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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  February 24, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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we continue the warm streak. tempted to say hot streak. >> we are talking record temperatures for this afternoon. you can use your own adjective for today. it is warm this morning. mild if you prefer. 52 degrees in philadelphia. suburbs at 52 degrees. temperatures are more than 20 degrees above normal. we would usually be below freezing at this hour of day in february. new jersey, 50 degrees right now in the lehigh valley 53. see sunshine today in wilmington, some scattered clouds at 6:00. 50 degrees by 9:00 though. up to 62 degrees with the southerly wind and southerly winds. won't be strong, but they will help to boost the emphasize thes the -- the temperatures along
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with sunshine. the rest of the area, right on the beach is going to be cooler. find the 70s just inland. 72 in suburbs and 74 degrees would tee tie the record for th day in philadelphia. go through the forecast hour by hour and show you how the emphasizes warm in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten months. first find out how the traffic is looking. francesca with an update. good news. vine street expressway construction has cleared near broad street. starting to see more cars pile on the majors. for the most part doing okay right now. very light traffic. on the vine i checked 95 good to go southbound. schuylkill expressway eastbound. good to go there. travel speeds in the 50s and 60s. have an accident in royersford. mean not affecting traffic yet. take a look at this. northbound traveling from 30 to
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schuylkill is going to take ten minutes. very similar conditions for southbound. when i come back take a look at majors in new jersey in the next ten minutes. >> thank you, francesca. breaking news. fire rips through coup s throug county hotel. >> matt delucia joins us from the scene. hearing from people inside. tell us what they're telling you. >> reporter: that's right. some of them of course woke up to the sound of police banging ats their door. i did just get an update from the fire chief a few moments ago. all the hotel guests did get out. two people were injured. one of them was a police officer who is being treated for smoke inhalation. the other was a guest staying in a room where the fire the believed toe started. you're taking a live look at the hotel. fire is mostly out. about a half hour ago could see flames coming out of roof of building now we're seeing faint wisps of smoke.
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take a look at the video from earlier. you can see the fire much more intense. two-story hotel. when they showed up, people were trying to jump from second floor window to escape the fire. a lot of the damage is in the back of the building. firefighters say they responded to an activated fire alarm. this is the ramada inn. just off route 55 in vine land. few hotels along the stretch. fire is believed to have started instead a room on the second floor. spreading to a hallway and then through the attic. we did speak with a hotel guest a reposhort time ago. >> i went to the door. department know what was going on. police outside. luckily enough. said get out of here. just get out of here. i didn't have time to grab anything. all i got was clothed on and a wallet. grabbed my wallet. >> another live look here at the ramada inn.
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still a little bit of smoke coming from the roof of the building. a lot of the damage was second floor and roof. hotel guests who were staying here are being put up in another hotel at the moment. investigation beginning as to what started the fire. firefighters and police have been talking with the guest inside that room. that guest was taking to the hospital for smoke inhalation and burns. that person is expected to be okay. live in livineland. fire swept through a house in montgomery county. officials tweeted this video on scene at fpharrell court. no one was hurt. new this morning, burlington county. police are warning people to be on alert after a man was spotted performing a lewd act while hiding in bushes. three women saw the man yesterday afternoon near kings grant and wood lake drive. man ran off through a wooded area. mother in camden county says she and her family are crushed
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after the driver who hit and killed her son will not get a prison sentence. last year, susan highland's car struck him as he was walking. authorities say highland kept going, went into hiding and conspired with others to burn the car. a secret call to 911 by her niece led to her arrest. highland's case ended up in drug court with the judge ruling yesterday that she should get inpatient treatment instead of prison time. the victim's team was again heart broken. >> she took my brother. >> she's getting away with killing my son. taking my son up out of this world for no reason at all. i never want her to see the sun come up regular ever again. >> could still face prison time if she fails to pay $450 fine and other conditions set by the judge. later this morning, president trump will speak at c pack, conservative political action conference.
