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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a tense hostage situation inside a delaware prison. >> it could have been over, man. >> firsthand accounts from inside the wall. >> you have everyone's attention. >> negotiators trying to bring this crisis to a peaceful end. >> we want to resolve this peacefully. >> tonight, a community on edge as the standoff reaches its 12th hour. >> it's kind of nerve-wracking. tonight, new developments on the hostage situation in delaware. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. sky force 10 is live over the james vaughan correctional center in smyrna. in the last few hours, we've learned there were four prison employees held hostage, not five as first reported by officials.
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two of them have been released. nbc 10 has team coverage outside the prison in smyrna and we begin with nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas with the latest on the hostage negotiations. aundr aundrea? >> reporter: let's start with the two correctional officers who have been released. the first is being treated for non-life threatening injuries, the second at our last update we're told was being checked out by medical professionals. meanwhile, at this very moment, negotiations continue. sky force 10 shows more inmates being led out of the building at the james vaughan correctional facility hours into a hostage standoff. >> how the way the cos treat the inmates. that has to change. we want education first and foremost. >> reporter: inmates contacted the news journal twice through family to make their demands known after taking four corrections employees hostage. >> they keep on playing games, it's going to get ugly. >> reporter: among their
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concerns, their need for -- >> i don't know who's taken me hostage, they got my face covered. >> the governor arrived at the smyrna prison. >> we have put all the resources that we have to bear to get our employees out. >> reporter: at this point, two of the four employees were receiving medical attention. 27 inmates were also transfer from the building. >> let's go get them, we can do this. >> reporter: as eight iners tried to bring this to a peaceful end, inmates continue to make demands. >> once this matter is resolved safely that will be the time to talk if the inmates want to talk about conditions, privileges, those types of things. >> reporter: prison officialings would not say if the facility was understaffed.
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all they will say is they continue to fill vacancies. it's a very fluid situation. you can count on us to bring you the latest updates. reporting live from smyrna, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 spoke to people in the community who are praying this comes to a peaceful end. we have a firsthand insight into what it takes to be a hostage negotiator. randy gyllenhaal continues live team coverage from outside the prison in smyrna. reason di? >> reporter: here in smyrna, almost everybody knows somebody that works here at the prison, locals have been blewed to their phones looking for updates and hopes for some sort of resolution as former hostage negotiators tell us the best way forward is a calm and steady hand. >> come on now, this is a simple request, right? >> do you think it's really that simple. >> reporter: negotiation spreads through the night as a tense
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unease runs through the small town. neighbors who live near the prison have friends and family who work there and tonight they're praying for a peaceful outcome. >> i feel sorry for the loved ones on the outside waiting to find out what's going on the inside. >> reporter: the prison employs 600 corrections officers, most of them live in town and throughout the day family came to the staging area to check on loved ones. >> i'm concerned, i want to see what's going on. >> reporter: tonight two officers are still held hostage. retired philly p.d. negotiator ray carr says the key is to remain calm, gain the trust of the inmates and keep the conversation going. >> time is on your side. you have time, once you make a lethal step towards something in's no way to go back. >> police are communicating with the ring leaders by radio. >> we're praying hard everybody comes out of it okay. >> reporter: the union says the two remaining hostages work daily with the cell blocks
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interacting with inmates. he says lately there have been some issues between guards and prisoners. >> we'll talk about that stuff at a later date. there's issues. but the important issue is getting those two officers out of that building and home safely to their families. >> reporter: that former hostage negotiator tells us it's good news those hostage takers have released two of those prison officials. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. we want to let you know we're keeping our crews outside the prison all night long in case there are new developments. you can get updates on the nbc 10 app. we're going on the air a half hour early in the morning. in northern california, a controversial speaking engagement canceled at uc berkeley. tonight demonstrators threw smoke bombs and started a fire on campus. an editor for breitbart was supposed to speak here but the
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university did an about-face hours before the event. let's take a live look at the situation unfolding right now as this chopper shot shows a large crowd moving down the street. come plus police say the campus is on lockdown and there is a shelter in place order right now. president donald trump is back in the white house tonight after making an unannounced visit to delaware to honor a fallen u.s. navy seal. the president and his daughter ivanka flew on marine one and landed at dover air force base this afternoon. they spent two hours with the family of william ryan owens. the chief petty officer was killed in the raid in yemen over the weekend. his parents asked for the visit to be kept private. owens' death is the first known u.s. casualty since the president took office. tonight we learned civilians killed in that raid may have included children. from ceo to secretary of state, rex tillerson, the former head of exxonmobil cleared his
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final hurdle to confirmation tonight tillerson was sworn in by vice president mike pence. the senate approved the nomination this afternoon by a vote of 56-43, mostly along party lines. tillerson will get right to work in his new post. he's scheduled to meet with the king of jordan and german foreign minister tomorrow. iran has officially been put on notice. today president trump's national security adviser issues the warning. iran confirmed it carried out a missile test recently. the u.s. believes that missile could carry a nuclear warhead. >> the trump administration condemns such actions by iran that undermines security, prosperity and stability throughout and beyond the middle east which places american lives at risk. >> national security advisor michael flynn says iran's test violates the united nations security resolution. here at home a teacher on the mainline is accused of sexually assaulting a student on school property, at local parks
