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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the snow blower made it easier to get the job done. others opted for shovels. >> for these kids it was all about having fun. sky force 10 spotted this group sledding, the perfect way to enjoy a day off from school. the cold is sticking around. >> it's going to feel even worse later on tonight. nbc 10's lauren mayk joins us live from philadelphia. walking around the city, not really that pleasant right now? >> reporter: you can feel that people are holding on to their jackets here. as the sun goes down and the temperatures dip. take a look at this. stuff like this becomes important. salt to keep the ice away. the snow and the ice out here today, has been melting and now it could refreeze. in the meantime, it's the wind that is really a harsh reality after all of those warm temperatures we've seen this week. you can see it moving the flags
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on the parkway. if you felt it today, you know it can make your shiver. >> it hurts my ears. >> bitter, cold, icy. wet. freezing. >> compared to yesterday it's a lot colder. >> reporter: yesterday was kind of nice yeah? >> i got spoiled. >> reporter: yesterday. remember this? this parking lot was snow free on wednesday night. you can see plenty of pavement and it was such a warm night, i didn't even need a coat. less than 24 hours later, this parking lot at 20th and pennsylvania, a blanket of white. and if you look underneath the snow here, a wet and slushy mess. much of the snow that came down in philadelphia didn't stick or stick around long. this mom bundled her young daughters for an outing. >> mom, please go outside. she loves snow. >> reporter: but the wind crept in from center city to south philadelphia. where amy dawned an eagle's hat. >> it's kind of like being at an
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eagle's game at the 300 level instead at the 100 level. >> reporter: it's getting colder out here. as we're standing out here, we're talking about the refreezing. take a look at what we found, ice already starting to form here. you can see it's starting to get slick. this had melted and now it is becoming icy. this is the kind of thing you want to look out for on the roads and also in your neighborhoods. live in center city i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> got to watch out for that ice, lauren, thank you for that. let's look at how cold it's going to get in your neighborhood. >> emotionmeteorologist erika ms here with your most accurate forecast. you called this to a t. >> we're seeing a 25 to 35 degree difference from yesterday. record breaking temperatures yesterday, not the case today. extremely cold. but something that lauren pointed out, we are of course observing the pavement, the roads, notice right now for the most part, we're seeing dry
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roads right now. that's actually thanks to the wind. it is actually drying out a lot of that liquid on the roads. a lot of the roads have not been treated, keep in mind they will, of course, turn over to some really slick icy spots. current temperatures, however, 29 degrees in philadelphia. coatesville, 25 for you. trenton at 26. vineland, 29. the normal high is 42. we topped out at 48. but only diving down there from then on out. now we're going to see 30s and then 20s. overnight lows in the teens. the deal is we're only getting colder as the northwesterly winds kick up a lot stronger. feels like temperatures in trenton, 13. mount holly, 14. three below in mount pocono. 12 degrees, that's your feels like temperature right now in atlantic city. however, we certainly can expect an improvement. temperatures, that the hour temperature change, i want to show you 32 degree difference in philadelphia yesterday. mount holly, 34.
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the good news is we're trending warmer. high temperatures for the next couple of days, we'll climb back into the 40s by this weekend. saturday in philadelphia, 48. saturday in allentown, 40 for you. it looks like we'll hit 50s by the weekend along the shore and delaware. so coming up, we're going to talk more about what to expect as far as those temperatures dipping below the freezing mark tonight. of course, what to expect for the warm up for the upcoming weekend. back to you. the snow came and went pretty quickly this morning. this is a time lapsed video of one of our viewers sent to us from bethlehem. you can see the snow piling up on the road and on the cars. >> the lehigh valley was in the bulls eye of this storm. it started snowing overnight. didn't let up until nearly noon. and allentown, the clean up is underway after six and a half inches fell. look at the images. spinning tires. even after the storm passed. heavy winds caused all the snow to blow around.
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>> it's going everywhere. it's almost like a blizzard or something. >> the concern tonight is all the blowing snow could freeze over as the temperatures drop after sunset. we found one guy who doesn't really seem to mind the colder temperatures. we spotted him on montgomery avenue there with his grocery bags. check that out, he's wearing shorts and boots. >> he's brave. >> that's a combo. when you're young you don't mind the cold either. >> we found plenty of kids out there enjoying the rare snow day. nbc 10's deanna durante takes us sledding in forth washington. >> reporter: we used foacebook and twitter to find the best sledding place and it led us to mount washington state park. >> it has a dip. >> it's really fun, the hills are really steep. a couple of hazards. >> reporter: for parents and kids, fighting the crowds, they actually don't mind. but not every sledding hill we were directed to was crowded.
