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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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crash landing, a helicopter goes down in the middle of a new jersey neighborhood. closing time. another major company is shutting stores across america. the potential impact on your neighborhood shopping mall. tracking storms. you can see them on nbc 10 first alert. what to expect in your neighborhood and the impact on your weekend. nbc 10 news starts now. murder mystery. a woman found dead inside her living room. tonight police are searching for her killer. >> police say the woman likely was beaten in the head. >> this afternoon a relative discovered that woman's body face down inside her home in port richmond. brandon hudson reports. >> reporter: a few hours tonight
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time stood still for families on the 3200 block of mercer street. many of them consoled each other as philadelphia police worked to find out who killed their neighborhood, a 57-year-old woman. >> quiet woman, friendly. i've known her a long time. >> reporter: timothy johnson told us he's known the vick testimony for 30 ye-- victim fo years. he saw police cars and officers on the street in their port richmond neighborhood. a family member discovered the victim face down in her living room. >> she was suffering from obvious trauma to her head. she was also lying in a pool of blood. >> reporter: we learned someone trashed the second floor. the missing items include electronics. police hope private surveillance cameras can show someone entering and leaving the home. as word of the death spread, shock settled into this
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neighborhood on a warm and busy friday evening. >> it's a close knit neighborhood. a lot of people know each other from the neighborhood. >> reporter: police have not identify who had the victim is. police did not find a weapon inside the home. they do not have a description of the suspect. a helicopter makes a crash landing in northern jersey. this is in morris county just outside of new york city. the aircraft, which is registered in delaware, came down near an apartment complex around 6:30. the helicopter's tail hit a garage. two people on board suffered minor injuries. turning to our first alert weather now, storms heading our way. you can see them right there. they could impact your weekend plans. >> what should you expect in your neighborhood? >> these storms are going to be affecting us during the day tomorrow but only for a brief
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period. they're still way back to the west, just getting into cleveland right now. it's a pretty solid line. there are thunderstorms with it. it's moving to the east. there's no doubt that it's coming our way. let's put the timing on it here. 11:00 a.m., there's still nothing around. most of the day tomorrow is dry and it's warm again. but by 2:00, it's starting to get a little closer to burkes county. by 4:00 it's right in our area from the poconos down to the western suburbs. by 6:00 it's already pretty much into new jersey. so this is moving rapidly. that means the heavy rain won't last long. there will be gusty winds with it too. i'll break it down neighborhood by neighborhood coming up a little bit later. we're learning more about a hit-and-run in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. police have found a car that may have been involved in last night's crash that left a man in critical condition.
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this is a picture of the victim in the hospital. he lives across the street where where he was run over. tonight we spoke to a friend of that victim. >> he was just a great guy. you know, he was zbrus the store to his house, from his house to the store everybody loved him. >> the victim remains in critical condition. doctors plan to operate on both of his legs tomorrow. a south jersey community on high alert tonight after another lewd act in the same neighborhood. a report of a man exposing himself behind some bushes, the man used a nearby path to get away. police say he fits the description of a guy who exposed himself in the same area last month. police released this sketch of the suspect in the previous case. bill cosby's attorneys return to court month to argue the actor's trial should be moved out of montgomery county or have jurors from another
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county. a judge ruled only one of the women accusing cosby of sexual assault will be allowed to tell her story in court. cosby's sexual assault trial begins in june. he is charged with sexual assaulting andrea constand back in 2004. tonight we're getting a look at the gop plan that would repeal and replace many parts of the affordable care act. nbc news obtained a copy of the draft bill. it calls for expanding tax credits and health savings accounts for individuals. for the more controversial parts of obamacare, the bill would eliminate both the employer and individual requirement to provide or have health insurance. it would also cut funding to planned parenthood. tonight healthcare was one of the issues president trump discussed at the conservative political action conference. the president promised action on healthcare, immigration and rebuilding the military along with putting u.s. interests
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first. >> the era of empty talk is over. it's over. now is the time for action. >> president trump vowed again tonight to build a wall along the u.s./mexico border. tonight we are hearing what happened when prisoners took guards hostage earlier this month inside a delaware prison. an attorney representing the two guards who survived and the family of lieutenant steven floyd says the officers were brutally beaten for hours. at one point inmates lit a glan k -- blanket on fire and tossed it on officers. they feared for their lives during the 20-hour ordeal. >> smith's injuries -- i mean, he was beaten from heat to toe. i mean, literally every part of his body. if he were here today, he would
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want to shake your hands. but he could not shake your hands because his hands still cannot grasp anything. >> the inmates staged a fight as they came back from the yard. loved ones gather tonight to remember a woman shot to death in north philadelphia. police say someone shot christina tusado early sunday morning outside an exotic nightclub. police are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the shooter. prison time for one of the two owners of a popular jersey shore pizza shop. one was sentenced to 15 months behind bars for tax evasion. his wife mary will serve three years probation. they opened decades ago. there are four locations in ocean city and summers point. in south jersey, a plan to run a gas pipeline through the jersey pinelands gets the
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go-ahead despite protesters coming out in full force. >> see you in court! >> the pipeline was approved to be built through the jersey pinelands. it is the largest tract of untouched forest and wetlands in the state. the pipeline would run for 22 miles from morris township to cape may counties, supplying energy to 140,000 customers along the coast. the sierra club plans to sue. >> when democracy is made a mockery of, the option we have is to go to court. that's what we will do. >> everyone here is getting in the car and driving away. they're going to go home and turn their light switches on, turn their tvs on. that's just a simple fact of life. there is alternatives. this is what we have. >> despite the yes vote, protesters say they will not give up the fight.
