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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 31, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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made. >> define the president. refusing to follow an executive order. last call. what you need to know about today's health care coverage decline if you want coverage in 2017. 6:00 a.m. good morning. nbc 10 news today. i'm tracey davidson. >> dealing with light snow. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> good morning. so far no snow definitely cold enough across the entire area. one of the spots i'm expecting to see light snow is easton. right now just cloudy skies. doppler radar showing easton is dry. allentown and berks county. redding, no sign of snow just yet. we are tracking very light snow in the area and some steady light snow that's approach lg harrisburg right now. this is going to swing into berks county and allentown as
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well. some of the northern sbeshs will see light snow this morning. not everybody is going to get snow. that's this morning. this afternoon, we can see snowflakes and rain drops. again, mainly north of the city. right now look at the cold. 25 in new jersey. 27 in philadelphia. and 25 degrees in lehigh valley with clouds over delaware. sunshine on hold to start with. snow showers at 9:00. still a chance of snow showers at 32 degrees at noontime. not a heavy snow. temperatures able to climb. will be above freezing this afternoon. not going to be an all day snowfall either. will be light in the lehigh valley and suburbs. mostly cloudy slight chance of shower this afternoon for philadelphia and lehigh valley will see some rain drops and snowflakes mixed in. going to be dry at the shore. 46 degrees this afternoon. i'll break the forecast down hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. see how the traffic is looking. jessica boyington with an update. starting in lehigh valley
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this morning. right around lehigh street. a great drive right now. few cars on the roads here. no big delays through the lehigh valley on 78. old city, of course, we're watching an apartment fire. a market street block between second and front. see that oon the map system. seeing delays in the surrounding area and the side streets there as well. which is pretty normal considering the streets are blocked off right now. septa buses detoured as well. here is route 30 to it will white horse pike. no problems moving through the intersection right now and roads are dry. vai and tracey, back to you guys. now to breaking news in old city philadelphia. just look at flames here. this fire on the roof of apartment fire on front and market forced people inside to evacuate this morning. >> live with the breaking details. pam, what have you been able to
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find out since we last talked with you. >> reporter: i can tell you the apartment building has been evacuated right now. we've actually been speaking with residents forced out because of that fire. they tell me they believe the fire started on the roof. we just got done talking with a woman who lived on that top floor apartment. we saw these flames coming from the roof when we got here about an hour and a half ago. the woman who lives in the unit directly below was awhack. she was sending out e-mails for work. heard a loud banging and skylight started melting she and her boyfriend knew it was time to get out. she and several other residents tell me they did not here a fire alarm. they started yelling running and knocking on each others doors to alert each other to the danger. the ♪ ♪ just turned into fire balls
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dripping into the living room. he grabbed the fire extinguisher. he got burnt a little bit. >> i heard a young lady in the hallway yelling fire and banging on doors the. i was thinking to myself, not again. this same thing happened ten years ago. exactly same thing. roof deck fire. no fire alarm went off. >> one other thing the resident was saying he's a really sound sleeper. he feels lucky someone came by to let him know what was going on. jessica was talking you through closures. this entire stretch of market street blocked offer by firefighters. still have equipment here thchlt is the way that you take to get to 95. you're going to have to find a different way this morning as fire crews remain here on the scene. another thing to take note of. neighborhoods helping neighbors this morning. woman we interview owns a business. she actually left the door open for anyone displaced for fire to
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get inside and get warm and figure out what the next move is this morning. reporting live. >> good information and more breaking news now. >> sky force ten over a house fire in bensalem. we are working to find out about any injuries. you see the flames there. a lot of smoke. firefighters on the ground. ladders up. update you on air and nbc 10 app as we get new details. now to the battle over president donald trump's controversial immigration and refugee ban. >> following a shakeup at the justice department. new attorney general in charge this morning. following a turbulent night. nbc 10 matt delucia in operation center following all the new developments. >> firing of acting attorney sally yates came not long after she announced the justice department will not defend the president's executive order on
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immigration. response from the white house. statement released says in part that yates betraifed the department of justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the united states. the statement also says that yates is very weak on illegal immigration. president trump named dana ben tay to the post temporarily. president trump's permanent pick for attorney general senator jeff sessions. maybe some of her courage would rub off on some of the people in the white house. >> president trump also replaced acting director of customs and enforcement.