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>> i didn't think we would get out here this early. i thought it would snow longer and we'd be stuck in the house. >> reporter: mom and david have this hill to themselves. of course, david's two sisters are here, too. it may be a snow day for the kids, but the parents are getting into the action. >> i got an extra early jump on my day to finish early. >> reporter: and in plymouth, megyn and her mom were talking snowballs after the snow man was finished. >> there was too much rain this morning, but at least they got to build their snow man. >> reporter: kids are celebrating and they spent us their videos like brenly on his first big snowfall. as the day winds down, the problem for some the snowfall coming on the heels of rain and there's not enough of it. especially for hills like this one where the white stuff has turned into mud. deanna durante, nbc 10 news.
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>> not sieeing any of those kid slowing up. >> tag us in your photos on social media or send them through the nbc 10 app. you can check out our photo gallery right now. it's on jeff sessions is officially the united states attorney general. mike pence swore him in. president trump said the new attorney general sees everyone as equal in the eyes of the law. sessions says rising crime is a dangero dangerous permanent trend. and the u.s. needs a lawful system of immigration. president trump courted votes for his supreme court nominee. >> the president says kaulcomme made by his nominee criticizing him were misrepresented. senator richard blumenthal said
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judge gorsuch told him the president's comments about a judge was demoralizing. the president tweeted saying senator richard blumenthal who never thought in vietnam when he said for years, major lie, now misrepresents what judge gorsuch told him. the senator responded. >> i judge gorsuch much more than just say, in private behind closed doors that he is disheartened by these attacks. it has to be a public condemnation that defends the independent judiciary. the white house says kellyanne conway has been counseled after she said this today on fox news. >> go by ivanka's stuff. i'm going to get some for myself today. >> federal employees are banned
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from using public office to endorse products. conway may have violated ethics rules. her statements come after president trump launched a twitter attack against nordstrom wednesday after the company dropped his daughter's clothing line. coming up in our next half hour, nbc 10's rosemary connors takes a closer look at the possible punishment for conway and if her comments could hurt support for president trump. pennsylvania senator bob casey will have competition in 2018. bob sircon is the first to say he'll challenge bob casey. it's the first time the keystone state went republican since 1988. question a lot of people have been asking around the newsroom after this story, do you ever wonder if the elevator you're riding on is safe? it's not so easy to find out.
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we found thousands of pennsylvania elevators are missing their inspection certificate. next all new at 5:00, why one expert says we're on the verge of an elevator epidemic. plus, always be prepared. that's a good mantra during any snowstorm. this guy was prepared. we'll hear his story next. you won't want to miss this next video. nbc 10 hits the road to help people get through the storm. that is next at 5:00.
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an elevator accident in center city. >> the elevator crashed to the floor. >> nat that nearly cost a sheriff's deputy his life. >> why are so many elevators out of compliance? >> philadelphia fire department responded to 688 elevator rescue calls last year. that's about two people every day trapped in elevators. >> after that accident at the criminal justice center, the nbc 10 investigators have scrutinized elevator safety. what mitch blocker found may have you taking the stairs. >> reporter: ride an elevator in pennsylvania -- do you think twice when you step on an
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elevator? >> not usually. >> reporter: most people don't realize what's missing. there's no quick way to know if your elevator were expected. >> you won't know about a problem until somebody gets hurt. >> reporter: an investigation reveals thousands of elevators missing certification but still hauling passengers. >> we're approaching an elevator safety equipment. >> reporter: chris dodds is an elevator inspector. he said dust and dirt is a sure way to know when an elevator was neglected. he checks everything from doors to cables. last year his company inspected more than 2,500 elevators. what he sees troubles him. >> the elevators are deteriorating because they're not being maintained. >> reporter: in pennsylvania it's the building owner's responsibility to hire a private elevator inspector to check their elevators twice a year. the state then uses those inspections to make sure elevators are safe.
