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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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that breaking news, president trump's travel ban on hold tonight, a judge halts the executive order that stopped refugees and immigrants from coming into the country. nbc 10's brandon hudson live for us at philadelphia international airport. brandon, what is the latest? >> reporter: according to published reports, the u.s. customs and border protection is allowing travelers who are not allowed here into america seven days ago because of president trump's executive order. we can tell you a local judge told thus latest twist may lead to a potential decision by the supreme court. >> it's obviously a historic decision and an important one. >> reporter: thousands of miles away in seattle, washington attorney general bob ferguson spoke about what he calls a
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victory over president trump's controversial executive order on immigration. >> the law is a powerful thing. it has the ability to hold everybody accountable to it and that includes the president of the united states. >> reporter: today a federal judge halted the order which banned travelers from seven predominantly muslim countries and suspended the u.s. refugee program. it led to nationwide protests at several airports across the country nearly a week ago. in philadelphia two syrian families which plan to visit the u.s. months ago were immediately told to fly back to syria. the trump administration's next move may be to file an appeal judge michael donio, a retired superior court judge believe this is could lead to a battle in the supreme court. >> this is a major issue. this is a constitutional issue. it has constitutional implications. >> reporter: the big question is if it reaches the supreme court before a new justice is confirmed. the judge says decisions like this are why we need nine
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justices now. >> when you have something like this on the horizon it shows how important that is. >> reporter: following the federal judge's decision tonight, the white house issued this statement "the department of justice intends to file an emergency stay of this outrageous order and defense the executive order of the president which we believe is lawful and appropriate. in the last half hour the white house released that same statement without the word "outrageous." brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. meantime tonight, there are conflicting reports about how many people the immigration order is impacting in court today a government lawyer said more than 100,000 visas have been revoked but the state department says fewer than 60,000 people had their visas provisionally revoked. the vice president is coming to philadelphia tomorrow to give a speech to the federalist society. mike pence plans to talk to the group at congress hall. it is not open to the public. the vp will talk about the role of the courts and the
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president's pick for the supreme court other news, heart break in delaware at a vigil for a correctionings officer kill the prison standoff. for the first time we're hearing from one of the officers' colleagues who was held hostage with him. aundrea cline-thomas has the story. >> reporter: from family to colleagues to friends hundreds gathered to remember lieutenant steven floyd as a hero. the grief in the family was palpable at smyrna municipal park as hundreds honored his life and sacrifice. the 47-year-old corrections officer was killed by inmates at the vaughn correctional center after being held hostage with three other colleagues. continue an autopsy revealed floyd died of homicide by trauma. >> my name is officer wilkerson and i was held hostage. i wish to god it was me instead of him. >> reporter: beaten an bruised a
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corrections officer emerged from the crowd. he only worked at the prison for a few weeks. >> every time i seen him he treated me with respect whether i was new or been there a while. he was a good man to me. >> reporter: a tearful embrace with lieutenant floyd's widow who reassured the officer saying thank god for your life. >> he's going to use you. >> reporter: faith was central during this vigil as it provided comfort. lieutenant floyd was a father of three and grandfather, a mason who served his community. >> he saved other officer's lives by telling them to get out of the building. >> reporter: in death he's being hailed a hero. ♪ did you ever know that you're my hero ♪ >> he was a gentle dient agiant like the song we closed the program with, he was a hero. >> tonight in dover, the delaware state capital building is bathed in blue in honor of lieutenant floyd. a few dozen people gathered on
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the lawn holding blue candles to remember the fallen corrections officer there was also a table set up to collect donations for his family. the vigil was held next to the delaware law enforcement memorial he received the posthumous program to lieutenant during a graduation ceremony for new prison guards. his family accepted a medal of value from the corrections department, the highest honor a prison guard can receive. dozens of cadets who graduated today will be sent to prisons across the state. the nbc 10 investigators asked whether lieutenant floyd's death could have been prevented, more than a decade ago a hostage incident happened at the same prison. a counselor was taken hostage and raped in an office. a task force recommended security changes but a report says those recommendations went nowhere. now state leaders seem to be angling toward another review. delaware state police won't say if the standoff was planned in advance but a former inmate
