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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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30 degrees. then the snow will start piling up. >> a team of meteorologists and reporters set to cover what is set to become the biggest snow storm this winter. glen hurricane schwartz is tracking the weather for where you live. >> this is going to be a very unusual snow storm that's going to be very intense for a very short period of time, compared to the average snow storm. but that intensity is coming right at the morning rush. kind of worst time, 5:00 to 9:00 a.m. will be the worst of it. at that point, 2 to 3 inches per hour at the peak of the storm, with thundersnow possible, low visibility, snow covered roads, at the height of this storm tomorrow morning, nobody is going anywhere. and the areas that are getting the heavy snow. here it comes. from the west, starting off as snow. redding and allentown, but rain or a mixture towards the philadelphia area. that makes it harder to pretreat because of this storm.
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but it's eventually going to be changing to snow as colder air comes down from the north. the darker blue indicates the heavier snow. right at 6:00 a.m., it's coming down hard. it's windy, then temperature is dropping. heavy snow can stick on the roads even though it's been in the 60s today. i know it's hard to believe, but it has happened before. and it's going to happen again. here we go, thursday, 10:00 a.m. already tapering off. in redding and allentown, not a whole day thing. for some parts of the area, not even a whole morning thing. so it's just a matter of a few hours. that will limit the total snowfall. but as it is, it will be the biggest of the seize in in many areas, certainly in the lehigh valley, upper bucks, montgomery, chester, which has hardly seen any so far this season. 4 to 6 inches from trenten to philadelphia to wilmington. depending on how much of the start of it is rain versus snow.
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and of course, lesser problems farther to the south. we'll get into the snow amounts for your neighborhood coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, and as glenn has been saying, your morning drive to work could be dangerous. this is a live lock at i-95 in south philly. road crews and police are working together to get you moving safely tomorrow. nbc10 bfs deanna durante joins us at the salt yard. what's happening there right now? >> right now, it's literally the calm before the storm. take a look. the trucks have packed up for the evening. we're told crews will be back here around mid, and they will be behind the wheel, about an hour before the snow starts falling. >> we're not going to get that much. >> while some say today's bright and sunny weather has them in disbelief. >> annoying. i don't understand why because it's beautiful out today. >> others say they have no choice but to be believers. >> i went out and bought a snow blower this morning. >> as people are getting red, schools are making sure they're stocked up should the doors open
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in the morning. >> make sure we have salt on hand like we should have. we have spreaders, snow blowers in each of the buildings. we want to make sure they have been run. >> as for school delays and openi openings, that decision is yet to be made. >> can i get them by 10:00 and get them home safely in the afternoon. >> public schools wick mare theirs early in the morning if they haven't made it before then. >> penndot attacheds to more than 300 vehicles in use after midnight tonight. >> this storm is happening at the worst part of the day for us because it's starting before rush hour and then at the most intense part of it is during rush hour. we're going to get 1 to 2 inches an hour. >> because of the timing of the storm, many towns and boroughs in bucks and montgomery countys have sent out emergency warnings. >> a notice to get out to people to move their cars. no parking on snow emergency routes until the snow is completed. >> when does that go into effect? >> midnight tonight through
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midnight tomorrow night. >> 60 degrees today and snow tomorrow, crazy. gr by this man, a pool man buyer and industrial plow driver by winter, he would rather not be out. >> i would rather have spring. >> we did get a taste of it today. many towns are reacting, again, issuing snow emergency routes because believe it or not this winter storm is coming and they want to prepare their residents. deanna durante. >> more than 2400 flights are canceled nationwide from today until friday because of the winter storm. you're looking live right here at philadelphia international airport where they are bracing for snow. check with your carrier if you're planning to fly. >> shoppers are stocking up at stanley's hardware. ice melt and shovels are flying off the shelves. but there's plentsy more in the back because of the mild winter we had. the rest of the store is preparing for spring. >> snow boots tomorrow, shorts today. at the beach, nbc10 at the
