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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  February 5, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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news this morning. a federal appeals court has rejected the justice department's request to reinstate the president's travel ban. also this morning, philadelphia police are searching for the man they say robbed a girl scout selling cookies yesterday in rittenhouse square. a chilly and breezy start to our sunday. but a brief warmup is on the way for the week ahead. first alert meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the temperatures. a little good news on the weather front. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:00 on this sunday. we get to that breaking news in a moment. first our weekend weather. meteorologist krystal klei has the most accurate forecast in the region. >> temperatures not as cold as yesterday. that's already good news as we kick off our sunday. 30 the temperature in allentown, lancaster 31, mt. pocono 32. yesterday at this time the
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poconos were looking at single digit temperatures and feels-like conditions below zero. not the case today. 33 for millville, 31 flick city. wildwood boosting up there, 36 the current temperature outside. so still cold. you still need to layer up, but we will see better temperatures even in the afternoon. current wind speeds are also pretty light. 10 miles per hour, dover air force base and wilmington, they'll pick up later. we will see a breezy afternoon and a cloudy day as well. we see clouds build in from the west. they'll shift in as we go through your morning. in the afternoon a mix of sun and clouds expected. temperaturewise, we see a change from yesterday. yesterday we only hit the mid 30s. today the mid 40s. it will still feel a little cooler than it actually is. 30s, 40s, that's a thing of the past. we'll talk temperatures in the 50s and 60s for some spots coming up in a bit. now to that breaking news from overnight. a federal appeals court will hold a hearing tomorrow after
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denying the trump administration's emergency bid to reverse the temporary block of the president's travel ban. on friday, a federal judge in seattle halted the ban on immigrants and refugees from seven mostly muslim countries. since then, visa holders affected by the ban have been rushing to board flights bound for the u.s. mr. trump is responding. he's posted a series of tweets on this. yesterday he posted this one, the judge opens up our country to potential terrorists and others who don't have our best interests at heart. bad people are very happy. temporarily upholding the halt to the travel ban could mean families are ready to greet their loved ones arriving from overseas. nbc 10's flk matt delucia is at philadelphia international airport. >> reporter: the trump administration says the federal judge who issued that restraining order overreached by
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second-guessing the president on matters of national security. there is expected to be more back and forth as far as arguments on this case. the justice department has until early tomorrow morning to respond. the acting solicitor general, he argued last night that the president alone has the power to decide who can stay in the u.s. yesterday airports and airlines began complying with a court order that came on friday night that lifted the ban, even if temporarily. president trump vowed ha the court ruling will be overturned. up until then, the travel ban had been in place for a week, and there were celebrations as some people who had been detained made it into the u.s. yesterday. >> it was really frustrating, because i was about to check in. i was in line when he signed the order. >> reporter: flairp says it's back to operating procedures in which properly vetted foreign travelers and refugees are admitted to the united states. a syrian family at philly
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international last week, their lawyer confirms their have made arrangements to come back to the u.s. reports out of iran that the country lifted a ban on u.s. wrestlers allowing them to take part in a competition later this month. they had been banned following that order from president trump to ban travel from that country. we're continuing to follow this story as it develops. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> a syrian family denied entry into philadelphia in join relatives is making arrangements to return here. a lawyer for the assali family tells nbc 10 he's optimistic about their way for ward. the assalis plan to settle in allentown where their family who are residents bought a house for them. syria is one of the seven mostly muslim countries covered by the president's executive order.
