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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 8, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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your most accurate weather forecast, and it's the morning rush you're worried about, right? >> yeah, i know it's hard to believe we can go from temperatures in the 60s to snow problems for the morning rush, but it's going to happen. it really is going to happen. these are the concerns for the morning rush. the heavy snow95:00 and 9:00 a.m., at the peak of the storm, throwing at 2 to 3 inches per hour. thundersnow is possible in that period, visibility very low and snow covered road. sure, traffic is going to be hazardous for several hours. not all day tomorrow, just several hours of it. here's the way it looks tonight. could start as rain overnight tonight. ground is wet, and then all of a sudden, the colder air comes in and it changes to snow. that's three, four, five in the morning, and of course, it starts earlier north and west, and they're going to end up with
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more snow. but look at 6:30, the darker blue indicating the heavier snow, covering much of the area. all the way down into delaware and much of south jersey, and 9:00 a.m., it's still snowing hard. but as we get closer to noon, look what happens. it's ending from west to east, this is heavy but very brief storm that going to be affecting us. so the snow totals are somewhat limited because of the speed of this thing. so even that, 6 to 10 inches, across the lehigh valley, berks county, upper bucks. 4 to 8 inches tloum the philadelphia area, wilmington, trenton, and 2 to 4 inches a little farther to the south. that's the general picture. we'll give you snow totals for your neighborhood coming up a little later. >> all right, glenn. sky force 10 was over the salt piles today as trucks loaded up to pretreat the roads. as glenn mentioned, the heaviest
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of tomorrow's snow will fall during the all important morning rush. danna is live at the pen dot yard. >> it sounds like drivers should stay off the roads in the morning rush. >> you know, people here at pendot had their wish, that's exactly what would happen. this is the worst possible timing for a snowstorm to hit. you look here, it seems quiet. we're getting ready for a briefing. the trucks, more than 300 of them, have been loading up with salt all day long today as well as putting up plows on the front of those trucks as well to get ready for the morning. >> love it. yeah, good day. >> coffee outdoors. it's not looking like a february day in the suburbs. >> i'll have my snow blower. >> finding the motivation is tough for these guys. they're all retired and they don't have to worry about driving in the snow. >> we're getting out of town at 6:00 a.m., hopefully. >> that may be tricky. >> this storm is happening a the worst part of the day for us
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because it's starting before rush hour and the most intense part is during rush hour. we're going get 1 to 2 inches an hour. >> with more than 300 trucks at the ready, pendot has spent the day talking with police, lining up tow services and contracting with tree services. >> we have tree contractors on duty because the snow is going to start off as a heavy snow that could come down and land on branches and cause a snap of a branch. >> each truck is loaded with salt and plows and drivers will work in 25-mile radius, but with snow falling fast, it will be a never ending cycle, they say, of salting and plowing. as drivers finish with the last stretch of road, they go back to the starting point good do it again. >> they cleared 202 quick, so that's nice. >> that said, she doesn't plan to check out pendot's work, at least not until friday. >> maybe from home. >> you don't want to be driving in it? >> likely not. just better to stay at home if you can. >> again, that would help pendot out imenlsly, they say, because
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they're going to be fighting with all of the cars and trucks on the road. again, they want you to maintain a safe distance from those trucks and those salt trucks, saying they can't get a decent amount of salt spread on the road if you're following too closely behind them. reporting live in norristown, deanna duranlty. >> and one of the biggest factors that will affect tomorrow morning's snow is this drutmatic drop untin temperatur. construction workers got to work in warm weather today. probably hot with their equipment on. crystal is here now, tracking the impact from the temperature shift. >> crystal, in just a matter of hours, we're going from record breaking warmth today to near freezing and snow. >> that's exactly right. we broke records today in some yare yeas. wilmington, philadelphia, mt. pocono, all breaking records. atlantic city tying a record for warmth on this date. hard to believe that we're talking 12 hours from now, temperatures plunging and snow starting to move in. but that's the point.
