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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  February 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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cold blast, feeling like single digit temperatures but the weather roller coaster continues this week. we're expecting 60s during the workweek. >> travel ban back and forth. passengers from the mostly muslim countries barred from coming to america are on their way. we'll tell you what's next. and the vice president in philadelphia, how he contradicted president trump and how he was greeted. good evening. thanks for joining us on this frigid night. we'll feel a lot of ups and downs over the next few days and tonight it is all about the cold. it is downright frigid in philadelphia. here's a live look from our campus camera as center city is
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not quite as busy as normal on this saturday night. you still needed to bundle up, we found people who had to be out wearing hoods and scarves and hats. but this picture should give you a warm-up, check out the beautiful sunset in cape may, about a half hour ago. >> our team of first alert meteorologists has the most accurate weather forecast in town. let's get right to first alert meteorologist erika martin. >> today's high in philadelphia, 36 degrees. normal high is 42. so we're trending below normal but the good news is by tomorrow, and certainly by monday, tuesday and wednesday, trending a lot warmer. right now current temperature in philadelphia, 34 degrees, allentown, 38, coatesville at 30. trenton at 31 and mount holly 32 degrees, hovering around the
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freezing mark and philadelphia county seeing lots of 30s right now. we're getting a lot colder before the night is done. fox chase at 38 degrees and chestnut hill, 31 and west mount airy at 32 degrees. it's all about this temperature trend on the rise. so by tomorrow we're going to top out at 46 degrees, 47 on monday. 55 on tuesday but by wednesday, we'll see temperatures in the 60s and i do think it will be slightly above 60. so i do have your most accurate full forecast coming up in just a bit with all of the details, back to you. >> well today for the first time in more than a week, passengers from iran, iraq and syria boarded a flight to los angeles. these were the security lines in istanbul, turkey f, the first rl action after a federal judge blocked the executive order yesterday. the justice department is expected to file a motion to
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reverse what happened last night, reinstating the president's ban. a little more than two hours ago, president trump tweeted, what is our country coming to when a judge can halt a homeland security travel ban and anyone, even with bad intentions can come into u.s.? that follows a series of tweets where pld president trump called the judge a so-called judge and called the ruling ridiculous. >> a different message from mike pence in philadelphia. just hours after the president tweeted attacking that federal judge, vice president pence arrived and gave a speech praising the role of courts and constitution but it wasn't all praise from people in philadelphia. nbc 10s randy guillen hall has the latest. >> reporter: spoke to the federalist society, a group that advocates for the constitution and separation of powers, quite fitting ahead of the new supreme court pick and looming court
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battle over executive orders. >> the constitution of the united states of america. at the birth place of american government, mike pence hailed the constitution and praised the separation of powers and role of the courts in this country. >> it's fitting we're in philadelphia today in the shadow of independence hall, only steps from where our founding fathers pro claimed ideals that have echoed throughout the ages. >> pence urging democrats to give neil gorsuch an up or down vote. but today pence and the trump administration facing scrutiny from another court, the federal judge in seattle blocking trump's executive order that bans travel from seven muslim countries. demonstrators once again marching outside the pence speech this afternoon. >> i do see the executive order as being unconstitutional. it unfairly targs one group for
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their religious beliefs. >> reporter: greg rosen from philly thinks the travel ban could be headed directly to the supreme court. >> my message to mike pence would be be ready for a fight and my message to gorsuch would be defend the constitution. >> the vice president left shortly after his speech but didn't reference the travel ban. demonstrators here hope to see it struck down. >> i know the trump administration still wants to fight it so i don't think our work is done. >> reporter: the vice president's next stop is back to washington and tomorrow he heads to houston for the super bowl. in old city, nbc 10 news. >> and this was the scene in center city today, officials say 2,000 people took part in the march for humanity down broad street. this group was protesting president trump's travel and immigration plan. aside from traffic troubles, the march was peaceful. no arrests were made. as many as 40,000 people
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marched in london today protesting president trump and number comes from the organizer of the rally. this was the third massive demonstration against president trump in london in only two weeks. and protests were going on worldwide today. >> in paris, hundreds also took to the streets prompted by the president's travel ban. the protest was organized and underway before it emerged that a federal judge put the executive order on immigration on hold. new at 6:00, nbc 10 has obtained the 911 call in an unsolved homicide case with a camden county 2-year-old. that call is revealing the frantic moments leading to the toddler's death. drew smith reports. >> what's your emergency? this is how an 8-minute phone call begins from this home in woodland avenue back in november. camden county released it to nbc 10 today in response to an open
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records request. pore favor. >> emergency translator joins the line two minutes in. the caller is a woman who said she is a nanny and a 2-year-old who is not her son is throwing up blood. >> he's awake with eyes half open but he's pale. >> the camden county prosecutor's office handling this case and only recently released some details on the 2-year-old's death. a spokeswoman told us putting out information early would have been detriment to the investigation. >> his heart is stopping, please. >> we spoke to a family who lives where this happens with the help of a neighbor to translate. they didn't want to go on camera but confirmed they've spoken to detectives many times and are not accused of doing anything wrong. >> this homicide case remains open but there are few answers that officials are willing to release publicly. they declined to say if they have any leads or suspects. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news.
