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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 22, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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we got up to 70 sunday. now we're talking about multiple days of 70-plus. you see it in the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen for your neighborhood, not just for philadelphia anymore, and you can see some of those numbers above 70 degrees. the average high for this time of the year is 46. now the cloud cover has kept the temperature down today, along with the southerly wind and the high humidity creating some fog, especially at the shore. look at the warm spot. allentown at 61 degrees. you don't see that very often. 60 degrees in mt. holly. and even with the temperature down a touch compared to what we were expecting, because of the cloud cover, look at that -- it's 8 degrees warmer in philadelphia than it was at this time yesterday. 10 degrees warmer in allentown. 11 degrees warmer in coatsville. atlantic city, 14 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this
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time. and then tomorrow, we're going to add another 12 plus to that. a few showers across the new york border. despite all of the clouds, we're not expecting rain overnight. we are expecting some fog for the morning. some of the atlantic city stuff. and look at the afternoon. that's a 4:00 temperature of 68. the high for today may get to 70. p.a. suburbs starting off with fog. even the lehigh valley going close to the 70-degree mark tomorrow. the only place not getting there, the jersey shore because of the wind off the ocean. we'll tell you how much we're likely to break this february record by in a few minutes. >> okay, see you real soon. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues now. with sticker shock fallout, distributors saying slow soda sales could lead to layoffs, and naysay it's because -- they say
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it's because of the new soda tax. soda sales are down by as much as 5%. >> rows mary connors with more what -- rosemary connors with more on what the city is saying. the mayor sounding off about how much money that tax is bringing in. >> reporter: that's right h. the tax went into effect in january to benefit universal pre-k in philadelphia and other community programs. weaver finding out from -- we're finding out from corner stores people aren't buying as much soda. even supermarkets are considering layoffs, and distributors are getting pushed back from customers. what are drivers experiencing when they drop off the syrup? >> some of my customers are yelling at the drivers as if my drivers wehad something to do wh the tax. >> reporter: if andre pinkess who owns carbonated rental had his way, the sugary drink tax would be repealed. his warehouse is stocked with boxes of syrup used in fountain sodas. he tells me the tax has hiked
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the total cost to his customers by nearly double. >> there's fine gallons of -- five gallons of syrup in this box that produces 3,438 ounces of soda. we sell this to restaurants for $60. and the philly beverage tax on this $60 box is $57.60. >> reporter: any concerns in your office about the revenue that's coming in in the first together? >> first of all, we don't know what the revenue is yet. >> reporter: while the numbers for january are not officially out, the quarterly city manager's report projects just $2.3 million for january, lower than what's needed to reach $91 million by the end of the year. that same report predicts that the revenue will meet the expected halfway mark in june. the mayor is optimistic. >> nothing is 100% complete in the first month. we see what the trump administration's been like in first month, and we're not as chaotic as that. we're in good shape going forward. >> reporter: the mayor and representatives in his office
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call that projected number conservative. they say they are confident that it will be higher when the official tallies come in. that should be within the next or two. we will stay on -- the next week or two. we will stay on top of it. nbc10 news. now to breaking news and the interstellar discovery that has the world of astronomy abecause this afternoon. >> yeah. are we not alone out there? nbc10's keith jones live in the breaking news center. this is a big one. >> reporter: this is huge. an entire solar system that nasa says could support life. the space agency made the announcement today. the cluster of earth-sized planets was about 40 light years away. they're orbiting a single star. three of the newly discovered planets are in what's referred to as the habitable zone. that means they may contain water and some sort of life. >> the discovery gives us a hint that finding a second earth is not just a matter of if but
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when. >> reporter: scientists say they need to study the atmospheres of the new planets before determining whether the planets could support some type of life. again, the solar system is about 40 light years away. do the math there -- this isn't institute, but what this means. i promise he could probably do that math for you. live in the breaking news center, keith jones, nbc10 news. a new poll shows the majority of americans do not approve of president trump's job performance during the first weeks of his administration. >> the nbc news survey monkey poll shows 43% of americans approve of the president's performance versus 54% who disapprove. the poll was conducted on line from february 13th through february 19th. president trump is expected to remove protections for
