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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the archdiocese started working here. he lived in yeadon and worked at other day care centers in delaware county. >> i was surprised but my kids have had a spre govery good exp at st. fran ris. >> reporter: it's on the property of st. francis parish of norristown. they notified day care families and catholic school parents about the charges against him. a 3-year-old girl reported to parents she was in pain and told her parents barbee hurt her with her finger. according to court documents it happened inside the toddler room. he was alone with the children. the little girl was going down for a nap and other kids were in the room for nap time when he assaulted the child. after multiple interviews, he confessed according to court documents. we weren't allowed on the property and those picking up their children didn'tment to talk about the sexual assault charges barbee now faces.
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>> reporter: we can tell you barbee is being held in montgomery county prison after failing to post his bail. we do know he's been working at area day cares since 2005, according to sources. some of those day care centers in delaware county. reporting in live in norristown, deanna durante, nbc10 news. first alert weather is tracking some light showers out there moving through parts of our area. no heavy downpours. but you could see a few sprinkles if you're out tonight. there were no umbrellas needed this morning as students walked to class at la salle university. >> camelback mountain resort in the poconos. we've seen snow falling on the slopes. you see boarders and skiers taking advantage of that. nbc10 first alert meteorologist krystal is joining us. >> i know we'll cool down, right? >> we've got a little dip and
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then the great weekend ahead. radar and satellite we were talking b light showers that are scattered across the region. you might notice a few drops on the windshield if you drive in the next several hours. most will be out by around 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. aside from light snow falling near the poconos. nothing too considerable to track in terms of rain. but the front that's passing is kicking up those winds. we've already been breezy to windy throughout the day. the gust reports up to 39 miles an hour just came into the system for philadelphia. 23 in allentown. 30 in wilmington. 30, millville. atlantic city up to 27-mile-an-hour gusts. can you tell easily as you see that change in wind direction. we're windy and we'll continue with those windy conditions tonight into tomorrow. that means we will feel colder than we actually are. here are the actual temperatures. they've been dropping pretty quickly now that that front has passed. why? because the cold air behind it is going to start dropping those numbers as the front moves
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through. low 50s a few hours ago. 44 in reading. millville also at 45 degrees. this number will continue to slip overnight into the 30s. tracking feels-like temperatures that will be in the teens to around below 20. take a look at future wind gust. around 25-mile-an-hour gusts. we see some spots are getting above 30 already. we continue as we go overnight. still gusts around that 30-mile-an-hour range. as we go into tomorrow morning, there you are at 6:00 a.m. gusts above 30 miles per hour. but some spots gusty to 40 miles an hour certainly possible. you can see that on the board near avalon. this is just one model's forecast. we're calling across the board by tomorrow morning 30 to 40-mile-an-hour gusts in the forecast. it's going to happen, when you have those windy conditions and the cool air, it's going to feel a lot colder than it really is. we'll take a look at the
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forecast feels like temperatures for tomorrow coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. breaking news out of washington. president's pick for secretary of labor has withdrawn his nomination. fast food ceo andrew puzder was expected to have his confirmation hearing tomorrow. some were concerned he hired an undocumented worker as housekeeper. that's the latest out of washington on that. with questions about the white house's connection to russia mounting, president trump welcomed another world leader. he had his first meeting with benjamin netanyahu. the president said he was open to a one-state solution in the middle east where palestinians do not have their own state. the united states has advocated for a two-state solution since the clinton administration. mr. trump told the israeli leader to hold back on construction of further settlements in the west bank. now to a new report claiming the trump campaign had repeated contracts with russia during the
