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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> reporter: that's exactly right. here's why -- the two-liter bottle cost me $1.99 at the shop rite plus another $1 for the soda tax. the mayor insists that people just need some time to adjust to it just like the cigarette tax. and he says that the revenue will be there for universal pre-k and other important community programs. >> these soda industry people can really bad. >> reporter: without mincing words, the mayor is taking aim at critics skeptical of how much revenue the philadelphia soda tax will generate. >> they had put out all the misinformation through the course of the debate. >> reporter: the quarterly city manager's report projects $2.3 million in revenue for january, lower than what's needed to reach the yearly goal of $91 million. >> i think that city council, well intentioned that they may be, i think they made a mistake. >> reporter: small business owners like andrew pinkis are feeling the pinch. sales in the city are down. he tells me a box of the soda fountain syrup he distributes
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costs his customers $60. with the attacks an extra $5 -- with the extra tax, an extra $57. are people trying to get around the tax? >> some have asked why can't i go outside the city? when the city comes bee and asks for receipts for the soft drinks you're selling and you don't have any, you're going to be hit with fines and penalties. >> the children of philadelphia deserve every opportunity to be successful in school. >> reporter: grocer david sheber who owns a shop and sells soda believes the tax will improve education. >> as soon as philadelphia was making money on it. >> reporter: the report out of the city manager's office points out that the city of philadelphia should get the money it needs by the end of the fiscal year, should be on track by june 30th. the number is conservative. we should get the exact official numbers coming up in the next
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two weeks. we will stay on top of it. reporting live for nuclear weapon -- for nbc10 news. >> and more information on the nbc10 app. see which drinks are taxed and which are not. see where the soda tax money is going. all free right now on are you saying to yourself, i cannot remember the last time it felt this warm in february? you're on to something. we are track to have the warmest second month ever recorded here in philadelphia. there's more where that came from. another stretch of springlike temperatures starts today. nbc10 at this park in philadelphia. you see this guy, just wearing shorts there as he's out for his run with temperatures in the 60s. and this is only the beginning. >> it really is. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking a stretch of 70s. we know you're the most accurate in town. there's no doubt it will feel like spring very soon. >> reporter: yeah, no doubt that the temperatures are going to be getting at or above 70 degrees in many parts of the area over
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the next few days. if you look to the west, it's coming this way. beautiful sunset. at least parts of the area. clouds in the western sky help with that. the temperature generally in the 50s in most of the area. dover, 48. one of the cool spots with the wind coming in off of delaware bay. the temperature today got up to 58 degrees after 52 yesterday. and now we're going to the 70s. starting tomorrow, going all the way into saturday and again it looks like we're going to add it all up for the month of february and be the warmest ever recorded. we have some clouds here, the showers are way to the north and not going to be moving in this direction. we start off the day tomorrow with fog, very mild start, and then temperatures getting up near 70 degrees. those are just 4:00 temperatures in between the hours expected to get to 70 in several parts of
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the area. we're crunching the numbers. i'll tell you where february will stand in history and when we're going to see a change to this pattern coming up. let's go to sky force 10 in the lehigh valley over the scene of a stabbing in allentown. a woman driving a car was stabbed by a guy in a passenger seat. police say two good samaritans who witnessed the attack jumped in and stopped the suspect. the woman was taken to the hospital. she's in critical condition. the suspect is in police custody. look at the new surveillance video. see the two men in this garage? they're wanted for a home invasion in juniata. police say the men followed the victim inside his home through this garage on friday. he was found monday bound, beaten, and gagged. it's not clear if anything was taken. that victim was hospitalized for a broken nose, cuts, and bruises. new tonight, we've learned a man died today after an accident in northeast philly that we showed you yesterday. dennis alexander was his name. -was checking the engine -- he
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was checking the engine on his fiancee's car yesterday. this was the scene. woodhaven road. another driver told police he was distracted and caused a chain-reaction accident that sent a car slamming into alexander. his fiancee's twin toddlers are still hospitalized with serious injuries. pay raises for corrections officers in officers? a proposal made would give every officer a $4,000 increase plus the starting salary would jump. and this comes after inmates took over the james tebon correction center in new south american akilling one officer -- in new smyrna, killing one officer and opening another hostage. officials tell us attracting new workers at the current pay raise will be difficult. tonight the white house is working on a bathroom policy change that would impact transgender students. the president's administration will reverse an obama-era guideline that allowed
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transgender students to use the school restroom of their choice. president trump wants to let the states decide. >> he's a firm believer in states' rights. and certain issues like this are not best dealt with at the federal level. >> lgbtq groups say this would be discrimination, but conservatives say it's not the federal government's business to police bathrooms. and tonight we sent andrea cline-thomas to get reaction from parents. she's live in spring garden. mixed reaction? >> reporter: that's right. difficult decision. parents say it has to be made. they can see both sides. the school district of philadelphia is taking a very clear stance on this issue. transgender students in philadelphia's public schools can ton use the bathrooms based on their -- can continue to use the bathrooms based on their gender identity even if it's different from their birth certificate, despite president trump's effort to change the directive.
