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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  February 4, 2017 8:30am-9:31am EST

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it's 8:30 on this saturday. plenty to get to this weekend. let's start with the weather and a live look at camelback ski resort in the poconos where skiers and snowboarders better layer up because the temperature feels like below zero. krystal klei is tracking the frigid conditions. she has the most accurate forecast in the region. >> it would be a nice day, sunny, dry out there. if it weren't so cold out there. mount pocono registering at 5 below zero. 13 for allentown and 18 in lancaster. feeling like 12 in philadelphia. 11 trenton and mount holly and atlantic city at 12 degrees. feels like that. you know it's a very cold start to the day with most of our feel like temperatures around 10 degrees outside. radar and satellite shows it's clear. not tracking clouds, snow, rain. instead it's a sunny day that we have ahead for us. sunshine not going to do a lot
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to warm those temperatures up. the yellow line you see that's where temperatures are. 20s to about 11:00 a.m. to mid-30s forecast high temperatures today and then fall right back down upper 20s overnight. now look at the feel line. in the afternoon only feeling like mid-20s. track it out for the rest of our neighborhoods and talk about a warm up for your sunday up. new this morning the eastbound lanes of route 422 in west potts grove montgomery county are still closed following a deadly crash around midnight. one person is dead. another was flown to the hospital. police continue to investigate the cause of this crash. they say the driver lost control and the car flipped over. fortunately nobody was hurt in north philadelphia following this row home fire on hope street. the flames spread to two other houses on the block. this morning investigators will stay on the scene here to look into the cause of the fire.
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now to a developing story. a federal judge has temporarily blocked president trump's travel ban but what happens next is far from clear. just in president trump has sent out several tweets about the ruling saying quote when a country is no longer able to say who can and who cannot come in and out especially for reasons of safety and security big trouble. he went onto tweet, interesting that middle eastern countries agree with the ban. they know certain people are allowed in it's death and destruction. he then went after the federal judge saying the opinion of this so-called judge which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country is ridiculous. and will be overturned. while the ruling only blocks travel ban for now it's temporary, the trump administration is already promising to fight back. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at philadelphia international airport following the fallout. matt? >> reporter: in the past couple of hours we've been working to get reaction to that judge's ruling. several airlines have responded
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including that travel to philadelphia international airport. take a look. qatar airways put this on their website. nationals of the seven affected countries and all refugees seeking admission present valid unexpired u.s. visa or green card will be permitted to travel to the u.s. and will be processed accordingly upon arrival. lufthansa had this to say. all passengers with valid travel documents are currently eligible to board on flights to the u.s.. we'll fully comply with the applicable immigration regulations. here's one from british airways. we always meet our obligations under international immigration agreements. all customers with the correct documentation will be accepted for travel. american afrirlines by the way y they are following guidelines based onto latest information given to them by customs and border protection. that's some of the new details of. all of this unfolding overnight after a federal judge put a
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restraining order on president trump's executive order. the president's order had been in effect for a and in that time washington state and minnesota filed a joint lawsuit claiming that the travel ban for immigrants and refugees from seven mostly muslim countries was unlawful and last night the judge agreed. here's washington states attorney general after that decision came down. take a listen. >> many like this decision. i'm certain the president will not like this decision. but it is his job, his responsibility, his obligation as our president to honor it and i'll make sure he does. >> reporter: now the white house has vowed to put up a fight saying the department of justice intends to file an emergency stay of this outrageous order and defend the executive order of the president which we believe is lawful and appropriate. now the white house later reissued that statement without using the word "outrageous." for the time being as we take a look at philadelphia international airport, the arrival term new hampshire we wait to see if any folks make to
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the u.s. from those seven countries and if they do so successfully. some experts say this case could end up in the u.s. supreme court. live at philadelphia international airport. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. meantime there are conflicting reports about just how many people the immigration order is impacting. in court yesterday a lawyer with the justice department said more than 100,000 vias have been revoked since last week. but then immigration said 60,000 had their visas revoked. new this morning president trump's pick for army secretary has withdrawn from consideration. florida panthers owner is the first trump nominee to dropout before confirmation hearings. the military times reports the decision was partly due to strict defense department rules concerning business ties. however, the white house did not give an official reason. the pentagon has release this statement saying quote, secretary mattis is disappointed but understands and respects his
