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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  WCAU  February 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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i won't accept your apology and i never, ever will. >> a family's outrage after the woman who hit and killed a teenager gets no jail time. only nbc10 is inside the courtroom to find out why. disaster averted. how a hero police officer saved a driver caught in a car fire tonight. plus, foul on the play. why this drama at a basketball game has parents and students fighting to get their season back tonight. right now at 6:00 -- an nbc10 exclusive. >> she's getting away with killing my son. >> a south jersey mother outraged that the driver who hit and killed her son will not be locked up. >> i want her to get life in prison. i never want her to see the sun come up. >> the 16-year-old boy died in a hit-and-run crash last year. only nbc10 is inside the courtroom as the driver is sentenced today. good evening, i'm jim rosen
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felt. >> i'm jacqueline london. that sentencing happened less than two hours ago. the decision, no jail time at all. >> the victim's family says they are crushed tonight. they spoke exclusively to nbc10's cydney long, joining us from camden with more. >> reporter: good evening. susan highland initially faced 20 years behind bars but instead of going to jail, the judge ruled today that as soon as a drug treatment bed is located, that she will have the handcuffs taken off her at the camden county jail and she will be transferred to a drug rehab inpatient facility. it could go down as early as tomorrow. >> she took my brother -- >> reporter: one by one -- >> keep her in there for the rest of her life. >> reporter: -- loved ones stood up to susan highland, the woman behind the wheel the night she was killed. >> she left my 16-year-old son on the side of the road with his
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head almost off his shoulders. >> reporter: she spoke up, begging and pleading with judge edward mcbride for justice. >> if she's allowed into drug court, she's going to kill somebody else's kid. she might even kill somebody close to you. >> reporter: on march 28th last year, highland struck turner on route 130. she never stopped. she hid in a camden home, conspireing with others to burn the car. it was a secret call to 911 by her niece -- >> i was the passenger in a car accident in a hit-and-run. >> reporter: that led to her arrest. highland's fate in what analysts say is a rare or unusual occurrence is decided in drug court. >> no question there was violence. >> reporter: the judge sentenced to highland to drug court inpatient treatment. the family gave up, walking out of court more heartbroken than they arrived. she will pay a $450 fine, surrender her license, provide
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dna samples. failure to do all of the above could result in time behind bars. >> she's getting away with killing my son. taking my son out of this world for no reason at all. i never want her to see the sun come up regular ever again. >> reporter: now, because highland's arrest was delayed by a matter of hours, it's unclear if she was high or drunk the night turner was killed. she admitted to battling drugs all her life. she pled guilty to fleeing the scene of an accident and causing a fatality. turner's family says highland ran and hid that night. but tonight's ruling is her ultimate escape from justice. we're live in camden tonight, cydney long, "nbc10 news." a hero, that's what an atlantic city police officer is being called after he pulled a driver out of this burning car. you can see what's left of that charred suv. it all unfolded on the busy black horse pike leading into atlantic city. the driver crashed into a utility pole and was trapped
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when his suv caught fire. that's when police say the officer's instincts kicked right in. >> what he had to do, he took a fire extinguisher, put the flames out and removed that individual and he did the right thing. >> the driver who was pulled from the car suffered minor injuries. the officer was checked out for smoke inhalation. both are expected to be okay. turning to our first alert weather now and the stretch of spring we're feeling right now. look at this beautiful sunset, courtesy of skyforce10 flying over gloucester county at 6:04. a bit of a breeze enjoying people out enjoying this weather. where these folks were in shorts out picnicking, playing with their dogs this afternoon. everybody enjoying it. a little chillier down on the shore but people were still biking down the board. taking in the sunshine and that breeze out there. more spring to come over the next few days, too. >> nbc10's glenn "hurricane"
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schwartz joins us tracking the warmth. >> yeah, if you didn't get a chance to get outside, enjoy the nice, warm weather today, you can do it again tomorrow. if you miss it tomorrow, you'll have at least a number of hours on saturday. we have a beautiful -- a beautiful day. temperatures have dropped now into the 60s across most of the area. down to 59. atlantic city international and even at the airport there, they were into the 70s. we got up to 73 degrees today in philadelphia, just shy of the record. allentown tied a record. reading broke a record. friday we're close to the record. saturday in the 70s. and then the temperature drops. we're not seeing much in the way of rain for tonight but we do for a part of the weekend. i'll time that out for you coming up. road rage. a retired upper gwynedd police officer is facing charges from