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let's look at the temperatures, 65 in philadelphia, 61 in the suburbs. the average this time of year is low 40s. we're nowhere near that. 56 in the lehigh valley and 62 in new jersey. delaware at 65. earlier, some spots were in the 70s. let's time it out as we move forward, talking about the temperatures. your planner, 6:00 this evening, we drop to the upper 50s. then 10:00 p.m., now we're in the 40s. we keep going. 35 degrees by 6:00 a.m. if you're getting ready for the morning rush, that's when we're talking the precipitation moving in, some spots as rain, some as snow at 6:00 a.m. like glenn just showed you. 52 in the suburbs at 6:00 p.m., and in the 40s at 10:00, and around freezing at sig:00 a.m., and these temperatures are very important because you saw 35 at 6:00 a.m. in philly, we're already at snow at 6:00 a.m. in the lehigh valley, berks county area. that will start a couple hours earlier as heavy snow.
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in delaware, 56, 6:00 p.m. 44, 10:00, and mid 30s for areas like delaware and new jersey where we'll just start to see the rain try to change to snow. we'll continue tracking it through the rest of your morning coming up in a few minutes. from spring back to winter. local landscaping businesses are pulling double duty now to get ready for tomorrow's snow. andrea cline-thomas explains how they're benefitting on both ends of the business. that story in less than ten minutes. >> we have already seen a few school closings. the archdiocese has closed all high schools and elementary schools in philadelphia for tomorrow. and we checked with philadelphia public schools. they say they will likely make a decision tomorrow in the morning. and if you haven't already, now is the time oo sign up for school closing alerts through the nbc ten app. we'll let you know the minute it happens. victims of the market street
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collapse will receive $227 million in a settlement reached today. 19 plaintiffs including the families of seven people killed in the june 2013 collapse will split that money. attorneys say it may be the largest personal injury settlement in pennsylvania history. lauren mayk spoke with the family of one of the victims. heell she'll have that part of the story at 5:00. >> president trump's pick for attorney general appears to be headed toward confirmation later today. take a live picture from capitol hill right now. senate has been working extra hours, that's because democrats in the senate have been dragging out the process. a vote on sessions is expected this evening, and the alabama senator is expected to be confirmed as the nation's top law enforcement officer. that vote is likely to be along party lines. democrats criticized sessions for being too close to the president, too harsh on immigrants, and too weak on civil rights. >> the argument over jeff sessions has exploded over the
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past 24 hours. >> yeah, it started when majority leader mitch mcconnell forced elizabeth warren to stop reading a letter written by coretta scott king. >> impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from alabama. as warned by the chair. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell cited an obscure rule that prevents one senator from attacking another senator on the floor. warren was reading a letter that coretta scott king wrote 30 years ago. protesting sessions' nomination as a federal judge. >> i am surprised that the words of coretta scott king are not suitable for debate in the united states senate. i ask leave of the senate to continue my remarks. >> but senator warren was not allowed to continue because of the obscure rule. she was required to take her seat and can no longer comment in the senate about the nomination of jeff sessions. but today, she defended her reading of that letter. >> this is a powerful letter.
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it is a deeply moving letter. a personal letter. and also, an important historical letter. >> the situation quickly spawned the #letlizspeak. by this morning, it was trending on twitter. >> staff at the department of education welcomed their new boss this afternoon on tuesday, betsy devos was confirmed as education secretary. by the slimmest possible margin, she's vowing, though, to be a tireless advocate for all students. >> we believe students deserve learning environments that foster innovation and curiosity and are also free from harm. i'm committed to working with you to make this the case. >> devos has faced criticism because she's been a strong backer of private and charter schools. >> president trump had harsh words today for the lawyers and judged involved in decided whether to reinstate his immigration ban. he defended the ban while talking to a group of police chiefs this morning.
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he said he has a right to enact his ban. >> don't ever want to call a court bias, so i won't call it bias biased. we haven't had a decision yet. but the courts seem to be so political. >> that federal appeals court said it would not issue a ruling on whether to reinstate the ban today. president trump is going after nordstrom on twitter for dropping his daughter ivanka's fashion line from their stores. coming up at 5:00, we'll explain the impact the president's tweet is having on the retailer's business. >> the president's travel ban was the subject of a demonstration that began at the university of pennsylvania today. >> this group of penn students marched from campus to senator pat toomey's office. they're calling on the republican senator to change his position on the travel ban. senator toomey has said in the past he supports the president's executive order but he's criticized it as too broad and poorly explained.