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unlike the firing of yates, firing of ice director came with no explanation. both rationdagsdaleragsdale. more details when i come back at 6:30. live in digital operation center. >> thanks for that. 6:07. across the philadelphia region hearing from supporters and opponents of president trump's travel ban. >> students at the university of pennsylvania voiced their views last night. >> no hate, no fear. demonstrators said the school is strong because of international students and faculty. president said the university is offering legal help to anyone affected by the president's orders. meantime, nbc 10 talked to south jersey 9/11 survivor in favor of president trump's
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executive order on immigration. escaped the world trade center south tower on the morning of september 11. said president trump is only trying to prevent terrorists from reaching boards ining bord doesn't see it as an attack on islam. >> right now they're in our country. isis and al qaeda are in our country right now. >> he says he hopes lawmakers strengthen the vetting process so there'sle less confusion. 6:08. live look of boat house row. nice and calm. 27 degrees. expecting light snow in some places. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley who has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. if you're heading out, completely dry. suburbs in lehigh valley more likely to see snow. tracking light snow. just not here yet. live view. clouds and sun to the south. showers to the north.
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it's going to be split. depends on where you are during the day today. then dry everywhere this evening. not as cold as it is this morning. plenty cold for snow. look at temperatures. 20s in south jersey in philadelphia. delaware at 29 degrees. the shore down to 26 degrees. and suburbs, well, still falling, but so far no snow falling just yet. look at the middle 20s for parts of the area. collegeville at 24. certainly cold enough for snow to fall and to stick, but the steady snow still has a ways to go before it gets to us. we're starting off dry. likely start over after sunrise this morning. you see it is just moving through harrisburg right now. on track and moving to east at 45 miles an hour. will be moving into the berks county and suburbs. might even sneef snowflakes in philadelphia too. as far as steadier snow to the north. ten clock this morning. pushing to the north and into
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the poconos. that's this morning. this afternoon, another round of some right showers and nothing going to be heavy here. we could see an inch of accumulation by the end of the day in allentown and portions of berks county and dursting to half an inch in some suburbs. then that's moving out and we're going to be drying out after the last few showers move through during the afternoon and evening commute. so there are some changes ahead and the temperature will also change. philadelphia and low 40s for the afternoon. chance of late day shower. the suburbs, clouds this morning. 9:00. may see light snow developing. sunshine breaking through finally later in the day. for the lehigh valley, some light snow will be accumulating this morning and into this afternoon. we could see rain showers mixing in. temperature not a huge warmup here. low to mid 30s in the lehigh valley. for delaware, cloudy skies. snow, likely to avoid most of delaware. sunshine look at the breakthrough for the afternoon. for new jersey, that means
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temperatures in the 40s. little by warmer at the shore. go even warmer for the first day of february. got the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. >> thank you. 6:11 on this tuesday morning. just a reminder pam was talking about it in live shot. entrance ramp to 95 from the area of the fire. that's closed off. sometimes folks use that ramp to get on 95. >> let's get you updated with everything going on. if you're about ready to get out the door, jessica boyington has you covered. watching 95 right now. southbound side right here okay. starting to see brake lights moving around the corner there. 14 minutes from woodhaven road to vine street expressway. speeds into the high 50s. not seeing major delays there. we will see delays or you will see delays driving through old city. portion of market street completely blocked off and closed between second and front as well. we are seeing delays approaching the scene with traffic being
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detoured around the area. some people might take market street to head towards the ben franklin bridge. in that case, streets are still open from what we're seeing reports right now. traffic moving by the scene there. way to move down fifth street or get to that area where you can merge on though the ben franklin bridge. vai, back to you. time is running out to sign up for coverage under obamacare for the year. >> we'll tell you what you need to know about tonight's dateline. that's next. eating your way to healthier heart. pattern that could help you protect yourself from disease.
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ragsdale. never heard ♪ ♪ -- live report on the scene come can go up. today is the last day to sign up for health insurance for 2017 through the affordable care act. >> enrollment period ends at midnight tonight. even though the future is uncertain, experts say you should register. volunteers helped applicants sign up for benefits. a lot of people are confused and concerned about the fate of the aca. >> i'm getting older first and foreman. >> if you don't sign up, what's going to happen? you have nothing. >> mayor gym ken ny without appropriate replacements. >> 6:15. get you to work. look at majors.
