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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  February 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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snow is gone and so are the jackets, how long the latest warm-up will last? >> protests aplentsty in philadelphia and across the country. what has demonstrators taking to the streets. pumpkin persistence, what organizers are saying about the future of a local pumpkin launching competition. >> good evening, thanks for joining us. we're leading off with the weather roller coaster running through our region. here's a live look at boathouse row. what a great night to be out even on the water. what a difference a few days makes. this was the scene in center city 48 hours ago as a blanket
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of snow blanketed the region and our team of first alert meteorologists has the most accurate weather forecast in town. let's get right to erika martin with word on another cooldown coming to parts of our area? >> that's right, we have a cooldown on pt way but today as you mentioned a great day, we topped out at 56 degrees and 47 in philadelphia and winds are pretty calm right now. be sure you look at the bottom of the screen for the local neighborhood 7-day forecast, really important because as denise mentioned a real roller coaster ride. satellite and radar image plenty of clouds moving in as the system dips from the northwest. i'll take you hour by hour starting at 6:00 p.m. a few pause points and we see rain moving in after midnight and see a changeover by early tomorrow morning. we're seeing pinks one of my bigger concern for bucks and upper montgomery, you'll see sleet and freezing rain. we'll go through this in detail
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in just a bit. i'll see you in the full forecast. >> thank you. dualing protests in minnesota. metal barriers kept two groups apart in st. paul. just one of the many protesting groups across the country. this was the scene in northeast philadelphia, dozens of people in the planned parenthood surgical center and randy has been following today's day of activism and has this report. from philly to delaware county and across the country, another weekend of freedom of expression across the political spectrum. anti-abortion protests nationwide and here in northeast fiphilly they are urging congre to defund planned parenthood. >> to move the money from planned parenthood to organizations that -- >> what do you think of the soda tax. >> even local issues getting attention.
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republicans canvassing voters who oppose the soda tax. >> you are against the soda tax? >> i am. >> the city has the tax is given to 2,000 families improving parks and recs centers and critics counter it hits low income in the wallet. >> 2 liter of bottle for 99 cents and now it's $2.99. >> healthcare making news across the country, republicans in congress getting an earful at town hall meetings. >> this affects us all. >> in springfield a demonstration outside patrick meehan's office. >> we have seen a substantial decline in people uninsured. >> supporters want to save it and tell the congressman in person. >> i think it would be great if congressman meehan would have a town hall. >> i have a preexisting condition and if it wasn't for obamacare, i would not have been able to get insurance. >> organizers tell me they'll keep doing these demonstrations every week or so and they say
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they'll keep asking for those in person town halls. in springfield delaware county, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 reached out to congressman meehan to find out if any town halls will be planned. they are tracking down an answer for us. >> president trump took twitter today to address another hot button topic. the border wall between the u.s. and mexico. the president tweeting this out. i'm reading that the great border wall will cost more than the government originally thought. just like with the f-35 fighter jet or air force one program, price will come way down. and tonight in kent county, a community coming together to remember a prison guard killed during a violent hostage standoff. a funeral service was held for lieutenant steven lloyd. the 47-year-old was found dead last thursday morning after a standoff at the james t. vaughn correctional center near snirn that. >> a medical examiner ruled his death a homicide by trauma. >> in new castle county tonight,
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neighbors came out to honor lieutenant floyd with a special cookout at the christiana mall. all proceeds going to the fund for lieutenant floyd's family. those at the cookout also signed a memorial banner thanking lieutenant floyd for his service. >> it's been more than a week since the head of a west philadelphia non-profit was found dead. the victim of a shooting. no suspect is in custody but that isn't stopping those who knew and loved winnie fred harris from celebrating her life. andrea is at the vigil and joins us with the latest, aundrea. >> there was a lot of sadness and she helped the community safer and more beautiful. they don't understand how this could have happened to her. vigil ended a few moments ago and a lot of people are lingering around.