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demonstrations continue in our area during president trump's first 100 days in office. officials in philadelphia tell us 2,000 people took part in the march for humanity in center city yesterday. the group was protesting president trump's travel and immigration ban. aside from traffic trouble, philadelphia police say the march was peaceful. vice president mike pence stopped in philadelphia yesterday to talk courts and the constitution. he spoke to members of the federalist society, a group that advocates for the constitution and the separation of powers. the vice president took the opportunity during his speech to praise president trump's pick for the supreme court. judge neil gorsuch. >> it should be abundantly clear that judge neil gorsuch is indeed a worthy successor to justice antonin scalia. he's cut from the same cloth. our constitution and our country will be stronger with him on the supreme court, but we're not there yet, which is why i'm here. >> before his speech, vice president pence toured independence hall and saw the
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liberty bell he's expected to be in houston for the super bowl later today. vice president pence is a guest on "meet the press" this morning. nbc moderator chuck todd will have exclusive interviews with paul ryan and nancy pelosi. we'll be checking in with todd around 7:45. "meet the press" comes your way at 10:30. let's head to the lehigh valley. investigators tell us the man pictured here pulled over a woman in lower saucon township claiming she had a brake light out. investigators say the woman realized he was not a police officer so she drove off. the same suspect is wanted for a similar incident that happened in south white hall township. police tell us the man drove a white suv with a red and blue emergency light on the dashboard. this weekend nbc 10 obtained the 911 call in an unsolved homicide case involving a 2-year-old boy from camden
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county. the call is revealing the frantic moments leading to the toddler's death. nbc 10's drew smith reports. >> 911, what is your emergency. >> reporter: this is how the an eight-minute phone call begins from a home on this block of woodland avenue in november. it was released in response to an open records request. an emergency translator joins the line two minutes in. the caller is a woman who says she's a nanny and a 2-year-old who is not her son is throwing up blood. >> with his eyes half open, but he's getting pale. >> reporter: the camden county prosecutor's office is handling the case and only recently released some details on the 2-year-old's death. today a spokeswoman told us putting out information early would have been detrimental to the investigation. we spoke to a family who lives
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where this happened. with the help of a neighbor to translate, they didn't want to go on camera but confirmed they've spoken to detectives many times and are not accused of doing anything wrong. drew smith, nbc 10 news. this morning philadelphia police are searching for the person who robbed a girl scout. police tell us it happened just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon near rittenhouse square. the girl was selling cookies in the area when a man wearing a gray sweatshirt robbed her of about $50. also in philadelphia a woman is in the hospital after a hole on the street fell right on top of her. this happened yesterday on chestnut street in center city. the pole came crashing down when the man crashed his car into a store. the driver wasn't hurt. the woman is in stable condition. we're working to find out what led up to the crash. these are new exclusive pictures of repair work on the delaware river turnpike connector bridge. the pennsylvania turnpike commission provided them to us.
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the bridge is expected to stay closed until at least april. we'll keep you posted on an exact date. a crack discovered in one of the trusses closed the span last month. it's nine minutes past 7:00 on this sunday. traffic troubles on the los angeles freeways are nothing new. wait until you hear about an accident that had a van soaring into the air over five lanes of traffic. details ahead. plus the water woes in one part of the country are finally trickling away after an emergency crippled a busy college town and impacted thousands of people. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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welcome back. lengths take a look at your day today. tracking clouds starting to build in from the west. you see current conditions, 31 degrees, clouds in delaware. the time 7:12 this morning. as we go through the morning hours, we'll see the temperature bump up warmer than we saw yesterday, although it will still have a chill factor or the feels-like conditions. at lunchtime, 40 degrees in delaware, mid to upper 40s in parts of delaware this afternoon. feels-like temperatures upper 30s to around 40 degrees. in philly we're starting to see a mix of clouds spreading in, but still sun out there as we go through the rest of the day, we'll seymour cloud coverage. 39 at noon. same deal, mid 40s for highs later today. how about in the lehigh valley,
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a little cooler. already at 30 right now. much better than yesterday at this time. 32 at 10:00 a.m., 41 by 2:00 in the afternoon with the chills in the low to mid 30s. that's what it feels like outside. a bigger warmup going into your workweek and a sharp drop-off. more roller coaster temps coming up. out in california, two women are dead this morning after this minivan crashed onto a busy los angeles freeway. this happened late last night. police say the driver missed a bridge over the 101 freeway, smashed through concrete pillars and flew over 30 feet over five lanes of traffic before it collided with a car. police believe the car was going nearly double the 35-mile-per-hour speed limit. traffic in and around universal city was backed up for miles. let's head to north carolina where health officials are giving people in the major college town the go ahead to use their tap water. businesses in chapel hill had to
7:14 am
shut down after a water main break. the problem came after officials say too much fluoride was superintendently added to the ut wahher supply. stores decided to donate water to the campus. officials say the water is safe again but asking people to conserve since the supply is still low. just ahead, a powerful story from the new york city subway. we'll tell you how computers came together with elbow grease and hand sanitizer to combat hate. >> "wall street journal." are you okay? >> saturday night spoof. the special guest that spiced up last night's show playing president trump's press secretary.
