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tv   Today  NBC  January 31, 2017 7:00am-10:01am EST

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don't forget always get my first alert forecast on today's 101.1 more fm. >> get the local updates on the nbc 10 app. good morning, you're fired. president trump gives the acting attorney general the boot for refusing to defend his controversial immigration order. the senate minority leader taking to the floor to implore trump to repeal the ban. former president obama also weighing in for the first time. his message to protestors as demonstrations rage again overnight. supreme choice, trump's nomination for the supreme court said to be revealed today. guaranteed to ignite an immediate battle with democratic lawmakers on capitol hill. historic move t boy scouts reverse a century old stance to allow transgender boys to join.
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what caused the long time conservative group to change it's policy. and blanket of snow, 23 million americans facing a fast moving storm from the midwest to new england and it could make your travel plans tricky today, tuesday, january 31st, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is today, with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to today on a tuesday morning. hoda is here while savannah continues on maternity leave. we'll get a little of the snow here. >> when is it getting here? >> 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. >> all right. >> nothing too serious. tell you about that in awhile. very public clash over president trump's order on immigration. late last night the president fired sally yates the acting
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attorney general for refusing to implemented the travel ban. >> former president obama is expressing support for the on going protest against trumps orders saying they are exactly what he expects to see when american values are at stake. >> all of this as president trump gets set to announce his nominee for the supreme court today looking to fill the seat of the late justice anthony scalia. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is quite the drama overnight and this morning there's a new top law enforcement officer at the department. it is a move that legal experts say the president had a right to make but one that critics for maximum effect are trying to draw comparisons to the saturday night massacre where president nixon used his power to punish political opponents.
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>> we had a monday night massacre. >> that massacre referring to president trump's firing overnight of acting attorney general sally yates an obama hold over. coming hours after yates ordered justice department lawyers not to defend trump's controversial travel ban. the white house saying yates betrayed the department naming a new acting attorney general until jeff sessions can be confirmed. meanwhile on the steps of the supreme court democrats vowed to stand their ground. >> we must overcome this little man in the white house disgracing our history and disgracing our traditions. >> this morning they've got big back up. former president obama days removed from office weighing in. rejecting trump's ban in the motion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion. more rallies in the street including in columbus ohio where police used pepper spray to disperse this crowd. mr. obama praised protestors
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saying he is heartened by their engagement. dozens of officers circulating a memo slamming the immigration action. we are better than this it reads. the white house responding with this warning. >> these career bureaucrats have a problem with it. they should either get to the problem or they should go. >> the partisan few becoming bitter. chuck schumers emotions. >> it was mean spirited and un-american. openly mocked by the president. >> i'm going to ask him who is his acting coach. >> the next flashpoint, the supreme court. president trump said to announce his pick tonight in a primetime address. the president's decision narrowed down to two appeals court judges. both white men and both appointed by george w. bush. a harvard law grad from colorado and thomas hardeman a former trial judge from pennsylvania. for president trump's system also sits on the bench.
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>> as for the new acting attorney general's first action in office again telling the justice department lawyers to defend president trump's executive order and new this morning an unusual move the white house responding to concerns about what more actions the president might take vowing not to touch an obama executive order that protects lgbt employees from discrimination in the work place when working for federal contractors. >> peter, thank you. >> why don't we bring in pete williams. he is taking a closer look. good morning. >> good morning, mr. trump's move to fire sally yates came less than three hours after she said that justice department lawyers would not defend the immigration lawyers in court. but her statement was symbolic. she was a hold over from the obama administration intended to be on the job just until her successor senator jeff sessions can be confirmed. that's a justice department tradition. she sent a letter to doj
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employees saying she had a so let me obligation to always seek justice and stand for what is right. defending the immigration order would not be consistent with that duty adding nor am icon vinced that the executive order is lawful. at her confirmation hearing to be deputy attorney general two years ago senator sessions asked her about that duty. >> do you think the attorney general has a responsibility to say no to the president if he asks for something that is improper? the views the president wants to execute are unlawful, should the attorney general, the deputy attorney general say no. >> senator, i believe the attorney general or deputy attorney general has an obligation to follow the law and the constitution and to give their independent legal advice to the president. >> justice department lawyers did, in fact, defend the executive order over the weekend when the first round of challenges was filed and the heavy lifting in federal court won't come for several weeks when the legal briefs are due on
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whether the order violates the constitution and federal laws. by then the white house hopes it's choice will be on the job. the senate judiciary committee votes on his nomination later today. >> all right. thanks so much. >> now to more on the president's announcement later today of the supreme court nominee and what's at stake with the much anticipated pick. for that let's turnover to steve. good morning to you so this is going to fill the seat left vacant. any time you deal with the court it is legally politically and emotionally changed. what kinds of issues will this court face. >> some of the most culturally devicive issues we talk about in american life. obviously start with abortion. it was the supreme court more than 30 years ago with the ruling made it legal nationwide and still a contested issue every time one of these nominations comes up that's front and center did donald
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trump violate that in anyway? ultimately the supreme court decides that issue. just last week the court said they're not going to look at a big case out of texas right now but with a new member coming on that may change. they left that option open and may be revisiting it. all the new regulations put in place he wants to get rid of them. not necessarily that easy. may end up in front of the court. >> the supreme court has brought down a lot of decisions. is that saying they are a dee logically split just like that? >> conservatives would say no. this is the backdrop for what's been happening the last year. take a look right now. we have a real solid conservative block here of three he is a reagan appointee more on the conservative side so conservatives looked at this and said last year obama got his
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nominee through. garland probably would have fallen right around here. he is to the left so a conservative and you're going to have five liberals here that's why they fought to leave it open. >> chuck schumer said he and other democrats were emotions ploering the president to choose a mainstream justice. does the democrats version or definition of mainstream at all coincide with the republicans definition? >> no, i think we probably just saw the ultimate test that i mentioned. garland was the choice of barrack obama last year. republicans refused to hold hearings and consider this. this was from the democratic standpoint a concession to republicans. they said we would probably go with somebody more to the left. the obama administration said this is more a moderate pick and republicans said no also this morning we're learning about the
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first military raid carried out under president trump. keir simmons has that story. good morning. >> the first strike targeting an al qaeda camp targeting a super secret joint operations command. the member of seal team 6 killed during the operation named as william ryan owens gave his full measure for our nation the defense secretary said in a statement. another killed in the raid an 8-year-old girl. the daughter of al qaeda leader who himself was killed in the u.s. strike five years ago. yemen in a continuing war as an al qaeda strong hold. the aim had been to capture valuable intelligence, specifically equipment but the seals aircraft experienced a hard landing injuring several a fire fight ensued. some of the women themselves opened fire. one official telling nbc news
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almost everything went wrong. >> thank you so much. >> i want to give you the latest on sunday's deadly mosque attack. a french canadian college student has been charged with the shooting that rampaged in quebec city. six were killed and several others were wounded in what the prime minister considered a despicable act of terrorism. the 26-year-old was charged with six counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder. he is described as a loaner with antiimmigrant views. police say they're confident there was only one shooter. a second man who is detained is considered a witness and not a suspect. >> now to that historic announcement to the boy scouts we mentioned at the top of the show. breaking from a century old policy the organization said it will now allow transgender children who identify as boys to
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enroll. >> good morning, the boy scouts is one of the largest youth organizations in the country. for many it's a right of passage and now times are change again for a group founded way back in 1910. with nearly 2.3 million member across the country the boy scouts of america is deeply rooted in tradition but this morning a big change for this historic institution. reversing a more than century old stance the group is clearing the way for transgender boys to become scouts. >> i hope i get a lot of badges. fun activities. you know, eat s'mores, go camping. >> born jodi in 2008, two years ago joe self-identified as a boy. his mother, christie, always supportive enrolled him in the cub scouts last year. but one month after joining, christie says joe was forced out when scout leaders learned he
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was born a girl. >> it hurt him. he just wanted to be accepted and just feel normal and just to play with his friends. he didn't understand why he got kicked out. >> christie says the boy scouts change of heart only came after she filed this lawsuit claiming discrimination. the organization declined our interview request referring us instead to this video statement. >> after weeks of significant conversations at all levels of our organization we realize that referring to birth certificates as the reference point is no longer sufficient. communities and state laws are now interpreting gender identity differently. >> this is not the first time public pressure has forced change in the boy scouts. two years ago the group lifted it's ban on gay adults serving as scout leaders and in 2013 amid more backlash, the scouts decided openly gay youth could
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participate. for children like joe, the new transgender policy is ground breaking. a historic institution built on values now reevaluating their own to be more inclusive than ever. >> i think i want transgenders to be accepted. people should respect them and give them compassion and love. >> the new policy goes into effect immediately. some advocacy groups say this decision has been a long time coming while others are criticizing the move. it is a major step for an organization that's long been a fabric of our society. but it's come under tense scrutiny in recent years. back to you guys. >> miguel, thank you for that. >> happy to report really good news this morning. former president george h.w. bush is back home after being released from a houston hospital on monday. the 92-year-old spent more than two weeks there battling pneumonia.