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and her chester county home. nina scott was a teacher at presbyterian children's village in radnor township. police say she abused a 16-year-old girl for nearly eight months. tonight the school put out a statement saying once they were alerted to the allegations in october, scott was suspended. quick action at another school led to the arrest of a student with a loaded gun today. officials at upper darby high school say they were tipped off and met the 17-year-old as he got off the bus and took him into custody. marijuana was also found. a second student was arrested after a scuffle with police. the student with the gun has a history with officers. they say he was arrested two years ago for online threats to kill the pope. bill cosby goes back to court later this month trying to get his trial moved out of montgomery county or have jurors picked from another county. today the judge set a february 27 hearing and said the trial should start by june, the
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79-year-old actor and comedian is charged with sexually assaulting a former temple university employee back in 2004. now to our first alert weather. get ready for a 20-degree temperature drop. let's get the most accurate forecast with nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn hurricane swarchwartz. the roller coaster ride continues. >> we were up near the top today, a nice quiet night. up to 50 degrees. the average high is 41. going down a little tomorrow but by friday and saturday we are going to be feeling like winter, these are the temperatures. there will be wind on top of that making it feel colder. sunday below normal as well. not too cold right now. 35 in allentown 0042 in dover and as we get up in the morning it's not going to be all that cold but the temperatures are not going to go up a lot during the day, it's going to be dry and kind of windy and the wind
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is bringing the colder air in, i'll tell you how cold it will feel and when it will warm up again next week coming up. tonight a philadelphia police officer is off the streets and faces termination. gerald smith turned himself in today on several domestic violence-related charges. smith is a 17-year veteran on the force. commissioner ross says smith is suspended and the department plans to fire him. new at 11:00, a deadly school bus crash in mercer county. authorities say a bus driver had a medical emergency behind the wheel. the bus hit a tree in west windsor killing the driver. seven students from west windsor plains borrow high school south were on that bus but they were not hurt. follow up to breaking news from last night at 11:00. exclusive video from sky force 10 shows police arrest ago man accused of kidnapping a kensington. police say two men grabbed the woman and forced her into the backseat of their car. the woman is safe. we have learned police have tied
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the accused kidnappers to a series of home invasions and the victim says they planned to hold her for ransom. officers are looking for three more people. celebrating black girls in books. the school hosting 11-year-old marley diaz, the founder of the 1,000 black girl books campaign. marley says it's all ant bringing attention to children's books featuring black main characters and helping to get those books in school libraries. up next, our top story, hostages inside. tonight we follow breaking news inside a local prison, a live update next. also a child's controversial death. the parents' religious decision that has them facing charges. and black history month at the white house. tonight what the president said that has people criticizing his remarks.
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welcome back. we continue to follow efforts to get hostages released from a delaware prison. two prison workers remain hostages right now. let's get an update from nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas. >> reporter: sky force 10 is over the scene. at this hour we are more than 12 hours into this hostage situation. four corrections employees were held hostage. now two were let out and they were seeking medical attention but two remain at this hour. at least 27 inmates were also transferred out of the building. the inmates that remain are making a lot of demands including better treatment in the facility, rehabilitation and education but prison officials say they're not going to consider those demands until this ends peacefully. at this hour, negotiations continue reporting live from smyrna, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> any change, let us know. you can get updates
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overnight on the nbc 10 app and we'll be on the air a half hour early with the latest on the standoff. tonight, parents inbe s is berkshire hathaw berks county are charged in the death of their two-year-old daughter. the toddler had pneumonia but the parents refused treatment because of their religious beliefs. brandon hudson looked into similar cases in our area and around the country. >> reporter: despite facing charges the parents are back with their churn tonight. they live down the street here in berks county. the district attorney says they will be under constant supervision by cys. >> how sad. >> reporter: kathleen wally is heartbroken about hearing about two-year-old ella grace's death. prosecutors say back in november she was suffering from pneumonia but her parents refused medical treatment. a doctor could have treated it before she died. >> i'm sure there's no one else that loved those child more than those parents. >> reporter: we spoke to wally down the street where grace and jonathan foster live with their six other children under the age
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of 11. we went to their home in bethel to get their side of the story. no one answered to t door. >> to me it's incomprehensible. >> reporter: the d.a. said mom and dad are members of faith tabernacle church which doesn't believe in medicine. nbc 10 covered a similar case in 2013 when a couple was charged with the murder of their seven-month-old who died of bacterial pneumonia. they were members of a faith healing church. a children's health care study shows between 1975 and 1995, 172 children died from religion motivated medical neglect. 142 of them had a 92% chance of survival. >> we here in a fine line between the freedom of religion and the duty of care that a child is entitled to. >> the berks county d.a. says the pastor from the church won't face charges in this time. i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. president trump met with
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african-american supporters at the white house on this, the first day of black history month. >> frederick douglass is an example of somebody who's done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more i noticed. . harriet tubman, rosa parks and millions more black americans who made america what it is today. i. >> those comments and others about the election outcome drew immediate backlash on social media. critics say the president seemed to reference a still-living frederick douglass, the former slave and abolitionist died in 1895. it is february 1 and we are off to a fairly mild start to the month. nbc 10's first alert chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz is back with the weather for your neighborhood. >> we got up to 50 today. well above average, we just got through january which was very mild, more than five degrees above average. it's 43 now in philadelphia.
