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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  February 18, 2017 9:00am-10:01am EST

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region. >> a couple of hours ago we were in the 20s to 30 degrees. i said don't worry. now we're at 39 degrees in philadelphia. in pennsylvania suburbs and in new jersey. lehigh valley now above freezing. 35 degrees and delaware at 39 degrees. we're already in the 40s in areas south, southern delaware. those temperatures are starting to climb very nicely out there. typically we cap right around mid-40s if we want to hit average for this time of year. we'll climb way above that. take a look at forecast highs. 65 in philadelphia. that's 20 trees warmer than the high we saw yesterday. 61 in the suburbs. also low 60s for new jersey. upper 50s for the lehigh valley. mid-60s as well for delaware, could even be a little higher in southern delaware with mostly sunny conditions. warm air filtering in perfect set up for a weekend forecast. here's a look at radar and satellite. few clouds off to the west of us and that's about it.
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in our area no clouds, no rain to talk about it. it's a dry forecast for today. and for sunday. now to that news out of delaware county a woman accused of stabbing an 8-year-old child in the head just appeared before a why this morning. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in springfield to tell us exactly what happened in court. >> reporter: in just past 30 minutes or so that woman accused of stabbing an 8-year-old girl appeared before a judge in the district court in springfield. as they walked her outside she had no comment to our cameras. she's facing criminal attempted homicide charges and did not make a $250,000 bail. police say majeah bashir got into an argument last night with a neighbor and then used steak knife to stab the neighbor's young daughter just 8 years old. the girl was stabbed inning the right side of her head. police say other children actually saw it happen. they do say it's unclear if the
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girl was the intended target. appears the argument started over babysitting. here in court the suspect's mother came by and spoke with our cameras saying this is all a misunderstanding. >> it was a mistake. the mother, everyone, it was a mistake. she's not a criminal. >> i don't what you're arguing about, what you're fighting about, you got a baby in between, a baby in the midst and you pull a but knife out >> majeah bashir was told not to have any contact with that victim. her next court date is february 28th. that 8-year-old girl recovering and expected to survive. she's at children's hospital of philadelphia. nbc 10 news, randy gyllenhaal. new this morning we're checking on injuries from a car crash and fire in south philadelphia. it happened here on 28th avenue. the car ran into the back of a semitruck while exiting the
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schuylkill expressway. four people were inside the car at the time of the crash. new this morning out of burlington county one firefighter is recovering from a minor injury after helping to put out a pool house fire. the firefighter fell down a set of stairs. crews responded to reports of flames at the pool house here on horace avenue. investigators will be looking for the cause of this fire later today. today mike pence is in germany on his first overseas trip as vice president. he met with chancellor angela merkel just a short time ago. the vice president also told a conference of diplomats and security officials this morning that the u.s. supports nato and will, quote, hold russia accountable. this as president trump looks for new common ground with moscow. the next step in president trump's first 100 days in office is a campaign rally style in
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florida. he then heads to mar-a-lago th state. yesterday president trump made a stop in charleston south carolina. he looked over the new dreamliner jet. president trump spoke to boeing employees pledging that american workers, quote, will always win. you may remember trump blasted boeing over the cost of the new air force one project. he said negotiations are continuing and taxpayers are saving money. back in our area this morning, philadelphia police are investigating what they call a protest that turned violent. it ended in four arrests and cents two bike officers to the hospital. nbc 10 was in north philadelphia last night when a peaceful march against the president and police turned chaotic. police tell us demonstrators shot mace and paint in their faces. officers had to block people
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from trying to get inside private buildings. >> fortunately, a small group of people within a crowd made a decision to escalate this and that resulted in people being arrested. >> they pepper sprayed people. they started taking out their batons and hitting people. >> once you begin to spray police officers with a caustic substance you're not involved in protest activity you're now involved in criminal activity. >> two officers were treated for my injuries. unclear what charges four people arrested may face. philadelphia is one of nearly three dozen cities asking a federal judge to continue blocking president trump's travel ban. new york city's chief lawyer on behalf of the cities involved saying the ban damages economies and cultures. the white house insists that the immigration order is needed to protect against terrorism. the president is expected to issue a new executive order related to the travel ban early next week. let's head to montgomery