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other news now, today, some parents in atlantic county are finding out about a stabbing on a school bus. the principal at the elementary school in hamilton sent a letter to parents that said a student brought a knife on a bus yesterday and another student was stabbed and injured. doesn't say anything about the extent of the injuries ear the students' ages. >> college student in philadelphia can help shape the city's future and also become a mentor. the mayor plans to talk to stuments at the university of pennsylvania tonight. the mayor is trying to get students to volunteer with big brother big sisters. >> the nfl's billion dollar concussion case is moving forward in philadelphia. federal judge in the city today streamed this hearing live online. the session lets retired players know what's ahead as the nfl prepares to begin making payments later this week. the settlement resolves thousands of lawsuits accusing the nfl of hiding what it knew about concussion risks. >> a local school has a new mascot nearly a year after being stripped of the name redskins.
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today, the red clay school district announced the school of science in wilmington will be named the red wolves. it was chosen as part of a vote. here's what the new logo looks like. a total of 925 students voted to select the new mascot. red wolves garnered more than 84% of the vote. >> tom wolf detailed his plan to support job training in the sfas, speaking at the carpenters joint apprentice committee, he talked about creating jobs and economic development initiatives in his budget. >> a new abortion bill in pennsylvania cleared the senate this afternoon. it would ban abortions at 20 weeks. that's four weeks earlier than the current law. the bill still needs to go through the house, and governor tom wolf can veto it. he calls it, quote, radical and unconstitutional. >> in delaware county, aston township could be getting into the medical marijuana business. they will meet to consider an ordinance that will allow a new
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medical mare wayna facility in aspen. pennsylvania will begin accepting apigations for those who want to grow it or open a dispensary. >> a federal judge ruled that a protective sand dune can be built on the shore. he dismissed homeowners fears that building up the sand will spread the zika virus. they believe the dune will protect the shoreline from storms like super storm sandy. >> if you're flying united today, be ready for delays. there's a problem with computers who give pilots their flight plans. some pilots are delayed in getting to their gates. a live look now at philadelphia international airport. the airport told us today it's working with united as the airline tries to fix the problem. >> drones are giving us a new look at the destruction in louisiana this afternoon after tornadoes sweptd through the region on tuesday. at least four tornadoes hit louisiana. another touched down in mississippi. about 40 people were hurt, among
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some of the worst hit neighborhoods are those ravaged by hurricane katrina more than a decade ago. now back to our forecast as we get ready for a major snow storm. >> a local landscaping company is switching geared today from spring back to winter, but they're benefitting on both ends of the business. andrea cline-thomas joins us. >> the business has been waiting to get rid of their winter inventory, that's for sure. >> that's right, especially here at stanley's hardware, but hardware stores aren't the only businesses trying to cash in on this winter weather. >> i would say the first thing i did was call the guys. get the shop, the equipment, make sure everything is running. >> at this landscaping garage -- >> we're hooking the salt box back to the truck. in the last couple weeks, took it off to go back to landscaping. >> they're welcoming a wintry forecast. >> i can't rule it out yet, but i definitely thought not many more big stores coming.