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>> zbl >>. hundreds came out for the homes for heros fund-raiser in ridley township. changing times, another major department store is planning to downsize. the potential impact on malls in our area. balloon ban, the local city cracking down on a party time staple. power struggle. why the new castle little league is now on the hook for a $17,000 light bill. and i'm tracking these storms. going to put an end to this record breaking warmth. i'll break down when the storms arrive in your neighborhood and then what comes next.
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♪ these young vocalists are getting ready for a big performance tomorrow at the johnson house in germantown.
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members of the choir rehearsed for the show called "the good raised up." it tells the story of slaves finding refuge at the historic site, once a stop along the underground railroad. a northern pennsylvania food pantry will have to go to plan b to feed the homeless. >> that's after police say someone stole their delivery truck. >> watch the top of your screen here. surveillance video shows the truck parked outside the new life food pantry. another truck parks nearby. that driver hops into the pantry truck and takes off. the pantry gets its food from a supplier in nazareth. doctors are seeing a strange new trend as they fight the opioid epidemic. >> patients unable to get the opioid are instead resorting to over the counter diarrhea medicine to get high.
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officials say addicts will take dozens of pills to achieve an opioid high, but it can come with deadly consequences. >> it was going up and down, dizziness, light-headedness. >> she first tried to deny it and then he said i know what causes this and she finally admitted to. >> doctors say in normal doses the drug is safe and good for digestive problems. families should be on the lookout for excessive use which could mean an opioid addiction. some local malls are preparing for big vacancies as jc penneys gets ready to close 140 stores across the country. >> this is a time for traditional stores to adapt but it's not necessarily a total decline. >> reporter: jc penney is planning to close 14% of its stores. the full list comes next month
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t. owners of the willow grove mall in montgomery county are already preparing for a vacancy. >> i shon p online. >> reporter: online shopping has made it easy to avoid the mall. there are tons of options and it only takes minutes to order. give it a couple of days to ship and the product is right on your doorst doorstep. now physical stores are looking to offer you things you can't find in a box. >> in some of the malls in particular we've seen strategies shift to include more restaurant concepts. but increasingly things bowling alleys and movie theaters. >> reporter: as malls shift away from anchor stores, there is an opportunity to reuse that space for homes, offices, even industrial space. >> there's already infrastructure in place for the billing itself. and really it's an opportunity to drive additional traffic to be the retail that already
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exists. >> reporter: so the mall isn't going anywhere. >> i prefer to go in the store and shop. >> reporter: but you can expect new stores and strategies. drew smith, nbc 10 news. from our jersey shore bureau, a new law in atlantic city on gas bill balloons is getting mixed reactions from neighbors. >> it's the latest coastal resort to ban the release of balloons to protect the environment. sending the balloons in the sky can result in a fine of up to $500. t turtles, dolphins and even whales can eat them and die. >> i agree. this way it doesn't hurt the animals in the water or litter. >> i think it's just hogwash. all you're doing is destroying celebrations. >> the new law takes effect next month. tonight president trump is professing his love for a local company. >> the president was speaking at the conservative political
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action conference when campbell's soup came up. take a listen. >> they had 29 of the biggest business leaders in the world in my office, caterpillar tractor, campbe campbell's soup. we had everything. i like campbell's soup. >> the president's meeting with the ceo's yesterday discussed building new plans here in the u.s. and keeping jobs in the country. turning to our weather and the record february warmth. >> nbc 10 in st. joseph's university in overbrook tonight. >> this really shows you how unseasonably warm the weather is. look at the blue cross river rank at penn's landing. it was covered in a layer of water today. >> the weather's about to take a major turn. that means thunderstorms heading our way. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane"
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schwartz. >> just about all the neighbors are going to be warm again tomorrow. look how warm it is right now. 63 lehigh valley, 63 in many of the p.a. suburbs. west bradford township, still at 60. st. david's, north wales, bed minister, 62 degrees at 11:00 at night in february. just imagine how warm it's going to be getting during the day tomorrow. we tied a record in philadelphia at 74. allentown and trenton broke records. redding tied a record. allentown's record was the warmest temperature ever recorded in february. and a couple dozen other cities in the eastern united states had the warmest ever for february. that's an impressive record. that's an impressive line of
