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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we're told that one victim was taken to the hospital. it's unclear what his condition is right now or why police were out here in the first place. this investigation is just beginning. we saw the police chief just arrive on the scene in the past 15 minutes. he told us he would be coming back to update us. and we will, of course, be staying on top of this investigation. we're live in bridgeton, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. right now at 6:00, scandals force philadelphia's district attorney from fighting to keep his office. >> i have made a very difficult decision not to seek reelection. >> after dodging the nbc 10 investigators for months. >> mr. williams, come on. >> today seth williams said he's brought shame to the post. his ethics controversies, too distracting for him to stay in office. >> you're not going to take any questions? >> today seth williams announced he won't run for reelection.
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>> no one has questioned seth williams more than mitch blocker. mitch is joining us now here in the studio. you had more questions for him today? >> yeah, for months we've made dozens of interview requests with the philly da to talk about his multiple scandals. he has never agreed. so instead we have asked him questions at news conference and public appearances. today he toldu us the questions have become too distracting for him to stay in office. >> this is a decision i'm making i believe in the best interest of this office and my family. >> it could be the end of his 20 years in political life. two term district attorney seth williams' reelection run is over. >> i no longer want in any way to stand in the way of the men and women of this office who have a mission of doing justice and serving the citizens and insuring safety every day for months he avoided questions about his connect. in september when we looked into
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his foundation's finances and later that month -- mr. williams -- when when had questions about the gifts he took but neglected to report. he dodged us for weeks after being fined by the board of ethics and driving away in his city issued car -- mr. williams, can you talk to us for a second sir -- instead of facing questions. wednesday was the first time we saw him publicly. with people calling for your resignation, are you going to resign? >> i'm not going to resign. >> it was a news conference about exonerating the innocent but the questions focused on his scandal scandaled. >> the first five questions were about me receiving gifts. not about safety. not about justice. the questions were about gifts.
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>> he didn't take any questions today but we continued to ask them. >> with that, i thank all of you. >> are you worries williams? are you kiconcerned about any criminal charges you may face? you're not going to take any questions? >> as we've continued investigating and questioning seth williams, his staff has repeatedly told us to talk to his campaign. they said he wanted to keep his public office separate from politics. right now, we do not know why he made this political announcement from his public office on city time. for the investigators i'm mitch blocker nbc 10 news. all right. there are now six candidates running for da. five democrats and one republican. the primary is coming up on may 16th. in the past few minutes, one lane of market street reopened between 12th and 13th street. it was completely closed for most of the afternoon, all because of ice falling from those high rises near there.
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that ice accumulated right along the ridges of the windows of the loews hotel. no one has been hit, fortunately. we can tell you one lane of market street is closed to cars and pedestrians between 12th and 13ts streets. sky force 10 over market street, one lane is closed as you can see right now. the sidewalk in front of the loews hotel is also closed. the other traffic you're seeing there moving smoothly. to our first alert weather now and a live look at the blue cross river rink in penn's landing. cold out there for the skaters right now. let's go to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. people will have to bundle up for their plans tonight? >> yeah, it was a really cold day today. the high temperature 32. it's about ten degrees below normal. the clouds, though, tonight that's going to be one of the reasons that the temperature is not going to drop very much. 32 in philadelphia now. 28 in allentown. and in coatesville. and that's about as low as it's going to get tonight. but we do have some returns on
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radar. now just about all of this is not reaching the ground because the low levels of the atmosphere are so dry. but there could be some snow flurries in parts of the higher elevations, especially. that's what the future cast computer is showing us, berks county, but especially the poconos seeing flurries over the next few hours and then it's gone. that's the end of that threat. because the atmosphere is warming up. temperatures going up as we go through the night tonight with the cloudy skies, no significant precipitation expected. different story over the weekend. we'll get into that in a little bit. >> see you soon. now to two more stories all new at 6:00. new jersey's attorney general has found a state trooper used justifiable force when he shot a man inside a home mistakenly linked to a 911 call. a 76-year-old gerald sikes thought he was defending his
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home from intruders in july. here he is in the hospital. he was confronting two troopers who went to a house when a disconnected 911 call mistakenly traced to that address. one trooper fired back. the recent rallies and demonstrations in philadelphia are racking up a big overtime bill for philadelphia police. and you're paying for it. nbc 10 has learned philadelphia taxpayers are on the hook for nearly $3 million in overtime related to all that civil unrest since the beginning of the year. a spokesman for the mayor credited cops with expertly protecting citizens and freedom of expression. overtime spending is on the rise. last year is $64 million which is up from 2014 when it was $49 million. developing right now the white house does not plan to take the battle over the president's immigration order to the u.s. supreme court. instead, they will try to defend
