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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  February 5, 2017 10:00am-10:31am EST

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breaking right now on "nbc 10 news today," the travel ban still on hold, this as a federal appeals court denies an emergency bid by the trump administration to bring it back immediately. not one of our area's finest. that's why police in the lehigh valley say they need your help to find this alleged cop imposter targeting women on the road. call it an aerial attack. it seems birds are leaving their mark on just about everything in trenton. city leaders say they have a plan to take their town back. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connor. it's 10:00 on this sunday. plenty to talk about. let's beginning with
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meteorologist krystal klei who is tracking chilly temperatures outside. we're slowly going to warm up. >> it was so cold yesterday. in the afternoon we only hit a high of 36 degrees: 36 in philadelphia. obvious we'll be warmer today than we were yesterday. that was our afternoon temperatures. now looking at warmer temperatures. vineland at 37. 39 degrees already in atlantic city. allentown 31, mt. pocono, 25. we were in single digits at this time yesterday. it's colder than it truly is outside. a lot of us in the upper 20s to low 30s. you want the layers, but you're not going to need as much bulk as you did yesterday. the clouds are picking up through out the entire area. they'll linger throughout most of the day.
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a little more sun later in the afternoon is possible. this is really the focus. today we're warmer, clouds different than yesterday, breezy in the afternoon. the next big change is the temperatures continuing to climb into your workweek. we'll talk about how high they go and when rain returns across the region. a federal appeals court rejected the trump administration's emergency bid to reverse a temporary block on the president's travel bid. we know there's a hearing tomorrow on all this. it began on friday when a federal judge halted the ban on immigrants and refugees from seven mostly muslim countries. that's when visa holders began rushing to board flights bound for the u.s. mr. trump has been reacting on twitter. one of his tweets reads, the judge opens up our country to potential terrorists and others that do not have our best interests at heart. bad people are very happy.
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nbc 10's matt delucia is live at philly international and has new details about a local family trying to get back here. matt? >> rosemary, the decision this morning basically allows people with valid visas to continue coming to the u.s. some of the folks will be the assali family. we just got this photo within the last 30 minutes or so. it shows the family making their way to the united states. you might remember this family tried to get here to philadelphia international a week ago. they were turned away and told to go back to syria. there were protests here in the arrivals hall as a result of that. now folks like them, their families and others are very happy about this decision, but others are also angry about it.
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reunions like this one happening at airports across the country. families waiting for loved ones left hanging in the balance. >> it was really frustrated. i was in line when he signed the order. >> the president's executive order had been in effect for a week until a federal judge put a temporary stop to it friday night. since then, airports like philly international have reopened to visa holders and refugees from the seven countries in question. the question now, what's next? >> it is confusing and scary. >> reporter: the justice department has until 2:59 eastern time tomorrow morning to file a response to today's ruling. president trump is not happy. neither are his supporters. >> we need to address what we have in our country first. i think it's necessary. it's dangerous for americans. we want to feel safe in our own homes. >> for now, a rush to u.s. soil, not knowing if or when they would get another shot. >> i hope this nightmare ends
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soon. that was nbc's matt delucia reporting. demonstrations continue in our area during president trump's first 100 days in office. 2,000 people took part in the march for humanity in center city. the group was protesting president trump's travel ban. now, aside from the traffic troubles, philadelphia police tell us that the march was peaceful. in fact, philadelphia police inspector joe sullivan with the police department's homeland security, he thanked his force on twitter and tweeted a vp visit, two large demonstrations and marches, zero arrests and zero negative incidents. very proud of my officers. let's head to connecticut where the leader of an anti trump protest is under arrest. you can see demonstrators blocking a highway in new haven. state police say the protest delayed an ambulance. that forced paramedics to
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perform a procedure on the patient inside the ambulance instead of inside the hospital. the protest organizer is accused of inciting a riot. this weekend in west palm bea beach, florida, hundreds marched to the president's mar-a-lago resort. the protest focused on a range of presidential actions and orders taken since inauguration last month. the travel ban will be the top issue on nbc's "meet the press." that comes up in about 25 minutes. earlier this morning, i talked to moderator chuck todd about this battle and whether it's headed to the supreme court. take a listen. >> i don't see how it doesn't, unless -- there's one way it doesn't end at the supreme court. that's if the trump administration sort of takes a sober look at the current judicial landscape. the state of hawaii became the latest to file suit.