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transgender students using school bathrooms. that word from a government official today. this decision would remove guidelines put in place by the obama administration. those guidelines required public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching their chosen gender identity. the white house says president trump believes it should be up to the states without federal involvement. congressman donald norcross is demanding action to address the recent rash of threats to jewish community centers. norcross say, "these threats don't just run counter to our values, they cause great emotional stress and harm to our communities." congressman norcross is among a group of 150 democrats who filed the letter today with the department of homeland security and department of justice. more than 48 jewish community centers in 27 states including new jersey have received bomb threats. vice president mike pence was in missouri miles from a st. louis
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jewish cemetery that was vandalized over the weekend. >> a sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate, prejudice, and evil. we condemn this vile act of vandalism and those who perpetrator it in the strong -- perpetrate it in the strongest possible terms. >> the vice president was in missouri for a listening session at a heavy machinery company outside st. louis. i really need to play. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with powerball buzz. >> if you do, i will. the jackpot has jumped to $403 million for teens drawing. people are -- for tonight's drawing. people are lining up for tickets. our south jersey reporter sidney long with the story. >> reporter: tom headenburg is feeling fortunate. >> i'll meet you here tomorrow morning. >> reporter: he's confident that his routine stop at what he calls pittman's convenience store -- >> couple of times hit a number here -- >> reporter: will bring him multimillion anywhere fame to the tune of -- multimillion
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anywhere fame to the town of $403 million in a few hours. >> yes, i'm going to hit the powerball this evening. >> reporter: the real estate developer, father of five, and pop-pop to eight grandchildren, he brings the charm, positivity, and luck wherever he goes. how come you're so certain? >> i just feel very lucky. >> reporter: he says he can taste it. he's come this close to winning twice before. he feels tonight's third time will be a charm. >> last summer i miss period the mega million for $280 million, off one number. i got second prize. >> reporter: the second prize was $5,000. he just missed on the game of hearts this morning. headenburg doesn't have his head in the clouds. >> i have a wonderful life right now. so i wouldn't change much. >> reporter: with dreams of buying a boat, sports team, fancy getaway, and luxury cars for everyone in his family or in new jersey, for that matter -- >> i would donate to a lot of charities. the type of charities i would donate to would be the o
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one-on-one charities where you identify someone in need and helps them directly. >> reporter: he simply welcomes the competition. >> it all works. money's money. >> reporter: yeah, guys. there's been a steady stream of powerball ticket buyers and dreamers here today as we get close to the end of the workday. we can tell you that headenburg's competition is heating up. he says it's in the cards for him to win. in fact, he asked us to meet him right here same time, same place tomorrow. i told him i might have to bring my son. if it's up to my 10-year-old, he's going want to buy an entire soccer team. as you saw, headenburg has a soccer team that's a family rooting for him. live in pittman, nbc10 news. >> we're all dreaming. the last powerball jackpot winners bought their ticket at the selbiville goose creek store in sussex county delaware. a lucky pennsylvania couple took home a $121 million prize after trying their luck at the store. in other news, new video today from the scene of yesterday's train accident and
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derailment at 69th street terminal in upper darby. here it is here. crews working to remove several of the damaged cars. we called septa a few minutes aand they said they're making good progress and hope to have the cars cleared today, but it may take longer than that. sky force 10 was overhead yesterday after the subway train on the market frankfurt line crashed into two other lines among the loop at the terminal. seven cars were knocked off the tracks. all the trains were out of service. four people were hurt including a train operator who's in critical condition now. federal investigators are on the scene trying to figure out exactly how this happened. new jersey's lieutenant governor kim ladan oh is distancing herself from her boss as she seeks to replace him. in a new interview, the gubernatorial candidate says she wants to scrap chris christie's proposed $300 million renovation of the state house. she also says she wants to allow residents to elect the state's attorney general. gadauadagno holds a strong posin in the republican primary against a handful of candidates.