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his spokesman says he is grateful for all the prayers and kind messages that he has received. there are some reports that the nfl has invited president bush to be the honorary coin flipper for sunday's super bowl in houston. no word yet on if he will take them up on the offer. >> wouldn't that be something. >> it would be great to see him. >> parachute in and flip the coin. >> right. >> how about a first check of the weather. >> okay. we got some snow flakes flying right now. greenville, michigan. we're looking at that snow coming in and it's a wide swath of the stuff. stretching on into western new york. we're going to see this approach in and as it makes it's way into new york city and northeast and we make our way around 10:00 or 11:00 this morning right after the rush hour but it's going to be a problem for boston. 25 million people under some sort of winter weather advisory as this clipper come across it
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will spread snow into the northeast and parts of new england but as it moves past it will enhance that lake effect snow from michigan all the way into new york and, in fact, we are look at some areas of western new york, western pa, on into west virginia. 6 to 8 inches of snow but we're even expecting anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of snow especially north of the mass turnpike. you could see about 2 to 3. we're going to get liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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good morning. meteorologist bill henley. cold start. see temperatures climb this afternoon. occasional showers possible. few snowflakes this morning in philadelphia. little more likely in the suburbs. most likely in the lehigh valley. we could see an inch of accumulation by the end of the day today. new jersey mostly cloudy skies. 46. a few snowflakes this morning. rain shower possible this afternoon. might see showers this morning and afternoon shower in delaware. high of 45. have a great day. >> all right. thanks so much. just ahead, almost ready for take off. an extraordinary view of apple's multibillion dollar spaceship as this one nears completion. >> when it comes to your health is when you eat more important than what you eat? dr. oz will weigh in on that. tut firs this is "today" on
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>> it was media day at the super bowl and tom brady was asked a question by a young child and that question got maybe the best quarterback of all time choked up. we'll tell you about that. >> and our big start to today >> and our big start to today live to 100 finale to this focus group to ask you what kind of person you think would drive their all-new lego batmobile. well, it's all black. probably someone with self-esteem issues? ah, what? yeah, it screams loner to me. does it? i bet he's super outgoing and really popular. oh, ok. what makes you say that, batman? look at this. it's awesome. you look at the driver and you think, i totally want to be that guy. well, i think its perfect for picking up the little ones from soccer practice. oh come on! introducing the all-new lego batmobile from chevy. lose yourself in a rapture of sweet oat temptation, and cascades of chocolate. kung fu flavor.
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firefighters rescued an elderly woman fire still burning. she's in hospital in critical. condition. man inside the house got out. he's in stable condition. just tap the nbc 10 app and stay with us for updates. also following breaking news in philadelphia. roof of an apartment in old city. fire earlier today has -- check on first alert traffic report. jessica boyington, how does it look now. pamela osborne live on the scene for most of the morning. spoke to crew on the scene
7:27 am
saying people: markets city between second and front and stretches out a little bit to third and surrounding streets as well. might see delays there. septa buses through the area, watch for detourings here. 5, 21, 17, 43, nine recall detoured. back to you. let's get right to first alert meteorologist bill henley with most accurate neighborhood forecast. got clouds and we're watching for snow in wilmington. it is dry right now. radar is green. snow is falling from the clouds. just not reaching the ground. it's falling into dry air so the first round of snow is evaporating before it hits the ground. still see a few flurries this morning. and snow heading for the lehigh valley. light snow later this morning. >> thank you, bill. another update in 25 minutes. always get the latest news and weather with the nbc app. back to the today show. see you at the top of the hour.
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we're back now 7:30 on a tuesday morning, january 31st, 2017. out on the plaza it's a little chilly. temperatures in the mid 20s. and we could see some snow in the next couple of hours. we'll get the forecast in the next couple of minutes. >> let's take a look at what's making headlines right now. president trump fired acting attorney general sally yates hours after she refused to defend his immigration order in court. a replacement was immediately sworn in to fill the void until jeff session's nomination was confirmed. >> protests against the executive order are growing. more than a thousand demonstrators gathered at the ohio state house last night
7:31 am
before marching through downtown columbus. when police asked the protestors to clear the streets and they refused some officers used pepper spray on the crowd. >> this morning the white house says it will leave intact a 2014 executive order that protects federal workers from antilgbtq discrimination. trump is determined to protect the rights of all americans. >> also this morning, apple is getting a lot of buzz not for a new iphone or computer but it's new spaceship campus. joe friar has the latest on that. >> good morning, it's known as am campus. the company said employees will move into the new office sometime this year. now new footage has given us a stunning view of the tech giants futuristic home. >> from high above it looks like a giant spaceship that's come to rest in the heart of silicon valley but no need to worry this is an earthly creation, the soon to be home of thousands of apple
7:32 am
employees. >> some people would say it's overboard but i think it's fitting for apple to do something like this because they consider themselves innovators within the tech industry. >> matthew roberts took the video with his drone. he has been documenting the construction of apple campus 2 for nearly a year posting new footage each month. his latest video shows the main office building, that massive circle is coated with solar panels. a majority of the roof now appears to be covered. progress is apparent across the campus with the buildings largely built, crews are focussing on cosmetic features, new walk ways and lighting polls and rows and rows of trees. they're designed to feel less like an office and more like a park. the wish of apple's late founder steve jobs. >> apple has grown like a weed. >> he personally visited the city council to pitch the campus in 2011 shortly before his death. >> and it's clear that we need to build a new campus.
7:33 am
so we're just out of space. >> in all, they house at least 12,000 employees with 2.8 million square feet of office space. the land spans 176 acres, enough territory to house about 133 football fields. a work place unlike any other quickly take shape and from above that shape looks just like a ufo. apple has not released any information about exactly when new employees will start moving into the new campus. it is expected that some employees will still work at the current headquaters at that infamous address. back to you. >> i bet they're getting a lot of applications to work there. >> you're going to need a bike to get from one spot to another there. >> joe, thank you. appreciate the tour. >> you got a check of the weather. >> seeing some rain out there on the big circle. we check it out. show you another storm system going to be making its way into
7:34 am
the pacific northwest where snow today and inland some showers along the coast. right now things stay dry in much of california but we'll see that moving in on wednesday. rain from san francisco, los angeles stays fairly dry but again you could see we have some pretty heavy showers and thunderstorms that are going to dump anywhere from 4 to 5 inches of rain around lake tahoe but the upper elevations of the sierra nevada, winter storm watch wednesday into friday upwards of 4 feet into the higher elevations. you have that clipper coming across the northeast bringing some snow and we'll look at this in more detail coming up in the next half hour. unseasonably mild but a chilly
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>> back now with something new to think about when it comes to your health. >> we're all supposed to worry about what we eat but a new report from the american heart association suggests when you eat is just as important.
7:40 am
here to talk about that dr. oz, host of the dr. oz show. so you're telling us it's not what you eat. it's you are when you eat. >> it's more and more important. what's more important about this american heart association report is that they took the time to write it. there's so much conversation now about the fact that we are supposed to eat at some times and not at others. when we eat becomes an important prekick to of what we eat and how much we eat and you put those together you might have the recipe for not just weight loss but more importantly risk factors for heart disease and diabetes and high blood pressure. >> let's start with breakfast because a lot of people do skip it. they think i'll save a couple of hundred calories. i'll have lunch. what does this say about that? >> populations of people that eat breakfast they're healthier and have less cardiovascular risk factors but i spoke to a lead doctor at columbia university and she said point out when we put people on trial
7:41 am
that force them to eat breakfast they don't do better. it mean ifs you're intentional f you're planning your day out, that's what is more important. when you eat breakfast you're not going to go for something at 11:00 in the morning you have planned your day out where if you skip breakfast you back your way into what you're going to eat when you first get hungry. >> was this a study or a gathering of scientific evidence. >> it was the latter. >> so it's not a study. >> it's not a study. that's an important observation. most of the studies have been done, more and more data supports what i'm saying. who is going to give up everything they eat for five years to see what makes the difference. >> when we talk about dinner people say you have to have a certain number of hours between when you finish dinner and when you go to sleep. >> it's an important factor and here's what we're learning. when animals are fed food late
7:42 am
at night they do very poorly, they gain more weight and we are humans are insulin resistant at night. not only do you store the food you eat in the wrong way like fat but you also tend to overeat beyond that. americans eat 19 out of 24 hours these days. we were not designed to eat for that long of a period of time. >> i remember oprah saying she stopped eating at like 7:00 and i thought that's a smart thing to do and then i said isn't it all just calories in, calories out. if i eat 1200 calories no matter when i eat them, isn't it the same thing. >> two factors, first of all it is calories in, calories out in most ways but you eat less food. you realize the body doesn't want to digest food. think about it hoda. >> call me dr. hoda. >> if you eat right before bedtime your brain is saying you're tired, go to sleep but your intestines are saying stay up you have to digest your food
7:43 am
and when your hormones don't work with you they work against you so you deposit the food in the wrong places. so although it makes a difference it's easier in life if you automate things so your hormones are supporting the right number of calories in. >> what does your survey say about this trending thing of intermittent fasting. where people eat very little one day and then eat normally the next day. >> here there is data in humans. the data says it works. there's lots of religious traditions around fasting but more traditionally now body builders and the like are fasting by eating 25% of their basic amount every other day or third day. it turns out you don't make up the difference by eating extra on the other days. people do tend to lose weight and they have lower blood pressure and cholesterol problems. it comes up over and over again but any personal life, intermittent fasting at least a block of time where you don't
7:44 am
eat, 12 hour ace day, i think it's a very wise way and more and more data supports it. >> doctor, thank you very much. >> doctors. >> you can see more of this guy right here on the dr. oz show, check your local listings. >> coming up, was there room? the man behind titanic tries to end a 20 year debate about the movie's famous ending. >> carson has highlights from the always entertaining super bowl media night including the bowl media night including the are you ready?? you gotta be ready. ♪ oh, i'm ready i mean, really ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats-spotless. the uniforms, clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. ♪ i'm ready for you everybody wants a piece of ready. cintas, ready for the workday. ♪
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it's not the game, it's the hype before the game. carson has a little of that in the orange room. >> that's what they say, patriots and falcons touched down in houston for a big match up making their way from the tarmac to the media circus that is opening night. you can see matt ryan right there in the center. tom brady from the patriots took his turn fielding questions as well. at one point they would find each other and hug it out. look at that. good sportsmanship right there. the venue was filled with devoted fans as you can see. patriots super bowl wouldn't be complete, remember when this guy was here, fake tom brady.
