit the buzz in pleasantville. three of her friends were killed. authorities say she was using a cell phone, but a judge ruled that atlantic county prosecutors could not prove it. we continue to follow breaking news about the immigration crackdown this morning. a live look at philadelphia international airport where several detainees are expected to be released. more protests also planned this afternoon. our live coverage continues in just a moment.
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welcome back. here is a live look outside
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philadelphia. this is center city. the skyline showing a nice mix of still some sun peeking out, the clouds thickening up a bit. this is what we expected. today will be partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. here is your neighborhood planner. around your lunch hour, 40 degrees as we go into the afternoon and evening. low 40s is where we cap for temperatures. we're near freezing already by 8:00 p.m. in the suburbs. that's about the same in the lehigh valley, 29 by 8:00 p.m. into the upper 30s for highs. low 40s for delaware and new jersey and the jer seer shore. we see a little more sunshine along our shore points. as we move forward we're tracking the potential for snow. we'll take a closer look at that with the hour-by-hour coming up. we have an update on an exotic bird that's been on the lamb in wilmington for over a week. freddy mercury, the macaw, is now safely back at home this
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morning. police in west gauche shen township were able to capture him. he escaped from his owner's house last week. now arriving, changes on septa's regional rail system. new schedules take effect today. hear how they can impact your commute.
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9:15 right now. we update you on the immigration crackdown. president trump says his travel ban order from certain muslim majority countries is in effect despite the stay issued by a federal judge last night. at philadelphia international airport more protests are expected today. five passengers were detained
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after their flight from the middle east arrived after the president signed his executive order. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> let's take a look at our neighborhood temperatures. looking at philadelphia neighborhood temps, 37 degrees, rittenhouse to center city, that's the temperature reading right now officially at the airport. mid 30s for chestnut hill at 35 degrees. parkwood, fox chase all in the upper 30s. still a chilly start. it's going to be a cool day as well. especially since it will feel cooler into the afternoon. similar to yesterday, clouds across the region, isolated flurries. that's the potential near lehigh valley and berks county. it's tomorrow we track our next system that will bring us actual snow accumulation to the region. let's take a look.
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temperatures for today, 43 degrees in center city. sommer ton the same, lansdale at 42 degrees, 40 in easton. upper 30s through the afternoon in the lehigh valley. new jersey, 42 degrees, trenton, voorhees, motion city at 44 degrees. cape may the same and through delaware about 45, both wilmington and rehoboth beach. temperaturewise, not the worst, at least the 40s. tomorrow we only get to the 30s. we see scattered clouds today, but not tracking snow. that's at 6:00 p.m. almost to midnight we're starting to see snow return on our future radar. in parts of maryland, watch this track through. we have snow through delaware and south jersey, along the jersey shore. this is a little too far south meaning the snow ban could make it to wilmington, philadelphia, the i-95 line. the better potential is new jersey and delaware. that's where we're under a first alert for tomorrow morning.