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attending third day of conference in maryland. mr. trump last spoke at the conference in 2015. trump administration has been well represented at c pack this week. chief strategist and white house chief of staff. pac this week. chief strategist and white house chief of staff. bannon told fans every day is going to be a fight against the media. priebus asked to help dispute reports of being in contact with russian intelligence. discussion came after it told white house it believes a "new york times" report on those contacts was inaccurate. democrats say a request like this would be a violation of justice department protocols. meantime president trump is repeati ining desire to beef up nuclear punch. expand nuclear arsenal. >> be wonderful adeem would be
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that no country would have nukes, but if countries are going to have nukes, we're going to be at the top of the pack. >> president trump also vowed to confront russian president vladimir putin over that country recent deployment of missile. banning cell phone use to curb witness intimidation. starting april 3, visitors to the criminal justice center will have to turn off cell phone and keep nit a lockable pouch provided by the sheriff's office. the ban does not apply to court staff, lawyers, law enforcement or the media. 5:07. 5 52 degrees outside. revenue on the soda tax has seemed to turn up the heat. new numbers show the tax brought in close to $6 million in january. double the earlier prediction. money will fund expanded pre-k programs universal pre-k programs, but beverage companies
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dispute the tax figures and say their sales are down meaning they'll have to lay off workers and cut hours. >> all we ask for a little bit of money to stay back in the community and they're like wining little babies. >> the beverage company say the tax is hurting families and small businesses the most. continue to fight the tax in court. organization against the soda tax has released statement in response to those new numbers. regardless of how much money the administration says i it collected in first month of the tax, pain philadelphia families and businesses is feeling is very real. eighth minutes after 5:00. warm morning. even in the poconos mountains. camelback in the 50s right now. actually warmer in the mountains than some neighborhoods in south jersey. right now 52 in philadelphia. northeast philadelphia in the 40s along with mount holly and 50 degrees in wildwood. look at redding.
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59 degrees right now. there's the temperature in the poconos mountains. 52 degrees to start with. this wind will come out of the south again today. another warmup for us riding in on winds. temperatures that will be pushed to record levels this afternoon. record for philadelphia is 74 degrees and we may very well get there. 56 degrees at 8:00 this morning. lunchtime will be close to 70 and temperatures take off in the afternoon and possibly hitting 47 degrees before 4:00. 70 at 4:00. sunshine late in the day. suburbs 5 at 8:00. lunchtime 67 degrees. into the low 70s this afternoon. lehigh valley start off with some clouds, but those clouds thin out. see a nice sunny day. look at afternoon temperatures near 70 degrees. delaware few scattered clouds. yes. not seeing the fog we had yesterday morning. 56 degrees. warmer than yesterday morning too. near 70 at noontime. into the low 70s this afternoon for delaware and south jersey.
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look at the quick warmup from 50s this morning to upper 60s. likely hit 70s between these hours by 4:00 this afternoon. still seeing sunshine and 69 degrees. at the shore, right on the beach will be cooler in the 50s. go inland and find temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. noontime right on the beach. 56 degrees. warmer weather continues into the week. not all weekend long. look at the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten. see you then. 10 minutes past friday. >> let's check the loads. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio is in for jessica this morning: watching the roads. route 73. route 38. not a lot of cars right now. headed towards philadelphia. before the betsy ross bridge you won't run into problems or delays. good news. still starting to see dicey
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conditions for you folks. looking at road closure from earlier building fire. good alternate would be almond road to route 55. still watching traffic. still pretty green. around road closures. going to be watching this as we approach the heart of rush hour. northbound for the boulevard. southbound for 95. take a flight for the philadelphia international airport. not going to run into problems or delays on the blue route. take a look at 95 as well as the schuylkill expressway. send it back to you guys. philadelphia may be left out of medical marijuana business. dispensaries could have a hard time setting up shop in the city. pipeline debate. whether a natural gas pipeline will be built on protected land. what supporters and critics are saying. coming up on nbc 10 today. we'll tell you what kind of online beauty video should follow and which ones can be downright dangerous.
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expected to be part of a business boom around medical marijuana. have to be 1,000 feet from schools and daycare centers. hard to find in the city. red boxes on the map show possible locations. contracts that with this map shows more possibilities if the rule was reduced to 5000 feet. the councilman is leading the charge to change the distance. >> really going to have a great impact on the city of philadelphia not only for the people who soufr r suffer from the pain, but economic resources it can bring to the city. >> governor wolf says he is reviewing proposed change. our youtube series continues this morning with advice of which videos are worth watching online. nbc katy zachry at that story. these days, beauty advice is
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less expensive than ever before. thanks in part to you tube. it's become very big in the last couple of years especially with makeup tutorials. some women make a business. >> there's a tutorial for almost any topic. it can be done at home. gabrielle warns a lot of it should not be. >> i would say waxing for sure. hair color, you get really risky there as well. >> reporter: try things at home that are temporary like makeup. self tanner, facials. waxing can be tempts to try by yourself. >> protect yours skin from being accidently ripped off. >> the one we watched had her cringing at time. >> you don't want wax dripping into your eye. god forbid that would happen. you would be heading to the er. >> the hottest look right now. >> eyelash extension.
