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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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weeks of winter remain. it really feels like spring out there. >> so strange. nbc10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz, we're waiting for records to be smashed. did it happen today, glenn? >> yeah. we've seen a couple of records broken, one tied, a couple of others close. sunshine during the day helped things. look at these readings. 71 in allentown. 74 in northeast philly, 73 pottstown, reading, and lancaster. the record for philadelphia today is 74. we have officially tied that. allentown's record of 75 has been broken. we've gotten to 76. reading is close. trenton is close. atlantic city not too close because they've got a sea breeze. and wilmington, not very close at all. we did set records in the poconos and also in georgetown,
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delaware. 73 yesterday. 74 tomorrow. then the plunge -- down to a normal temperature for this time of year. it's going to be a very warm night. look, 6:00 a.m., temperature of 57 degrees in philadelphia. even some of the cold spots in the mid 50s. remember the average high is 46 for this time of the year. and we're not even within ten degrees of it for the low temperature tomorrow morning. so obviously it's going to be another very warm day. we'll see how warm it gets and when thunderstorms are going to interrupt this spell coming up in a few minutes. to this now -- a pivotal pretrial ruling in the bill cosby sex assault case. a judge decides cosby won't have to face a parade of accusers prosecutors pushed for. the cosby defense team didn't walk away with a complete victory. nbc10 has more live from the
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montgomery county courthouse. >> deanna, walk us through how this decision was made today. >> reporter: the judge took into account the briefs and the arguments that lawyers on both sides made earlier this year. now prosecutors say that the 13 women were important to the case to show prior bad acts on part of cosby, but defense attorneys argued that the cases, that the women would tell vague stories and that their dates and times could be off. we spoke to a legal expert not connected to the case. he says this may appear to be a win for the defense. however, no one has won this case just yet. >> i think every prosecutor would try for 13 or more. >> reporter: it is a strategy david zelous has tried before. he says as a prosecutor you want as much evidence as you can to be in front of a jury. when it comes to bill cosby, prosecutors wanted 13 women to testify against him. all have claimed some skmuexual
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misconduct by cosby while they were in an unconscious state. only one of the 13, a woman identified as number six, can come forward according to the judge. she worked for an agent of cosby's who booked his personal appearances. she went for a meeting with bill cosby and he gave her wine and a white bill. she said prosecutors insisted she take the pill, even checking to make sure it was swallowed. she told police she was unable to remain awake and was sexually assaulted by cosby. zelous says the case may be strong, but in a case with so many women who have told their stories to the media, a jury could wonder why she's the only accuser on the witness stand. >> it doesn't mean the case is over. you still have to fight another day. >> reporter: and that fight will continue on monday on both sides will be in norristown arguing whether or not the case should be moved to another county or if
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jurors from another county could be brought in to hear the evidence. reporting live, nbc10 news. president trump addressed the conservative action political conference today. not since ronald reagan has a president addressed this group in his first year in office. president trump started out by once again criticizing the media, singling out what he calls fake news and protesting the use of anonymous sources. the president focused on his administration's agendas. he promised action on immigration and the affordage care act. mr. trump vowed to rebuild the military and put u.s. interests first. >> the era of empty talk is over. it's over. [ applause ] now is the time for action. >> this marks the return to this conference for president trump. he skipped it last year saying he needed to campaign.