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told us some prisoners were frustrated. isaiah mccoy who was released from the prison a few weeks ago said he and other inmates were not treated with human dignity. he says he understands their frustration. >> the rights they deserve. this is supposed to be the department of corrections. you're supposed to correct and rehabilitate. they haven't been doing that. >> reporter: mccoy says he plans to be an activist for inmates. a man jumped to safety from a second floor window to escape this massive roe home fire in logan. he's burned on his face and hands. kwhechb firefighters arrived on carlisle street there was fire everywhere. firefighter are serge r searching for a family pet still inside one of the homes mowed down by a car on purpose? philadelphia police are searching for a drive accused of hitting three people in west philadelphia this afternoon police say a group of men and women were fighting in the
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street when some of them walked away place say a car came racing down the road, hit three people and sped off. >> the fight ended, people dispersed and i'm assuming the losers called somebody and instead of having a conversation he decided to drive down the street like a maniac and run a bunch of people over. >> neighbors we spoke with say this is typically a quiet neighborhood. new information tonight about a foiled terror attack near the louvre museum in paris. tonight french police raided various locations in paris. it comes hours after an egyptian man waved a machete and attacked four soldiers in a mall beneath the world famous museum. he shouted in arabic "god is good." soldiers fired back and shot him several times. he survived. he arrived in paris last week on a tourist visa. are the restrictions in prison too tough on joaquin "el
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cha chapo" guzman? his lawyers say he was denied water. el chapo has escaped from mexican prisons several times in the past. he was transferred to a prison from new york a few weeks ago. his next hearing is in may. new sanctions on iran tonight days after the trump administration put iran on notice. the sanctions target 25 people and companies from iran tied to the middles program. the trump administration says the new action does not directly undercut the obama administration's nuclear landmark deal today iran banned u.s. wrestlers from the freestyle world cup competition. on the home front the president signed two executive orders on business today one scraps a planned rule requiring financial advisers to act in their clients' best interests. the president also called for his administration to review the dodd/frank wall street reform act with an eye toward revising or eliminating parts of it. the landmark law was enacted after the 2008 financial crisis.
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a celebration for the republican party tonight in hershey. the state senator in attendance is guying the governor's office. republican scott wagner announced his candidacy in january. he said he hopes president trump's victory in pennsylvania helps him become the next governor. >> down with devos, save our schools. today dozens of philadelphia teachers rallied against betsy devos, the president's education secretary nominee. teachers made their voices heard outside senator pat toomey's office in center city. devos is a fierce advocate for charter schools. many teachers we spoke to think she'll have a negative impact on the public school system. toomey indicated he will vote in favor. new information about grace packer, the missing teenager found murdered. tonight nbc 10 sat down with a foster child who discovered grace's adopted father was abusing her and reported that to
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police seven years before the murder. crystal rodak lived in the same home with grace packer. 14-year-old grace was found dead in october months after her adopted mother sara packer reported her missing. rodak left the home in 2010 after finding a cell phone belonging to sara's former husband david. we want to warn you, some details are disturbing. >> he had her, like, dressed up in outfits. chained up to the ceiling. he had videos of the phone of her performing oral sex on him and him touching her. >> she says the images she found on packer's phone were of him and another foster child. david packer was eventually sent to jail. grace stayed in the home with sara packer and sara's new boyfriend jacob sullivan. that pair is charged with the rape and murder of grace. at 11:00, proof crime does not pay. police are looking for a bank robber who got away empty handed after dropping his stolen cash.
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police in abington township released the totos of the suspect. they say he walked into the td bank and threatened to shoot a bank teller. she handed over the money but he dropped it in the parking lot employers in philadelphia may not be required to offer paid sick leave for much longer. a group of state senators is pushing to eliminate required sick time. they say it hurts small businesses. philadelphia's law went into effect in 2015. city leaders think state lawmakers should keep their noses out of city laws. up next, caught on camera. the search for a man who stole an suv with a toddler inside keith? >>. >> engineers call this an emergency. my name is keith jones underneath the delaware river bridge here, what i'll tell you is why this is closed, what work is being done and how long you have to wait. also commercial controversy. why a local company was forced to change its super bowl ad.