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his former department after he fired a gun. owen farmer is now accuseded of shooting a glock pistol at a bmw suv, hurting a 15-year-old girl inside. farmer says it started when his stepdaughter got in road rage fight and the car followed her home. the driver ran over farmer's foot, sew fired three shots injuring a girl inside. gloucester county released this sketch of a man they say tried to kidnap a woman earlier this week. they report a man tried to pull her into her car on may apple road 9:00 monday night. the woman was able to get away. police say this case is not related to two recent kidnappings in new castle county. answers for renters from a pike creek apartment complex where a woman was kidnapped sunday. people who live at the apartments are meeting with investigators about the kidnapping coming up in 30 minutes. police believe the abductor is
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the same man who kidnapped another woman at a clay mont complex a week ago. also tonight in delaware, police looking for the man who attacked a runner at brandywine park. we'll show you the scene. police say the suspect was running near the swings and he pushed a woman from behind and tried to sexually assault her but she fought him off. new numbers show philadelphia's soda tax brought in $5.7 million in its first month. not everyone is happy about it. the money generated will go towards expanding pre-k and community schools. and it will also help renovate bri braers, parks recreation centers. it comes as beverage companies might lay off employees. >> all we're asking for is a little money to stay back in the community to educate kids in pre-k and they're like whining little babies. >> the beverage companies say the tax is hurting families and small businesses the most.
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their fight continues in court. president trump says he wants to build up the u.s. nuclear arsenal to make it, quote, the top of the pack. he made that comment in an interview with reuters. mr. trump also said the united states has fallen behind on its atomic weapons capacity but he did not say what kind of expansion, if any, the military would pursue. chris christie denying talk this evening that his next job will be on the radio. the new jersey governor went on new york's wfan radio to bat down claims he's going to take over a spot for the afternoon host mike francesca. christie's term ends in january. he did say he's looking forward to becoming a free agent for the first time in 16 years. tonight in delaware, students and parents are fighting to save their basketball season. >> the school decided to cancel the rest of their games, playoffs and all, after some postgame drama. nbc10's tim furlong is joining us in wilmington to break all this down for us.
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tim furlong joining us live. tim? >> reporter: it's not whether you win or lose it's how you play the game. in this case it's how a team reacted right after the game that's caused all the controversy. >> principal doesn't want to talk to us. >> reporter: these parents of a.i. du pont high school players say last week's game at delaware military academy was brutal, fans were taunting them with racial slurs. >> they were heard by me personally. >> reporter: after a.i. lost, a game they expected to win, with questionable calls, they say the emotions got the best of one a.i. player who bolted up the steps towards a dma student. >> they were going after our cadets. >> reporter: i saw cell video who says he doesn't believe the a.i. players were running to the locker room, they were looking to fight. the coach and principal agreed. after the investigation, the principal canceled the rest of the season, including senior night and the playoffs. >> i do not want to end my
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career like this because it was established before this incident, i don't want to see players that i coached for four years end their season like this. >> reporter: a.i.'s coach says he didn't hear racial slurs. he just saw players disobeying his instructions to walk together to the locker room. parents say not all players heard that instruction and they don't deserve to lose their season over a misunderstanding. >> they weren't going upstairs to fight. >> reporter: the dma leaders say this is making their school look bad unfairly. they did their own investigation and found no incidents of racial slurs. they say this is an a.i. issue caused by anchtsz i. players. the red clay school district has agreed to reinvestigate. it's possible they could overturn the principal's decision and allow them to compete in playoffs beginning next week. tim furlong, "nbc10 news." let's go to skyforce10 with breaking news. look at these flames. this is a building under construction, we understand, in gloucester county.
