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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  February 8, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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expressway this morning. no construction right now. going westbound towards the schuylkill eastbound towards 95, we have no problems this morning. watching 422 as well. construction here on the eastbound side. watch for right lane closed. nine minute trip in 29 to schuylkill. speeds are a little lower, but still in the 50s. everything just find out there. lastly end in new jersey. williamstown gas main break. on the eastbound side that's closed. vai and tracey, back to you guys. thank you a restaurant owner in philadelphia fights back against an armed robber. this morning hearing his story about pulling his own gun during the confrontation. nbc 10 matt delucia live for us. matt, police believe this is all part of robbery spree from same crew of thieves. >> reporter: looking for two men in connection with those robberies.
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dating back to late november. one of the more recent robberies was caught on surveillance video. take a look here. january 29. police say two men went into the store, pointed a gun at owner and demanded money. as the owners were running away, the owner picked up his own gun and shot at them. hitting one suspect who was later arrested when he showed up at the hospital. here's the owner of the restaurant talking about what happened. >> i fired. >> five restaurants and stores were robbed in just two months. pulled that will at vine street deli. every case one or two men demand money from the register. surveillance video and pattern allow police to connect the dots. none of the employees were injured in the robberies, but looking at what they believe is
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the get away car. 2000, 2005 dark colored chevy monte carlo. rites now senate democrats in the middle of yet another all-night session highlighting opposition to attorney general nominee, senator jeff sessions. >> get a live look at the senate floor. second straight night the democrats have pulled an all nighter. sessions has a troubling record on civil rights and leading the charge overnight, new jersey democrat, cory booker. >> we listen to what the priorities are of senator sessions to investigate the fiction created documented that somehow millions of americans woke up in the morning and said, hey, you know what i want to try and do, go down to a polling place and fake my way into
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voting. >> the senate is expected to vote today on sessions' confirmation of attorney general. why the republican majority leader used an obscure rule to shut dounl elizabeth warren's speech as she read a letter. you may have noticed a lot of people sick at work. >> local doctor says pa and new jersey have the highest number of new flew cases in the country. tells the story. pennsylvania and new jersey widespread flu activity. in delaware cases are low. now the most number of cases in pa are berks, north hampton county. also a thousand flew patients in each of those counties. meanwhile, live in camden and ocean counties. the doctor from jefferson health warns the numbers are rising. >> last year the cases tended to
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peak late february early march. right now hasn't even peaked yet, but the flu activity is huge. >> flew flu is especially dangerous for very old and very young. 15 children have died across the country. seven in one week. not too late to get a flu shot. >> members could vote on nare hikes for board walk trams. $4 during summer. all day passes would climb from $5 $5.50 to $8 in the summer. live look at citizens bank park in south philadelphia where signs of spring are in the air, despite snow in the forecast. 11:00 this morning a truck packed with phillies equipment would hit the road and travel down to spectrum field at spring training home in clearwater, flori
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florida. nbc 10 got a sneak peak into the clubhouse. inside the truck includes 2400 baseballs, 1200 bats. hundreds of shorts, hats, gloves, and something for the fan, fanatics famous hot dog launcher. pitchers and catchers report to clear water next week. police officers in south jersey are credited with saving a little girl's life after she was pushed in front of a train. >> coming up only on nbc 10, firsthand account of the potentially deadly situation from the officers. at 43:35. after the storm. what is expected to replace the roller coaster that was droild during hurricane sandy. temperatures in the 60s. live view from penns landing. neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington checking on your ride to work this morning. watching route 202. right around route 29 looks great so far. drive time 7 minutes if you're headed northbound from this point around 29. maybe moving towards schuylkill. see the speeds into the 60s there. also construction on the vine street expressway don't have it this morning. in between broad street and schuylkill, completely open on westbound side. end here on mass transit. dealing with this all week. equipment shortage. running cars short on the market frankford line. also running today on a modified schedule. remember still in operation. they'll make all the stops and supplement with shuttle buses during some of the peak hours as well. give yourself extra time before heading out the door there. check in with the roads when i come back. 4:38. vai is right. spring like this morning.
