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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> the most recent case happened in the pike creek area on sunday. the previous case happened at the top of the hill apartments last monday and tonight nbc tim furlong is finding out everything police know about this abductor. what are you learning tonight? >> reporter: we're learning much more about the attackers strategies and once detectives found out that these cases were connected all the top county cops were called in to work on the holiday. one suspect p two different delaware complexes about a half hour drive apart. they want this guy off the street before another woman is victimize. it happened last monday in almost the same exact crime. >> she heard yelling. >> reporter: it happened here in pike creek around 8 last night. an armed man in a ski mask forced the woman in her apartment, physically and sexually assaulted her and drove around in her own car and portioned her to withdraw cash. police didn't offer any solid description of the guy but they say his m.o. and behavior were
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the same in both cases. >> similar to the kidnapping, the suspects spoke to himself about his intentions and plans. >> reporter: police have now more patrols. officers walked the parking lots. police don't know if or where the suspect might go next, survey the parking area before you get out of your car. stay in well lit areas and stay focused on getting inside. frightened neighbors are taking all that advice to heart. >> i'm fussing at the car longer than i should. i won't do that any more. >> police say both victims are okay, at least physically. they're asking for any surveillance video that might show anything relevant to the case. there's now a $20,000 reward out there. if you have any information about this case, call the police. police keep your eyes and -- please keep your eyes and ears open. not my president's day rally in philadelphia today. a few hundred demonstrators were
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joined, thousands around the country attacking president trump's policies and also the job he's been doing in his first month in office. >> lauren mayk was with those protesters today. she's joining us now and what was their goal. >> they came here individually with different issues but a lot of folks told me they wanted to make it clear that they are not happy with how things are going and they wanted that to be vocal and visible. >> reporter: on president's day this demonstration had plenty of references to the country's leader. but the goal wasn't to celebrate him as you might notice from stuart hocken berry signs. >> what kind of message are you hoping this sends? >> really an awareness that what is unfolding with this administration is -- has all the signs of troubling signs of fascism. >> one month in the not my president's day rally drew signs
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and demonstrators with different messages. >> a lot of things that we're not happy about. >> reporter: is there one particular thing that's bringing you out? >> i would say women's rights. >> reporter: she's also concerned about the future of obamacare. >> i think they would like us to just go quietly and stay at home and not saying anything. >> reporter: while demonstrators brauft griefances about the new president today, this pennsylvania has a different take. >> i actually approve of what he's been doing. i mean you look around the world and you see -- see the countries are giving us more respect now. >> reporter: he thinks the reaction to the president has a lot to do with the media and holiday. >> he says what's on his mind and a lot of people don't like to hear what's on people's mind. i think i actually like to know what people are thinking about. >> reporter: back at the plaza meg mcfarland sat with a sign about america that she brought for the not my president's day
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rally. do you think people are giving him a chance? >> what? i think congress is giving him a chance and i think they're wrong. why -- no. i don't care if people are giving him a chance. i'm not giving him a chance. >> reporter: some people have made up their minds. now among those here today one of the folks speaking to the crowd was joseph assali. he's a temple student. it was his family that was sent back to syria after the president's signed that executive order travel ban. well, they have made it back to the u.s. now. i asked him today about his family. he says they are doing well and getting justed to their new home. >> i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. >> tonight president trump makes his choice for the next national security adviser and it's someone from our area. retired lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster is a philadelphia native and a graduate of the valley forge military academy. he is the former army officer
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who served in both iraq and afghanistan. president trump praised his selection, calling mcmaster a warrior and a defense intellectual. >> he's a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience. i watched and read a lot over the last two days. he is highly respected by everybody in the military. >> mcmaster will replace mike flynn who resigned last week. >> now to a security breech at jfk airport today. nearly a dozen people walked right through security lane early this morning without being screened and then they all apparently boarded flights. port authority police say they were able to identify three people through the security video. these are pictures of two of them but authorities are still working to identify the eight other passengers. the breech happened around six this morning.
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the senior government official told nbc news the check point was about to open as a precheck lane but because it wasn't fully staffed it shouldn't have allowed passengers through. in a statement the tsa claims it is confident that the slip-up is not a security threat. there are now seven candidates vying to replace philadelphia district attorney seth williams. >> williams' former number two, shabazz officially threw his hat in the ring. he asked voters to judge him by the accomplishments by the district attorney's office not by the mistakes of his former boss. >> with respect to the way that he handles how he handles and with respect to the way that i handle, the way i handle we're two different people. >> he also faces questions of his own, though. he admits he owns $190,000 in tax liens to the irs and others. he says he's on a repayment plan now and insists it will have no impact to be a fair prosecutor.