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the order on its merits in a lower federal court. we have learned the white house lawyers are rewriting that order all together. the order bans immigrants from seven predominately muslim nations. today the president addresses the topic emphasizing national security as a top priority. >> we are going to do whatever is necessary to keep our country safe. >> tonight nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal speaks to voters in the lehigh valley and berks county who helped the president win pennsylvania. they say with this executive order mr. trump is doing what he promised to do. >> reporter: in berks county, gop chair joe rutaro follows developing news of the president's immigration order during the campaign he says this travel ban is exactly what trump supporters wanted. >> as we got out and knocked on doors, national security was one of the top issues that concerned berks countians. >> reporter: now that executive order facing constitutional
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challenges from courts all across the country. yesterday the ninth sircircuit court of appeals ruling against the president. >> i think those that have supported him, particularly here locally, realize this is going to be battle. >> reporter: dean brown ing with the lehigh valley tea party says he wants to see it go all the way to the supreme court. the president seems to agree, tweeting in all caps, see you in court, the security of our nation is at stake. the big legal question, does this travel ban discriminate against muslims. >> the folks that claim it's a muslim ban, that is a false premise. these are countries that are either hostile to the united states, or are engaged in civil war, have a large isis presence. >> reporter: until the case can be heard, which could take months, supporters of the president think he should fine tune the executive order. >> in the interim he should go back and issue a series of executive orders for specifically targeted to each
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individual country. >> reporter: today the trump administration said they plan to do just that. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. as the battle over the travel ban plays out, a community of syrian immigrants in philadelphia is watching the developments closely. muhammad kurdi owns a mechanic shop in hunting park. he has family in his native country of syria and fears for their safety. with the latest ruling on the president's executive order, he tells nbc 10 his faith is restored in the constitution. >> we're hoping for the best because that's what america build up on, immigrant, you know, refugees, the people. that what we're here to build up the country for. >> kurdi employs syrian refugees at his shop who say they are grateful to be here and escape their war-torn country. friends and family of lieutenant steven floyd are
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paying their respects. he's being remembered at a viewing in dover tonight. his funeral is tomorrow. new jersey governor chris christie has rejected legislation to cut the sales tax in trenton and camden. he vetoed the bill saying it would hurt state revenue. the cities had been part of a longtime program that let businesses offer half the sales tax rate. that program expired this year. the families of three people who died at a jersey shore beach are begging a judge to force the beach to close. a section of north wildwood gave way, killing one man in 2012 and two others in 2009. the families of all three victims spoke in new jersey superior cold. north wildpwood says the accidet was natural. a reversan appeals court
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overturned a student who sued her parents for tuition money. her parents are divorced and argued she never told them of her plans to attend temple. if your kids haven't had it, consider yourselves lucky. >> there's a nasty norro virus making their rounds. there are lot of kids calling out with vomiting, headaches and other systems. cleaning crews have been working hard to keep schools as germ free as possible. in a letter to parents, students need to just stay home until they are better. up next, all new at 6:00, mysterious art popping up around atlantic city's ugliest spots. we tracked down the artist bringing a push to bring new life to the resort town. plus, a warm up is coming. at least for the first part of your weekend. i'm tracking rain. i'll time it all out for you where you live in the most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast.
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if youin a palace of ice,winter there's only one place to go. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at all new at 6:00, you could call it guerilla art. >> someone is putting up scenic images of atlantic city to beautify run down parts of the city. >> ted greenberg tells us why those behind the artwork wants
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to keep their names off of it. >> reporter: on buildings most would consider unsightly, vivid colors that eric waller stopped to see. >> i actually do fatigphotograp the side so it catches my eyes. >> reporter: prints of atlantic city popping up over the last couple of weeks mostly on unappealing spots throughout the resort. >> it takes your eyes away from just the boards that are here. >> reporter: the measure to fit street art comes from a local group, known collaboratively as #acanonymous. >> it intrigues me to know who is this. >> reporter: one of the artists who is staying nameless says it's a chance to display their work in an unconventional way while adding a touch of beauty to neighborhood blight. >> i'm covering up eye sores when we put these up. maybe someone will see it and say i see potential for a business in this area or i'd
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like to purchase the building. >> if it's truly trying to fix up some of the -- put a better picture on some of these abandoned building it's a great thing. >> reporter: why stay in the shadows of an mimty? many of these places are considered private property. >> maybe we're not supposed to be doing this, but wouldn't you rather look at a big five foot by three foot painting as opposed to a boarded up window? >> reporter: an online gallery is growing on their instagram page. look for more prints to go up soon. because he says in this city, there's no shortage of empty canvases. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. all of it done with love. and speaking of, valentine's day is your last chance to see the iconic love sculpture for a little while. it's been on display for several months while its normal home, love park gets renovated. that sculpture will be taken out of view on february 15th.