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they have candles lit. the 65-year-old was the acting director -- executive director of university city green and urban gardening non-profit. her body was found and shot multiple times. family and friends remain stunned wondering how she would have been shot on a small street and having no one heard or seen anything. we talked to her nephew who she raised and this is how she says he wants her to be remembered. >> there was nothing that she didn't think she could do and everything she thought she could do she did and accomplished it. she done it amazingly. >> she leaves behind a daughter and grandchild there's a $20,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. reporting live nbc 10 news. >> hopefully those leads will come in. philadelphia police are hunting for the driver who drove off with a police officer hanging on to their suv. that officer is now recovering
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tonight after hurting his hands legs and foot jumping off the suv. it all started just before 3:00 this morning on 62nd and market street. officers saw the suv hit a parked car and then stop. when one of the officers went up to the passenger side to see if everyone was okay, he stepped onto the running board under the door to avoid traffic and that's when the driver took off. driving for about four blocks before it was safe enough for the officer to jump. the police found the suv later parked near 53rd and walnut. >> new details about a deadly police shooting in south jersey. we know the name of the marn killed in bridgeton yesterday, he lived in bridgeton, darrell few ka. >> calling for the attorney general to intervene in the investigation. 's f a police source saying he
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pulled a gun and police fired and he died a short time lart. this is the second deadly police shooting in the past three years. in 2014, police shot and killed jermaine reed after a traffic stop. the officers in the shooting were cleared but new statewide use of force investigative rules came there after. because of the new guidelines, the state is required to make a public announcement at some point about the findings in yesterday's shooting. >> well, tonight, neighbors in berks county are remembering the life of albert boscov who ran the nation's largest family owned department store. he passed away yesterday following a battle with pancreatic cancer. boscov ran the chain of retail stores for six decades and credited with coming out of retirement in 2008 to save the business from bankruptcy and
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funded programs in berks county, especially reading. he was 87 years old. >> in montgomery county, the funeral is set for a local pop warner football coach who led them to a championship game. known as coach wiz to the north philadelphia aztecs will be laid to rest on thursday. allen was 44 years old. we told you about the as tekz after they qualified for the championships and needed help getting there. they raised enough money to get to the games. >> here's a live look from our camera, if you're driving through center city, construction is shutting down broad between lo customer and walnut and 16th from chestnut will be closed tomorrow from
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7:00 a.m. to 3:00 in the afternoon and arch street from 13th to 19th will be a lane closure in 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. less than a month into his presidency, president trump may already be planning to rework one of his executive orders. an outpouring of support helps to make their special day possible. >>
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if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. . on thursday an appeals court refused to reinstate restrictions on entry to the united states from seven predominantly muslim nations. the president and japanese prime
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minister shinzo abe hit the links for a round of golf. president trump tweeted this picture of the two high fiving writing having a great time hosting prime minister shinzo abe in the united states. abe and his wife are staying at the president's palm beach home mar-a-lago this weekend. the wives were in delray beach touring the museum and gardens. >> tonight we're proud to bring you nbc 10s celebration of black history month. sharing stories of african-americans from across our region and making a difference. here's one of them. her name is dr. beverly coleman, shiz a pioneer of the field of raidology. she has been doing ultrasounds since it was invented in the '70s and she has a special connection to nbc 10. dr. coleman's story is one of many we'll have for you tonight at 7:00 in our nbc 10 celebrates
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black history month special and we'll be right back.
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in delaware, the famous pumpkin launching competition will take place this year but looking for fund. the president said today the science channel will not return this year and that leaves the competition without a major source of funding. the science channel usually makes a show out of the pumpkin chunking but last year p pulled a show when a man and woman were hurt after an explosion. a south jersey couple tied the knot for free thanks to a group effort from neighbors and businesses. he is battling stage iv cancer and today tie the knot with cancer survivor ashley wood, thaef been together for 12 years, a restaurant donated the entire cost for the venue and
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several other s pitched in for the dress and photography and flowers. >> i'm grateful for everything. >> i love my wife so -- >> kevin and ashley won the vote for the free wedding by a big margin among thousands of couples who applied. >> in chestnut hill, the warmer weather brought out by the hundreds, it is the third annual valentine's on ice. an ice sculptor carved item for business and even a queen elsa for frozen throne. >> i'm erika martin. weather headlines include building clouds for tonight, rain after midnight. keep in mind sunset was at 5:32 p.m., a little more daylight always helps us all considering
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how much sunshine we did see for today. for tomorrow, a winter weather advisory for the lehigh valley including parts of the pa suburbs, i'll get to that in one moment. we have a system that will be bringing widespread rain across the entire delaware valley. on monday a dry gusty start to the workweek and sun and clouds. a live look outside, we're seeing dry conditions but mostly cloudy to overcast skies soon enough. locally satellite and radar picking up on thicker clouds already developing. you can see the whites there, a wider perspective dipping down from the northwest. that will be here after midnight. so expect some rain especially for the lehigh valley first moving southeast. current temperatures however, look how warm it is right now, we have 45 degrees for mount holly and philadelphia 47. the high for today was 65 or rather it was -- 56 degrees and the record high was back in
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2009, 69 degrees. so let's go ahead and look at your local neighborhood forecast. once we see the 24-hour temperature change, 18 degrees warmer in coatesville than yesterday at the same time. same deal for wilmington and mount holly, 15 and philadelphia 15 and trenton 15 degrees warmer and we will certainly take it. now for your neighborhood forecast, lehigh valley, 40 degrees and blanton low 40s, temperatures above the freezing mark but we do have much cooler temperatures on the way. bethlehem 40 degrees and nazareth 41 and 39 degrees. now we're also seeing temperatures mainly in the 30s and 40s, a few 50s, piney hollow at 54 and washington township at 50. and lumberton, 47. hope well township, currently at 41 degrees. overnight lows ranging from the low 30s for allentown to the low
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40s in atlantic city. wilmington, 39 degrees overnight. temperatures will be milder further south. hour by hour forecast starting this at 6:00 p.m., notice we start to see the rain moving in after midnight and changeover as temperatures hover around the freezing mark. at 7:30 a.m., rain and sleet, that's the biggest issue for tomorrow and freezing rain. keep that in mind for parts of the pa suburbs, looks like upper montgomery and lehigh valley, everything clears after about 9:00 p.m. the ten day on ten, a warm-up next weekend before we get there, we'll have to track what to expect for valentine's day. 48 degrees and possibly some snow showers on wednesday. here's danny with sports. >> still to come, we'll take you to south philly for a matinee on the ice hoping to avoid the shark bite in overtime.
