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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 29, 2017 11:00pm-12:06am EST

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brokaw, nbc news. ♪ ♪ snow in the morning. we are tracking a wet commute if snow falls on the way to work and school. protests erupt again. passionate people express concerns about the president's new travel ban. the healthy recipe student created that local kids can eat at school starting tomorrow.
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nbc 10 news starts now. marching. chanting. waving signs at philadelphia airport with united message. demanding an end to president trump's travel ban. but the president refuses to reverse and tonight becomes home to another moment in history. good evening on this sunday at 11:00. i'm denise, tonight, philadelphia airport is back to normal. this afternoon, it was a different story. and then took their fight outside creating problems on i-95 at the airport.
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president trump is defending his travel ban on immigrants from muslim countries. the department of homeland security says fewer than 1% of the travelers were quote inconvenienced. americans came together to support the country. and we have live team coverage tonight, drew smith talked to a syrian family who just arrived in time, and nbc 10's at airport. andrea, you showed that protest as it was happening on facebook live. >> reporter: that's right, denise. five hours. that's how long the protest lasted. and specifically focussed here on terminal a. this is designated for international arrivals. and they want to make sure that everyone who lands has the same chance to walk through these doors.
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it feels found at philadelphia's international airport. >> my biggest concern is that this administration simply singling out people, especially of the muslim faith. picking fights for all the wrong reason. >> social media helped organized an estimated 5,000 to stand against president trump's immigration ban that singles out prodominantly muslim nations. it's the name of national security. >> we're not coming here to come trouble. we come to make living and peace. >> it makes me question why these specific people. who's next? is it me? >> refugeeing are welcome here. >> reporter: among those is a family of the six syrians who were forced to return to their war-torn country shortly after arriving at the airport saturday morning. >> seeing this much support, it brings home that our families will be able to come and be
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welcome here. >> that same hope is what brought thousands of protesters together. they think this is just of the beginning. >> it's so exciting. it's wonderful. it has renewed my faith in this country. >> reporter: we did see one person get arrested for a minor offense, but he returned to the protest less than two hours later. as for that syrian family that was forced to return home, it's still unclear if they'll be able to fly back to philadelphia. reporting live from the airport andrea clyne-thomas, nbc 10 news. and protests kbens president trump's travel ban continued at airports across the country today in places like orlando, connecticut, boston, dallas, and others. president trump has the least of statement and the extreme vetting.
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this is about terror and keeping our country safe. there are countries worldwide that are a majority muslim and not affected by this other. we will again issue visas to all countries once we are sure we have reviewed the most secure policies over the next 90 days. meanwhile, allentown family says their relatives arrived back in syria after being turned away at philadelphia international saturday. this doctor and his wife spoke out for the first time since the incident. they were joined by governor tom wolf today. the six family members were denied entry into the u.s. yesterday despite having immigration visas. after a brief detainment, the family was forced to endure an 18 hour return flight back to the middle east.
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>> by the rules and what america wanted us -- we always live by the rules, all our life. >> the family says they're working with the aclu to help get their relatives back to the u.s. breaking news now, a massacre at a mosque in canada. in the past hour, people opened fire inside a mosque in quebec city. now the president of quebec city confirmed five people are dead. police do have two people in custody for the shooting. we will continue to follow these breaking developments and give you more information as we get it. and now to our first alert weather and we're tracking some snow heading our way overnight. now here is a live look down in cape may county, parts of the jersey shore could be the first ones to see a little precipitation. road crews in delaware and in philadelphia are ready to treat the roads when that snow begins. now for the most accurate
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weather forecast in your neighborhood, let's turn things over to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist erica martin, and erica, most people will not be seeing snow tomorrow. >> that's right denise, we have a system that's moving in tonight into tomorrow from the southwest, and most of us won't be seeing it. now, coming up in the full forecast, we'll talk about a second system moving in from the northwest towards the southeast, but right now, we're timing out hour by hour this system moving in again from the southwest. you can see here as we get our hour by hour into motion that we do have some light snow moving in again from the southwest to the northeast. i'm going to step off for one moment because i have to go and manually push this through and continuing through just after midnight, we can see some snow moving into parts of new castle and kent county. and then at about 2:00 a.m., we start to see that snow approaching and really affecting the jersey shore. here's the deal, if you notice you're seeing light blues and whites here moving in across the jersey shore, couple berland