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the policy was established in an effort to prevent discrimination. it also aligned with the obama administration's guidance to districts. now the trump administration is expected to reverse the directive. >> it's messed up one side or the other almost like they need to have individual bathrooms where one student can go in an individual bathroom, be it male, be it female, transgender. >> reporter: under president trump, schools could require transgender students to use bathrooms that correspond to the gender they were born with. >> god made man. god made woman. they should -- they should be who they are, regardless of the sexual preference. i think if you were born a female you should use a female bathroom unless you have male parts and vice-versa. >> reporter: the trump administration says a shift is in an effort to remove federal influence and give power back to the states. >> may is is an inclusive commonwealth. -- may pennsylvania is an uncli commonwealth. >> reporter: it's important to note that this is not a law and
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is not legally binding. we expect to see lawsuits as we saw during the obama administration. reporting live in federal funding -- live in spring garden. a town accused of discrimination. the garden state islamic center filed a lawsuit against violind in cumberland county. they say they refused to allow a newly constructed floor of the mosque to open. the city had no comment. a not guilty verdict for a west philadelphia teenager accused of killing his classmate. a jury acquitted xavier beaman and said he acted in self-defense when he stabbed the schoolmate. the two got in a fight, then b a a beaman stabbed him. he testified he didn't mean to kill him. a south philadelphia food store facing a federal lawsuit accused of selling bad chicken. today the acting u.s. attorney
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filed that suit against j&b pole freew tree market, inc. -- poultry, market, inc. they accuse them of storing poultry in unsanitary conditions. some meat was held in the back of a pickup truck. the store said they have no comment on the lawsuit. we have new video from the scene of yesterday's train accident and derailment at 69th street terminal in upper darby. crews are working to remove several cars damaged. he called septa a few minutes ago. they said they are making good progress and hope to have the cars cleared today. it may take more than that. sky force 10 was overhead after a subway train on the market/frankfurt train crashed into two others along the three-peat teloop at the terminal. all trains are out of service. four people were injured including a train operator in critical condition. federal investigators are on the scene trying to figure out how it happened. to the lehigh valley now. the town of befthlehem will get new body cameras and dash cams
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for their police officers. that's because a new bond deal will let the town borrow more than $26 million. aside from the cameras, that money will pay for repaving city roads. plus, a program to fix blighted properties will also get some cash. nurses at delaware county memorial hospital are planning to strike. the nurses union announced they will strike for two days next month. they're protesting contract negotiations at their drexel hill hospital. tonight there's a fight over who owns the trump sign that once hung over atlantic city's trump taj mahal casino. we told you earlier this week the sign was being sold on ebay. the highest bid was $7,500. now the listing has been taken douchb down. ebay says there's a dispute about who owns the sign. there's a pending law enforcement investigation. a student's art project getting some attention on a college campus in south jersey and beyond. amy winn put up decals on mirrors in more than 30 campus
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restrooms at stockton university. they included controversial statements made by president trump. custodians took down the decals. winn says she believes her short-lived art did make an impact. tonight a call on congress to keep the affordable care act during a national day of action. the mayor was among 60 others across the country urging congress not to repeal obamacare. that was during the event today in west philadelphia. adrienne gunter from west philly says she relies on the act to treat multiple sclerosis. >> some days where i am terrified. i've actually cried myself to sleep sometimes thinking about what's going to happen. president trump has promised to overturn obamacare and come up with a better plan. details of the plan are expected in the next week or two. [ cheers ] elation in bristol bucks county tonight as the town gets a nationwide honor to help
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spruce itself up. we'll take you to the celebration and show how they won new at 6:00. plus, powerball dream around our area with a $403 million jackpot up for grabs tonight. why one man thinks he's he has a better shot to hit it big.
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new tonight, a bucks county town celebrating a new chance to reinvent themselves. >> yeah. they're happy. bristol borough found they're the winner of a nationwide contest with almost a million votes cast. and 14,000 nominations. the prize -- a half million dollars to invest in the community. nbc10 takes us to bristol. there couldn't be that kind of letdown. >> reporter: the excitement is easy to see. >> i'm blown away. i knew we had every chance of winning. we know how to pull together and make things happen. >> everyone banded together from all walks of life. all age groups, all demographics. we came together. it was a wonderful thing. >> reporter: from a downtown to school -- >> about 5 kids from holy ghost prep to vote -- >> reporter: it started way before internet voting began.
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those who live here say bristol borough never lost its place on the map, but they say winning the contest is going to help you seek them out. at stake, $500,000 will be invested into the town. features for small business owners in a web series designed to show how they're growing their business, and the struggling rivertown. of course, all of that goes to the winner. [ applause ] >> bill will to can now say it is -- bristol can now say it is. >> i've soon cool things in my life. seeing amanda walk out on stage, that was awesome. way to go, bristol! >> reporter: now selection begins as to which six businesses will be featured on the web series. while some say they hope to be featured, others say they're okay if they're not. >> i have a funeral home. i doubt anybody -- >> reporter: being featured alone isn't what matters. >> everybody came together. >> yeah. >> it was great. >> cool.