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decision. the secretary is confident that he will remain a supporter of america's soldiers. the secretary will recommend the president another candidate soon. in just hours from now vice president mike pence is set to arrive in philadelphia. he'll give a speech to the federalist society. he plans to talk to the group at congress hall in old center city at noon. the meeting is not top the public. the vice president will discuss the role of the courts and the president's picks for supreme court. also today people will be demonstrating against president trump's immigration order during the philadelphia march for humanity. that starts 1:00 this afternoon. they will gather at thomas payne plaza in center city. organizers with the american friends service committee call the order a ban that targets muslims. septa has issued a travel advisory because of that protest. they are urging everybody to use the market, frankfurt and broad street lines to get into center city and out of center city. those trains will run every ten
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minutes. thousands are expected to participate in today's march. new this morning in south jersey police are investigating a shooting in voorhees. sky force 10 was over where a man was shot three times just before 11:00 last night. you can see police and first responders on the scene here. medics took the man to the hospital. no word on his condition. now to details into the deadly prison standoff this week in delaware. state police have cleared the crime scene at the james vaughn correctional center in smyrna. building c where this all happened has been turned back over to the department of corrections. ♪ everybody knows that you're my hero ♪ >> emotion were running high last during a vigil to remember lieutenant steven floyd. family and friends were on hand at smyrna municipal park to honor the fallen correctional officer. one of his co-workers who was
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held hostage during the standoff boek down while talking about his sacrifice. >> i was held hostage with him. i wish to god it was me. >> lieutenant floyd's widow later embraced officer wilkerson. floyd leaves behind three children and also leaves behind grandchildren. 8:38 right now on this saturday. coming up did he act alone? paris police take action to find out if the man who launched the attack at the louvre had any help. we'll have an update just ahead. teachers taking to the streets. we'll tell you what they have to say about the president's choice to run the education department and why their message may have fallen on deaf ears. we're looking at bitterly cold temperatures to start your morning but cold conditions hold on throughout your saturday. a big from your sunday. we'll have the details on that when the winds could really kick up on the extended forecast. all of that coming up.
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welcome back. here's what we're looking at right now. temperatures are in the low 20s. 20 even for the pennsylvania suburbs. 23 in philadelphia. also 20 in the lehigh valley and 21 new jersey to delaware. nice and sunny our live cameras show that. plenty of blue to look at. a cloud in sight. this is really nice start the day if it wasn't for the fact that it is so cold outside. winds are strong around 5 to 15 miles per hour but strong enough to make it feel colder it is this morning. that's your wind chill or feels like factor. here's what we're looking at. your afternoon conditions, 21 is what it will feel like at noon time. 4:00 p.m. up to 25. that's as high as it gets in philadelphia. same in the suburbs up to 25 this afternoon. feels like 24 at 4:00 p.m. the lehigh valley. now we see some clouds starting to build in about 7:00 p.m.
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otherwise it stays cold. sunny at 27 degrees, 4:00 p.m. for your feel like at delaware. 26 in new jersey. along the jersey shore, 26 as well. so today it's all about the cold. tomorrow, those we start to see a change in the temperatures and a huge change on the ten day. we'll get to that in a minute. quick heads up for drivers today. the university avenue draw bridge that's just over schuylkill river in philadelphia is shut down. this is a live look at the bridge which will be closed to all traffic from now until 3:00 this afternoon. crews will be doing some routine maintenance. heads up for drivers in delaware county. police will be on dui patrol now that it's super bowl weekend. if you're driving in delaware county you'll notice roving officers and sobriety checkpoints. they are out to stop impaired drivers before they cause harm or damage to somebody else. 8:41 on this saturday. she's a meteorologist who is encouraging kids to follow their dreams. coming, we're catching up with a
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we have new details now about the foiled terror attack near the louvre museum. last night french police conducted several raids looking for possible accomplices. earlier yesterday an egyptian man waved a machete and attacked four soldiers. he shouted in arabic god is great. soldiers shot him several times
