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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 31, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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starts falling. go through the timing of the snow. tell you who will get sunshine instead of snow, but first jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. starting out this morning on the vine street expressway. closed with construction. you can see that right here. this is the westbound side thchlt is traffic that's moving towards the schuylkill expressway. both sides are closed. you can seedy verticaling all traffic off right now at the broad street off-ramp. about another half hour for that. 422 looks okay for the most part. nine minutes there. little bit heavier in the wsh side. nothing to set you back there. there's a missing manhole cover where the right lane is blocked. heading westbound. new jersey roads look great right now. updates through the rest of the
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morning. this morning a new acting attorney general. last night president trump fired salary yates. came after she refused to defend the controversial reffee ban in court. tell us how this all played out. >> statement from the white house last night said sally yates is very weak on illegal immigration. goes on to say yates betrayed the department of justice by refusing to enforce a legal order. named dana ben tay. >> please, mr. president. reconsider. really think about this. don't just tweet, don't just get mad, don't just call names. think about it.
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change it. repeal it. too many far gone to change. got to repeal it. >> there's a message there to president trump. in addition to firing the acting ag, president also replaced the acting director of immigration and customs enforcement. not explanation given for why he was removed from the position. replaced with thomas hoe men back to comments last night. calling for tougher vetting for individual traveling from seven dangerous places is not extreme. president trump's permanent pick for attorney general jeff sessions has yet to be confirmed. scheduled to meet this morning to vote on that nomination. happening today in philadelphia, aclu and other groups plan to file a federal
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lawsuit regarding the travel ban. >> protests over t order broke out at philadelphia international airport over the weekend. lawsuit supports three families who were denied entry and deported to home countries. other detainees were allowed into the u.s. we'll get more details at city all news conference later on this morning. meanwhile in the lehigh valley president's immigration travel ban is sparking reaction if both sides of the issue. >> dozens of people protesting the executive order at a candle light rally last night. many of them showed support for the lally family of allentown. six relatives sent back to middle east after landing in philadelphia over the weekend. >> we wanted to show solidarity and be with everyone. i wanted to see we are not alone at all. >> people who father or mothered our legal process and have not
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prevented that process deserve to come here. >> the crowd supporting the travel ban because of national security. >> no hate, no fear. friend are welcome here. >> students of the university of pennsylvania rallied against the ban. the school is strong brauz of international students and faculty. the university said they're offering legal help to anyone affected by the president's order. coming up, blareak down a by day ahead in the washington. announcement of supreme court nominee. also tell you about the expected votes on two of trump's cabinet nominees. jeff sessions and rick perry. last opportunity to sign up for health insurance plan under the affordable care act. volunteers helped applicants sign up for benefits. many people said they're confused and concerned about the future of the aca because of president trump's promise to repeal and replace it.
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city officials are urging them to sign up anyway. >> i'm getting older. first and foempltskand foremost i need to take care of my health. >> if you don't sign up, then what's going to happen? you have nothing. >> sent a letter to congress saying more than 200,000 philadelphians will lose insurance if it's scrapped without appropriate replacements. happening today the jury in the deadly market street collapse civil trial will begin delivering in the case. have to decide who, if anyone, should pay. a reality developer and demolition contractor are among a dwroup of people who could be held financially liable for the collapse that flattened a salvation store in center city. happening today new jersey's casino control commission will hold an meeting. plans to reopen the revel as the
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new ten casino next month. needs the necessary license to do so. says he doesn't need to the license since the casino is leased to a third party. brought the bankrupt revel in 2015. granted him temporary occupancy permit in october. boy scouts have reversed the stance on who the organization will accept. tell you about the policy changes for transgender kids and how a child for new jersey factored into that decision. holy book heist. how thieves managed to steel a torah worths tens the of thousands of dallas from a jersey shore school. colder morning. 27 degrees. and you can see it's dry. boat house row. some of the neighborhoods will get sunshine. other wills see snowfalling and accumulating as well. latest from the first alert weather center just ahead.
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quick check on the roads. closed for construction a little earlier. lifted some of the ramps a little early. at least the broad street ramp has reopened. cars moving through the area. right now, looks like we're getting a little bit better. little ahead of schedule. here you'll be okay to take the vine street expressway. connecting the new jersey turnpike and pa turnpike. that will be closed for structural repair until further notice. also in new jersey much watch for missing manhole cover. right lane closed on route 30. headed westbound just around the avenue. little slow by the scene. for right now, no delays or backup. over the camden, admiral wilson boulevard. back new here looks great.
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no problems heading over the bridge to philadelphia this morning. more updates of course. now nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 20 minutes before five. getting a dry start this morning. this may change. could see snowflakes falling, but more likely they're going to stay further to the north. not everybody will see the light snow. little bit of light snow moving through north eastern maryland. might see a few snowflakes in northern new castle county. very light. falling to very dry air. a lot of that showing up on radar is way up in the atmosphe atmosphere. what's coming to the ground, barely reaching the ground. this is looking a little more impressive. way to west right now. that's going to take a blow to parts of the area. most hikely portions of berks county and lehigh and north hampton county as well. check out southern berks county.