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glenn? >>. >> still tracking this arctic blast set for at least part of the weekend. i'll let you know how low temperatures will go and what to expect from super bowl sunday. your most accurate forecast coming up.
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tonight philadelphia police still searching for the man who stole an suv with a baby inside. we told you about this incident in south philly last night. you saw on the surveillance video the thief taking the car seat with the baby in it and leaves it on the sidewalk a few blocks from where he stole that car. the baby girl is okay. nbc 10 was there when she was reunited with her mom last night. the mother told police she left her daughter in the car when she ran back inside the laundromat she owns to get a toy. tonight crews are making repairs to the delaware river bridge but we've learned their work will take months. it will be april at the earliest before drivers can use the bridge to travel between the new jersey and pennsylvania
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turnpikes. keith jones is live in bristol with more detail, keith? >> let me show you what is going on as we speak. around the clock these workers are here behind me. the crack is on the other side these these green steel beams? those are trusses. that's where the crack is. what workers are doing right now and have done in the last two weeks is constructed these eight beams going up. these columns that will hold the bridge up just so it doesn't collapse while they're working on it. 42,000 drivers a day. that's how many depend on these workers right now. they tell me they won't stop. seven days a week, 12 hour shifts to fix this fractured truss severed completely by april, that's if all goes to plan, workers share this picture of ground zero that progress affects everyone. >> thank god i ain't got to cross that bridge. >> reporter: keisha wilson avoids the delaware river
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bridge. >> traffic is backed up so bad it's ridiculous, i don't know what is going on with that bridge but i thank god i don't take it. >> reporter: a mile-long span has been closed for two weeks connecting the area's two major turnpikes causing a headache for laurp. >> it's insane. it usually is when the bridge is open. >> so it's even worse now? >> it is. >> reporter: engineers are jacking up the bridge and fusing together steel while checking for more damage. it's a process they expect will take two months. kathy depends on the bridge daily. >> we had to go all day through the neighborhood and go back. but i'm glad they found it. >> back live here underneath the delaware river bridge. what i can tell you, a lot of people might be asking why not just build a brand new bridge. i checked in with a civil engineer. they say at best it would take six months to come up with a design, two years if you threw a lot of money at it to construct a brand new bridge so
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temporarily, by april, this is the best choice. for now, live in bristol, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> glass half full there. a pennsylvania company had to change its first ever super bowl ad after some controversy. the commercial focuses on immigration and features a mexican mom and her daughter. the company says the idea was to make a big statement and the message is about job recruiting for hundreds of positions. they were not allowed to air it so they had to cut part of it out, a scene of the international border, including a wall was removed. the ad is expected to air before half time. >> to first alert weather and the arctic blast. nbc 10 in manayunk where heavy coats were in order torrent and temperatures are still falling. let's bring in chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz with your chilly but most accurate forecast.
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>> look at this flag. you don't normally see it this impressive at this hour of the night but that is a strong wind and a cold wind coming in so temperatures are already for the 20s. 29 in philadelphia, 25 in pottstown, reading and allentown. but the wind, of course, making it feel much colder, feeling like 10 in coatesville, 14 in allentown, three below zero there mount pocono. there probably aren't too many people up there right now. 18 in philadelphia if you're headed up there for skiing tomorrow be prepared because it will be cold. in philadelphia the temperature itself dropping into the low 20s. feels like temperatures down to 13 then it doesn't go up very much during the day, does it? remember yesterday it was 48, the day before it was 50 and here we go. 6:00 a.m., feels like 8 in pottstown, 11 in west chester and doylestown.