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welcome back. let's take a look at the temperatures this morning. it's still cold out there, not as cold as yesterday morning, a little better off. looking at your delaware neighborhoods. 31 in harmony hills, upper 20s for glasgow. greenville at 27 degrees. right at freezing in middletown. we drop farther south through parts of kent county, looking at temperatures, allen dale at 33. sussex county 33 and lincoln at 30. lewis beach at 33. above freezing for rehoboth beach, long neck and dewey beach. temperatures better off than yesterday morning even as we start. in new jersey neighborhoods, same deal. pemberton at 26.
7:18 am
we continue up the board, princeton, one of our cold spots at 22 degrees this morning. radar and satellite shows the clouds moving in. able to track them nicely over the last hour and a half where they're starting to now creep right into berks county and through delaware, almost into parts of salem and cumberland county. we start to see the deck of clouds moving in. noticing now in parts of philadelphia as well. these clouds will spread across the board entirely and give us this mostly cloudy to partly cloudy forecast this afternoon. still some sun, not like we saw yesterday. here is the three-day outlook. we'll see pretty consistent temperatures today into monday, cold mornings, mild afternoons, but look at that. tuesday, although rain moves in, temperatures boost up to where it is only rain. 55 degrees where we are forecasting. in the suburbs, 43 sunday, into monday, 44. 52 for your tuesday. as we start, we are looking at those rainy conditions, pockets of heavier rain possible as
7:19 am
well. in the lehigh valley, 41 degrees. monday at 42. there it is at 52. temperature on your tuesday. we can keep this going. you see the climb. we go mid 40s to mid 50s in new jersey to low 50s at the shore, mid 50s as well for delaware by tuesday. all of us looking for rain because of the quick climb in temperatures tuesday. tuesday night into wednesday, the temperatures don't really fall. wednesday, very mild and some rain as well. take a look. you can see on the chart here tuesday, wednesday through dover, redding, atlantic city, all with the forecast of some rain potential. actually even into thursday morning, we could see a rain-snow mix. throw the snow in there because we get to 61 on wednesday, there's the scattered showers. with the harsh windy conditions, we'll force in much colder air. the high by thursday is only 37. the morning low, 30 degrees thursday. then we stay cool through friday
7:20 am
of next week. new this morning, public transit riders in new york city are banding together to scrub away swastikas that somebody drew on a subway car. a lawyer riding the subway spotted the symbols and posted his discovery on social media. a passenger suggested using hand sanitizer to clean off the graffiti. the lawyer and other riders got rid of the messages within just a few minutes. the big game just about here. one of tonight's stars are already a big winner, even before the super bowl kicks off. we'll tell i don't about the honor chester county's matt ryan received last night. more love for "la la land," the newest prize the film just walked away with.
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>> to dwa we're joined by chef
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david banks from wilmington, delaware. >> we'll do a quail dish with some soy, green onions, snow peas, ginger, some thai flavoring. >> regular olive oil. >> it's soy oil. it has the fat, but not the bad fat. >> removing the meat from the boen. >> we'll put the breast of quail over it. we're good. browned off nice. >> you have a nice brown exterior, that's when you know they're ready. >> i'll take this and put it right in here. >> interesting way to serve it, chef. >> you've got the quail. the only bone you have to deal with -- >> is this on the menu at harry's? >> we run things like this often. that's red pepper jelly. >> i like the two different textures you're introducing here in this plate. >> you'll have some crunch and the sauce. >> the sauce really makes it pop. the quail has a very rich
7:23 am
flavor. there's a lot of flavor in that. >> see how tender it is. just a touch medium rare. quick preparation. >> i like the fresh slaw underneath, too. adds a nice contrast. >> to see today's recipe and all the recipes on the chef's kitchen logon to when the falcons meet the patriots in super bowl li
7:24 am
tonight in houston, the league mvp from chester county will be on the field. atlanta quarterback matt ryan won the nfl's top award last night. ryan is from exton. he starred at saint philip and penn charter high school. ryan beat out super bowl opponent tom brady to win the award. the fans of super bowl is the ultimate contest, but no game to a certain group of people in houston this weekend. the nfl has hired more than 4,000 private security and crowd management officers to help police and federal agents keep everything safe. >> everything from more canine teams, more viper units, we're providing air support for the event, cyber security support for the event, all the capabilities that the federal government has. >> police are also on the lookout for counterfeit tickets and fake super bowl merchandise. we're told former president george h.w. bush is ready for the coins to toss at the super.