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the pad is to ensure no adhesive is going to get in her eye. >> reporter: warning trying this at home by watching a video can be dangerous, dealing with glue and tweezers into the eye. >> you're going to have to invest in professional kwaumt if you be want to look like a million bucks. >> that was nbc 10 reporting. choose one that demonstrating makeup or any service semipermanent can be risky. anything near your eyes leave it to the professionals. >> now it's your turn, have you made or watch add beauty video online. reach out on social media if you have and share videos and opinions with us. we're interested. 5:17. 52 degrees. you're interested in us getting you to work. we can get you to work. we're taking a look at 95. watching southbound traffic. right over here starting to see more cars on the majors. se specially for 95. travel speeds still remain in
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the 50s and 60s. problem free on both sides. camera is looking at action on academy road. take a look at schuylkill. we were talking about the eastbound delays and so far none. we're doing pretty good. still pretty early. traveling from the blue route to vine is going to take you 13 minutes westbound. looking good as well. have a disabled vehicle without its headlights in germantown and hana avenue. 5:18. let's talk about warm weather. did you wear a coat today. >> a light coat. i left my parka at home which i usually wear every day. i wore the fleece. it's a light fleece. i didn't even need that. i walked my dog in just my shirt. >> beautiful out already. >> so nice. >> it's gorgeous. gorgeous start this morning. largely fog free. watching for some light fog in cape may. really hasn't developed just yet. there's a possibility of seeing some. not going to be a repeat of yesterday. few thin clouds and mostly clear in easton.
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this time of the year when we had clear skies usually see the temperatures plummet overnight. no, 53 degrees n. lehigh valley. suburbs 55. delaware is dropped down to 40s. 52 degrees in philadelphia and south jersey. 52 degrees and warmer. turnersville 55 degrees right now. clayton is at 49. look at 55 trees to start with. upper 40s in lumberton. low 40s nor princeton. hope well township, rob i understandville in the 50s to start with. going to be a warm start all around at the bus stop. few cooler neighbors near the shore just inland from the shore 6789 redding, quakertown, 50s for philadelphia and wilmington. that's the starting point. with sunshine and a few scattered clouds during the day, clouds won't give us any showers. really won't hold the temperatures back either. be moving through so we'll get a good deal of sunshine. showers to the north and that's where you'll find thunderstorm
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activity in western new york. we could see thunderstorms tomorrow. this system is on the move. and tomorrow afternoon we will get some late day showers and tomorrows and that's going to bring in a big change for sunday. now, before those storms move in, woel get a stronger wind out of the south. that will warm things up quickly in spite of mostly cloudy day on saturday. storms come through and the temperatures will drop for sunday. so here's your weekend forecast. 72 degrees tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies for saturday. it's late in the afternoon that we'll see the showers and thunderstorms develop for philadelphia and the suburbs. 62 in the lehigh valley. during the mid-afternoon you'll start to see showers move boo the lehigh valley. then quickly clear out for sunday. low 70s in new jersey and delaware and the shore. again right on the beach. 64 degrees. for the jersey shore. storm sweeps through. that's a cold front sweeping through. drops the temperatures for sunday. looking highs in 40s and 50s and with the wind blowing, it's going to feel colder than that.
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we are going to see more warm weather as we head into march. got the ten day on ten coming up in the next half hour. moms and dads, mark your calendar t legoland discovery center at the maul will open april 6. unveiling the leg go version of one liberty place. pretty nice. just one of several famous sights that will be displayed at the new center. man is fighting for his life after a hit and run in philadelphia. the surveillance video that shows the moments leading up to him being hit. plus a store that became the target of a tweet from president trump is speaking out about the impact.
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philadelphia airport getting an
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upgrade. extend the roadway. 5:24. officials talking about a tweet from president trump and lack of exact. you may soon see more ads on facebook. landon dowdy here with both stories this morning cnbc business news. good morning. nordstroms says it hasn't seen any major impact from president trump's sticking up for his daughter on twitter. earlier this month, trump said the retailer was treating ivanka unfairly. nordstroms reporting positive earnings last night with sales in the carter rising 2%. meanwhile, facebook is going to make more money from videos in your news feed. start putting ads look tv commercials and split rev with accomplishers. ads can't run until a video has rolled for 20 seconds and must be spaced two minutes apart. following a mixed session on
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thursday. struggling again on uncertainty over president trump's plans to boost the economy. the nasdaq fell for a second day, but the dow closed a record high for the tenth straight session. first time it's done that since 1987. you want the look for data today on new home sales. the dow rising. the nasdaq slipping 25 to 5835. back over to you. >> see what happens today. landon dowdy, cnbc, thanks. we continue to follow breaking news right now. hotel fire in vineland. getting new details about the overnight fight to get the flames under control. plus this, oh, my god. new video captures the moment two people jumped into action to help save a woman being stabbed.
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i vote today that koulgd impact land in new jersey. winter warmup. reach records today. first alert weather team tell you how long this will stick around. 5:30. temperatures in the 50s. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. most accurate nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. bill, we bow to you. >> what a beautiful day it was yesterday and another gorgeous one today. in fact this morning it's even warmer. and we're not seeing the fog that we had yesterday. nice clear view looking across the delaware and center city. 52 degrees in philadelphia. normally this time of year that would be in the 20s. lehigh valley in 53 degrees right now.


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