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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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only from fios. tracking snow. first alert radar shows a system moving our way. the impact it could have in your neighborhood. firing back. an armed robber hits up a restaurant, and he soon finds out the owner has a gun of his own. fighting the flu. an uptick in cases among the most vulnerable. we're tracking the kwakt in our area and what you can do to keep your family safe. change is in the air. we're tracking a system that could bring us several inches of snow. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacquelin london. hold on. this is going to be a roll roller coaster of a week. >> take a look at what we're dealing with right now. it is fog. you see the halos around all the streetlights. this is on broad and erie in
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north philadelphia. >> tomorrow we could see record heat, but the biggest story is what happens the day after snow. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist zblen "hurricane" schwartz has the most accurate forecast and the latest on the snow. >> as wild as it seems, it's going to happen. we're going to be near record warmth tomorrow, and it's going to snow thursday morning. first alert for that thursday morning snow for the entire area except the jersey shore and southern delaware where it will be a little bit too warm. the general timing is from 4:00 a.m. to noon. it's not going to be a total waste of a day on thursday. accumulating snow. heavy at times. slick roads. poor visibility. much of that happening right during the morning rush. here we are tomorrow night at this time, and it's not snowing yet. it's moving in from the west as the cold air comes down from the north, and by the morning rush, the darker blue indicates some of the heavier snow right there.
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6:00 a.m. all the way down almost to dover and atlantic city. much of the area getting accumulating snow during the morning rush as temperatures dropped. watch what happens it's going to be really windy as we go through the day on thursday. the precipitation begins as rain, changes to snow in the middle of the night, and eventually even in southern parts of the area. on the latest snow totals for your neighborhood coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right, glen. new at 11:00 a restaurant owner fights back. we're hearing his story of pulling a gun on an armed robber. >> nbc 10 brandon hudson is live at southwest detectives. >> jacquelin and jim, moments after philadelphia police posted this surveillance video we went right to this owner in west
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philly. we tracked him down. he told us about the moment he knew he was being robbed and his decision to shoot at the suspects. >> quietly this armed robber sneaks behind chinese restaurant owner john zang and gently moves him away from the cash register to steal the money. >> i know this is a robber. >> this restaurant was one of five corner stores or restaurants targeted between november and last thursday. police release surveillance video of all of them believing it's the same people. the owner of this chinese restaurant says the robber got in and got out this same way. they used this. as you can see, it is locked, but the owner says the robber climbed over the fence which is just over six feet tall and got inside. as the suspects tried to get away, zang fired three shots, striking one of them in the back. >> the other one needs to be slow. >> officers arrested the injured robber after he went to the hospital for treatment, but the
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crime spree didn't stop there. police say just two days after the restaurant robbery on spruce street masked men pulled the same crime at vine street deli. >> had to be more police around so more -- we have to feel more secure. >> reporter: none of the store employees was hurt in any of those robberies. police are still looking for two men in one of those robberies. the get-away car that was used was a dark-colored 2000 to 2005 chevy monte carlo. reporting live in west philly, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. president trump's travel ban faced its toughest test yet tonight. >> a panel of appeals court judges began deciding whether to reinstate the ban. >> tonight no decision has been made. the hearing was conducted over the phone. the three judges talked about the constitutional questions surrounding the ban. washington and minnesota sued. the government says they don't have the legal right to, but the states argue their people are affected. whenever the court eventually decides, either side could ask
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the supreme court to intervene. tomorrow the senate votes on whether to confirm senator jeff sessions as attorney general on the left. a live look at the late night session that democrats are holding to oppose him. they say sessions has a troubling record on civil rights. after a long and bitter confirmation battle betsy devos is sworn in as the secretary of education this evening. the oath administered just hours after vice president mike pence cast the tie-breaking vote in the senate. it was the first time in history a vice president's vote was needed get a cabinet nominee across the vote threshold. during a meeting today with sheriffs at the white house, president trump drew some laughter. >> the texas sheriff was telling the president about a state senator who backs legislation that would forbid seizing assets before a suspect is convicted. the president responded with this. >> want to give me his name? we'll destroy his career. >> the senator was never named, and sitting right next to the