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we are watching a disabled vehicle just a little bit ago. might have seen the rest of the crew there that was helping the vehicle out move out of the way. right now blue route looks fine in both directions. just seeing that blocked on the left hand shoulder there. if you're out and about in old city watching apartment fire closure. market street blocked right now between second street and front street. seeing delays in the area of course right now considering market street still heavily traveled and in both directions. trying to head east or westbound throughout old city. you can take arch they're open right now. at least that's what we're being told. seeing delays. plan accordingly to for that. also septa being detoured around the scene as well. about 5:21. being detoured because of the apartment fire. and end on 422 drive times here.
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more updates and check in with old city when i come back. now get you updated on the forecast for today. couple things to know. 6:18. first alert meteorologist has your most accurate forecast. >> cold enough for everyone to see snow. cold enough back to making snow. mother nature is going to help. there's some snow on the way for the mountains. of possibly a few snowflakes in philadelphia this morning after sunrise, but temperatures will be climbing even though we're getting a cold start. any snow is going to be minimal in the city. bus stop weather is calling for a cold start with snow in allentown likely. quakertown. see snowflakes. mainly cloudy for philadelphia. wilmington and allentown. temperatures will be climbing, but snow will be here this morning. especially looechl especially lehigh valley. justice to the west. reporting light snow. this is moving to the east at 45 miles an hour. moving very dry air. not all reaching the ground. where it's more likely to reach
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the ground is north of the city. in fact, the hour by hour forecast shows 9:00 this morning. 9:30 upper berks county and lehigh valley that's getting light snow. even portions of montgomery and bucks county see light snow. north of king of prussia. upper bucks county. get snow to start with. not going last all morning. drying out to start with around noontime. then there's a chance of some more showers developing this afternoon. snow at 2:00 back into berks and lehigh counties and chance of rain showers to the south. trend is for warmer temperatures. so even if we get a little snow today. 43 degrees will wind up warmer than yesterday. bit warmer tomorrow. first day of february. cold returns for the rest of the week and weekend. weekend there is a chance of more wet weather. today mostly cloudy. most showers stay north of the city. don't be surprised if you see a few snowflakes in philadelphia
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this morning and a chance of a rain shower this afternoon. sunshine for wednesday and thursday, but a big temperature drop from 48 degrees tomorrow to 38 on thursday. that's cold stays with us. giving us chance of showers on sunday. snow to north. rain to south. just a chance for sunday. later in the day. by monday drying out and temperatures will be in the lower 40s tuesday. a little bit warmer with next round of wet weather on wednesday and into thursday. >> thank you. 20 minutes past six right now. shop your way to lower property taxes. sounds good, right? next the community giving neighborhoods a new incentive. helping your heart. time of day doctors say you should eat to prevent heart problems. ♪
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♪ ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ 6:23 and we have breaking news of a house fire.
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it is between knights road and homeville road. see firefighters on the ground there. a lot of ♪ ♪ smoke. firefighters with flashlights and looks like they're working on the fire to try to bring it under control. still burning. we understand no one has been transported at the time. keep an eye on this and continue to bring you situation as we get. learning how many residents are taking advantage of a program designed to get people to spend money in local shops. property tax credit for shopping locally. property tax reward program launched in november. so far 20 businesses and nearly 800 homeowners are taking part. new this morning, federal lawmakers from new jersey proposed a bill to improve fire safety on college campuses. bill would help increase safety awareness and educational. dormitory fire inspired this
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proposal. that fire in january of 2000 killed three students and injured 58 others. now, you may want to grab breakfast before you head out. researchers at columbia university say people who eat breakfast are less likely to have high cholesterol and blood pressure. while skipping it increasing the risk of beastie and diabetes. timing and freak quency of meal are also linked to heart disease and stroke and other risk factors. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington checking the roads. majors look pretty light so far. watching route 309. we're at least light here. around the turnpike see north and south in both directions look good. roads are dry. isn't all that's going on this morning. we have an apartment fire out in oak city. details for you on that and what is affected with septa when i come back. for now get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist blen. >> cold enough for snow.