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three other republicans have declared their candidacy. state assemblyunanimous jack titerelli, commissioner steven rogers, and businessman joseph rudy rolo. 2-year-old twins are still in the hospital this hour after a crash yesterday in northeast philadelphia. we showed you the scene as breaking news yesterday at 4:00. here it is. the children's mom got a flat tire on woodhaven road yesterday. police tell us a car rear-ended the minivan. the twin girls and the mom's fiance were critically injured. supporters of planned parenthood are trying to send a message to pennsylvania senator pat toomey. they gathered at the senator's office in center city today. planned parenthood fighting to keep federal funding. this group is frustrated, they say, because they say toomey refuses to meet with them face to face. today they got a member of toomey's office staff to come downstairs to speak with them. >> so we did have people come down from his office. staff members to talk to or
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people and our volunteers are expressing frustration. how we want them -- them to vote against the funding. >> planned parenthood supporters gathered at tomb's offices statewide -- toomey's offices statewide. planned parenthood was at the center of protests and counter protests nationwide. it does not use federal funds to pay for abortions. there's a call for reallocations for centers that don't pay for abortions at all. the designer behind the new museum of african-american history has a new gig -- helping president obama. applebaum associates the design the obama presidential library and museum to be built in jackson park. the company was also involved in the design of the u.s. capitol visitors center. students and parents, listen up -- changes are coming for the s.a.t.s. the college board is adding a level of security around the world to crack down on test
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stealing and cheating. the s.a.t.s will reduce the number of times the test is given outside the united states. need a ride? uber is teaming one lasalle university, the ride-share service announcing a new partnership with the school. the dean and the lasalle explorer took the inaugural uber ride. among the features of the pip, a dedicated -- partnership, a dedicated pickup and drop-off location on campus. students. get $15 off their first rate and have discounted rides to and from septa's only station for the next two weeks. a south jersey fire department is changing how it's run. last night the voorheis township committee voted to dissolve the fire department. it will now be operated under the direction and management of the township. the city's attorney says residents won't notice a difference with first responders. people living in atlantic county could see a possible tax hike. the county executive warned local mayors of the possible increase. he says this happened because atlantic city overassessed its
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casinos. now the county has to refund the money. right now the casinos are making fixed payments instead of paying taxes. the county executive says that the casino's payments are large enough in 2017. they won't have to raise taxes on everyone else. to a developing weather situation in san jose, california, where entire neighborhoods are under water. look at this video from the air. floodwaters have forced the evacuation of about 14,000 people from their homes. authorities went door to door overnight ordering people to get to higher ground as creeks and reservoirs overtopped their banks. president trump is expected to speak at the conservative political action conference in washington, d.c., coming up this friday. the conference got underway today. this is video of mr. trump at last year's event when he was the presidential candidate. vice president pence will speak at the conference coming up on thursday. secretary of state rex tillerson met with australia's foreign minister this morning before heading to mexico. tillerson is due to arrive in mexico later today.
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he's slated to meet with mexico's president. with relations between the countries strained since president trump took office. vice president pence is talking job growth in missouri today. >> when small business is strong, america is strong. and the american economy thrives. [ applause ] >> mr. pence visited with workers at a factory outside st. louis this afternoon. he spoke about trump's plans to help small businesses, as well as repealing and replacing obamacare. one in every six adults in philadelphia relies on the affordable care act for their health insurance. >> city leaders joined together for a day of action to fight the repeal of the aca. nbc10 has flower a west philadelphia -- has more from a west philadelphia woman battling m.s. on how a change could affect her health. there are some days where i am terrified. i've actually cried myself to sleep sometimes thinking about what's going to happen. >> reporter: the fear of of the unknown brought adrienne to
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speak out about the affordable care act. >> imagine my surprise when this disease struck me down my senior year. >> reporter: the 32-year-old from west philadelphia was diagnosed in 2013 with multiple sclerosis. she joined local lawmakers and health officials in south philadelphia during a nationwide day of action. >> health insurance can mean the difference between life and death. >> reporter: mayor jim kenny was among 60 other mayors across the country urging congress not to repeal obamacare. >> this country can afford to be decent and compassionate to everyone. >> reporter: a push against a promise president trump made to dismantle the affordable care act. during his make america great again rally this weekend in florida, he promised that his team was developing a health care plan that's far better. >> we are going to be submitting in a couple of weeks a great health care plan that's going to take the place of the disaster known as obamacare. >> reporter: lawmakers are waiting to hear the details of a new health care plan. until then, some remain