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jersey shore in atlantic city where we had a roord temperature there. perfect day to hit the boards. this weather was almost too good to be true. in newark, wear, we found in short sleeves, even flip-flops. lots of people grabbing lunch at the outdoor tables on main street. if you have a convertible, today was the day to put the top down. we usually don't get days like this in february. yeah, seems hard to believe, snow is on our doorstep given how warm it is today, but this snow storm will be arriving fast and tofuriously tomorrow mornin. crystkrystal klei is tracking t dramatic temperature drape. >> it is hard to believe because we're looking at conditions outside right now on your radar that are showing the snow conditions moving on in. let's look over to our other system if we can so we can look at the temperatures and we can talk about what we're dealing with in terms of temps. right now, we're in the 50s outside. that's about a 10 degree drop from earlier this afternoon. there you go in philadelphia, 57
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degrees. suburbs at 54. 55 in new jersey. 49 in the lehigh valley, and delaware at 57. earlier today, we were in the mid 60s. some of us in the 70s. we already dropped ten degrees. we have a lot more to go as we move forward. take a look at our future temperatures. starting at 6:00 p.m., 50s in some spots, starting to make their way into the 40s. watch as we roll this along throughout the next several hours. these are going to be key that we drop in consistency. 42, doylestown, this is 8:00 tonight. we still have a long way to go. as we go overnights, we see it happen. now we're at 3:00 a.m., right when the snow starts to edge into parts of chester, berks county, into the lehigh valley. there you go, right at 32 degrees where we should start to see snow. still a little too warm in philly, 37 degrees. as we get to morning rush, now we're right at freezing, from burlington to wilmington and yaareas north which is where wel start to see the snow and
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continue through the morning. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. all right krystal. in the lelie valley, allentown set 250 be the bull's eye of the storm. >> this is video from last january when the struggled to dig out from 30 inches of snowfall. they're hoping for a smoother response. >> ran randy jillen hahn is joi us. folks ready here? >> they haven't had much practice, so far the entire season, plow crews have only had to get rid of 2.9 inches of snow. they could get double that amounts or more tomorrow after today, where temperatures fli s flirting with 65 degrees. at the park, short sleeves and sunshine. kate taking a stroll with her son next to the empty sledding hill when hasn't gotten much action winter. >> that's the hill we used to go on. we haven't had to do that. >> tomorrow, that's going to
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change quick. a weather whiplash. >> you think it's going to snow tomorrow? >> yeah. >> allentown in the bull's eye of an approaching winter blast. >> i'm hoping for at least a foot of snow so i can throw snowballs at my siblings. >> no, not a huge fan. not a fan of digging cars out. scraping ice. >> the coming storm reminding many here of what happened this time last year. allentown was hit with 30-plus inches of snow. plows had trouble even getting into some neighborhoods. >> i remember that. took me hours and hours to shovel her parents' driveway. >> not going to be that bad this time around, but still, rush hour tomorrow will likely see the biggest snowfall of the entire winter. and with the sun setting, you can already feel the temperatures starting to plunge in the lehigh valley. meantime, plow drivers tell us one of the biggest problems they face is when people clean off their cars and chuck the snow into the streets. they're asking if jow have to
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leave and clean off your car tomorrow morning, put the snow on the sidewalk or in the back yard. randy gyllenhaal. >> let's talk school closures. the archdiocese has already closed all high schools and elementary schools in philadelphia. philadelphia public schools say they will make a decision tomorrow about whether to close school or not. you can track all school closures and delays right now on the nbc10 app. join us tomorrow morning for a special early edition of nbc10 news today. we'll bring you live team weather coverage starting at 4:00 a.m., as the storm rolls in. some other news here. victims of the market street collapse will receive $227 million in a settlement reached today. 19 plaintiffs including the families of seven people who were killed in the june 2013 collapse will split the money. attorneys say it may be the largest personal injury settlement in pennsylvania history. governor tom wolf says he will veto an abortion bill if it reaches his desk. today, the pennsylvania senate passed the bill banning abortions at 20s and restricting
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second trimester abortions. 20 weeks is four weeks earlier than the current law. the bill still needs to go through the house before it would go to the governor. >> now, new at 6:00, we talked to philadelphia district attorney seth williams for the first time since the city ethics board fined him for not disclosing gifts on campaign reports. it was the largest ethics fine in philadelphia history. the williams refused to schedule an interview to discuss it. this day, he left through a side door of his office. today, the nbc10 investigators were finally able to ask him some questions at his first public appearance in weeks. >> with people calling for your resignation because of the ethics violations, are you going to resign? >> no, i'm not going to resign. i'm very thankful you asked that question. i self-reported gifts i received. gift s i should have reported timely years ago, and i accepted full responsibility for that.