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election. >> "the new york times" reports as u.s. agencies intercepted numerous phone calls last year between russian intelligence and members of donald trump's campaign team. the calls were uncovered at the same time we started hearing reports about russia meddling in the presidential election. president trump denounced that report earlier today. >> papers are being leaked, things are being leaked. it's criminal action. criminal act. and it's been going on for a long time before me. but now it's really going on. and people are trying to cover up very terrible loss that the democrats had under hillary clinton. >> the president's remarks come on the heels of his national security adviser michael flynn's es rig nation on monday. the justice department alerted president trump weeks ago that flynn misled vice president pence about his phone call with russia's ambassador. we spoke with local russians in
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north philadelphia. >> reporter: inside petrovskyy grocery the newspapers are in russia. shopping with her daughter, she's been watching the president's moves carefully. >> because i'm so scared, each time he finds something, trump, like, it's scary. >> reporter: she's worried about religious freedom and security. >> what's going to happen? >> reporter: she's not concerned about the u.s. having a closer relationship with russia. >> my husband is like american and he's scared. i'm not. i'm not scared whatsoever. so why do you have to be scared? >> reporter: while here in northeast philadelphia we heard differing views on president trump, but the idea of building a better relationship with russia was a common theme. at the new world association of immigrants, they had photos posed of men who served in world war ii. >> i think united states and russia should be in touch. have good relations. no war. no cold war. >> reporter: back at the market where shoppers come for
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specialty items and meats, sophia tells us her son is in the army, based in florida. >> don't want him going out in russia because it's -- you know, here is different army. >> reporter: she thinks the new commander in chief will bring change. >> it will bring a lot of change between russian and american. >> reporter: you think things are going to change now? >> yes, i think it will be a lot of change. i think it will be very friendly. >> reporter: in northeast philadelphia, nbc10 news. two local senators are growing the growing list of lawmakers calling for an independent investigation into possible trump official collusions with officials. cory booker and delaware senator tom carper call the investigation necessary at this time. this as house members from both sides of the aisle introduced legislation to limit president trump's ability to lift sanctions on russia. that bill would require the
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president to alert congress. congress would then have 120 days to review and possibly block removing the sanctions. and it's a sighting that had everyone talking. a russian spy ship off the delaware coast. still ahead at 4:30, why experts say this incident isn't all that unusual, in fact, and what it could mean for international relations. the latest company to face calls for a boycott over sale of donald trump-related products. a protest group is asking people not to shop at wegman's until they pull trump winery products from the shelves. the wines are sold only at wegman's in virginia where the trump winery is located. they have 90 stores across six states, including pennsylvania and new jersey. they say role as retailer is to offer choice to its customers. skyforce10 over a deadly multicar crash in new castle county this afternoon. this was around 12:30. route 141 near boxwood road in
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newport. this is the aftermath. one person was killed in this accident. route 141 had to be shut down while crews cleaned up the accident. police in delaware county arrested a man after a standoff that lasted several hours this morning. happened in astin. s.w.a.t. team members showed up before 7:00 this morning. they asked neighbors to stay inside for safety. >> yeah, the helicopters and all the s.w.a.t., that many people, that many police officers, i was surprised. searching all these houses and everything, looking for him. it was crazy. i'm not used to that around here. it's quiet around here. >> police haven't said what the man did that led to the standoff. a lehigh county man ran back into this burning home to try to save his loved ones and preserve a century of history. we first told you about this massive fire last night at 11:00. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal spoke with the owner today.