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at the time many considered it a snub to the party. a confirmation of a request to the fbi while denying it was improper. white house chief of staff reince priebus asked a top fbi official to push back against news stories on contacts between trump aides and russians during the presidential campaign. the fbi is examining evidence as part of its investigation into russia's interference in the election. the president is blaming the fbi for leaks to the news media tweeting, "the fbi is totally unable to stop the national security leakers that have permeated our government for a long time. they can't even find the leakers within the fbi itself. classified information is being given to media that could have a devastating effect on u.s. find now." mr. trump said. hours after the president slammed the media at cpac, some white house reporters were barred from an informal white house briefing. that includes reporters from cnn and "the new york times," two outlets president trump has taken to task. the "times" released a statement
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saying this has never happened before. cnn condemned the movie theater tweeting it is unacceptable. this afternoon, the president signed another executive order. the measure directing federal agencies to create regulatory reform task forces, they will evaluate federal rules and recommend whether to keep, amend, or change them. they want to reduce what it deems expensive or unnecessary rules. final, i have a message for president trump. >> caitlyn jenner takes president trump to task. that's ahead at 4:45. see you in court! see you in court! >> see you in court. it is the choreus from protesters after plans to run a gas pipeline through the new jersey pinelands get the go ahead. the pinelands is the largest tract of untouched forest and wetlands in the state. nbc10's andrea cline-thomas is
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joining us. not everyone is pleased with the voting process. >> reporter: that's right, and that's evidenced by just how long this meeting lasted. it lasted nearly five hours. first commissioners took their vote, and then they got an earful from a lot of people who opposed it. large crowds gathered hours before the pinelands commission meeting. >> not only is it beautiful area. it's set aside specifically for remaining natural and not having interference from government. >> reporter: once inside, they hoped their signs, physical presence -- ♪ -- and even songs could sway commissi commissioners to vote against the south jersey pipeline. >> do the right thing! >> reporter: it did not work. >> comes down to whether it's in wetlands, whether it falls to threatening endangered species areas. does it conform with the management plan and other aspects? >> reporter: in a 9-5 vote with one commissioner abstain, the pipeline was approved to be built through the natural reserve. 22 miles total. the pipeline would run from more
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east township to cape may county, supplying energy to more than 140,000 customers along the coast. >> it's slow, and if they get the approved pipelines, then there's work. you know, six 12-hour days. for six months, that's a lot of hours for guys. ♪ >> reporter: concerns raised include the potential for the pipeline to leak. pollution -- to leak pollution from the power plant and the overall precedent it sets across the state. >> to protect the planet and take care of each other. we're not going to survive. >> see you in court! >> reporter: and opponents say they're not going away. you heard the chants, "see you in court." the next steps are a lawsuit. we'll tell you the grounds they hope to cite. that story coming up at 5:00. reporting live, andrea cline-thom anbc10 news. a day after protesters living in tent village were kicked off the dakota access
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pipeline, we learned oil could be flowing in less than two weeks. the company building the pipeline says it's finished drill be and will be laying pipe soon. two native american tribes along with thousands of others are protesting saying it threatens water and cultural sites. at home, a followup on a hit-and-run investigation in kensington from last night. philadelphia police telling nbc10 they have found a car that may have been involved in last night's crash that left a man in critical condition. they're still checking it out to see if it's the same vehicle that left the scene on clearfield street. the victim here just across the street from his house, and he was hit in the crosswalk. we have new information about a hotel fire in south jersey. the flames sent people jumping from windows early this morning. the vineland police chief tells us it it could be a week before he knows what started that fire. firefighters got a call around 2:00 this morning for a fire at the ramada inn off route 55. look at the forward-looking statements. it appears the fire -- look at the flames. it appears the fire spread through the hallway and to the
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attic. a look from sky force 10 shows the damage. two people were injured including a police officer. -w he was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and may be stayista staying overnight. >> ran to the door, didn't know what was going on. it was the police outside, luckily enough. and said, get out of here. just get -- get out of here. so i didn't have time to grab the -- all i got was clothes on and the wallet. >> the fire chief is hoping to talk to the injured guest tomorrow. in montgomery county, a supermarket and deli in norristown back open after it was targeted by burglars for the fourth time in just two years. we spoke with the owner of cinco de mayo. they noticed the break-in just before 8:00 this morning. latest one. you see two cash registers and a safe were damaged. police still haven't released
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surveillance video but say a man used a sledgehammer here. south jersey has a new centralized crime-fighting hub. >> ready, one, two, three -- a ceremony was held to mark the opening of the realtime crime center south. it's at rowan college at gloucester county. state police operate the center. it supports local and state law enforcement agencies in six south jersey counties. it collects, analyzes, and shares realtime tactical intelligence. the center includes state-of-the-art technology already used in other parts of new jersey. bringing the capabilities we have in trenton, the capabilities we have in newark, and we're bringing them here to south jersey. >> the center has 16 work stations that will be manned by law enforcement officers from across south jersey. this afternoon, a high school basketball team in new castle county will forfeit the rest of its season including the playoffs. this is after some of its players were accused of arguing
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and using racial slurs after a loss. the school district upheld the decision today at a.i. dupont high school in wilmington after their game against delaware military academy. the principal says players acted in a way that violates standards of sportsmanship and conduct. an unusual drug problem is surfacing in the lehigh valley to tell you about. experts telling nbc10 drug users are abusing the anti-diarrhea medication imode yum to get high -- immodium to get high, and some people have died. >> one doctor is making a plea to the drug's maker. >> reporter: inside the emergency room at lehigh value hospital -- >> a weak opioid. but if you take enough -- >> reporter: doctors and nurses track a new phenomenon from patients on the front lines of it the opioid epidemic. >> on monitor we noticed she had a lethal rhythm. >> reporter: last year, one patient arrived with an erratic heartbeat, nearly unconscious. >> going up and down, up and down. dizziness, lightheadedness.