7:49 am
>> yeah. >> he is running around. but it was this guy real tom brady. people were reacting to his emotional response when asked who was his hero. >> my dad is my hero because he's someone that i look up to every day and -- my dad. >> nice response there, right? choked up. cool. lady gaga also at the super bowl with her mom. taking a little time-out for some cart wheels in the middle part of the field there. all of this super bowl excitement has brought back the annual debate. should the day after the super bowl be a national holiday? 50/50 is where we are at right now. what do you think, matt? keep this stat in mind. 16 million people call in sick the next day after. it's a billion dollars in lost productive. should it be a national holiday? >> no.
7:50 am
>> no. >> i don't think so either. >> what is wrong with you guys. >> what kind of party are you having? >> can we mention tom brady for another second? oh my gosh. that was beautiful. >> is it true that was asked by a young kid or something? >> i didn't see who asked that question about who his hero was. >> my dad is my hero. he's the one i look up to every day. >> wow. man tears. >> carson, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> just ahead the unexpected place that makes hotel rooms for the super bowl seem cheap. >> then the grand finale of our start today challenge. it is time for jenna, craig and myself to get brutally honest about how we did. >> we are revealing february's best buys. one day early. that's after your local news. this is the food system. but what if it didn't have to be?
7:51 am
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four minutes shy of 8:00 a.m. continue to cover breaking news from bensalem. bucks county. fire crews dousing the house fire. after rescuing an elderly woman who was inside, sky force ten has been on the scene since shortly after flames began shooting from the house around 5:00 this morning. woman in critical condition. man got out of the house on his own is in stable condition. also covering breaking news in old city philadelphia. flames shot from the roof of this apartment building at front and market street earlier this morning. all of the residents managed to get out. red cross is on the scene helping those people. rescuers treated one person for minor injury. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with your most accurate neighborhood forecast. we're looking at cloudy skies and waiting for a few snowflakes. live view of the city.
7:57 am
showing snow on the dom lppler d radar, but falling in very dry areas. flurries into new jersey. steadier snow to the west and heading towards the lehigh valley and into some of the suburbs. that's where we'll see light accumulation this morning. chance of shower this afternoon. temperatures climbing from the 20s already 30 degrees in delaware. reach the low 40s this afternoon. >> thank you, bill. get a check on the roads with nbc 10 traffic reporter jessica boyington. starting en route 1 northbound. blocked right now. seeing the delay. major delays over in new jersey. this is for the 4 # freeway around route 41. northbound side right here. almost at a stand still headed stords the philadelphia area. vai, back to you. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. back to the station. have a great day. see you at the bottom of the hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, shaking things up. >> of course we had a monday night massacre. >> president trump fires the acting attorney general for refusing to enforce his travel ban. this as the nation awaits trump's pick for the supreme court to be revealed tonight. we're live at the white house with the latest. plus the grand finale from food to fitness. mindfulness to medication. hoda and jenna and craig reveal how they did in our month long start today challenge and let's hear it for the ladies.
8:01 am
move over george clooney. take a seat brad pitt. there's new thieves in town. your first look at ocean's 8. the star studded all female hollywood reboot. today tuesday, january 31st, 2017. >> all the way from sommerville, massachusetts. >> hello alabama. >> good morning, california. ♪ >> we're having the time of our lives in new york. >> it's 8:00 now on this tuesday morning, january 31st, 2017. you know what, let's give these people a little extra face time because it's cold out here this morning. >> and this young girl over here, i'm going to make her birthday wish come true for her
8:02 am
13th birthday she wants snow. she wants snow. >> boom. >> just like that. >> you got a delivery coming at 10:00 a.m. >> you're a magician al roker. >> just ahead we're going to step up our countdown to super bowl li. coming up an exclusive sneak peek of one of this year's commercia commercials. you have that one. >> i have that one. >> is it sad? >> it's good. >> we're also going to talk about the best snacks they have to serve during the big game. >> from food to flowers to furniture, an expert guide to everything we should be buying in february. we've got you covered. >> but first how about a check of this morning's top stories. time for your news at 8:00. >> i'm kristen welker at the white house where president trump will announce his pick for the vacant supreme court seat tonight. the president also taking action dealing with backlash to his controversial travel ban and ending a stunning move firing the acting attorney general. >> a major shake up overnight. president trump firing acting attorney general sally yates after the obama appointee
8:03 am
refused to defend mr. trump's travel ban and questioned it's legality. in a statement the president blasted yates saying she has betrayed the department of justice. her replacement, a u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia quickly sworn in. a temporary space holder until mr. trump's pick for attorney general is confirmed. expected in a matter of days. they drew sharp reaction. >> of course we had a monday night massacre. >> meanwhile protestors erupted in major cities overnight. using pepper spray to disperse a crowd with many calling the president's immigration action a muslim ban by another name. something the trump administration denied. democratic lawmakers staged a protest on the steps of the supreme court. >> it's reckless and rash. >> and on the senate floor. >> we will not be divided by
8:04 am
hate and fear. >> former president obama even weighing in for the first time. the spokesperson saying the president fundamentally agrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion. there's also backlash where diplomats circulated a memo slamming the ban. it's counter to core american values and nondiscrimination. in response to white house unleashing this stern warning. >> this morning, president trump aiming to turn the page just hours away. at the top of the list administration officials say neal gorsuch. appointed by former president george w. bush. he is viewed as conservative. his mother picked by president reagan as the first woman to head the environmental protection agency where she had
8:05 am
a short and rocky tenure. another top contender, thomas hardiman also appointed by bush. hardiman is the first member of his family to go to college and also has a reputation for being conservative without being too controversial. and this morning in his first action the new acting attorney general called on the doj and white house this morning is taking the unusual step of saying it will keep in place an obama area executive order that protects the right to the lgbtq community in the work place. tamping down that the administration is considering lifting the order that was drawing heavy criticism, matt. >> kristen, as always thank you very much. one of the nation's largest youth organizations the boy scouts of america is opening it's ranks to transgender children. the group announced it will accept members based on the gender they identify with. that changes a century old policy of using birth
8:06 am
certificates as a reference point. the issue made headlines last year when a new jersey mother said her transgender son was forced out of the cub scouts because he was born a girl. in recent years they lifted bans on gay scouts and gay scout leaders. >> there's been another vanishing act at one of the nation's premiere zoos. a female bobcat named ollie is missing from the smithsonian national zoo in washington dc. the cat was absent during a routine head count on monday. zookeepers say she is not a threat unless somebody does something to frighten her. meantime at the virginia zoo, the search for sonny, a missing red panda is now in the second week. zoo officials fear there's a strong chance that sonny has left zoo grounds. pretty scary. >> it is. >> up next; the wrong way to say i'm sorry and that's something that we all do. >> and then trying something new, we have your first look at budweisers super bowl ad. >> and we're going to find out
8:07 am
how team hoda, team jenna, and team craig made out with their month long today's start today challenge. >> who won? >> right after this. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate enough to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit... even the smallest things became difficult. so i talked to my rheumatologist... and he prescribed enbrel... to help relieve joint pain and help stop further joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections.
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8:10 am
about 22 inches long and weighs 20 pounds. >> i hate this guy. >> here's why i'm saying this. ground hog day is thursday and the hotel website trivago compared hotel room rates at the two events. houston $340 for tom brady. over in punxsutawney, $450 a night. $110 more. >> what is he going to do this year by the way? >> he's going to see his shadow. they have 3 million likes. he always sees his shadow. >> there's two simple words probably uttered every day but are you using them correctly? this morning the new york times looks at i'm sorry and the right and wrong way to offer an apology. the paper points out that the
8:11 am
biggest mistake people make when apologizing is -- >> qualifying the apology. >> i'm sorry but here's what happened. it was not my fault. >> defending yourself. >> i'm sorry you feel that way. that kind of stuff. all right. you guys are right. saying i'm sorry but the best apologies are short and don't include any explanations. so just say i'm sorry. how often do you guys apologize to your spouses? >> not enough. >> are my lips moving? >> okay but isn't the problem that when you just say i'm sorry, somebody often asks you to explain your behavior. >> yes. >> so then that's when you get in trouble. >> i like an extra police station. i like to know why you think it was wrong. >> you want to rub their nose in it. >> suddenly it's an essay question. that's trouble. >> oh, great. okay. >> you're a people person, right? >> yes. >> except when they can be
8:12 am
wrong. so let me ask you this, which is greater, your desire for human interaction or your desire to get a cup of coffee quickly? >> it depends on the day but i think i'd rather the human interaction if i had a little bit of time, yeah. i'd rather talk to somebody. >> i like to get that coffee quick. love you but got to drink my coffee. >> i just like to be in the house. >> so you're not looking for a great conversation with the barista? >> no. >> there's a new cafe making coffee lovers choose between this. it claims to be the first robot powered cafe in the united states. customers order from a kiosk and the ro bot barista gets right to work. it can make 120 to 120 drinks an hour. the inventor is now in talks with tech companies to bring cafe x to their offices. would you rather have that thing? >> no. >> i don't want that thing. >> i want to see somebody.