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the state department of labor and industry's documents show thousands of elevators with inspired inspection certificates in hundreds of public and private buildings state wide. with so many elevators without current inspection records, we went to harrisburg to find why the stay doesn't shut them down. why are so many elevators out of compliance? >> well, you know, a lot of that goes towards the number of inspectors you have. >> reporter: joe marchioni is the assistant director of elevator safety. he says his office has 23 inspectors to police the entire state. they can shut down elevators missing records. but he admits his department can't keep up with the thousands on their list. >> the violations might not represent an imminent danger to the riding public. until that owner satisfies the citations, we're not going to issue a new certificate. >> reporter: private inspector
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say they feel the pressure. >> how do i know that elevator is safe some. >> there is no way for the public to know. >> reporter: for the investigators, i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. since we started investigating elevator safety the state increases his recruiting efforts for inspectors. four more are scheduled to graduate this spring. tomorrow at 5:00, we focus on elevators in buildings owned and operated by the city of philadelphia. we'll tell you what the state says about them. back now to our first alert weather and that winter storm that came and went pretty quickly after the snow stopped this afternoon. stokes hill in morris town was the place to be been there very many times as a kid. a great day to get sledding in. >> perfect with the sun out too. do you know who is enjoying the cold blast? coldilocks? get it? it's a polar bear.
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funny joke. the zoo sent these pictures of her playing around. the zoo was closed today. but sky force 10 spotted some peacocks, perhaps they were showing off for the other peacock, also known as nbc 10. >> oh, yeah. a lot of people want to know, they want snow i should say during the winter but they don't want the cold that gowise i wit >> that's what we're dealing with it. meteorologist erika martin as your most accurate first alert forecast. it's cold out there. >> it is cold right now, and it's only getting colder. right now, the system that affected us is well off the new england shore line. and now what we're seeing are some light -- stronger winds bringing us light returns. mid and upper level, that's all. nothing making it to the ground. locally here we see there's not much going on. snow totals for new jersey today, burlington county, florence saw four inches, camden
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county cherry hill saw just under four inches. gloucester county, national park saw two and a half inches. nominal there. however, the further north and west you got, of course, you got the higher numbers. including lehigh county, just under eight inches. easton in northhampton county, seven inches. right now the issue is, of course, once the snow has cleared offshore we still have to deal with the fact that a lot of that is melting. and it's due to the sodium chloride and calcium chloride. we have to make sure everything does dry up. we do not want any icy slick spots early tomorrow morning. philadelphia right now, we're seeing partly to mostly cloudy skies. current temperature 29. we're seeing 26 mile per hour sustained wind speeds coming out of the northwest with gusts up to 41 miles per hour. current temperature for coatesville at 25 degrees. trenton 26. vineland 29.
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a little warmer, but below the freezing mark for dover at 31 degrees. overnight lows for allentown, 11. these are the actual overnight lows. 16 for trenton. wilmington 18. vineland and mount holly, 17 degrees. look at the bottom of your screen for your local seven-day forecast. now, hour by hour forecast starting this at 5:00 p.m., we'll pause this at 9:00. notice how quickly the temperatures start to drop. we're seeing northwesterly winds, certainly affecting these temperatures. by 11:00 p.m., 22 in philly. 20 in trenton. 18 in doylestown. early tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m., 18 in allentown. 19 in potts down and burlington, 22. 7:00 a.m. same deal there. we're seeing temperatures well below the freezing mark. let's go to your wind pro file. we're seeing strong winds ranging from 15 miles per hour in coatesville and when you
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combine the two what will it feel like? let's take a look at 9:00 p.m. we're seeing feels like temperatures at 5 degrees for allentown, trenton 6. 9 for philly. 10 for wilmington. this will not get better through the overnight hours. simply because the winds will not give up. they're coming out of the north and northwest. 5:00 a.m., it will 5 lfeel like in allentown. be sure to bundle up it will be a dangerously cold start to your friday morning. hour by hour forecast picking up on a system moving saturday into sunday. temperatures are going to be warm well above the freezing mark. so we do have some rain moving in on sunday through sunday afternoon. your ten day on 10, brings us those warmer temperatures by the upcoming weekend. it will be windy by monday or sunday into monday. valentine's day looks good.