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six other candidates, five democrats and one republicans. may 16th is the primary election. seth williams announced he will not seek reelection. the nib is looking into $160,000 worth of gifts williams received and didn't report. the williams said the scrutiny on him has become too much of a distraction. >> the skating club of wilmington is back open right now after a carbon monoxide leak made a hockey team sick over the week. showed them getting sick right on the ice saturday night. firefighters found high levels of carbon monoxide at that rink. nine players and a coach went to the hospital. the skating club suspects a zam boni on loan to the rink is to blame. >> turning to our first alert weather. chillier in center city now. you're looking live at broad street from aur campus cameras.
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these temperatures still above average. >> they are. the kids were playing on the swing. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we do have some cooler air coming in. you can see the flag blowing. that is from the direction that generally brings colder air and it will be getting colder as we head through the niemt. it's down to 47 in ooemt so that's considerable drop just in the last hour. 54 in philadelphia, 52 in wilmington. wilmington was 60 just a couple of hours ago. so the temperatures are going down. the wind as you can see coming out of the north, northwest and it's not that strong. it's five to ten-mile-per-hour so it's going to take all night to get some of that colder air in. we have clear skies around here just some high thin clouds out to the west. and so tomorrow morning, it's going to be a lot colder than it was this morning. it was 43 in philadelphia this morning. now we're talking about 10 degrees colder by tomorrow morning, a couple spots even getting down into the 20s but
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then we go right back up and i'll tell you about that in a few minutes. a billboard shaming philadelphia's mayor and top school officials could be on i-95 one week from today. we told you about this story last monday. now the high school social studies teacher behind the billboard idea says he's raised enough money to put it up. he's blaming the school district for refusing to negotiate a fair contract. the school districts says it's wants to pay teachers fairly but it has to stay on budget. >> imports hit a record high. cargo was up 20%. that's the single best month ever and that of course is good news for workers. more shipping means more work. a 12-year-old girl who is helping children learn to love to read has something new to put on her bookshelf. as a part of black history month, chop awarded 12-year-old marly diaz with the rising star
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award. she's the founder of the hashtag 1,000 black girl books campaign. since 2015 she has collected more than 9,000 books and today she donated 50 books to chop reach out and read program. up next on nbc10 news at six. crash on the golf course. a pilot forced to land right on the fairway in montgomery county. we speak to witnesses about what happened and the golfers about whether they're worried about other planes that fly overhead. >> wildfire danger in south jersey. while the fire threat is higher this year and why starting flames today is lowering the risk of fires popping up later.
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take a look at this. a plane crashed on a golf course in montgomery county. >> not your usual hazard on the course. the plane's just been sitting there since yesterday. federal investigators won't make it there until tomorrow to find out what happened here. nbc deanna durante speaks with a wit and also a golfers who can't seem to get enough of this strange sight. >> having a great president's day out here with some friends
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and viewing the airplane on the 10th hole and i think i'm going to take a mulligan if i hit it. >> reporter: golfers don't mind getting close to the crash site. they say it's now part of the fairway hazard of the 10th hole. for decades pilots have taken off and landed here while on the ground golfers work on their game. the two haven't had much contact until yesterday afternoon. >> it was taken off and the engine was putting like it was spitting like running out of gas and it boarded it and shut it down and that's when it happened and what they say it hit and it broke in half. >> reporter: golfers have continue today play around the wreckage because of the holiday weekend, the faa will not be on scene to investigate until tuesday. witnesses who didn't want to be on camera tell nbc high winds could've played a part in the crash. others say they heard the engine making noises. all will be part of the federal investigation. the pilot and three others were
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aboard the plane. nbc has learned all four got free of the wreckage before emergency personnel arrived and one passenger was taken for observation, we have been told no one was injured in the crash. we tracked down the owner of the plane, a woman who answers the door, told us they had no comment about the crash. and despite this site in the middle of course, golfers say they have no reason to fear being so close to low flying aircraft. >> i'm not worried about it because this is the first time it's happened in decades. you can drive out in your car and get hit by a dump truck. >> reporter: deanna durante, nbc10 news. our warmer weather than usual coupled with the lack of rain and snow, were adding up to a potentially dangerous wildfire season today. the new jersey forest fire service burned brush in tabernacle township. the hope here is that it will prevent a wildfire later on. wildfire season doesn't begin for several weeks and there's a race against time to get the control burns over with.
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>> when those temperatures are forecasted to climb up 60 degrees, there's an increase threat for controlling the prescribed burn so we cut it off. >> and this is the kind of thing they're trying to avoid. this 500 acre wildfire in man chest ur county. it's larger than what they see in february. it's now 100% contained. >> temperatures are dipping a bit compared to the weekends. they're still way above normal. the kids were out of school, enjoying temperatures in the 50s today. take a live look at the river rink in pens landsing. a popular spot on this president's day. as warm as it was glenn, they were packed. i saw it with my own eyes. they're able to keep that ice frozen enough. >> of course. there were millions of people outside yesterday trying to find something to do because to stay inside would have been a real shame and what a waste. what an incredible weekend. we're seeing just the last of
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the light from the day and now things are going to get significant colder tonight than what we saw last night. it's already down to 47 in the lehigh valley and we're seeing temperatures down into the low 50s in some parts of the area. at the jersey shore with the northwest wind, temperatures are just about as warm or warmer right at the beaches as they are inland. 54 in avalon, 52 in upper township, 51 in mullica township. with the wind blowing this way tomorrow, it will be coolest right at the beaches and warmest inland. now the temperatures are in some places 10 to 15 degrees colder than they were at this time yesterday, but it doesn't matter because it was so warm yesterday that we're still way above average. the average highs 45. it was 68 saturday, 70 for the record on sunday. 58 officially today and we're dropping a few degrees tomorrow.