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we got some on the way. light snow developing to the west. moving in after sunrise this morning. live view of broad street this morning. just updated neighborhood forecast. that just ahead. >> 6:26. following breaking news in ben salem. live picture from sky force ten. very latest on the scene of the house fire coming up next.
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know you can save today for what's important tomorrow.
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just about 6:30. breaking news in two places. flames burn through an old city philadelphia apartment building. forcing neighbors out into the cold. sky force 10 live over house fire. very active seen there. disobeyed orders. nation top law enforcement officer loses job for saying no
6:30 am
to president trump. >> fighting to get in. syrian family wants to call lehigh valley home takes steps towards their american dream. good morning. 6:30 on this tuesday. nbc 10 news today. >> i'm tracey davidson. a lot to get to this morning. including breaking news stories. let's get you updated on the forecast today. bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill? we have clouds moving in to easton, but so far it is dry. let me show you why that's going the change. look at the snow to west. that's falling to very dry air. so not even reaching the ground. that's likely to change as the morning goes on. most likely to see it, some of the suburbs and into the lehigh valley, but you can see some flurries into philadelphia. possibly even northern delaware and parts of new jersey as well. cold enough for snow. 27 in philadelphia. down to 25 in the lehigh valley. delaware is at 29 degrees.
6:31 am
those new jersey temperatures will climb into low 40s this afternoon. break it down hour by hour when i'm back in ten. first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. starting off in old city. taking out part of market street. might even stretch a little further beyond. seeing detours from there with delays approaching. now if you're trying to get down market street and head towards the vine street expressway or the ben franklin bridge that area. you can take it open for now. market street will be stuck in delays at least moving by the scene even before the closure. watching the septa buses as well because of fire. ni crash out in lower providence on egypt road. this is moving through right around route 41. northbound traffic starting to build a little bit. still moving. tracie, back to you. update on breaking news following for you.
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two people rescued from this burning house. sky force 10 over this house. ben slsalem bensalem. we will update you on air and on nbc 10 app as soon as we get new information on that fire. also following thissi breaking news, started on the roof of apartment building on market near front and forced people out into the cold this morning. >> nbc 10 pamela osborne live on the scene. you just learned new information from the fire commissioner. what's the commissioner telling you sdplr vai, we did. when i saw you last, its mentioned several people who lived in this apartment building told me they did not hear the fire alarm sounding this morning. the fire commissioner said they are looking into those reports right now. he also tells us that the fire, which is under control at the moment did not -- did spread to an adjacent building.
6:33 am
what they're doing now is going through the buildings next to the apartment building on this road to be sure they're getting any remaining hot spots that may still be there. fire was reported on the fifth floor, but displaced residents tell us the fire started on the roof or appeared to start on the roof. we talked to a woman who lived on the top floor. want to get you to video right now. she said she saw the flames. we saw the flames as well when we got here on the scene. the woman who lives in the unit directly below was actually awake when the fire broke out. she was sending e-mails when she heard a loud banging noise. confused by what the sound was at first when he skylight started melting, she said her and her boyfriend knew it was time to get out of there. she and several other residents again fleeing to safety this morning. they started yelling and alerting one another when they realized those alarms were not going off and there was a fire inside of the building. >> sound sleeper and the
6:34 am
neighbors banging on the door. got me up. i banged on my neighbors door. he got up. >> he got burnt a little bit. they took care of him. he's okay. >> where did he get burned. on his arm? his arm. he said the plastic melted above. must be the skylight. >> we know that there is one reported injury, according to the fire commissioner this morning. that person treated and releetsed here. we also know that two floors of this apartment complex have been evacuated as of now. they said four people displaced, but of course many more residents standing outside here this morning as they wait for word they can get back inside at any point to get some belongings this morning. reporting live in old city. i'm pamela osborne. nbc 10 news. >> thank you. 27 degrees. battle of president trump's immigration ban continue to play out overnight. >> here's the latest. president trump fired acting attorney general salary yates.