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temperatures at 47 degrees. back to you. >> thank you so much. this is great, the nbc 10 today team did more than just go on tv at 4:00 a.m. in between shows, they hit the streets and handed out nbc 10 ice scrapers, it was quite clear that they had the most fun. look at him. >> you guys are wonderful, thank you for your help. >> of course. >> we always want it. >> look at that delaware bureau tim furlong helping a woman put air into her tire. this was just after 8:00 this morning. a lot of people headed out yesterday to get ready for today's snow. people bought new shovels, salts, even snow blowers. >> today, nbc 10's deanna du durante found a man who forgot a new thing. >> i bought a snow blower and it didn't have gas in it. and my wife asked me are you sure it has gas in it and i said
5:22 pm
yes. didn't have any gas. here i am. >> look at deanna like oh, boy. he had to drive through the the snow to go to the gas station and get the gas and go back home so he could put the snow blower to use. got to have the gas. when the olympics are on, we expect to see bob costas there. he is passing the torch. see who's picking it up. next at 5:00. ♪ oh, it's a good day... ♪ [car horns]
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we have breaking news to get to. we should learn soon when president trump's travel ban will be reinstated. an appeals court in california says the decision will be filed before close of business today. a federal judge has put the ban on hold last week. now that appeals court is considering an appeal now from the trump administration. it is the passing of the olympic torch. >> when the winter games begin in south korea this time next year there will be a new primetime host on nbc. mike tirico is taking over for bob costas as the olympic commentator. he's stepping aside after hosting the past 11 olympics. he says the 1996 olympics stands
5:26 pm
out. >> years ago nbc made it clear, you can keep going as long as you want or step aside whenever it feels right. >> thrill of a lifetime. not only the job, but also the honor of following one of the best of all time. >> bob costas says he's staying with nbc and will work major sporting events. the countdown to pyeonchang 2018 is on. nbc 10 will be following our local athletes as they train for the games, which are now 364 days away. we're counting down or anything, and know the exact time of it, but we're excited for it. >> no doubt. from the winter olympics to a winter storm, we've been showing you how it's affected our area. >> it's hitting other parts of the northeast as well. our sister station in new york shows us the conditions today in port chester. the steady snow and this driving wind has been non-stop. you can see it's covered
5:27 pm
secondary roads here. the plow crews have been up, out, but they just can't keep up with this weather. and that's making for a very tricky commute with all the snow and ice out on the roads. >> it's not just the snow, of course. from the winter storm that we've been dealing with, take a look at what this crew experienced on the coast of massachusetts. >> good afternoon from marshfield. a splash over from -- >> whoa. how they recovered from the surprise splash. that's next at 5:00.
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wind and blowing snow. that was a rough combination as people tried to get around this morning. nbc 10 at broad and olney in philadelphia. if you were force today walk through it you had to keep your head down and keep moving. not much snow to clean up today in parts of west chester. the wind and cold temperatures could cause a lot of the sidewalks to freeze over. >> the snow is heavy and wet in bucks county. great for making snowballs. at least four and a half inches of snow fell there. and the snow is cleared out. now it's all about the bitter cold. the wind is picking up tonight. and any snow or wet spots could refreeze as we look down here at the ben franklin parkway. you see the flags of each nation
5:31 pm
blowing in the wind. we're talking about temperatures in the teens and 20s. some areas could feel like the sing single digits. >> here is erika martin. >> it's all about what's happening behind that cold front. the system has pretty much pushed off shore. and temperatures are going to decline very quickly into the teens and those feels like temperatures. hovering around the single digits, some below zero. at 8:00 p.m. in easton. you'll have temperatures actually at 19 degrees. these are your actual temperatures. 17 at 11:00 p.m. with mostly clear skies. neighborhoods right now across the lehigh valley seeing mid20s. well below the freezing mark. fleetwood at 22. allentown, 24. nazareth at 23. along with bethlehem and walnut port at 22. your morning temperatures, you wake up tomorrow morning, these are your actual temperatures. not your feels like
5:32 pm
temperatures. we still have those north and northwesterly winds that will be affecting us. be sure you bundle up tightly tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. it will be 17 in allentown. 19 in west chest and potts town. philadelphia 22. burlington 22. and dover it will be 23 degrees early tomorrow morning. so keep that in mind. because it's definitely going to feel colder than that when we take into consideration those really strong wind speeds. however, the temperature trend looks promising by the weekend. now we only top out at 31 on friday. but we make a come back. saturday, 48 is your expected high temperature and 46 on sunday. something to look forward too, however we still have to get through today, tonight and tomorrow. back to you. governor tom wolf showed up to penn dot's headquarters in harrisburg today to say thank you. the governor spoke to employees and thanked them for clearing the roads and keeping everyone
