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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  February 18, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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delaware county. we're live following the investigation. lottery fever is growing throughout our region this morning as we get ready for tonight's powerball drawing. the jackpot has grown to close to $350 million. get ready for a warm up this weekend that will make you forget all about winter and think spring. we'll have those details just ahead in the first alert neighborhood forecast. i keep knocking on wood when we talk about this warm weather because i feel it's like fleeting. we've seen snowstorms in march. we've seen them in late february. so keep our fingers crossed. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today". i'm rosemary connors. 5:30. let's get to that weather with first alert meteorologist krystal klei. >> last week we were talking about this ten day forecast 60s by next weekend and now it's upon us and it's looking still like 60s across most of our
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neighborhoods today and tomorrow. here's our figures this morning. 31 degrees in mount pocono. allentown at 25. and 24 pottstown. 30 in philadelphia and 24 atlantic city. we have a cool start in spots through millville at 24 and dover, 31. don't be fooled. you'll need the layers this morning you will not need them this afternoon as we get into the 60s. radar and satellite for us, we are clear across our region. we're clear across the entire area. you see there's no clouds, rain to track. way off to our southwest you see a little action but that's not making to its. we're sunny northwestly sunny conditions in the forecast. look at this quick climb. 34 by 7:00 a.m. 43 already by 10:00 a.m. that's getting close to average for this time of year. and that's at 10:00 in the morning. in the afternoon that's when we climb to the 50s and on into the 60s. on top of that winds are picking
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up. three to 10 miles per hour. in the afternoon a little breeze as well. coming up in a few minutes we'll track your conditions for your saturday and sunday as well. neighborhood by neighborhood. plus we'll talk a second round of 60s on the ten day forecast. all of that coming up in just a few minutes. this morning in delaware county a woman accused of stabbing an 8-year-old girl will be arraigned before a judge. randy gyllenhaal is live in collingdale with details. >> reporter: collingdale police say this 8-year-old girl will survive. she's currently at the children's hospital. authorities are telling us that the woman who stabbed her is waiting to see a judge later this morning for arraignment. her name is majeah bashir and she had no comment last night to our cameras. police say she got into an argument with one of her neighbors and then used steak knife to stab that neighbor's young daughter. the girl was stabbed in the right side of her head. other children were nearby and
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actually saw it happen. police say it's unclear if the girl was the intended target but it appears right now this argument was sparked over concerns about babysitting. >> how is the child doing >> the child is fine. conscious, alert, speaking. she has a four inch gash in this area of her head. it's quite deep. >> reporter: again that young girl remains at the children's hospital. we're told majeah bashir will be arraigned in front of a judge just in a few hours later this morning. live in collingdale, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. you are looking at what was a peaceful protest that turned violent in north philadelphia last night. police made four arrests here. two bike officers suffered minor injuries. according to investigators people demonstrating against the president and police shot mace and paint at officers. it's unclear what if any charges
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the four people arrested will face. let's head to montgomery county where police want to you take a look at this video of two serial burglars in action. the pair is looking for cash. police tell us nooefs hit this restaurant twice before along with other small businesses in the area. in each case the burglars cruise a crowbar. if you have any information, police would like to marry from you. today johns roast pork in philly will re-open. yesterday burglars stole thousands of dollars and caused damage. the owners say they got into the place through the exhaust system. thieves took cash from the register and donations for a cancer charity. two businesses including a competitor will donate double the missing charity money. a pre-trial hearing in chester county is the latest step towards justice for accused cop kill eric frein.
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he killed one state trooper and wounded another. since the trial is a high-profile one the jury will be picked in chester county. those jurors will be bussed to pike county for opening statements now set for april. let's head down to the jersey shore where a comes river man who crashed his pickup truck in an icy river and killed his dog will serve six months in prison. a judge sentenced myer for the incident. he admitted doing doughnuts with his truck tynes when the vehicle broke through. the dog jumped in when it happened and drowned. if you are feeling lucky you got another chance at a big powerball jackpot. tonight's drawing is worth an estimated $349 million. the one time cash spamt more than 213. on wednesday night one ticket purchased in new jersey carried a $1 million prize.
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this weekend more than 700 penn state students are staying awake and dancing for a very good cause. the dance marathon known as thon kicked off last night. the convenient raises money to fight childhood cancer. last year thrch on raised $10 million. >> 5:36 right now on this saturday. coming up the former rebel casino was supposed to open this morning but that's not happening. we'll explain why and tell you what's next for front. plus this -- >> reporter: building new thrills at the jersey shore after a pair of disasters took a toll on tourism. >> this is really going to bring more crowds. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg with big changes you'll find at the seaside this summer.