8:13 am
>> unless it looks like rosie from the jet is ones. >> you had a crush on rosie? >> oh, yeah. >> all right. that's weird. when you were a kid, did you love a good slip and slide? >> sure. >> slide off and you go for another ride, well some guys in australia made the summer staple even better. they introduced a spinning slip and slide. you never get off it. >> that's good. >> how do you get off? >> you don't. >> you just let it go. >> oh, look at that. >> i'll tell you what though, the slip and slide ruins your lawn. now as a father my kid versus one and it ruins the lawn. that's a killer too. >> that's fun until it isn't. >> go out in the street. >> depends on where your trees are. >> carson take it away. we're going to talk about movies. ben afleck was set to star in and direct and co-write the new
8:14 am
batman movie. now ben saying he is stepping down as director. in a statement he said performing this role demands focus, passion and the best performance i can give. it's become clear that i cannot do both jobs at the level required. the search is on for a new director. one of the biggest movies of all time, titanic. spoiler alert, it's a piece of wooden debris from the titanic that allows rose to survive. but poor jack drowns in the water. for 20 years people have been saying there's room on the driftwood for jack. >> well the team over on myth busters looked into that idea and they agreed but now director james cameron is responding like only he can. they're fun guys and i loved doing that show with them but they're full of -- well, you can fill in the blank. >> debris. >> and right now our first look at one of the year's most
8:15 am
anticipated movies, the remake of the comedy heist oceans 11. it's called oceans 8. all female cast. here's your first picture from left to right. sandra bullock, kate blanket, minute i can kaling, anne hathaway. oceans 8 hits theaters in june. there's your pop start. >> just a little bit. >> a little separation. something newcombing right through our super bowl commercial kick off. today it's coming from a company that is used to show casing horses and puppies but budweiser going in a different direction celebrating the american dream. have a look. >> you don't look like you're from around here.
8:16 am
>> go back home. thank you. next time, this is the beer we drink. >> wow. >> wow. >> budweiser using the super bowl commercial to tell the story of its co-founder. we'll have more of these commercials all week long. let's get the weather from mr. roker. >> today's weather is brought to you by zales.
8:17 am
lasting love with gifts from zales, the diamond store. >> well, a little chilly for our friends in central and northern florida. clear skies, light wind and frost advisories, but that will be short lived. look at these temperatures right now. orlando 41. gainsville up to the north 35 degrees but we do have some mild weather for today but we're going to see that changing over the next several days. right now temperatures anywhere from 22 degrees above average in oklahoma to oklahoma city to pittsburgh at 40 degrees. that's 8 degrees above average wednesday in new york city. charlotte, tallahassee, memphis, all above average but into the latter part of the week. michigan, 17 on thursday. temperatures in the mid 30s in st. louis. d.c. starts off 45 on thursday. by saturday, down to 3
8:18 am
good morpg . good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a few occasional flakes in philadelphia and most likely in the suburbs and lehigh valley where where you could see an inch of accumulation by the end of the day today. new jersey mostly cloudy skies and 46 and few snowflakes this morning and a rain shower is possible this afternoon. you could see a shower this afternoon in delaware with a high of 45. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. don't forget take today with you in your car. >> we reached tend of january. you know what that means we are wrapg up our start today live to 100 series all month long with the help of their coaches hoda, jenna and craig have been working on their diets, their fitness and their mental health but going in they knew it would not be easy. >> our teams all lined up here.
8:19 am
>> do you not look happy? >> no i'm excited. this is great. >> i actually have a new slogan for 2017. moderation, y'all. >> can i say it with you. >> moderation, y'all. >> you don't say y'all the way that you're supposed to. >> every time you are about to just mind leslie pop something in your mouth, put it in the bag. >> that's nasty. >> the equivalent of 8 fast food cheeseburgers. >> i could have had that. >> you cook it once, you eat it twice. >> cook it once, eat it twice. >> but not in the same sitting. >> we're going to be able to like get you into shape like that. >> it's a little hot in here. >> it is hot. >> is it? or is it us? >> there you go. >> where did you get those
8:20 am
pants. >> i hurt in places i didn't even know existed. >> who is in charge of getting hoda's mind right? >> i tried a number of times. >> at exactly 9:51, jenna bush-hager killed twitter and instagram from her phone. >> your mind needs somebody in charge. >> i'm feeling better already. >> i would say at this stage he is winning. >> what are you talking about? >> no. >> thank you. >> he's team craig. >> we'll get to him. >> so the gang is all here guys you look great. was this easier or harder than you thought? >> it's harder for me than i
8:21 am
expected because i'm not so disciplined in all of this. >> let's be honest. do we always stick to the diet plan? >> not always. >> let's start with diet. raise your hand if you cheated during the month? >> see. craig. >> that was the only thing i didn't cheat with. >> let's start. hoda you gave yourself a grade on diet of b minus. you were on that mediterranean diet. why a b minus. >> i cheated a little bit but the thing that i did that i liked was she taught me about the importance of breakfast so i had the breakfast just about every day. so that's why. >> on to diet with craig, you gave up a lot. you gave yourself an a. aren't you special? all right. why did you say a. >> alcohol? >> not one ioda of meat. >> was it easy?
8:22 am
>> yeah i found that especially after the third or fourth day there's so many alternatives to meat out there. sost so many companies doing extraordinary things i really didn't miss it. i didn't have a drink for three weeks. >> that's good. when it comes to diet you gave yourself a b minus as well. >> i was honest. frankly i am a b student. i always have been and i always will be. i had a couple of moments of failure. there was some cheese in front of me and i just could not say no. >> that's the thing. >> so let's go to fitness here. hoda you gave yourself a b, what were your goals. >> i wanted to be consistent and i wanted to get better arms. the first week was hard and if you can make it through the first week of anything you're better and look can i just show you because they're still not great. >> no. they're good. >> they're really good. >> so something happened. >> craig, you gave yourself a b in fitness. did you ever skip a workout and tell people you actually did it?
8:23 am
>> i did not. i didn't do that. i didn't cheat, i didn't lie. >> you did have a little injury. has this changed your outlook on fitness. >> absolutely. >> okay. look, you're gaining. >> b plus. >> fitness was the best part for me. i loved working out and i gained two pounds in muscle. i did this little measurement thing. i'm stronger and i feel better which is key. >> let's go back now. mindfulness you gave yourself a b plus. we're clearly grading on a curve here. >> you know in fact the other day in the drawer i found three old work i.d. that i had lost at her place. she told me to put everything in a pouch and make sure that i put it back in. that small thing transformed how i am. >> you went into meditation.
8:24 am
>> i did. >> and it was probably the most helpful thing i did. >> yeah. every day i would start with just some quite. >> you gave yourself a b. >> a b again. getting rid of distracting apps and just looking at them twice a day has made me a happier person. >> all right. team come on in. by the way you all look great. you do. >> 10 pounds, 1.5 inches. >> congratulations. >> good job craig, you won. >> no, i did not. >> you did. >> you had a lot of people following along with you all month long. we want to reward the people at home doing just that for team hoda it's aimee from new york. >> she's on a little graphic here. she also uses music to motivate
8:25 am
her so later today she's going to join you and your trainer for a soul cycle class. fa he even came to enjoy his new vegetarian diet so he's going to come for a workout for bob and craig later on. following along with you and she is going to workout with you and your trainer. you'll receive a nutrition package from our dear friend joy bauer. congratulations to our team. >> congratulations to all of them. >> by the way, still. >> you get your stake and your get your chips. >> you don't need a chip. >> i'm with you. guys well done.
8:26 am
carson. >> guys coming up we're cooking up some sweet and savory super bowl good morning. i'm vai sikahema, and it is just about 8:30. the temperatures in the high 20s and looking at the first look with our meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate forecast. bill? >> cloudy skies over the east, and watching for some snow and some in store for easton and the lehigh valley and some of the up upperer suburbs and right now, you can see the light snow u falling over berks county, and it is not reaching the ground. in hazleton, some light snow right now. snow showers this morning and the chances of rain showers mixing in this afternoon. >> and now, a look at the roads with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> well, the schuylkill is slow in both directions. this is a heavy spot around the
8:27 am
boulevard and toward center city, 20 minutes from the blue to the vine, and the same on the westbound as well, and slow from montgomery to passon city as well. this northbound side is slow moving to the philadelphia area, and also heading to trenton, e slowdowns there. >> thank you, jessica. >> we are following two fires in our area. in bensalem county, we are looking at this house fire after firefighters rescued an elderly woman. she is in critical condition and man who got out on his own is listed in stable condition. >> and in this apartment building, all the people are out without serious injury, and the red cross there to help them. i'm vai sikahema and we will have another news kwupdate in about 20 minutes. as always, you can get the
8:28 am
latest on our nbc 10 app.
8:29 am
♪ their lives are beautiful, let's keep it that way. if you suspect child abuse, report it. for more information on reporting child abuse or neglect go to paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars.
8:30 am
>> back now 8:30 on a tuesday, the 31st day of january, 2017. look we have triplets. >> triplets. >> here in our audience. >> what? >> the lewis family in new york. >> doesn't happen every day. >> great to have you guys here. >> coming up we are very excited about february and we're not waiting until tomorrow. she's here with the best things to buy attend of the month. >> then we're going to begin 50 shades darker with oscar winner. >> and then what happens when you take a bunch of delicious treats. and we're going to make you the
8:31 am
super star of your super bowl party. i cannot wait for this one. maple brown butter bacon popcorn. >> it's got your name on it. >> it has everything you love. >> before that how about a check of the weather. >> i can't. i'm thinking about popcorn. let's show you what we have. oh, yeah. starting with today unseasonably mild weather through the gulf coast. clipper bringing some snow from the great lakes into the northeast. heavier snow through the western plains and for tomorrow the mild weather continues into the southeast. next storm comes on shore into the pacific northwest and super bowl li, we have a big super bowl kick off for you. 11 alive atlanta, 7:00 a.m., 43 degrees, mostly cloudy come on out. i'll be in boston with our friends at nbc boston, 7:00 a.m., 21 degrees, sunny and cold. hoda working the crowd, baby.