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>> reporter: since the civil war the rockdale hotel stood here along the lehigh river more than 100 years of history up in smoke. >> the structure was fully involved. we didn't have a chance. >> reporter: a devastating fire ripped through the historic house last night. >> you couldn't get close. the heat was too bad. >> reporter: the family say it sparked inside the chimney. 77-year-old ran back into his house trying to save his dog and eight cats. >> i ran back in. i ran back out. you couldn't see. you know, it was that bad up. didn't take a second trip. >> reporter: and he was also trying to preserve history. during its heyday, it was a popular hotel used by coal miners transporting their goods up and down the river. more than a certain triwas inside. >> it was a cool knowing it was a hotel at one time. plenty of rooms. hide and seek when you were a kid. >> reporter: the family has lived here their entire lives once the coal mines dried up, they turned the hotel into their
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house. it's now burnt to a crisp. the family history now just a memory. >> i know the original cash register, old bar was in there. artifacts you won't find again. >> reporter: in lehigh county, randy gyllenhaal, "nbc10 news." a 17-year-old boy is dead after being shot in the back here on a south philadelphia street today. skyforce10 was over south bancroft and dickinson street around noon. the teenager was rushed to the hospital but later died. this afternoon police are looking for whoever shot him. three former penn straight administrators charged aamid sexual abuse scandal are taking a shot at winning their case without a trial. they are said to be tried on chald endangerment charges. they're appealing a judge's decision to send the case to trial. they argue they didn't directly care for any children and they're accused of doing things that happened before the law was changed.
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prosecutors say they failed to act on reports of sexual misconduct by former penn state assistant football coach, jerry sandusky, who's serving 30 to 60 years in prison on various sex abuse crimes. his adopted son jeffrey is in jail now after his arrest on child sex abuse charges this week near state college. a new warning at the scene of that damaged dam in northern california. authorities say they could issue another evacuation order for people nearby. some 200,000 people were evacuated over the weekend when a hole was found in the dam's concrete spillway. they were allowed back yesterday but authorities said today, people may have to leave again as repairs are made. there's a new push for temple university to drop plans for a new football stadium in north philadelphia. students, alumni and people who live in the area tell us they'll gather at broad and creasele b. moore avenue in an hour. they are aposed to temple's plan to build a $150 million football
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stadium on campus. temple says it would showcase the campus and grow the economy. the owner of the old revel casino says he plans to open it this weekend. glenn straub bought the casino. he's renamed it ten. he tells nbc10 he expects to hold a grand opening monday despite the fact he's still waiting on two permits. new video from atlantic city where donald trump's name is coming down from signs outside the taj mahal casino. one sign on the back of that truck. the casino closed last october. an agreement between donald trump and the current taj owner require the president's name be removed from the building by march if renovations or improvements were not made. delaware's new governor is moving forward to address the state's budget challenges. john carney held the second in budget reset conversations this afternoon. he's holding seven of them
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through april looking for input from the public on how to solve delaware's budget problem. a south jersey company could get nearly $7 million in tax breaks to stay in camden county. the state is offering $6.8 million in incentives for pro-bill to construct a new plant at its current location. pro build makes products in the construction of new homes. it's also considering a new facility in bucks county. philadelphia is looking to help more african-american high school students go off to college so they can earn degrees. councilwoman jenny blackwell was at charter school this morning. they tug discussed how to improve graduation rates among african-american communities. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues right now with preparing for a day without immigrants. >> as the immigration debate heelgts up, workers are cooling
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their heels and preparing to walk off the job tomorrow. rosemary conner is live in center city. >> you spoke with restaurant owners. they're willing to lose a day of business to make their voices heard? >> reporter: that's absolutely right. we're hear where it's the calm before the dinner rush. the kitchen just getting a few things ready for some of their afternoon patrons. the restaurant says they'll make a decision tomorrow to see which workers show up, which ones don't. either way, the restaurant says it's important their employees take a stand. it's hard to dispoint the lunch crowd here near seventh and chestnut street. they pack the booths for a taste of the authentic cuisine. thursday the hot spot could be closed. >> we fully support a day without immigrants. >> reporter: betty nunez believes it's an opportunity for immigrants to make a statement and not work tomorrow, even if
4:16 pm
it means lost wages and lost profits. >> it's a sacrifice, yeah, we're willing to make. >> i applaud them. you know, you need to have your voice heard. >> reporter: over lunch, some patrons couldn't help but weigh in. >> i lived in california for 30 years where a lot of the workforce was of hispanic background. it's a very important part of our economy and a very important piece of our culture. >> we need to remember this is what our country was based on. >> reporter: it's the cooks and servers don't show up, the restaurant will be forced to close. when they return on friday, their jobs will be waiting for them. >> immigrants coming together or latinos coming together. we are part of it. we are part of the community. >> reporter: you can see from this stack of orders here just how busy the restaurant gets during the day. also today we stopped by a popular hot spot in south philly where the owner tells me he's also urging people to stay at home and cook tomorrow night. we'll have details on that coming up at 5:00.