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skeptical. >> show us the plan. the reality is he's not showing us a plan. >> reporter: in south philadelphia, nbc10 news. let's go back to our first alert weather. we are in for a stretch of days in the 70s. a live look at broad street from our kimmel center campus camera. may be a great night to grab a bite to eat outdoors maybe with a light jacket. even better the next several days. over the weekend, a lot of people were outside on sidewalks eating at restaurants and restaurant business loved that. >> who would have thought we could enjoyal fre aal al fresco in february? >> i thought about it when glenn told us it might happen. >> such a surprise. >> we're not the only ones. milwaukee, wisconsin, 71 degrees today. it the warmest temperature they've ever -- the warmest temperature they've ever gotten in february. some of that warm air is coming east. it's not just a day's worth. we see a lot of clouds with sun
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filtering through. in the areas getting more sun, it's warmer, 63 in lancaster. 61 in reading, pottstown, allentown. 55 in mt. pocono. it's 58 degrees in philadelphia. so some of the areas that are normally cooler like burkes county and the lehigh valley, look at the temperatures. 60, blandon, 62. allentown at 60. whi whitehall, 62. bethlehem, 61. easton, 60 degrees. it's going to be much warmer than that tomorrow. and friday and saturday. back to around 70 degrees. not everybody's going to get to 70 every day. but there will be areas in the 70s every day. and february overall is going to be the warmest ever recorded in philadelphia. and it may not even be close. and precipitation, the most likely much needed rain comes late saturday as a cold front
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comes in. all right. we've been crunching the numbers. not only taking the temperatures through today but the projections through the rest of the month. this is what we've come up with. smashing the all-time record for the warmest february in philadelphia. beating the old record in 1925. of course, we'll keep you updated on that day by day. the old calculators getting out and adding and subtracting and dividing and all that other old stuff. we've got a lot of clouds. showers near the new york state border not coming this way. not much else other than a fair amount of clouds. that's what we'll be seeing on this hour by hour. by tomorrow, expected to be cloudy. fog around. breaking out with sunshine in the afternoon. you do that, temperatures go up near 70 except near the water. a couple of showers thursday
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night. you can see that's not very impressive. we start off cloud oh friday, too. then -- cloudy on friday, too. then the clouds break up, and it's another day of 70-plus. the clouds come in for saturday morning. saturday we might see some showers around. as you see, showers in the morning, and then thunderstorms coming later. here's the warm air, here's the cold front that will put an end to the 70-degree stuff. later in the day and into the evening, that's when we expect that front to come through with the thunderstorms and the cooler weather. it's only temporary. near 70 in fairmount tomorrow. 68 in swanksville. 0 70 in reading tomorrow. 68 in robinsville. cooler at the jersey shore as you see, newark, delaware, dover, all to 70 degrees. >> beach day tomorrow maybe. >> i don't hate it.
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>> neither do i. this now -- prepaid problems. >> a woman pays for more time on her cell phone, but those minutes were never added. ahead at 4:00, how the nbc10 responds team comes to her case and dials up some help. also, the first state more bike friendly. the push to get more people pedaling on safer roads. plus this -- >> can you open the door? >> to the rescue. a police body camera captures an officer pulling a driver from a burning car. the video you have to see next. first, here's a look at the closing bell on wall street for you. the dow was up about 32 points. the nasdaq and s&p, down slightly.
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amazing video here. look at this -- what unfolded on a street in washington, d.c., monday night. car on fire after it hit a pole. a police body camera shows you two officers trying to figure out if there's anyone inside. there was so much smoke at first they couldn't tell. the doors were locked so they broke the window and found that driver trapped right inside the car. they pull him out. amazingly he is okay. they sent him to the hospital, but he is fine this afternoon. the national parks service wants to know who placed a giant banner on the statue of liberty. the banner reads "refugees welcome." it's underneath our banner right there. you'll see it -- there it is. right at the base of lady liberty. so the national parks service took it down. it was put up tuesday around the same time the department of homeland security announced expanded immigration enforcement
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policies. u.p.s. testing delivery by drone. >> the aircraft went to work while the driver made a different delivery at the same time. a worker launched that drone from a specially outfitted truck in florida. u.p.s. tested the delivery system for emergency drops such as medicine. the company says drones could make it easier to deliver in rural areas. >> pretty cool. >> advances every day. a local dad banned from a lehigh valley school after his son's wrestling match. >> next at 4:00, why he is fighting a new battle in court to see his son compete. plus this -- >> hey, you must be jayden. >> meeting jayden. the little weather fan and the viral video that earned him this meeting with "nbc nightly news" anchor lester holt. >> reporter: with weather like this, who doesn't want to be outside? i'm tim furlong. how delaware's investing big to keep you moving. and february's going to be one for the record books in
4:27 pm
philadelphia. i'm tracking a stretch of 70s that's going to be moving in over the next several days. coming up all new at 5:00, cold as ice. cameras capture the person who destroyed this local display.