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feeling like he or she may pass out. >> reporter: doctors were perplexed. it wasn't heroin. jed, they realized she -- instead, they realized she was overdosing on the generic for immodium. >> she tried to deny. it then she admitted to it. >> it's a relatively cheaper form of inebriation. >> reporter: the doctor has seen two patients near death. opioid addicts looking for alternatives, taking dozens, even hundreds of anti-diarrheal pills to get high. >> boxes and boxes. exponentially more than anyone would ever need. >> reporter: last year the fda issued a warning about laparamide. emergency rooms reported a 70% spike over the last years. in normal doses, the drug is safe. doctors are warning families to be on the lookout for excessive use. >> i'm guessing it's going to happen again. i would bet money on it.
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>> reporter: nbc10 news. and a warning this evening for college students -- don't slayer your drinks. that's -- don't share your drinks. that's coming from the pennsylvania department of health after a case of the mumps has been confirmed at penn state's main campus. mumps is a contagious disease. it's caused by a virus and typically starts with a few days of fever, headache, muscle aches, tiredness, and loss of appetite followed by swollen glands. nearly $1.5 million is how much rutgers university spent on last year's commencement ceremony headlined by then-president barack obama. school officials say major larger crowds. they say 52,000 people attended the ceremony. 50% more than the year before. oh, my god! obama is in the building! >> obama! >> obama! [ cheers ] >> that was new york city today.
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it was -- obama! >> president obama causing this frenzy when he was leaving an office building on 5th avenue in manhattan. listen to the crowd cheering -- [ wild cheers ] gave a quick wave before getting into the suv that you see. and you saw stores there outside. in a couple of weeks we'll known if any local jcpenney stores will be closing. pe penney's closing 140 stores to focus on online shopping. jcpenney's says a list of closures will be out by mid-march. an especially sunny day in delaware county. students decked out in everything yellow. this is the school's 50th annual yellow day. it started back in 1967 to brighten the dreary winter that year. today, not dreary at all. we're dealing with record warmth in our area. it's not the case everywhere else. look at this video out of rochester, minnesota. neighbors awoke to 13 inches of snow. they are still dealing with a
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blizzard warning. that area expects another five inches of snow before that storm clears out. >> they are getting real winter weather. we're looking at temperatures in the 70s this afternoon. it's hard to believe. >> and if they're showing video of what we're dealing with here, they're not happy at all. >> they were in the 60s just a few days ago. that is right. things can change pretty quickly this time of the year. we're not getting into the snow business. we're not staying with this much longer. one more day of it. 71 in philadelphia now. southerly wind. we've got temperatures, 70-plus. much of the area. look at the lehigh valley, 75. delaware, cooler because you're closer to the water. the delaware bay helps to keep the temperature down. and let me show you how much the atlantic ocean helps to keep the temperature down. when the ocean temperature is 42 -- look at that. it's 54 at cape may point.
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55 in ventner. an onshore wind, 71 in woodbine, 70 in the township. a similar issue tomorrow. don't go heading to the shore expecting 70 degrees. it's not going to happen there. we tied a record officially in philadelphia, broke the record by a degree in allentown. tied the record in reading. broke it in trenton. atlantic city and wilmington again because of the proximity to the water did not break records. we've got one more day of 70-plus across much of the area. not at the beaches. february again, going to be the warmest ever recorded by a lot. and the precipitation generally, 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. not three hours worth in any one spot. but 4:00 western suburbs to 7:00 at the shore. let me show -- here is the dry air. there is the line of showers and thunderstorms.