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>> williams also said despite the ethics violation, he does have the moral authority to continue doing his job. >> the president's executive order on immigration remains on hold for now. but we have learned it's still affecting some in our region and forcing them to change their plans. this person is a research fellow at the university of pennsylvania. he's from iran and tells us he and his wife cancelled a trip back home because of the order. he said it also puts a label on him and others from the country. >> from now on, we're just afraid how do people look at us. and we're afraid everywhere we can say we're iranians when they ask for our nationality. >> penn students gathered today to voice their opposition to the president's order and send petitions to senator pat toomey urging him to speak out against it. >> up next, protecting children from overdosed. the new move in some south
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jersey schools to save students from opioids. >> and tracking tomorrow's snow storm, likely our biggest storm of the season for most of us. heading right in the heart of the morning rush. i'll time it out for where you live with the first alert neighborhood forecast.
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right now at 6:00, we're tracking a snow storm set to hit our region overnight. you can see it right here on first alert radar and our team coverage of the storm continues in a few minutes. >> happening right now, president trump's selection for attorney general will move to confirmation in a few hours. senator pat toomey speaking right now. a live picture of the senate. democrats have been working around the clock to block jeff sessions. new at 6:00, saving high schoolers from overdoses. three south jersey schools are now eing nurses with the opioid antidote narcan. cydney long met a high school graduate who might not be here today if not for that life saving drug. >> by the time i was 22, i was a full-blown heroin addict. >> you might consider 29-year-old steven the poster boy for nar. >> in august 2010, august 10th,
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i overinosed in north camden in a port-a-potty. >> he returned to his alma mater as a heroin overdose survivor, a mentor, and role model. >> i'm grateful to be here because of medication like narcan that helped save my life. >> he's proud to have a voice on the camden county addiction awareness task force. today, it introduced a life saving narcan to all three high schools serving 4,000 students. >> we have an aed for cardiac emergencies. epinephrine, so this is just another life-saving medication. >> school nurse kristen moore hoped the entire county and state will follow suit in high schools to save lives. >> in our community, i know of numerous people at 16 years old who have overdosed and died. they weren't in school during the time they overdosed, but the fact they're doing it and being proactive means a lot. >> his near addiction -- >> when the crop brought me to, he said it's amazing. you have god on your side because i had no reason to look
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inside this portport-a-potty. >> in his passion to help others, he co-founded silver sports, a recovery sports league. >> silver sports is passionate for me because i know for me, the first time i was introduced in recovery, i wasn't too savvy with everything they were saying. a little big words and all that kind of stuff. >> right now, they play basketball at camden county college. he says the league will expand to softball and flag football and it's tearing down walls. >> numerous people, i'm talking about in the hundreds, e-mailed us saying i want my son to get involved. when he was growing up, he was an all-star baseball player. >> a major player in fighting addiction and making sure second chances count. cydney long, nbc10 news. turning back to our weather now. some dramatic changes coming our way. these guys swinging some clubs today. tomorrow, they might have to pick up a shovel. center city, it's drive out there right now. but snow will be hitting here
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tomorrow morning. you can see that snow storm right there on radar. let's go back to nbc10 first alert meteorologist glen hurricane schwartz. if people pay attention to you, they will not be caught off guard tomorrow. >> wedant want you to get caught off guard. look out the window and it'sing or snow is melting as it hits. you say, oh, they're wrong. just wait. things will be changing rapidly. that rain changing to snow. the snow getting heavier. the temperature going down. and it starts sticking. so all these things are likely to happen. the heaviest snow from 5:00 to 9:00 a.m., right during the morning rush. of course, the peak snowfall rates, 2 to 3 inches per hour some places. plows can't keep up with that. thundersnow possible. low visibility and snow covered roads. not just the roads but also the trees and power lines. it's going to be heavy, wet snow, sticky type snow. good for snowballs but also good