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county, gloucester, and salem county in fact, but we're certainly not expecting massive snowfall totals. i say when it's all said and done, we'll see anywhere between one to two inches along the jersey shore and possible code coating for those in couple berland, gloucester, and philadelphia county. notice, this does continue to push offshore quickly and by about noon, everything does clear and then of course we're tracking another system. coming up, denise, i have more information on what to expect for your monday morning commute, back to you. >> thank you. and schools or in delaware decide to open late, make sure you watch nbc 10 news today starting at 4:30. and now back to the white house immigration travel ban. tonight, local politicians from new jersey, delaware, and pennsylvania join the fight to get refugees released. ian a local republican made his case. >> reporter: people protesting president trump's travel ban at philadelphia international airport found allies in local
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lawmakers. >> the big thing for me is that instead of us having a process that is orderly and makes sense, he instead has h confusion and fear. and that's the last thing we need right now. >> reporter: politicians stood side by side speaking out against the bans on refugees and citizens of seven muslim majority nations. >> this can't be happening in the united states of america. it's a free for country. they've been vetted, they're ready, they've been vetted for months and months, that's not right. and that's what this is about. make sure they can hear our voices. >> our hope is to find a way to repeal that executive order. it is wrong to do profiling of people and this is profiling of people. >> reporter: some republicans don't like it either. first term pennsylvania republican congressman ryan fitzpatrick released a statement against the president's policy saying in part, while we certainly need to enhance our current vetting process and
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significantly reform our immigration policies to make sure terrorists are not exploiting our nation's proud tradition of freedom and acceptance, the president's policy entirely misses the mark. and speaking from center city, pennsylvania governor tom wolf says he's outraged and applauded the move by josh shapiro owe and 16 other attorney generals in condemning the travel ban. >> the to question the constitutionality of what the president did, i don't think he thought this through, the president. >> last month, escaped the war torn country and arrived in philadelphia. a local church just began a resettlement ministry to help them out and nbc 10's drew smith got their thought on the president's decision to suspend the refugee program. he's live in the breaking news center, drew. >> this is the first refugee family welcomed by a chestnut hill church and they hoped to have many more. the plans are now on hold.
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>> reporter: this man is learning english with the help of a volunteer at st. mart. >> very kind, very helpful. they've had no shortage on help here. they're very happy. >> reporter: they are from syria, and they decided to escape the civil war in that country, speaking with the help of a translator, samir is thankful to have arrived here last month, but he fears for those who can no longer find refuge in the u.s. because of the president's decision. >> it's the land of justice and what not. and this decision they feel is away from that. >> it just piles on the suffering. piles on the suffering. >> reporter: the church hopes to settle more people, but the four month suspension of the refugee program may hold up those plans for even longer. >> really, in many respects tends four, five, or six, because there's a lot of, you know, that goes into this resettlement effort. >> reporter: this translator is a student and he won't be able to see his own mother in syria
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if he wants to continue school here. >> i can't go visit and then come back. >> reporter: despite these developments, this group is committed to keeping their doors open. >> we have in it for the long haul and in it with our current family for the long haul. >> reporter: many religious lead verse spoken out against this new ban on syrian refugees including the u.s. conference of catholic bishops. drew smith, nbc 10 news. and nbc 10 will stay on top of the travel ban on the ongoing protests coast to coast. you can also stay connected through social media and on the nbc 10 app. a philadelphia man is under arrest accused of driving under the influence and killing a teenager and her ten-year-old sister. they were hit just before midnight on roosevelt boulevard and march street. they lived nearby. the driver left the scene, but later returned. kenneth roous is now charged with homicide by vehicle and drunk driving. coming up, breakfast
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biscuit. students create a healthy treat that'll be dished out at philadelphia schools in the morning. and the pet pair rot hanging from a tree is finally found and returned. . and denise, i'll track that snow and affecting our viewing area. what can you expect in your neighborhood? i have the details and snowfall totals coming up in the full forecast. see you then.