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and that's what's coming this way. tomorrow morning, it's dry. much of the morning is dry except perhaps up toward the poconos. most of your saturday is dry, but look at this -- 4:00, here come these thunderstorms from the lehigh valley down through chester county and just getting into delaware. by 6:00, it's down getting closer to the shore. and let's say central new jersey. by 8:00, it's gone. so we're talking about just a brief period of time. here's a closer view. look what happens to the temperatures -- it's 65 at allentown. after the storm hits, it's 54 in reading. one hour later, it just dropped to 54 in allentown. philly's dropped to 63. one more hour later, now it's dropped to 56 in philadelphia. so you can see once this rain
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comes in, it's going to knock the temperatures down. it's not like it's going to be turning to snow or anything. it's going to get seasonally cold. average temperatures for this time of year. of course we're going to be kind of spoiled by the time we get there. philadelphia, 72 degrees. not quite a record tomorrow. the records are a little higher tomorrow. so i doubt if we're going to be seeing it. look at the jersey shore. high temperature, 58 degrees. we've got more of a south to southeast wind tomorrow, and the closer you are to the water, the cooler it's going to be. the farther you are away from it, the warmer. than sunday, everybody gets dry weather, everybody gets wind, everybody is colder. that's going to be the coldest day for several days because we're going to start warming up
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again by monday. look at this seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. for your neighborhood, the ten-day forecast coming up later. >> that's a tease. >> hope you have the coat somewhere handy. always at the ready. >> it is. to this now -- he lost one thing then won something else seconds later. >> next, the agony of the feet. what one winning runner managed to cross the finish line without. plus, beer business. the local convenience store looking to make suds more convenient. take it outside with the flyers set for an outdoor showdown with the penguins. one big threat could stand in the way tomorrow. live in pittsburgh coming up. and look at that sight -- sky force 10 over chester county. a great day to go for a ride with the horse. just beautiful weather out there as sky force 10 shows it to us live this afternoon. 71 degrees at 4:20 in february.
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let's take a look at the closing bell on wall street. [ bell ] ending the week on a high note. we'll be right back.
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16 firefighters in san francisco put their lives on the line for a dog. take a look at the rescue video. one firefighter was lowered on a rope to grab the dog and bring him over the cliff. the wind was howling. the owner said the dog was off the leash and got too curious near the cliff, tumbling right over the side. >> no job they won't tackle. move over, shoeless joe jackson. there's a new shoeless hero in town. watch the runner in the blue uniform. he is running -- can you see -- with only one shoe on. william burdeny is his name. -- purdy is his name.
4:25 pm
the american university not only won the race in boston, he set a personal record. the shoeless runner is training to do it again. he tweeted a picture of his banged up shoeless foot, and we'll spare you that sight. amazing that -- >> can you imagine? i've seen football kickers intentionally not wearing a shoe because they think they can kick better. to run like that. >> show must go on, right? we are smashing record temperatures as we ease into the weekend. >> the sudden spring will come to a sudden end before the weekend is over. glenn? that's right. we saw a bunch of records fall today. changes are on the way, and that line of thunderstorms is going to do it. talking a big drop in the temperatures. saturday storms, i'll tell you what to expect and when ahead of my exclusive first alert forecast. >> reporter: is it too warm for hockey outside? a question everyone is asking here at heinz field. my name's keith jones. i am live in the steel city. it's 70 degrees.
4:26 pm
the ice might be melting. will the flyers get a chance to play tomorrow? i'll tell you coming up. ♪ trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪
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the perfect day for a hike or a stroll. nbc10 in philadelphia's chestnut hill today where neighbors were out for a walk in tank tops and shorts. today tied a record high for february in the city. >> puts you in a great mood. doesn't it? let's look at cape may. temperatures didn't hit the 60s today. the sun is out. that beach still looks good to me. >> yeah. i would not stay away from it. here's a live look from sky force 10 over the reservoir in delaware county. a great afternoon to be outside like they are. just enjoying the weather.
4:30 pm
just outside if at all possible. >> anything. a lot of people out in the city. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here. i saw just tons of people in washington square out for lunchtime. eating their sandwiches. walking the dogs. a great day. >> yeah. you'll see more of that tomorrow. most of the day tomorrow is going to be a lot like today. oh, might be some more cloud cover, and the showers come late in the day. most of the day, you're all right. we've got a lot of sunshine today. good visibility out there. and it is incredible for february. 74 in northeast philly. 75 in allentown. 73 in dover. lancaster, pottstown, reading, even 65 at mt. pocono. and mt. pocono broke a record. so did georgetown, delaware. their records don't go back as far as philadelphia's, for example. we're talking 1870s. and we tied that record.