4:15 pm
>> while one crew was pruning, the others were checking equipment and loading trucks up with salt. they're happy to finally put to use. >> compared to the last couple years, usually we had a couple more storms and business would have been a little better. even last year, we had a blizzard, so that really took up a lot of -- that helped us out. >> so far, snow in december and january didn't have much acc accumulati accumulation. with a storm on the way, jeff and his team are ready to get to work. >> i'm like a kid on christmas, i can't sleep. >> now, we met a lot of people who are landscapers or who work maintenance stop by here at stanley's hardware. at 5:30, we'll go inside and show you what they're picking up. reporting live, andrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. let's go back to the timing on this storm because it's ealey the morning hours when it's going to be hitting hard. >> glenn. >> yeah, and it's going to be perhaps kind of deceptive to
4:16 pm
some people because let's say you wake up in philadelphia. 5:00 a.m., and it's raining or we have snow and it's melting. and you think, oh, they're all crazy. but it's just going to get worse very quickly. conditions are going to deteriorate once we change to heavy snow. that's generally between 5:00 and 9:00 a.m. especially north and west, it will happen earlier. but it's going to happen even in philadelphia. the snoet rates, 2 to 3 inches an hour with thundersnow possible, low visibility. flights cancelled. i'm sure, tomorrow morning in many areas in the northeast. the storm impact scale, it's high, for lehigh valley, berks county, p.a. suburbs. starts at 2:00 to 3:00 a.m., accumulation. they had bigger storms than that. last year, there was a 30-incher. but this is happening right during the morning rush. going to be very windy and the falling temperatures. this storm impact in
4:17 pm
philadelphia, north delaware, and much of south jersey is going to be high, partly because of the timing here. starts 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. again, changes from rain to snow very quickly. the heaviest, 5:00 to 9:00, accumulating 4:00 to 8:00, low visibility and snowy roads. here's the winter radar now. nothing much on it, but this is the storm moving from west to east, we don't have to wait for the storm to develop along the coast like we do sometimes in winter and sometimes they don't develop or they develop too far offshore or develop too late. that one is already there. moving right this way. here's the snow area, middle of the night, by 5:30 in the morning, computers showing the changeover right in the philadelphia area. i-95, corridor, rain to the south and east. parts of our area are going to get rain and others get heavy snow at the same time. that rain/snow line is going to keep moving down to the south,
4:18 pm
and by 9:00 a.m., just about everybody is getting snow, and even at the shore, that's a mix. could be some areas of heavy sleet tomorrow. you can also see the ending of this from west to east, that is going to limit the snowfall totals because no matter how heavy the snow is falling, if it's only a matter of a few hours, as opposed to all day like we have had some big snow storms in the past, that is a big factor. so, 6 to 10 inches is the highest general that we're going, and that includes allentown and kutztown and redding, pottstown, warrington, and this pinkish area, 4 to 8 inches. abington, radnor, philadelphia itself, brookhaven, westchester, even wilmington and newark, delaware. gloucester, new jersey. also trenton, pemberton,
4:19 pm
gloucester, tabernacle. and continuing toward the coast, long beach island, tom's river getting 4 to 8. then the 2 to 4 inches, going to be rain, going to be sleet, a lot of it melts. farther south you go, vineland, hammi hammingten, bridgeton, also middletown, smyrna, delaware, and farther to the south, mostly melting or rain, where the temperature is above freezing. right now, you won't believe this. we have record warmth. 65 degrees. even 56 in allentown. it was 70 in atlantic city. records all over the place. this is the feels-like temperature, 4:00. watch this. by tomorrow afternoon, yikes. that's tomorrow morning. 8:30. feel like it's in the teens. and by tomorrow afternoon and evening, single digits, close to
4:20 pm
zero. from record warmth to feeling like zero within 24 hours. but yeah, it's going to happen. >> huge shift. all right, glenn. our morning team will be on the air a half hour early tomorrow morning when the first flakes start to fall. wake up with nbc 10 news today beginning at 4:00 a.m. for the most accurate forecast on the storm, plus the impact it will have on that morning commute. turning from the weather to firefighters trying to put out flames here. this is a picture from sky force 10 right now. this is a row house fire in southwest philly. the location of this is the 2500 block of south 67th street. you can see all of those firefighters on that scene. we don't see flames from here, but a lot of smoke and a lot of people on that scene. right now, we're hearing there aren't any injuries. if that changes, we'll let you know and keep you updated on this. >> to this, nbc 10 responds, worthing for you. >> a couple said all they wanted was to get reimbursed for service they canceled.