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wind is pushing warm air into the area. the live view from center city, that wind is going the be with us through the day. temperatures stay elevated. the south westerly winds at 21 miles an hour right now. dover, that has pumped warm air into philadelphia. 61 degrees right now. i do expect the temperatures come down a little bit. right back into the 60s. some of the warmest temperatures will be right around midday. then it starts cooling off later this afternoon. the suburbs, 59 right now. 56 at 10:00. into the upper 50s and peaking in the low 60s in between these hours. later in the day the clouds start to take over as we head into this evening. lehigh valley, just on the edge of the warm air. trying to push into the area and creating fog this morning. 38 degrees, but it won't last. clouds will break. 54 by lunchtime. new jersey, clouds are overhead right now. warm, 61. the temperatures drop down a little bit and right back to the 60s this afternoon with a good
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keel of sunshine. definitely going to feel like a spring day. at the shore, a little bit cloudy right now. few showers in the area right now. won't last. sunshine takes over into the upper 50s to near 60 this afternoon for the shore. delaware, you are starting off in the 60s this morning. 63 right now. winds at 14 miles an hour. wind will shift this afternoon. start bringing in the colder air. that's the colder air that's going to make it possible for us to have snow tomorrow morning. hour by hour forecast shows clouds starting to come in this evening. by late this evening, midnight into the early morning hours, this is when the snow starts moving into the suburbs first and that's rain in delaware. it swings into philadelphia. you have a 7:00 heavy snow from the suburbs to philadelphia. into northern delaware and into new jersey. further to the south, that is just rain. this is going the be a quick moving system. just time for the commute tomorrow. by lunchtime, it's already ending in delaware and pennsylvania. and by late in the afternoon,
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this one is totally out of here. so how much will we get. take a look at this when i come back in ten minutes. >> see you then. thank you. 4:41. seaside heights celebrate as new beginning. take a look at this. report and ocean county announced the name of a new roller coaster. replace the jet star roller coaster. after hurricane sandy hit the mangled steel frame became one of the most unforgettable images from the storm. the winter games are one year from today. >> members of usa introducing local young people to what's known as the fastest sport on ice. also coyote siting. where the animal was spotted in our area and warning from police.
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saving you this summer. how to get your body ready without breaking the bank. admittedly hard to think about a summer mind set and get into one. now is the time to start preparing your body. key things to do now to make sure your body is ready for summer months. also shares biggest trends seeing in fitness this year. those trend are helping to save people money. look at the best beauty tips all when i come back in next hour. now let's take you state by state and county by county for look at stories across our area. >> in montgomery county police on the lookout for coyote. released this picture. animal was spotted running through a backyard last week. experts say coyotes will eat whatever is available from garbage to pet food and even small pets. if you see the coyote, don't go near it. call the police. today open a new detox
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center. officials gather at noon for ribbon cutting. first step treatment center at chester medical center. paid for with close to $1 million of funding from the county. in chester county today, first flashing yellow signal on route 52. new type of left turn signal that helps drivers make safer turns. lehigh valley now after 100 years of bottles coca-cola in bethlehem. company stop making soda there. restructuring north american operations. plant will still distribute soda. impact on the 124 people who work at the plant will be minimal. >> delaware is celebrating a milestone. governor announced record 8.5 million tourists visited the state in 2015. tourism is now a multibillion dollar industry responsible for 42,000 jobs. governor says it's up to the
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people to spread the word about all delaware has to offer. in camden county, school district officials went door to door in north camden reminding families that enrollment applications are now being accepted through march. parents can apply up to eight district charter or other schools. last year 3600 students found new schools through the enrollment program. 4:46 and this is direct if you see it on your screen: 61 degrees. yeah, it's warm outside. you'll feel it when you walk out. >> let's check in with jessica boyington and see what's happening in let's see admiral wilson. >> we're going back to camden. moving through camden right now on the map system here in the camera. admiral wilson boulevard here. just underneath the graphic. toll plaza. moving that direction, no problems or delays. roads look a little damp. watch for that. williamstown, reports of a gas main break closing part of
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the road on 322. eastbound side. not heavily trafficked at the second. detoured around right now and just fine. another closure, new jersey turnpike, pa turnpike connector bridge still in place closed for your commute. 422 end here. also watching construction there. 422 eastbound between trooper road and route 202. right lane closed. still dealing with great drive times. average speeds also into the mid 60s. check in with mass transit and more offer your roads when i come back. >> thank you, jessica. still, we have a storm rolling in tomorrow, but 61 degrees and on the eighth of february. pretty amazing. >> it's crazy. here's what you need to know. this morning could not be more different than what's going to happen tomorrow morning at this time. bill henley has the details on that. definitely wild swing. this morning tracking a few light rain showers in ocean city