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president is chester county sheriff carolyn bunny welsh. philadelphia could be one step closer to losing millions of dollars in state funding. today the pennsylvania state senate passed a bill that would withhold state money from so-called sanctuary cities. those are cities that don't honor detention requests from federal immigration authorities. meanwhile, some new jersey lawmakers are taking steps to protect sanctuary cities. they have introduced a bill that would provide state money to sanctuary cities that lose federal funding. it's unclear if governor chris christie would sign the measure. the budget battle is brewing again in pennsylvania. today governor tom wolf unveiled his $32 billion spending plan in harrisburg. the governor's budget does not increase tax rates on sales or income, but the plan does impose a new $1 billion tax on natural gas production and includes about $2 billion in spending cuts. the governor also wants to increase the minimum wage to $12 an hour while boosting funding
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to public schools. in camden county a public hearing on school funding. state lawmakers can't agree on a solution so they're letting taxpayers give their input. these meetings are being held by assembly speaker vincent. the goal is to come up with a plan that's fair to taxpayers, school districts, and children. to montgomery county where we are getting a look at the people accused of stealing kobe bryant memorabilia from lower marion high school. it's hard to make out anything specific about the person in the two pictures on the left, but the guy in the two on the right is wearing a brooklyn pom-pom hat and gray michael jordan sweat pants. they broke into the kobe bryant jim. they took several items from a trophy case, including kobe's framed replica jersey, autographed sneakers, and the school's 1996 state championship trophy. friends and family are remembering a philadelphia woman whose life was cut short by a hit-and-run driver. this candlelight vigil and prayer walk was in west
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philadelphia for catherine brown. she was run down last month as she was crossing the street with her grandchildren near 57th and gerrard. the family continues to hold out hope that brown's killer will be found. >> i really don't want to be in the city anymore as long as i know my mother's killer is on the loose. it's hard for me to even grasp the concept that my mother has been killed. >> police are looking for a newer model white minivan seen here in this surveillance image. to an nbc 10 exclusive. we are hearing from the burlington city police officers who saved a little girl's life. the officers were on patrol near burlington ton town station when the 5-year-old was pushed in front of a train by a total stranger. officers cameron long and david edwardson saw the whole thing go down and without hesitation, jumped right into action. today those officers spoke exclusively to nbc 10. hands are up in the air. telling the train to stop. then once we heard it come to a screeching halt, the little girl was safely back up by her
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mother's fiance. >> it could have been a lot worse. thank god everyone was where they were. >> she was arrested and charged with attempted murder. new at 11:00 after 100 years of bottling coca-cola in bethlehem, soda production has fizzled out. the coca-cola bottling company of the lehigh valley will no longer make soda. coca-cola is restructuring its north american operations. the spokesperson for coca-cola says the impact on jobs in bethlehem will be minimal. 124 people work in the plant. from our jersey shore bureau a state senator has introduced a bill that would make it easier for the rebel casino to reopen in atlantic city. the bill says hotel owners would not have to have is a casino license as long as the company operating the casino has one. request the developer is the current owner of the building that housed the rebel. the casino control commission ruled that he needs a casino license to reopen it, regardless of who runs the property for
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him. tomorrow atlantic city councilmembers could vote on whether to hike the fares for boardwalk trams. that proposal calling for $1.75 hike on a one-way trip, and an all day pass that costs $2.50 more. council considers a plan to allow tram cars. >> former vice president joe biden is headed back to washington d.c. he will lead the pen biden center for diplomacy and global engagement at the university of pennsylvania. it's a new center focused on diploma diplomacy, foreign policy, and national security. it will be located in washington and opens later this year. in delaware mr. biden will serve as the founding chair of the university of delaware's biden institute. the new research and policy center will focus on developing solutions for everything from economic reform to criminal justice. got near record warmth one day and snow the next. tell you what to expect in if your neighborhood on your most accurate forecast.
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also, flu fight. the virus is spreading in our area. where the virus is most severe and what you need to know to protect your family. oh, baby. a special delivery with some help from two state troopers. and surf city. we're going to show you how president obama is enjoying his time out of the white house.