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pep survived. the suspect arrived last week on a tourist visa. controversy continues to follow education secretary nominee betsy voss who is up for a vote on tuesday. she cleared a major hurdle yesterday with senators voting along party lines to cut off debate on her nomination. devos is the school choice advocate. teacher joins across the country have aed her of wanting to ruin public education. tuesday's vote will be. mike pence would break a 50-50 tie. >> we are here because we cannot let miss devos control. >> teachers rallied against devos in center city last night. pennsylvania senator pat toomey confirmed that he will vote for the nominee, pointing to her track record in helping kids from failing schools. one teacher at the rally we spoke with wasn't buying it. >> fair and equitable funding for our schools is incredibly
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important and i don't believe that that's going to happen if you have somebody that has an agenda that specifically does not benefit public schools. >>s against devos are expected to continue through the confirmation vote on tuesday. today nbc 10 and telemundo 62 will co-host the 25th annual african-american book fair at the communities college of philadelphia. the event runs from 1:00 to 4:00 afternoon. nbc 10 will have two story tellers reading to the kids. this book fair is one of the oldest and largest of its kind in the country. it also is one of the highlights of black history month. joining us now are two authors who will be appearing at the book fair today. mr. alexander is "new york times" best selling author. he wrote "the crossover" and we're joined by somebody very familiar to our nbc 10 viewers, former nbc 10 meteorologist, brittney shipp she wrote about a
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little girl who dreams about becoming a forecaster. thank you for being brittney we have to start with you. viewers want to catch up and want to know how you've been. >> i live in the bay area and chief meteorologist there. i do love being back in the city of brotherly love so this has been awesome i wrote my own children's book called "the meteorologist." i'm super excited. a full circle moment for me. when i came up with the book it was when i was in seeing this african-american book fair that i am is going to do this. i'm going to it happen. i released the book this summer and now i'm on tour. >> kwame you'll be at the book fair. tell us about the "crossover." >> it was a book i wrote over the course of five years. there were 20 rejections i got before i final found a publisher. >> a labor of love. >> it's novel about basketball. and it's told in poetry.
8:48 am
and a lot of people go basketball and poetry they don't go together so well. but it won the nenewbury and so many children have been able to connect through the power of verse. >> why is it so important to be at an event like this in philadelphia? >> any time you get a chance to bring the words off the page and put them on the stage, any time you get a chance to help kids get engaged and exciting with reading and writing that's it. that's why writers write. i think in particular, you know, this is black history month. so we have an opportunity to showcase and shine a light on books that are written about or by african-americans. that's always a good thing for our country and for our immunity. >> brittney, your book certainly is meant to inspire children. >> meant to inspire young children especially young girls to go into s.t.e.m.. we only have 29% of young women choosing s.t.e.m.. somewhere along the way they get
8:49 am
lost and don't feel confident about science. this book is about encouraging girls and you can do anything you put your mind about. it's all about encouragement. >> quick anecdote. a meteorologist when she came here to philadelphia. you were continuing your education. i would find you back in the weather center going through your notes, going through your books. >> you have to keep studying. we don't want anybody to discourage. stew hard you can accomplishning you put your mind to. if you come out to the book fair you'll get to meet us. we'll be signing books today. >> signing lots of books. >> lots and lots of books. >> we have that information that we can put up on the screen. anybody wants to head out to the african-american book fair.
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sponsored by nbc 1010 and telemundo 62. it's at 17th and spring garden. easy to get to. if you need more information go to our website or the nbc 10 app. brittney shipp glad to see you back here. kwame alexander thank you for being here with us. >> thank you. good to do something indoors because it is cold out there no matter where you go. live look at camelback mountain. skies. plenty of sun. nice warmer than average day, it's not going to be for these skiers and snowboarders. hopefully they are wearing a lot of layers. we're looking at very cold temperatures. here's what delaware neighborhood temperatures. most of us in the low to mid-20s. harmony hills, 24 degrees. 23 in marshalton. 23 in claymont. and just continues as we drop further south. dover at 26.
8:51 am
and lewis beach 259. rehoboth beach also at 26 degrees. now we get to our philadelphia suburbs. 25 graduate hospital. king at 24. look at 25 for torresdale. in the afternoon we barely make it into the 30s. clear conditions. we're not tracking any clouds and no rain, no snow in the forecast today. all about the sunny conditions. if it weren't so cold it would be a nice day. instead we're look at chilly conditions going to hold on across the region. 35 center city and somerton for highs today. 32 in lansdale. allentown not quite there, a high of 29 degrees. we're sunny in new jersey. 36 for trenton. and for ocean city. also see a high of 36 in smyrna this afternoon.