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county. the lower merion high school boys basketball team is showing support for immigrants and refugees. ♪ >> the team sported these shirts during last night's game. they say i am muslim, i am a refugee, i am an immigrant, i am an american, i am an ace. ace is the team mascot. we spoke to a player who helped to organize effort. he tells us the team needed to a statement. >> everybody is my brother and sister. i'm here to support everybody no matter your background. not to literal mean that we're all refugees but that we're just all humans, one race, the human race. >> the aces wore the shirts at a previous game to make the statement. they've also taken a knee during the national anthem. let's stay in montgomery county. police want you to take a good look of this video of two serial burglars in action. the pair searching for cash in
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luigi's pizzarama. thieves hit the restaurant twice before along other small businesses in the area. in each case burglars use a crowbar. if you have any information on this burglary or others, police would like to hear from you. today johns roast pork in south philly will re-open for business. early yesterday thieves stole thousands of dollars and surveillance equipment and shut it down. the about your glass got in through the exhaust system. the thieves made off with donations for a cancer charity. two businesses, including a competitor have donated double the missing charity money. seven minutes past 9:00 on this saturday. that wild weather out west continues. several cars swallowed by a sinkhole in california. severe weather there has claimed more lives. we'll have an update just head. plus did the inmates who took officers hostage in a delaware prison have practice? we'll tell you what we're learning about an alleged dry
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run. and we're talking a seriously warm weekend. your saturday/sunday in the 60s across many of our neighborhoods. here's a live look outside at center city where temperatures will be climbing over the next few hours. we'll take a look at times line coming up.
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>> take a look at some of the damage from the heavy rain in los angeles. the rain caused a sinkhole to form and it swallowed two cars. three people have died in southern california during yesterday's storm. the area saw some flash flooding, plenty of power outages. more rain is expected there today. now it's not always during winter we get to say this but the east coast faring better than the west coast. here's a live look outside camelback mountain. pretty busy out there with people enjoying slopes. now today not the best day for
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folks who love snow because temperatures across the board, really picking up as we get into the afternoon. a little cooler in areas with snow pack. still really a big climb. in philadelphia, 51 at noon. 60, 4:00 p.m. some spots in philly will make it to mid-60s. in the suburbs upper 50s to around 60 for forecast high. 58 still at 4:00 p.m. low 50s as we go into the evening, 8:00. lehigh valley also to about 58 by 4:00 p.m. sunny to mostly sunny from delaware through new jersey and the shore. temperatures will make it to the low 60s through 4:00 for delaware and new jersey and at the shore mid-50. we'll talk about tomorrow and a bigger warm up coming up. an annual tradition down at the shore will feel little bit different this year. the weather is taking the polar out of the plunge. wait a minute. isn't that the whole point of the polar bear plunge? we'll tell you what fans have to say. she's a creative caring
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giving young woman. we'll introduce to this week's wednesday's child.
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new details this morning on the deadly prison standoff in smyrna, delaware. a lawyer for the union representing the correctional officers said the inmates staged a dry run protest last month to see how prison officials would respond. it happened in this same building where two weeks ago inmates took four correctional officers hostage and killed one of them, lieutenant strength floyd. the dry run lasted about two
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hours. inmates refused to obey commands and gathered near the food hall. >> a south jersey man is accused of possessing child pornography police arrested philip shepherd of cherry hill. they found images of child pornography on his computer. quick traffic alert. 21st street is closed between arch and market streets. penn dot is demolishing an overhead bridge. 21st street is expected to re-open monday morning at 6:00. today is one of your last chances to see the greatest show on earth in philadelphia. the ringling brothers and bar number and bailey circus is making their last stop at the wells fargo center. the circus is shutting down in may after 146 years. performances continue through monday. the mummers will be strutting through manayunk for the 3rd annual mummers mardi gras parade. it runs from 11:00 to 1:00.