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>> great. >> wonderful. >> reporter: they say teamwork got them here and they'll use that momentum to help them grow. nbc10 news. >> they are feeling lucky there. and you can feel lucky, too. you is more than 400 million reasons to get your hands on a powerball ticket in the next few hours. >> i have to dart out and play. the drawing will be for at least $403 million. the powerball jackpot has been growing for 18 straight drawings. one man is feeling especially lucky after nearly striking it rich twice recently. >> last summer i missed the mega million for $280 million. i was off by one number and got the second prize. >> the second prize was $5,000. yeah, maybe tonight he'll have better luck. the winning numbers will be drawn before 11:00 p.m. to be so close, that hurts. >> so close. in weather, blast of springtime hitting our area. nbc10 in atlantic city, you see there it's foggy in that area
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today. it was warm. temperatures in the 60s. a live look at broad street from the kimmel center campus camera. tomorrow, a stretch of 70s begins. glenn "hurricane" schwartz back with the timing in his most accurate first alert forecast. glenn? >> yeah, it starts tomorrow. it covers much of the area but not at the beaches. this is cape may. it's kind of dark. look at the flag. that's what we want to point out. not moving at all. sea breeze this afternoon kept the temperatures cooler like 46 in ventner. 55 at may's landing. 58 in woodbine. the big contrasts through the next few days. if you're headed down the shore, don't expect 70s there. expect 70s in much of the area including western areas that got well into the 60s like reading,
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allentown, pottstown, lancaster. everybody pretty much in the 50s now. we're about to end february as the warmest february ever recorded in philadelphia. we've taken the numbers through today and extrapolated with the forecast going out to the end of the month and did all the calculations. this is what we're coming up with. they'll smash the record. not even close. the warmest february in philadelphia. going back to 1884. a lot of clouds around today. that kept temperatures down in some spots. and cloud cover to the west, records all over the place out there. milwaukee set a record for the warmest temperature in the month of february. they smashed that record by several degrees. you don't break records like that generally. through the night, lots of clouds. it will be foggy when you get up in parts of the area.
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as the clouds break up and the sun comes out tomorrow afternoon, the temperature will shoot up. tomorrow even, one or two showers around. not a big deal. friday morning we start off with clouds, maybe fog again. there's so much moisture. the humidity coming up from the south that's helping to produce all that fog. then on saturday, we not only have the clouds. we have the showers and then later on, we're going to be seeing this warm air come in. then the cold front with showers and thunderstorms generally later on saturday. i'll give you those specific numbers later. i'm joe clark. jahlil okafor talks about the trade rumors heading into the deadline. and ben simmons making progress, next.
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>> reporter: i'm john clark from csn. sixers fans, if you're hoping to see a return this week, the team is doubtful he will play friday and saturday. he went through a full practice after missing 11 games. sixers coach brett brown says joell can be defiant sometimes he's so competitive. >> i want to play by, you know, those guys who know what they're doing. and he's got to trust that it's going to be a big day. we've got to go hard in practice. we're going to see how i react. >> reporter: hopefully it went
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well. ben simmons went through drills and will have a scan tomorrow to see if his foot is fully healed. there may be good news. the nba trade deadline is tomorrow at 3:00. jahlil okafor will be traded. reports say the lakers, pacers, bulls, kings, are interested. jah said he did think about it, that this could have been his final practice with the sixers. >> it comes into your mind. i did the best i can with the guys and going over the players and working them defensively in my mind. i could be out of here. i've been here. this is all i know as far as the nba goes. i've gotten comfortable with the coaches. the team, my teammates. and if i'm here, i'll be more than happy. >> reporter: flyers hosting the team with the most points in the nhl, the capitals. flyers are three points out of the playoff spot. >> we're not playing as bad as it may look. we can build off these last few efforts and kind of get going
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here. >> obviously playing pretty good defensive hockey. trying to capitalize more on our chances and opportunities offensively. >> reporter: villanova could become the first big east team to clinch four straight conference titles. they're hosting butler. jim and jacqueline with more at 11:00. go, nova nation. >> all right. thanks. coming up on nbc10 at 11:00, the rat race. >> yeah. here's something you don't want to see where you live. why more people are dealing with rodents inside their homes. >> hope you already had dinner.
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the ben franklin bridge. warmer today, warmer tomorrow. the string continues. >> yeah. three really warm days, thursday, friday, saturday. saturday we get a cold front with gusty thunderstorms perhaps in the evening. sunday is windy and colder. that's not that cold. then we warm back up next week. >> that's a big drop on sunday.
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>> yeah. >> it is. >> yeah. that's our news at 6:00. thanks for watching. tonight, fiery act of defines, protesters set their damp ablaze as police move n a standoff that's captivated so many. hostile homecoming. angry crowds erupt, confronting republican members of congress across the country. amazing discovery. stunning announcement from nasa. seven earth-like planets. are we the closest yet to finding life beyond earth? was a killer caught on camera? two teenage girls found dead and what was found on their phone may help catch their murderer. heartburn and acid reflux medicines, danger o dangerous complications when patients don't follow directions. diana's


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