8:52 am
feels like temperatures, those will be lower. today, those we stay clear as you track through our hour by hour forecast. we see clouds coming in from the southwest. overnight into your sunday morning. so partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions will linger throughout your sunday. we're dry for the most part. just some isolated flurries are possible. light in nature. right along parts of the pocono and lehigh valley. elsewhere we stay dry throughout the rest of the day and even into the evening when the clouds do start to clear. let's take a look at your ten day. temperatures do an up and down. we're at the down right now, 35 degrees. tomorrow back up to 45. that's three degrees warmer than average. 47 for monday. still dry conditions. tuesday-wednesday, rainy but only rain because we're at 51 and then 60 degrees. bitterly cold winds back into late wednesday, cooling you down to 36 by thursday. 8:52 on this saturday. coming up searching for a forever family. this morning we'll introduce to
8:53 am
you a fun-loving guy who is looking for a permanent home. he's this week's wednesday's child. also ahead, wawa versus dawa. the iconic convenience store files a lawsuit. we'll tell you why wawa is taking action against a north jersey corner store.
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the sky is the limit for this week's wednesday's child just like a certain former nba player kobe is athletic and competitive and a lot of fun. as nbc 10's vai sikahema is telling us he's hoping to finds a forever family to help him get to the next level. >> reporter: the sky zone in maple shade, new jersey is a playground for a kid like kobe who is big for his age and loves
8:56 am
sports. >> wonderful kid. to describe kobe laid back. he's very casual. he loves sports. especially football and basketball. and when he's not playing the sport he will watch it. kobe is a big fan of watching nfl and nba games. kobe is competitive. when we're usually playing basketball or anything else we try to get a little competitive. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: like his namesake kobe bryant, this young man is uber competitive and loves to win. kobe has an easy smile and knows why a forever family is crucial in his development. tell me, kobe, why it's important for you to have a good family? to succeed in life? >> so they can help me out with stuff, problems i have. >> what are the components of a good family. >> take care of you.
8:57 am
>> reporter: says any family would do but he would love to have a little brother somebody he can help, mentor and be a big brother to. kobe this -- kobe is this week's wednesday's child. call the national adoption center at 1-866-to-adopt. just a few minutes before 9:00 anthony saturday. some major developments in the travel ban. this after a judge puts the president's executive order on hold. nbc 10's matt delucia is following those developments for us. matt? >> reporter: right. we're hearing new reaction from the president. i'll have that coming up.
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for the people who need it most. introducing fios instant internet. it's internet the way it should be. get it at right now on nbc 10 news today travel ban blocked. this morning president trump takes to twitter to fight back against a judge's decision to put the immigration order on hold. deadly crash. we'll have an update on an accident that shut down part machlk road in montgomery county this morning. cold conditions to greet you as you head out the door. it's feeling more like winter storm as we start the weekend. we'll tell you when the warmer weather will return in the first alert neighborhood forecast. good morning.
9:01 am
this is nbc 10 news today i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:00 on this saturday. we've been lucky for a while. well it's back to feeling like winter. here's a live look at boat house row. you can see that camera shaking in the wind. that's making the temperatures feel colder than they actually are. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking it all for us. she has the most accurate forecast in the region. >> that's exactly right those winds are making it rough on us this morning but either way you slice it it's just cold out there. here are the actual temperatures. 24 degrees right now in philadelphia, mount holly. we're at 26 in atlantic city. and 14 mount pocono. mount pocono throughout the morning has been feeling below zero. well take a look. still feeling below zero. but now just by one degree. earlier we were down to 9 below. 14 is what it feels like in allentown. again these are because of light winds lingering. 16 the feels like in wilmington.
9:02 am
and for philadelphia. also at 12 in mount holly. step out the door feels like 10 to 15 degrees over much of the region. cold start out there and if you can stay inside that's probably the best option at least through your morning although afternoon will be cold too. radar and satellite shows us we have clear conditions today. no rain to track but we do have rain in the extended forecast and a pretty big warm up. we'll look at that in just a few minutes. new this morning the eastbound lanes of route 422 in west potts grove in montgomery county are still closed. the driver lost control and the car flipped over. o now to a developing story that we're watching. a federal judge has temporary blocked president trump's travel
9:03 am
ban. washington state and minnesota filed a joint lawsuiting the ban for immigrants and refugees from seven muslim countries is unconstitutional. several airlines including those that fly to philadelphia are reacting to the news. many including qatar airlines, lufthansa and british airways say that all passengers with correct documentation will be allowed to fly. the question is for how long? nbc 10's matt delucia is live at philadelphia international airport. president trump has been tweeting about this latest order, the latest frulg that federal judge out west. tell us about it. >> reporter: right. we'll get to that in just a moment. first we're here at the internationalal term new hampshire to see if and when folks those seven countries make their way to philadelphia. in the meantime the president has been very active on twitter and really within the past hour. first saying when a country is no longer table say who can and cannot come in and out especially for reasons of safety and security, big trouble.