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there are multiple suits, even if they win one in one place, they could lose in another, creating almost the need for the supreme court to make this final decision. >> chuck will be talking exclusively with house speaker paul ryan and house minority leader nancy pelosi, plus talking live to vice president mike pence. it comes your way on "meet the press" this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. in camden county there are still no charges, no arrests in the death of a 2-year-old boy. this weekend nbc 10 obtained the 911 call in the unsolved homicide case. the call gives us the frantic moments that led up to the toddler's death. take a listen to this. >> he's dying, please. >> county officials released the call to nbc 10 yesterday in response to an open records request. the november call came from a nanny in pennsauken. she told the 911 operator the toddler in her care was throwing up blood. the boy ended up dying at some
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point after that eight-minute call. the prosecutor's office in camden county is handling the case. again, to arrests. police in lehigh valley need your help. they're trying to find a man posing as an officer. police say the man pictured here pulled over a woman in lower saucon township claiming she had a brake light out. the woman realized the man was not a police officer and drove off. the same speck was wanted for a similar incident in south white hall township. police say the man was driving a white suv with a red and blue emergency light flashing on the dashboard. new from trenton, watch where you walk. birds are making a mess of just about everything. take a look at this video just into nbc 10. the trenton mayor's office says the migrating birds are a constant issue, leaving the signs everywhere. the city has plans to use
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pyrotechnics to scare off the birds. no date has been set. trenton officials say they will be alerting neighbors before they do anything. they've already spoken with members of the epa and division of wildlife about their plans. we'll keep you posted. nine minutes past 10:00 on this sunday. the search is on for a robbery suspect in philadelphia. still ahead, we'll tell you how he targeted a girl scout while she was selling those cookies.
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mid-century home and the heating system is a turbine, hvac, reverse hydrogen, boiler pipe unit. well sir, i can see that you live in a twin and based on the size, your usage has been spiking. ♪ that's exactly what i thought. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. welcome back. a minute ago we were talking about temperatures in the mid and upper 30s. now let's look at the highs we'll see this afternoon. that i are better than yesterday. bethlehem in the low 40s. lehigh valley low to mid 40s for high temperatures. in the suburbs about the same. new town at 45 degrees. westchester at 45. that's the same for phoenixville, also. a nice mix of clouds and sun by the afternoon. at least through your morning
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hours, cloudy to mostly cloudy. 45 in fairmount for your high today. 44 for west mt. airy. conditions overall will continue to be dry as well. new jersey, trenton at 44. hatton field at 44 degrees. over to the shore, 46 in atlantic city. some spots in ac, atlantic city, are right near 40 degrees already. and in delaware, here is your forecast high. upper 40s for today. warmer for the days to come. a look closer at that coming up. this morning philadelphia police are searching for the man who robbed a girl scout. here is what we know. police tell us this all happened before 5:00 yesterday afternoon before rittenhouse square. the girl was selling cookies in the area when a man wearing a gray sweatshirt robbed her of about $50. exclusive pictures on the delaware river turnpike connector bridge. the pennsylvania turnpike commission provided them. the bridge is expected to stay closed until at least april.
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we know the repairs are under way. we will keep you posted on an exact date for when it reopens. there was a crack in one of the trusses and that's what forced the bridge to close. still ahead on "nbc 10 news today," from cars to cell phones, laptops, lithium ion batteries power up just abouter thing. this morning a new al learn warning of the potential danger of those batteries. getting ready for the big game, patriots and falcons fans are ready for it. the water department in a small town in michigan is worried about half-time. we'll explain.