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i'm rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." today we got a sneak peek at this year's philadelphia flower show. >> beautifully organizers helped kick off the annual event by showing off some floral designs you can expect to see at the show. opens at the convention center on march 11th. beautiful flowers. let's take a live look at a beautiful sight in philadelphia. boat house row, dampy and cloudy along the schuylkill which has seen light rain. it's not too cold. >> it's not bad yet but we'll see a cooldown tonight into tomorrow. here's a live look. not too many people out there skating right now but i think it might be because the rain is starting to scare people away. the good news this isn't heavy rain or not a long-lasting rain either. this is briefly moving by as a cold front is passing our region. what's happening here is we're just tapping into a little bit of the energy a cold front will give you to allow storms to develop. they are already moving off, so still light rain in philly,
4:18 pm
camden county, burlington county, and reports of light rain at the shore. that's going to be on its way out the next couple hours. we also see some light snow that's been falling over mt. pocono. that may continue into the next few hours. this is a mostly dry forecast as we move forward. there's the hour by hour. 7:00, no longer showing anything on our future model. as we go into tomorrow, actually, doesn't look like we'll see too much in terms of clouds either. 8:00 a.m. scattered clouds through the day. otherwise thursday looking nice but cooler and still windy. tomorrow your wind forecast looking at wind speeds around 20 to 30 miles per hour possible but the gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour. those are the peak winds you feel from time to time. the winds will be coming from the northwest. already tonight we've got gusts that are above 30 miles per hour. really as we go through tonight into tomorrow, this will be a consistent thing you noted. it's windy so it feels colder than it actually is. here are the feels like temperatures as we go through 9:30 this evening.
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feeling like about the mid- 20s outside already. if you have evening plans, it will be cold out there. and it will be getting colder tomorrow morning. not the best morning for a run. 7:30 a.m., feeling like upper teens, some spots may stick around to the low 20s, but overall, feeling cold to start the day. as we get into your afternoon, it doesn't feel much better. we'll get to about the upper 20s toe close to 30 degrees for your feels-like temperatures in the afternoon. true temperatures will make their way into about the low 40s, but because of those winds, it will feel around 10 degrees colder outside. the good news, your weekend forecast is way better. 60 on saturday. 65 on sunday. those aren't the feels like. those are the actual temperatures that you're going to notice on your weekend in philly. we'll go from low to upper 50s in the lehigh valley. upper 50s to mid-60s in new jersey. the shores, spots may stay a little cooler saturday. you go a little inland, you'll notice that warm-up. we'll all around the 60s as we
4:20 pm
get into your sunday. both days are mostly sunny. on your ten-day on ten, continues are good as we get into the weekend. cooldown to 42 in philly on thursday. mid-40s for your friday. we stay dry right into the weekend. we're in the mid-60s by sunday. monday even at 61. the next chance of rain now looking less likely tuesday/wednesday and that pushes it until next weekend. a russian spy ship off the delaware coast. >> still ahead at 4:00 -- the sighting near the first state that could impact international relations news then nbc10 responds, biggest return for a viewer yet. how one call to harry hairston and the team ended a man's battle with with the government agency. and seeing red. chemical making the water in this creek look more like blood. that's next on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. first, closing bell on wall street. up arrows all around today.