4:21 pm
all they got were broken promises. our harry hairston and nbc 10 responds got the couple the answers they were looking for. >> plus, new family friendly policies for facebook employees. how the social media jienlt is sending a message to corporate america. >> the phillies are thinking spring, spring training. the team heads south for florida. >> first, here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. the dow was down, the nasdaq, s&p 500, they were up.
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we may be talking about snow in the forecast, in fact, we are talking about snow in the forecast. here's a reminder that spring is right around the corner. >> not just the temperatures today, but the phillies are starting their migration south. let's take a look at citizens
4:25 pm
bank park. the bats, the balls, and all the rest of the equipment on the road now to florida this afternoon. >> nbc 10 was inside the clubhouse before everything was loaded up. the team is taking 2400 baseballs. 1200 bats, hundreds of gloves. hats, and of course, something for the fans. the phanatics equipment launching. the green guy gave a big wave as the truck started south. >> after leaving citizens park park, the truck headed down i-95. it will take two dies tatravel more than 1,000 miles down to the newly renamed spectrum field in clearwater, florida. phillies play their first preseason game on february 23rd, so it's not that far off. >> when you step outside today, it really doesn't feel that far off. >> wait until tomorrow. here in philly, yes, it feels like spring outside right now. >> big changes are coming in a matter of hours. glenn. >> yeah, pretty amazing. it doesn't happen that off, but it has happened in the past.
4:26 pm
i'm tracking the biggest snowfall of the season, the wus of the storm in the morning rush. the latest timing and totals for your neighborhood in your most accurate weather forecast. on a bike, at a table, or rolling up the highway top down, i'm looking at how people are enjoying the weather, weather that's about to change hard. >> and ipsouth korea, getting ready for the winter olympics. we count down one year until the games. how some of team usa is preparing right in pennsylvania.
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4:30 pm
allentown as workers loaded them up with salt. lehigh county is expected to be one of hardest hit counties. >> burks county will begin prepping for the storm about 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. at weavers hardware, they have salt and shovels ready to go. the manager expects business to pick up later in the evening. aaa warns don't wait with your car. >> before you head home, you want to make sure you have a full tank of gas. you don't know how long the commute will take tomorrow morning. >> good advice there, and pennsylvania drivers, by the way, required by law to remove all snow from their cars before hitting the road. now, we know the conditions from the snowstorm could be different depending on where you live. >> that's why we have first alert neighborhood weather. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the latest timing on the system in your most accurate weather forecast. >> at some point during the morning rush, it's going to be
4:31 pm
raining and mild and wet roads in parts of the area and snowing like crazy, and nobody will be able to get around in other parts of the area. that's why you have to tune in and at least think about the need to change plans for tomorrow morning. this is not an all-day storm. this is brief. as far as snow storms go. the heavy snow, 5:00 to 9:00 a.m., but the snowfall rate, up to 2 to 3 inches per hour, with thundersnow possible, low visibility, and snow covered roads. going to be all sorts of travel delays at the airports as well. some of that light snow starting to come in the middle of the night, and then by 6:00 a.m., already changing in parts of the philadelphia area, trenton, down to wilmington. this, of course, the timing of this is going to be critical to how much snow we end up with in this area. farther to the north, where it's pretty much all snow, we're pretty sure they're going to get at least 6 inches out of it.