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new greek 100 protein. from yoplait. let's start with a live look outside wilmington, delaware. you can see kind of a gray forecast. the clouds across the region, the sun is rising. now cloudier conditions. for the first half of the day we'll stick to cloudy to mostly
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cloudy. likely see right now, we should stay dry in today's forecast. here is a look at temperatures in parts of pennsylvania suburbs, 32 degrees west acklin township. yuke lynn at 33 degrees. westchester 34, collegeville at 34. north wales is at 34 and ft. washington. a lot of us have boosted above freezing, just barely. you won't need the type of layers you wore yesterday if you went outdoors. in new jersey, our neighborhoods are about the same. mid to upper 30s, audubon at 37, sweetsboro at 35. 36 for pemberton. florence at 37. just a little colder hopeville township, right at freezing, 32 degrees currently. clouds have filled in across the board. i know radar is trying to show a little rain-snow mix near mercer county. this isn't making it to the ground. could see a few flakes near the
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poconos this morning and this afternoon. that will be isolated light flurries at best. everywhere else stays dry. we have better snow sitting off to the north of us. we've got rain down to the south of us. we're the inbetween where it's just the clouds. otherwise we miss out on the good stuff today. winds will pick up, though, gusts to 25 miles per hour. you can see the sustained winds are close to ten to 15 miles per hour. notice a breeze through the rest of the afternoon. here is the three-day outlook. look at tuesday, up to 55 degrees. that's when the rain moves in. could see heavier rain for your tuesday. in the suburbs just a little cooler. low to mid 40s. low 50s by tuesday. same deal for the lehigh valley. a slight chance we'll see a very brief rain-snow mix before it all turns to rain. overall temperatures are quickly going to boost up as the moisture moves in. 55 by your tuesday in new jersey. 53 at the shore. in delaware up to 56 degrees.
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of course, that follows today where we're in those mid to upper 40s with cloudy conditions and dry. we'll talk about that extended ten-day in ten in a few minutes. 10:18 on this sunday. another warning about the potential dangers from lithium ion batteries which power cell phones, laptops, even some cars. two teens out in california got an explosive surprise, and it was all caught on home surveillance video. you can see the two teens were sitting on the couch when the family laptop burst into flames. after blowing out the flames, unplugging the computer and taking it outside onto the patio, it catches fire again. experts say the explosion seemed to be caused by the battery. >> no warning. it didn't heat up. it didn't smoke. it literally exploded. >> the fact they had it on a couch, it couldn't dissipate heat, it means all the protection that should be in
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there, it wasn't working. >> fortunately nobody was hurt in this explosion. the family says they did return the laptop to the laptop maker so the company could investigate. we are just hours away from the biggest game in professional sports. the patriots battle the falcons in super bowl li here in houston. concern is growing in michigan about half-time. mara mcdonald explains that a warning is in place about when and when not to flush. >> who knew super bowl sunday is a major water usage day. public works chief is asking to reenforce the request that everybody in the area please be careful in their water usage and please, please don't all flush at once during half-time. >> people are having parties and family members over, et cetera. they're using a lot of water. we just ask people to use your
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common sense, to please think about restricting the amount of water that they're using. >> work on this mess that collapsed on christmas eve is going around the country. one sewer bypass line is in, the bigger is still under construction. the county can ease up on the water worries. until then, in an attempt to avoid raw sewage hitting the river and in some cases people's basements, don't leave the tap running while you brush your teeth, don't leave it running while you do the dishes. sunday, please time out those super bowl bathroom breaks. >> people are trying to use their common sense and restrict water usage. we are extremely appreciative of that. we're reminding them on super bowl sunday which is a time when there's going to be heavy water usage, please try to restrict it to the best of your ability. >> coming up next, we'll take a look at all the day's sports news including a snub from eagles great.
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we'll hear from brian dawkins about not being selected from this year's football hall of fame class. president trump wasted no time turning his campaign promises into action. join me later this morning when we separate fact from fiction when it comes to presidential powers. >> what we have to ask is what's the substance of these particular executive orders. are there problems with conflicts with federal law? are there problems with conflicts with the constitution? is this something the president is allowed to do. >> coming up this morning at 11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc 10.