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we're only talking low accumulations here. this is going to linger through about 9:00 a.m. in the morning, starting to move out ten to noon. you can see by noontime it's all the way off. then we're left with clouds as we go lieu the rest of your monday. that's round two. it clips to our south. watch as we go into your tuesday morning. now we're talking round two. this clips to our north. you see the snow spread through the valleys, lehigh valley through the poconos. not major accumulation, maybe an inch or two through your tuesday morning. it does move through and leaves us with rain potential through the afternoon. that's about 3:00 in the afternoon on your tuesday. that starts to move out as well. then we dry out for the rest of your workweek. let's talk snow amounts for your monday morning. one to three inches for southern delaware, suf pucks county area. the one-inch range through new jersey and delaware. one inch or less, possibly .5 inch as we stretch into
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philadelphia county and chester county as well. that's for your monday morning. we'll talk more about the extended ten day on 10 in the next half hour. this week's wednesday's child is sponsored by mealy's furniture. just what you're looking for. >> two fun and very active girls who would bring sisterly love into any home. nbc 10's vai sikahema introduces us to quite a dynamic duo in this week's wednesday's child. >> my name is bianca and i'm ten years old. >> my name is bianni and i'm eight years old. >> reporter: with introductions out of the way, we get down to business at the ledge tear poll less stra. these two girls love the game. we feed their hoops dreams by bringing them to coach mike mclaughlin and his staff. >> bianna and bianni are an awesome sister duo. they love basketball. we're hoping to find a family
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that are sports enthusiasts and would encourage them to get involved in basketball as well as a family that's going to incorporate them in the things that families do together. >> reporter: what does family time mean to these two? >> movies, bowling, skating. >> to do whatever i want. >> a whole day of funness. >> reporter: funness is the best way to describe these two effervescent young women, but they're really good students, a's and b's mostly. they're affectionate, warm, and love to help around the house. >> we're looking for a faly that's going to be committed to the girls. once they feel comfortable and stable and secure, that they're going to soar. >> reporter: and soar they will. bianna and tianni are this week's and's child. >> if you'd like to make their dreams come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, please
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come to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. >> we continue to follow breaking news about the immigration crackdown. detainees in philadelphia are expected today. more protests also planned for this afternoon. stay with nbc 10 news. also pothole patrol. the craters are popping up across the area. how repair crews are hitting the streets earlier than normal in new jersey.
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changes start today for septa riders who use the regional rails. the transit agency is changing the schedule for all train lines. some departing earlier, septa says the goal is to become more reliable and address clouded trains. you can check out the new schedule on the nbc 10 app. new jersey starting its annual pothole repair campaign sooner than normal. state transportation officials say frequent rain plus the wild temperatures swings we've been having are causing potholes to appear earlier in the season. they say drivers can expect crews to patch most of those holes between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. this morning we have a followup to a story we brought you in october. students at camden catholic high school have been raising money for a boy with a rare disease.
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first the girl's field hockey team started taking donation, now the boys are getting involved with a fund-raiser they call manuary. matt delucia has their story. >> i'm the reigning champion you could say. >> reporter: it's a competition that at times can get a little hairy. >> at a certain point someone does look too much like santa claw. >> wolfman or wolverine. >> nicknames aside, their beards have a purpose. >> it's called manuary. if we have it in february, it's called februaryu-hairy. >> it's been a camden catholic fund-raiser since 2008. this month more than a dozen junior and senior boys at the school volunteered to dump the razor and grow as much facial hair as possible. >> it's really not about the beard. it's about the charity. this is just kind of an outlet. kind of make it visible to show everybody. >> reporter: every year it's a
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different cause. the first time they raised roughly $3,000 for this boy. >> it really touched our hearts. >> reporter: when he was a baby, vincenzo had leukemia. >> people don't really i think fully understand the cost part of an illness unless you are affected by it. >> reporter: this year the students are raising money for 4-year-old luke martini who has a rare breathing disorder. >> it's amazing they still kept that tradition. >> reporter: at a catholic school that normally bans the beards. >> just the fact i can contribute is nice and awesome to think about. >> reporter: they each has to raise at least $100. in the past ten years about $10,000 has gone to help families in need. >> if you put your mind to a really good cause, you can make a good difference in the community. >> reporter: in cherry hill, matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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just about 9:27. we continue to follow breaking news from philadelphia international airport. five passengers detained since yesterday are expected to be released today. more protests are expected in a few hours. live report from phl just ahead. today we're mostly dry. we are tracking snow as we go to your morning commute on monday. we'll talk more about who has the best potential of seeing the snow. here is a live look at center city where clouds are building in. join me later today when we take a look at super bowl commercials. surprises could be in store this year. >> i'm going to be interested to see if anybody is going to be dangerous enough to do something that feels political. >> that, plus show me the money. tri tips on how to get colleges to hand out more cash. >> you want to find out who writes your application because they can be add an cat. >> coming up this morning after
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"meet the press" only on nbc 10.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," executive order on hold. a judge puts a temporary halt on a portion of president trump's travel ban on immigrants and refugees from seven muslim majority countries. this as travellers are still being held here in philadelphia.