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red and they are not happy about it. creek at ft. myers has turned a blood red color. look at it right here. turns out it's a red dye a nearby hospital uses to check for leaks in its cooling towers. the hospital says it's harmless but people nearby are still concerned about it. hollywood star came to capitol hill today to address a serious matter. >> actor ashton kutcher testified before the senate foreign relations committee on u.s. efforts to end modern slavery. kutcher is the co-founder of thorn organization that works to combat human trafficking. he became emotional several times while telling the stories of abused children. >> but the right to pursue happiness for so many is stripped away. it's raped. it's abused.
4:25 pm
it's taken by force, fraud or coercion. it is sold for the momentary happiness of another. >> kutcher's organization works with law enforcement by creating computer software to combat this issue. i spy a ship. >> the russian boat spotted off the delaware coast. new at 4:00, our first look at the ship and what experts say the sighting could mean for international relations. plus, upset over underwear. more doll drama for american girl has some parental unhappy. and in business, to help others, next at 4:00, how every penny spent inside this store helps fight childhood cancer. we're checking out those wind gusts hour by hour as they continue to strengthen into your thursday and the colder air that comes with it. we'll have details coming up. doesn't look like much now but this old shopping plaza in south jersey will soon have
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first told you about this yesterday. right now, a russian spy ship spotted off the delaware coast. >> the sighting yesterday had everyone talking about why it was there and the kremlin's intentions. nbc10 delaware bureau reporter tim long found out why the incident isn't all that unusual. >> reporter: this russian spy ship didn't raise too many eyebrows in cuba a while back but yesterday it passed 70 miles off delaware, now just 30 minutes off the submarine base in groten, ken. a senator tweeting seems like russia has a permission slip.
4:30 pm
this international security expert says the russians are just showing off. >> they're becoming more assertive, you know, saying, here we are, we're flexing our muscles. >> reporter: maybe they're testing the limits of the trump administration, maybe they aren't. he says what they are doing is legal and they're clearly not trying to be secretive. >> they're snooping for information about our submarines, like we do. >> reporter: russia was bold. the pentagon says in the black sea four russian aircraft buzzed a u.s. destroyer ship, coming 200 yards away, flying at just 300 feet. russian jets flew closer to this u.s. ship in the baltic a couple years ago. he says these are games militaries play. while it seems extra worrisome amidst all that's going on, neither side would want this to escalate. sending u.s. ships out to babysit off connecticut, that might heighten tension. >> there's a long history of the
4:31 pm
americans and russiansen know what the rules are. if there's going to be some adisagreements, you know how far you can push before it becomes really an issue. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc news. let's check in on first alert weather. first alert radar tracking light rain in parts of our area. snow up in the poconos. kood news for skiers and boarders at camel back mountain resort. they'll take all the snow they can get ahead of the long holiday weekend. we found cool and cloudy conditions down the shore as well. nbc10 in atlantic city. a few out there on the boards getting some exercise in. nbc10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei is checking the changes. >> no big downforce tonight but some areas could see sprinkles. >> that's what we're seeing. the next couple hours this starts to move out. as we get into the overnight hours, we're dry, lingering flakes following in the poconos and lehigh valley. as this moves out, you'll see
4:32 pm
light rain moving into philadelphia county, burlington county next in line. it's moving along. it's light and spotty this isn't a big concern but we're seeing that activity as we saw on the live camera, snow falling in the poconos right now. current wind gusts, though, this is a bigger focus because it will affect us into tomorrow. the winds are picking up with that cold front passing. 23-mile-an-hour gusts in allentown. 39 in philadelphia. 34, millville. those windy conditions we have now may dip a little overnight but they will pick up throughout tomorrow. the windy forecast not letting up for your thursday. temperatures have already started to fall. you can see clouds are still hanging on our different live cameras. we're at 45 in philadelphia and 41 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 45 in new jersey. low 40s for the lehigh valley. mid-40s for delaware. this is already an obvious drop in temperatures because of the cool air starting to reach our area. we were in the 50s in some spots earlier on today.