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week two in the first 100 days for president donald trump and we're expected to learn the president's pick for supreme court justice. a senior administration official says the announcement could come as early as tomorrow or tuesday. insiders say federal appellate court judges neil and thomas who is from pittsburgh are the leading contenders. the president's nominee will fill the seat vacanted by antonin scalia. delta airlines grounded it's flight z because of a systems outage. long lines at airports across the country. and flights already in the air are not affected, but some flights coming into philadelphia are delayed because of the issue. delta says it's looking to fix that problem. philadelphia school cafeterias will have a new healthy treat on the menu starting tomorrow morning. and students help to create it. introducing the rebel crumble of
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breakfast cake filled with fruits and whole grains. a student from several schools developed the crumble with rubble ventures, local student-run business advocating healthy school food. now the school in southwest philadelphia threw a launch party to help celebrate it. one of the crumbles creators says this isn't your typical health food. >> i get happy it's something they enjoy. sometimes we think of healthy, we think it's going to be nasty. it's good that we made something that's healthy and also delicious. >> students worked for more than a year to fine tune the rebel crumbles recipe. all right. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist erica martin is here. we could see a coating in the city tomorrow. >> that's right. so it looks like we have two systems moving in, this first time we're going to talk about the system moving in from the southwest and east, that's really going to affect delaware and the jersey shore. so, right now, philadelphia is quiet and it is dry and current
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temperature is 37 degrees. now in philadelphia, the county, for the most part, we're seeing low 30s, bustleton, 31 degrees, 32 for parkside, and west mount area 34, and 39 for society hill. our satellite radar image picking up on some returns here. notice a direction from the southwest towards northeast, there's a low pressure system developing over the appalachians, that will be the weather maker overnight tonight into tomorrow. now notice we're already getting some returns moving through parts of new castle, kent county, and already approaching the jersey shore. hour by hour forecast starting at 11:00 p.m. we'll get this going and pause this just after midnight. this is when we're going to start to see snow making it to the ground. no official observations, not yet, but as we pause at 2:30 a.m., you can see that the band of snow really does stay to the south approaching cape may county at 4:00 a.m., atlantic county, cumberland county, you
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will see light snow. especially for areas that may not be treated. this is what we're expecting some more snow and in just one moment, i will get to your snowfall totals, by noon everything pushes offshore. so starting our hour by hour as far as snowfall totals go, notice temperatures are mainly in the 30s, upper 20s to north, of course, and by 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, everything cleared offshore and snowfall totals will be nominal when it's all said and done. the good news, we're not expecting a huge mess, however, we do have some more snow moving in tuesday, monday into tuesday. rather hour by hour picking that up and finally everything starts to clear by wednesday. so we could use everything will start to improve, especially by tuesday. snow potential right now, we're seeing for the most part, the southern portion of our viewing area, looks like new castle, kent county, macy, maybe two inches for parts of cape may county as we keep the snow potential going. that conditions are not going to be that bad.
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be sure serving pretreated and then you'll see certainly a much better road out there. feels like temperatures right now, mainly in the 20s, especially for parts of the lihigh valley and 30 for everybody else. they start to get cooler because the winds will pick up as the cold front pushes on eastward. feels like temperatures unfortunately, not going to be that great by tomorrow afternoon. the gust right now, certainly not going to be an issue and tomorrow, temperatures are mainly going to be in the upper 30s, millville seeing 3 for you, hampton, 38 for you, atlantic city, upper 30s with some snow moving through. wildwood, mid-30s for you, trenton, mix of sun and clouds, 38 degrees. morristown, 38, and coming up in the next weather, we're going to talk about what to expect for your ten day on ten, here's sports. thank you, erica, sixers back to back minus and okafor plus wayne simmsens shining at the nhl all-star game in the wild day for the wildcats.
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pipe down to the final second. highlights and post game reaction, next. dear fellow citizen,
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity, x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, good to see you, danny with you once again. did not play tonight for the sixers in chicago. he's listed as questionable for tomorrow night's game against the kings as well. wiley veteran dwayne wade wides and fakes and pulls up for the jumper. bulls up ten at the break. sixers mounting a comeback, nick
11:25 pm
gets tied with him at 81, 15 points for her pim fights for the rebound off the missed free throw and gets the hoops. season high, 31 more from the man they call flash. you could call him that. turned back the clock here as he beats the shot clock. chicago up nine, sixers 121-108. no one on the villanova roster suffered consecutive losses. that looks like it was going to come to an end, shot 18% in the first half. 18 second half devin hall. string music, virginia up 13, nova starts to come back on the break. chris jenkins, shoot label the. pulling up from nba range. missed his first, finally got one to go. ten picks left. donte give it to me. there for the tip in.