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nbc10's mitch blois in skyforce for us. what can you tell us? >> this is logan, new jersey, a building under construction. it appears to be an extremely large warehouse. this is a small corner of the building. the firefighters are standing on the roof just feet from where those flames are ripping into the sky. very impressive. very hot fire. as we were coming over from the philadelphia area, 25, 30 miles away, you could see the smoke pouring into the air. this is a building under construction in logan, new jersey. it appears the materials on the roof are on fire. firefighters are starting to spray some water. looks like, on the edges of the fire. but they are staying well back and trying to put this out. that's the latest from skyforce10, "nbc10 news." up next, all new at 6:00, will philadelphia get a piece of the pot pie?
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by the medical marijuana business might have no place here in the city and how one lawmaker is trying to change that. plus, a culture shift for philadelphia schools. the new push to keep students out of the criminal system and back on the right track.
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take a look at these flames in logan, new jersey. 15 minutes ago we just saw smoke. now these intense, out of control flames. a building under construction now on fire. let's go to mitch blacher inside skyforce10. >> logan, new jersey, i building under construction. this is just a corner of the building. if we can zoom out, i want to show you how enormous this warehouse under construction is. can you see just the corner of that building. you can see part of the roof still not complete towards the edge of the screen. if we zoom back into the flames, you can see how firefighters are attacking this fire. it appears that the materials that are ablaze are only on the roof. can you see they're kind of standing back using some of those materials as barricade. they're walking pretty freely on this roof. this is oldsman creek road in logan, new jersey. as we were coming up to this fire about 30 miles away you could clearly see the smoke rising into the sky.
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a building under construction in logan, new jersey. firefighters, we can see trucks, as you look around, you can see more fire trucks streaming into this season in logan, new jersey, as a building under construction on fire. guys? >> mitch, we know it's dark out there and a little difficult to see. in addition to firetrucks, do you see any ambulances there on the scene? is there any indication whether anyone may be hurt at this point? >> we're zooming into what looked like a couple of ambulances right now. looks like those guys are there just in case. haven't seen any level of urgency that would indicate there was anyone injured but we don't know that for sure at this point. we have many firetrucks on the scene, as you can see. and the firefighters, they don't -- they don't appear to be too concerned about how close they are to those flames. they're continuing to pour water on. we'll keep an eye on it from skyforce10. >> we're just getting more information of what this site is
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that's under construction. this is at the logan logistics center, a warehouse, as you mentioned, under construction. not in use. but it is a massive facility planned there. 1100 acres. it's a planned business park that's under construction. we know "nbc10 news's" brandon hudson is on his way to the scene on the ground. we'll get to him as soon as he gets there. >> we know it's a planned business park. mitch, you mentioned you noticed the smoke from skyforce10 25 to 30 miles out. can you tell us from that immediate vicinity if this is strictly a commercial district or if there is anything residential nearby at all where they might need to be evacuations? >> yeah, this looks pretty industrial from the sky. not a whole lot of neighborhoods. it is real dark out here. as far as looking at lights and things like that or homes, there aren't any homes around here, i can tell you that. you can see a lot more fire
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trucks starting to pour into the area. and the flames continuing to stream into the sky, guys. >> you were saying it looked as though materials that were on the roof of that fire, the roof of that building is what caught fire? >> yes. we were actually wondering what those materials are. looks like just roofing material that's being put onto the roof as they're building the roof of this new building. but the fishgs the flames, seem to be concentrated just on that roof material. they were when we got here trying to move some of those materials back so they didn't become part of the problem as they're trying to pour some water on this. >> mitch blacher from skyforce10. we'll update you as soon as we get more information on this large fire in logan, new jersey. to this now. there's been a culture shift of sorts at the school district of philadelphia when it comes to student discipline. >> senior sean allen could be a
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child with a criminal record after accidentally bringing a knife to school, but a philly schools program is working to keep more kids in the classroom and fewer in handcuffs. >> i don't have to worry about people looking at me different as if i was a young criminal. >> tonight at 11:00, policing our schools. the nbc10 investigators take you to the program aimed at keeping kids out of the so-called school-to-prison pipeline. well, welcome to the blue cross lake. used to be the ice skating rink. now melted. it will refreeze. it will take a few days. but winter's not totally over yet. we have temperatures in the 60s across most of the area. cooler at the shore. a little cooler in the poconos. 59 in mt. pocono in late february is not exactly cool.