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welcome back. we got a great forecast for us today. in philadelphia right now live look outside, a dark look outside. we're not tracking any clouds. as the sun comes up you can see that because today will be sunny to mostly sunny one. here's the planner for philadelphia. 30 right now. time is 5:39 this morning. look how quickly we warm up. 42 degrees by 10:00 a.m. and 51 by noon. average high for this time of the year mid-40s. we get way above that at 2:00. upper 50s, some spots around the pole will already be in the low 60s. forecasting officially a high of 65 in the afternoon with those winds picking up to around 10 to 15 miles per hour. we may see gusts up to 25 miles per hour putting us in that
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breezy range. in delaware same deal. 29 degrees right now. we're clear and winds are calm. 45 your temperature at 10:00 a.m. mid-50s by noon. there it is, low 60s, spots in southern delaware making to it mid-60s for forecast high temperatures as we get later in the day. we're looking at a similar forecast along the jersey shore. slightly cooler. 34 the temperature right now. not as much of a pickup. 47 degrees at 10:00 a.m. 52, though, by noon. there it is your afternoon mid-50s for forecast highs. we should range from low to mid-50s along into jersey shore today with winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour and notice the icons yet again mostly sunny conditions out there throughout today. plenty of sunshine and this might be a good weekend to get down to the shore to check out those conditions although water still going to be cold out there. we'll talk more about temperatures for your sunday and beyond coming up. four of south jersey's
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finest receiving high honors. the recipients of members are law enforcement, fire department and emergency services. they were recognized for their distinguished service and advanced training expertise. in philadelphia this weekend hundreds of young swimmers are racing for spots in the junior olympics. nbc 10 was at the cross center last night where kids from ages 9 to 19 from all over the east coast are competing in the annual president's day throw down. the race is runs through tomorrow night. 5:41 anthony saturday. just ahead in sports after new jersey's governor trashed the phillys, larry bioa is challenging chris christie to come down to clear water. at the nba all-star weekend the sixers were well represented in new orleans. we'll have those highlights next.
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sargento foods are extending the recall of their chooses due to possible listeria contamination. wild water kingdom is getting ready for spring with a job fair running from 11:00 this morning 2:00 this afternoon at the park's good time theater. they to miami more than 3,000 jobs. ride and games and admission and security. park is asking job seek toers apply online before today's event. it was a lights out performance at a local high school basketball game in be rx s county, literally. take a look at how the crowd
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reacted. this is during the championship game between reading high school and berks. the marching band started playing. the power went off at 8:30 in the evening. the game didn't start back up until 10:00. in atlantic city the opening of the rebel casino is delayed. developer promised the property now named 10 would re-open president's day weekend but several permits and licenses are still out. he missed his first soft opening date last june. he plans to talk to the state casino control commission on tuesday. if you have always wanted to own this iconic trump sign from the old taj mahal casino now is your chance. it's on sale on e-bay. the higher one is $5100. with a warm holiday weekend board walks along the jersey shore could get busy.
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major changes are impossible to miss. a pair of disasters left the seaside struggling but there are high hopes for a big turn around this summer. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg shows us why. >> reporter: new additions that keep sparking linda's interests. >> we come down every week to check it out. >> reporter: this is a brand new roller coaster set to open by easter weekend on the just expanded seaside heights landmark. the pier got worldwide attention when the coaster was washed into the ocean by hurricane sandy in 2012. >> having this roller coaster saying we're back. >> reporter: the storm dealt a blow to local tourism as did this devastating boardwalk inferno the following year. but now construction finally bringing business back to the rebuilt boardwalk in neighboring
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seaside park. nine buildings going up to house shops and food outlets. >> bringing more life into this area. >> i think it's all-important. it's going bring so much revenue. >> reporter: hydrus water snake but a constellation. folks decided to name what's a fitting tribute to this coaster's desor the jet star. >> everybody has a story and i'm glad we can keep pushing forward and make new memorys. >> reporter: next to the coaster a new ferris wheel will soon rise 131 feet above casino pier. towering attraction that to many also represent resilience. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. blue skies out there yesterday when ted was shooting that story. blue skies today and it's going to be even warmer. krystal klei has the details with the first alert neighborhood forecast, the most accurate forecast in the region. >> yesterday we had temperatures
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around average. mid-40s in philadelphia. today areas 20 degrees warmer in some spots. here are the neighborhood temperatures right now. it's a cold start. new jersey temperatures we're looking at. audubon, 28 degrees. mid-20s for clayton. vorhees at 30. mount laurel at 26 degrees. so we do have a chilly start and i know you step out the door hard to believe that later today upper 50s, low 60s, but that's what we're expecting with warmer air moving in. a warm front is passing through our region which will help us out. 24 in lumberton. robertsville 31. 21 degrees right now in princeton. got a long way to go in this afternoon's forecast to get to those upper 50s to 60s. in delaware, same deal. right, talliville at 30. upper 20s throughout northern delaware. drop further south and we got temperatures just a little
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warmer in spots. lincoln at 28 lewis beach faring much, 36 degrees. in the afternoon southern delaware will be the warmest across our viewing area for today and likely into tomorrow as well with spots getting into the mid-to-upper 60s over the next couple of days. radar and satellite shows us, blue skies, mostly sunny. that's what we're expecting today pup see kind of a gray overlay if there were clouds in place. we don't have cloudy conditions. you see the green if there was rain. the entire region is very dry and clear as we go through today and through the next several days. so take a look at your forecast for philadelphia. saturday 65 degrees. we're expecting just a little breezy saturday late day into sunday morning. then otherwise sunday will be a nice day as. mostly sunny conditions. 66 for the forecast temperature. on moan we get to 54 degrees for the forecast. so you see that drop down as we get into your moan but still
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sunny even monday for those of you who might have it off for president's day. let's take a look at those future wind gusts. this morning calm conditions. only around 5 mile-per-hour winds in the forecast. as we go through your morning into the afternoon you start to see a change. 5 to 15 mile-per-hour wind gusts at noon. then afternoon, 4:00 p.m. now we got gusts to around 20 miles per hour. not a strong wind but breezy and that will continue as we go into the night. it gusts up to 25 miles per hour in the forecast for saturday evening into early sunday. temperature wise you can't beat this. 65 for today. 66 on sunday. and that little drop monday into tuesday but we got road round of 60s as we go through mid-week to the end of your next work week. hello.