11:26 pm
he clearly beats the clock, only hoop of the game, nova gets the win 61-59, adam maine dual has more. >> so many times that happened and we talked about trying to make them earn blockout, guys flying in there. that guy who tipped it in? >> that would be donte, but virginia head coach tony bennett wasn't the only one in the dark. josh hart, he didn't know who made that shot. head coach for the villanova wildcats say he knew, but it wasn't by design. >> i would like to tell you that i told donte to go out, but i didn't. i should have. he just did it on his own. bright kid, great basketball iq, and that's the only way you're going to beat great teams. lucky play and somebody's got make a play like that. >> i was on the ground and i just look up, and i just got the ball on the rim and i was like wait a minute, i thought i missed it.
11:27 pm
and i thought it was tipped in at first. and i just start running too. i was just so happy. >> josh made a great play. and defense turned their head and there was only a couple seconds left. so i didn't get it, we're going to overtime and we just had to lock down defensively. luckily i got a little splash. >> i think we kind of let him get going when we had turnovers that left to transition buckets and then we got to the line. when they started getting to the paint on us. they're so lethal with that outside shot, you've got to press up. they made great plays. >> we would have if we lost too. i love playing virginia. i think tony's the best coaches ever. and i think that program is outstanding. >> it was great, great experience. >> at the wells fargo center, csn. >> all right. wayne simmons in his ninth season of the nhl. today was his first all-star game. he was representing the fliers in the city of angels where it
11:28 pm
began his career. let's have a look, playing for the metropolitan division against the atlanta steal. goes up the ice. the length of it. simmons cruising in, gives his team the 1-0 league. they're tied at one. another steel. this time right on the doorstep. some pretty stick work and the division wins. and moves on the face of pacific in the finals. that game right off the draw. taylor hall to simmons, that's a game, ander. 4-3 hat tricks. the 11 metro players split a million bucks. simmons also wins a truck for being named mvp. also recently engaged, how about that? we'll hear from simmons when i return in a half hour. until then, i'm danny, see you soon. we'll be right back.
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wilmington family is celebrating the return of their exotic bird. it is safely back home after a week spent on the run. the macaw escaped from his owners house but was reunited.
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>> it was worse for me than him because he was just out flying around. probably wanted to get home, but for me, i mean, my heart was broken. >> freddie's owner says that freddie had a few run-ins with hawks, but he's doing well now that he's back home. the sound of drums filled the air in chinatown today. nbc 10 was there as the philadelphia suns dance parade made it's way through the city to celebrate the chinese new year. the new year festival began yesterday and runs through february 15th. straight ahead in our next half hour, we continue to track snow in the forecast for parts of the region. tomorrow morning. plus hear from demonstrators why it means so much to them to support immigrants not allowed to come into the u.s.
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this is nbc 10 news. tracking rush hour snow. road crews are ready, the morning commute could be tricky depending on where you live. welcome back, i'm denise, the weather in the morning all depends on where you live. and that's why the nbc 10 first
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alert weather team is the most accurate in town and meteorologist erica martin is here tracking the timing and location of the snow tomorrow, erica. >> it's all about timing, and of course as you mention, where you live. hour by hour forecast picking up on the system moving in from the southwest and really brushing the jersey shore. let's pause this at 1:30 a.m. we start to see more snow skirting the jersey shore. cumberland county, salem county, gloucester county, you will also see light snow, this is a really a system that favors the southern portion. and notice by 6:30 a.m. everything starts to push offshore. this is going to be very quick moving as far as this system is concerned. and there's not much associated moisture, so that's good news
11:37 pm
there, however it will come during your early morning commute. keep that in mind, give yourself that extra time. satellite and radar image is picking up on light return. this isn't making it to the ground just yet, but i certainly expect some light snow to get here after midnight. and of course, if you follow us on social media you will get more updates, back to you. >> thank you erica. one local school in atlanta county cancelled classes for tomorrow. watch nbc 10 news today beginning at 12:30 in the morning if there are any delays. and now back to the continuing coverage of the president's travel ban and it's impact on travelers. tonight white house aids say citizens in the seven countries who hold green cards will not be banned from coming back into the united states. that is a change from what was said previously. nbc 10's andrea clyne-thomas has been at the airport broadcasting live on facebook and twitter. busy, busy, busy.