8:32 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start and temperatures will climb this afternoon, but occasion showers are possible a. a few snowflakes in philadelphia and more likely in the suburbs and most likely in the lehigh valley where it is possibly an inch of accumulation by the end of the day today. new jersey, mostly cloudy and 46 and a few snowflakes this morning and a rain shower is possible this afternoon. you could see some showers this morning and an afternoon shower in delaware with a high of 45. have a great day. >> get that weather any time you need it check out our friends at the weather channel on cable. since hoda is out here i guess i'm going to throw to matt. >> good choice with a few holidays coming up in february. there's also some great opportunities to save serious money. lifestyle expert is our contributor. she has got the great information on what you should buy during the next month. nice to see you good morning.
8:33 am
>> good morning. >> the first one surprised me. february is a great month to buy a house, why? >> so january and february are great prices because nationally the prices go down about 12.9%. the reason for this, low demand. people are busy with the school season and the weather is cold and volume is lower as well. sales volume is 44% lower in february than it would be in july according to >> get out there and look for a new home. if you're at the grocery store, everybody looks for bargains it is national canned food month. >> that's right. this is an actual -- the good news is canned foods last forever. you'll notice your favorite fruits and vegetables and soups go on sale so stock up now. >> i mention a couple of holidays in the next couple of weeks. we have valentine's day on february 14th. what's the great deal this month for people wanting to celebrate? >> if you're look for some bling for someone special we're seeing good savings.
8:34 am
so for example blue you can get up to 25% off of diamonds or select pearls or gold jewelry and at places like macy's you can save up to $600 on select earrings or 30% off store wide at kay jewelers. we also have good deals on flowers. pro you can get a dozen of the roses plus a box of chocolates for 40% off. >> what's with the drinks. >> they're for caribbean vacations and cruises. >> if you want to take that special someone off on a great trip it's not too late to get a good deal. >> it's not. if you're a cruiser you can do a viking river cruise and also has some great on board amenties that are discounted right now or free. >> okay this looks like a left over from our last segment on fitness. why is it a good month to buy things like this? >> it's president's day this month it will be president's day so we're going to see great discounts on exercise equipment.
8:35 am
up to $550 on select ellipticals on places like sears or if you like more low resistance stuff they have up to 20% off of pilates stuff and yoga mats and foam rollers. >> things for the house, good month to buy those as well. >> up to 15% off of bedroom furniture. this is from pier one imports. up to 30% off of dining room furniture as well. >> housewares. a lot of people go shopping for housewares. february is also a great month. >> so at places like jcpenney we're seeing up to 40% off of things like these great bowls and cake stands. up to 10% off of housewares like pots and pans and these vacuums are up to $150 off at lows.
8:36 am
>> if someone gives you that for valentine's day it's over. >> exactly right. how about canned food. >> for bedding we're seeing sales of up to 60% off on mattresses at places like sears and if you are a fan of the tempurpedic they are on sale up to $500 off on places like the mattress firm. >> what great information. february can really be a great month to save money. you can check online on our website we have more information so up next, working on the 50 shades movies has changed her every day perspective. she'll tell why but first us
8:37 am
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8:39 am
gay harden plays christian grey's adopted mother. >> everybody is look at us. >> not us, you. >> christian, i'm so glad you made it. >> mother. >> mother so formal honestly. >> hi. >> how are you doing? >> these things are beautiful and they are mysterious but they're a pain. but you look spectacular. >> thank you. so do you. this dress is so beautiful. >> thank you. i'm so glad you're back with christian. he was lost without you. >> can i have my date back please. >> by all means. >> marcia, marcia, marcia. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> i'm great. >> matt was teasing it saying this movie has changed your perspective. in what way? >> you know, i'm a mom. i've got three kids. my mornings and my days are
8:40 am
about getting the kids to school, go to work, make sure they have lunches. suddenly i go to the vancouver airport and there's just statues and beautiful statues and airport art and you're like they're so sensual. look at the round curves of that one and a hard lines of that one it's a man and a woman. and now i'm on the street and i'm like oh, hello. my kids are like mom what's wrong with you. i'm like nothing is wrong with me. >> your kids are teenagers right? >> well, they're 12 and then i have an 18-year-old. >> are they horrified? excited? how do they feel about you in this movie? >> well, your language really slows down when you try to explain the movie to them and you start mumbling. that's what they normally do but now i'm doing it. well, it's a movie -- and the character likes -- and they're like what? mom? did you say spanked. and you're like never mind, never mind. >> so you play christian grey's
8:41 am
mother. >> mother right. >> and he had a troubled childhood is a fairway to say it. tell us about your character. >> but you know what was interesting for me is that because the movie is about what it's about an erotic fantasy but it's really a romance and a romantic fantasy. my character is very important because she's the mom. she's nurturing, she adopted him and she's the first-person who is trying to sort of heal him through the powers of love but she doesn't know about this other dark side. she is a mama bear and real protector. there's a scene where she understands what role kim played in his sexual understanding of himself. >> so kim basinger's character abused your -- >> she's abused my son and my character understands it and she lets her know who is boss. >> how does she let her know. >> let me show you. >> so this is a scene. we're going to reenact a scene from 50 shades. >> it's like. >> so you come upon kim who
8:42 am
you're so angry at. >> and i say stay the hell away from my son and then i say. >> wow. >> look at your hair. >> how. >> and now you're all 50 and i just have to say for the audiences i only did one and she wanted more. she is so 50. she went i want two. >> i asked for two. >> well, so this movie by the way, there's more love story in this one than there was in the last one. >> i think that is what has women all over america and the world actually, i mean, all over the world the fan base is because while it is a story, underneath is the story of love and it's every woman's wildest dream to meet the beautiful specimen of dorian and gorgeous man, billionaire but to change the bad boy.
8:43 am
that's what we all want to do is change the bad boy and she does sort of through the power of love. >> we had e.l. james on earlier and she was talking about how that was an important part of it and also the part of it that had to do with more of a thriller part of this movie. >> different components. >> you can look into it on so many levels and you can say that's what the character does is say no. >> hit me. >> you are ready. >> you're mad at me. >> take that. take that. and now kiss me. that is 50. >> marcia gay harden, thank you. she will be back again with kathie lee and myself and we're going to talk about that. coming up, we are -- oh by the way 50 shades darker opens on february 10th.
8:44 am
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mcdonnell: radon is a radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. radon is underground and enters our homes through the foundation. radon is often highest in the basement, and the more time you spend there, the greater your cancer risk. take action. measure the radon in your home with a simple test. i'm department of environmental protection acting secretary patrick mcdonnell, urging you to test your home for radon.
8:46 am
paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars. it is all about the super bowl. you cannot enjoy the game without easy crowd pleasing recipes. good morning. >> good morning. when we think of the super bowl we often think of wings and ribs. >> all that stuff. >> but we need room for our sweets. >> got to have the treats. >> you like the combo of sweet and savory. >> i love that. it really gives it so much intensity with the flavor. all of those flavor buds and it's fantastic. >> what are we making first? >> first we're going to start with killer brownies that got a twist with some pretzels and
8:47 am
caramel. >> all right. so we have all the typical ingredients here that you find in your brownies but they're super fudgey. here i have butter already melted and i'm going to add in sugar and you can take the whisk. i'm going to put you on whisk duty here. i'm going to add it in here. i got a little brown sugar there and then i've got some coco powder here and also some salt because you have to add a little salt to your sweet and we're going to continue to mix that until that gets super smooth here doing a fantastic job and i have this over heat but i want to turn this down when i add in my eggs because we don't want them scrambled. you want scrambled eggs for breakfast but you don't want them in your brownies. whisk those in quickly. look how smooth that's starting to get. you need a little vanilla for a little flavor. it's coming together and then we're going to take it off the heat and we're going to add in
8:48 am
some nflour and this is pretty much it. >> that's it? >> how much of a difference is it if you're going to get a box and dump it in. >> it's not that bad. i love the homemade stuff. you can get the kids to help and everyone to pitch in. here's our finished brownie mix. i actually have this lined with parchment because it's easy clean up and it's also easy to get the brownies out when you're finished. >> that is thick. >> very fudgey. >> you want to spread this out and make sure that it bakes evenly. it comes out and half of that goes in and you bake that and we'll add in our caramel to the top half right here. >> you dump all of that in. >> you dump it all in. >> then you add the rest. >> i see. >> right on top. this is the good stuff and then once you get this on you're going to take ais skewer and swl it through.