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the average high is 41. so not exactly the frigid day but it won't warm up as much as it did during the day today. readi i redding 36. numbers aren't that low for this time of year. allentown 33. whitehall 33. bethlehem and he easton at 32. they will be in the teens by friday night. nothing on the radar close in and the story is we've got colder winds during the day tomorrow. they'll gust over 25 miles an hour so you should feel that then you're going to feel these winter temperatures friday and saturday 30s during the day. teens in suburbs and winds on top of that making it feel colder but it will warm up next week then another cold blast later next week.
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let's see how it's going to feel thursday night feeling like teens so yeah it won't be that cold during the day but if you're staying out late, you need the heavier coats. by friday morning feeling like the teens throughout the area and during the day friday it's only feeling like the mid-20s so compare that to the 50-degree today and then friday night into saturday morning feeling even colder so that is quite a drop from what we've seen. tomorrow no precipitation kind of windy. bethlehem's high only 38 degrees. cooler than today. phoenixville at 42. fairmount 46. mount airy only about 40 degrees. so a little above average but nothing to extreme. friday and saturday is a different story. this is the forecast for
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saturday. you can see it's dry, lots of sunshine, only 29 for the high in the he hay valley with lows in the teens. sunday i've taken the precipitation out of most areas, the chance keeps going down each day so it may be dry for the entire weekend. >> all right, glenn. local students get a surprise from a hometown celebrity. also ahead, ice, ice baby. the unusual ice-carving creation in penns landing. ♪
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all about chain saws and chisels in old city tonight. fringe arts owner peter woolsy turned 16 huge blocks of ice into a hand carved outdoor bar.
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it's scheduled to run through february 13 or as long as the ice lasts. a special surprise for philadelphia students tonight. the roots' questlove made a surprise entrance right there. the philadelphia native was there to get students fired up for the aspin challenge that urges students to create innovative students to the world's most pressing issues. later this month students will present their ideas to judges. john clark, we need to check out that ice bar. >> let's do it, you and me. >> there you go. >> i've got time after the show. could villanova survive another late-game scare on the road? we'll have that and penn state football making a signing. sixers done in by a one-of- one-of-a-kind player from tunisia. that's next.
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i'm john clark from csn. sixers with a texas two step in dallas. no joel embiid for both games and no robert covington. jahlil okafor getting the start. so excited about his playing time lately forgets to take off his warmup shirt. sixers on the run, mcconnell up top. sixers down just three. his quarter, sixers hanging tough. in the nick of time blowing by everybody. sixers within seven but too much of this guy tonight, salah merji. goes to the rim and look at this. first nba player from tunisia. career high 17 boards. mavs beat the sixers 113-95. when jahlil okafor starts. the sixers are just 4-15. villanova, if i would have
11:29 pm
told you they would only have one field goal in the final six minutes at providence you'd say they lose, right? it comes down to defense. jay wright knows providence never an easy place to play. at the dunkin' donuts center, nova, how about some defense. mechan mikail bridges, goes all the way by himself. nova is up 13 points but just like last week at marquette the lead is dwindling. the block, the ball kicked out to alpha diallo, the alpha male drills a three. in the final minute look at the defense. he takes the game over. goes the distance and scored nova's last seven points 15. of his last 21 were in the second half. nova survives. they beat providence and are 22-22. lasalle beat umass. when the flyers return home tomorrow night to face the
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canadiens, who could be sitting in the press box? the courier reports ghost could be scratched for a third time but he may have to wind up playing michael dell s.a.d.d. doe. says penn state had the 12-best recruiting class in the country. ohio state and michigan were top five but the lions get their best class in year. >> this is a true college town. the true community. for the kid looking for that and the family looking for that we're hard to argue with. >> says temple had the 98-best recruiting class and deandre swift from st. joe's prep chooses georgia and his cousin mark webb is going with him. they're both going to be bulldogs. i'm john clark, we're right back. to relax with your family. nt but enjoying today doesn't mean losing sight of tomorrow. so while i invest in "the now" my mortgage, vacations i still invest in the future,
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sky force 10 remains live over the delaware prison where two correction officers are being held hostage. two other hostages released earlier today. started around 10:30 at the prison in smyrna. a live update coming up tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. here on nbc 10. that's our news. thanks for joining us. good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- keanu reeves -- judd apatow -- musical gues


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