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♪ a brazilian feel in center city today. nbc 10 was at the kimmel center and the lucky few got a lesson in anticipation of the upcoming brazilian dance troop show at the center next week. widespread outbreak of the flu is hitting children especially hard this season. >> and a local doctor tells nbc 10 they're seeing the highest amount of cases in the country. nbc 10's keith jones breaks down the outbreak and what you can do to stop influenza from spreading. >> reporter: just look at our
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area. in pennsylvania, new jersey there is widespread flu activity. in delaware, meanwhile, cases are low. in pennsylvania, if you didn't get the flu shot, chances are you live up here in birk county, lee high county, or north hampton counties. there's almost 1,000 flu patients in each of those counties. in new jersey the most patients live in camden county and in ocean county, and a doctor here warns the numbers are rising. >> can i come in? >> reporter: case after case, no end in sight. dr. rob danhoff has a warning. >> last year the cases tended to peak late february, early march. right now it hasn't even peaked yet. the flu activity is huge. rishlg >> reporter: and potentially deadly. especially to those less than 2 years old and older than 60 or someone who has a preexisting medical condition. so far 15 children have died across the country. seven in one week. what can we do? >> by getting the flu shot, the more people who get it, the
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better protection for the population. >> and dr. danhoff says pregnant women should definitely be vaccinated. >> why get an illness if you have a potential to either prevent it, number one, or decrease the severity of it? >> reporter: about 8,000 people have had the flu in our area, and doctors say that number is only going to rise. what can you do? first thing is first. you can get more sleep. the second thing you can do is clean your hands often. third thing, of course, as the doctor said, vaccinate. it is never too late. keith jones, nbc 10 news. a warming gesture in the fight against cancer. >> tonight dozens of local elementary school kids and their families joined forces with the nonprofit to help patients in need. >> volunteers from cozy's for chemo were on hand right here. >> they helped make blankets that would be distributed to local cancer patients. >> a family reunion in salem county today. >> yeah. a local mom reunited with the team that helped deliver her
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baby. nbc 10 at the port norris state police barracks for today's reunion. she was on her way to the hospital last month, but knew she just would not make it in time, and that's when three new jersey state troopers stepped in and helped deliver the baby in the back of a minivan. >> i don't even know if she would be here. i'm thankful. >> we're able to have a successful ending, and this is just icing on the cake. >> her mom says they'll be back next week with presents for the group of valentine's. >> so beautiful. >> neighbors in lower marion are on the lookout, though, tonight. >> there's a predator creeping around back yards. a coyote was spotted last week. it was seen running south through a backyard towards north win wood avenue. keep an eye out. coyotes will eat everything from garbage and pet foo food to small pets. you can see this coyote, then don't go near it. just call police.
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turning no nbc 10 first alert weather now. >> in new orleans tonight want to he sho you this. residents there cleaning up after tornadoes swept through the area earlier today. this drone video shows the path of destruction. dozens of people were hurt here, but no deaths have been reported so far. a much different story in our area. nbc 10 at 40th and walnut in university city. those heavy coats won't be needed at all. you will want to dress warmly for the snow on thursday, though. we have some wild changes going on in the next couple of days, and it's 63 in wilmington and 42 in philadelphia. we're going to have some amazing contrasts across the area over the next confidential days, and that's what neighborhood weather is all about. let me show you this. it's 63 in swedes borough. 63 in turnersville, but it's 43 in audubon. these are real temperatures. 41 in mount -- 60 in volunteer
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he's. 38 in lumberton. that's a front. 39 degrees in princeton. that also makes things a little tricky predicting the next storm. first alert for the thursday snow for the entire area except for the jersey shore in southern delaware from 4:00 a.m. to noon and accumulating snow, heavy at times. especially during the morning rush. the day is not a total loss. we have a few light showers back to the west. that's not a big deal. this is going to be a bigger deal. it's racing to the east. it's not a classic type of big potential snowstorm because it's moving too fast, and it's not coming up with gulf of mexico moisture. it's got limitations here. it is going to cover it, and it is going to be during the rush hour, and there is no doubt about this. every computer model has this general idea. there's 5:00 a.m., and it's snowing across much of the area.