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protesting the president and his immigration crackdown, more demonstrations are expected today at philadelphia international airport as concerns grow over who will be allowed into the united states and who will get sent back. tracking snow, skies clouding up right now. but late tonight and into tomorrow morning, expect a return of winter weather. we'll tell you which areas could see a messy monday commute. good morning again everyone. i'm ted greenberg. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." 9:31 on your sunday morning. we will continue our breaking news coverage in just a moment, but first we start with a check on the most accurate forecast from meteorologist krystal klei. >> looking at radar and satellite right now. this is going to be a different picture tomorrow morning at this time. currently what we're seeing, clouds are starting to spread across the entire region. you see the white showing off on
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radar. this is lake-effect hail and snow trying to make it to us. nothing seems to be making it to the ground yet. don't be shocked by a few flakes this morning, especially if you're farther north. overall today will be a cloudy day. tomorrow in the morning under a first alert. south jersey to the shore, delaware up to about philadelphia, starting tonight at midnight through noon tomorrow. looking at the snow passing by. in fact, most of it will pass by 8:00, 9:00 in the morning meaning the morning commute is when we're talking snowy conditions. overnight, accumulating snow, one to maybe three inches in the southern most point. that's enough for slick roads especially in untreated areas, so we issued the first alert. for us this morning, a chilly day. 34 degrees in mt. holly. 37 in philadelphia. mt. pocono at 24. and 36 in wilmington. we'll talk more about how much more these temperatures warm this afternoon and a closer look at the snow potential coming up.
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now to our breaking news, president donald trump is tweeting this morning about his travel ban order. he posted this, our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting now. look what is happening all over europe and indeed the world. a horrible mess. the trump administration says despite a federal judge's stay of that order last night, the travel ban stands. that's what we're hearing in a tweet again from donald trump. president trump this morning. the judge's decision to put president trump's executive order on hold last night sparked cheers from protesters across the country. you're looking at demonstrators at jfk airport celebrating the ruling last night. large crowds packed philadelphia international, jfk and other airports. dozens of overseas passengers arrived overnight yesterday only to learn they had to immediately fly back to their war torn countries. others were detained.
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the aclu took the travel ban to court yesterday. a federal law enforcement official says the president's ban applies to non-u.s. citizens from syria, iraq, sudan, libya, somalia and lebanon. a judge granted a national stay allowing airport detainees with visas to stay in the u.s. and not be deported. at least five detained passengers at philadelphia international airport are expected to be released today and admitted into the u.s. more protests are also planned there today. nbc 10's lauren mayk is live inside the international terminal with the details. >> reporter: good morning, ted. yes, two issues here today at philly international. first, those detained passengers, the aclu tells me this morning still no word on just when they will be released. however, they have been expecting it would happen today. now secondly, a push to determine how this order may affect other passengers.
9:35 am
we've learned there is work going on right now to find out whether anyone has been detained on a flight from qatar here this morning. there is an attorney on standby. all of this concerning to family and also other passengers as well. we spoke with a man here this morning who is worried about his children. his son and his daughter, and what the travel order means for them. >> i'm worried because he has to go and see his mom. but i'm worried because i don't know whatever is going on, the changes in international -- >> reporter: uncertainty for folks with this order and what it will mean. also, we have seen anger and frustration. this is video from yesterday of protesters here at the airport expressing that, expressing
9:36 am
their opposition to the executive order from the president and also demanding the release of those passengers here at philadelphia international airport. back out here live, we are expecting more protests again this afternoon. the groups involved include faith groups and those working with immigrants and refugees. live at philadelphia international airport, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> protesting being held at airports across the country. hundreds clogged the international terminal at jfk in new york. >> the sidewalks and even every level of a nearby parking garage were filled with demonstrators. at one point officers blocked unticketed protesters from boarding the air train. governor cuomo ordered the trains to start again. people were detained inside jfk late into the night.