7:25 am
he had a bout of pneumonia but is recovering. his nephew is also in this photo just in case you're wondering who is standing next to him. from office pools to sports books, the super bowl is the biggest bet in america for gamblers. the gaming authority says americans will bet nearly $5 billion on the big game, an 11% jump from last year. just about all that money, 97% will be wagered illegally. for the record, new england is a three-point favorite over the atlanta. in gloucester county, super sunday means it's time for for the hoagies for hope fund-raiser. stew departments at clear view regional high school are building sandwiches this morning and will sell them between 10:00 and 2:00. proceeds will benefit community members in need. the movie musical "la la land" continues to rack up awards. the film's director damian shah sel won the top prize at the director's guild of america awards in beverly hills.
7:26 am
at 32, he's the youngest director ever to win the award. "la la land" is the favorite to win best picture at the oscars later this month. >> it's not a travel ban. i think the words used to describe it are derived from what the media is calling this. >> now to this. this is white house press secretary sean spicer at a briefing last week. last night "saturday night live" delivered its own take on spicer explaining the president's immigration order. >> the travel ban is not a ban which makes it not a ban. >> you just called it a ban. >> because i'm using your words. >> the president tweeted, and i quote, if the ban were announced with a one-week notice -- >> he's using your words when you use the word and he uses them back, it's circular using of the word, and that's from you. in case you couldn't recognize her, that's actress melissa mccarthy impersonating sean
7:27 am
spicer. >> 7:26 on this sunday. we continue to follow breaking developments this morning. the battle over the immigration travel ban. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at philly international following the fallout. >> reporter: following reaction this morning, rosemary. waiting to see if the white house has any response to what happened in the overnight hours. i'll have those details of what happened coming up. >> that cold air from yesterday still lingering over our region right now, but more mild air is on the way. we'll talk about a warmup for today, an even bigger warmup in the days to come and when areas like right here may see the next round of rain.
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this morning we're following the latest league twists in president trump's plan to ban
7:30 am
immigrants from seven mostly muslim countries. we'll show you this scene that caught two teens off guard and explain why tech experts say you should be on alert as well. some frigid conditions in the pocono mountains. meteorologist krystal klei tells us that warmer weather is on the way. we'll have the most accurate forecast in the region straight ahead. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. nice scene in the pocono mountains. let's start with meteorologist krystal klei. she has the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> it is nice out there, but cold as well. mt. pocono checking in at 22 degrees right now. although, those who may be out snowboarding and skiing yesterday morning will think it doesn't feel too bad. we are looking at warmer than yesterday conditions. 31 in philadelphia, 31 in wilmington, allentown at 30
7:31 am
degrees. here are the feels-like temperatures. yesterday at this time, i think it was about nine below zero. now we or at 11. 28 in vineland, 23 atlantic city. philadelphia feeling like 22. that still feels cold. it does still field cold this morning, but it feels better than yesterday. the afternoon will feel better than yesterday as well. radar and satellite shows the clouds building in. remember what i managed through this morning into the afternoon, we could see isolated flurries through the poconos. not going the make it to the ground yet. the chance will be here as the clouds spread across the board. the rest of us will be dry. here is what we're looking at. we go from 31 right now, mid 30s at 9:00 a.m., lunch hour about 40 degrees. winds will start to pick up and make us feel just a little cooler than it truly is. we'll talk more about your breezy afternoon and forecast highs, if you're getting out to a super bowl party later today. now to that breaking news we've been following.