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in the afternoon the string band will perform at manayunk bars and restaurants and there will be family friendly activities throughout the day like face painting. we all need a little bit of love in our life and this week's wednesday's child is no exception. she's creative, caring and giving hoping to find a forever family to nurture her and help her pursue her dreams. nbc 10's vai sikahema introduces us to her. >> reporter: we got all these colors. we came to nude room in ardmore for a lesson in poverty and tap into a creative side. she's a sweet adorable girl who is about to turn 12. she's a fifth grader. this dynamo is a neat freak. tell me all the things you know how to do to clean the whole house.
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>> sweep. >> reporter: she wants to be a nurse some day. she loves sports and although school can be a struggle with the support of a forever family she can excel. >> the ideal family, she would benefit from a family, actually where she is the youngest child, two parent home. just a family who would love her and care for her. >> reporter: she cares a lot about others and fiercely loyal as a friend and expects it from others. >> what do you like best about her? >> she's nice. >> she's my best friend too. >> reporter: she's this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make her dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child go to and search wednesday's child. call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. the boardwalk in ocean city is back open. the rebuilding project between 9th and 10th streets is now
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finished nuclear program weekend if you're down at the shore because the weather is great, can you ride or the entire length of the boardwalk without any detours. crews are still working on a portion of the boardwalk that's closest to the beach. this afternoon's warmer temperatures could take the polar out of the polar bear plunge in sea isle. this is video from last year when it was 6 degrees as people ran into the ocean. this year the temperatures will get in the 50s. we talked to quite a few people who were at a kick-off party last night. they tell us they are looking forward to the milder plunge this afternoon. >> it's awesome. no snow. no frost. no wind. >> walk in the park. like a june afternoon. >> the plunge begins at 2:00 this afternoon. tomorrow there will be a run and a walk to benefit autism research plus a post-race party to wrap up the polar plunge weekend.
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but fair warning. the water will still be cold. part of the polar plunge will be followed. here's a look outside of ocean city, new jersey it's nice along the shore. clear conditions. a lot of sunshine. today is a good day to, if you would like something to do outside of where you're normally at, go to the shore. nice conditions i'm thinking of doing that tomorrow. conditions are great. temperatures picking up quickly. at 49 at cape may courthouse. upper township at 42. atlantic city now at 45 degrees. more average this time of the year, this is what we saw in the afternoon. instead we'll be getting into the mid-50s and portions inland some spots to the 60s by later on today. we're in the 40s through our philadelphia neighborhoods, 41 center city and 39 officially at the airport. we're at 42 fox chase. you need a jacket now but later
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not nearly as many layers as you expect in february with those temperatures in the 50s to 60s. i'm thinking maybe just a sweater and some jeans and you'll be good. radar and satellite shows us you don't need anything with a hood because there's rain. not many clouds in this forecast. just a few sitting off to the west of us. satellite would show that gray color if we had clouds overhead. we don't. a thin layer possible for later today. got some rain down to our southwest that won't make it to us. it will fall apart. you can see there's this arching clear area that's over us, almost like a little bridge from wichita to philly. something we like to call high pressure building in. it's like a bubble. a bubble that doesn't let rain or stormy activity in. that's what we see today and tomorrow. your hour by hour forecast, through your morning and afternoon and evening, 6:00 not a change on the board for your
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saturday. some clouds overnight. but as we go into the rest of your sunday afternoon those thin out and mostly sunny again on your sunday. here are the forecast high temperatures. we'll make it low to mid-60s philly. 65 in center city. lansdale 61. same for westchester through the suburbs closer to 60. upper 50s to 60 degrees even in the lehigh valley and the berks county area. 61 the forecast for trenton. voluntary he's 63. ocean city, 55. a little cooler. cooler ocean water. mid-50s through the shore. and mid-60s across delaware for forecast highs. one thing to note the winds will pick up a tad. five to 15 miles per hour. nothing strong. gusts up to 25. enough that it will be a little breezy out there compared to what we saw this past week. winds will nice with temperatures in the 60s. more about your sunday and beyond coming up in the next half hour. >> don't be surprised if you see
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long lines your corner store this weekend. the powerball is back. we'll tell you about the giant jackpot that's up for grabs. plus some tough words for the white house. we'll hear senator john mccain's latest remarks about the trump administration after the break.