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>> time for a look at what's coming up on nbc nightly news. >> good evening, great seeing you, the latest on the recent deportation raids, hundreds of people have been arrested in what officials are say are routine operations but they have immigrant communities on edge. plus a full report on nationwide protests for and against planned parenthood. an inspiring story of a music teacher transforming lives of his students for the better. >> can't wait to see you. thanks, jose. >> nice seeing you.
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>> good to see you. it was the end of a five-game home stand for the flyers, battling the sharks. flyers with one win in the first four games of the home stand. starting his fourth game of the home stand and third period scoreless, couple of doughnuts on the board and mcdonnell hits the post and he's there for the rebound. fifth of the season. 1-0 flyers but just three minutes later patrick merlot a couple of chopsticks and ties it at 1. in the extra period, wayne simmons steals the puck and takes off down the ice and rips the net. simmons, his 23rd of the year, flyers get the victory 2-1 and remain a point behind the bruins for the second wild card. >> trying to go full speed and we needed those two points desperately.
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it was huge for us, i thought we played a great game and going out and thought every single guy played a great game. >> joel embiib will miss the game because of a knee injury. didn't stop him from enjoying a concert last night. it was everybody on social media. embiid brushed aside any criticism? i don't think it was a good or bad decision, i saw people said and but i'm a 23-year-old so i'm having fun and you know, and that's what i've been doing the whole year and i'll keep on doing it. >> the big fellow went on to say he's not healthy enough to play and there's no timetable for his return. after tonight the sixers have two games before the all-star
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break. he's expected to compete if the skills challenge but all of that is in doubt. he did is a there has been improvement though. >> i would say today is the best day i felt the past two weeks. i didn't do anything for the past three days because i was a little sore -- >> jeopardize the festivities the all-star break? >> we're going to see -- it is the first i felt pretty well and we'll see how it goes if i can play. if i can't -- >> returning to the college ranks now the ncaa tournament started today and villanova would be the overall top seed according to the selection committee. wild cats and cincinnati facing number 24, bronson doing what he does, driving with the rock and
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sets up the back door. a little bounce, 17 off the bench for him. this time determined to get to the 10 himself. he had 17 himself. then later sets upperic pascal, seven assists and jay wright gets the 500th career victory. la salle hosting richmond. tied at 45. t.j. klein takes the pass inside and 17-2 run. la salle scored seven points in the final ten minutes. phil march telly hosting umass, tied at 55 but back to back steals and subsequent lay-ups by pimpkins, saint joe's falls 87-76. that's your look at sports. see you soon.
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denise back to you. >> erika is back with a final look at the forecast. 56 today and then we're talking about wintry mix. >> a wintry mix for tomorrow morning for the lehigh valley. that's february for you. one of the toughest months in weather for sure. we're going to go hour by hour. i want to show you what's going to happen overnight tonight into tomorrow if we can get the graphic in quickly. the rain will move in and it will change over. look at this. we're seeing wintry mix already changing over. the big concern would be sleet and freezing rain so for those of you skiing, randy asked me be careful, you will have really slick slopes. >> you've got to be cautious. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
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on this saturday night, some communities on edge after a string of deportation raids in at least six states. hundreds have been arrested this week in what federal officials say are routine operations targeting criminals. townhall tensions. angry constituents flood meetings with lawmakers demanding answers aut the future of obama care. environmental nightmare. dangerous battery plant shut down in california. thousands of people are living in the midst of a massive clean-up effort to rid their neighborhoods of toxic chemicals. >> and conducting change. how one high school music teacher is making a big difference in the lives of his students one beat at a time. "nightly news" begins now.


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