4:31 pm
allentown broke the record by a degree. reading has tied a record. trenton has broken the record by one degree. the other place, atlantic city, wilmington, too close to the water. the water is colder. and that's why the wind off the water kept the temperatures down. 73 yesterday. 74 today. 72 tomorrow. and then the plunge comes. that's exactly average for this time of the year. this is not an average night. 10:00 tonight, it's still 61 degrees. no rain. the wind will die down some, so -- go and enjoy the friday night here. near 60 degrees all across the area. the only place that's cooler is at the jersey shore. even down to 49 by 6:00 a.m. going hour by hour when the rain's going to mess things up tomorrow coming up.
4:32 pm
let's check the news. we're coming for you county by county. in burkes county the fbi is still investigating city government in reading. this is video from two u.s. ago when reading city hall was raided. the fbi specifically looking into former mayor vaughn spencer and how he was spending federal money. to camden county. this guy here suspected of stealing a car that was left running on 32nd street this month. take a look. you see him in the red hood, a black jacket. police found the car, but they are still looking for the man. in north hampton county, buying beer could soon get more convenient. the turkey hill mini market on route 512 in hanover township might soon be able to sell beer. it's up for discussion at a board meeting next month. take a live look at the place that has plenty of extra room today. the blue cross river rink at penn's landing. the temperatures turning the rink into a swamp.
4:33 pm
ice force 10 on the job. it usually kitsap the ice in tip--- usually keeps the ice on in tip-top shape, but today pushing around gallons and gallons of water. and the ice rink in heinz field in pittsburgh has a lot of ice on it today. the flyers set to play the penguins tomorrow in a faceoff on nbc. the rink is a soggy mess today. nbc10's keith jones is live at pittsburgh. >> so how that ice looking right now? >> reporter: mm is a good way to describe it, as a matter of fact. we tried to get hold of the ice guy. he is too busy to talk with us. that should tell us something. take a look behind me. this is what's going on now. crews are working to set up this field. and then the ice beyond it, that's where the pittsburgh penguins are practicing now. a good sign. about an hour ago, i want to show you this -- crews removed a reflective tarp they had put down to keep the ice cool. they went over it with a zamboni. i was asking around.
4:34 pm
one guy told me that the one thing they're looking at is whether the ice is three quarters of an inch thick. if it is not, they could decide tonight to move this game to sunday. now back live, the last time hockey was played at heinz field, it was the winter classic in 2011. i was covering it. it was about 50 degrees and raining. the game still went on. they still played it. the big question is tomorrow with similar conditions will they make that decision. let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. he's got a good answer. i know a lot of people here are talking about a drop in temperatures. perhaps in time for the puck drop tomorrow night at 8:00. >> yeah. and i think that is the case. we are going to have a dramatic change. not only in the philadelphia area but also in pittsburgh where it's near 80 degrees right now, believe it or not. this line of showers and storms getting into ohio, that is going to change the whether in pittsburgh. so they're -- change the weather
4:35 pm
in pittsburgh. so they're going to get brief heavy rain tonight. then look at what is going to happen to the temperature. dropping through the 60s tonight. by tomorrow morning into the 50s. by 1:00 tomorrow, 46. by 9:00 tomorrow, 32 degrees. that temperature is going to drop 40 degrees from where it is now -- more than 40, from where it is now to when they're playing the game tomorrow. so the timing is pretty good for them. if they were playing tonight, forget it. >> reporter: exactly. the guy in charge of the ice, he's got a lot on his plate. we're going to try to catch up with him coming up at 5:00. in addition, the penguins are playing, they're practicing on this ice. the flyers are going to do that at 6:00.