4:32 pm
8:00 a.m., snow in most places across the area. and then, it is ending from west to east. and there's that lighter snow, by noon time, the only heavier snow is out toward the shore by that time, and that area improves, too. the sun may even come out during the afternoon. and weather conditions and driving conditions are going to improve dramatically. between the morning and the afternoon. so just coating the two inches farther to the south, and in general, more snow to the north. and the bigger range of 4 to 8 in this area is partly because some of it is going to be rain and some of it is going to be snow. and that ratio is going to be important. we'll get into the snow totals for your neighborhood coming up. >> if you didn't get a chance to spend much time outside today, you may regret it. take a look. nbc 10 saw team ppeople takingw
4:33 pm
and a bike ride. today was the day to roll the windows down, put the top down. >> take the dog for an extra long watch. don't let the warm weather fool you. tim furlong found out how people were enjoying the grit outdoors before the snow hits. >> you can tell william loves working for liberty tax service. >> i love this weather. i love what i'm doing. >> today, he's sweating pretty good out here, but he knows tomorrow's weather will be way different. >> i'll be frozen. >> and vokelkswagen is trying t move convertibles today. they don't sell many on cold winter days. >> can't sell a convertible without putting the top back. >> everywhere you look, the sun is out, and folks are eating outside, and it's a sneak peek of flip-flop season. >> too hot to put on socks. >> perfect for a quick bike ride around the neighborhood. the only problem is you know it's not going to last, so what's left of this day, you better enjoy it because we know it's going to be gone quickly,
4:34 pm
and we knee what's coming up next. >> snow. >> that's what the head of the red clay district told me when i asked if he would be more generous with the snow day since kids haven't had any yet, and it might feel like weather for a mower, but tomorrow, you might still need the blower. even on this warm day, they're getting calls from customers. >> thinking about a snow storm coming. they're here to buy. >> enjoy the warm breezes today, but make sure to put the top back up before you dpe to bed. >> one of the biggest factors that will affect tomorrow morning' snow storm is the dramatic drop in temperatures. meteorologist erica martinez is joining us live from delaware county with more on the impact. erica. >> hi, jim and jacqueline. so conditions right now arepry much ideal. feels like spring. above normal temperatures, certainly record breaking. right behind me, kids waving, having a great time, saying hi. they're having a good time taking full advantage of this nice warmup because as you
4:35 pm
mentioned, there's going to be a huge change by tomorrow. so, temperatures, we'll go hour by hour with a few pause points. at 5:00 p.m., mid to upper 40s as the temperatures across much of the area. you are going to see 40s to 60s for many. however, notice, i want you to keep your eyes on dover because that's a huge difference by tomorrow morning. starting off in and around the 60s. as we continue, 11:00 p.m., mid to upper 40s. we keep fast forwarding it through early tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m., low 40s, but then, as we continue hour by hour through tomorrow, and pause it at noon, we'll see temperatures in dover at 30. so this major temperature drop, anywhere between 25 and 30 degrees across the entire delaware valley, is going to make all the difference as the low pressure system intensifies behind that cold front. glenn and crystal will have more information. back toyou in the studio. >> all right, erika, thank you. such a beautiful day out today. huge difference between today and tomorrow. make sure you know about it. one way to make sure you're informed is the nbc 10 app.
4:36 pm
if you don't have it, down load it. it has everything you need to know about tomorrow morning's snow storm, interactive radar and an hour by hour forecast for your neighborhood. plus, track the snow plow trucks in your area, and be sure to share your pictures and video with us when the first snow flakes begin to fall. >> also, now is the time to sign up for school closing alerts through the app. we'll let you know if your school is on a delay or closed the minute it happens. here's a look add some of the other stories we're following county by county at 4:00. in burlington county, two parishes have merged and riverside will close. diocese of trenton is restructuring more than 20 parishes. they'll now share staff and resources. the reason, the decline is attendance and the number of sacraments. >> families are thinking about next school year today, a new streamlined enrollment system opened for tlat schools including public, charter, and
4:37 pm
ren saunls. parents can now use a single application to enroll at any school. until now, there were 17 different applications they had to look through. >> in kent county, a sewage spill is creating havoc for the shellfish in the delaware bay. the state's environmental secretary stopped commercial and recreational harvesting for the next three weeks. hundreds of thousands of gallons of waste crept into the river from a waste station in dover. >> in delaware county, chester has a mayor plus one today. city council's swore in a junior mayor along with several junior council members. the students are the winners of an election held at their school last month. and the program's aimed at giving young people in the city a voice in local government. getting started at a great age there. >> a trail of traush followed a local family after they moved. >> until they called nbc 10 responds. ahead, how harry hairston and the team were able to get rid of the family old bills at their new home.
