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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  February 25, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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another issue related to his trial in montgomery county. this time the judge h rule how many previous accusers will be allow odd tell their story in court. we're tracking a line of storms moving in and change our weather for the weekend. we even got the details in just a few moments in the first alert forecast. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. krystal klei is tracking the forecast. we're looking for that to happen a little later on this afternoon. >> that's exactly right. it will start this evening. by this afternoon you might have to take some cover at least briefly while a line of thunderstorms roll through. you saw that a moment ago. temperatures are currently very mild again. this is no surprise after the 70s we've seen the last couple of days.
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we broke records across the board. we're at 62 currently in allentown and 57 in mt. holly. wilmington at 52 degrees at well. areas like allentown are going to drop off as we go through the afternoon. elsewhere we'll see some increase. spots getting to up thor 60s and low 70s. right now it's clouds we have in our neck of the woods. you put this out and there's a line of storms. that's going to move in our direction pretty quickly. so watch this pattern change. it's still hanging over us. we're tracking temperatures way more than average. it forged the warm air out. there's the line passing through the area. 80s not long livs. it's passing through and it's
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out. what's behind it? cool air and wind yg conditions. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks, krystal. right now police are searching for who killed a woman inside her home. investigators say a family member it discover i thed the w lying face down. they're hoping private surveillance cameras in the neighborhood will help them solve the case. let's head down to philly where a family is remembering a woman who was shot and killed. police are offering a reward leading to the shooter in that case. lawyers for bill cosby will head to court on monday.
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they're arguing that the case should be taken outside of the county or another judge brought in. a woman claims cosby drugged her in 1996 at a los angeles hotel. crosby's try starts in june. he's charged with assaulting andrea constant in his home in 2004. lieutenant steven flied died in the uprising at the vaughn correctional center. an attorney and low wng two guards survived were brutally beating for hours. at one point inmates lit a blanket on fire and tossed it on them. he goes on to say they feared for their lives during the 24-hour deal. >> smith's injuries, he was beaten from head to toe.
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i mean literally every part of his body. if he were here today, he'd want to shake your hands but he could not shake your hands because his hands still can't grasp anything. >> the attorneys say the uprising started when the inmates staged a fight as they came back from the yard. they also say it was a carefully planned attack. a south jersey community is on high alert after another lewd act in their neighborhood. the police were called to a development after a man exposed himself while hides behind some bushes. the man used a nearby packet to escape. police have released this sketch of the suspect in the previous case. in just a few hours from now, voters will head to the polls in delaware for a special election. matt delucia is live in newark to telling this race for a state senate seat. matt, fill us in. >> right, rosemary. this might seem like a smalltime
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race but it has taken on some national steam. right now they have ten democrats and ten republicans. this would determine control. we're at one of the polling places in newark, mcvay elementary school. what we're focusing on here is the tenth district here in delaware. people are looking at this election as the first big test since president trump took office. democrats have spent a lot of money on this special election trying to ensure a win. here's one of the ads you might have seen. even former president joe biden threw in his support. total spending is expected to top a million dollar. it's been vacant for a little over a month when bethany long hall left to take the position. here are tstephanie hansen, joh
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marino and joseph dan danzen do lapzen dorfer. >> thanking for that. a rally surrounding the affordable care acted is expected for 12:30. republicans in congress and president trump have promised to repeal and replace it. also a state representative will be holding a forum. democrat chris rehobb are speak. he's showing philadelphia stands with their muslim neighbors.
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>> i like him. >> president trump praises the camden-based company campbell's during his speech yesterday. we'll explain what prompted that praise. a new weapon for police. we'll show you how it speeds up connecting officers with information they need to keep you safe.
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and welcome back. here's a live look outside philadelphia. still dark outside. what we're looking at is a dry picture over center city. later this afternoon that will not be the case. we're expected to see showers and thunderstorms popped up along the region as a line moves through. that will drop a cold front.
