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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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cab was driving right through rittenhouse square, driving through the park and it was really a wild scene for people who were in this area, just imagine that seeing a taxi driving right through rittenhouse square but it ended right where we are this wild scene ended right here at 18th and walnut. let's take a look at the video. you can hear it there and the screeching tires. in the last half hour we learned that the suspect in this case, a man got into the driver's seat after the cab driver got out of the taxi to help a woman who was apparently with that man. you can see the video there. the cab driving right through the middle of rittenhouse square. people were in the park at the time. this was a couple hours ago right in the middle of the afternoon. they stopped what they were doing to see what was happening. after the driver went through the park, he crashed into a van and that's when good samaritans reached into the taxi, to grab the steering wheel. take a look. >> as i'm trying to hold him,
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he's hitting the gas but i had the wheel so that's why he started to go that way on to the curb and everything. i. >> i see one of my coworkers sprint to go pull him out. me and another guy got on top of him, pulled him out from the other side and he was naked. >> reporter: you heard there from some of the good samaritans who helped stop the cab. the driver, the suspect here still tried to get away. but he was surrounded by those people nearby. eventually this man who was naked at the time was pulled out of the car and was subdued by several men. so that's the latest here. we understand that's the suspect in this case is taken to han montana hospital. he is in police custody. still working to figure out exactly where he came from and also why he was naked. live in center city i'm ted greenberg nbc10 news. >> right now at six a reunion getting international attention happening in the lehigh valley.
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nbc10 is there and we are the only station inside their allentown home tonight. denied entry two weekends ago under the president's order. >> i was thinking i was going back to syria. my life was ruined. >> some legal wrangling has them back in the u.s. now. >> the assali family was allowed back into the country today after a federal judge temporarily blocked the president's executive order on immigration. >> the family flew 18 hours to philadelphia international airport arriving saturday, january 28th but they were immediately sent home and this morning they arrived from damascus, syria back in the u.s. flying into jfk airport into new york. >> then they headed to allentown where their family members already lived. that's where lauren mayk joins us live now. >> reporter: this family has not been together like this in
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several years and a week ago they really weren't sure whether they would be together today. tonight, though, family members are settling into a new home after a long journey. outside the assali home a celebration that brought pennsylvania's governor to this allentown neighborhood. >> this is a federal issue. but i can stand up and use my bully pulpit to say these folks are welcome in my state. >> reporter: the welcome is for family members first turned away a week ago after the president's executive order barring situation from seven countries including their native syria. our camera catches the reuin years in the making. >> has it set in yet? >> it's still a dream but the dream has come true today. >> reporter: this is assali's home now filled with more family. >> the family is the center of everything. getting together, brothers andsters. >> reporter: albert richie was the first of the family to come
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from syria. they now add more like 17-year-old matt. >> last time i saw him -- >> reporter: joining his older brother who's been living in the u.s. >> i'm going to show him everything. >> reporter: sarmad's brother-in-law who spoke to us in arabic. >> anywhere in the world when they meet with their family it is priceless and he feels that this moment is priceless. >> reporter: now you may remember that this family filed a federal lawsuit in philadelphia over the president's executive order. i reached out to their attorney. he tells me that at this point that lawsuit is moot because the family is now here in the u.s. however there could be more litigation in the future. live in allentown. i'm lauren mayk nbc10 news. >> fighting the president's
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order a coalition of 15 attorneys general including pennsylvania ag josh shapiro announced a lawsuit against president trump's executive order on immigration. >> companies and educational institutions who have researchers, engineers and students who live here, own homes and pay taxes are harmed by this executive order. >> the travel ban is on hold for now after a ruling from a seattle federal judge. president trump signed the executive order banning syrian refugees indefinitely and people from seven predominantly muslim countries from coming to the u.s. for three months. it argues that the order is a valid exercise of mr. trump's authority. and today new jersey state senate voted to form early condemn the president's travel ban. >> pennsylvania's a step closer like punishing sanctuary cities like philadelphia. the law would cut off state grants to cities and towns that
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do not comply with federal immigration authorities. >> new at six the battle over philadelphia sweetened beverage tax is bubbling up once again. calling for the state to overturn the so-called soda tax bill. this 64 page brief called the tax illegal and says, quote, the tax is not constitutional. violates the law and will result in lost sales tax revenue collection. >> turning to our first alert weather now and warmer conditions right now as we look live. skaters out there on the ice, dry right now but we're tracking some rain for the morning commute tomorrow. >> they can skate with light jackets tonight. let's get to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> some folks are going to be seeing the rain just as we get into the morning rush. we're starting to see some of the high thin clouds increase to our west just as we're after sunset and just before it gets totally dark out there.