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honey nut cheerios gets their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey and real oats. okay that's still honey. huh, there we go. we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy. figures. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good. good morning to you. happy sonny. i'm danny pommells from csn. brian dawkins is one of many nfl
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grates to traveled to houston to see if they made the 2017 class of the pro football hall of fame. he was the only first ballot finalist not to have his name called. ladainian tomlinson and jason taylor did make it in. dawkins tweeted out after the news broke, does not change the facts, i'm blessed by the best. thanks for all the love. classy as always from b. dawk. there's always next year. let's turn to the 6ers who knew they wouldn't have joel embiid for saturday's game but did expect to have joelle okafor who didn't play due to knee soreness. embiid not traveling to the final road trip on new england. heat already in control in the second, but the 6ers trying to push back. maryland's noel with the alley-oop. brett brown's men had no answer in the first half or at all for hassan whiteside. having his way, turn-around over noel here. with the heat up 11, whiteside back for work. 23-13 in the first half. 6ers fall to the heat, taking it
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on the chin 125-102. on the college scene, jay wright and the cavs had philly all to themselves. dropped to fourth in the ap rankings. great start for nova against st. john's. up 8-0 in the first half. brunson deposits two, gets the 18-point half-time lead for nova. nova goes inside, then back out to donte divincenzo. cash money. the freshman can play a little bit. had 20 over the bench. nova over the johnnys, 92-79. the flyers win over montreal thursday was a breath of fresh air for a team that fell flat out of the all-star break, orange and black looking to build on that momentum yesterday as they welcomed the kings to south philly. a visit from l.a. means a return from 77, former flyer jeff carter leading his team onto the ice. pick it up in the second half, king to the cross bar, one end
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flooirgs flyers push the other way. sean couture yea the other way. he can only hit the post. flyers that close to cashing in. later in the period michael neuvirth, a save of the year candidate. wow, robs brown with the glove. didn't look like he'd get there. brown with almost the whole net to shoot at. neuvirth gets the glove down. standing ovation for his effort and he wasn't done. still scoreless. under five to play in the third. kings on the rush, first shot is blocked, but watch neuvirth get the leather where it needed to be once again. a great performance for him. overtime, 2:30 left in the extra session, all three flyers, there's that guy, jeff carter all alone, scores the game winner. think he's excited? a little bit. kings finally foil neuvirth and beat the flyers 1-0 in over time. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells, csn. let's head to south jersey where it was top honors for a
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fallen soldier. these pictures are from yesterday's dedication of the a.j. dickson vets and friends center in camden county. dickson died in iraq in 2004. dickson's mother was on hand for the ceremony. the center is available for active and inactive military members and their family. starting to see those clouds settling behind us. earlier this morning it was clear out there. but it looks like it's going to be a cloudy, chilly day. >> we saw the clouds move in. a little breezy today. still a cool day, but not as cool as yesterday. this is a live look in center city. we're looking at the clouds starting to blanket the area. temperatures are already quite a bit warmer than yesterday at this time. at 46 this afternoon, 47 monday, all the way up to 61 by wednesday. we do have rain to pair with that. then a huge drop in temperatures. we get windy wednesday, we drop to 30 for a low in the morning. so we could see a little rain-snow mix and then only 37 in the afternoon.
10:28 am
friday we're even lower. this is the roller coaster we're on. >> i know. it's like winter, spring, can't make up our minds. >> we'll take it for now. >> that will do it for us. i'm rosemary connors, for krystal klei and all of us at nbc 10, have a good one. coming up next is "meet the press." fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, the only 100% fiber optic network, with uploads as fast as downloads, their half house has full internet.
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and chaos. the fight over president trump's travel ban. the president vows to get the restrictions reinstated after a judge temporarily blocks them calling the ruling ridiculous and tweeting about this so-called judge. what are travelers supposed to do now? plus president trump's head-spinning week. a supreme court pick. >> outstanding legal skills, a brilliant mind, tremendous discipline, and has earned bipartisan support. >> putting iran on notice. softening his support for new israeli settlements and holding testy talks with allies, mexico and australia. >> when you hear about the tough phone calls i'm having, don't worry about. we have an all-star lineup of guests this morning. mike


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