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>> reporter: absolutely. deni denise, let's be clear, president trump's take on immigration is a big reason why he got elected, protesters feel more vulnerable now more than ever. it was a long road to citizenship for fernando torres. now he hopes he can help others. he makes a difficult decision to leave his homeland. >> attacking venezuela or find a way to make america and do anything to make this country better. >> reporter: president trump's immigration ban specifically targets seven predominantly muslim nations. all in the name of national security. >> i think this makes us less safe. i don't think this is a matter of national security. >> reporter: critics of the executive order call it a muslim ban, some fear it'll embolden the terrorists the administration claims they're fighting against.
11:39 pm
>> trump is dividing us. and playing in the hands of isis and al qaeda. this is dangerous for americans, this is dangerous for humanity. >> reporter: congressional leaders stood in solidarity with protesters vowing to fight back. democratic congressman brendan boyle hopes to get help from his republican colleagues. >> it is time now for them to stand up and say it out loud and say it publicly. that they will not tolerate this. >> refugees are welcome here! >> reporter: now the four people who were detained overnight have since been released today as a result of the judges orders, but the legal battle is just beginning. reporting live from philadelphia's international airport, andrea clyne-thomas, nbc 10 news. and it wasn't just philadelphia where large crowds gathered, dozens of airports on the east coast to the west coast
11:40 pm
saw thousands of people. we have reports from new york to d.c. we start in dallas. >> reporter: i'm at dfw airport, this has been the scene here for hours and hours. many of these protesters returning from yesterday. we have confirmed that nine detainees have been released, reunited with their families, we are still waiting on the status of who possible people that are still detained and possibly more flights that are coming in with passengers that could be held. and this has been the scenes here for hours and hours, close to 1,000 protesters here at dfw airport. back to you. >> reporter: this is darcy spencer at dallas international airport at international arrivals. protesters are here for a second straight day. i was here into the early morning hours, the protesters are back here today. clapping, welcoming people arriving on international
11:41 pm
flights. holding up signs. chanting and singing. showing their support for people entering this country. there's a team of attorneys here with signs offering free legal services to anyone who may have been detained. and protesters say they're going to continue to stay here at the airport and fight for those immigrant reporting lives. reporting from dallas international airport, darcy spencer, news 4. >> reporter: i'm here at jfk airport where hundreds of protesters have gathered demanding the release of immigrants who have been detained as part of president trump's executive order. we've seen as many as ten detainees released here so far, but there are still more folks inside the terminal. volunteer attorneys are inside as well fighting for their release. protesters here say they plan to stay here all night until every single detainee has been released. back to you. >> the trump administration is defending the fact that there was no grace period to allow everyone to get up to speed on
11:42 pm
the new travel ban before flying. on nbc's "meet the press" with chuck todd, reince priebus explained why. >> well i don't think you want to have a grace period, chuck, then people want to do bad things will move up their travel date two days in other words to get to the country before the grace period's over. >> priebus said the confusion did not amount to chaos despite reports to the contrary. and senate minority leader chuck schumer became emotional today saying the fight is in his bones and he'll fight until the orders are overturned. >> this executive order was mean-spirited and un-american. it's very hard to see people being killed right and left, and i can't see my own children. >> standing alongside refugees
11:43 pm
from iraq and syria whose families are affected by the ban, schumer said senate democrats are working to overturn that ban. now iran is criticizing the united states over president trump's travel ban. iran is one of the muslim majority countries on that travel ban list. tonight the foreign minister is calling it an insult to the islamic world and iran has countered the ban saying americans can not travel to iran. he says the ban will stay in place until the u.s. removes it's ban. well turning the tables now airbnb is offering free housing to people banned from flights to the u.s. the ceo tweeted his offer anyone denied under the executive order. no timeline just yet as to when or how these accommodations will be provided. nbc 10 will stay on top of the travel ban on the ongoing protest coast to coast. you can also stay connected
11:44 pm