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making delaware bicycle friendly. >> we want to be first when it comes to keeping roads safe for drivers. tim furlong -- i knew it -- live on his wheels there. delaware ranked third in the country for safety, but they think they can do better? >> reporter: yeah, they think they can do better. this is the first marked bike lane of its kind.
4:31 pm
if you want more lanes like it, you got to go to workshops and tell them about it. the trolley bike store employees work on bikes and ride them home. >> just a great way to get around the city. you don't have to worry about parking. >> reporter: they say most wilmington drivers are courteous, but some streets are busier than evers. more drivers than -- than ever. more drivers than ever are distracted. >> it's one block long, but you got to start somewhere. >> reporter: kevin malloy is proud of the lane outside his art gallery and cafe. he says the bike lane isn't just about recreation, it's about quality of life for everyone. >> you're slowing the traffic down which makes it more about the community than about the cars. >> reporter: delaware's been making huge strides, the biggest project in the works -- a seven-mile paved stretch between the waterfront and a suspension bridge across the river. dell dot wants people to be more comfortable getting on their
4:32 pm
bikes outside their own homes. they're holding biking workshops sending out surveys. they want to build up the safe cycling infrastructure to make bikers at all levels feel protected on the streets. >> are we making it safe enough for parents to let their 12-year-old children bicycle? if we are, we're making it safe enough for everyone. >> reporter: this lane has slowed car traffic, too. if you want to chime in, there's a workshop in georgetown and sussex county. next week they'll be in middletown and dover, then the following week at the rodney square library in wilmington. we're doing okay, but people think we can do better, get more lanes like this all over the state of delaware. live in wilmington's cool springs neighborhood, nbc10 news. >> glad you took off the training wheels finally. >> reporter: i was edging, nervous. i needed to take off the training wheels. no wheelies. i'm going to buny -- i can do a bunny hop.
4:33 pm
i'll do that. >> get someone to take video and send it in. thanks. to first alert weather, as you see, a beautiful afternoon out for biking or here, painting in south philly. nbc10 has this guy paint being the landscape of the church along delaware avenue and christian street. all right. if you're not into the biking and you still want the snow, you can find it on the slopes in the poconos. taking a live look from camel back resort just a few skiers out there tonight. a lot of people are saying good riddance to weather. others saying where did winter go. february is on track to be the warmest ever. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking the warmup in most accurate forecast. yeah, february ending on a really warm note. >> reporter: yeah. it started on a warm note. and january was a mild month. nothing compared to february. and the ride home -- nice and dry. haven't had to worry much about
4:34 pm
snow and ice this winter. 60 degrees at mt. holly now. 61 in allentown. other areas in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. once again, the average high, 46 for this time of the year. the temperature trend, a lot higher than 46. so far, 57 today, 70 tomorrow. 73 friday. we should be 70-plus on saturday as well. we've had a lot of clouds today. starting to break up just as we end the day. the temperature may go up a couple of degrees. through night, cloudy and mild. that's the fog symbol. expect fog in much of the area. that is not cold. that's the average high for this time of the year.
4:35 pm
the mornings are going to be quite mild, and the afternoons are going to be way, way above average for this time of the year. big changes are coming during the weekend. and i'll time that out for you coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right. here's a look at some of the other stories we are following. county by county for you at 4:00. a north hampton county man is suing to overturn a ban that would keep him from watching his son wrestle this week. liberty high school banned him for what it called offensive behavior during a match this month. his son wrestles for north hampton high school and is set to wrestle again at liberty high. a judge scheduled a hearing tomorrow, and liberty will have to show why the ban is in place. the dam in a state of disrepair. there will be a meeting tonight to talk about a partial breach project. the potential threat to residents downstream will be reduced significantly once that project is finished.
4:36 pm
in kent county, a lawyer is challenging the state's constitution, a provision that requires a political balance among judges on delaware's courts. his lawsuit named governor john carney. carney's office declined to comment. the regatta hotel casino and spa is serving up restaurant week. from 5:30 to 9:00, more than a dozen restaurants will hand out sample was their menus. there are still tickets available for the event so save your appetite. restaurant week is march 5th through the 10th. the flyers and penguins face off in the stadium series saturday on nbc10. >> of course philly has the better food, right? >> yeah. >> airmark operates in both cities and has a special menu for the game at heinz field. there's a fry stack faceoff going on here. the philly chicken and waffle fry stack on left. oh, yeah. it's fries topped with breaded chicken, smoked gouda gravy, bacon, and onions. that's going up against the steel city pot roast stack on the right. you like this?