9:04 am
he went onto say interesting that certain middle eastern countries agree with the ban. they know if certain people are allowed in it's death and destruction. the president then went after the federal judge saying the opinion of this so-called judge which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country is ridiculous and will be overturned. that judge u.s. district court senior judge james robart granted a temporary restraining order against the's executive order last night. the president stopped travel into the u.s. from seven countries and washington state and minnesota they filed a joint lawsuit claiming that travel ban for immigrants and refugees was unlawful and last night that judge agreed. here's washington state's attorney general after that decision came down. take a listen. >> it's a powerful thing. it has the ability to hold everybody accountable to it and that includes the president of the united states. >> reporter: now the white house has vowed to put up a fight saying the department of justice
9:05 am
intends to file an emergency stay of this outrageous order and defend the executive order of the president which we believe is lawful and appropriate. now the did later re-issue that statement without the word "outrageous." we're learning this morning that an internal e-mail circulated among homeland security officials told employees to immediately comply with that judge's ruling. we'll continue to follow this for now. i'm live at philadelphia international airport, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. later on this morning vice president mike pence will arrive in philadelphia. travel through philly international. he'll be giving a speech to the federalist society. he plans to talk to the group at congress hall around noon. the meeting is not top the public. the vice president will discuss the role of the courts and the president's pick for the supreme court. today there will be some protesters in philadelphia. they are demonstrating against president trump's immigration order. it's called the philadelphia march for humanity. it starts at 1:00 this afternoon. it's happening at the thomas
9:06 am
payne plaza in center city. organizers with the american friends service committee call the president's order a ban that targets muslims. septa is making some adjustments because of the protests. septa is telling everybody to use market, frankfurt and broad street lines to get in and out of center city. those trains will run every ten minutes. thousands are expected to participate in today,'s march. demonstrations against the immigration order have erupted in london today. you can see hundreds of people took to the streets just outside of the u.s. embassy. they then marched to the prime minister's house. this morning philadelphia police are still looking for the man who stole an suv with a toddler inside. we first brought you this story as breaking news thursday night. the surveillance video shows the thief taking the child in her car seat and then leaving her on the sidewalk not too far from where he stole the car. the little girl is doing just fine. in fabricate last night we were in south philadelphia where the
9:07 am
19-month-old was reunited with her mother. according to police the mother left her daughter in the car so she could run back into the laundromat she owns to gate toy that her daughter left behind. coming to a courtroom near you. it's wawa versus dawa. the convenience store chain is suing over a name that's very similar to her. wawa has filed a trademark infringe suit against dwa in north jersey. wawa claims dawa is take van of it's hard won reputation. representatives say they are suing to protect their brand. dawa is casual way to say come in in korean. seven minutes past 9:00 on this saturday. we're continuing our efforts to help clear the shelters. one local organization has an urgent need to find homes for pets as their facility is getting some much need renovations. we'll tell you about this special adoption deal that they are offering. that's coming up.
9:08 am
president trump wasted no time turning his campaign misses in to practice. critics calling his action illegal while supporters applaud his take on executive authority. join me sunday morning when we separate fact from fiction when it comes to presidential powers. >> we always have to ask what's the substance of these particular executive orders. are there problems with conflicts of federal law. are there problems with conflicts with the constitution. is this something the president is allowed to do. >> coming up sunday morning at 11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc 10.