5:33 pm
safe during the storm. the snow may be in the rearview mirror but it's the sun, melting and wind that can cause slick spots on the streets. as the temperatures drop tonight. crews in camden county spend the day relaying salt. >> you can't see it. you just can't see the ice on the road with the head lights. you got to drive slow. >> officials in both burlington and camden counties are warning residents to use caution on parking lots and sidewalks. the storm that hit us blanketed much of the northeast. this video from new york city, central park covered in white. people are out walking, running sledding and enjoying the biggest snowfall of the winter so far. did you hear that? that's thunder snow in
5:34 pm
connecticut. yes, it's a thing. it's rare. but there were reports of it throughout the northeast during the storm. but this storm isn't just bringing snow. >> take a look at what happened to this nbc reporter eli rosenburg at the coast of massachusetts. >> good afternoon from marshfield. a splash over from the atlantic ocean. it has not started snowing here yet. but we're definitely feeling it. it's cold out here. it is wet out here. and it is windy out here. everybody we talked to is in good spirits. a little bit ago, there were a lot of people out here taking pictures, taking videos. kind of trying to take in this storm. we are expecting snow here, it just hasn't hit yet. as you can see, it is getting bad here. in marshfield, eli rosenburg, nbc boston. >> i couldn't do it. eli and his photographer is
5:35 pm
okay. >> count on nbc 10 to bring you the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. get weather updates anytime on the nbc 10 app. the family of a corrections officer killed in a standoff in smyrna will receive friends tomorrow during a visitation at delaware state university. funeral surfaervices for lieute steven floyd will be held saturday at the university. he was one of four people taken hostage inside the james t. vaughan correctional center last week. thee other three workers survived. a new charter school is coming to philadelphia. in a unanimous vote, the commission approved kip park side school. it will serve kindergarten through 8th great. septa is expanding its key card program. the 69th street station became the second place that riders could buy a key card. riders deposit money on the cards then they can use them at subways, buses and trolleys
5:36 pm
instead of tokens. until now cards were only available at septa headquarters. next week you can buy them at other market and broad street stations. legendary dare devil nick walenda, vows to return to the high wire tonight. >> that is after a training accident injured five acrobats yesterday. walenda says he believes someone in his high wire pyramid act may have briefly blacked out during practice and that sent several of them tumbling about 30 feet to the ground. they are all expected to be okay. walenda was not hurt. he says his team's performance will be in their honor. >> everybody unanimously said yes, we want you to get on that wire again. that's what we do, that's who we are. >> walenda said doctors told him it's a miracle the five performers walked away without more serious injuries. did kellyanne conway cross the line? her comments about ivanka trump's clothing line are
5:37 pm
raising ethical concerns. and we learned what president trump thinks about all of this. we'll have that update in minutes. plus, how hockey is helping students get free rides to a local college.
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5:39 pm
here are the stories we're following county by county. burlington county a puppy barn in springfield township is closing permanently.
5:40 pm
a health inspection found a potentially deadly disease at the pet store. all animals are with the animal shelter. lehigh county, a. treat is moving out of the area. the coca cola plans to stop production at the end of the month. a new company will make the flavored sodas. in chester county, a big score for local high school students. tomorrow, two foundations will write a $500,000 check for scholarships. 25 students who learn to play ice hockey at the snyder youth hockey program will get the chance to attend west chester university for free. give something back and the ed snyder youth hockey foundation are making it all possible. the late flyers chairman founded the hockey foundation back in 2005. in montgomery county once the snow melts, there will be a push to get more people to start biking. a new plan in the county is
5:41 pm
giving more residents choices to get around and park their bikes. one suggestion, is to get better connections between cities. okay. so the storm is off, the confident as well just to the east of us. but the winds are really strong. this is why we are seeing single digit feels like temperatures. that's going to be the story all night long through tomorrow morning. i do have your most accurate forecast coming up in just a bit. looking forward to that. coming up new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, the search for an animal abuser who chains up the dog along with the water at the jersey shore. the good samaritan who saved the dog tells the rescue story only to nbc 10.