through social media and on the nbc 10 app. a local bucks county community is banding together to support the families of two teenagers involved in a deadly atv accident. a memorial was held at the ben salem ramblers football field tonight. they lit candles and released balloons in the boy's honor. 13-year-old gianni died when he crashed into a car and another is skbrird and fighting for his life and in the hospital. >> it was save somebody else's life, please don't be riding on the streets with these atvs. >> the investigation into what caused the crash is still ongoing, but officials say the atv was driving without any lights on. a bucks county man is behind bars tonight accused of taking part in a child sex abuse ring. that preyed on a young boy. authorities announced the arrest of kenneth of quaker town today. it is the latest of five arrests
11:45 pm
in the case since last summer. investigators say he and the others raped the victim over several years. pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro says the abuse happened during so-called furry parties where the men would dress up as animals. >> according to to the victim, a man dressed up as a red fox, known as lou pine would take him upstairs during the furry parties and sexually abuse him. this abuse occurred numerous times and on numerous dates. >> shapiro says there may be more suspects. he's asking for anyone with information to come forward. an eight-year-old boy who is transagendaer is suing his boy scout council for discrimination. we first told you back in november, joe maldonado was expelled following complaints from parents. the two claimed the boy scouts of america northern new jersey
11:46 pm
council violated the states law against discrimination. boy scouts of america says joe does not meet the eligibility requirements to participate in the cub scout program. new at 11:00, remembering those who lost their lives to addiction. the montgomery county courthouse was lit up in purple in recognition of the national day of remembrance. each year around 3,500 montgomery county residents receiving short term intervention services through the office of drug and alcohol. next at 11:00, the big winner in hollywood at tonight's sag awards. a super bowl quarterback with philadelphia ties. matt ryan's special touchdown with a local foundation next.
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11:48 pm
and the actor goes to denzel
11:49 pm
washington. >> he looked a bit surprised, six times a nominee and finally denzel washington breaks through the oscar winner actor took home his first sag award for best actor in the movie "fences." viola davis took home the best female in a supporting role. hidden figures for the cast in a motion picture. one week from tonight, it is the biggest game in american sports, we're talking the super bowl. and the starting quarterback for the falcons is matt ryan. he grew up in the delaware valley. brandon hudson introduces us to the local foundation, matt ryan helped score. >> houston texas is a site for super bowl li, the world will be watching as they aim to take down tom brady and the patriots. >> you're never going to find anybody more competitive than matt ryan. >> reporter: matt ryan is the falcons quarterback, he was a
11:50 pm
good football and baseball player at penn charter high school in philadelphia. his rise up to this level of achievement may be a surprise to some, but not everyone. >> it's a confidence of why not? why not? why not me? why not me be mvp, why not me in the super bowl? why not. >> reporter: fred is the founder and president of the achieve and believe foundation whose mission is to help at risk in the area. believe and achieve was the perfect fit as for his impact. >> it's been a super charger. >> reporter: golf outings, gala events and the bowl, a chester county football game with supports to the special olympics a way he helps give back. as for the founder, he's headed to houston for the big game and has this prediction. >> reporter: atlanta will be victorious and will be 35-27. it's going to be a very good
11:51 pm
game. >> and that was brandon hudson. learn about matt ryan with believe and achieve on the nbc 10 app. now your first alert weather. >> i'm your meteorologist erica martin, satellite and radar imagine locally picking up on light returns moving through parts of new castle county, but the this is not making it to the ground, not yet. it will soon enough. locally, however, as we expand just a little bit wider, notice that we're seeing some energy moving in from the southwest towards the northeast. highlighting the direction of the system. it's not very organized. the good news is we're not expecting a lot of snow, but certainly through the overnight hours. current temperatures ranging from the low 30s. upper 30s for philadelphia developing clouds overnight. and see cloudy skies right now. i'm going to start from south to north. we're going to go ahead and talk about what to expect across
11:52 pm
delaware. newark, your current temperature, 35 degrees, pointing currently at 36 lewis at 35. the beach at 36. milton along with reading currently at 31. current temperature, 32 degrees. still at or below the freezing mark. the jersey shore, same deal here. below the freezing mark for wood vine at 29. upper township at 31, and made landing current temperature 27 degrees and for new jersey, seeing temperatures again hovering right around freezing at 28 below freezing. and princeton, currently at 24. be sure you look at the bottom of your screen for your local neighborhood forecast. now hour by hour forecast highlights how this system moves on through the overnight hours. pause this at 1:30 a.m. this is the snow kind of sticking to the ground.