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showers and thunderstorms coming through ohio now. it's going to redevelop during the day tomorrow. most of the day is dry. it's warm. watch what happens as this line of storms develops and coming through. could be some gusty winds with it. hitting redding by 3:00. hitting pocono, getting into allentown between 3:30 and 4:00. pottstown at 4:00. 4:30 doylestown. 5:00, right into philadelphia. 5:30 just starting to get out and into trenton. by 6:00 it's already down to the shore and we're clearing out in philadelphia. that's how quickly things are going to be changing as we go through the day tomorrow. yeah, everybody's going to see a thunderstorm, but it's not going to last long. so maybe you'll have an hour's worth of rain. the downpour part of it might be
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15 minutes. you get a gust of wind, a 40, maybe 50 miles an hour in some spots. and then it's over with. the only place that's cool is at the shore with the on shore winds. everybody is cooler on sunday. it's dry. it's windy. but those temperatures are just average for this time of the year and then it starts warming up again on monday as you see in the seven day forecast here at the bottom of your screen. the ten-day coming up later. up next, making a playoff the field. >> the philadelphia eagle who's giving back to his family. where should you start when you're
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this election is very, very important to middle class people to live the life they deserve. don't ask yourself the morning after the election "why didn't i vote?" the new castle little league just got hit with a major league atlantic trick bill. the league's been accidentally under billed for more than a
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decade. now it has to pay back $17,000. the power company admits it charged the wrong rate but says it would be unfair to let the league slide. the league president says it's a slap in the face. >> little league baseball is not a money making venture for us at new castle little league. just about every dime that we take in goes back out. >> the league set up a fund-raiser through its facebook page. but if it can't raise the money, some of its scheduled improvement projects will have to wait. for this now paying it forward, an eagles player is giving back to his father. >> brandon brooks is 27 years old. he says it's taken him a wihile to realize how hard it was for his dad since his parents were divorced. he bought his dad a new range rofr. rover. the car is a small token of appreciation for everything his father did for him. such a nice gift.
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>> we'll hear about ben simmons' injury situation. plus the sixers were on the court for the first time in over a week. they needed someone to step up against the wizards. we'll show you.
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this is sports desk fwrubro to you by xfinity. >> hey hey, good evening. sixers back in action for the first time since the all star break, hosting the wizards in south philly. stopping the wizards means slowing down this guy john wall. this is not slowing him down. the sixth dunk with the left
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hand. two rebounds short of a triple- double. but the sixers had seven guys in double figures. sixers win 120-112. ben simmons will not play at all this season. simmons had a scan that showed the fracture in his right foot has not fully heel aled. >> it does continue to, i guess, progress appropriately but at a slower pace than what anyone hoped for. he's heartbroken. he wants to play. unfortunately that's not going to happen this season. >> flyers, penguins outdoors tomorrow. john clark was there at today's practice. >> reporter: this is why they call them warmups. it was a record 76 degrees here in pittsburgh, set a record. it's going to be nice and cold and windy tomorrow night for the game. take a look at flyers practicing
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on the ice behind me. this is a huge game. the flyers are fighting for a playoff spot. it's a rivalry game with the penguins outdoors, national tv. >> it's going to be better and bigger. guys are excited. >> you've got to pinch yourself a little bit. a lot of us haven't done this before. it's definitely pretty cool. >> i've been playing since i'm 3 years old. i just love the game so much. you go out there and try and enjoy the game. you've got to find a way to love the game and play with passion. >> reporter: flyers are 11-3-1 in the regular against the penguins. >> we have exclusive coverage of tomorrow's game. john and keith jones will be live at heinz field for our pregame show. game time is 8:00 here on nbc 10. philly's grapefruit league
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opener. alec asher gives up a solo in the first inning. asher two frames, two hits. go to the ninth. cameron perkins standing in. yard work. perkins 2-2 but they take it on the chin 9-4. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back.
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the early part of the day and early afternoon. most of the day is okay. if you missed a chance to go
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outside the last couple days, you've got one more day. most of it. and then after 4:00, then you've got some problems with thunderstorms. then sunday is windy and much colder. but that's average for this time of the year. then it warms up some more. we get some much-needed rain tuesday and wednesday. look how chilly it gets for the end of next week. next weekend is not going to be near as warm as tomorrow. so there's your chance. >> 30s again. okay. >> just like that. maybe tonight people can open the windows, let in the fresh air. it is nice for that. >> have a great weekend, everybody. thanks for joining us. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring


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