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>> four of south jersey's finest receiving high honors. in burlington county the 200 club annual honor valor award. recipients are members of fire department, law enforcement and emergency service. they were recognized for their service and expertise. >> if you're feeling lucky you have another chance at a big powerball jackpot. tonight's drawing is worth an estimated $349 million. the one time cash payment is more than $213. on wednesday night one ticket
9:24 am
purchased in carried a $1 million prize. even if you don't hit it big you can still get something smaller. this weekend more than 700 penn state students are staying awake and dancing through the night for a very good cause. this is a live look at the dance marathon kicked off at university park last night. still on their feet. looking pretty good. dancers need stay on their feet for a total of 46 hours. it raises money to help fight childhood cancer. they raise a ton of money. last year thon raised $10 million. today montgomery county, montgomery county police will hold a free child safety event. it's from 10:00 to 1:00 at baby's r us in montgomeriville. car seat information and child fingerprinting and parents can schedule car seat safety inspections. betsy ross house in old city is celebrating president's day weekend a new exhibit it's
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called historic threads. 250 years of flag make. the highlight is the history of presidential flags. those flags have been made exclusively in philadelphia for more than 150 years. the exhibit runs next january. so you still some time. independence visitor center in city up the road from betsy ross house will offer a program today in honor of black history month. it's called philadelphia's forgotten hero. avenues 19th century activist. that program begins at 1:00 this afternoon. don't forget to join us for nbc special celebration of black history month. we'll bring you local stories from the african-american museum in philadelphia. that air tomorrow morning. 9:25 on this saturday. we track new developments in what police are calling a stunning crime out of delaware county. randy gyllenhaal is following the investigation. >> reporter: the woman accuse evidence stabbing an 8-year-old girl just appeared in court.
9:26 am
coming up why her family says this is all a misunderstanding. tracking very mild air moving into region. temperatures way warmer than average. around one of two rounds of 60 degree temperatures on that ten day forecast. we'll get to that coming up.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today" a delaware county woman accused of stabbing an 8-year-old child faces a judge this morning opinion we're live outside of court with details on the alleged motive in this case. a violent turn that's what philadelphia police say happened during a demonstration last night. four people are under arrest and two officers are recovering from their injuries. fast forward. today it will feel like we skipped from february to early spring. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today". i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 9:30 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. let's take a live look down the shore right now at cape may. still a little chilly. a few people. come tomorrow i'm guessing we may see quite a few more. it will feel more like spring. meteorologist krystal klei has the details in the first alert
9:30 am
neighborhood forecast. >> that warm up is starting to hit us. a 24 hour change. we're looking at comparison of temperatures from 24 hours ago. ten degreeser right now in philly. 14 degrees warmer in coatesville and 17 degrees warmer in atlantic city. so we're really starting to see change now that the sun is out and we can have those temperatures start to pick up. take a look. these are your current temps. almost to 40 in philadelphia. officially some spots in our philly neighborhoods have made 240i9z. 40 mounltsy. 44 vineland. dover at 43. atlantic city, 47 degrees already. really nice start to our morning and only gets better from here with all that sunshine out there. radar and satellite shows us no clouds to track. instead very dry and just a little breezy forecast temperature to 46 degree mark at 11:00 a.m. and upper 50s early afternoon. we'll talk more about the timing
9:31 am
of your temps and your sunday forecast coming up. >> a woman accused of stabbing an 8-year-old girl in the head will remain bars. the suspect appeared before a judge in delaware county. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in springfield to tell us what happened in. >> reporter: within the last hour this woman, the suspect appeared here at a court in springfield, delaware, county. she didn't make the $250,000 bail. when she was taken outside she did not have any comment to our cameras. she's facing criminal attempted homicide charges. did not make that bail. police say majeah bashir got into an argument with her neighbor last night sparking this ordeal. they say she used steak knife to stab the neighbor's young daughter. she was just 8 years old. the girl wassed in the right side of her head. other children nearby saw this happen. police say it's unyear clear if
9:32 am