7:32 am
here is what we know right now, a federal appeals court will hold a hearing tomorrow after denying the trump administration's emergency bid last night to reverse a temporary block on the president's travel ban. this all started on friday when a federal judge halted the ban on immigrants and refugees from seven mostly muslim countries. since then, visa holders affected by the ban began rushing to board flights bound for the u.s. mr. trump has been tweeted about this. this weekend he's at his resort in florida. in one of the tweets he said the judge opened up our country to potential terrorists and others that don't have our best interests at heart. bad people are very happy. again, the federal appeals court denying the trump administration's request to reinstate the ban on immigrants and refugees. we showed you the mostly seven muslim countries. nbc 10's flk is live at
7:33 am
philadelphia international airport giving us the details. >> that decision means people with valid visas can continue coming to the u.s. by air. that includes here at philly international as well. the trump administration argues the federal judge who issued the restraining order overreached by second-guessing the president on a matter of national security, even though the appeal was denied, there's expected to being more back and forth as far as arguments in the case. the justice department has until early tomorrow morning to respond. yesterday airports and airlines began complying with the court order that lifted the ban. some of the travellers who tried to get into the u.s. but could not over the last several day, they rejoiced after landing. >> it's really frustrating because i was about to check in in line when he signed the order. >> reporter: we are keeping an
7:34 am
eye on updates from the white house if there is a comment on this latest ruling, we will bring it to you. philadelphia international airport had this to seyed, that the airport welcomes the return of operating from seed yurs in which properly vetted foreign travelers and refugees are admitted to the united states. meantime, a syrian family that was denied entry right here at philly international last week, their lawyer confirms they have made a rangements to come back to the u.s. of course, this is a story that keeps developing and we'll continue to follow it. for now, live at philadelphia international airport, matt delucia. the leader of an anti trump protest endangered a critically ill patient is under arrest. you can see demonstrators blocking a highway in new haven yesterday. according to state police the protest delayed an ambulance and that forced paramedics to perform a procedure on the patient inside the ambulance instead of inside the hospital. the protest organizer is accused of inciting a riot. in west palm beach, florida,
7:35 am
hundreds of people demonstrated outside the trump family condo. mr. trump is staying at the resort this weekend. the protest focused on a range of presidential action taken since the inauguration last month. president trump and first lady melania trump attended the 60th annual red cross ball in palm beach. the event has been held at mar-a-lago every year, even well before the president owned it. at least 500 people were there. as many as 40,000 people marched in london yesterday to protest president trump. this is the third massive demonstration against the president in london in the past two weeks. demonstrators are frustrated by the president's travel ban and are demanding that the british government withdraw its invaiation for a state visit by president trump. this iranian baby born with
7:36 am
a rare heart condition is on her way to the united states. the government granted her family an emergency exemption to president trump's immigration ban which we've said is now on hold. the family is scheduled to arrive at a hospital in portland, oregon, in the next few days. >> he's about four months of age. that has complicated her condition. so the blood flow throughout her heart and lungs has potentially injured -- it has certainly begun to injure her lungs. >> the oregon hospital will cover most of the baby's medical costs with no public money being used. donations will also help to pay for the family's transportation. in other news this morning, philadelphia police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a local activist. the 65-year-old woman was found in her bedroom just before 8:30 on friday night. investigators tell us she was shot in the stomach. this morning a coatesville man is under arrest after crews rescued him from a quarry in the
7:37 am
lehigh valley. here is what we know. the suspect fell down a 30-foot embankment and into the slatington quarry last night. according to investigators the suspect refused an initial rescue attempt, so off serts threw down a floatation departme device. after 40 minutes the man was fred from the bottom of the quarry. he's facing charges of possessing a stolen vehicle and eluding police. new details about plans to build the 29 story tower. toll brothers released new renderings for the build deposition at 7th and samson street which include brick piers and metal details. the developer also released proposed floor plans for the more than 100 condos. the project is not without controversy. businesses and neighbors who favor preserving samson street's history protested against the
7:38 am
new tower and the demolition of current buildings on jewelers row. 7:38 on this sunday. we have a new warning about the dangers of the batteries that house laptops and cell phones. we'll show you how two california teenagers got the surprise of their lives over and over again, the same laptop. it was all caught on camera. we'll have the story coming up. the call is on hold. why it's better luck next year for two former eagles when it comes to football immortality. i'm erin coleman for "nbc10 @issue." president trump wasted no time turning his campaign promises into practice. critics calling his actions illegal while supporters applaud his take on executive authority. join me later this morning when we separate fact from fiction when it comes to president powers. >> what we have to ask is what's the substance of these particular executive orders, are there problems of conflicts with federal law, conflicts with the
7:39 am
constitution? is this something the president is allowed to do. >> coming up this morning at 11:30, following "meet the press" only on nbc 10. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we created internet that doesn't make you wait. introducing fios instant internet. it means you can download a video just like that. or upload your photos like this. or this. or that. it's the only 750 meg internet available to millions, with uploads as instant as downloads. we took internet speed and completely reinvented it,
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z . this morning we have another warning about the potential dangers of lithium ion batteries which power our cell phone,
7:42 am
laptops, even some cars. two teenagers in california got an explosive surprise, shall we say. it was all caught on home surveillance video. the two teens were at their house sitting on the couch when the family laptop burst into flames. after blowing out the flames, unplugging the computer and putting it outside on the computer, the laptop caught fire again. experts say the explosion seems to be caused by the lithium ion battery, the same in cell phones and hoverboards prompting nationwide recalls. >> it didn't heat up or smoke. >> the fact they had it on a coach and couldn't dissipate heat. it means all the protections that should be in there, it wasn't working. >> fortunately nobody was hurt in that explosion. the family says they did return the laptop to the company so they can investigate.