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facebook allows people to take more time off. they have doubled their bereavement leave. employees can now take up to 20 paid days off for the death of an immediate family member and ten for an extended family member. they will also give family three days of paid family sick day. >> hard to ignore today's warm weather. dewill be a distant thought after, though. >> such a shock to the system. we're going from record breaking warmth to a major snow storm tomorrowing. >> major but brief. and boy, is it going to get cold after that. the worst of the snow is expected to fall right during the heart of the morning commute. have the latest timing on this system and the snow totals neighborhood by neighborhood.
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y26vey y5yy
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almost time for the music again. 2018 winter olympics are closer than ayou think. >> the opening ceremony is one year from today in pyeongchang, south korea. nbc 10 will be here. here's a look at pyeongchang itself, where people were skiing and boarding earlier today. the at leads already working hard and sharing their love of the games with young fans. >> a little more difficult to say than rio. blue mountain ski resort over the weekend where members of team usa luge showed off their sport. the goals are simple teach kids about the fastest sport on ice and keep their eyes peeled for luge stars of the future. >> a kid who has control of the sled and gets it and has the feeling. it's just sort of a natural thing that some people have and some don't. >> yeah, i don't. the luge teamly looks at boys and girls between ages 9 and 13. you can check out the young
4:46 pm
stars of the 2018 winter olympics plus read more about the new events at next year's games right now on the app. >> maybe not the luge for you, but time to dust off the sled for the morning maybe. >> it really is. you hear us often talk about the most accurate forecast. an independent company was drafted to find out what is the most accurate forecast in our market. it is us. it's the nbc 10 team. that's important every day, but particularly today, going into tomorrow, glenn. >> yeah, and as i said, we have the papers to prove it. but in this case, there's a different type of storm. winter storm than we're used to. this is going to be concentrated over just a few hours. unfortunately, just a few hours, during the morning rush. then 5:00 to 9:00 a.m., snowing at 2 to 3 inches per hour at the peak with thunderstorms possible. less than a quarter mile visibility. it will be hard to see. snow's coming down hard, and travel is going to be
4:47 pm
treacherous at best at the peak of this. now, here's, in philadelphia, the timing here. 5:00 a.m., it's going to be falling, but what is going to be falling? snow, rain, a mixture? sleet, this is the biggest question mark in the forecast. we're pretty sure of 7:00 to 9:00 a.m., it's going to be snowing, snowing hard, even in the philadelphia area. then really tapering off later on during the morning and by midday, and then the afternoon, you can go out sledding. and shovel the snow, because everything is going to freeze tomorrow night. let's see where the storm is now. you can see the area of snow move west to east, not your typical snow storm that comes up from the gulf of mexico or up the east that in one respect makes it easier to forecast because it's just moving this way. it's not developing. here we go, the snow coming in. it's the changeover from rain to snow that's the critical part of this forecast. 6:00 a.m., changing over in the
4:48 pm
philadelphia area, already having snowed for hours north and west. and as we go into 9:00 a.m. hours, still snowing at a pretty good rate much of the area, but here we go, ending from west to east as we go through the midday hours and into the afternoon. we'll take a little while longer to end add the shore. in general, 6 to 10 inches over the farthest north area. we had storms bigger than this. they had a 30-inch snow storm last winter in allentown, but when you get 6 inches of snow in two or three hours, that's hard to deal with. at least for a brief period of time. allentown, chestnut hill, kutztown, pottstown, you're going to get at least 6 inches of snow most likely. 4 to 8 inches, radford, westchester, even down to wilmington. that's a significant snow storm. again, nothing like the 22-incher we last year.
4:49 pm
laurel, gloucester, also in the 4 to 8-inch category. trenton, pemberton, mt. laurel, tom's river, long beach island, 4 to 8 inches. as you go farther south, salem, 2 to 4 inches. a lot of snow mixed with rain and warmer temperatures there. and then take a look farther to the south. most of that is melting. temperatures here. we have set records practically where in the area. but watch what happens to the feels-like temperatures in the next 24 hours. or even less. by 8:00 a.m., feels like the teens. by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow, it's feeling closer to zero. single digits. that will be a little hard to adjust to. >> so that's cold enough for snow to stick on roads that right now are warm. >> people wonder, how can this happen when the roads are so warm? when it's snowing real hard, the
4:50 pm
snow flakes are falling on other snowflakes. they're not falling onto the surface. at the beginning, it starts melting, but as it is pouring up and coming down real hard, it starts to stick even on the roads. as soon as it gets lighter, it starts to melt. >> tomorrow during that all-important morning rush of 5:00 to 9:00 a.m., keep it here on nbc 10. >> nbc 10 responds also working for you. >> a family's move to a new house left them with unwanted baggage when an old bill followed them. harry hairston and the team get a couple answers and their money.