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the darker blue indicates the heavier snow. by 8:00 a.m. still snowing way out to new jersey, but it's already tapering off to the west by 11:00 a.m. it's winding down, and as soon as it does, says a lot of the travel is going to be a lot better. a lot of snow melting on the roads, and with the sun coming out in the afternoon, more melting on the roads. it's going to be very windy. well, going from mostly melting to the south to up to six to ten inches and on northern areas. let's get in to the neighborhoods. 6 to 10 inches. allentown, redding, potsville, hazleton, chestnut hill. potstown right on the edge. this area in pink, four to six inches in charleston, norristown, westchester, coatsville, west grove, kenneth square, chester right on the edge of that, and much of philadelphia in the four to six inch range now including
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addington, ben salem, other parts of lower bus county, cinnamonton, cherry hill, trenton in the four to six. as is bordertown and levitttown. also manchester, woodway. in the four to six. now we're in the two to four inch range. bridgeton. a little bit too much warm weather. some of it melting. middletown, smyrna in that. wilmington a little more in the four to six range, and then farther to the south it's just about all melting. the biggest impact is going to be in lehigh valley, burkes county, in the p.a. suburbs. a high impact event. travel is going to be very dangerous thursday morning with all of that snow, low visibility. it's going to be rough, but it will get better later in the day.
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zbleefrmtsing surf's up, dude. barack obama letting loose on vacation, learning to kite surf right here. the former president was staying in the british virgin islands with richard branson, founder of virgin mobile, and the two had a bet to see who could stay up in the air the longest. well, mr. obama won, staying up for nearly the length of a football field. look at him go. smooth. >> pretty good. >> that's not easy too. white caps there. he has found his next career. >> yes, he has. you might also think that's pretty excellent. >> wayne's world. wayne's world. party time. excellent. we're not worthy. >> game on. >> to wayne's world. >> next tuesday marks 25 years since the cult classic wayne's world. it's the highest grossing snl sketch. making $120 million.
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celebrating the anniversary more than 400 theaters nationwide are showing the movie today and tomorrow. that includes the prince theater on chestnut street. an anniversary 90 years in the making. >> fans celebrating one of the area's most historic sports venues. pen hosting princeton for another ivy league -- on the hardwood, but that was just the side story tonight. fans packed the gym for the palestra's 90th anniversary celebration. it opened on january 1st back in 1927. since then, it's hosted more games than any other facility in college hoops. sports is next.
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huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. i'm john clark from csn. ville november yark the number two college basketball team in the country back home tonight.
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6er city joelle embid is there. they chanted "trust the process." they've had their troubles closing out games. tonight, no different. nova up by 17. only up four here. georgetown cuts the lead to two. nova in trouble again. then player of the year candidate josh hart drilling the three. gives nova some breathing room. then dante devencenzo, 15 points for him after 20. the last game. he is on fire. josh hart again game high 25. nova beats georgetown, 75-64. nova has won a school record 48 happy 90th birthday to the palestra. student tickets just 55 cents, like when it opened in 1956. penn couldn't blow out the candle. princeton. spencer white twice. the tiger all over pen. 64-49 spoiling the celebration.
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phil martelli at prince joe's. flyers up six. scucci smith gets the layup to go. st. joe loses 77-70. more problems for the flyers. they will be without winger connect me from four to six weeks. he has an ankle and snee jackson. it happened here last night when he was checked sbu the boards, and the flyers, they need some scoring. over the last nine games they scored just 12 goals. worse. espn's adam caplan is reporting tonight the eagles have approached left tackle jason peters about taking a pay cupp cut. i don't think so. he has the highest cap number on the team. $11 million. >> check out rob gronkowski stealing the show again. fans throwing him beers all along the parade route. what does he do? the gronk spike. a lot more to clean up for that drill. i'm john clark with csn. we're right back.
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>> that's nbc 10 at 11:00. >> for all of us, thanks for watching. have a great night. hope to see you tomorrow. good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ice cube, rosamund pike, musical guest the band perry,


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