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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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inside the standoff. >> let me tell you something. they did protect her at all costs. >> inmates tell their story of
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saving a hostage during a deadly prison revolt. >> yes, he's incarcerated, but he put his life on the line to make sure she was safe at the end of it. >> reporter: a new account of what happened behind these walls and why prisoners say the danger isn't over. i'm jasmine london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. we are now two weeks removed from the prison revolt in smyrna, delaware. a corrections officer, lieutenant steven floyd, was killed, but a group of inmates say there could have been an even greater tragedy had hthey not stepped in. the exclusive story from an inmate's mother. >> reporter: this is a photo of michael carillo, and his mother, matilda. he's serving 23 years at vaughn correctional, a series she says turned into a nightmare this month. >> it was horrendous, what they lived through. >> reporter: inmate darnell
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gives a firsthand attempt. no more than ten inmates coordinated the attack, took hostages, and lit fires. this mother got several phone calls during the crisis. >> it was very dark and very smokey. there was water running all over. >> reporter: the fire set off sprinklers, filling locker boxes used for barricades, but parkel says skhe and cell lowe tried t protect a prison counselor that others took hostage. >> i said, you guys promise me, you will protect her at all costs. let me tell you something, they did protect her at all costs. >> reporter: but since the end of the revolt, carello and other inmates' mothers remain worried. officers beat inmates when they took back the prison. >> he said his jaw was broken he slapped him so hard. >> this account also reveals lieutenant steven floyd was brutally murdered early in the
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attack. >> my heart breaks. i know miss floyd's break. what do the other ones give us? nothing but more heartaches. and it's a nightmare. >> reporter: leaders at delaware corrections won't comment on this lawsuit. the inmate is not looking for money in this case, but rather, improved conditions inside the prison. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. to breaking news right now. a driver drags a police officer and speeds away. >> nbc 10's brandon huxton just arrived on that scene in germantown. brandon, what can you tell us? >> reporter: jacqueline, we just got done talking to police officers five minutes ago. they are holding this scene where we're standing right now. you may see some officers driving through here during our live report. what i can tell you is the chief inspector told me this all started, the traffic stop, all the way down here at north 20th and spencer. two officers tried to stop the car and then one of the officers was dragged about 500 feet from spencer all the way here to north 20th and godfrey.
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let's go to sky force 10 video over the scene, not too long ago. you can see a large police presence right here in the middle of this area of germantown. police say that the two officers tried to stop the car, an officer tried to approach the car. and he smelled what he believed was marijuana. he reached into the car to try to turn the car off, but the driver would not turn the car off. and then the driver sped off with that police officer. we can go to the ground video now. you can get a closer look of the police cars that were around the scene after this all happened. we do know that police officer has cuts and perusebruises. he went to einstein hospital. the good news is, he will be okay. we can come back live now, where i will tell you that police are looking for a silver pontiac grand prediction wiix with a pe license plate jlx 9786.