young girl was the intended target. the suspect's family came by and told us this was all a misunderstanding. >> it was a mistake. there was an argument. they attacked her too. the mother everyone. it was a mistake. she's not a criminal. >> i don't care what you're arguing about, what you're fighting about, you got a in between, a baby in the mix and you pull a butcher knife out. >> majeah bashir was told by the judge not to contact that alleged victim. the 8-year-old is recovering. she is expected to survive. she's at the children's hospital of philadelphia. live in springfield, delaware county, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. new from overnight a man is in the hospital after he was shot in camden. it happened here at 8th and pine streets. victim was shot several times in an alley. no word on his condition and no arrests in this case. investigators in north philadelphia are trying to out what caused this car to crash
9:33 am
right into a store front. it happened at fresh doughnut last night. fortunately nobody was hurt. officials are checking the stability of the building for safety. president trump will be back on familiar ground today when he holds a campaign style rally in orlando. in his weekly address the president talked about the work that he and his team are doing. >> as you head into president's day weekend the american people should know that we're working tirelessly on your behalf. we are not here for the benefit of bureaucrat, consultants or puns. we're here to work four and loin you the american people. >> the president is spending a third straight weekend at his mar-a-lago estate in palm beach. president trump's pick to lead the environmental protection agency is now sworn in. yesterday the senate confirmed scott pruitt by a 52-46 vote. democrats held an all night session to try to delay the final vote. pruitt, though, still faces a
9:34 am
tuesday deadline for turning over e-mail that he cents and received as attorney general. democrats claim that in those emails contain messages to and from fossil fuel companies that raise conflict of interest issues. this morning philadelphia police are investigating a protest that they say turned violent. it ended in four arrests and sent two bike officers to the hospital. nbc 10 was in philly last night when the peaceful march against president and police turned chaotic. demonstrators shot mace and paint in officers eyes. officers had to block people from trying to get inside private buildings. senator john mccain says the trump white house is in disarray and the resignation of national security adviser mike flynn proves it. the arizona republican aim at the trump administration yesterday during a security conference in munich , germany. mccain is chairman of the senate
9:35 am
armed services committee. he says flynn's resignation over his contacts with the russian ambassador -- >> the president, i think makes statements that on other occasions he contradicts himself. so some of us have learned to watch what the president does as opposed to what he says. >> mccain never mentioned the president's name during his discussion at the conference. nature mcand former defense secretary leon panetta will sit down with moderator chuck todd tomorrow on nbc's "meet the press". that comes your way at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. if you have always wanted to own this iconic trump sign from the old taj mahal casino in ac now is your chance. it's for sale on e-bay. so far two bids. higher one is $5100. elsewhere in atlantic city
9:36 am
the re-opening of the former rebel casino is delayed. the developer promised the property now named 10 would re-open president's day weekend. several permits and licenses are still out. he missed his first opening last june. he plans to meet with the state casino control commission on tuesday. with a warm holiday weekend ahead board walks along the jersey shore shore could get busy. major changes are impossible to miss. a pair of disasters left the seaside struggling but there are high hopes for a big turn around this summer. nbc 10 jerry bureau reporter ted greenberg shows us why. >> reporter: you will be thrilled on casino per be excellent. >> reporter: new additions that keep sparking linda's interests. >> we come down every week to check it out. >> reporter: this is a brand new roller coaster set to open by easter weekend on the just expanded seaside heights landmark.
9:37 am
the pier got worldwide attention when the coaster was washed into the ocean by hurricane sandy in 2012. >> having this roller coaster saying we're back. >> reporter: the storm dealt a blow to local tourism as did this devastating boardwalk inferno the following year. but now construction finally bringing business back to the rebuilt boardwalk in neighboring seaside park. nine buildings going up to house shops and food outlets. >> bringing more life into this area. it has been kind of drab for a couple of years. >> i think it's all-important. it's going bring so much revenue. >> reporter: hydrus means water snake but a constellation. folks decided to name what's a fitting tribute to this coaster's predecessor, the jet star. >> everybody has a story and i'm glad we can keep pushing forward and make new memories. >> reporter: next to the coaster a new ferris wheel will soon
9:38 am
rise 131 feet above casino pier. towering attraction that to many also represent resilience. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. this morning the countdown is on in florida. space history could be made in less than 30 minutes. we'll tell you what's set to happen at a famous launch pad. and take a look at that sun glaring off the ocean. we have a sunny and warm forecast moving forward. we'll talk temperatures even up through the poconos and what that means as we go through your work week. that's coming up.