4:33 pm
as we go through the rest of the night, 39 by 6:00 p.m. 37 by 12:00. the feels-like temperatures, we go from feeling close to 40 to feeling like the upper 20s by 9:00 tonight. we'll track out what to expect for your feels-like conditions on thursday and the big warm-up for your weekend coming up. here's a look at some other stories we're following county by county at 4:00. new castle county, delaware is taking new steps to protect transgender inmates. the new policy requires prison staff to take a closer look at where transgender inmates are housed and how they are strip searched. also encourages officers to refer to prisoners using preferred pronouns. bucks county. the president of the pennsylvania school board association resigned after controversy over a tweet many thought was racist. mark miller tweeted a photo of chimpanzees at a computer talking about the cost of cyber charter schools. his resignation's took effect
4:34 pm
today. camden county. the district is an independent entity by five commissioners. the board will decide whether to create a municipal fire department putting all fire fighting operations under the township's control. montgomery county community will swear in a new police chief. john j. frye will be the new sheltontown police department. he's been a member since 1995. your next shopping spree could help cure childhood cancer. >> love it when it goes to a good cause. thanks to a delaware county businessman paying it forward. clifton heights gives proceeds to alex's lemonade stand, the charity that fights childhood cancer. the 75-year-old owner says he was inspired by his friend's grandchildren beat the disease. he says all the items for sale in the shop were donate sdmrood
4:35 pm
we tell the customers, this is all about charity. it's not about us, it's the charity. buy as much as you can. >> the store, which sits at the end of the neighborhood block, is also created 12 local jobs. >> really giving back. a viewer says he was owed thousands from the government. >> his phone calls and written efforts to get his money went nowhere until a call to harry hairston. turned into the biggest return yet for the nbc10 response team. also this. early detection of autism. the research right here in philadelphia that could change the future for families. that's next at 4:00. plus, from one side of the atlantic to the other, how south jersey soccer star carli lloyd is taking her talents across the pond.
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y26vey y5yy ground breaking research done right here in philadelphia could lead to diagnosing autism much earlier in life.
4:39 pm
doctors at children's hospital were part of the team that discovered biomarkers for the condition in infants starting at 6 months old. the research could help doctors begin early intervention. potential new risks uncovered about a disease known to affect boxers and football players. researchers saying long-time soccer players may also be at risk for developing a type of dementia caused by repeated blows to the head. british researchers examined the brains of six former soccer players diagnosed with dementia before their death. four had evidence of cte. experts say it's important to note this was a small study. young millenniials topped t list of worst drivers, according to a new report from aa foundation for traffic safety. they found 88% of people aged 19d to 24 engaged in at least one risky behavior behind the wheel. they included texting while driving, red light running, speeding, all increase the risk of a crash.
4:40 pm
there are a lot of changes going on at the white house. >> yes, but at least one thing is staying the same. how the new first lady is carrying on a custom founded by her predecessor. krystal. >> we're looking at wind gusts in some spots above 30 miles an hour. we'll check how high those winds go for your thursday. and the cooldown going with though windy conditions. ♪ oh, it's a good day... ♪
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one thing that's going to remain the same at the white house is the garden. a spokesperson for melania trump says the first lady is sxhited to keeping the kitchen garden, you see right there. former first lady michelle obama plant that garden and fruits and vegetables were used to feed the family while supplying neighborhood food kitchens as
4:44 pm
well. some are not happy the way american girl dolls will wear their undercompany. the company says they will sew the underwear to the cloth body. some customers are complaining saying that lowers the doll's quality and value. they say it should not change the ability to play with the girl. the new american girl doll is logan everett, the first boy doll. he will be available tomorrow. >> plays the drums. that's cool. you have more than 300 million reasons to get your hands on a powerball ticket in the next few hours. tonight's drawing is going to be $310 million. so says the sign along interstate in port richmond. it's been growing for 16 straight drawings. the last jackpot winners bought their tickets at the sell byville goose creek store in delaware back in december. a lucky pennsylvania couple took