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any snow that does fall in the lehigh valley is not all going to be there by the end of the day with those warmer temperatures. few rain drops at 4:30 this afternoon. in redding as well. some breaks of sunshine before the sun sets this evening. clouds will be breaking. make for a cold night tonight. get some breaks of sunshine in the afternoon. suburb as few snowflakes. not all is going to stick. even the temperatures in the 20s. we'll see warmup happen during the morning hours. very light precipitation. more likely for the northern and western suburbs and lehigh valley. cold enough for light snow
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atle:00. even in the early afternoon hours. then tapers off late this afternoon. for new jersey. mainly going to be dry and cloudy to start with this morning. get sunshine. look at the temperatures. 44 degrees t. at the shore see sunshine breakthrough this afternoon into the middle 40s later today. for delaware, the winds picking up out of the southwest. a cloudy start then. sunshine and 40s for today. pretty mild aend to january. changes ahead. ten day on ten when i'm back ahead. >> always changing. that's why we count on you, bill. today we get a sneak peak of the new museum of the american revolution. look at this video. george washington headquarters tent. video of the crew assembling the iconic art fact. the tent is where washington made key decisions to change the course of history. part of a multimedia presentation for visitors when
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the museum opens in april. new jersey lawmakers tackling the opioid epidemic. >> how it affects insurance and prescriptions. super bowl sendoff. local students getting fired up for the big game. throwing support behind one of their own.
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anti-donald trump graffiti on a sign. the words no trump appear along with the words punch nazis. a faculty member found the vandalized sign monday morning outside a building on the edge of campus. >> jersey shore police are looking for thieves who stole a torah. video shows two men broke into the school early saturday morning. the burglars stole the school's only torah, worth an estimated $70,000. >> in delaware county, school in brin mar. in buxton county the community is invited to the grand opening of new ymca in war
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minister. ribbon cutting simone set for 8:00 this morning. opened earlier this month. similar to central bucks family y. 4:47. 27 degrees. let's get you to work on tuesday morning. about the time you head out the door. >> jessica, looking at 95 behind you. yes, watching 95 around girard avenue. yesterday didn't see much of a morning rush. some people get one of the same situations today. watching it right now on southbound side headed towards center city. when we normally see that delay. right now not so much. 13 minutes average speeds close to mid 60s. here's 95 in app different area. we're still in the green here. 11 minutes now. average speeds there also into the 60s. whether you're going north or southbound. barrington new jersey missing manhole cover just around cobly
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avenue. traffic getting by the scene. just the right lane blocked there. end on garden state parkway. little dry now. snow left over on the grassy areas and the shoulder. not going to mess with morning drive. see the cars on the road there anyway. good drive right now. down the majors, down the shore. keep you updated and more when i come back in ten. >> about 12 minutes before five. some leftover snow. jessica's shot was on my car this morning. i think we got snow coming. probably in the north when i heard from bill and may never hit the ground. >> let's get you updated on that. i remember you saying yesterday you were watching something else going by in the afternoon. i looked out my window. bill was right. >> snow showers right on time. >> even into the evening hours. then this morning. more snow possible. cloud cover over wilmington. dry right now. live view from the stadium. snow fliex moving through north
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eastern yand. look at this, the cold is back. certainly cold enough for snow this morning. philadelphia and delaware, 20s for the suburbs. 24 degrees right now. few colder spots. look at 23 right now. you're at 22. this is to start with. we will see temperatures climb above freezing. may start with snowflakes and end up with rain drops. no big storm system here. this is some very light snow that's moving into new castle. most of this will not reach the ground. little bit that will swing through, but just to the northwest is a better chance of some light snow accumulating this morning and afternoon. by this evening, 7:00. half an inch on the ground. allentown, you'll see some snowfall. that's a cumulation mainly to the north. could see flurries little further to the south and chester, delaware county and
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philadelphia. less likely for delaware and south jersey. in fact, more likely we'll get breaks of sunshine in these areas today. >> the trend is for warmup today 42 degrees. that's a little warmer than yesterday. tomorrow the first day of february will reach closer to 50 degrees in the afternoon, but it doesn't last. winter cold returns. starting thursday and especially cold for friday and saturday. temperatures below the average high of 41 degrees. 34 both days and still cold on sunday. come sunday, there's a chance we'll see a little bit more wet weather move into the area during the day. today, clouds, and some scattered light showers. a little rain drop this afternoon. few snowflakes. mainly north of the city. further to the south, you get sunshine. 42 degrees in philadelphia this afternoon. tomorrow, there's the sun the warmup too. winter cold returns. cold set the stage for a bit of wet weather. doesn't look like a big system coming through.