9:37 am
cheers erupted when one of two iraqi citizens walked out of the airport to freedom. he worked as an interpreter during the iraq war. he and another iraqi refugee were released after being detained under the president's extreme vetting order. they were one of two iraqi citizens on flights when the president signed the executive order. >> the greatest nation, the greatest people in the world. this is the soul of america. this is what pushed me to move, leave my country and come here. >> a group of rabbis also part of the protest crowd. they appeared the events happening now to the jews being turned away from america's shores during the holocaust. this immigration crackdown is sparking demonstrations in san francisco, chicago and dallas. people gathered with signs and chants. the suspension of the president's travel ban could help console a family in allentown. they waited for years for their
9:38 am
relatives from the middle east to make it to philadelphia. those relatives arrived yesterday only to be sent right back on the next flight. nbc 10's denise nakano reports on our interview with the assali family. >> joseph is waiting for word that six of his family members flying from philadelphia intricate tar will be okay. the temple student from allentown said customs acts detained his two uncles, their wives and children at philadelphia international airport, then sent them back to qatar within hours. >> going on an 18-hour plane ride and then being told at the door that they are not welcome here anymore because of the country that they came from and the country they were born in -- >> reporter: his family waited 14 years to come to the u.s., paid thousands of dollars and went through the process of obtaining immigrant visas and green cards. little did they know while they were in the air, policy on the ground took a dramatic shift under the trump presidency. >> they had been approved.
9:39 am
overnight for all that to be taken away while they're in flight, that's just frustrating. >> reporter: republican congressman charlie dent from allentown is urging the trump administration to immediately suspend enforcement of the executive orders that bars non-u.s. citizens from seven muslim countries from entering the u.s. >> unfortunately this executive order appears to be overly broad and it is having consequences that are being felt right here in my community of allentown, pennsylvania. >> it goes against everything he's trying to do. he says he wants to protect the christian people and those being persecuted. he's really sending them back to danger and war. >> denise nakano, nbc 10 news. airbnb is offering to help stranded refugees. the company says you will get free housing. air bnb says it has three
9:40 am
million homes and can definitely find people a place to stay. we're hearing more stories of family heartbreak, including international passengers being held in dallas. amid the crackdown next, hear why there were cheers and smiles after a tense day.
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welcome back. starting with a look outside philadelphia here. you can see gray skies here, different than it was a couple hours ago when there was more sunshine to be had. today we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds, kind of leading toward the cloudy side today. but we stay dry. here are feels-like temperatures as we go throughout the rest of your morning and into the afternoon and evening. we don't feel very warm at all. around 30 at 10:00 a.m. and 34 by 5:00. it feels cooler than it actually is because we stay breezy in the forecast. looking in the suburbs, cooler. low to mid 30s for feels-like
9:43 am
conditions, actual temperatures upper 30s to lower 40s. that's the same for the lehigh valley. the icons show us we have the cloud-sun mix. we're not tracking any showers today. mid to upper 30s will be what we feel like in the afternoon for delaware, new jersey and the jersey shore. we are tracking snow. winds starting at midnight tonight going through noon on your monday for new jersey and delaware. how much? one to three inches. we'll track that more closely and who has the best shot coming up. a split second reaction at a south jersey train station. next, hear who jumped into action after a child was tossed in front of an on coming train. we'll update you on how the little girl is doing. fios in the house!