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in his first 100 days in the white house, the president has issued several executive orders. today he signed three more. the president said one of them would break the back of criminal cartels, another would create a task force to reduce violent crime. here's the president on that third order. >> and thirdly i'm directing the department of justice to implement a plan to stop crime and crimes of violence against law enforcement officers. >> we learned new details soon about the president's plan for tax reform. he said his administration will present a comprehensive plan in the next few weeks. the president's top advisor was questioned after promoting ivanka trump's clothing line on television. >> and just the past few
5:45 pm
minutes, president trump said he absolutely continues to support her, but as nbc 10's rosemary connors shows us. critics say conway broke the rules. >> it's a wonderful line. i own some of it. i fully -- i'm going to give a free commercial here. go buy it today, everybody. you can find it online. >> what began as a plug for ivanka trump's clothing line now dropped by nordstrom, turned into allegations that the president's advisor, kellyanne conway committed an ethics mistake. >> you don't use public office for the private game of another. >> kellyanne has been counseled and that's all we're going to go with. she's been counseled on that subject. and that's it. >> the white house briefly addressed the conway controversy this afternoon. government employees are not allowed to use their position to endorse products. >> she was also making it in the
5:46 pm
white house briefing room with the symbol of the white house right behind it. so it was very much a image of the government sort of endorsing a private business. >> professor bill rosenburg of the department of politics says it's a conflict of interest. >> she was conflicting business and politics. >> these conflicts will not go away. >> other political science experts suspect conway's remarks will fuel the opposition's fire but will have little impact on the president's base. >> republicans are extremely supportive of the way president trump has been governing. everybody else is not supportive. in particular democrats are down right hostile towards the way he's been governing. >> reporting from chester county i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. the leader of the house oversight committee called conway's comments quote, wrong,
5:47 pm
over the line, and unacceptable. he said the white house must refer the matter to the office of government ethics for review. back now to our first alert weather and the clean up now from this morning's snowstorm. the landscapers in west chester were out early. they said the snow blowers were useless because the snow was too heavy. that meant a day with shovels. this is one way to get through the snow this morning. we found this man using ski poles to get to work. got to get the exercise in. even had a red blinking light on his back pack to make him more visible. very smart. it's not hard if you entertain yourself when there's a little snow on the ground. these guys had a snowball fight in upper derby. the snow was fun while it lasts. now we're bracing for bitter cold >> it could be dangerous on the roads. here's your first alert meteorologist erika martin. >> it's all about the strong winds coming out of the north
5:48 pm
and northwest. it will affect the feels like temperatures through the overnight hours. i'll get to that in just a moment. look at the current sustain wind speeds. 21 mile per hour winds in wilmington. but the difference as far as the gusts are concerned, 30 for philadelphia, 36 for millville. 37 for summerville. allentown, 38 for you. wilmington, 31 mile per hour wind gusts. that makes it feel colder. why the system is well off the shore of new england, notice here we're seeing a little bit of a return here. this isn't influence as far as the northwesterly winds is concerned. we're done as far as that snow is concerned. however, snowfall totals for today include mount laurel at just under four inches. keep in mind, that these conditions are pretty much done. these are our snow totals for today. florence, four inches for you.
5:49 pm
hatfield four and a half inches. overbrook under three inches. bedminister two inches. allentown, six and a half and sinking spring about three inches. and claymont currently just over one inch for you. neighborhoods right now, we do have temperatures below the freezing mark. 26 for shemong. lumberton, upper 20s. princeton currently at 23 degrees. in philadelphia, also seeing really cold temperatures declining very quickly. 28 for port richmond. fox chase 27. west mount airy at 22. and chestnut hill currently at 25 degrees. so hour by hour forecast, we're going to get it going. i want to show you the actual temperatures at 10:00 p.m. 17 in allentown, 18 in doylestown and 21 in burlington.