7:43 am
>> this is sports desk brought to you by x finney. x1 will change the way you experience tv. good morning to you. happy sonny. i'm danny pommells from csn. brian dawkins is one of many nfl grates to travel to houston to see if they made the 2017 class of the pro football hall of fame. he was the only first ballot finalist not to have his name called. ladainian tomlinson and jason taylor did make it in. dawkins tweeted out after the news broke, does not change the facts, i'm blessed by the best. thanks for all the love. classy as always from b. dawk. there's always next year. let's turn to the 6ers who knew they wouldn't have joel embiid. but didn't expect to have jalil oak far who didn't play due to knee soreness. embiid not traveling to the final road trip on new england. heat already in control in the second, but the 6ers trying to push back. maryland's noel with the alley oop. brett brown's men had no answer
7:44 am
in the first half or at all for hassan whiteside. turn around over noel here. with the heat up 11, whiteside back for work. 23-13 in the first half. 6ers fall to the heat, taking it on the chin, 125-101. on the college scene, jay wright and the cavs had philly all to themselves. dropped to four in the ap rankings trying to make amends. great start for nova against st. john's, up 8-0 in the first half. jalen brunson deposits two. gets them to the 18-point half-time lead for nova. nova goes inside, then back out to donte divincenzo. cash money. the freshman can play a little bit. had 20 over the bench. nova over the johnnys, 92-79. the flyers win over montreal thursday was a breath of fresh air for a team that fell flat out of the all-star break, orange and black looking to build on that momentum yesterday as they welcomed the kings to south philly. a visit from l.a. means a return from 77, former flier jeff
7:45 am
carter leading his team onto the ice. pick it up in the second half, king to the cross bar, one end flyers push the other way, open ice, he can only hit the post. flyers that close to cashing in. later in the period michael neuvirth, a save of the year candidate. wow, robs brown with the glove. didn't look like he'd get there. brown with almost the whole net to shoot at. neuvirth gets the glove down. standing ovation for his effort and he wasn't done. still scoreless. under five to play in the third. kings on the rush, first shot is blocked, but watch neuvirth get the leather where it needed to be once again. a great performance for him. overtime, 2:30 left in the extra session, all three flyers, there's that guy, jeff carter all alone, scores the game winner. think he's excited? a little bit. kings finally foil neuvirth and beat the flyers 1-0 in over time.