4:45 pm
home $121 million prize after trying their luck at that store there. >> i wonder if people rush back to the store that last sold the big ticket or if you think lightning never strikes twice in the same place, so go somewhere else. >> or you pick certain numbers every time. >> i'm going to play, that's for sure. >> you are? we're feeling lucky for the weather, too, especially toward the weekend. >> it's a very nice weekend forecast. we have to go through a few bumps in the road before we get there. this is a live look outside south philly. very dark look over the link because we have clouds moving through. we have a little line of rain in passing as well. most has just been light rain bassing by. when you see light to deeper greens, that's a steadier rain in parts of burlington county. farther north, temperatures are cold enough. we're seeing flakes fall. pocono mountains and lehigh valley it's mostly rain at the surface but could see flakes mix
4:46 pm
in. south we are seeing rain passing into burlington county. it will move off to ocean county and bump off the shore. by 7:00, most moisture should be out besides a few flakes hanging over the poconos. then the focus is on the winds. we have wind gusts from 30 to almost 40 miles an hour because the front is moving through. they may dip a little bit tonight but still 25 to 30-mile-per-hour gusts. i wouldn't be surprised if a few spots get above 35 miles an hour. thursday morning, still very windy. almost the same. gusts up to 40 miles an hour and above near avalon. 7:00 a.m. right through to your afternoon for thursday. now we've got gusts anywhere from 35 to 40 miles per hour. that's across the board. so, this is a windy one again. windier than we saw today. not quite as windy as it was monday. i do think these gusts are enough that if maybe you had a tree that was weakened monday, this could be enough to send it over. so, a heads up if you have something that's looking a
4:47 pm
little rickety, you might want to clean it up before tomorrow's winds crank up. as for temperatures, they are starting to split because of the cooler air moving in. med ford, you're at 40 degrees as well. we have lower 40s for lumberton to pemberton. robinsville checking in at 42 degrees. we'll get into the 30s through the night. the problem is into tomorrow with those high winds and the cooler air, highs may make it to about the low 40s in areas like philly, it will feel much colder. in fact, 21, the feels like temperature at 8:00 a.m., even though it will be clear outside. we're at 25 for your feels like at noon and 28 in the afternoon. topping out low 30s at best. in the suburbs we'll likely say feels like 20 in the afternoon. teens in the morning. that's the same for the lehigh valley. 18 that feels like. 8:00 a.m., you definitely want the bigger coat. delaware the feels-like at 8:00 a.m. should hit the low 30s through
4:48 pm
parts of delaware. same for new jersey, about 28 at 3:00 in the afternoon. you see scattered clouds along the shore, feeling like 25 degrees at noon. now let's talk about your ten-day on ten. we've got to focus in on tomorrow because considerably colder than what we saw today. we made it to the low 50s. tomorrow only getting to 42. it will feel cooler because of the windy conditions. notice we stay dry here. friday up to 45. then that climb hits hard. 60 on your saturday. 65 on your sunday. those are the actual temperatures with mostly sunny conditions. beautiful weekend as we move forward. monday we'll be at 61 degrees. then we start to drop rof a bit tuesday, wednesday. tuesday-wednesday, while it looks like moisture is near us we pulled out the chance of showers for now. we don't pull that back in until thursday-friday with lower 40s in the forecast. friday into saturday of the next weekend, that's what we bring in our next chance of rain. this is a very dry and by your
4:49 pm
weekend much warmer than average forecast. >> i'm waiting for that 65 to creep up near 70 for the weekend. >> so greedy. >> i know, i know. what can i say? the camera at the link a short time ago and behind us we have almost perfectly sunny skies. >> it's spots of clouds and those spots of rain moving through. otherwise, does look really a lot different, doesn't it? otherwise these spot showers will move by. it's going to be a pretty dry overnight. >> all right, krystal, thank you. to this now, nbc10 responds' biggest return for a viewer yet. >> a lot of money here. $25,000 we're talking about. next at 4:00, how one call to harry hairston and the team ended a battle with a government agency. plus, a story that will knock your socks off. see how this donation drive could get a local school into the record books.