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and it's all about the temperatures because it's so cold just like yesterday even in the afternoon. it's not a comfortable forecast. good news is it's sunny. we stay dry today but we're at 31 noon and 34 at 4:00 p.m. only make it to the mid-30s today for forecast high temperatures. very similar to yesterday. in the suburbs 29 at noon, 334:00 p.m. and back down to the 20s in the evening hours. 28 at your lunch time in the lehigh valley. also staying dry today. for delaware 32 degrees at noon and 35 at 4:00 p.m. or a little below freezing new jersey and the shore and making it slightly above those mid-30s as well by 4:00 this afternoon. so today it's all about the cold sunny conditions. tomorrow we actually see temperatures pick up with some clouds building in we'll get innor detail on sunday for the
9:12 am
big game and talk about work week rain returning to the forecast. coming up, will he get the call to the hall? a beloved former eagle will find out today if he will be enshrined among the greatest ever to play the game. how is brian dawkins feeling about all of this? you'll hear from him coming up. you are buying finish these days. i got a new dishwasher and they recommend finish. really? you should try it. narrator: finish quantum max tackles the toughest messes, the first time... for an amazing clean, choose finish.
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so i'm calling to see if you can help me save on my energy bill. we can do that. great. i live in a post-war, pre-war, mid-century home and the heating system is a turbine, hvac, reverse hydrogen, boiler pipe unit. well sir, i can see that you live in a twin and based on the size, your usage has been spiking. ♪ that's exactly what i thought. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. nbc 10 continues our commitment to clear the shelters find homes for adoptable pets and we're pleased to say that
9:15 am
the last seven we featured here on our saturday morning have found some new homes. obviously, thanks your help too. >> yes. >> okay. so joining us this morning carlos. >> yes. he's about a 2-year-old bull mix. very loving. >> he's about to jump in your lap. >> he's a really great boy. i've been hanging out with him this morning. been super sweet. i think he would fit in almost anywhere, especially a family thats to be active. >> sure. >> so guys have sort of a big undertaking going on at your facility. >> for the next two months dogs like carlos and all the dogs at the shelter need the public's help more than ever. starting on monday we have renovation of our heating and cooling system starting. so the kennels will be under construction. this project is very important. our currents heating and cooling
9:16 am
system is unreliable. it has strug frols provide an appropriate temperature for the pets. we're excited about this new system going in but it also means that about half of our dog kennels are going to be closed for the next two months. which is obviously a challenge. >> what you guys normally take in you're doing about 50% less. >> exactly. we're still going to take in the dogs. that's our mission. we're contracted by the city to be animal control and, you know, but what we can do is try to help people avoid bringing their pets to the shelter. we have a plan in place to help all the dogs, you know. we're going to try to decrease number of pets coming in while increasing the number of dogs going out. we have a big adoption promotion going on. and we're going to be working with local shelters including the pc spa in providence. they will be pulling some dogs
9:17 am
from us. he's very excited. >> he is. >> we have a plan in place to handle this. we don't want anyone to opinion jake but we need the public's help. you're thinking about adopting or fostering now is the perfect time to help out. the home improvement adoption campaign kicks off on monday. first adoption event offers large dogs like carlos here. you can come and adopt a sweet boy for free until sunday. >> carlos will be at your facility onnington park avenue. if you can't make out but think about doing it next week because these renovation will be going on for a little while get in touch with team and visit them on the web. reporter: i'm john clark.
9:18 am
flyers going for two straight wins facing the kings. here they are practicing yesterday. they were healthy scratches in thursday night's win and it looks like they will be watching again today. gost was on cs philly sports talk and he talked about the benches. >> definitely a little hard pill to swallow. it's easy to get down on yourself, get mad at people. ultimately it's what's in my control. that's what i'm going for. i will have a good attitude about it. i'm going to work at it. i'm going to work hard. that's what got me here. i'm going to, you know, get out there and work my tail off. >> gost was honored last night at the philly sports writer dinner. he was the pro athlete of the year for last season. there's eric receiving the living legend and villanova's national championship squad.
9:19 am
sixers coach said it will be a challenge for joe emed by to return in miami. doesn't look like he'll play the last two games. he missed seven of the last eight games. the bulls are interested in joel. be making a lot of personnel decisions this offseason with the draft and free agency. roseman says he'll consult with carson about moves. carson, how do you like that? >> i know he said probably keep me in the loop more or less. i'm confident with what we have. and not going to go into too much depth. it is cool to know that they trust my opinion on those things and to be a part of it. i'm excited to see what happens. >> we will find out tonight if eagles great brian dawkins will be inducted into the pro hall of fame. he was on csn quick slant show. he's starting to get a little nervous.
