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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  February 18, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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right now on "nbc 10 news today" a hearing happens this morning for a woman excused of  stabbing an 1-year-old girl in the head. police say it began with a fight over babysitting. two officers hurt. four people arrested. that's what happened when a peaceful march against the trump administration turned chaotic in philadelphia. a live look outside where we're off to a cool start in philadelphia but a warm up is on tap as temperatures will feel spring like this weekend. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today". i'm con. it's 5:00 on this saturday. we'll get to those stories in just a moment. first the weather. it's a good one.
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let's get more from meteorologist krystal klei. good morning. >> plans for the whole weekend because conditions will be nice enough you want to be outdoors. it's a cold start. 30 our temperature right now in philadelphia. 27 in parts of the pennsylvania suburbs. there are a lot of 20s on the board. new jersey 27. lehigh valley 25. this will not last long. cold air of now will be the warm air this afternoon. we're looking at temperatures above 60 degrees in areas. yesterday we had highs that were way cooler than that. take a look. today's forecast highs 65 in philly. 61 in the suburbs. 63 for parts of new jersey. and 60 even up to the lehigh valley. delaware in the mid-60s. only spot that will stay below 60 are parts of the jersey shore but we should hit the mid-60s as we go through today. a very nice forecast. here's radar and satellite. our area not tracking a thing.
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no clouds, no rain, no snow when you got 60s in the forecast. if we pull this out a little bit you can see there's nothing coming our way for quite some time. this is a big area of clear conditions and not something you expect moving into february. this whole ten day forecast not necessarily something you would expect as we have a lot of 60s onto board. coming up we'll talk how long this first string of 60s last. when we could see another round of these well above average temperatures. that's coming up in a few minutes. now to news out of delaware county. this is the woman excused of stabbing an 8-year-old girl in the head. she's scheduled to go before a judge this morning. randy gyllenhaal is live at police headquarters in collingdale to fill us in on the case. >> reporter: police say this girl will survive. she's currently at the children's hospital. in the meantime the woman who stabbed her will be facing a judge this morning. her name is majeah bashir and she had no comment to our
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cameras last night. police say she got into an argument with one of her neighbors and then used a steak knife to stab that neighbor's young daughter. the girl was stabbed in the right side of the head. other children were also nearby and they saw this happen. right now it's unclear if that girl was the intended target but the argument was sparked over concerns about babysitting. >> i don't care what you're arguing about, what you're fighting about, you got a baby in between and you're going to put a butcher out. >> reporter: she will face attempted criminal homicide charges. live in collingdale, randy gyllenhaal. this morning philadelphia police are investigating a protest that turned violent. it ended in four arrests and sent two bike office towers the hospital. nbc 10 was in north philadelphia
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when the peaceful march against the president and police turned chaotic. demonstrators shot mace and paint in their eyes. officers had to block people from trying to get inside private buildings. >> fortunately, a small group of people within the crowd made a decision to escalate this and that resulted in people being arrested. >> they pepper sprayed people. they started taking out their batons and hitting people. >> once you spray police officers with a caustic substance you're not involved in protest activity you're involved in criminal activity. >> the two officers were treated for minor injuries. it's unclear what if any charges the four suspects will face. overnight a man is in the hospital after he was shot in camden. it happened here at 8th and pine street. the victim was shot several times. we're working to find out his condition. no arrests yet in this case. investigators in north philadelphia are trying to figure out what cause this car to crash into a store front. it happened at fresh doughnut on
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7th street last night. nobody was hurt. officials are checking the stability of the building. a south jersey man who volunteers with the girl scouts is accused of possessing child pornography. philip shepherd of cherry hill was arrested. images of child porn graphy were found on his computer. >> five minutes past 5:00. new castle county new details on the deadly prison standoff in smyrna. a lawyer for a union representing the correctional officers said the inmates stageed a dry run protest last month to see how officials would respond. the dry run lasted two hours. inmates refused to obey commands. it happened in the same building where inmates took four hostages. montgomery county township police will hold a free child safety event. it's from 10:00 to 1:00 this
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afternoon. police will problem providing child car seat information and child fingerprinting. parents can schedule car seat safety inspections. still campaigning. president donald trump is in florida where he'll hold a campaign style rally today after a fast paced week in washington. ahead in our next half hour we'll show you the big changes you'll find in a pair of seaside resorts.
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welcome back. we're looking at today a chilly morning but a big warm up for your afternoon. as we move forward through today you'll also notice a little breezy but stays dry. this is a good saturday forecast especially if you've been itching to get outdoors and do a few things. ahead we're the staying warm. if you can't get out today tomorrow is your second chance. let's go through our planner. 36 at 8:00 a.m., 51 by noon.