6:35 am
accused her of betrayal. ly yat accused her of betrayal. trump immediately named dana boente to replace yates. expected to serve until senator jeff sessions is confirmed by senate. scheduled to vote on pick for attorney general today. president trump also replaced the acting director of immigration and customer toms enforcement. also known as ice. s enforcement. also known as ice. he was replaced by thomas homan who has worked for ice since 2013. meantime, lawyers for the allentown bound syrian family barred from entering the u.s. will take legal action this morning. >> attorneys for the family will file a federal lawsuit on their behalf to try to get them back
6:36 am
to the united states from air issia. hours after they landed syria, relatives sent back despite having visas they worked 13 years to get. last night in easton, a rally to end the immigration ban. some folks there are new immigrants themselves. >> i wanted to see that we are not alone at all. i mean, we really last two nights i was really worried. i really had fear about what was going on. >> i will support the president in everything he does against illegal immigrants, but people who followed legal process and have not broken that process, deserve to come here. >> following what happens this morning. attorneys joining mayor philadelphia jim kenny in city hall to talk about what's next. tonight president trump announce his choice to fill the vacancy on the u.s. supreme court. learned there are two finalists. neil gorsuch and thomas
6:37 am
hardiman. sits on the bench in pittsburgh. >> nominate justice to replace antonin scalia. it's been open since he died nearly a year ago. senate refused to hold hearings. authorities trying to figure out who spray painted anti-trump. words no trump and punch nazis. delaware county, catholic school in bryn mawr will be closed until friday after a boiler explosion happened yesterday. led to gas leak. lost heat and no students inside at the time and no one was hurt. plans for a new drug and alcohol detox center in atlantic county get the green light. got approval from the atlantic
6:38 am
city zoning city to convert a casino bus driving housing complex into the new facility. in bucks account community is invited to the new yadier molina california. if ever. others not. find out who is affected. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast for you. not here yet. on the way. philadelphia cloudy and cold. temperatures in the 20s this mornings. everyone is cold enough for snow. not everyone is going to see it. so far dry. see the snow moving past harrisburg into dublin and north maryland this morning. most not reaching the ground. very light snow. see snowflakes falling this morning in wilmington and south jersey. philadelphia. even more likely for the suburbs
6:39 am
and lehigh valley. more to this system to come and that's going to happen after sunrise this morning. 27 degrees right now. cold and cloudy through the day in philadelphia. actually through the morning. this afternoon we'll get breaks of sunshine and that's when the temperatures will top in the lower 40s. cloudy skies. of 25 degrees right now. suburbs could see light snow this morning. this afternoon, those clouds lingering with late day sunshine. 41 degrees in the suburbs. best chance seeing accumulating snow. just light snow. up to an inch in lehigh valley. this morning, and this afternoon. there are going to be two rounds. just snow this morning. this afternoon we may see snow mixing with rain. temperatures warm up just above freezing for the lehigh valley. few snowflakes this morning and mostly cloudy for rest of morning: clouds break. look at temperatures. 45 degrees. see a pretty good warmup at the shore too. cloudy and 32. least likely area to see any
6:40 am
snowfall this morning or rain drops this afternoon. sunshine breaking through at noontime, 44 degrees. for delaware, 29 to start with. might see a flurry this morning. maybe even a light snow to start with, but then clouds will break and into the 40s this afternoon. a late day rain shower is possible. that's possible in other areas too. break it down in future cast hour by hour when i'm back in ten months. >> about 20 minutes before 7:00 a.m. let's get a look at the schuylkill. we're watching the schuylkill on the eastbound side. just around belmont avenue. we did have part of a vehicle accident over in the right hand shoulder here. now it looks like it went turned overpass here. either way see the delay and show downs moving by the scene. eastbound schuylkill. all traffic moving toward center city. starting to see delays in addition to normal morning volume. apartment fire is taking out part of market street.
6:41 am
blocked between second and front. might even extend a little towards third street as well. even the roads not mentioned for the closure would be surrounding the area. see slowdowns there as well. just around old city area. still watching for septa bus detours. buses 5, 21, 17, 33, 48, 49. all dealing with detours. crash out in lower providence. south trooper road. and out in barrington in new jersey. talking about this all morning. might see more delays now that it's getting closer to rush hour. missing manhole cover. now if you're heading in that direction, you might see delays. all the traffic moving towards 295 interchange where trenton is or the other direction towards philadelphia. watch the areas there. just a couple minute delay. 6:41. next, nbc 10 responds fighting a few consumer case. >> woman paid for extended warranty. just couldn't get the company to
6:42 am
follow through on their promise. watch harry hairston taking action. up next.