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you can see surrounding is the rain. some of the steady to heavier activity. that's going to gain some strength as it hits our neighborhood. why? because of the warmer air. the warmer temps gives fuel to the fire for stronger thunderstorms to develop. so here's a look at the planner. we go upper 50s nice and early. to upper 60s by noon. some spots low 70s in philadelphia are expected. you can see we start to trop off in temperatures as the storms start to develop later in the afternoon. in the suburbs, we're in the mid-60s. now, some indication shows we might start to see showers pop up. i think that's going to be a little too early. closer o around 3:00 p.m. is when most activities start to pass into the area. in delaware, same deal. you see the temperatures start to drop off. in new jersey, 68. by noon, should see some spots.
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1:00 to 2:00 p.m. along the jersey shore, only mid upper 50s for high temperatures today. big drop offfor tomorrow. we'll look closer at your sunday coming up. tonight, a new miss philadelphia will be crowned. the 95th pageant will be held. 65 contestants will vie for the crown. 5:41 right now on this saturday. coming up in our saturday morning sports the fliers get ready to play outside today, and we'll hear from the sixers' president on ben's injury. were they able to step it up against the wizards? the highlights are next.
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more than 100 police departments across new jersey have a new battle against crime. it connects law enforce mnlts officers with key intelligence. ted greenberg gives us a look inside this high-tech crime fighting. >> reporter: it's a centralized crime-fighting hub that southern new jersey can call its own, a single room filled with high-tech tools collecting and sharing crucial information with thousands of law enforcement officers in six counties. >> what all this comes down to is breaking down silos. officials marking the opening of the real-time crime center south located at rowan college. state police oversee the center which brings in, analyzes, and
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disseminates real-time tactical intelligence. >> our goal, to give decision-makers the ability to fish with a spear rather than a net. >> reporter: they do that with task force members across the state of new jersey. they're now here as well. >> but the beauty of the room is if there's an event or something goes on, we can try to collectively bring everybody together and bring forces to bear to that specific event. >> reporter: synergy is key here. the center currently manned for 12-hour shifts on weekdays with the goal of eventually operating around the clock. ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." from our jersey shore bureau, a new law bans the belief of gas filled balloons into the sky.
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intentionally sending these balloons into the kai can result in fines of up to $500,000. environmental groups push for the ban saying they're confusing them for food, eating them and dying. the new law officially takes effect next month. similar laws have been approved elsewhere. today state governors will continue their winter meeting in washington. vice president mike pence greeted the group at the start of the conference yesterday. the governors are discussing issues including education, infrastructure, childhood hunger, and cyber security. we are now getting a look at the republican plan that would repeal and replace many parts of the affordable care act otherwise known as obamacare. nbc news got a copy of the congressional tax bill that calls for incredible tax credits and call for federal spending. it would eliminate the employer or mandate to provide those who
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have health insurance. the legislation would cut federal funding to planned parent hood. president trump is giving the camden company some love. take a listen. >> yesterday, i had 29 of the biggest business leaders, caterpillar, tractor, campbell's supe. we had everybody. we had everybody. i like campbell's supe. >> the presidents and ceos of campbell's and other companies spoke of building in the u.s. and keeping jobs in the country. 5:47 and about 557 tree de outside. krystal klei is tracking storms that will move in later. krystal? >> that's exactly right. with that there's warm energy
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coming in and that means thunderstorms. here's a look at the temperatures in your delaware neighborhood. harmony hills, 51. of course, these temperatures are much warmer than average. again, these are warm enthan what you would typically see. look as we go south. middletop at 60. 59, takeoverer. go along the shore points and we're see mfrmt here's a radar and sate light views. the rain is still sitting off to the west of us and that is going to be moving in our direct. right now you see the green. that's the pockets of heavier to steady rain that's passing through. it is heading in our direction. here's the hour by hour. 5:30 in the morning we've got clouds. we should see some breaks of clouds. some sun, mixing with the mostly cloudy conditions. there's the line of rain and
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thunderstorms starting in our western county. may bring some strength to it by 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. the reds that you see passing through. bucks only and kensington. that's where we have some concern. the stronger storms could create strong winds. this is going to be more isolated in nature. then you see the lines move off. it's out of philly and by 7:00 to 8:00 it's starting to move offshore. so we're left with clearing conditions. this morning a little breeze out there. they start to pick up as we get into your afternoon. now we see gusts around 35 to 40 miles per hour. it looks like what we'll see starting west, tracking to the east as that line passes through. so the stronger gusts are going to hit in the afternoon and last into the even where we will stay winding which means it will feel colder than it actually is.