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new jersey, but they're about to move offshore. many areas have already seen it move offshore. there they go. out of picture for the rest of the day. there's the back edge of the clouds. clouds are thinning out. see a lot of sunshine today. in the 60s right now. little bit colder north and west. still in the upper 30s in allentown. big warmup before that starts moving into the area. temperature change starts happening this afternoon. got a long way to go before it gets to us. through the day today, going to be to west. in fact, even late tonight is going to be to our west. 10:30 this evening. look at snow falling in pittsburgh. completely dry in our area that hour. clouds moving in and first snow and rain will be happening at 3:00 in the morning. just barely moving into berks county at 3:00. very light snowfall. for wilmington starts off with rain. to the south, most likely rain. here it comes as the morning progresses at five in the morning. see the light snow starting to move into philadelphia.
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now tlhere's still a possibilit this warmer air to the south could linger a little bit further to the north. still a possibility we'll start with rain tomorrow morning in philadelphia and wilmington. cold air just dumping into the area. why i'm expecting all snow for allentown and redding. temperatures dropping as the morning goes on and so will the snow. 7:30 in the morning. heaviest snow at that hour pushing to mercer county. trenton you'll see it. burlington county you'll see heavier snow. starting to lighten up a bit for suburbs and lehigh valley still seeing some heavier snowfall. still rain to the south for southern delaware and south jersey. by early in the afternoon, 1:00 tomorrow. look at it clearing out for pennsylvania and completely offshore later in the day. it's going the be a fast mover. going to start warmer. especially the ground. that could be a lichlting factor for how much snow we get. looks like the greatest amount of snow is going to be for those
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areas further north and west. northern and western pennsylvania suburbs. looec looking at 6-10 inches of snow on the grass. less on roads and sidewalks. they're going to stay warmer. a lot of the first snow is going to be melting. for the suburbs and philadelphia, immediate suburbs to philadelphia, this is a 4-6 inch rain. that extends into lower bucks county, lower montgomery county. into the trenton area and burlington county as well. and to the shore and ocean county. further to the south, less snow here because just going to stay too warm for it to the accumulate all that much. 2-4 inches on the grass. less snow expected on the hard services like roads. and will you know, the pen dot and new jersey dot and delaware dot are going to be all over this one. majors will likely be in pretty good shape. going to be snow to be clearing in those areas. however, further to the south, we're just going to be looking at rain for the most part. any snow that may be falling in southern delaware and south jersey is going to melt as it
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hits. so tracey, you're absolutely right. vast difference from what we're experiencing this morning with temperatures in the 60s to what we feel and see tomorrow morning. >> talking about this during the break, for people traveling personal or business, even on the best of days i call the airline anyway. tomorrow afternoon, may clear up and probably fine for those traveling in the afternoon and friday. >> flying in and out of philadelphia won't be a problem. it's other airports that can have an impact on ours. massive storm going right past us and into new england. may be travel delays beyond us tomorrow. >> flying through chicago, new england, any of those places. heads up. call the airline. >> we'll keep you updated on all of it. now is a good time to download the free app. keep you updated. stay up-to-date on the storm's track. you can also get realtime alerts when the snow is moving in in along with information on school closings and delays and we will be on early tomorrow morning at
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4:00 a.m. >> nbc 10 exclusive, we're hearing from burlington city police officers who saved a little girl's life. officers on patrol near burlington town station last month when a woman push add five-year-old girl in front of a train. officers cameron long and david edwardson saw the whole thing happen and jumped into action. they spoke exclusively to nbc 10. >> hands up in the air telling it to stop. once it came to a screeching halt, made sure the mother was back up. >> it could have been a lot worse. thank god everyone is where they were. >> police arrested her. she is charged with attempted murder. >> in new jersey state lawmakers are taking steps to protect sanctuary cities. don't honor federal imfwrags authorities. lawmakers introduced add bill to provide state money to cities in the new jersey that would lose federal funding under an executive order signed by
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president trump. it's unclear whether chris christie will sign the measure. in the meantime philadelphia is a sanctuary city and could be a step closer to losing millions of dollars in state funding. yesterday passed a bill that would withhold state money for sanctuary cities statewide. that money pays for law enforcement and programs to protect neglected children. in a statement mayor jim kenny called the senate's action extreme reaction. pennsylvania governor tom wolf's new $32 billion budget plan does not increase taxes or sales or income. does add a new $1 billion tax on natural gas production and includes $2 billion in spending cuts. governor wants to increase state's minimum wage to $12 an hour. all new next the fight over president trump's immigration ban goes before a group of federal judges. when a ruling could be made. plus searching for answers. what the delaware governor is doing to find out how a deadly
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prison standoff happened. and seven minutes before five. special delivery. show you the reunion between a new mom and a state trooper who helped deliver her baby in the back of a van.