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with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. 6:45. live picture from sky force ten. continue to following breaking news out of bensalem bucks county. very smoky house fire. man and woman were rescued. looking to get you new information. crew on the way on the ground as well. now to today nbc 10 responds. woman buys extended warranty on washer. when she goes to use it, she can't get reimbursed. >> that is until nbc 10 responds get involves. harry hairston has the story. >> reporter: williams is a busy mom of four. the laundry sure can mount up. >> we try to stay on top of it. >> when the animal tay terror of
6:46 am
the machine stopped working, she called lows where she brought the washer and extended warranty. >> so i called them to make sure it was covered. they said yes, but they weren't able to send a repair person out until the week after. >> williams said lowes told her to get the machine repaired on her own and the company would reimburse her. she called a company and got it fixed the same day. when she tried to get reimbursed by lowes, no results. >> i needed to snit the form. i did that twice. said i needed to submit a credit cart receipt or proof of payment, i did that twice. >> but still no check. >> so now i'm frustrated. >> reporter: then she called nbts 10 responds. we contacted lows which told us it would work with williams to resolve the issue. >> after i got you involved, couple of days later, i got my che check. >> the company has apologized to williams and happy the concerns
6:47 am
are resolved. williams refund came to $198. lowes also threw in a $25 gift card as good will gesture. if you have a problem, just let us know about it. best way to reach us right there on your screen and we will respond to you. now 13 minutes before the top of the hour to start the "today" show. >> let's talk to matt lauer and hoda standing by in new york. coming up on tuesday. president trump stirs up new controversy firing acting attorney general for refusing enforce order on immigration. this as he gets set to reveal supreme court nominee today. doctor oz weighs in on new life-support that suggests when you eat is more important than what you eat. >> big start today, finale after a month of hard work on bodies and yes, their minds, hoda, jenna, and craig are ready to
6:48 am
share their results. i can tell you right now sitting next to hoda that hers are spectacular. >> wow. >> results are fantastic. >> you paused when you said, oh, yes, they're mine. >> and my thing is a work in progress. >> oh, stop. i know you're working on it, hoda. >> i'm trying, girl. i'm trying. >> hoda always looks spectacu r spectacular. >> come on, vai. >> see you at seven. >> thanks guys. >> give you a look at camelback mountain in the poconos. a lot of snow there. think they're getting a little bit more. may not make a difference for skiers. >> let's find out who is going to get a little something something. >> meteorologist bill henley has that. every little bit helps. let's get a couple inches in the poconos. making snow overnight. waiting in philadelphia. clouds are here. wind is picking up. cold has arrived.
6:49 am
snow doesn't look all that likely for philadelphia. havertown dry this morning. we will see clouds linger into the late morning hours and the afternoon with a chance of snow showers. temperatures in the 20s right now. philadelphia 27 degrees. delaware is 29 and 25 degrees in the suburbs. the cold across new jersey. look at mount laurt. pitman. middle 20s right now. pi cold enough for snow. little less likely in new jersey than in some of the suburbs. allentown, quakertown, 8:00 this morning. clouds linger from philadelphia, wilmington, atlantic city. may see a little activity. still falling from the sky. bus stop this morning. first line of snow. looks great. super light snow. most of it not even reaching the ground. air is very dry into chester county. wilmington. this snow, this first snow will pass the south. might see a few snowflakes, but nothing much to it. the next one, this is the one
6:50 am
that's more likely to produce some accumulating snow. lightly accumulating snow in berks county and lehigh valley. some of the northern suburbs. still hour by hour. 7:00 this morning. here comes second round of snow. and into allentown. it pushes to the north. some suburbs will get it. further south, you're less likely to see snow and more likely to see clouds lingering. temperatures climb above freezing. first round of snow heading for poconos. more on the way. snow showers and rain showers develop this afternoon. it's snow in the lehigh valley. very light snow and light rain showers. 40 degrees in philadelphia. clouds break for sunshine and delaware as well. go through the afternoon and evening commute, evening will see drying conditions. temperatures won't be as cold tonight. looking for accumulating snow. some in berks county. some of the northern suburbs, upper montgomery and bucks
6:51 am
county and into the lehigh valley and poconos. less than an inch for most locations in the lehigh valley. then, the temperatures climb. much of it will be disappearing during the day today. tomorrow warmer for the first day of february. 48 degrees the high temperatures. cold returns. setting the stage for more wintery weather at the end of the weekend. for today, just a little bit moving through. 43 degrees most of the day won't see rain or snow, but we could see snowflakes this morning and some isolated rain showers this afternoon. we should see some breaks of sunshine today. and more sunshine for tomorrow. 48 degrees, the high temperature after morning temperatures. in the middle 30s for philadelphia. then here comes the cold for the rest of the week. this weekend on sunday system may produce light snow to the north and rain showers to the south as the temperatures climb from the 20s above freezing in the afternoon on sunday. then drying out and warming up a little bit for the workweek. 40s for monday and tuesday.