9:20 am
>> not really stressed. the stress, most stressful thing is figuring out what to wear. if i decided to go late, i wasn't going initially but i am now. so really just trying to get everything together as far as my kids, my wife and everybody getting their bags packed and all that stuff. >> that would be awesome if he gets in. matt ryan will try to become the second quarterback from the delaware valley to win a super bowl. he'll join joe flacco. matt ryan was second in the nfl in passing yards and touchdowns and first in quarterback rating. seems he kind of did it quietly. >> talk about quarterbacks a lot and matt is not one of those guys that you hear a lot from. he's a hard-working guy. his consistency over the years been great with me the last six years i've been here with him. he's phenomenal. >> michael vick has officially retired from the nfl. i'm john clark, have yourselves a great weekend.
9:21 am
all right. now let's talk temperatures. we'll start out with a look at your different neighborhood temperatures. in the pennsylvania suburbs it's cold out there. 21 right now west bradford township cockerville 21. lincoln university also at 22. the rest of us on the board, fort washington 22, new hope at 24. bedminster at 22. 20s right now which means we have quite a bit of warming to get to the freezing mark. that's how cold we are this morning. as a reminder feels like temperatures they are even lower right now. in your new jersey neighborhoods about the mid-20s. voorhees at 24. and we are seeing florence to lumberton in the mid-20s as well. hopewell township at 25 degrees.
9:22 am
temperatures are cold no matter what neighborhood you tap into this morning. radar and satellite also shows no matter where you are you will experience a sunny morning. we're not tracking clouds or rain. no snow in the forecast. i know some people like the cold because they hope it brings the snow. that's not the case today. we'll be very dry. in fact, likely you don't even see any clouds throughout the day. future feels like temperature shows what it will feel like. not a good one. 15 at 9:00 a.m. this morning. right in those teens. we stay in the upper teens through 11:00 a.m. we get into your afternoon and make it to the mid-to-upper 20s. that's as good as we get. 26 voorhees. and dover up to 29. that's our warm spot of the day, so to speak. overall, feels like temperature will stay very cold today and then drop down the low to mid-20s. 10:30 p.m. we stay about the same through the night. still in those mid to even spots
9:23 am
upper 20s by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. tomorrow, the temperatures will climb much more than they do today. let's talk about it. super bowl sunday if you're going the game here, start time is 6:30. if you're to a friend's house, 44 is your temperature in philly. still sunny but scattered clouds out there. we're looking at clouds lingering through 7:00. the kids are outside it will be okay around 40 degrees at 10:00 p.m. through the suburbs a little cooler dropping down to the 30s that evening and by 10:00, 37 in the lehigh valley. we'll talk more about your ten day coming up after the break.
9:24 am
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looking into whether people
9:26 am
have found love on public transportation. yesterday the transit agency launched a cupid contest. they want to hear stories from people who may have found romance on buses, trains, trolleys. here's the deal. they will be handing out a prize for some of the winners for the cupid contest and have some other prizes. we got the details right now on the nbc 10 app. super bowl is not your thing tune into the kitten ball. hallmark channel's features kitten playing on a football field and this weekend the spca is celebrating the special show by giving $25 off kitten and cat adoptions. it airs tomorrow afternoon. going to be watching or what >> i'm going to watch the super bowl, i'll switch. that's what i want to do. >> of course the commercials. >> you got to watch the commercials and get a few laughs and all the food. that's my favorite part. here's a look at the temperatures. 35 for today. 45 tomorrow. we really do warm up tomorrow.
9:27 am
then we just keep going. 47 monday. 51 tuesday. wednesday, 60 degrees. the precip we get will be rain those two days. then some harsh winds by wednesday afternoon drops us back down to 36 on thursday. >> i'm ignoring the 20s and 30s and just focusing on 50s. that's going to do it for us. i'm rosemary connors. for krystal klei and all of us here at nbc 10, have a good one.
9:28 am
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i'm sara gore, and this is open house. this week, we're all about luxury waterfront living. we're taking you from an elegant estate in the hamptons to a contemporary estate in laguna beach. but first, a modern magic city masterpiece on biscayne bay. catalina echavarria: the stairs are a true sculpture. a work of art. and it elevates you gradually to the house above. [music playing] welcome to open house. today, i'm coming to you from a regal residence on new york's upper east side. everything in this landmarked pre-war has been updated for today's living. the home features 10 a 1/2-foot ceilings throughout, which makes the open entertaining spaces even more impressive and inviting. cozy up to the wood-burning fireplace,


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