11:53 pm
especially those untweeted surfaces and grassy areas as well. by 3:00 a.m., we have snow moving into parts of new castle and cumberland county. also seeing some light snow here moving through. you can see that early tomorrow morning, everything pushes offshore. we're not expecting a lot of snow when it's all said and done. aempb of course we're expecting another system. i've been talking about this moving from the northwest towards the southeast. and notice it really does affect the valley or the north western region of our viewing area. and that clears by noon on tuesday. snow fall potential for tonight into early tomorrow morning at best, two inches and that really is favoring the jersey shore and parts of delaware. and then again, everything starts to clear. your ten day on ten brings us gusty conditions, monday into tuesday.
11:54 pm
as a cold front sweeps offshore. we decline into the 30s by thursday. breezy thursday, and then temperatures just above freezing friday into saturday and getting here next sunday. into monday. be sure you follow us on social media at nbc philadelphia. we have more information on the weather. here's danny with sports. up next, follow the bouncing ball, sixers are shorthanded and nova and virginia go down to the final second. highlights are next. and wayne simmons represents the flyers at the all-star game and came away with cash and new wheels. we'll hear from the wayne train next.
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hey i'm from csn, big day for wayne simmons. the fliers lone represented playing for the metropolitan division against the atlantic. steals and proceeds to go the length of the groups one to give his team a 1-0 lead. forget about it and tied another
11:57 pm
steal this time right out in front. all in the step getting his. metro wince and moves on to face the pacific. and that game right off the draw. taylor hall to simmons, extra game winner 4-3. the 11 metro players for the million dollars. also wins a truck for being named mvp. first ever all-star game. >> so for me, i decided to enjoy every minute and take everything in. >> thanks for the confidence coach, it was an honor to play for wayne gretzky and just to play with all of these guys. >> yeah, prop city recently engaged wayne simmons, but the sisters in chicago and listed as questionable for tomorrow's game against the kings.
11:58 pm
dwyane wade drive stakes behind the back to holmes. and pulls up for the jumper. the old banana in the tail pipe. 15 points for him. on the comeback trail. fights for the rebound off the missed free throw and gets the basket season high 31, but too much way down the stretch. here he is, beating the jumper as the shot clock expires. chicago up nine, double figures, sixers lose 121-108. how about villanova hosting virginia devin hall with the corner three. up 13, nova on the ropes, but the wildcats start a come back on the break off the steal. chris jenkins missed his first. he ain't missing that one. tied game and josh hart, no donte, yes. clearly beats the clock.
11:59 pm
it is one week before the super bowl, time for the tofu version of football, the pro bowl, this thing really has no flavor. three eagles involved in the game. darren sproles, eight yard reception here. one of four grabs on the night for him. fletcher cox making a tackle on this play. if that's what you want to call it. the third involved instead of washington snapped a ball, here's his brother catching the touchdown pass from andy dalton. beats the nfc and 20-13. that is your look at sports. i'm danny, we'll be right back. by peggy lee playing ]
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erica's back with a final look at the forecast. changes happening. >> right this minute. we are getting reports of light snow making it to the ground right now. especially for new castle, but i want you to see tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. when bill henley will be in with more updates, denise, this is when the system will start to affect the jersey shore especially and even though we're seeing light snow moving through parts of gloucester, salem, cumberland and philadelphia county, this is really more of kind of affecting the viewers in the southern portion of our area. so, this is just something to keep in mind, it's more of heading because it's early morning. but the good news is, we're not seeing really high snowfall totals. >> coating maybe for the commute in the city. >> that's right. something like, but certainly not major. >> okay, thanks erica.
12:03 am
that's nbc 10 now. i'm denise, have a great and safe monday. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we created internet that doesn't make you wait. introducing fios instant internet. it means you can download a video just like that. or upload your photos like this. or this. or that. it's the only 750 meg internet available to millions, with uploads as instant as downloads. we took internet speed and completely reinvented it, introducing fios instant internet. internet the way it should be.
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design, a fan design, fan experience design, that is responsive to what the fans are telling us they want. so you find anyway you can so they really feel appreciated and they feel like this is their home. arthur blank, the atlanta falcons owner helping fund one of the most impressive stadiums in the world. >> you want to be a place that is so unique and special, represents the very best. >> we travelled to atlanta to spend two d


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