6:52 am
and a bit warmer on wednesday with the next round of wet weather later on wednesday and into thursday. >> bill, thank you. eight minutes before 7. get you to work. check 95 for starters. >> when we say we, we talk about jessica boyington. we're all a team here. starting on 95 this morning. right around cottman avenue, around allegheny or up ahead even approaching girard avenue, we have a few incidents reported. one disabled vehicle. you're seeing the slowdowns right now. 36 minutes. really heavy and into the red right now. also watch an accident in lower providence and south trooper road. >> next, we will run down the morning's headlines and stories we're following through your throughout the day. >> one of them breaking news, continue to battle house fire in bensalem. have an update on this.
6:53 am
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some of the stories we're following today. two people at the hospital after being rescued from a burning house in bensalem. flames flaring up again in the past few minutes. man and woman were already pulled out of this home. these pictures coming to you from sky force ten. officials telling us the man is okay. the woman's condition is not yet known. >> the other breaking news, flames shooting through the roof of an apartment building this morning. all residents were able to get out. did treat one person for a minor injury. new details in the justice department shakeup. here's what happened. acting attorney sally yates out
6:57 am
at job this morning. fired last night after she refused to defend the controversial travel ban in court. short time later, named long time federal prosecutor dana boente to replace yates. bin toente plan to file a feder lawsuit regarding the travel ban. protests over the ban broke out at philly international over the weekend. supports three families denied entry there and then were deported to ohm countries. >> tonight president trump announce choice to fill vacancy on supreme court. neil kor sitand thomas hardiman. hardiman sits on the bench in pittsburgh. president will nominate a justice to replace antonin scalia. seat has been open since he died nearly a year ago. three minutes before 7.
6:58 am
today is the last day to sign up for health insurance coverage for 2017 if you want it through the affordable care act. in some places enrollment is down slightly. think it might be because some people think the aca has gone away. it hasn't. republicans are working to repeal it. that hasn't happened. there will be a long transition period if it does. deadly market street building collapse civil trial. jury will have to decide who, if anyone, should pay tajs frdamag the june 2013 collapse sha killed seven people and injured many others. contractor and developer could be held liable for the collapse that flattened a salvation army. good morning, checking on delays right now. watching the schuylkill. no surprise there are delays here. earlier accident on belmont over on the right hand shoulder. now seeing traffic moving by.
6:59 am
it is still slow. eastbound and center city from the blue route to vine 26 minute strip. speeds down into the 20s. backup all the way to the blue route. market street fire. . see detours there. end here. bus routes 5, 21, 17, 43, all detouring around the fire as well. just about ten minutes away from sunrise. see the skies brightening. mostly cloudy and dry start in easton. also dry in wilmington. tracking light snow. may see flurries in wilmington and better chance of some of this creating some light accumulations in the lehigh valley and some of the upper suburbs that's later this morning. and into this afternoon, certainly cold enough for snow this morning. going to have to bundle up if you're heading out. the temperatures in the 20s from the lehigh valley to the shore. and in philadelphia, 28 degrees right now. 29 in center city. 28 at the airport.
7:00 am
don't forget always get my first alert forecast on today's 101.1 more fm. >> get the local updates on the nbc 10 app. good morning, you're fired. president trump gives the acting attorney general the boot for refusing to defend his controversial immigration order. the senate minority leader taking to the floor to implore trump to repeal the ban. former president obama also weighing in for the first time. his message to protestors as demonstrations rage again overnight. supreme choice, trump's nomination for the supreme court said to be revealed today. guaranteed to ignite an immediate battle with democratic lawmakers on capitol hill. historic move t boy scouts reverse a century old stance to al


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