8:49 am
>> you're going to add some of these and pretzels and it will come out perfect just like this. >> let's check downstairs. >> that is a winner. >> yes. >> it's a tad rich but it's really good. >> it's rich. it's super bowl ready. >> but al, this is what you're waiting for. >> what is this called again? >> this is maple butter bacon popcorn. >> all right. >> this is where you got your sweet and your salty. we're going to bake the bacon in the oven and save the bacon drippings. >> why not fry it. >> in the oven it bakes evenly and comes out perfectly crispy all the way through. >> we're going to take butter and brown it because this gives it such an amazing intense flavor you will not believe. >> how much butter? a stick. >> we're talking about a stick. yeah, you're going to smell this really nutty flavor and see all the brown spots that's when it's perfectly brown and then we'll
8:50 am
add in some maple. >> stop it. >> oh, yeah. and then add in the bacon drippings from earlier. >> you put the drippings in there. >> you got to put them in there baby. >> wow. >> you put that salt in and then some of our bacon goes in and then you're going to whisk that together and then this is the good part. we poor it right over our popcorn and you can buy store bought, microwave, whatever you want. >> skinny if you want. >> this is good stuff right here. this is my recipe. >> what do you think here? matt, al, what do you think? >> need more bacon. >> it needs more bacon. >> it's here. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> for all of these recipes check out we're back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
and then what kind of chips? >> good old fashioned like potato chip. >> what about a frito, like a
8:53 am
scoop? >> good onion dip. lays. >> can't stop it. i. >> a great place makes a great local dip. and they make a bacon horseradish dip. >> do you know what else is good? some jelly. some smuckers jelly. smear that on there. >> yeah. >> you know who likes that? edith, she is 100 and loves to cook southern food and bake peach cobbler. i love you. frank also 100 years old. if he's not in the garden he's going to be making homemade beer. happy 100th birthday. suzanna thompson, a proud grandma, she has 29 grand kids, 54 great grand kids. >> wow. >> louis king celebrating 103
8:54 am
years. she still enjoys making dresses for her daughters to wear. glenn robertson, 100 years old. he is a world war ii vet from westlake ohio. we salute you for your service. the secret to longevity is working hard. >> happy 100th birthday. she mowed the lawn until 83. well, you can tell us about somebody special you know at >> late entry to the super bowl snack, pigs in a blanket with spicy brown mustard. >> that wins. >> you get all the fancy foods in the world. bring out pigs in a blanket, it's on. >> that's good stuff. >> we have harry conick jr. that's going to sing for us. colleges that pay you back. tamron will be joining the cast of chicago on broadway.
8:55 am
and keke
8:56 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema, and it is just about 9:00 on this tuesday. right to the first alert meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast in the area. bill? >> highs as expected here with the views from camelback mountain, and the elevations are coming in with snow, but more
8:57 am
clouds in the lehigh valley, but you can see the snow fall ingin scranton and hazleton. farther to the south, even though the radar is showing snow on the radar in bucks kocounty, you can see that so far the snow is not accumulating, but there is know no the west -- snow to the west, and still a chance of a rain shower later this afternoon. >> and guess what else is accumulating this morning? the traffic. >> yes, we are seeing more of a ru rush. going at i-95 and cottman, you can see the 23 minute drivetime from the schuylkill to the vine. and out in barrington, there is xxssing manhole cover around copley avenue before the 295 interchange, and you might see some delays there as the right lane is blocked. and we are continuing to follow the developments from a
8:58 am
fire at a six-story apartp. it started on front and market street. everybody made it out safely, and only one person was treated for minor injuries. and deliberations are to start today for the market street building collapse that killed seven people and injured a dozen others. i'm vai sikahema, and we will see you in about 20 minutes, and as always, you can get the latest updates on the nbc 10 app. have a great day. today's take from the big
8:59 am
9:00 am
apple, harry conick jr., plus mel b., tamron and jazz hands and then arina grande making her debut all coming up later. >> from nbc news this is today's take live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to a terrific tuesday morning, january 31st, 2017. we have our good buddy mr. harry con conick jr. once again. >> welcome back. >> we haven't seen or heard from you in awhile. did you miss us? >> i missed y'all. >> you have your own show.
9:01 am
>> but i'm right up the street. >> we love you. >> you know it used to be a dairy barn. >> do know that. >> can you smell it? >> no, but in the lower floors apparently there's no steps. just these sweeping inclines because of the cattle they would have. >> and they also used to bring in the milk into the basement. >> how do you know that? >> i went along with it because i thought he would be more impressed with me. >> it's cool. >> we love you. we're happy to have you back. >> what have you been up to? >> just working hard. working on my show and have great guests on. we have to get you on. we had al on. >> you had al on? >> it was like harry this is your life kind of show. >> i didn't know he was going to be there. it was amazing. >> i'm come on only if he will come back. >> we'll have both of you. >> he's the wind beneath my
9:02 am
wings. >> wow. >> this is why it doesn't work. i try to be sensitive and then it turns into -- >> there you go. big event last night. >> oh my gosh. last night i hosted with professor of georgetown and our friend susan l. taylor that is editor at large at essence magazine, she dedicated her whole life. there's my outfit that i wore. >> you're missing a sleep. >> everyone on instagram. >> it's fantastic. >> absolutely no problem. >> it's a little like an oragami too. some of the instagram posts. i hate that dress. >> why do you read that stuff? >> because they're my people. >> your people? >> not really but the event in all seriousness. >> i think i talk fast. he makes me sound like i'm talking slow. >> his introduction is like that's my turn? it's for mentoring. we all had mentors in our lives and we all mentor so she created
9:03 am
this amazing platform for people to volunteer and mentor. it was a huge honor to be there last night. >> you smell like champagne. sorry. >> what do i smell like? >> champagne. >> it's coming from my pores. >> did you have a little last night. >> i interrupted you. >> it was worth it. completely worth it. >> it's usually you smell like bacon. >> that's nice too. russell simmons donated $10,000. >> nice. >> i said to him in the audience i see you in the audience donate something and he donated $10,000. >> that's cool. how is nikki, so al's son is in costa rica and it's his first trip without parents. >> well, out of the country and they're doing a spanish emersion class. we don't get to talk to him but we got a nice e-mail news letter and saw them. it's 95 degrees out there and
9:04 am
sunny and their classroom is basically the beach. >> how long are they there for? >> the end of this week. >> so you can't talk to them on the phone? >> no. >> they forbid you from talking to your child? >> that's the way it is at sleep away camp. it's an old school sleep away camp. there's no devices. there's no phone calls. >> when i you first moved to new york i couldn't talk to my dad either but that was because i didn't pay my phone bill. >> for some reason i think he probably has a freeman. did you ever go to camp. >> yeah but not sleep away camp. i went to the kind that you would come home attend of the day. >> i went to church camp once. i snuck away and called my dad who was the master sergeant in the army and i said dad you have to come get me and it was church camp and my dad basically swooped. >> oh really? >> was that like vacation bible school? >> yeah but you spent the night. my parents were very conservative. i never slept over to anyone's
9:05 am
house until i went to college. >> they just felt that wasn't the appropriate thing to do or they wanted to keep you at home. >> yeah, just the safety of home at night. so when i would do sleep overs with friends at midnight my mom and dad were out front and they were like okay let's go. >> is that what happened when you were in chicago. >> i revealed that i have a boyfriend. that's all i'm giving up. >> i'll get the dirt in a commercial. >> we're going to move on. super bowl fever, i'm feeling hot in here. big game is sunday but for us pop culture lovers which is us, big game halftime show you know what it's about, lady gaga. she is sandwiched between these two teams that are confronting each other but in the middle is gaga greatness. we have behind the scenes footage that's released including she may begin the performance on the roof of the stadium and she has been
9:06 am
planning this performance since she was 4 years old. i think that's pr spin but i'm going to go with it. >> that's impressive either way. >> what is it like? you performed the national anthem at the super bowl in '92. what is that like? >> it's amazing. i don't like to wear ear monitors. >> is that you? >> look at my hair. have toned it down a little bit since then. >> like a baby. >> well, i was. i was very young then. i don't like wearing ear monitors so i actually ear the delay. so i hear myself and when i start listening to myself i start saying oh, that's me and then i start slowing down because i'm delaying myself. >> can we go back to what you look like though. >> that's old school, man. >> i remember jill saying like can you tone your hair down a little bit and i said no. it needs to be like -- >> i had a dollar for every time i've had that comment. >> may i say as cute as you are there, you are -- you have grown
9:07 am
into an incredibly handsome man. >> i'm going to say this. >> three people that i believe have just with time found the sweet spot, you, jon bon jovi and al roker. i'm like what did you do, how are you so -- >> we hang around with beautiful women all the time. >> your wife is a hottie and his wife is a hottie. so basically my boyfriend will look better 20 years from now. >> yes. here's what i recommend to women is that you go out with somebody that kind of looks like me because we can get better looking. you go out with a really good-looking guy that starts off good-looking they eventually go downhill. >> but you started out good-looking. >> i'm very uncomfortable right now talking about it. i'm sitting next to a true beauty. >> speaking of beauty, beauty and the beast. >> that's why -- i have to learn from the master.
9:08 am
>> new trailer is out and it features ariana grande and john legend singing the iconic title song. >> have you really read every one of these books? >> no, some of them are in greek. ♪ true as it can be ♪ barely even friends ♪ then somebody bends unexpectedly ♪ ♪ certain as the sun ♪ rising in the east ♪ tale as old as time ♪ song as old as rhyme ♪ beauty and the beast >> i'm in love. >> this movie is going to blow the doors off of everything when it comes out. i mean, who doesn't want to see
9:09 am
this movie? >> everybody does. >> come on. >> well, chrissy teigen teased us about the song. she posted just got to listen to the full beauty and the beast and it is unbelievably beautiful. you have been blessed. that is amazing. >> it sounds good. >> i can't wait. it's a disney movie. we'll never get the stars but it's still going to be fantastic. >> inside joke. coming up -- >> but if anybody, josh gad, if you want to come on our show, please come on our show. the celebrities who showed up the celebrities who showed up for his bash after this where does it come from? was it my refusal to accept that an nfl official was a man's job? was it to show my daughter that she can be anything that she wants to be? if i don't believe in myself who will? it does start on the inside.