4:36 pm
we're going to try to catch up with some of the players to see how the ice felt today. and again, this decision could be made tonight as far as whether this game gets played tomorrow or is delayed to sunday. for now live at heinz field, keith jones, nbc10 news. >> still has to be hot in the uniforms. practicing out there in these temperatures. >> reporter: probably, idea. i think it's 75, 76 degrees. >> crazy. see you soon. we'll check back in a bit. nbc10 will have exclusive live coverage with keith and more at heinz field. join us tomorrow for a pregame show starting at 7:00 for "let's take it outside." next, a weighty revelation. it's not just the extra pounds but where they collect on your body that make matters a whole lot worse. what doctors have discovered straight ahead. and sticky situation. the reason stores can't keep glue on their shelves these days. that's ahead on nbc10 news at 4:00.
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videos like commercials. those ads will run about 20 seconds into videos and will be spaced two minutes apart. of course it's about making money. whenever those ads come up, the moment you have the ability to skip right past it, skip ad. >> click. >> moving on. caitlyn jenner has something to say to president trump. >> this is a disaster, and you can still fix it. >> what jenner is calling a disaster. her message for the president next. plus, record warmth to start the weekend. but changes are on the way. when those temperatures are going to drop, plus, i'm tracking thunderstorms. i'll break it down next. says
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4:44 pm
so far president trump has not responded to caitlyn jenner. >> she did ask him to call her. jenner publicly called out the public on twitter and instagram
4:45 pm
last night, solding him for revoking -- scolding him for revoking protections for transgender people. take a look. >> from one republican to another, this is a disaster. and you can still fix it. you made a promise to protect the lgbtq community. call me. >> earlier this week, the trump administration, as you may know, withdrew obama-era guidance on transgender bathroom use in public schools. colorado rancher is showing his support for the president by plowing the word "trump" right into his land. the whole thing is a mile long. the archerer wants to -- the rancher wants to show that even though colorado voted for hillary clinton, the president has support there. special honors for a coast guard member who rescued a teenager from drowning. delaware senator chris coons was on the lifesaving ceremony for chris maybry. he jumped into the waters in 2015 after seeing a teenager in
4:46 pm
distress. putting their skills to the test. nbc10 in bucks county. dozens of high school seniors used their automotive skips to win a million dollars in scholarships and prideses at the 23rd annual auto tech competition. they'll go to new york for the national competition. it is a friday evening. it's beautiful out there. wonder if a lot of people are making plans to eat outside tonight. >> last night, there was al fresco dining. people lining the sidewalks with the outdoor tables. who would have thought you could enjoy this in february? >> sky force 10 flying around to show what people are doing on this friday afternoon. this is lacrosse practice, once again outside in the shorts at monsignor bonner and arch penned graft school inni upper darby. beautiful afternoon. did you ever play lacrosse? >> i did not. swimming, rowing -- which it would be decent weather for both today. >> i'm telling you, it's great
4:47 pm
for almost everything outdoors except for skiing and ice skating. not exactly great for that. things are going to change in a couple of days. 71 degrees in philadelphia right now. the suburbs, even wraerm. the -- even warmer. the lehigh valley, delaware beaches. 72 in newark. 72 in glasgow. the farther you are from delaware bay, the warmer it is. 63 at ready point. 72 at middletown. farther south, 73 in felton. 72 in renton. 71 in milton. look at what's going on here. long neck is 64. lewis is 68. it's 49. 49 in dewey beach. these instruments are correct. you got a cold ocean and a wind off of that can really make a
4:48 pm
tremendous difference as you just saw. all right. philadelphia, officially tied the record, allentown broke it, trenton broke it, reading tied it. we also broke records in mt. pocono and georgetown, delaware. the records don't go back as far. i'm not as impressed by those. the ones that go back 140 years, i'm pretty impressed by them. got a lot of sunshine. things are going to change. this fairly narrow line of showers and thunderstorms. it's going to be coming through. now when it's a narrow line and it's moving quickly, it means it's not going to last long of the most of tomorrow is okay, too. maybe some more clouds around, especially in the morning. a few showers up toward the poconos. by midday, again, the rest of the area is dry. and here comes that line. by 4:00, generally just to the north and west. by 6:00, it's already getting close to the shore. so you may be talking about less than an hour's worth of rain,
4:49 pm
and probably not much more than 15 minutes worth of a downpour. you talk hour by hour, i'll go half hour by half hour. tomorrow afternoon, 3:30, there's heavy rain, thunderstorms, allentown down to reading. 4:00, near pottstown. also in the poconos. still not quite in philadelphia. a half hour later, here comes some nasty stuff from detailstown to pottstown and wilmington. temperature drops behind it. by 5:00, we've got some heavy showers and thunderstorms in bucks, montgomery counties, into the philadelphia area. 5:30, doylestown through trenton. 6:00, now we're talking about cape may county up toward atlantic city. did you notice the 48 in atlantic city? and 6:30, there we are. there's a line of storms right along the coastline. we're starting to dry out across much of the rest of the area.