4:37 pm
fries topped with braised pot roast, gravy, and some cheese wiz. >> that's a lot. all a lot. >> you'll be full afterwards. the teams will be facing off outdoors in pittsburgh, the home of the steelers. this is video of of the stadium preparations. and nbc10 coverage starts with the live pregame show let's take it outside. keith jones will be in pittsburgh with csn's john clark. that's saturday starting at 7:00 p.m. followed by the flyers versus the penguins only on nbc10. take it outside. >> the philly chicken and waffles all day every day no doubt. >> i like it, too. a woman paid to -- paid to add some minutes to her prepaid cell phone account. >> those minutes were never added. she couldn't get a refund. still ahead at 4:00, how a call to nbc responds got her the help and money she needed. coming up at 5:00, suit stand n stand-in. voters find a way to talk to their senators even when he's not there.
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a new study shows you may be able to tell your unborn baby's gender depending on how an expectant mom feels. cells from women carrying girls were inflamed more than for those who were carrying boys. dw doctors say the results could explain why moms carrying girls carry heightened symptoms of certain medical conditions. if you like the temperatu temperatures, getting to 60-plus today, how about a stretch of 70s over the next few days? i'm tracking that warmup, plus our next chance for rain in your most accurate weather forecast. plus, the struggle to save a bald eagle. how rescuers think a toxic chemical killed this iconic bird. that's coming up at 5:00.
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if youin a palace of ice,winter
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the morning after the election the late princess diana was known for her style. now she will be featured in a fashion exhibition in london. the exhibition opens inside kensington palace friday and runs through 2017. lester holt's smallest f ffan -- so cute -- got to meet his idol. >> the back story. no one more excited about the meeting than the nightly news anchor himself. take a look. >> lester holt. >> lester holt? was lester holt a part of this morning's coverage? >> no, urgely we see him more on -- usually we see him more on the news than you. >> out of the mouths of babes. that is 7-year-old jayden. he became a viral sensation this month after he did that right there, telling a reporter in
4:46 pm
portland he wanted to be interviewed by lester holti instead. he met lester holt, toured the studios in new york city, and got a guitar lesson from the "nightly news" anchor. that's a great picture right there. he tweeted, "finally i got to meet jayden. he paid a visit to the newsroom. great kid. his airport interview still makes me smile." >> memories of a lifetime for both. >> lester's so down to earth and a great guy that he would tweet about it. >> we had the pleasure to meet him. he's as great in person as you see on tv. he is. >> great story. expect runners and bikers along the schuylkill river trail the next few days. a beautiful day to put the boats in the water, glenn. absolutely. it's going to be warmer than
4:47 pm
this tomorrow and friday and saturday. saturday you may have to deal with rain, but it's not a washout. 58 at philadelphia. the wind not very strong. a fair amount of clouds. parts of delaware above 60. harmony hills and glasgow are 60. 58 in middletown. farther to the south, 60 in redden and millsboro and lincoln, lewis. rehoboth beach and lewis at 60 or above where they were in the 40s just yesterday. it's all about the wind direction. the direction has been bringing warm air in here. the rest of the month looks like we'll smash the all-time record
4:48 pm
for the warmest february. last winter we had the warmest december recorded by quite a bit. we've been setting some pretty impressive records lately. you can see a mix of clouds and sun here. the showers are up near new york state, not coming this way. there's more sunshine back out across the great lakes and west. they're setting records for high temperatures out there. all-time highs for february. some of that air, of course, coming this way. hour by hour, showing clouds and fog tomorrow morning. breaking up in the afternoon. allowing the sunshine to push temperatures near 70. one or two showers around tomorrow evening. not that impressive. friday morning, starting with clouds. that breaks up, and then saturday morning we start with clouds and maybe some showers, too. and that increases as we go through the day. so saturday is definitely the
4:49 pm
day with the greatest threat of rain. reading tomorrow near 70 degrees. and 67 with that morning fog in westchester. newtown at 68 degrees. fair mountains in philadelphia, 70, 71. what about the weekend? i told you about saturday. warm. 72 degrees. thunderstorms generally late in the day or in the evening, lehigh valley, 62. that's really warm. look at the difference between saturday and sunday. no precipitation here but expect sunday to be windy. gusts over 30 miles per hour, but that's just average for this time of the year. >> all right. do you love staying in touch with your children? you can't put a price on a phone call with your child. >> no, you can't. a woman says she paid for more machines on her plan so -- minutes on her plan so she could stay in touch with her son. the prepaid plans that had her
4:50 pm
turning to the nbc responds team for help. plus, having car trouble? drivers are complaining more and more about one particular feature behind the wheel. see if you agree. that's coming up.