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they say if it is who they suspect it is, it's someone who has a long history with philadelphia police. we'll continue to follow up on this case and update you with any updates throughout this newscast. reporting live in germantown, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> we know you'll let us know of any details, brandon. sky force 10 over more breaking news in germantown. one person is now dead after this double shooting. so far, no arrests. spy games today. president trump weighed in on that russian ship, that spy ship that was spotted off the delaware coast. >> it was all part of an hour-long news conference. nbc 10's keith jones is a here with a closer look. >> jim, jackie, the president talked a lot about russia and that spy ship off the coast of delaware. many people wondered, is it a threat? >> is putin testing you, do you believe, sir? >> no, i don't think so. i think putin probably assumes that he can't make a deal with me anymore because politically, it would be unpopular for --
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>> reporter: president trump considered taking action after this russian spy ship was spotted miles off the coast of delaware tuesday. >> the greatest thing i could do is shoot that ship that's 30 miles offshore right out of the water. everyone in this country is going to say, oh, it's so great. that's not great. >> reporter: international security expert, dr. stewart coffman, says the spy ship's appearance is part of a game both countries' militaries play. >> they're becoming more assertive, saying, you know, here we are. we're flexing our muscles. >> but just officials tell nbc news, russia is more on the defensive. a senior intelligence officer says the outdated spy ship is a sign of weakness, not strength. yet, still -- >> they're a very powerful nuclear country and so are we. if we have a good relationship with russia, believe me, that's a good thing. >> reporter: leading to questions about the president's alleged collusion with russian president vladimir putin, which the president says is a fake
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story. >> haven't made a phone call to russia for years, don't speak to people in russia. not that i don't want to, i just have nobody to speak to. spoke to putin twice. i told you this. he called me on the election and the inauguration. >> he said those were, quote, good talks. he's expected to meet with russian officials, quote, shortly. keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> president trump promised to introduce a new executive order on immigration next week. the administration told a federal appeals court it wants to pause the legal fight over the president's original order now that a new one is on the way. mr. trump did not give any details of that new proposal today, but he did say it will be tailored to the court decision that put that hold on the travel ban. tonight, there's a new pick for secretary of labor. president trump announcing alexander acosta as his new choice. that after andy puzder pulled his name out of consideration acosta served as assistant attorney general for the civil rights division under president
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george w. pubush. if confirmed, acosta would become the first hispanic in president trump's cabinet. meanwhile, the search is still on for president trump's next national security adviser. retired navy vice admiral robert harward has turned down the job offer. harward says the decision was purely a personal issue. and this all comes after michael flynn resigned on monday over calls made to the russian ambassador to the u.s., prior to the inauguration. happening right now on the senate floor, a marathon effort from democratic lawmakers, including a local senator to delay a vote on scott pruitt's nomination to lead the epa. delaware senator carter is planning to hold the floor for 30 hours. earlier today, pruitt cleared the first senate vote. the final vote could happen as early as tomorrow. meantime today, thousands of immigrant workers across the country and here in our area took part in a movement called, a day without immigrants. they say the movement is a response to president trump's immigration agenda. immigration leaders rallied
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tonight in south philadelphia to show their support. many families closed businesses and stayed home from work to highlight the contributions of immigrants to american business and culture. demonstrators tonight say they don't want to see large-scale immigration arrests and deportations in philadelphia. >> that's what you need to be talking about. is what are the needs of our communities? why do people come here? what are the root causes? and how do we address the root causes, rather than criminalize a whole community. >> demonstrators are calling on president trump to rethink his immigration policies, including plans for a new border wall between the u.s. and mexico. a new study says about a quarter of foreign-born residents in philadelphia are unauthorized immigrants. that study comes from the pew research center. it says about 200,000 immigrants live in the city and 50,000 of them are unauthorized. in allentown, demonstrators rallied in support of immigration rights. protesters tell us they're angry authorities detained daniel ramirez last week in seattle.
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ramirez is a daca recipient, which is an obama administration program protecting young undocumented immigrants from deportation. today, the president called daca a very difficult situation that he plans to address with heart. ed snyder's children take another step forward in their plans to build a medical marijuana plant in northeast philly. the parkwood civic association approved that project last night. snyder health hopes to buy the land and grow the pot farm on mcknelty road near the bucks county line. the next step for snyder help is to submit an application. the deadline is march 20th. under that new state law, a dispensary may not be built within 1,000 feet of a private, public, parochial school or day care. no direct sales are permitted. today, a federal judge in massachusetts dismissed a defamation lawsuit against bill cosby. a former actress alleged cosby raped her in 1974. she claimed cosby's
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representatives defamed her by demanding a retraction to a 2014 newspaper story on the rape allegations. meanwhile, the 79-year-old comedian says sex assault trial in montgomery county begins in june. new video tonight of a takedown in atlantic city. police say the suspect, kenneth fisher, was wanted in virginia. he was spotted earlier today at a hotel in galloway and arrested after a chase that stretched into atlantic city. he was caught with a gun loaded with hollow point bullets. tonight in philadelphia, a family out of their home after a fast-moving fire sent five people, including three children to the hospital. this was in the city's grey's ferry neighborhood. police tell nbc 10 the man who lives here was taken to the hospital with burns. he escaped the flames along with three children and their mother. three other kids on the block and a neighbor had to be treated for smoke inhalation. the american red cross is helping more than a dozen people tonight in that neighborhood. teachers banned from school after inviting a speaker on campus. what sparked that controversy.