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dave this fios party is da bomb! fo shizzle! it's tv totally ahead of its time. yo, let me check that. oh snap. that x1 voice remote is crunk! and it lets me search with the sound of my voice. what should i watch? things have come a long way since you got fios. [nervously laughs] what's fios? fios has fallen behind. don't fall with it. xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv. at 9:45, breaking news on the immigration crackdown. president trump's administration says his travel ban order for people from certain muslim majority countries is in effect
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despite the stay issued by a federal judge last night. at philadelphia international airport, more protests expected. five passengers were detained when the flight from the middle east arrived after the president signed his executive order. at the dallas-ft. worth airport dozen of immigration from mostly muslim countries are now free from detention and officially in the u.s. one passenger who reunited with her mother described the detention conditions. >> the ones with the visas, they're on the floor, they're tired and they're treating them really bad. he said i hope you can go in and see the situation. it's horrible. >> stranded air travellers drew protesters to boston's logan airport. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren added her voice to theirs. >> we don't turn people away. i cannot believe this is
9:47 am
happening. >> warren added america does not say no to people based on their religion, not now, not ever. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app as we follow any updates on the immigration crackdown and on protests and developments at philadelphia international airport as well as airports across the nation. 9:47. 37 degrees here at nbc 10. a chilly start to your sunday. today looking pretty good. tomorrow morning, the commute might be a little slick. krystal is here with the most accurate first alert forecast. >> that's right. today things will be chilly. but tomorrow we throw snow into the mix. a little bumpier for tomorrow morning's commute. temperatures in delaware right now, looking at around the mid 30s. marsha marshalltown at 34. we see some spots in the upper 30s, but overall, only a few areas making it to 40. lincoln with 40. rehoboth beach at 42 degrees.
9:48 am
as we go to the afternoon, mid 40s for delaware. today, mostly dry conditions in the forecast. there's a look, radar and satellite showing us. you see white spots on radar. not actually flakes making it to the ground. still some of the lake-effect snow trying to keep into our area. today we stay with mostly the cloud coverage and peeks of sunshine. tomorrow, areas south will see a better chance of snow moving in. today we talk about wind. gusts 20 to 25 miles per hour. this is light to breezy. not as strong as it was a couple days ago. you'll still notice it. it's still going to make it feel cooler than it truly is. 13 in philadelphia with the gusts more intermittent and stronger in the afternoon. today at 43. tomorrow 37 only for a high temperature. that's because we only started at 27 degrees. looking at potential for snow on your monday and your tuesday.
9:49 am
the first system clips to our south, the second clips to our north on tuesday. we're kind of inbetween for areas like philly and the suburbs, 42 sunday, 35 monday and 40 on tuesday. the lehigh valley could see lighter flurries monday. better chance of accumulating snow and tuesday with temperatures 38 degrees. in new jersey, 42 for today, nice mix of sun and clouds, mid 40s at the shore. monday, only mid to upper 30s for high temperatures and temperatures again in the morning, mid to upper 20s, very cold start out there. that's going to support the snow that starts to fall. it looks like tuesday will be a drier forecast for areas like new jersey and delaware. the hour-by-hour forecast for your monday, we start to see snow developing closer to baltimore around midnight. this is the latest model into our computer system. it's pulled back into the snow. it still shows the timing nicely. there we are at 6:00 a.m. starting the morning commute. snowpa packing more condense in
9:50 am
suf folks county, cape may and atlantic county. it's going to start to move out about 9:00, 10:00 a.m. by noontime this thing is offshore and we're left with clouds and slick roadways, hence the first alert we have in effect. as we go through the rest of the monday, though, just some clouds to deal with. here is your ten-day on 10. snowshowers possible at 42 degrees. the rest of the week, drier conditions and still cold. only highs in the 30s. a 5-year-old boy is in critical but stable condition after he was hit by a minivan in philadelphia's summerdale neighborhood. police say the boy was running across summerdale avenue when he was struck. a 20-year-old man was driving. he did stop, there are no charges. in burlington county, a woman accused of tossing a 5-year-old girl onto the
9:51 am
railroad tracks. police say when autumn matacchiera saw an officer walking her way, she grabbed the child and threw her onto the tracks. police motioned the train to stop just as the boyfriend of the girl's mother pulled the child to safety. the suspect faces an attempted murder charge. he's also being mentally evaluated. medics treated that little girl for bruises. ♪ lots of moving and shaking in nicetown. nbc 10 was there for the open house at the salvation army ray and joan crock community ser. the 130,000 square foot facility offers families a place to learn the benefits of exercise and healthy living. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. good morning to you. i'm danny pommells from csn.