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emed by is in new orleans but not participating in all-star activities as hes to rehab his knee injury. >> making sure it's all good. i'm hoping to be back after all-star. we still have a chance. hopefully we get back. >> ben simmons post this voof his work out to instagram. he's supposed to have a scan on his right foot thursday to determine how the healing process is going. emed by was introduced at the rising stars game but did not play. then pushing it up the court, nice no look lob to hill who lobs it in. he had ten points. three less than last year's game. his team usa fell 150-141. phillies held third first full squad work out yesterday.
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the phillies also held live batting practice the exhibition season starting in less than a week. pete mcgannon hadn't waste any time. they open grapefruit league play against the yankees on friday. they are still talking about governor chris christie insults directed at the phillys and their fans. john clark has that story. >> reporter: it is a philly-new york beef and tug-of-war between the mets and. it started with phillies take a look. they put up tug mcgraw famous slogan ya gotta believe. the mets said you got to be kidding that's our slogan. tug used that slogan throughout his life. then chris christie, new jersey governor comes out and says the phillies suck, awful people, not safe at citizens bank park. i went to the man who has spent
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more time in a phillies uniform than anyone else in team thoihiy to get his thoughts. >> they are in for a rude awakening. i'm not making my political stance. chris christie wants to come down here and take some ground balls i'll being glad to hit him some. >> have you seen him in that yankees uniform >> i've seen it a lot. he needs work. >> an open invitation to chris christie and our own jim salisbury tweeted out he better wear cup. in clear water, florida, i'm john clark, csn. thanks, john. that's sports. i'm marshal harris. see you soon.
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a new exhibit is making its first and only stop on the east coast right here in philadelphia. it shines flight on the 75th anniversary of the presidential executive order that forced japanese-americans into internment camps. the exhibit is called uprooted. -foot cuss on farm labor camps during world war ii. it's a little known part of the more than two year internments of 125,000 people of japanese ancestry. two-thirds were american citizens. teresa of mount airy was born in a camp in idaho.
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>> people were afraid because of fear and racism. but we shouldn't do it again. >> you can see the free exhibit at the friends center in center city. it's on display today through march 9th. today in camden county you can take in a free screening of "hidden figures." movie time the 10:00 this morning. reserve your ticket at the theater's website. the film recounts three american mathematicians that helped nasa succeed. >> atlantic city rv and camping show continues today. more than 200 motor homes and travel trailers are on display at the ac convention center. they range in price from $5,000 up to half a million. the show runs through tomorrow. 5:57 right noun saturday. coming up a woman is accused of stabbing an 8-year-old wild and will be in court today. randy gyllenhaal is live in
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collingdale following investigation. >> reporter: this 8-year-old girl was stabbed with a steak knife in her head. coming up next what happened when our cameras confronted the suspect. and we're tracking a big warm up for your weekend. more mild air centering over us means temperatures in the 60s for some. we'll take a look how high temperatures go in your neighborhood feign have plans to head to the shore, we'll talk about how long we'll stay dry in that ten day forecast.
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>> right now on "nbc 10 news today" a taste of spring. still dark and chilly this morning as we take live look the benjamin franklin bridge. once the sun comes up the weather will warm up. stabbed over babysitting. what police say led a delaware county woman to attack a child. mummers in manayunk. you can get up and personal with some of the band. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today". i'm rosemary connors. 6:00 right now on this saturday. the big talker, the weather. first alert meteorologist krystal klei is tracking


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