4:50 pm
so what we're going to have tomorrow, it's going to interrupt the warmth. but again, most of the day is still going to be dry. >> all right. to this now, jobseekers beware. you're about to meet a local man who thought he hit the jackpot with a new career. the lesson he learned and what the nbc10 investigators want you to know to avoid getting ripped off next.
4:51 pm
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if you're concerned about immigration, our sister station has you covered tonight. >> they'll have local immigration lawyers taking your calls starting at 5:00. call 877-622-9228 if you have a question.
4:54 pm
to "nbc responds." a warning for jobseekers looking for employment on line. >> a bridgestone man thought he hit the jackpot with the new career, but the offers weren't legit. how to avoid getting ripped off. >> reporter: steven smith thought his life was about to take a great turn. the bridgeton man was looking for a job on he replied to a few postings for jobs running errands and was told he was hired. >> i was ecstatic. i was overwhelmed. >> reporter: new employers started sending thim hhim check thousands of dollars. >> i thought that i had -- all of my problems were going to be cured. >> reporter: something didn't sit right with smith. >> they would have instructions for me. first instruction always being deposit the check. >> reporter: smith decided to do his due diligence before making the deposits. he called the banks written on the checks which confirmed smith's fears -- >> that check i wasn't real. it was pi-- it was pretty much e
4:55 pm
worst day of my life. >> reporter: he reported the checks to, but the site never got back to him. he called "nbc responds" to warn other job seekers, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. >> i put a lot at stake. as a result i'm really suffering. >> reporter: never responded to us for comment. the better business bureau said smith did the right thing by calling the bank written on the check. and if you deposit a check, always wait for it to clear before you withdraw any federal funds it. >> if it doesn't clear, you know something's wrong with that check. >> you're on the hook for the cash. >> yeah. >> okay. >> if you have a consumer complaint for nbc10 responds, you know what you do -- fill out the form on or call. either way we will respond to you. coming up on monday, what happens to your car lease when tragedy strikes? the answer might be a little more complicated than you think. harry shows what to check for before you sign your next lease.
4:56 pm
that's monday on nbc10 "news today." we're working on exclusive new stories for you at 5:00. >> including sticker shock for a little league baseball team. why they got stuck with a $17,000 bill and how it's affecting kids who just want to play ball. and only on 10, inside the new militia. we found citizen soldiers actively training right in the pocono mountains. nbc10's mitch blocker shows who these soldiers are, and what they're about next.
4:57 pm
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 150 meg internet.
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which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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lights out. the electric bill that left a little league team with sticker shock. see you in court! see you in court! see you in court! >> protesting the pipeline. why this project has a community and officials at odds. >> reporter: on the ice. i'm keith jones in pittsburgh. the flyers are supposed to play, but will the weather cooperate? >> good evening, we'll have more live in a moment. first, swing and a miss. >> a little league team in delaware got hit with a $17,000 electric bill. tonight they're wondering why they have to pay for the power company's mistake. >> new at 5:00, tim furlong joins us in new caswell this exclusive. tim -- new castle with this
5:00 pm
exclusive. tim? >> reporter: the little league is trying to dig out of a big financial hole. turns out these lights here and a big mistake, they're going to put the plans this league has in the on-deck circle a little bit longer. >> thought it was a joke -- >> reporter: sorry, joe, it's not a joke. the local municipal electric company told the new castle president they've been under billing for 12 years, and the lotion owes $17,000 -- and the league owes $17,000. >> safety lights come on nightly. the field lights would only come on for a weeknight game. >> reporter: the local electric folks admit this was their billing error. i tried to play middleman. you can't let them slide on this? because it's a little league? they say they can't just let anyone slide on a bill. they answer to every citizen in new castle and need to treat everyone fairly, even a nonprofit league for kids. >> the electric was actually used, and it just wasn't billed. they


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