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6ers entering another back-to-back games. joel embiid didn't travel to the windy city. embiid does not play in back-to-backs. he's likely to play monday when demarcus cousins and the sacramento kings come to town. friday, a loss to houston. sunday the nhl all-star game in is in los angeles. you can see the game on nbc 10 at 3:30. saturday the skills competition which included flyers' wayne simmonds, the wayne train involved in what they call the four-line challenge, shooting at the net from all three lines on the ice. he was in the one-timer competition as well as the fastest skater competition. it's simmonds' first all-star game and the city where his career began. >> i'm excited, to be mentioned in the same breath as some of these guys around, as i look around here, it's definitely an honor. >> the philadelphia flyers had an up and down first half, but getting back on track now. what do you have to do better in the second half? >> we have to be consistent. a little up and down.
9:53 am
like riding a roller coaster. for us, staying consistent, not turning the puck over and make sure we're doing things the right way. >> ledge hoops. philip martelli and st. joe's looking to handle la salle. la salle up one, more drama than a broadway play, under 20 seconds to go. lamarr kimble hits the game winner. college hoops, drexel hosting charleston and a rough one for the dragons. second half, charleston up eight, chealey cash money outside. charleston beating drexel. 90-76. >> a trip down under. sisters venus and serena williams. first set points for serena. drills an ace down the middle. serena takes the first set. match point for serena as she approaches the net. venus cannot return it. serena wins a record breaking 23rd grand slam title. beating sister venus in straight
9:54 am
sets. >> that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells, csn.
9:55 am
9:56 am
happening today tworks democratic senators from our region will hold a discussion with leaders of philadelphia's lgbtq community. pennsylvania's bob casey and new jersey's cory booker will be at the forum in center city. topics will include defense of lbgtq rights during the trump administration. some of the top ice carving artists on the east coast showed off their work in south jersey. mt. holly hosted the annual fire and ice festival. attendees got to admire the sculptures and visit a heated
9:57 am
tent to sample chili and craft beers. today is the super sunday mitzvah day. leaders and officials will make phone calls from the allentown jcc to raise money for local and overseas causes. volunteers set to run community service programs in allentown and bethlehem. today is the start of national catholic schools week. saint mary interparochial school is holding an open house from 10:00 until noon. tarnts with take a look at the award winning elementary school in old city, philadelphia. they are encouraged to apply now because there are limited seats for the next school year. we continue to follow breaking news from philadelphia international airport. nbc 10's lauren mayk is live there with new information. what are you finding out, lauren? >> reporter: coming up we'll tell you what we have learned that affects one of those detained passengers. that's just ahead. take a look at this radar. clear conditions, clouds right now, tracking the potential for
9:58 am
snow, we'll track that out and see if we might see some snow coming up.
9:59 am
10:00 am
immigrants, have no fear, everyone is welcome here. >> protesting the i'm great lakes crackdown. crowds expected back at philadelphia international airport making their voices heard about passengers being detained here and across the country. breaking now, president trump tweeting about the controversial immigration crackdown, the president writing that america needs strong borders and extreme vetting. family tragedy also breaking this morning. two philadelphia sisters are killed after an overnight crash along the roosevelt boulevard. >> nbc 10 breaking news. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm ted greenberg. it's 10:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. thank you for being with us. we'll check with our breaking news in a


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