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it will be spruced up before it's taken back to love park when the park finally reopens. maybe you want a love tattoo. this is the weekend to do it. more than a thousand tattoo artists will be taking over the convention center this weekend. it's the 19th annual philadelphia tattoo convention. the largest of its kind in the count country. the convention runs through sunday. or maybe a first alert weather tattoo. let's turn to our weather now. a live look at cape may. dry and cold now, but a little snow in the poconos? >> that's right. and we can show it to you right now. the snow flakes coming across the lights. it's not necessarily heavy, it's not a storm. but it's helping them. they can make some more snow. and they may get a touch over the weekend. but they also may get a little bit of a wintry mix, too. 21 in mount pocono. 28 in allentown, 27 in potts town. 29 in reading.
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now, these temperatures are not really going to be going down during the night tonight. we have a southwest wind, and that's bringing in gradually warmer air. plus the cloud cover, that prevents the temperature from dropping. 34 at cape may point, 33 in stone harbor and woodbine. so it's fairly uniform with the wind direction like that. now, tomorrow, it's going to be much warmer. there will be parts of the area in the 50s, compared to a high of 32 today. but we've got hours of rain coming on sunday. and we have a chance of a midweek storm affecting at least a part of the area, followed by quite a bit of wind. this is what the radar looks like. it looks really ominous but the poconos, the only place in our area reporting the snow reaching the ground. could be a little bit of light snow briefly or snow flurries for an hour or so and then it moved out. and the temperature, if
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anything, stays the same or moves up as we go through the night tonight. tomorrow, we're seeing some of these numbers getting into the 50s. that is quite a change from what we've seen over the last two days. watch what happens on sunday with temperatures generally above freezing. we've got a little bit of a wintry mix perhaps coming in the lehigh valley and poconos, but it's still mostly rain. it's colder than saturday because of the wind coming in off the ocean. so sunday is not going to be nearly as nice as tomorrow. look at these numbers. chestnut hill, 50. reading at 48 degrees. longport 52. newark, delaware, at 53 degrees. and the weekend overall showing you the difference, not only between saturday and sunday, but also within the neighborhoods, lehigh valley 39 for the high with a mix of rain and wintry
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mix and temperatures ranging into the mid 50s further to the south. neighborhood weather. hey, i'm john clark why joel embiid may not play again. a ban on charcharles oakley it' next. ocharles oakley it's all next. ncharles oakley it's all next.
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i'm john clark. sixers center joel embiid will
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miss another game tomorrow night. the president says joel had a bone bruise and had no systems before a game two weeks ago. joel played and he had soreness after that. joel will play in the all-star skills challenge, only if he plays in one of the three games before the break. >> you know, we've got two road games next week. we're looking to, you know, obviously, hope to get him back before, you know, the all-star break. because if there's any chance that he's going to perform in the rising stars game, he's, obviously going to have to play competitive basketball before then. >> and msg ban for charles oakley. james dolan used the word ban. he bans charles from the arena after he was ejected and arrested wednesday night. personal foul here, nolan says oakley needs help. >> he has a problem with anger. he's both physically and verbally abusive. he may have a problem with
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alcohol, we don't know. those behaviors of being physically and verbally abusive, those are personality problems. >> as i said, personal foul. flyers have recalled their forward. they will try to break their three game losing streak tomorrow against the sharks. the coach changing up his lines again. claude giroud will be on the top line and the captain says he needs to be more. >> i know i got to be better to help the team. take responsibility for the last ten games osffensively we havent been clicking, haven't had -- had chances but it's not going in. >> remember during the season, deshawn jackson was asked about coming back to the eagles. he said you never know how things will turn out. with free agency a month away, he says he wants to return to the redskins. >> obviously i do want to still be here, my family, you know, my
6:26 pm
house, i have everything here. i don't want to be in a transaction of moving. first things first, i want to be here. hopefully we can make it work. once again this is a business. things happen. >> that was done in the redskins studios. i'm john clark, we're right back.
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it's a full moon tonight. there's a lunar eclipse, a comet fly by. here's how it looks earlier. the eclipse is happening right now, turning the mood different shades of gray. later a comet would be visible with a pair of binoculars. because of the clouds we won't be able to see any of that. forget about it. >> bad timing. so unlucky with that. we have that little area of clouds and even some snow flurries moving in right now. but look at the weekend. tomorrow, way warmer than today's 32. rain on sunday. some howling winds monday. and then a chance of a midweek storm more on that at 11:00. >> valentine's day looks okay.
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i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london, nightly news is next. see you back here at 11:00. . tonight, nbc news exclusive -- senior u.s. officials say the russian government is considering offering up american fugitive, edward snowden, handinging him over to the u.s. to win favor with president trump. caught in a lie? a mysterious phone call and a storm of controversy around trump national security adviser michael flynn. did the vice president give false information on national tv because flynn didn't tell him the truth? breaking news -- after a big setback in court, president trump says he may sign a new order on immigration. dangerously close, several new incidents of drones nearly crashing into passenger planes, what's being done to prevent a tragedy. and bye-bye bao


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