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>> a bizarre accident on chestnut street in center city this afternoon. a guy crashed his car into a pole and into the wall of a store. that pole came tumbling down and struck a woman on the sidewalk. the woman was rushed to the hospital and driver was not hurt. new at 6:00, a coatesville man is under arrest after crews rescued him from a quarry in lehigh county. he fell down a 30 foot em bafrpgment last night and police say the suspect refused an initial rescue attempt so officers then threw down a flotation device and called in the fire department for a rescue. about 40 minutes later, he's facing charges of being in possession of a stolen vehicle and eluding police. a controversial condo project in a historic philadelphia neighborhood is moving forward. coming up on nbc 10 news at
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6:00, new details we've learned about plans for jeweler's row. crime scene cleared, we'll take you back to the prison where a deadly standoff happened between prisoners and correction officers in delaware and tell you what's happening now. ♪
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diamonds fund which benefits families dealing with pediatric cancer. members of east falls society are debating the future of grace kelly's childhood home. it was said it will serve as an office space for the grace kelly foundation but also told the magazine he hopes to have some of it opened as a museum for the public by next year. super bowl weekend is in full swing tonight. hundreds and thousands of fans are in houston celebrating less than 24 hours before kickoff. for a few thousand on the ground in super bowl city, the weekend is anything but a party. more on super bowl security coming up. >> but the good news is we will be warmer on super bowl sunday. temperatures topping out mainly in the mid to upper 40s. the better news is we're going to hit 60s by wednesday. i have your most accurate forecast coming up.
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and if you're heading out tonight, don't forget the heavy coat. taking a live look at the art museum, feels like temperatures are in the single digits. erika martin joins us in a couple of minutes of what we can expect in the upcoming week. delaware state police have cleerds the crime screen is he correctional center in smyrna. that means the building where steve floyd was killed in a standoff, has been turned back over to the department of corrections. the investigation into the uprising is expected to take a while. we have new details about plans to build a 29 story tower along philadelphia's jeweler's row. toll brothers released new renders at 7th and samson
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streets and released floor plans for 100 condos. they'll present the plans on tuesday. that project is not without controversy. businesses and neighbors who favor preserving the history have protested against the new tower and demolition of current buildings at that site. super bowl weekend is in full swing and houston, texas tonight. for a special group in town for super sunday, the nfl has hired more than 4,000 private security and crowd management officers to assist police and federal agents from more than 40 departments. >> for more k9 teams and more viper units, we're providing air support for the event. cyber security support for the event. all of the capabilities that federal government has. >> police say there have been no major problems though they continue to deal with counterfeit tickets and fake super bowl merchandise. new at 6:00, former
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president george h.w. bush appears to be ready for tomorrow's coin toss at super bowl li in houston. this is the first photo of mr. bush since he was discharged from the hospital january 30th treated for pneumonia. also in the photograph is his nephew denver broncos president, joelle list. >> police will be on dui patrol now it's super bowl weekend. if you're driving in the county, you'll notice officers and sobriety check points, they are out to stop impaired drivers before they can cause harm or damage. >> turning now to your first alert forecast, a blisteringy cold day at blue mountain but it did not stop these folks from hitting the slopes today. in penn's landing, tonight the cold is not preventing skaters from enjoying a nice skate. there's plenty of people out there but you've got to bundle up and get through it.
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>> exactly, took the words out of my mouth. we're seeing lots of 30s in philadelphia and it could be colder. the good news is you can bundle up and enjoy penn's landing ice skating rink, why not? a live look outside boat house row, mostly clear skies and it is quiet, a lovely shot indeed and temperatures for today only topped out in the mid-30s, i'll get to the that in one moment. otherwise, picking up on some clouds moving in from west to east. right now we really are seeing mostly clear to partly cloudy skies but we do have some clouds developing. i just think it's going to be a pretty decent night all around although it will be chilly. be sure you bundle up. as far as the trend for next couple of days, sunday the good news is it will be warmer, although we are going to track a couple of extra clouds developing. by the workweek, we're seeing widespread rain showers moving in overnight monday into tuesday. so widespread rain all day
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tuesday with a couple of heavy pockets and possibly isolated thunderstorms. wednesday it will be rainy but we have temperatures climbing into the 60's. current temperature, 34 degrees in philadelphia and today's high today 36 degrees. the normal is 42. sunrise 7:05 a.m. and 5:25 p.m. was your sunset that we like, that little bit of extra daylight time. trenton, 31. coatesville 30 and mount holly currently at 32 degrees. let's go ahead and look at your neighborhood forecast, lehigh valley, lots of upper 20s and 28 nor leonardsville, temperatures are below freezing, 32 degrees fahrenheit and kuts town at 29. right now west chester at 29, malvern, 1 degree cooler at 28. exton 2 degrees warmer at 30.