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also ahead, the local wawa where you can now buy beer. and a hero's homecoming surprise. the reunion that one little boy will never forget. and one more day before spring-like temperatures. we'll tell you what to expect for the weekend and also our next chance for rain, your most accurate forecast, coming up.
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something new going on at wawa. >> definitely new. some people love the idea. convenience, one-stop shopping. here's what we're talking about. you can now grab a six-pack of beer and a shorty hoagie from wawa at the same time. a shorty and a 40, right, jim? >> you said it! >> the wawa on route 202 in kunger township delaware county. it's the first in the state to sell beer. wawa had to do a store makeover to include a dining area to comply with the state's beer laws. knew, there will be a separate
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register for people to show i.d. that's how that's going to work. wawa says this is the only one that will sell beer for the foreseeable future. now to this. new at 11:00, controversy on the campus of a montgomery county school tonight. it's all over the school's decision to postpone an appearance by a speaker known for his anti-israeli viewpoints. >> but now some in the community are demanding the school do an about-face. nbc 10's brandon hudson has the story from wynwood. >> you know, it really upset people. and i think a lot of people feel kind of personally affected by it. and shaken by it. >> reporter: swathmore college professor laura cohen is talking about friends' central school decision to cancel a guest appearance. she launched a petition to reininvite the palestinian professor and reinstate two teachers who were suspended. >> i want to say something about -- >> reporter: achan has spoken about the right of palestinians
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in the past and teaches swathmores peace and conflict study program. he was invited to speak to the friends' central's peace and equality palestine club february 3rd. a friends' central spokeswoman said the administration decided to postpone the event amid concerns there weren't enough counterviewpoints represented. >> if we can to the ignore the fact that there are formidable risks between jewish and palestinian communities. >> reporter: the head of the school released a letter, saying the teachers were suspended with pay. not for inviting achan, but because during this period of pause, they were given, quote, explicit directives, which they ignored. >> he is not a bomb thrower and he is not a radical activist. he's an academic. he teaches peace and conflict stoou studies. >> mark schwartz represents the suspended teachers. he says although his clients are upset, they just want an apology and to return to work. >> you just don't do this. >> the teachers' attorney did
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file a discrimination lawsuit against the school. a school spokeswoman says they are organizing a task force made up of community members who will lead the school in thoughtful and respectful dialogue moving ahead. no conflict here tonight. the surprise of a lifetime for a little boy from salem county. >> don't you love these? >> i do. >> we never get sick of this. we're going to show it to you now. 5-year-old jace alan's dad serves in the air force and it's been a while since the two of them saw each other. it took a real team effort to pull off this huge surprise. take a look. >> who's in there? >> oh! jace's bomom, shelia, sent us ts video of the reunion, the huge hug. the pennsville fire department helped hide him in that dad. he was just happy to meet a firefighter, but when the doors swung open, it was even a bigger
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surprise. >> they were apart, apparently, for six months. and for a 5-year-old, that's a really long time. >> that seems like an eternity. so glad they could have that reunion. beautiful, beautiful moment. >> and that long hug is probably still going on, as you said earlier today. >> and a surprise, dad coming back to pretty mild weather. not believing what it's going to be like this weekend, in the 60s. >> he is going to be shocked, glenn. >> yes and that wind that is out there now, blowing cold air in, is going to shift and blow in warm air. and some of you may not believe just how warm it's going to be getting. and not just for a day or two. but right now, it's pretty cold. 28 in the lehigh valley. we've got temperatures down near freezing or even below freezing in the philadelphia area. 2 32 at the airport. chestnut hill, down to 29 in somerton. that's the low test temperature in the city of philadelphia. look agent these feels-like temperatures. 24 in philadelphia, 21 in allentown. 16 in coatesville. 19 in wilmington. so, yeah, it's cold now, it's