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chance of snowflakes to the south. maybe rain drops. 35 degrees high temperature sunday afternoon. then to the 40s on monday. tuesday and a little bit warmer on wednesday. could see another round of wet weather reaching into thursday. >> thank you, bill. northeast philadelphia, community remembering two girls killed by a suspected drunk driver. looking at the vigil last night for ten-year-old and her 19-year-old sister, kimberly phillips. saturday night hit by a car. police arrested the driver on dui and homicide by vehicle charges. at the vigil. mother of those girls could not hold back grief. >> i don't care what you are all going through. until you lose your kids because you never know when the time is up. >> accused driver scheduled for preliminary hearing on february 15. >> effort to stop opioid
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addiction in new jersey has taken another step forward. >> yesterday bipartisan lawmakers approved legislation requiring health insurers to cover opioid addiction treatment for up to six months. new bill would limit opioid prescriptions to the a five day supply. earlier this month announced plans to devote final year in office to battling the state's drug crisis. in pennsylvania, four becomes one. streamlines government by combining the department of aging, health, drug alcohol and human services into one department. the change won't mean in program cuts and will deliver better service. pennsylvania faces a budget gap of up to nearly $3 billion. governor wolf will release new budget plan next week. new urgent care center is now open in south philadelphia. nbc 10 was there yesterday as mayor jim kenmy helped cut the ribbon. new facility will focus on providing patients with a
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relaxed stress free environment that features board certified doctors, digital x-rays, lab services and seven extra rooms. in delaware, battle of required standardized test will be back in front of state's house education committee in march. lawmakers want to pass a law to allow students to opt out of standardized tests. vetoed a similar bill in 2015. if passed, could threaten millions of dollars in federal education funding. today we will learn who will be nominated to the supreme court. >> tell you about the pennsylvania judge that's on trump's short list for the job plus seeking justice, the family of a local grandmother killed in a hit and run speaks out. eemotional individual held in her honor. >> why a club is in danger of closing after decades of teaching young people the sport.
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decades in prison and a half a million dollar fine. >> that's what a man could face after tweeting a list that identified and targeted people serving in u.s. military. video of authorities removing evidence from his home when he was arrested in 2015. a native born american, investigators say he tweeted the names of more than 100 service members along with instructions to kill them. fallen derby police officer honored. given a portrait yesterday and in upper car darby road now bea his name. >> changes coming to the boy scouts of america. organization opening up programs to transgender children who identify as boys. enrollment will now be based on
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the gender listed on the scout application form and not on the child's birth certificate. recent case in new jersey factored into that decision. last year an eighth-year-old scout member from secaucus was kicked out of troop after parents and leaders found out he is transgender. in montgomery, dropped in on students yesterday. cell phone video of albert in grade school in huntington valley. all part of the phillies fanatic about reading program presented by comcast. >> three minutes before five right now. how is this for a super bowl sendoff. students and staff at saint phillips school were all fired up. school held a pep rally in one of their own. atlanta falcons quarterback matt ryan. this is where he got his start. his family was there. they plan to head to houston ahead of the big game on sunday. speaking of the pride of chester
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county. here's matt ryan. quarterback says he has waited his whole life to play in the super bowl. >> you never know when you're going to get these opportunities in your life to come out here, have all these fans and media people here and we'll enjoy it tonight, but we feel good with where we're at. >> ryan and the atlanta falcons take on new england patriots on sunday night. we know who we will be roosevti for. long time boxes trainer in the fight of his life. >> against the ropes and has to pay 100,000 dollar settlement or lose gym. mentored young boxers for more than four decades, but lost a lawsuit with a former business partner and now has to pay $106,000 legal settlement he says he kncan't afford. >> jim has helped a lot of kids. i've had so many people come up
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and tell me what i meant to them. >> we don't want the gym. it's never been what it's about. >> the legal fight continues. he says he's now trying to raise money to stay afloat during the appeals process. you and i are both into boxes training. i've been to that gym. it's a boxing gym. it's gritty. right in the heart of kensington. great place to go. hopefully he's able to work that out. >> now for more stories. fired, acting attorney general let go by president trump. what she said about the immigration travel ban that led to her firing. plus growing backlash this morning. >> supreme court pick. expected to announce decision for the court in just hours. pennsylvania judge who is in the running. >> plea for answers. hearing from the daughter of a woman killed in hit and run. her message for the driver.
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5:00 a.m. good morning. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're expecting a little bit of snow. let's get right to that. bill henley with the most accurate weather forecast. some neighborhoods see the snow. east season one of them. so far dry. watching a little light snow moving through northern lancaster county or berks county right now. that's a line of showers that is likely going to fall apart across delaware and into south jersey. what's to the west is looking a bit more impressive and this is what i expect to arrive in berks county and lehigh valley and into the poconos mountains. that happens this morning. still a chance of wet weather this afternoon. pretty good chance you're going to need to bundle up today. the temperatures are colder. still falling. 26 now in south jersey. delaware is 27. look at the low 20s in the lehigh valley just below 25 in the suburbs. philadelphia, that 27 is at philadia


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