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that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at now to nbc 10 responds. a couple said all they wanted
4:54 pm
was to get reimbursed for a service they canceled. all they got were broken promises so they reached out to harry hairston. you often hear that when you tie to sign up for something. you can canc at any time. but can you? >> yes, you can, as long as you do it in a certain way. let me say, this family was very frustrated. the family tells us this was a classic case of the check's in the mail until we got involved. >> i'm thinking about my movers coming in. >> rick and his wife are all set to start their new life in a brand new home. but there's one thing tying them to their old house. their trash. >> paid for the full quarter. used them for two months. just wanted my credit. >> fisher says the company trash tech promised to reimburse him within a few days of canceling service. >> a month later, no check. call them, no record of it. >> fisher a week later, he called again. >> we don't have any of your information, again. so take my information, check will go out. >> weeks after that, still no
4:55 pm
check. he contacted nbc 10 responds. we called trash tech. a few days later, fisher got a check for more than what he was owed. >> they paid me a full quarter rather than the $25. >> that came out to $76. >> thanks for hooking me up, harry. give me a hug. >> trash tech tells us the company recently changed names wrfrb that was part of the reason for the delay. one thing to remember, whenning up for a service, always check its cancellation policy. and get in writing as to how long it will take to reimburse you for any refunds. always want to make sure you do that. see it in black and white. that way you have peace of mind and know you'll get back what you deserve. >> things you may not think when you sign up. >> that's right. recovery counter. moving up there. $2 $281,895, money we have gotten back for you in less than a year. >> if you at home have a consumer complaint for nb dlrx 10 responds, all you do is fill
4:56 pm
out the complaint form on the website or call us and we'll respond to you. >> coming up tomorrow on nc 10 responds, woman buys a tablet with a warranty. after she breaks, she can't get the warranty company to fix it. then she gets harry involved. coming up next, we're following the winter storm coming our way. >> jim, jackie, hard to believe we're going from 60s to snow, but the first alert weather team is telling us to get ready. >> next at 5:00, we head to allentown where neighbors remember digging out from another big storm and they're hoping the cleanup will be a little better this time around. >> and there's a look at where the snow is now. heading our way and going to intensify as it does so we'll look at how much you can see in your neighborhood by the time this thing moves out, coming up. plus, the final chap chapter, the deadly collapse victims get a multimillion dollar settlement. how they plan to use the money to move forward.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
4:59 pm
which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. shorts to shovels. the first alert radar shows a winter storm moving closer and closer, and some neighborhoods could see their biggest snowfall yet. >> but first, we're breaking records for warmth. take a look at students walk around in shorts and t-shirts. some neighborhoods got close to 70 degrees this afternoon. >> don't let this weather fool you. a live look at the art museum.
5:00 pm
65 degrees outside. these warm temperatures are going to disappear fast. by tonight, many areas dropping to the 30s and then the snow starts moving in. we told you this week was going to be a roller coaster ride, and the biggest drop of all starts tonight. i'm keith jones. >> i'm erin coleman. going from 60s to snow in a matter of hours and we want to make sure you're ready for the big change. the weather team is tracking the totals, the timing, and temperatures for your neighborhood, and randy gyllenhaal will join us from one area that could see the most snow. >> let's start with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. give us an update on when the snow starts and where. >> well, up in the lehigh valley, burks county, could start shortly after midnight. the peak of this storm is going to be right during the morning rush. and that's part of the problem with it, not the biggest storm we have ever seen. it's limited in time, but right in the morning rush, and we haven't had anything like this this seaso


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