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going to be cold when you get up in the morning, but boy, are there going to be some changes. look at that! saturday and sunday, 65. that's more typical of april. we're only 39 today. the average high for this time of the year is 44. so, we're going to be doing some real climbing here. now, the wind is going to continue to diminish, down to 8 miles an hour in philadelphia. we had gusts up close to 40 miles an hour this afternoon, only 7 in allentown. so the wind is diminishing. we'll continue to do so. it's not going to be nearly as windy on friday as it was on thursday. we've got more dry weather coming in, maybe a whole week's worth of it. but we're already in a drought. we could use a little bit of rain. and we've got 60s coming in both saturday and sunday. here's the latest drought map. it's worse in new england. but they've got a lot of snow there. when that melts, they'll be in better shape. we've got a moderate drought in all of our pennsylvania counties, a little bit of delaware and in new jersey, as
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well. and like i said, a week's worth of dry weather will only make that a little bit worse. temperatures tomorrow, up to 45 in fairmount, 42 in swhanksville, 44 in reading. only 39 in allentown, but that's still not as cold as what we saw today. this is the last of the chilly days. vorhees, longport, egg harbor at 45 degrees. and then as we go into the weekend, you may not believe these numbers. 65 for philadelphia, saturday and sunday. no precipitation. not a lot of wind. the only place that may not get to 60 either day is the lehigh valley. and even there, it's way above normal and that's not the end of the warm weather, either. we'll be right back.
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police officers, they used candy for a good cause on valentine's day. look at this guy. his name is maxie, he was hit by a car, but no one could find the injured pooch. officers then spotted the dog running into the chelsea heights avenue school during the middle of the day. so what'd they do, they bribed maxie with some candy to finally catch him. the dog's owner posted this photo tonight thanking the officers. well, by now we know governor chris christie is no fan of philly sports teams, right? >> no. remember, a couple years ago, we saw him in the cowboys box, celebrating the cowboys' victory, sent twitter crazy. chris christie roots for the cowboys and the new york mets and has plenty to say about the new banner. they put up the slogan, ya gotta believe. the mets responded on twitter saying, ya gotta kidding, since the mets claimed that phrase. so here's what christie had to say. >> phillies suck. they're an awful team. they're an angry, bitter fan
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base. and it's not safe for civilized people to go to citizens bank park if you want to root for the other team. you've got to believe what? you've got to believe we're awful people. that's what you've got to believe. >> ouch! >> i'm speechless. >> the phillies threw a fastball right back on twitter, referencing the bridgegate scandal. they wrote, we love our fans and appreciate their unwavering support as we bridge to a bright future. >> ouch. >> all right. sports, more sports, coming up next.
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rnchts hi. i'm amy fadool. the sixers responded that ben simmons' foot injury isn't
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completely healed. the scan simmons received on january 23rd does not show a fully healed foot, which would appear to conflict with what the sixers reported a about that scan at the time. the sixers released this statement from team president that did not address that discrepancy, but stated that simmons has a ct scan scheduled for february 23rd, after which he'll be evaluated again. stay tuned for that. now to the flyers who struggles continued ton adds they continue their west coast swing into edmonton. oilers got the first two goals in this one. ranco answered in the second, but edmonton stormed right back. jordan eberle scored right in front of the net. right now in the third, it is : 5-3, edmonton leading. that is your quick look at sports. i'm amy fadool. we'll be right back after this. to that customability.
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you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from.
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very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier. all right. one more cold day, high of only 45, which is about average, then we jump 20 degrees for saturday and sunday. go down a little bit monday and tuesday, and then it's warm again, for the rest of the week. more 60s. >> so you're grilling out this weekend, you're inviting us over to your place to enjoy what you prepare, right? >> got to say good night. >> that's our plan! good night. see you tomorrow. >> welcome, welcome. thank me. [ cheers and applause ] thank me. thank me. and buckle up. because i'm coming in hot! [ light laughter ] this is going to be a crazy one. daddy came to play. [ light laughter ] first of all, you're all fake news. i hate you all very much, and thank you for being here.


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