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let's see some other temperatures in the suburbs. chester, bucks county, 64. west bradford, 67. malvern at 66 degrees. 66 in north wales. 67, ft. washington, warring ton and newtown. those are pretty high temperatures for this time of the year. and we're going to set a record, all-time record for the warmest february ever recorded. we're going to beat it by a good bit. these are calculations based on the predictions through the rest of the month. we're going to come close to records tomorrow, especially in philadelphia, record 74. we'll get on close to it. other parts of the area will get close as well. a lot of places in the 70s. one or two tiny little showers in central pennsylvania. this area of moisture in chicago, that's the next area to affect us. that won't be until saturday. these are some showers, as you
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see falling apart well north and west. tomorrow's a dry day after morning fog. then on saturday, that's when we see things change. first some morning showers north and west. then we wait for this cold front to come in with a line of showers and thunderstorms, gusty winds. but that's not until late in the day. and it's not going to last long. less than an hour. out of your whole saturday. so, the rest of the day's pretty decent. 74 in fairmount tomorrow. 70 in allentown. egg harbor township, newark, delaware, at 73 degrees. it will get cooler by sunday. that's coming up.
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once again, live pictures coming to you from skyforce10. logan, new jersey. firefighters here really have their hands full. this is a roof of a warehouse under construction and on fire at this hour, as you see. >> the materials on the roof of that building on fire. firefighters on that scene. they're on the roof, they're on the ground. firetrucks on the street doing everything they can to try to get these flames under control. we have a crew on that scene. we'll have more information as we get it. stay with us. that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪
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philadelphia wants a state waiver to make sure they can be part of the expected boon around medical marijuana. they approved it in pill, oil and topical form. disnatured dispensaries have to be 1,000 feet from where children congress gate. that's tough to find in
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philadelphia. they ask asking for a distance waiver down to 500 to make them more accessible. let's go back to breaking news we've been following for half an hour. warehouse fire in logan, new jersey. skyforce10 bringing us live pictures. >> let's go to brandon hudson live on the ground. >> reporter: let's push in on the video we're seeing right now from our perspective. the flames have kind of died down. you can see the thick, black smoke. we saw this going to another story on the interstate. we found out this was supposed to be a business park. we'll see how this impacts the construction on that property. we're about 12 miles outside the city of philadelphia. police are blocking one of the main roads out here on logan as traffic is trying to get through. if we get any updates, we'll pass them onto you. >> fortunately so far at this point, no injuries that we know of in this massive fire. that's on you news at 6:00.
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thanks for watching. >> up next, "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00 with an update on that fire. tonight, shots fired. an off duty cop caught on camera discharging him gun with teenagers. violent protest erupting in the street. what led to the altercation. president trump says he wants to expand u.s. nukes to leave no doubt that america is the number one nuclear power. while his controversial chief strategist steps out of background. stopping migraines before they start. winner take off. only one winning ticket sold in the $435 million powerball jackpot. up for sale. inside the scandalous mansion with ties to jackie kennedy on the market for


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