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. welcome back. here's a live look outside in wilmington, delaware. blue skies. not a cloud in sight. same can be said as we could up to camelback mountain. blue skies. very busy scene. much busier than an hour ago. people enjoying themselves there. today a good day for skiing or snowboarding. temperatures are mild. snow there. unfortunately no snow in sight in this forecast. we start at 39 on thursday. yesterday we had a high of 45 which is close to average. today into tomorrow mid-60s for highs. i took a look. more typical to see these mid-60 temperatures about mid-april for averages. we drop down monday to 54 degrees. pretty nice if you got that long
9:42 am
three day weekend. let's talk temperatures in your neighbor. saturday-sunday forecast in philly, mid-60s both days. low 60s for the suburbs. boost up from upper 50s to about 60 on sunday in the lehigh valley. low mid-60s for new jersey. and look at that jump, jersey shore from mid-50s to a high of 60 on sunday. delaware, 67 the forecast high. some spots could be flirting with the 70s. talk more about your work week in the next round of 60s coming up. power problems left a basketball crowd in the dark last night. but the true lights out performance followed. we'll have the story coming up.
9:43 am
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>> history is on the clock this morning as spacex and nasa team up for their first joint launch from a legendary site. within the last 30 minutes spacex tweeted the launch from cape canaveral is a go. that launch is set for 10:01 this morning. the rocket is loaded with three tons of supplies for the international space station. launch pad 39a made famous by the apollo and shuttle missions. now you may remember spacex's original launch pad at cape canaveral was damaged when a rocket blew up during a test last september. we'll be watching this launch at
9:46 am
10:01. nbc 10 continues our commitment to clear the shelters and find homes adoptable pets. we do this every saturday. the pet we featured last week has found a home. amy joins us this morning. >> this is baybo. he's about a 3-year-old bulldog mix. he has a huge personality. he is -- he has potential. he has to learn some manners. he's very loving. has a ton of fun and energy. gets along well with other dogs. matches play style. loves to play. not a fan of cats. he's looking for a home -- he's into sports. running around. having a good time. he'll play fetch. he would being a great for an active family that has experience with large dogs. he'll be available for adoption today at our petsmart every day adoption center.
9:47 am
>> baybo, how much activity do they need in a day. something you don't think about. >> it's okay. he needs a lot of activity. as you can see he's still young. he needs to learn some manners and having a healthy way to burn off energy is important for him. >> you said he's going to be at the petsmart in plymouth. we have that information up on the screen. if you're interested in adopting baybo check it out. >> our normal location is open and we have dogs available for adoption. not as many as normal because of the project and that's going well. thank you everyone for your support. visit us at petsmart or the lar shelter. -- regular shelter. he was found running around with another dog in an empty lot and someone picked him up and brought him to us.