5:50 pm
through early tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. 18 degrees in allentown, 22 in voorhees and 22 in wilmington. by 6:00 a.m. same deal there. we're seeing upper teens to low 20s. but here is the difference. your feels like temperatures because of the wind speeds, notice it's going to feel like 4 degrees in allentown at 9:30 p.m. and 7 in burlington. voorhees, midnight, also seeing the single digit feels like temperature. 6:30 a.m. 6 in potts town. be sure you bundle up. these conditions are dangerously cold. the northwesterly winds will eventually start to diminish. but not through the overnight hours and not until tomorrow. hour by hour forecast, the next weather story would include developing clouds saturday into sunday. as we track some rain getting here on sunday. so it's not going to be a completely dry weekend. but the good news is,
5:51 pm
temperatures will be above freezing and in fact, we'll see temperatures above 40. here it is, your ten day on 10. 31 is the expected high temperature on friday. 48 on saturday. looking good there. 46 on sunday. and for valentine's day, 47 is the expected high temperature. we do have some snow, we've added on wednesday with a high of 39. and a mix of sun and clouds thursday with a high of 38. back to you. >> thank you so much. a philadelphia mom has a new mission. >> her daughter was killed in a hit and run accident. now she is pushing for a new way to find the drivers responsible. how the public and auto body shot pitches in. coming up all new at 6:00, lighting up a new debate about the cigarette tax. why one lawmakers thinks the tax is costing the city's children.
5:52 pm
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welcome back. lester holt joins us from the nbc studios in los angeles. >> he has a look at what's coming up on nbc nightly news, hi, lester. >> we're covering the impact of the east coast storm. we're standing by as a federal appeals court here in california is about to announce its decision as to whether to allow the government to resume its immigration ban. also the white house ethic flap
5:55 pm
deepens over kellyanne conway over her pitch for ivanka trump's fashion line. ghost lines, bought online and untraceable more when we see you at 6:30. back here at philadelphia, tonight a mother who lost her 8-year-old daughter in a hit and run has a new mission. >> nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas tells us about her new idea that could help future victims get justice. >> reporter: it's been nearly three months since 8-year-old jeanetta was killed while walking home from school. >> i feel like her pushing me up than me leaning back. so my strength comes from her. >> reporter: the strength has led her to partner with a state senator anthony williams to fight for a j alert. named after her daughter. it would be similar to an amber alert. a notification would cross your
5:56 pm
cell phone and be broadcast when a child is a victim of a hit and run. >> not only the tv and cell phones but also auto body shops. >> reporter: in her case the car was taken to an auto body after the hit and run. but it was two weeks before had sh -- the shop called police. >> it was frustrating, terrifying, it was a lot of hurt, a lot of pain. >> reporter: at ren's auto body shop, when there's a suspicion they question the owners. >> something like this takes pressure off of us. we can contact the authorities. >> reporter: this is a fight, pool says that will allow daughter's memory to live on. aundrea cline-thomas nbc 10 news. that's a tremendous and noble effort right there.
5:57 pm
nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here is jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00 the snow is over, in comes a bitter blast. >> dangerous cold and gusting winds. >> they're still gusting over 40 miles per hour in parts of area. it could feel like near zero. temperatures where you live is going to be low. but we've got a warm up over the weekend. in my first alert neighborhood forecast. plus, could philadelphia's cigarette tax be costing the city's schools? a new plan from a city councilman who could have the tax coming down. a case of animal cruelty would have been worse if it weren't for a cumberland county man. the good samaritan tells his rescue story all new at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, dangerous cold. after the biggest snowfall of the season, some neighborhoods are cleaning up snow. >> it's a pain in the butt. >> everyone is dealing with freezing temperatures tonight and strong winds. >> it hurts my ears. >> making it feel like single digits in your neighborhood. good evening i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. winds have been gusting at more than 40 miles per hour. take a live look at the flags on top of the aramark building in
6:00 pm
center city. wind chills could have it feeling below zero in some neighborhoods. >> we're bringing you team coverage tonight of the bitter blast after the snowstorm today. we'll begin with meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz and the most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast, glenn? >> yeah, jacqueline, the flag is not just blowing strongly, it's blowing left to right. from this angle, that's a cold wind. the opposite way is the warm wind. we'll be getting into that before too long. but it's 28 degrees in philadelphia now. 23 in allentown. that doesn't tell the whole story. because we still have a lot of wind out of the northwest. as you saw with those flags. still gusting at 36 miles an hour in atlantic city. 39 miles an hour in dover. that's not quite as gusty as it was a few hours ago when it was up to 52 miles an hour in cape may. look at what happened here. yesterday at 3:00, it was 66 degrees. remember, records all over the


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