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for knocking down trees and causinger outages. this is the intense forecast for philadelphia. 5:00 a.m., something is going to be coming down hard. it could be rain, could be snow, could be a mixture. where the big pixture is related to total amount. it's likely to be snowing hard between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. and then dropping off rapidly toward noon. this is not an all-day snow storm like we often get. it's also not a questionable storm coming up from the coast, waiting for it to develop. it's there. there it is. moving straight to the east, and it's going to strengthen. up in new england, going to be way worse. they're going to get lots more snow and wind. here we are, 1:30 in the morning, already some of the light snow starting. to the north and west, but rain in the philadelphia area. that doesn't help. sheets the road when it's just wet. by 4:30, there is the snow coming into the philadelphia area. getting into the changeover time
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and that's critical. we have to watch that hour by hour tomorrow morning. the darker blue indicating the heavier snow right there at 6:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m. those three, four hours we could get almost all of our accumulation in just that period of time. because as the lighter blues come in toward 10:00, 11:00, 12, it's not really starting to accumulate. so here's the amounts, 6 to 10 to the north. 4 to 8 in the middle. lesser amounts to the south. so allentown, kutztown, redding, pottstown, you're getting your heaviest storm of the season by far, nothing like the 32 inches last year. wagner, abington, philadelphia, brookhaven, westchester in the 4 to 8 inch category. so is trenton and mt. laurel and pemberton and out toward long beach island. lesser amounts to the south in hammingten, vineland, because more of it will be, and
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temperatures above freezing causing melting. salem, middletown, smyrna in the 2 to 4 inch range, and lesser amounts to the sight, and everything refreezes tomorrow night. >> hi, the eagles make their first player move of the off season, and we have the latest on the stat of joelle embiid. that's all next.
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he wouldn'help me.itting us. i'm scared. it hurts. he told me not to tell. make the call. make the call ...before it's too late. suspect it? report it. make the call. 1-800-932-0313 paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars.
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tonight's special: longhorn favorites. get our outlaw ribeye, the longhorn salmon, or the parmesan crusted chicken. and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger, or any steakhouse lunch combo. you can't fake steak. hi, i'm amy from csn. the off season moves have already begun for the eagles. today, the team released quarter back leodis mckelvin. the team announced the move this
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afternoon. it will save the birds $3.2 mckelvin signed a free agent contract last off seizage and started 12 games recording two interceptions. >> sixers host the spurs tonight here at the wells fargo center. joel embiid will miss his seventh straight game with that knee contusion. he's already ruled out for tomorrow's road game in orlando against the magic as well. here he is with a new look at practice today, trying out some shades there. embiid already has missed 9 of the team's last 10 games. >> he's coming along fine. he's coming along fine. i think that nobody needs to worry that there's anything deeper than that. >> brown coaching against gregg popovich. brown, a longtime assistant under pop before coming to philly. pop is proud of the work his former assistant is doing. >> the most incredible, positive sort of force that i have ever been around in my life.
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i don't just say that because we worked together for all those years. >> well, this is what it looks like to be on the receiving end of a wayne simmonds punt. the flyers all star noted fighter got lessons from bernard hopkins. this comes your way later this month, part of the flyers outdoor game against the bwen penguins. we're right back after this. that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪
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welcome back. live look at 8th and market in center city. dry out there right now, but that's going to change tomorrow morning. not just in terms of dry but also the temperature too. >> yeah, going from 60s today to feels like temperatures single digits tomorrow night. here's the latest snowfall map. purple, northern counties, 6 to 10 inches in and around the philadelphia area, down to wilmington, trenton, generally 4 to 8, with lesser amounts farther to the south. this isly going to come just in a few hours. it's going to get very intense.
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>> wet, heavy snow. be careful shoveling. that's our news at 6:00. >> nightly news is next. we'll see you back here at 11:00. breaking news tonight, the supreme court nominee calls president trump's attacks on the judiciary demoralizing as the president takes aim at the judges holding their controversial ban in their hands. crossing the line? the president goes after nordstrom and the white house accuses the store of an attack on ivanka. nordstrom says that's not true. nic wallenda. and about to be blown away from a major snowstorm rolling in. and a member of our family shares his family's private battle raising public awareness of how early it can strike. and b


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