9:10 am
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9:13 am
>> that's what they do. >> best producing team in the world. >> unbelievable. our amazing co-host harry connick jr., star of stage, film and daytime television. >> i love it. >> we cheese before the break. guess who is turning 50 years old? adam sandler. >> oh, wow. >> the man child of all man childs. he posted this on david spade's instagram account. they celebrated his birthday. spade, ben stiller, his friends this past weekend in utah. that looks like the ultimate guy's trip. hang over part 4. >> our producers seem surprised that he's 50. >> he has that boyish thing and his movies are all like man child movies. >> seems like he has been doing movies since 1947 so i'm not really surprised. >> that's the adam sandler. so we're going to go through. >> he's 29 there. >> was he? >> how do you know that? >> my producer.
9:14 am
>> al and deborah get into an argument and in his ear adam says she's always right. >> adam is the best. >> okay. guess which celebrity is over or under 50. you can play with us at home. we can hear you by the way in our ear from home so say it outloud. julia roberts over or under. >> i think she's under. >> smart man. >> not by much but i think she's under. >> how old is she? >> she turns 50 this year. >> that's under 50. david schwimmer. >> over, under. >> what say you, audience? you said under. what do you think? he's 50. >> so that's not over or under. that's at. >> ross is 50. >> it's a trick question. >> celine deon.
9:15 am
>> under. >> over. >> no, she's younger than i am. >> how old are you? >> 49. >> sorry celine. i just know your voice is timeless. that's all. jamie foxx. >> under. >> i think under. >> i'm 46. i think he's about my age. >> turns 50 this year. >> he's 52. not 52, but 50 too. viola davis. >> listen she is gorgeous at any age but i'm going to say over. >> under by 20 years. >> she is 51. >> 51. there's a scientific explanation for this. black don't crack. >> he can say that, i can't. >> i'm 78. >> i'm 199. so you said you were -- >> 49. >> what are you going to do for your big 50. >> just hang out. as long as i'm with people that i love i'm good. >> i like that. >> is part of your youthful appearance working out. >> i workout every day. >> what. >> i haven't missed a day in 7 years. not one day.
9:16 am
>> you workout 7 day -- >> wow, okay. >> all right. >> you workout 7 days a week. >> 7 days a week. i haven't missed a day since june 10th, 2010. >> that's crazy. you're a big spinner. you like to spin. >> i have spun a little bit in the past. >> that's your gym costume. >> gym costume. >> these women are from a place called vibe ride in atlanta and they opened up a gym to people of low incomes. they're incredible. they're amazing. >> what are they called? >> vibe ride. >> shout out vibe ride. >> that was incredible. >> how do you stay so disciplined to do it 7 days a week. >> i just made a commitment to myself to do it and i'm not going to break it at this point. >> were you motivated i have children i have to live longer. >> he told me he had been working out for like seven years and i said i'm going to see how long i can go and i've kept it up. >> you have a workout regime. >> i started rowing. this place city row. i actually do.
9:17 am
>> that looks like you enjoy it. >> is that pre or post row. >> i did this thing called the fitting room i went to this class on sunday before church and i hobbled into church. this is the class. >> that's rough. >> that doesn't look like you. >> that's me. i did this class for 45 minutes. that's stephanie gosk. the most painful thing i have ever experienced. >> i mix it up. i mix it up. >> let us know what you do. how do you stay motivated? >> workout with don. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. you can see we have snow coming across the great lakes and it's going to make its way here into the northeast already seeing snow flakes in the new york area and eventually gets into boston. the evening commute is going to be a bit of a mess. in fact we have anywhere from 6 to 8 inches of snow or more. western pa where phil will be look for his shadow later this
9:18 am
week and we're looking for anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of snow good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start and temperatures will climb this afternoon, but occasional showers are possible. few snowflakes in philadelphia and more likely in the suburbs and most likely in the lehigh valley where we could see an inch of accumulation by the end of the day today. new jersey, mostly cloudy skies. 46 and a few snowflakes this morning and a a rain shower is possible this afternoon. you might see showers and afternoon shower in delaware with a high of 45. have a great day. >> now do you mix it up? >> i swing kettle bells sometimes. i do high intensity interval training. >> i'm going to try to workout three days in a row. >> if i looked like you i'd take a couple of weeks off at a time. >> if you looked like her that
9:19 am
would be concerning. >> if you're going to break your new year's diet resolution make it count. wait until you see the deserts we're making. in a hurry? no time for a bath? johnson's head-to-toe cleansing cloths. they're twice as big as regular wipes, so you're done in half the time. and you're off. johnson's. for every little wonder.
9:20 am
(singsong) budget meeting. sweet. if you compare last quarter... it's no wonder everything seems a little better with the creamy taste of philly, made with no artificial preservatives, flavours or dyes. made with no artificial preservatives, hey, it's dinner.
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a lot happens on your wooden surfaces. luckily, no one cleans and kills germs better than clorox disinfecting wipes. hi hey you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right. that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit. new aveeno®... don't just eat yogurt... wear it. daily moisturizing body yogurt. enriched with the nutrients found in greek yogurt, intensely nourishes skin for 48 hours. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results®. >> congratulations, you made it. why not celebrate with a little cheating, a little treat. you worked so hard. if you're going to break your new year's resolution you have to do it with something worth
9:22 am
the calories. brandy maloy has desserts and good morning. if you're going to cheat you got to make it worth it. >> i'm going to start with a fun fetti cookie cake. we're going to add it and cream that together and while you're doing that i'm going to add our ingredients. so this is like a nostalgic desse dessert. the rainbow sprinkles. what about the trend again. >> i think social media made this huge and it's all about the sprinkles so we're just going to keep mixing that until you have a nice dough and then we will add our sprinkles and white chocolate chips.
9:23 am
i keep sprinkles in my refrigerator. >> you mix up the dough and you'll bake it at 350 and make sure that it's chewy and you'll frost the top and end up with this and this is perfect for like birthdays or big celebrations, fun fetti cookie cake and enjoy that. this is blondeie french fries and i made my blondie like this and you cut it into squares and then little french fries. this is blondie french fry with strawberry ketchup. cook down your sugar and strawberries and a little bit of water until it's nice and mushy and you'll end up with strawberry ketchup. this was inspired by a address key sarah michelle gellar taught
9:24 am
me. she makes brownie french fries with raspberry sauce. we started with an oreo crust and then we just filled it with chocolate. harry you're going to help me over here. >> then you're going to pop the marshmallows on top. this is the layers. pop it into the broiler and let it get nice and toasted. if you really want to go for it, you're breaking resolutions. >> you have to go for it. >> whatever. >> then you just add s'mores on top of s'mores. >> fantastic. this is the dessert. >> you are a dangerous woman. >> that's dangerous. >> for those recipes go to coming up tamron as you have coming up tamron as you have never
9:25 am
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9:26 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema, and a few minutes shy of 9:30 on this tuesday. let's go to the most accurate forecaster bill henley. >> snowshowers most like ly in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. a dusting to an inch in the lehigh valley. and a mix of rain and showers this afternoon, and the temperatures are climbing. 43 in philadelphia and 46 in new jersey and at the shore, but mostly cloudy skies. >> all right. bill, thank you. we continue to fol llow the developments from old city. flames shot from the roof of a six-story apartment building early this morning. the fire started near front and market streets. everyone did make it out safely.
9:27 am
the rescuers treated one person for minor injury in that situation. there is fire in bucks county also under investigation. the firefighters rescued an elderly woman from the house, and along library road in bensalem. she is listed in critle cal condition, and another man got out of with minor injuries. we will have more updates on that story. >> jury deliberations are expected to begin today in the market street building collapse civil case, and the jury will decide if anyone should pay damages for the collapse that killed seven peopleb and injured a dozen more. >> and in new jersey the casino control commission will hold a hearinging for the former rebel in atlantic city. ken straub plans to open it next month, but the state officials says that he needs the official license to do so, but straub says he does not need to because it is leased to a third party. he bought the building in 2015,
9:28 am
and he was granted an occupancy building permit in october. se. and even though it only has half the headroom, half a hallway, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, the only 100% fiber optic network with uploads as fast as downloads, their half house has full internet. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of their downloads. now you might think it's a little odd that the wilsons have a half house, but they think it's a little odd to pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good.
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only fios can.
9:30 am
playing roxy heart in one of the longest running shows, chicago and tamron got a little bit more than a sneak peak. >> and mel b. is phenomenal in this. it was from a one night only stand for me and i do mean my first one night stand. >> the hit broadway musical chicago has welcomed the talented mel b. in the lead role of roxy hart. and for one night only i was also joining the cast. first stop, getting the feel for my lines.