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as we get into the afternoon spots around philly will break 60 degrees. we're forecasting that high up to 65 officially. you may start to see a dip to some spots in the upper 50s as we get later in the day. in the suburbs 35 degrees in 8:00 a.m. same deal we should get close the 60s as we get through your afternoon. lehigh valley upper 50s to some spots around our lehigh valley tuberculos burks county neighborhood. this is a forecast that's perfect for february if you're ready for spring like weather. delaware 8:00 a.m., 37 degrees. i know we're starting ecological. some in the 20s some low 30s. quick warm up. 55 in new jersey along the shore low 50s and we should cap in the mid-50s through the jersey shore. check out this temperature trends map. thursday we only hit a high of
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39 degrees. friday, yesterday we got up to 45 which was very close to average for this time of year. for today and tomorrow, way warmer than average in the mid-60s. we'll start to cool on monday. we'll talk more about this with your extended ten day forecast coming up. the mummers parade will run along main street. the weather should cooperate. in the afternoon the string band will perform in the area's family bars and restaurants. coming up, kenny versus christie. you'll hear the new war of words. you're controlling your cough on your morning commute.
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12 minutes past 5:00. 13 minutes past 5:00 on this saturday. here's a live look towards center city. 30 degrees outside at the moment. but guess what? things will warm up today and especially tomorrow. meteorologist krystal klei will fill you in on the details throughout morning. this weekend southern california is dealing with deadly flooding. two people died yesterday during a powerful storm. the area saw flash flooding, thousands of power outages and people had to evacuate their homes. roads practically turned into rivers in los angeles. the region is expected to see more rain today. right now mike pence is in germany on his first overseas trip as vice president. during a speech at the munich security conference this morning pence vowed that the united states will hold russia accountable. this as president trump looks for new common ground with moscow. later today the vice president will meet with german chancellor
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angela merkel.v;ç the next step in president trump as first 100 days in office is a campaign style rally in orlando. the president spending a third straight weekend at his mar-a-lago estate. yesterday mr. trump made a stop in charleston, south carolina to look at the latest creation from boeing. he looked over the new dreamliner jet. president trump also spoke to boeing employees, pledging that american workers will quote always win. back in december you may remember the president blasted boeing over the cost of the new air force one project. yesterday he said negotiations on that project continue and that taxpayers are saving money. president trump's man to lead the environmental protection agency is now sworn in. yesterday the senate confirmed scott pruitt by 52-46 votes. democrats held an all night session to try to delay the final vote. pruitt faces a tuesday deadline for turning over emails that he cents and received as oklahoma attorney general. democrats claim that those messages to and from fossil fuel
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companies raise conflict of interest issues. philadelphia is one of three dozen cities to ask a federal judge to block president trump's travel ban. new york city's chief lawyer filed papers yesterday on behalf of the city saying the ban damages economy and culture. the white house says the immigration order is need protect against terrorism. the president is expected to issue a new travel ban order early next week. the trump administration is down playing using 100,000 national guard troopsround the up undocumented immigrants. there's a memo that shows homeland security officials considered giving governors in 11 states the choice to use guard troops. the memo is not official and the white house has denied the national guard would be used to round up immigrants. the national guard issue will be a hot topic on nbc's "meet the press". john mccain and former defense secretary leon panetta will sit down with chuck todd. that comes your way tomorrow
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morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. the president will break a tradition started by his predecessor by not filling out an ncaa basketball bracket. former president barack obama made selections all eight years he was in the white house. espn invited mr. trump to fill out a bracket on the air himself. the network said he respectfully decline. philadelphia mayor jim kenney blasting new jersey governor chris christie about the criticism christie made about philly fans. the governor called the philly fan base angry and bitter. and said citizens bank park is not safe for fans of opposing teams. kenney unload on christie. take a listen. >> i kind of feel sorry for the guy. he's got the biggest l on his forehead of anybody in the country. he's the most unpopular mayor in the state of new jersey. he threw his people under the bus after he shut the bridge
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down. he ran for president for one hot last minute. then when that was over he mooned over trump thinking he would get a job forgetting he put jared kushner's father in trial. >> mayor kenney is not the only one taking issue with governor chris chris. larry bioa offers a challenge. ine montgomery county, a basketball team continues to show their support for immigrants and refugees. ♪ judge the team sported these shirts during last night's games. they say i am a muslim, i am an immigrant, i am a refugee. we spoke to a player who helped organize the effort. he said the team needed to make a statement. >> it's for everybody, no matter your background. so not to literally mean we're
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all refugees but that we're just all human, one race, human race. >> they have worn the shirts at a previous game to make a statement and taken a knee during the national anthem drawing both criticism and praise. start with a look at our temperatures this morning because i know it's hard to believe it will be in the 60s later today because it's a cold start out there in our philadelphia neighborhoods. park side at 28 degrees. 30 at the official reading location which is the philadelphia international airport. we're at 36 at center city. upper 20s in parkwood. 20s on the map now. it's going to be a nice quick warm up as we go through your morning hours and into the afternoon. same for pennsylvania suburbs. temperatures across the map are in the 20s. north wales at 25. el roy 259. collegeville at 23.