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that's mighty cold. it doesn't warm up a whole lot. by 11:00 a.m. still feeling like the teens in most of the area so just a cold day tomorrow. a combination of the temperature and the wind. by afternoon still feeling like the 20s. that's as good as it will be all day. tomorrow night feeling like the low 20s. 6:00 a.m. sunday, upper teens to the low 20s and finally sunday afternoon super bowl, go outside, throw the football around before the game and be a little more tolerable there feeling like the mid-30s. it was 50 degrees a couple days ago. 48 yesterday. 35 for the high today. about the same tomorrow and then 45 on sunday so it's going to be going back up. lots of sunshine tomorrow. these are the low temperatures. you can see the bottom ones and 36, for example, tacony for the high tomorrow, 35 in langhorn,
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29 in easton, so we have cold weather and voorhis township at 35, egg harbor 36, newark, delaware, 37. as we go through the next several days we'll be finding a slight warming trend sunday, monday, tuesday is the first rain and you can see on look how warm it is in dover. 58 degrees tuesday with the rain while only 43 with the rain in allentown on tuesday. that's what neighborhood weather is all about. >> thanks, glenn. up next, the surprise of a lifetime. the local coach heading for a super bowl adventure.
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big party tonight in chinatown, one of the final events for the chinese new year. nbc 10 at ocean city restaurant.
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guests feasted on traditional chinese dishes. money raised will go to the philadelphia chinatown development corporation. super bowl li kicks off in houston on sunday and matt ryan isn't the only player on the atlanta falcons team. check out this drone video students at st. mary magdalene students. 55 to honor their star alum. the linebacker played college football at the university of delaware and went to that school. and a rally at penn charter for falcons qb matt ryan. he's an alum there. they gave ryan's high school head coach, a ticket to the super bowl. the two won the interac title together in 20202-so he's on his way to houston. and sports is on its way next.
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i'm john clark from csn. the flyers will try to win two straight against jeff carter and the kings and it looks like shane and travis will sit out again. they practiced today but they were scratches in last night's win and it looks like they'll be watching again tomorrow. ghost was on csn's philly sports talk and he talked about the benching. >> definitely a little hard pill to swallow but it's easy to get down on yourself, get mad at people but ultimately it's what's in my control. i'm going to have a good attitude about it, work hard because that's what's got me here and i'll get out there and work my tail off. >> coincidentally, ghost honored
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as the philly sports writers pro-athlete of the year for last season. eric lindros receives the living legend award and the team of the year, who else, villanova's national championship squad in cherry hill. sixers coach brett brown says it will be a challenge for joel embiid to return in miami. don't expect him the last two games of the road trip. joel haas missed seven of the last eight games. csn chicago reports the sixers could have a trade partier in the chicago bulls. carson wentz in houston at super bowl festivities, the eagles will be making a lot of personnel decision this is off season. affect with the draft and free agency. howie roseman says he will consult with carson about the moves. carson, how do you like that? >> i mean i know he said that, they're just going to probably keep me in the loop more or less. i am very confident in what we have. i won't go into too much death but it's cool to know they trust my opinion and to be a part of
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it so i'm excited to see what happens. >> we'll find out tomorrow night if eagles great brian dawkins will be one of the inductees into pro-football hall of fame. he was on csn's quick glance. dawk, you getting nervous? >> not really. the most stressful thing is trying to figure out what to wear. i decided to go late. i wasn't going initially but i am now so really just trying to get everything together as far as my kids and wife and everybody getting all their bags packed and all that stuff. >> watch for that tomorrow night and michael vick has officially retired. i'm john clark from csn, we'll be right back. ♪
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cold saturday coming our way. >> oh, yeah. definitely going to be feeling like winter for another 24 to 36 hours. high of only 35. not quite as cold super bowl sunday, the next rain is tuesday into wednesday, look how warm wednesday, 60. then it gets cold again but only for a couple days before it warms up, we cannot sustain any cold or multiple threats of snow. it's not looking like winter other than tomorrow. >> and just a spring tease on wednesday then back to winter. nbc 10 news at 11:00 is over now. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- gordon ramsay, alessia cara,


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