9:31 am
>> hi. >> how are you? >> welcome. >> thank you. >> my lifeline, stage manager, showed me the ropes. >> why don't you take a couple of passes. >> welcome ladies and gentlemen you're about to -- >> after a very brief rehearsal it was time for a wardrobe fitting and the outfit took me a little by surprise. >> i think you'll like it. >> oh, you mean the jacket behind this. >> is this my size? >> i think so. we'll find out very shortly. >> what do you think? >> after that i needed a little mel b. time to calm my nerves. >> is roxy here. >> hi. >> the last time i saw you were in rehearsal and about to make your big debut and now 20 shows in, how does it feel? >> nerve racking still. >> come on. sold out stadiums around the
9:32 am
world. >> but that has always been my friends. are you nervous about tonight? >> of course i am. >> you are setting the tone. you're opening the show up. >> why are you trying to make me nervous. >> be fabulous and sarcastic, powerful. >> you're going to take me on stage. >> yes. >> this is your home now. >> well, this is the stage. >> but you own it. this is your home. >> now you're making me nervous. >> and if i wasn't already nervous enough mel b. insisted i try one of the most difficult things she does in the show. >> so it's all the way up here and you see a white mark. this is where i stop and when you get up here you can see i wrote a note to myself that says breathe, girl power, you can do this and then my first song i do like this. >> is this regulated? >> all regulated. >> don't get behind me your star
9:33 am
might be lost. >> now you have to put your leg up and look some what descent. >> no, please take me back. take me back and thank you. >> i'm going to rehearse so you leave. i can't rehearse in front of you. >> you're going to be great. >> bye. >> just make sure you project. >> oh my god. okay. let's hit it. >> then it was show time. >> come on. you look incredible. >> look at that. oh my gosh. >> i'm going to give her places. >> welcome ladies and gentlemen, you're about to see a story of murder, greed, corruption, violence, exploitation, adultery and treachery. all those things we hold near and dear to our hearts.
9:34 am
thank you. ♪ >> okay. >> wow, nothing like getting a little behind in your work. >> okay. were you nervous for real? >> you were nervous. >> you were fine. >> there was a sold out audience. i was super nervous. i honestly had no idea that was going to be my outfit. >> here's the ovation miss hall got from the rest of the cast as she walked backstage. >> i was super duper nervous but the audience was so wonderful. they didn't know i was going to be the narrator so i came out
9:35 am
there. >> outside of that like i'm the complete -- >> but you're in front of the camera. >> yeah. >> and we'll be back. >> thanks guys, we'll be back. an actor that's no strange tore broadway. one of my favorite people in the world. and it's keke palmer. we'll explain what the gag means and she's of course one of the stars of scream queens and now stars of scream queens and now she has something new for her this is my body of proof. stars of scream queens and now she has something new for her proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
9:36 am
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9:39 am
>> keke palmer is an accomplished actress and last year she starred in grease live. >> she also made broadway history by becoming the youngest and first black cinderella in an adaptation of the tony winning musical and if that's not enough she currently stars on fox's hit
9:40 am
show scream queens. >> is it like she doesn't do enough she can add author to her resume with her new book i don't belong to you. >> good morning. wonderful to see y'alls faces. >> in 23 you packed a lot of living into a wonderful life. why did you decide to write a book now. you say it's not a memoir. >> it's not a memoir and not so much like i know everything. it's to say look this is what i have realized on the course of my journey and the main thing i realized was believe in myself and changing the way that i think. if i can assist anyone in anything it would be to say, yo, it's not as hard as we think in the sense that it's about what you've got going on up here. >> you talk openly about anxiety. this has not been an easy journey at your young age and all of the other outside influences. >> i may have the backdrop of
9:41 am
hollywood industry but everybody is living that same life. our personal story lines and cultural story lines and get to the root of who it is we want to be in this world. that's what the book is about. us all finding our way. >> you talk a lot about your family in the book. do you think they were behind the idea of you being so open. >> yes. absolutely. since i was a kid my father was always involved in community service and when my parents got me heavily into the industry they were afraid that i would get so into the hollywood scene so they may it major in my life that i did community service and was involved in other things. i did a lot of work that made me feel inclined to use my platform for more than entertainment. >> so the gag is, the gag is -- >> it's the end of the day. this is what is going on. i always tell people my favorite gag to use is this one, my boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend thinks i want to get back with
9:42 am
him but the gag is i was never with him. that's my favorite gag. >> i live for her instagram and her twitter. i will go on just to see what she is saying. you engage people and you clap back. >> clapping back is when someone has been mean to you clap back. and she is the best clap back queen ever but your fashion lately. i have noticed a change. >> yes. >> we have known you since you were a baby and now you have evolved into this edgey, you remind me of patti labelle. >> that's a huge thing that i wanted to implemented in my style. my fashion is something i have been working on, i really got conscious of it probably when i was like 21. i want to be more involved in this and i started working with a guy named michael and he helped me to take it to that rock star level of the different
9:43 am
designers and brands that i've been influenced by. >> you can leave that coat upstairs. >> like the bird man. >> i love that. >> keke palmer, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> dond mind me. i just have to do the weather. >> but the gag is. >> it's going to be our catch phrase from now on. i like it. unseasonably mild through the gulf coast and snow coming across through the northeast heavy snow into the plains. for tomorrow mild weather continues and lake effect snow in new england and the northeast. next storm comes out west and super bowl li we're going to be live in nbc boston on friday and 21 sunny and cold. my pal going to be in atlanta 7:00 a.m., 43, mostly cloudy good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start and we will see the
9:44 am
temperatures climb this afternoon, but occasional showers are possible. a few snowflakes in philadelphia and more likely in the suburbs and most likely in the lehigh valley where we could see an inch of accumulation by the end of the day todayk and new jersey, mostly cloudy skies and 46 and a few snowflakes this morning and a rain shower possible this afternoon and you might see some showers this afternoon and afternoon shower in delaware and have a great day. >> and that is your latest weather. coming up, you want to know which colleges actually pay you back. can help you choose school after this i'm hall of famer, jerry west, and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years. until i learned more about once-daily xarelto®... a latest-generation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto® significantly lowers the risk of stroke
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it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena butler college has come in at more than 20 grand less, or actually right around $20,000. private schools can top well over 45,000. >> so which schools are worth it? the princeton review is out with it's 217 list of colleges that pay you back. the 200 schools that give you the best bang for your tuition buck. >> and robert is the editor in chief and lead author. >> good to see you again. >> it's always an interesting topic. before we get to the list tell us what you were looking for in the rankings. >> return on your investments. each of the schools does excellent academic experience, low sticker cost or relatively
9:50 am
low sticker cost and exceptional career and job placement services. >> top five schools in the colleges that pay you back and kind of interesting, princeton university moving up to the number one slot. >> princeton has been on this before, stanford, mit, these are all exceptional schools and also exceptionally hard to get into but once you're in return on these investments are going to be exceptional by way of discounted tuition. >> next up, public colleges that fall under the same criteria. there are 73 public schools out of that 200 colleges that pay you back. number 12, university of virginia, over 20,000 dollars. similar numbers for u.s. santa barbara. >> one of the most gorgeous campuses i have ever seen. >> absolutely true. great college town. >> what about financial aid. tell us about the schools that can help with that. >> number one on this list is
9:51 am
pomona college. it's an exceptional school. 8,000 students applied last year. 10% of whom were accepted but if you're in $62,000 might be down to 21,000. >> what is the big misconception parents and students make about financial aid. >> there are three big ones. number one my parents make too much money. never true. it's always wrong. there's no gap to receiving financial aid and likely so many of these schools, particularly these 200 are very generous but you have to apply for it to get it. next big one is you have only high school students that have a high gpa and high sat and act score. absolutely not true. those are absolutely value for academic admission and act scores also for scholarships but there's money based on financial aid. >> let's look at the best career placement. >> yeah. now this is a great one. georgia tech is number 16 on the
9:52 am
list. number one on the list is mit but georgia tech we're going to call this one out because it's a phenomenal school and phenomenally popular. 27,000 students a plied this year. 32% of whom were admitted. it's a state school. $25,800. minus, you don't have to pay back 10,00$10,100. >> this is the public college. >> yes. >> what about the schools with the highest paying majors. >> so many of them but we picked four different majors. bentley university. the city university of new york not far from where we're standing here in manhattan. 15,000 students in their vertical campus but look at the tuition, $6,300. so it's a smoking deal academically and financially. >> marketing. >> this is for finance and then marketing, asu, asu is the largest standing public
9:53 am
university in the united states. one continuous campus. 57,000 students. great leader in their president. bucknell great school as well. >> thank you very much. if you have more questions we gave you a lot of information about the college admissions process, robert will be sticking around to answer them on facebook live. we know there's a lot of numbers there and a lot of information but he'll help you dissect it. head to parents. so right now enjoy the discussion. thank you. we'll be back. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema, and it is just ant 10:00. l let's get right to the first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> cloudy in cape may and skies will break for sunshine later on for cape may, but inland, more likely to see scattered showers, and few snowflakes this morning and rain showers this afternoon. new jersey is warming to 46 today, and warmer tomorrow and the first day of february, and cold returns for the rest of the week. >> thank you, bill.
9:57 am
firefighter firefighters are remaining in the scene at bucks county where firefighters rescued an elderly woman from this burning home along library road in bensalem. she is in critical condition, but another man inside of the house got out with minor injuries. stay with us for any more updates. >> in apartment fire is under n investigation. the flames shot through the roof at front and market streets apart building. everyone did make it out safely. rescuers treated one person for a minor injury r and the red cross is there tole help people out. in helping today, the jersey shore, the ka se know commission is going to be holding a hearing for former own e of the rebel ken straub. he is planning to open up another casino next month, but officials say that he needs the necessary license, and straub says that he does not need to, because it is leased to a third party. the state granted him a
9:58 am
temporary occupancy permit in october. i'm vai sikahema and we will have another update in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest on the nbc 10 app. have a great day. internet that doesn't make you wait. introducing instant internet. the only 750 meg internet available to millions, with uploads as instant as downloads. you can download a video just like that. or upload your photos like this. or download a software update just like that. or this. or that. this. this. or this. so you can go crazy with 100 devices if you want. most people don't even have 50 meg speeds. this is 750. and say hello to less lag time. yes! stop crying. we took internet speed and completely reinvented it, for the people who need it most.
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