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it's 49 degrees right now in philadelphia. we got up to 54 degrees today. the average high is that number, 42 degrees which is what we have in allentown now, even 48 degrees in coatesville. so it's warming up that any precipitation that comes in tonight is in the form of rain and here it is advancing through the east coming through west virginia now and into some parts of the area by daybreak. it's not going to be that cold. you can see some of those rain showers and pa suburbs and lehigh valley and possibly at the jersey shore. more areas with rain and then eventually some snow. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> see you soon. today we got our first look at what's causing a slowdown on septa's busiest line. septa leaders showed nbc10 pictures of cracks in two subway cars. that prompted an inspection of all the cars on the market-frankfurt line, nearly 60 of them had cracks in the vent box. now riders have to deal with
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fewer trains until all the problems have been repaired. shuttle buses will be available to help ease delays. >> we think it's going to be heavy tomorrow, heavier, but we will, you know, do as much as we can. we're also going to have two more train sets out there. >> right now septa has no time table for when all the cars will be back on track. this just the latest in a string of struggles for septa over the past seven months. back in july, a third of septa's regional rail cars had been taken offline when septa found cracks in them. that caused delays. then in november came the septa strike. 57,000 workers left their posts for about a week to find out about track changes caused by this latest septa problem and to get updates on the progress to fix it, go to the nbc10 app. >> police in bucks county say they have uncovered a massive child sex abuse case and they say one man is at the center of it. 58-year-old william charles thomas is under arrest.
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police say they have evidence suggesting his alleged victims could go back as much as 40 years. the falls township native worked as a handy man at several trailer parks as well as in all the homes all over the area. they have identified six victims but more children could have been assaulted. >> a smyrna woman pleaded guilty to a woman by putting antifreeze in his steroids. she pleaded guilty to killing him in 2014. jamie baker will be sentenced next month. >> tonight nbc10 is learning more about the prison standoff in smyrna delaware that left a corrections officer dead. >> tim furlong went right to the top for answers today. >> reporter: the memorial services and tributes to lieutenant steven floyd have come answers about how correctional facility could overtake the corrections officers have not. >> it's been an extremely
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difficult and stressful past few days. >> reporter: he tells me supporting the floyd family is job one right now. he too is waiting for answers from both state police and internal investigation. he wants to know what day-to-day conditions are really like and figure out a way to make sure this type of crisis doesn't happen again. >> determine what we need to do to make this facility secure or inmates and safe for our employees who recognizing that they have a very dangerous job that they do every day. >> reporter: over the weekend i had people messaging me on facebook. people who have relatives in other delaware prisons including one in wilmington. they tell me they believe their inmates are still being punished for what the inmates have done in smyrna. >> she normally hears from him every day but she hasn't heard from him since before the smyrna stand off. food service has been very limited since the stand off. she knows her son did the crime
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so she has to do the time. families on the outside deserve some information and peace of mind. >> they're not giving us any answers and that's what disheartening and concerning. >> reporter: i'm tim furlong, nbc10 news. >> late today nbc10 news heard from the delaware department of corrections. every day since the standoff all delaware facilities have been reassessing their security situations and are steadily restoring inmate programs and phone privileges. they also say, all inmates have been fed three meals a day. >> happening now at 24 hour protest against president trump's education secretary nominee. looking live at the senate floor right there. democrats plan to speak there until a vote on betsy devos's nomination which is set for noon tomorrow. >> new jersey senator bob menendez is among those speaking against devos's nomination. he took to the floor in the last 20 minutes. devos say wealthy gop donor who has drawn especially fierce opposition. >> harrisburg new abortion bill
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passed the state senate committee and now heads to the full senate. it would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy except in cases of emergency. it bans abortions after 24 weeks. governor wolf says if it reaches his desk he will veto it. >> kobe bryant's memorabilia targeted. the promise nba legend is making to his high school after burglars break in.