9:48 am
we're not sure what his past was. but as you can see he's very loveable. he probably didn't have like bad history or anything like that. very sweet boy. lots of potential to be an awesome pet. >> we want to pull up that information if you want to get in touch with the animal control care team. amy, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you for having us. in berks county a lights out performance at a local high school basketball game happened literally last night. the power went out. so the marching band decided we'll fire up the crowd. the band will play on. this happened during the berks conference boys championship game between reading high school and catholic. power went off at 8:30. game didn't start again until
9:49 am
10:00. reading won, by the. hello. i'm marshall harris. embid is in new orleans but not participating in all-star activities as he continues to rehab his knee injury. >> making sure it's all good. i'm hoping to be back after all-star. we still have a chance. hopefully we get back. >> ben simmons posted this video of his work out to instagram. he's supposed to have a scan on his right foot thursday to determine how the healing process is going. embid was introduced at the rising stars game but did not play. shard for team world gets the steal. then pushing it up the court, nice no look lob to hill who lays it in. 70 points. shard had ten points. three less than last year's
9:50 am
game. his team usa fell 150-141. phillies held their first full squad work out yesterday. the phillies also held live batting practice with the exhibition season starting in less than a week. pete mcgannon hadn't waste any time having his hitters face live pitching. the phillies face tampa on thursday time. they open grapefruit league play against the yankees on friday. they are still talking about governor chris christie insults directed at the phillys and their fans. john clark has that story. >> reporter: it is a philly-new york beef and tug-of-war between the mets and the phillies. it started with phillies take a look. they put up tug mcgraw famous slogan ya gotta believe. the mets said you got to be kidding that's our slogan. tug used that slogan throughout his life, not just in baseball but when he was battling brain
9:51 am
cancer. then chris christie, new jersey governor comes out and says the phillies suck, awful people, not safe at citizens bank park. i went to the man who has spent more time in a phillies uniform than anyone else in team history to get his thoughts. >> the mets think just of new york mets. they are in for a rude awakening. tug used to say that all the time. i'm not making my political stance. chris christie wants to come down here and take some ground balls i'll be glad to hit him some. >> have you seen him in that yankees uniform >> i've seen it a lot. he needs a lot of work, let me put it that way. >> an open invitation to chris christie and our own jim salisbury tweeted out he better wear a cup. in clearwater, florida, i'm john clark, csn. thanks, john. that's sports. i'm marshal harris. csn. let's start by talking about
9:52 am
our checklist for today. if you're heading outside you definitely want to wear layers because right now still chilly. by this afternoon probably will peel most of those layers off. you don't need an umbrella. today a dry one. i would suggest sunscreen and sunglasses. if you're out bean you need those two things. you won't need gloves or scarf that's unless you want to wear it for a fashion statement because it won't be that cold. temperatures climbing in to the 60s. here's a look at lehigh valley and berks county. 41 in reading. leonardville sitting at 37. we go to lehigh valley, bath at 40. and bethlehem 40 degrees. easton up to 45 degrees already. we're seeing that nice climb as expected here's your delaware temperatures. harmony hills 42. how about it, reading 42.
9:53 am
we drop further south. big bump in those temperatures. 47 allendale. 48 lewis beach. 49 rehoboth beach. 51 in long neck. temperatures in southern delaware already in the 50s. we got the afternoon to warm up. seeing mid-60s and beyond for parts of southern delaware. radar and satellite we're dry right now. we will stay dry. just a few spotty clouds. mostly sunny sunday at 66 in feel. 54 the cool down for monday. still above average. take a look at new jersey. 63 saturday. sunday you're at 64. ten degree drop to 54 on monday. about the same in delaware but look at the shore. very nice conditions and even warmer for tomorrow. 52 on monday, though and 67 for your sunday in delaware.
9:54 am
really just well above average for this time of year. for your wind gusts they are low. still pretty low about five to ten miles per hour. they will pick up this afternoon into this evening. by 4:00 p.m., 15 to 20 mile-per-hour gusts. burlington to trenton and gusts to 25 miles per hour they continues into this evening as well. a bit breezy but other than that perfect conditions this weekend to get outside. we'll take a look at your ten on tap in just a few minutes.
9:55 am
9:56 am
just a few minutes before 10:00 before we leave you this morning before you head out the door, sure to enjoy this nice weather. fantastic. >> a great forecast. here's your ten day on 10. 65 today philadelphia, 66 tomorrow. near record breaking. record is 68. drop to 54 on monday. don't see a chance of showers
9:57 am
until wednesday and that's spotty showers better chance of rain to next saturday. look at that, second round of 60s, wednesday, thursday, friday in the 60s as well. remember we should be in the mid-40s for this time of year. >> we'll take it for now because we know that things can change quickly. come march could be different. that will do it for us. i'm rosemary connors, for krystal klei, all of us here, have a good one.
9:58 am
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