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that's still again not very cold and we jump up another 10 on wednesday and jump up some more on thursday. lot of dry air all across the east coast even with these clouds in the ohio valley. it's still dry underneath them. that's the radar and satellite so you're not seeing any kind of rain anywhere nearby and so it is likely to be dry during the day tomorrow, fairmount, 53 after a low of 32. elwin 39 after a low of 30. reading 50 degrees, low of 30. so a lot of places are going to be in the 20s tomorrow morning. that will be chilly. it's nothing too extreme. that's for sure. 27 for the low in robbinsvile, going up to 50 long port and avalon, egg harbor township staying in the 40s tomorrow. these are high temperatures because of the wind coming in off the ocean while parts of delaware are in the low 50s. and over the next three days we're talking about that big
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jump in temperatures from tuesday to wednesday to thursday, so tomorrow's the coldest day of the week and then by thursday it's back right where it was yesterday and it looks dry as well. in the suburbs, up into the mid-60s. lehigh valley generally dry across the entire area for much of the rest of the week. at the jersey shore it's cooler because of that wind coming in off the ocean again. 54 degrees on wednesday and only 60 for the high on thursday while in delaware most of the state at at least, a high temperature near 0i67 degrees, so many days we get these 10 degrees differences or even more that's what neighborhood weather is all about. >> all right. glenn. president's day is one of the busiest for the national constitution center as admission was free.
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they were a lot of questions about the new president and it seemed the voting booth was one of the more popular attractions. >> hi, i'm amy from csn. a blockbuster trade could have a significant impact on the sixers. we'll tell you who pete mccannon is leaning towards for his opening day pitcher.
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>> announcer: sports desk coming up at six. brought to you by xfinity. hi. nba all star week it ended with a bang last night. the kings trading their all star
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center to the new orleans pelicans after the game in new orleans ended. it's a move that could have a big impact on the sixers that's because due to a trade the sixers made, they own the right to swap first round picks with the kings this season if sacramento finishes with the worse record. sixers also in sacramento first round pick with the kings entering into a lengthy rebuild. checking in on the phillies. they're play their first spring training game this year. but today pete mccannen was looking for the season starter. and when asked today if he would again take the mound on opening day, mccannen pretty much confirmed he would be the guy. >> probably got the best chance to be our opening starter. i'm not going to announce it because anything can happen during the spring. he was last year.
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i'm not making the announcement he will be this year but there's a good chance he might be. >> checking in on the flyers now they managed to salvage two points from their three game road spring. it's the first three-point game of the young defenseman back home. flyers back home wednesday on nbc. on saturday before the flyers and pens play their outdoor game in pittsburgh, here on nbc10 we got a special pregame show and we're focusing on the flyers all star wayne simmons. >> continue to use that jab left hand, right hand and then add on like you do in your sport. >> i love it. that's the champ bernard hopkins sharing words of wisdom about the fight game. and simmons got lessons from hopkins himself. you got to love that. a thrill of the lifetime. it's all part of our let's take
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it outside special. it's nbc10 news exclusive coming your way this saturday 7:00 before the flyers and penguins and that's your look at sports. nbc10 news right back after this. tate. ♪ you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at
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along the water front. not as warm as yesterday but still a beautiful sunny day out there. >> a live look at boat house row tonight. a beautiful evening for a lot of people who are off work and school. if people are missing winter though, it's 18 degrees in alaska today so maybe they want to book a flight. >> that's not all that cold for alaska. >> we have an exceptionally warm week overall. tomorrow's going to be the coldest day of the week and even that it's not that cold. you'll need some kind of coat. saturday it ends, gusty ends and much colder sunday but then it warms up again next week. >> three days in the 70s. >> february, what?
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>> that's our news at six. thanks for watching. >> up next nbc nightly news with lester holt. tonight, stunning breach caught on tape. a metal detector at jfk left unguarded as passengers walked through. some setting it off. then apparently boarding flights. why didn't a tsa alert police for two hours? the replacement pick. president trump's new national security adviser revealed. as the vice president tries to calm anxious allies overseas. a new wave of bomb threats. evacuations at nearly a dozen jewish community centers across the country. tonight parents alarmed. scandal rocks uber. an urgent investigation as a former employee makes explosive allegations of sexual harassment against women. dentist alternative. the new trend in getting your teeth taken care of. dress for success.


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