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now to nbc10 responds. a viewer says he's owed thousands of dollars from the government. >> he tells us his phone calls and written efforts to get his money went nowhere. he contacted harry hairston and the nbc10 responds team. you always say, no matter how large or small the amount, can you handle it to help people out. this is a large amount. >> this turned out to be pretty good. many times, just sometimes, it's difficult to get money back from the government. folks, let me tell you, once this viewer contacted us, we went to work for him and got him our biggest recovery yet. >> reporter: donald says after a three-year wait, social security approved him for disability insurance in november 2016. that approval entitled him to back pay. he says he got all of his money
4:54 pm
except for $25,300. the ridley park man tells us the social security administration told him, it sent that $25,000 to the domestic relations department to pay for past due child support. but he insists he only owed domestic relations $550. after more than two months of trying get his money, he contacted nbc10 responds. he sent us documents as proof of paying off his child support. and then we reached out to the social security administration. it reviewed the case. two weeks later, he says he received his $25,300. social security administration says privacy issues prevent it from commenting on what exactly happened with that delay. i just have to tell you, folks, when it comes to getting money back due people from the government, feels kind of good. because when they got it,
4:55 pm
they're going to hold on to it pretty good. >> not just companies you deal with, but the u.s. government. watch out. >> watch out. don't bother me, irs. listen, our recovery counter has jumped over $300,000. it stands at $312,777. money getting back for you, our viewers. >> and it only took two weeks to get that back. good job. if you have a complaint, give us a call or fill out the form on we'll get back to you. coming up, a woman says she cancels her home security system but after she moves she continues to get bills for months. after they weren't going away, she calls harry. that's tomorrow on nbc10 news today. we're working on several stories for nbc10 news at 5:00. all new at 5:00 -- they answer your calls for help and work every day with local police officers. >> tonight a group of emergency operators are accused of buying and selling drugs on the job. we have exclusive details next.
4:56 pm
plus, how a federal hiring freeze is causing some confusion for some of philadelphia's most popular historic sites. that's coming up all new at 5:00. i'm currently tracking light showers moving through. the next big weather story includes an increase in wind speeds and wind gusts. i will time out those gusty gusts through tonight into tomorrow. topping out at about 40 miles per hour. i'll see you with the most accurate forecast in just a bit.
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4:59 pm
busted on the job. nbc10 has exclusive details on a group of emergency operators accused of buying and selling drugs. day care arrest. how police say a teacher victimized one of the children in his care. turning the tables. how an atlantic city police officer ended up on the other side of the law. right now at 5:00 -- trouble for a group of emergency operators in atlantic city. good evening, i'm keith jones. >> i'm erin coleman. they're accused of buying and selling drugs on the job. nbc10's jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg has exposed exclusive details joining us live from atlantic city. >> reporter: erin and keith, the communications bureau is located on the second floor of atlantic city's city hall. this evening four 911 operators have been suspended, two of them arrested and charged.
5:00 pm
>> it's extremely serious. >> reporter: atlantic city public safety officers at the center of a drug scandal. they say wade stole oxycodone poles for jennifer dalton while on duty at ac's communication bureau inside city hall. dalton working as a shift supervisor at the time. were they using this drug while on duty? >> we're not sure. that's -- again, that's all a part of the investigation. >> reporter: the operators arrested and charged with drug offenses sunday. they've been suspended without pay. two other women who work in the communications bureau also suspended because of the investigation. but not charged with any crime. >> where does that leave you in the communications department because that's four people who are not there? >> correct. the communications department is fully staffed, fully operational. >> reporter: we went to the homes of both wade and dalton. people who came to the door said the women weren't there. the case coming as the region deals with a


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