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11:00 p.m., 25 to 35 miles per hour. the winds will stay breezy to windy through the afternoon on your sunday. so windy later today, tonight, into tomorrow. here's the weekend forecast. highs for us today are going to be on the high side in early afternoon. 72, philly, 70, new jersey, and 68, delaware. overnight, lows in the 30s. feels like temperatures in some spots. in the 20s. and look at the highs for sunday. mostly sunny but only low-mid-40s. spots like delaware, up to 50. hey, hey, good morning. happy safrmtd i'm danny pommells from csn. hosting the wizards and stopping
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washington means slowing down this guy, john wall. easier said than done. nearly 23 points per game. and this is not slowing him down. whoo, hoo, hoo. including this gentleman lesean holmes, 12-10. earlier today brian said simmons will not play at all this week. he has a fracture in his right foot that has not fully healed. >> it does continue to, you know, i guess, progress appropriately, but at a slower pace than what anyone hoped for. he's heartbroken. he wants to play. he wants to be out there. unfortunately that's not going to happen this season. >> from the hardwood to the ice, flyers and penguins outdoors at the homes of the steelers.
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heinz field should be a good one. but have you seen this? yesterday, the temperature, 70. supposedly a cooldown for the game but the wind may pick up. playing outside makes this game even more important. >> it doesn't get any better than this. the guys are excite. >> you've got to pinch yourself a little bit. a lot of us haven't done it before, so it's definitely pretty cool to see. >> i've been playing since i was 3 years old. i love the game so much. you go out and try to enjoy the game. you've got to find a way to love the game and play with passion. >> yeah. exclusive like a velvet rope. that's what we have tonight right here as nbc 10 with john and keith jones will be live at heinz field at 7:00 for our "let's take it outside" pregame show. game is at 3:00. be sure to joan us.
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philly's great league food opener. let's have a look. that is a solo shot to didi gregorius. we go to the ninth. cameron perkins living the hard knock life. they take it on the chin, 9-4. meanwhile the phillies host the yankees. you can see that on csn at 1:00. that's your look at sports. danny pommells. i'm rosemy connors. bears, fox, and coyotes. the creatures have popped up. sunday morning we'll discuss if there's reason for concern. >> if you are seeing a coyote or a fox in your yard, then it probably sees something that's appealing to it. it might be food left out or garbage or if you have a pet, it's certainly something to be concerned about. >> that's coming up on sunday
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5:56 on this saturday. there's a live look over center city. 57 degrees at this hour. we're off to a warm start.
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it's going warm up even more. a track of storms will bring in a change of temperatures for the rest of the weekend. meteorologist krystal klei will have the information throughout the newscast. today you can try hockey for free. it starts at 8:00. in pennsauken, 8:5. today the independent city will honor black history month. at 1:00 this afternoon they'll host a program called pennsylvania hall, a new perspective in the fight for freedom. visitors will look at the meeting place that stood for three days before being destroyed. a few minutes before 6:00. a special election in delaware is drawing a national election. the voting will happen. matt delucia is following it. matt? >> reporter: rosemary, a lot of money has been spent. it could determine a lot of
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power in the state senate. we'll explain next. >> reporter: and warm air holds on for now. cold air will knock that out bringing rain, thunderstorms, and cooler air. here's a live look where the ice is a little melted due to the 70s that we're seeing. changing are on the horizon.
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a stormy end toe a warm weather streak. you can see those storms moving in from the west. we've got you covered with the timing of the rain in your neighborhood in just moments in the forecast. a woman is beaten in her home. police are hoping something outside her house will lead them to a killer. special election. three candidates face off in delaware that's getting national attention. we'll explain why one party is pumping big bucks into this race. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connor at 6:00 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. let's begin with our weekend weather because do have changes on the way. meteorologist krystal klei has the forecast in the region. krystal? >> today's one of those days if


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