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nbc10 responds, a mother buys a prepaid phone to try and stay in touch with her son. >> when she pays to add minutes to the account, they don't show up. after she can't get a refund, she calls nbc10 responds because she knows harry's going to get on the case and get her her money. >> that's right. she wanted me to talk to her son. and listen, this is a case simply where this one viewer said she did not get what she paid for.
4:54 pm
victoria brown bought a prepaid phone as a birthday gift for her son a few years ago. >> i could catch one him so he could text me. >> reporter: she went to best buy to add minutes to her son's plan and paid $19.99. >> this one time the minutes didn't go on. so i said, what? just give me my money back. i'm not worried about a phone. just give me my money back. said, no, no, we can't do that. >> reporter: brown said she asked to speak to a manager who also couldn't help her. brown was out of the minutes and money. >> i said, i'm going to contact nbc10. >> reporter: nbc10 responds contacted best buy. best buy tells us it's unable to authorize refunds when customers buy cell phone minutes. as soon as it became aware of brown's situation, it worked to resolve the issue. after we got involved, brown got her money back. >> thanks, harry. >> reporter: all right, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. >> reporter: glad we could help you out. >> nbc10 did it again.
4:55 pm
>> you got to like that plug. pretty nice of her. you know, in this case, best buy says the company that supplied the minutes restricted it from offering refunds. so if this happens to you, try calling the phone company directly. best buy also apologized for the inconvenience this caused brown. that's what you got to do. >> glad she can stay in touch with her children. i'm going to turn to you for help getting my kids to call every once in a while. >> i don't think you have a problem with that. it's what they're calling for -- >> right. if they want money, click. >> speaking of money -- >> yeah. the recovery counter up to $340,677. >> if you have a consumer complaint for nbc10 responds, call or fill out the form on our website, and we will respond to you. >> i can hear my kids say, dad -- all right. tomorrow on nbc10 responds, millions of washers recalled. now many of you reaching out to nbc10 responds as you struggle to get rebates and repairs. find out how our team can help tomorrow on nbc10 news today.
4:56 pm
now we're working on several stories for nbc10 news at 5:00. next, all new at 5:00, immigrant, bad ombre, nasty woman. >> those are some of the words students are using to send a message, and they're doing it in their college bathroom. we'll talk to the student who came up with this creation and find out why it's been taken down. and today we began our warmup. it continues over the next several days. we're talking 70s returning to the board again. we'll take a closer look at how long it lasts and how warm it will go coming up. plus, breaking news. sky force 10 on its way to a stabbing in allentown. how two paramedics were in the right place at the right time to save the woman who was being attacked.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now a debate over bathrooms. >> late this afternoon the white house announced it will reverse a rule for transgender students. opponents call it cruel and discrimination. now under the current rule, public schools must allow students to use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity. that was put in place by the obama administration. the white house called the rule confusing and said the federal government should not interfere with local schools. nbc10 spoke to families at our local schools. andrea, what's the impact here? >> reporter: just to put it into context, 13 states sued the
5:00 pm
obama administration under its policy. now advocates in the transgender community say this new policy under the trump administration sets back a lot of their progress. under the trump administration, public schools will no longer be directed to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms based on their gender identity. it would instead be based on what's on their birth certificates. >> i think if you were born a female, you should use a female bathroom unless you have male parts. and vice-versa. >> we stand with you. >> reporter: the policy marks a shift from the obama administration that implemented the policy in an effort to prevent discrimination, citing federal title 9 laws. while not bound by law, the obama administration said schools that did not comply could lose federal funding. in june of last year, the school district of philadelphia established a policy allowing students to use bathrooms based on their gender identity. >> just become a big mess. and i honestly don't know if it's a clear side to that. the only solution is if it's


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