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reading temperatures in the 20s but we're going to that climb to areas getting upper 50s to near 60s throughout the suburbs. your radar and satellite map, showing off because it's really just nice view for those who want to get a bike ride in or hoping to run the museum steps. temperatures while chilly now will quickly climb. the sun comes out and all we'll have is sunny to mostly sunny conditions. no clouds on our satellite. no rain. it's clear in our region and remain that way through the rest of today. so center city up to 65 for the forecast high temperature. chestnut hill up to 62 degrees. in the suburbs low 60s is our forecast high. even lehigh valley a few spots may make it to the low 60s. allentown with a forecast high of 57 degrees. in new jersey trenton 61 degrees. vorhees up to 63. along the shore mid-50s.
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we'll have some moderating effect from the ocean water which is still quite cold but it's going to be a nice climb to the mid-50s. delaware 66, smir narcotiyrnsmy 65 degrees. winds from the southwest which pulls in warmer air. winds 5 to 15 miles per hour. gusts up to 25 miles per hour possible. that puts us in the breezy range. nothing compared to the winds we saw this past week. hour by hour this shows off what i was talking about. clear conditions through 6:00 p.m. on our saturday. as we go overnight few scattered clouds that pass by. through 6:30 a.m. on your sunday morning. those thin out as well and still mostly sunny conditions throughout your sunday forecast. overall a beautiful weekend to get outside. i keep saying that because a lot of us haven't gotten to do that lately. saturday, sunday, mid-60s.
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a dip monday and tuesday then back to 60s wednesday through friday. the betsy ross house in old city is celebrating president's weekend with a new exhibit. the highlight of the exhibit is the history of presidential flags. those flags have been made exexclusively in philly for 150 years. the exhibit runs through next january. nearby the independence center will offer a program today in honor of black history month. called philadelphia's forgotten hero. it's about a 19th century civil rights activist. don't forget to join us for nbc 10 special celebration of black history month. we'll bring you local stories from the african-american muchl from philly on sunday morning at 11:30 on nbc 10. just ahead a polar plunge at
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the jersey shore without the polar temperatures. we'll hear from people getting ready to take a dip this weekend.
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bank park with these warmer temperatures it's starting to feel just a little bit like baseball season. of course the phillies down in clear water for spring training. meteorologist krystal klei tells us that we're really going to enjoy the temperatures today even more so tomorrow. she will have the details coming up. we have quick traffic alert if you're driving in center city philadelphia this weekend. 21st street will be closed between arch and market street. penn dot is demolishing the overhead bridge. today is one of your last chances to see the greatest show on earth in philadelphia. the ringling brothers and bar number and bailey circus is making its last stop at the wells fargo center. it's shutting down in may. performances at the center continue through monday. this afternoon's warmer temperatures could take the polar out of a polar bear plunge at the jersey shore. this is video from last year when it was 6 degrees as people ran into the ocean in sea isle
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city. this year temperatures will be in the 50s. we talked to a few folks at a kick-off party last night who say they look forward to the milder plunge this afternoon. >> awesome. no frost, no snow, no wind. >> like a june afternoon. >> the plunge begins at 2:00 this afternoon. then tomorrow there will be a run/walk for autism and a post-race party to wrap up the polar plunge weekend. in cape may county the boardwalk in on or about city back open. a rebuilding project is now finished. ride or stroll the entire length of the boardwalk without detours. crews are working on a section of the boardwalk that's closer to the beach. tv cameras are returning to the jersey shore. people living in seaside heights are worried about a repeat of "jersey shore."
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it will follow room mates who work at the beach during the day and at the bar at night. coming up on nabs 10 news today a woman accused of stabbing an 8-year-old girl will go before a judge a little bit later on this morning. police say the stack all started with an argument. right now the child is at children's hospital philadelphia. we'll have a live update on the case in just moments. we're talking a warm weekend forecast. temperatures average in the mid-40s. we're looking mid-60s. we'll have the details on what you can expect for your saturday and sunday. a little breeze may kick up as well. all that coming up.
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will go before a judge in delaware county. we're live following the investigation. lottery fever is growing throughout our region this morning as we get ready for tonight's powerball drawing. the jackpot has grown to close to $350 million. get ready for a warm up this weekend that will make you forget all about winter and think spring. we'll have those details just ahead in the first alert neighborhood forecast. i keep knocking on wood when we talk about this warm weather because i feel it's like fleeting. we've seen snowstorms in march. we've seen them in late february. so keep our fingers crossed. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today". i'm rosemary connors. 5:30. let's get to that weather with first alert meteorologist krystal klei. >> last week we were talking about this ten day forecast 60s by next weekend and now it's upon us and it's looking still like 60s


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