7:46 am
that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells, csn. quick side note, terrell owens, t.o., didn't get voted into the football hall of fame. it was his second year of eligibility. coming up we'll talk live with nbc "meet the press" moderator chuck todd about the next steps. that's just ahead. we are warming up today, although still a cold morning and even bigger warmup in store for your workweek. comes with some rain, too. what about snow for areas down the shore. we'll talk about all of that coming up. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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welcome back. happy sunday morning everyone. we're looking at temperatures right now right around freezing in our philadelphia neighborhoods. at the airport, our official reporting location, 31 degrees. 32 for society hill, graduate hospital, rittenhouse. even mantioch up to 32 degrees. it's a cold morning again. it's not as cold as yesterday morning. already good news. here is a look at radar and
7:50 am
satellite. we see the clouds start to close in a bit. i'm looking at ground reports. not seeing flakes make it to the ground. not surprised if we see light flurries pass along the northern edge of the viewing area along the poconos. everyone else will stay dry. the clouds will start to cover us throughout the morning. take a look. more snow to the north of us, rain farther to the south of us. worthy in between. we're going to stay dry, but we'll see the cloud deck move through. here is the forecast, 46 the high in center city. somerton, you're at 45. also 45 in doylestown and 43 for easton. allentown behind 41 degrees. notice the mix of clouds and sun and mid 40s throughout our new jersey neighborhoods. 46 degrees for cape may, ocean city and atlantic city. upper 40s through parts of delaware by a little later this afternoon. as for your hour-by-hour
7:51 am
forecast, today it's the clouds and they start to thin a bit into the afternoon. still the potential for spotty and light flurries moving along through the poconos, and that even moves out as we go into tonight. you see we clear out as well. for monday, a mostly sunny forecast which will allow our temperatures to warm above average. mid to upper 40s throughout monday. then we go to your tuesday. by the morning, we're pulling in rain. also pulling in much warmer air and the rain showers will have pockets of heavier rain even into the afternoon. there we are at noon. this will continue through wednesday. wednesday will be more scattered rain showers. we go from 40s to 50s to 61 on your wednesday. very windy by the afternoon. that's when colder air moves in. look at that drop. 30 for a high thursday morning with the possibility of some lingering rain-snow mix. 37 only for a high thursday
7:52 am
afternoon. america's golden door for immigrants is open again, for now. overnight president trump lost his latest battle with the federal courts to immediately reinstate his immigration order. it's a top issue this morning on "meet the press." joining us for a preview is moderator chuck todd. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, rosemary. >> for now the travel ban is on hold. we know there's a hearing in federal court tomorrow, but could this ultimately end up in the supreme court? >> i don't see how it doesn't unless -- there's one way it doesn't end up in the supreme court. that's if the trump administration sort of takes a sober look at the current judicial landscape because, yes, you bring up, there is that appeal for a hearing on monday, but there's also the state of hawaii became the latest to file suit against it. there are multiple suits. even if they win one in one place, they can lose in another, creating almost the need for the
7:53 am
supreme court to make this final decision. if the administration believes this is a necessary order and it's truly about the safety and security of the country, then don't wait for the judiciary. rescind the order and go to congress and you might actually get it enacted into law faster. >> chuck, you have quite a few exclusive guests this morning, one of course is vice president mike pence. he was just in philadelphia yesterday. what can you tell us about his influence and input with the president? is he the kind of vice president that gop leaders hoped he would be? >> i think so far he is. he's certainly i think the president's most credible advocate when it comes to capitol hill. speaker paul ryan is much more comfortable with mike pence's view of what conservatism is than donald trump's, for instance. i think mike pence and his team certainly had a stronger hand in the supreme court pick, you could argue, than donald trump. pence's history in the conservative movement versus trump's history means long-time
7:54 am
legal conservatives were going to trust pens's instincts more than trump's. mike pence serves as almost his conservative interpreter at times. so i think that that's the role so far that he's played and then some. >> moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd, thank you. >> you got it. >> chuck has quite a few guests, speaking exclusively with house speaker paul ryan, house minority leader nancy pelosi and vice president mike pence. it comes your way on "meet the press" at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. we'll be right back.
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7:57 am
it was a celebration of children and reading in center city. thousands of local families came out for the 25th anniversary of the african-american children's book fair. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 were proud sponsors. reporters brandon hudson and andrea cline-thomas were there. this is one of the largest and biggest single day ae vents in the country. looking clear out there, still a little cold this morning. a cold start to the morning, not as cold as it was yesterday. beautiful look outside. we are seeing clouds move into philadelphia. we will partly cloudy conditions, breezy and the mid 40s. into the 60s this week. >> that's what i'm zeroing in
7:58 am
on. >> we'll see you back here at 9:00. have a good one. where things come from? how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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8:00 am
officially putting iran on notice. >> go nuclear. >> they should either get with the program or go. >> why don't we switch jobs. good morning. welcome to "sunday today" on this super bowl sunday. i'm willie geist. the legal battle that stretched into the we hours of the morning overnight and a defeat in court for the trump administration as the white house is denied for now in its bid to get a travel ban reinstated. plus the president in an interview that will air during the super bowl makes a comment comparing russia to the united states in a way that certainly won't quiet questions about his posture towards vmi


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