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collegeville, 30. and new hope currently at 31. so high temperatures for the next couple of days, we like this trend. we're only getting warmer, look at this. by tuesday, 55 in philadelphia. 61 by wednesday. bump this up one degree. we -- we may hit 62 to 63 degrees but i'll be tracking that for you. tongue tied there. and wildwood, 63 with the rain showers. finally clearing for the second half of the day. hour by hour forecast, i'm going to start this at 6:00 a.m. because i'm going to track the showers moving in. as you can see by tuesday, 3:00 a.m., this is when we start to see showers moving in and it's going to be a little bit kind of unorganized at first but then more widespread by the end of the tuesday into wednesday. so here's your ten-day on 10. tracking the temperature change of course climbing into the mid-50s by tuesday. and then low 60s by wednesday. but then look at this, 30s by
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thursday. here's danny with sports. >> erika, thank you, next in sports as the sixers turn the chronic chronicles continue tonight on trade rumors and we'll tell you if imbeeb will play. >> like super bowl, tman, could orange and black back him up to seal the win. highlights next. mmmmm psst. yoplait custard's back. the family favorite... protein. protein proteiny protein. proteiny protein? protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories.
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♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ time to check in with jose diaz-balart. good evening. >> good to see you. the nationwide protest against president trump's immigration order temporarily blocked by a federal judge and new concerns
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about a lithium eye ion battery. a story many of us can probably relate to. we'll met the country's first official beer historian when i see you in a couple of minutes for nightly news. >> all right, jose, thank you. see you in a few. >> good seeing you. >> good to see you again. the flyers 3-1 over montreal was a breath of fresh air for a squad that fell flat out of the all-star break. looking to build on the momentum this afternoon as they welcome the kings to south philly. means the return of number 17, jeff carter, leading his team on the ice. after the kings hit one end and flyers push the other way. he only hits the post and flyers
6:25 pm
that close to cashing in. later in the period, a save of the year candidate absolutely robbed, dust inbrown with the glove. a couple more looks at it brown was almost the whole net to shoot at but michael says no. standing ovation for his effort and he wasn't done. still scoreless and kings on the rush. first shot, turned away but watch again. from glove of happiness, stops the puck and performance from him that couldn't be topped. we had overtime, two and a half in the extra session, all three flyers and guess who, number 17, jeff carter all alone scores the game winner. beat the flyers 1-0. afterwards, shawn recognized the efforts of his goaltender. >> he was great, two big saves through the open net and grabbed the glove and did that a few
6:26 pm
times tonight where he saved us and it's a type of thing we need from our goalie and it's too bad we couldn't respond -- >> the sixers specifically became the subject of trade rumors once again following a report from csn chicago that the bulls were reportedly interested in the former. here's how he's handling the rumors. >> been part of my life, as long as i'm in the nba, i heard about me being traded and comes out the same way. >> be sure to catch them as they face the heat, embiid has a knee contusion and covington out with a hand injury.
6:27 pm
he'll coach up and okifor will start. >> the super bowl is tomorrow but tonight is a big night for eagles fans, dawkins will find out if he's been elected into the pro football hall of fame. he was a nine-time pro bowler and first team all pronamed to the nfl 2000s after all decade team and could earn football's highest distinction of a place in canton. we'll have that for you tonight at 11:00, for now, that's your look at sports. denise, back to you. >> great honor for him. >> celebration of kids and reading in center city philadelphia today, thousands much local families came out for the 25th anniversary of children's book fair. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 sponsored today's event and you can see brian and andrea lending a hand. one of the oldest and largest
6:28 pm
single day events for african-american kids books in the country. one last check on the forecast and weaver got erika martin here. >> everybody is bundled up. at least they had a chance to have fun and read. we are definitely going to get a lot warmer tuesday into wednesday and i'm going with a 61 for wednesday. then 37 by thursday. >> incredible. >> huge drop there. >> up and down an here we go. >> roller coaster ride. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. for erika and danny all of us here, we'll see you tonight at 11:00. nbc "nightly news" is next. for updates any time, head to
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on this saturday night, immigration war. new protests nationwide over president trump's order now temporarily blocked by a federal judge. the president calls the move ridiculous, says it will be overturned. while affected travelers seize the opening and make it here on a highly emotional day. view from china. how they see us in the age of america first. a rare inside look at how china crafts its message about donald trump and sees itself as a new land of opportunity. laptop danger. the frightening scenes at a home in california as a computer repeatedly explodes and catches fire. and raise a glass to the country's first official beer historian. we catch up with her on the job


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