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tonight kobe bryant is promising to help. >> someone broke into lower merion high school and stole a replica of kobe's high school jersey and other memorabilia. >> and on kobe's promise to make this right. >> it's awful. a lot of people are talking about it. >> reporter: lower merion high school kobe's showcase cleaned out by thieves. >> i know a lot of kids that look up to him and were down in the dumps today. >> reporter: between 6:30 and 7:30 last night among the items swiped kobe bryant's replica
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jersey. sneakers signed by the nba star and alum and the 1996 state championship trophy, all worth way more in sentimental value than in dollars. >> it's just unfathomable to all of us as to why someone would do it. >> he built the jim. his name is everywhere. it's a big loss for the school to have his memorabilia taken away. >> reporter: police say they're still working to obtain and review the building surveillance video. school district director of communications doug young played varsity basketball with bryant. >> it's a punch in the gut when someone comes into your building and does that to a space that really is a sake cret space for our school community. >> they've heard from bryant since the burglary. they say he's offered to do whatever he can to replace the stolen items. in lower merion, i'm ted
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greenberg nbc10 news. >> is your smart tv watching you. vizio is paying $2 million to the feds and the state of new jersey to settle claims about its tv. attorney general dharjed software on its televisions to monitor viewing habits without customer concept. >> ironhill brewery and restaurant is coming to center city. the company announced today it will be the newest tenant to join the center city. it's set to open in the spring of next year. now ironhill brewery and restaurant has 12 locations throughout delaware, pennsylvania and new jersey including this one at east town center. >> to our weather now, not too cold at all out there today for joggers along kelly drive. it's only going to get warmer as we head into the middle of the week. and it's dry out there now. from our center city kimmel
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campus camera. glenn, rain come tomorrow. >> we got up to 54 today and it's going to get warmer over the next couple days. traffic is doing fine by tomorrow morning, the rush could be a little wet in spots with some rain. we're in the 40s everywhere right now. philadelphia's 49. one of the warm spots and of course has precipitation comes in we monitor the temperatures this time of the year. pretty closely and that's what the neighborhood weather is all about here. reading 46, fleetwood 45, kutztown 46. we'll watch it hour by hour through the night. allentown's at 43, walnutport is down to 40 already, easton at 46 degrees. look at this temperature trend. the average high 42s. we had 44 yesterday, 54 today, 63 tomorrow and 65 on wednesday.
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that will set a record before we start plunging during the day on thursday. we have some high clouds increasing. the rain is still back in west virginia but it's moving our way pretty quickly and some of it will get into the area by daybreak. here's 5:00 a.m. and we have a little bit of light rain around and as you can see, by 7:00 a.m. it scattered around. it really increases though by 9:00, especially in the western suburbs, berks county and also chester county, new castle county, delaware county getting more of that rain and by 11, 11:30 it's more widespread. by afternoon it's tapering off and by the end of the day, the sun may be coming out so the afternoon rush is definitely dry. we're warm on wednesday, then the colder air's coming in as this storm tracks to our south. we start with rain wednesday night and it can change over to
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snow and maybe even some briefly heavy snow as this storm tracks past us. so this is not flurries. this is not snour. there's a chance of accumulation especially on grassy surfaces and that will be thursday and potentially effecting the morning rush. we'll study some of the computer guidance and take a look at that at 11:00 tonight. >> i'm john clark. and one flier is coming back but one is still benched. that's all next.
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>> i'm john clark from csn could sixers center owing willfort be on his way. the reported deal the sixers would get center ajinsa. he has really been the odd man out between joel embiid and noel and joe he will will miss his six straight games tonight. flyers hosting the blues tonight. he has been really good and here is rookie travis konecny is going to return to the lineup. coach dave hakstol wants travis to feel like he has a clean slate. >> he's got to come in and play confidently, go out and do the things that he does well. play a complete game, so you can't be looking over your
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shoulder. >> i'm happy i'm in the lineup and hopefully i can learn from what happened. >> the case of tom brady stolen jersey last night after the super bowl. it went missing from the locker room so texas governor police force to help the houston police with it. it continues. this morning nfl conditioner presented tom brady with the mvp trophy all smiles. good dell got booed. >> tom brady trusts shields mri. you can too? >> is that all? >> i forgot this one. it's kind of new. >> he got in his shot there. eaglesles doern boss congratulating. a lot of eagles fans why john was in the eaglesles jersey.
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he was there working for the ellen show. i'm john clark. be right back. where should you start when you're
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>> welcome back. looking breezy down in cape may tonight. but the milder weather still around. >> for them it's a cool breeze because it's coming in off the ocean which is 42 but for the rest of it the sojly winds bringing in warmer air. by wednesday we're talking about possible record warmth, 65 degrees in philadelphia. even 58 in allentown and then the bottom drops off. we go from 65 wednesday to 38 and snow thursday morning. actually 32 thursday morning, 38 would be in the afternoon. another bitter cold day on friday and then we jump right back up again by next weekend and the following week isn't too cold either. so every once in a while we get this little interruption of this mild winter and --
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>> not bad at all. >> that's our news at six. thanks for watching. >> up next nbc nightly news with lester holt. see you tonight at 11:00. . tonight nbc news exclusive. who u.s. command ors were really hunting for in a mission that killed a navy s.e.a.l. one of the world's most wanted terrorists taunting the president of the united states. travel ban cliff hanger. they appeal a judge's ruling that blocked an order. scenes of emotional family reunions. super mom after tom brady's win for the ages. his mother in a private health battle there for the victory celebration. hero flight attendant. lessons from what she saw and the note she slipped to a passenger and lives she may have saved. >> a son who turned to a place that is


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