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about four minutes before 5:00 a.m. 2018 winter olympics are closer than you actually realize. the opening ceremony is one year from today in south korea. athletes already hard at work. sharing love of the game with  young fans. >> have fun. >> nbc 10 at blue mountain ski resort over the weekend where members of team usa showed off their sport. goals of pennsylvania based ice course are simple, teach kids about the so-called faster's sport on ice and keep they eyes peeled for stars of the future. >> a kid who has control over
4:57 am
the sled and gets it and has that feeling. it's just sort of a natural thing that some people have and some don't. >> this ten-year-old child sure seemed to get the hang of it. you'll hear from him coming up in the next hour. meet the new face of phillies franchise at least in the broadcast booth. john kruk. former first baseman said his wife insists he not retire. >> what else am i going to do? i got to do something. if i sit around and eat all day. oh, not a pretty site. put it this way, i probably trained harder for this than i did when i was playing. >> he's going to give it to you honestly. tell you that. the game opener is april 7 right here on nbc 10. quarter century is quite a milestone. >> and at the movies fans celebrating excellent 25th
4:58 am
anniversary. >> waynes world, waynes world. party time excellent. >> has it been 25? >> i know, right. there was a time when a lot of us could quote a lot from that movie. next tuesday marks 25 years. the highest grossing "snl" sketch turned movie making more than $21 million. to celebrate, theaters nationwide are showing the film today. party on. >> people go to closet and pull out hats right there. in salem county a new mom reunited with the team that helped deliver her baby in the back of a minivan. >> at the port norris state police barracks with that reunion yesterday. on her way to the hospital last month, but she knew she wouldn't make it in time. and that's when three new jersey state troopers stepped in and helped deliver baby in the back
4:59 am
of a van. >> for them, i don't even know if she would be here. i'm thankful. really thankful. >> we're able to have a successful ending. i guess this is just icing on the cake. >> how about that, the troopers brought gifts for the baby. the mom says she'll have valentine gifts for the troopers next week. >> looks like she slept through the whole thing, not that, the reunion. now for more stories at 5:00 a.m. bracing for snow, first alert weather team tracking a drastic shift in weather. tell you how much snow we could see and when. not backing down for a second night senate democrats make an overnight push to block a presidential nominee. silenced in the senate. rarely used rule that forced democratic senator elizabeth warren off the senate floor. it is the 5:00 a.m. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today.
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i'm traydy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. we have snow isn't the forecast. first. 61 degrees today. snow for tomorrow going to be coming down heavy. starting to move in about this time tomorrow. we've issued a first alert for the entire area with the exception of jersey shore and southern delaware. too warm for too much snowfall. 4-noon. fast mover. bring with it accumulating heavy snowfall. make for slick roads in the morning and poor visibility as well. there it is. got a long way to go. not going to get here during the day today. what we are seeing is a surge of warm air before that storm moves in. actually giving us areas of fog. look at the dense fog in allentown. quarter mile of visibility there. fog will disappear as temperatures climb. koehlcoa colder in lehigh valley. fog already in place in delaware. 60s no


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